Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Training Update Week of May 23 & May 30

So I did not get ANY posts written last week. It was a definite fail. This week, as a result, I need to get a post up with 2 weeks of workout recaps in order to make sure I am on top of my training/writing.
So the week of May 23 was a cutback week, and last week I started building on the base that I have created for myself. So let's take a look at these past two weeks, see how things have been shaking out and how I have been feeling lately.

Monday, May 23: 5 miles, 4x30s strides, Core. 5.55 miles.
Tuesday, May 24: 4 miles, easy, Core. 0.25 mile walk. 40 minutes barre
Wednesday, May 25: 5 mile run, 1 mile walk. Core
Thursday, May 26: 40 minutes elliptical, 30 minute Barre workout. Core.
Friday, May 27: 5 miles easy, 0.75 mile walk. Core.
Saturday, May 28: OFF
Sunday, May 29: 8 miles with 0.4 mile walk to cool down.

2x Barre
5x Core
1x XT (not counting cool down walking)
29.95 miles run

Last week I started building on the previous four weeks after going through the recovery week. As of right now, I am just under 14 weeks out from the goal race, so it is time to start adding more mileage and picking up the pace!

Monday, May 30: 7 miles, 4x 30s strides. 7.52 miles, CORE.
Tuesday, May 31: 7 miles, 8:59 pace, Core, 1 hour Barre class
Wednesday, June 1: 7 miles, 0.25 mile cool down walk. Core.
Thursday, June 2: 50 minute walk, 1 mile run. Core.
Friday, June 3: 7 miles, 8:59 pace, 0.20 cool down walk, Barre class, Core.
Saturday, June 4: 12 miles (4 @ marathon effort), 0.40 cool down walk.
Sunday, June 5: 1 mile stroller run to the park, 0.70 mile walk.

2x Barre
5x core
1x XT
42.52 miles run

2 solid weeks of training down, and 14 to go!

What are you training for?

Monday, June 6, 2016

Diet Updates

As I am working at getting things set up to go through my next training cycle, where I am really looking for a huge PR in the suburbs of Chicago. I am feeling especially motivated after seeing my “twin runner” run in Cleveland over the weekend.

But one of the things that I really wanted to figure out for this training cycle now that I have figured out the mileage and the core work was nutrition. I had been listening to all of these podcasts that were on plant based runners, or those runners who were fat-adapted, or eat the usual runner diet that is high in carbs. Granted, I am not an RD, nor do I know much about nutrition, other than the fact that I am willing to do some self-experimentation, so I had kind of started talking to a few of my runner friends to see if they had advice, or even better, knew anything about nutritionists around here, etc, that might be willing to work with a runner to help her figure it all out.   
And that was when I got an email from Fitfluential with an opportunity to trade a consultation with an RD (Kelli Shallal of Hungry Hobby LLC) for a blog post, I was ALL IN. The timing was perfect, and this was exactly what I was looking for.

I spent some time browsing Kelli’s blog to see what kind of girl she was, looking at her RD offers, her own lifestyle, etc. I tend to look for people that are similar to me because I feel like they are more likely to understand where I am coming from and what it is that I am looking to get out of a relationship like that. Having satisfied my curiosity, I sent her an email.

She responded right away, sent me over some intake forms and the usual HIPPA information, which I filled out, signed and sent back to her right away. I know that I might have overwhelmed her with my enthusiasm (sorry Kelli!) but I was just excited to be afforded the opportunity to do something that was a priority for me. We scheduled our consultation for the following Friday, May 6, after I got back from Sioux Falls.

Kelli and I spoke for about an hour that afternoon. Talking about my running, goals, plans, current diet, etc. She offered a LOT of suggestions, a few of which I implemented immediately (up the protein intake!). Since then, I have consistently had more than 100 grams of protein per day, and most often, more than 120 grams (1 gram per lb of body weight is the goal). The other BIG change I am working on making is having my snacks be protein and fat rather than a carb. And that is more difficult, and it takes a little bit more planning.

As a result, I was glad when she offered lots of snack suggestions. On Sunday, the 15th, as part of my meal prep for the week, I made one of the recipes from her blog, Coconut Almond Banana Bread. And it is SO GOOD. I made two loaves (I had 4 black bananas), and froze the second one. I have been enjoying that for snacks ever since.  (Note, I did not use the toppings that she has on it. I like the flavor of coconut, but not the texture of shredded coconut, so I skipped it.)
I have been working to eat this way for the last month or so. Weekends are very tough, and I have been struggling to stick with the program then. However, 5 days per week I am NAILING it, and hope to continue to make improvements.

Kelli Shallal MPH, RD, owner of Hungry Hobby LLC provides virtual and local one on one nutrition
counseling emphasizing a holistic view point and intuitive eating principles. If you are interested in one on one nutrition counseling check out her nutrition services website at www.hungryhobbyrd.com. In addition she is also the author of Hungry Hobby and healthy living blog with an emphasis on healthy recipes, quick workouts as well as health tips. Follow her on instagram, pinterest and facebook for more healthy living tips.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Five XXXI

Sorry about no post yesterday. I started writing it only to get overwhelmed throughout the day. But I figured I could still get a Friday Five out today!
1. I purchased another order of Addie's school pictures this week. That girl is just too cute. Here is the one that came in the order that is my most favorite.
She's beautiful.

2. I pulled off two barre workouts again this week. That is 2 weeks in a row! I am pretty pleased with that. I am loving it, and it makes me a happy camper. Next week, Karen and I are going to a live class!

3. We have a three day weekend with Memorial Day. Thank goodness, I am thrilled. I need an extra day, even though I will just be running and all that like usual.

4. I cannot believe next week is already the first of June. That seems super hard to believe.

5. I had my first sports bra run of the year this week. Exposed my pasty white tummy to the sun (with sunscreen, of course) for the first time!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tuesday morning, easy

Yesterday I felt tired when the day started. Yes, this might have a little something to do with getting up at 4:30 am to knock out a 40 minute barre 3 DVD, but still. Tired. After the barre workout, I got ready for work, but just kept all of my workout clothes on, as I wanted to knock out my 4 mile easy run this morning as well. I was scheduled for a meeting at the last minute that went from 10:30 am -12:30 pm, so if I was going to get it done, I wanted to do it in the morning.

After arriving at the office, I used the restroom, grabbed by headphones and headed out. I was planning on running our most common 4 mile loop, which was introduced to me by my former coworker Greg. I almost never run this route any more because I am typically running more than 4 miles. The nicest part about this route is that it goes through a park and has a little bit of mulch-trails.
It was a beautiful morning. The sun was out, I was wearing a tank top and was comfortable, temperature-wise. I ran the four miles and really enjoyed my times out on the trail, in the park, and on the road back to the office. I was out there for just over 36 minutes, which is pretty much exactly what I wanted to do.

Some days you just need to let go of your exhaustion. Of your anxiety. Of all of the other tasks that are taking up your time and effort. Get out there. Enjoy the sunshine. The wind. The rain. The cold. Whatever the weather is, spend some time out in nature and look at the path in front of you. For once, that is ALL that matters.

And when I returned to the office, my head was clear, and I was ready to work.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pic from my iPhone 2

Well, after accumulating another 300+ photos on my iphone, I felt like it was time to clean them up again. And so I figure it is time to add them to a post, and then get everything loaded up to snapfish. Someday I will make a few more photo books for the Roo.
 My Tigers Girl, smiling pretty in the gym at her school.
 Momma and Roo - a selfie.
 Addie's new book. It is PERFECT. Vader + Princesses. (Also, this book is HILARIOUS)
 PJ day at school. Addie wanted to be "Chippey" (her elf on a shelf)
 This is truth.
 TV watchers.
 Me & Jes at the Little Kings Mile.
 The falls in Sioux Falls, SD.
 Making the letter "L"
 Mom and Roo dinner. Chicken. Berries. Quinoa chips.
 Being a doctor AND golfing, all in one? (I guess that makes sense. Doctors do like golf, don't they?)
 Pretty smile in the bath tub.
Ice cream! (and an awkward smile)

Hope you enjoyed seeing more of the Roo!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Training Recap: Week of May 16

Another week of training as I head toward my BIG HUGE RACE GOAL is already checked off and in the books!
(PS - I have not actually set an official goal yet - that is to come)

Monday: 7 miles with 4x 30s strides. Core 7.57 miles
Tuesday: 1 hour barre 3. 6 miles @ 9:03 pace. Core.
Wednesday: 7 miles with 4x1min surges. Core.
Thursday: 50 minutes elliptical. 30 minutes Barre. Core.
Friday: 6 miles, 9:05 pace. Core
Saturday: 10 miles with Caroline.
Sunday: OFF

36.57 miles
1x XT
2x Barre
5x Core

Solid week where I accomplished EVERYTHING that I wanted to!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Five XXX

Welcome to my THIRTIETH (I had to spell check that word) Friday Five post!
1. J has been gone all week this week, so we have spend some time on Facetime every night with him. That is better than nothing I suppose, but Addie and I are driving each other crazy, I think. I am more than ready for him to come home. We are already having mother/daughter tension and making each other crazy and she is not even three yet! We have a long way to go...

2. Karen and I are running some easy Friday miles together AGAIN this week. We did this last week as well, so I am glad for two weeks in a row! I should probably come up with a different 6 mile loop to mix things up a little...

3. I have been spending some time working on my diet, as I mentioned in yesterday's post on new recipes. The issue that I am having is trying to figure out what the right balance is. On one hand, I am trying to eat all of my snacks as protein and fat. On the other hand I am trying to eat 40/30/30...  What is the right answer because I am having a struggle fest doing both!

4. I have been exhausted this week. Completely exhausted. It is like I just cannot get enough sleep! I am hoping this is just adjusting to food and stuff. But I guess I will see soon how all that is playing out.

5. I went to the gym with a coworker this week. The new hire who actually got the job that I interviewed for. We did not work out together, but I introduced her to the facility, drove us both, etc. I am really trying, and I hope that is noticed...