Saturday, July 30, 2011

This Girl's Guide to a Night Out

It's no secret to most people that J and I really like to go out to dinner. And sometimes, it is definitely a struggle for me to order the things that I will want that are "on plan". And sometimes, I definitely fail. However, I have been working really hard to make better choices all the time, and that means making better choices when I go out to dinner as well. So here are some of the things that I have learned along the way, as well as the application of them when I had dinner with my dad and his friend Odin last night.

1. Decide what kind of restaurant you are in the mood for. Think about the restaurants that you like and what is on their menu. Is it a bar and you really will only have like 1 choice of something to eat? Would you feel silly if it is ok on your plan to have wine, but not beer? (By that I mean, if red wine is ok - and it is on my plan - you might look kind of silly going to a sports bar sort of place and drinking wine.) Also, if there is 1 grilled chicken dish on the menu, and you KNOW that is going to be what you eat when you eat out (at least, that's what I do!), are there decent side item choices? Last night, I decided it was going to be ok to have ONE glass of wine when I went out to dinner with my dad. Dad and I are normally the sports bar types, but I wanted to make conscientious decisions about my dinner, so I suggested a slightly nicer place. A place that I knew I could have a glass of wine and not feel/look silly, and a place that I knew would have more than one food choice that I could go with.

2. PLAN IT! Get online. Most places have their menus online. They might not have calorie counts, but I figure if you can find the calorie count in a giant cheeseburger and fries, still doesn't make it "fit" on the plan! Read through the menu and make a plan. I try and find 3 things on the menu that I could eat (maybe with slight modifications such as "hold the mayo") so even if I get to the restaurant and change my mind about what I wanted I can make a good choice. On last night's plan, I found 2 different salads that I liked, and I also considered a grilled chicken dish with asparagus and a salad.

3. Stick to your plan! Last night when I got to the restaurant I did not even LOOK at the menu. I knew I wanted that salad. The salad did not have chicken on it, but I requested it added, and they did that. I ordered a glass of the house cab (dry red is ok for me!) and stuck to it. I had a great dinner out with my dad and Odin, we talked and laughed and had a great time, and I didn't even have to THINK about my plan, because I already knew that I was eating from it. And I still got to go out to dinner and be social!

The social aspect is definitely the toughest part about contest prep for me. I mean, when I see someone that I have not seen in a while, or I am making plans to get together with a friend, it is ALWAYS "hey we should have dinner." or "let's go grab a drink." and it makes me sad that my current lifestyle choices make that tough. So I have been working really hard to try and figure it out to make sure that I can still have a social life!

My dad was telling me about his new calorie counting app that he got for his phone. And to be honest, it seems like it might be pretty neat, except for the fact that it steers you toward processed foods. So you use the barcode scanner that you have on your droid/iphone and it reads the label of your food product and then tracks your calories. Now that is pretty sweet, except what if I am eating an apple? Those don't have barcodes?

Ahh well, you can't win them all, so I guess I need to be proud of my dad for working toward making better choices. He told the guy at the tuxedo shop that he is planning on losing 20 lbs before I get married (in 28 days). He's going for 2 lbs per week and he started this about 3 weeks ago. We'll see. Odin told him he should buy a bike. (Just like a cheapy from Target or something) I agree with Odin on this one!

Hopefully that will help some folks enjoy dinners out and NOT freak out about their calorie counts or taking a cheat meal or something. It IS do-able!

Friday, July 29, 2011

How I loved my foam roller

I had a 60 minute Swedish massage last night.  Honestly, it was pretty sweet. I had a living social deal from a while ago that expires in a few weeks, so I figured I better get it used!  No pictures of my massage therapist though, because I didn’t want her to think I was a complete weirdo.  (Yes, I am a complete weirdo, I am aware of this, but I didn’t want someone I just met to already think that!)  It was awesome. 

I had only two knots (one in my neck and one on my right tricep), and my right IT band was pretty tight, right through my rear, so she loosened that back up.  I knew that was there though, I had been having a little bit of pain there, and I assumed it was a combo of squats/deadlifts & running.  So overall, it could have been much worse.  She asked if I always stretched out after I work out (I do!) and she said that it was obvious, because a lot of times when she works on people that workout hard like I do, they are much tighter!  So hooray for me.  She did a good job, and I felt great.  I would definitely book her for a massage again.  J has his on Monday (I bought a second deal for him as a gift), so we’ll see what he thinks. 

This morning, I decided I might as well undo that loose feeling in my hip with some more squats and deadlifts.  I paid particular attention to my form today to make sure I kept everything in its proper place.  It felt a little tight when I got home, so I got out my foam roller and loosened things up a bit.  It helped a lot.  I have a feeling that as I continue to lift heavy like that and add distance to my regular runs my foam roller and I are going to become BFF. 

When I bought my foam roller a few months ago, I was crazy excited about it.  I just bought this one.  It is definitely not the best there is out there, but I had not really used one before, and I wanted to test it out with something not terribly expensive before I fully committed to it.  But I do love it, admittedly, especially on my rear end!  That plus the hip thing is always tight!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Obligatory 30 days out post

So I am getting married in just 30 days.  That seems absolutely NUTS!  Of course, I am very excited about it, and I am looking forward to it, and all of those things, but it is getting to that "its-so-close-I-have-a-lot-to-get-done-how-am-I-going-to-fit-everything?" time. 

J's bachelor party is this weekend.  I am a little irritated by it, and not because there will be women or anything else.  They are just playing golf, going to a sports bar, and going to a baseball game.  Sounds ideal to me!  No, the reason I am irritated is because J is doing everything himself.  He has made all of the arrangements, bought 16 baseball tickets, arranged tee times, called hotels, etc, for his own bachelor party! 

When I had my bachelorette party, Leah took care of EVERYTHING for me, and it turned out to be everything that I wanted it to be!  So I am a little frustrated with his guys.  I mean, yes, they live out of town (all three of them do, whereas two of my girls are here), but still, that's not right.  We're providing the house, beer, snacks, plans, everything!

But it is not my party, it is J's, so I need to let him do whatever it is that he needs to to make sure he has a good time, right?  And I know he will. :-)

So since there will be like 8 guys (in addition to mine) staying at my house this weekend, I am taking the other lady of the house (little Teek) and we are going to Toledo to do more wedding-ness!  I am planning on meeting with my photographer (and paying them a little bit more!), meeting with the girl at the hotel where our reception will be held (its a different girl than who I met for my tasting, as folks have moved around in jobs!), and I have a dress fitting.  It will most likely be my final one, although they may need to do some additional alterations because I am pretty sure that I am even MORE lean since they took it in two inches a few months back.  So I am nervous to see what needs to be done to it to make sure that it fits on my wedding day.

The photographer trip should be relatively painless.  They are friends of mine, and I worked at their studio way back in high school when I was getting my senior portraits done by them.  It is just to go over timing and stuff, and make sure that we are all on the same page with what is going on that day (THE DAY!)  I also need to do a little bit of brainstorming with J tonight to make a decision about where we want to go in between the wedding and the reception to have additional pictures taken.  We were hoping that we would be able to make some arrangements to get into the Mud Hens stadium (J and I both LOVE baseball) but so far that has not happened.  So most likely, in a very J & Em move, we will go to a bar.  We're not exactly park people, you know?

The weekend will be capped off with a meeting with the priest who is marrying us.  It should be fairly straightforward, making sure that everything is done, and that I have thought of all of the things that I need to!

Fingers crossed that I can survive the weekend and then maybe coast for the rest of the time!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Competing decision and OATMEAL

As most people know, I am working on preparing for my very first – hopefully of many – competitions. For this first round, I am competing in the bikini class, just to kind of play it safe, I guess. I am not sure if that is the right place for me or not, but I think it is a good starting point.

Reasons I question it? I have watched a lot of you tube videos and stuff of various competitions, and this level seems to be very sexy. Yes, the ladies are incredibly fit, but it is not necessarily focused on the work you have done to achieve that, rather your proportions, etc. Now, the big disclaimer here is that THIS IS MY OPINION!

So we’ll see what happens after this one. It may turn out that my physique develops exactly to fit this mold, and it will be great for me.

Anyway, I have been reading EVERYTHING I can about getting ready for your first competition, devouring articles even, and doing as much research as I possibly can. I have learned about what to look for in a suit (even what color I should pick!), where to buy shoes from that won’t be terribly expensive, ideas for practicing walking in my shoes since they will be 5 inches tall, and that is pretty high for the average girl!

I have increased my knowledge about diet, about lifting weights, about cardio and the benefits that it does and does not provide. I have become a runner, which is rather counterintuitive for wanting to be a physique competitor, but I am loving it, and it is definitely helping me come up with additional concrete goals to set (ie: Flying Pig Half – May 2012!) and it has become my cardio of choice. Who knew?

I ate a pretty typical Emily-style lunch. Diet coke, salad with 4 ounces of chicken, apple and peanut butter. Thank goodness for my Pipkins run last night. Helped me to be able to eat this delicious meal!

Has anyone ever eaten these? Oh my gosh. I just ate my first one ever (mix up the carb source a little) and it was AMAZING. I am just eating a Quest bar for dinner, so I wanted to make sure to eat a pretty filling snack. So I ate my oatmeal bar and a can of tuna. Yum yum. I pretty much hit all of my macros square on the head today. I had one extra gram of protein and one extra fat too. Boo for that, but otherwise, I was dead on which I am proud of.

I have yet another 4 hour Becker review course tonight. Wish me luck. 3 more for this session, then two weeks to study, then the exam, then off till after the wedding!

Playing with my new toy–Windows Live Writer

I am going to be playing with this entry today.  Yesterday I took some time and downloaded Windows Live Writer to see how it interacted with my blog.  I have heard NOTHING but good things about it, so I guess I will have to see what I think.  The blogs that I try and keep up with on a regular basis all seem to use it and seem to like how it works and uploads to their blogs, so I guess I am going to try.

Last night was pretty relaxed.  J was getting home just as I was walking out the door to head to Pipkins to buy my fruits and veggies.  I told him where I was going, and off I went with my reusable grocery bag in hand.  I ended up with a load of apples, nectarines, sweet potatoes (my favorite), a head of romaine lettuce, and a bunch of bananas (for smoothie making!).  Not too much, but enough to help me feel like I can get through the remainder of the week.  I do have some frozen veggies that I can have sometimes too.

We just had chicken sandwiches with sweet potato for dinner.  Simple, quick, yummy, healthy.  I was feeling good after I ate. 

J headed down the basement to continue to mess with our new router.  He had to buy a new one on Friday afternoon because last Wednesday or Thursday he blew up the old one by accidentally plugging the modems power source into the router.  Yeah, those are pretty different.  So it pretty much exploded the router.  And ever since he got the new one, he was been having troubles connecting only his laptop to it.  My laptop is good, his ipad is good, but his router for some reason cannot connect even though it “sees” the router.  I got to studying.  Because of everything going on with the wedding, etc., I have gotten a little bit behind on my homework for my Becker class.

I was up bright and early this morning for a little HIIT workout.  Wednesdays are my light days as I just have HIIT and nothing else (unlike all other weekdays where I lift & have 45 minutes of cardio!)  I let the dog out and was sitting on the kitchen floor putting on my shoes when I noticed something.


Remember how when I was talking about my feet I said that my big toes stick out so I put holes in socks and shoes quickly?  I bought these shoes in May.  They are my current running shoes.  It’s July.  And there is my toe sticking out.  *sigh*  I think that sucks.  Running shoes are not cheap, especially when you get orthotics in them like I do!  These ones ran me $100 for the paid of shoes, plus another thirty for the insoles.  Boo hiss.  But obviously, I love the shoes, or I would not have worn them enough to pop the hole through the top.  Or maybe this mesh is just thinner than it was on my old mizunos?  I am not sure.  These are saucony, anyone have any experience with them?

I headed out to the gym for a little HIIT.  My plan was to do it on the bike again this week, as I have been trying to “save” my running for my running days. 


So there it is, the beast that mastered me this morning.  And there I am, “mastered” laying on a mat post-HIIT, getting ready to do a little bit of ab work.  I was BEAT! But I hammered through the abs, as I have to keep up with that for my Sparkies!

I got home and showered, packed my lunch and got ready for the day.  I ironed a dress shirt for J (he needs to go to the dry cleaners soon!) and started making my breakfast smoothie. 


In this mix this morning – Whey protein, a banana, frozen mixed berries, and unpictured flax meal.  The banana definitely helped, exactly like I expected it too!  Yummy!  And YES! I even wore my hair down today!  Gotta admit, I am pretty proud of myself for that.  I never where it down.

And just for fun, here’s a picture of the little monster this morning.  She was feeling pretty fiesty, bouncing all over the place, which is different from her usual cuddle bug ways in the morning.


I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday morning, and we’ll see how today goes if I manage to squeeze in another one!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

So right now, my knee is still SUPER pissed at me. The scab is falling off about every other day, and bending my knee while sitting/doing squats/ anything causes the scab to crack. I have been putting neosporin on it, and bandaging it about half the time. But I also feel like it needs air so the scab can form. Unfortunately when I give it air, then it gets stuck to my pants because the scab cracks when I bend my knee. And that is just disgusting.

So it has been a week and a half-ish since the injury occurred. I am having a tough time deciding if it is actually looking better or not!

So this morning's breakfast was pretty standard Emily fare. I made myself a protein smoothie that was pretty boring. Flax seed meal, frozen berry mix, vanilla protein powder, water (I never use milk in my smoothies because I hate it! I hate milk, I mean. Ew. And yes, I know it is good for me. And that is why I am a supplement sort of girl.

However, this smoothie did not fill me up too well. It was missing a banana, I think (note to self: go to the store!) because it has just not been thick enough lately. I go through an obscene amount of greek yogurt as well, just eating it plain for snacks, so I don't want to waste it by adding it to my smoothies where I can't enjoy it for what it is. I know that sounds a little bit weird, but it is true.

Since I was hungry still, I decided that I was going to need a little snack. So I just pulled a jar of almonds out of the cabinet. I was not feeling plain, so I decided to mix it up a little bit.Anyone ever eaten these before? Cinnamon Honey Almonds? They are Archer Farms brand (from Target) and I think that they are AMAZING. I truly would eat the whole jar if left to my own devices. But no, I am on a plan, and I will stick with the plan. So I measured out 1 ounce of almonds and savored them. I figured that was my best approach to getting full from them. And they were delicious and exactly what I needed this morning.

On my way out to the car, I stopped over at my passenger side to put my lunch bag and gym gear onto the seat. I was greeted by this guy:

He's gross I think. For any non-Ohioans who have no clue what they are looking at, that's a cicada. They are humungous and gross. About 3 summers ago we were INFESTED with them. They would dive bomb you on the street while you were out walking/running. They were disgusting. They don't bite (that I have encountered) but a giant bug smacking you in the face? Not pleasant. Luckily, this is the first one I have seen this summer.

I really need to go to the grocery store, however, I am out of town this weekend as it is J's bachelor party and like 7 guys are staying at my house. I have no interest in hanging around with that. So I am thinking fruit/veggie market tonight for just a few days worth of goodies and then the actual grocery when I get home on Sunday. I cannot go another day with frozen green beans as my only veggie for the day, and the berries in my smoothie as my only fruit. I miss my daily apple! And it has only been one day without it. I think that is sounding like my after work PLAN!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Body Tribute?

I saw a few other blogs over the last few days talking about their bodies. It hit me that I might need to write a similar one because I have been feeling a little down about my lack of progress (at least as I see it!) as of late. So if I have been feeling down and discouraged about that, I guess I need to do something to make myself realize that I have been working hard and it IS paying off, even if I cannot see it. So to my friends who wrote these blogs first - thank you for your inspiration.

However, I am writing my blog at work, therefore I won't have any fun pics of my body like the other folks.

So without further adieu, my body is awesome and here is what I love:

My feet:
They are honestly ugly feet. 10 years of ballet will do that to you. Plus my big toes stick out funny and poke holes into socks and shoes much more quickly than is normal. And they are callused and I never get a pedicure as often as I should. BUT they get me from place to place. They can easily be comfortable moving in 5 inch heels (good thing - I'll need to do that for the comp!) and when I do take care of them, they look pretty. :-)

My arms:
Recently especially I have been working incredibly hard at the gym. My arms have reaped the benefit of this more than any other body part, at least visibly. They are looking very strong, and very cut right now, and I love them.

My hair:
Sometimes I hate it, but I have to recognize how lucky I am. I have enough hair for probably 3-4 people. It is black black black and right now it is LONG... It is so thick too! When I go to get a hair cut (and get it thinned out) people often ask if my hair was down to my butt when we started the cut because of the amount of hair that is on the floor (and I only got a trim!) While I wear it up in a little knot on the back of my head the majority of the time, I always get compliments when I do wear it down.

Despite all of my strength, I struggle with my body. I have a poor body image (although it is getting better all the time). Most women have a poor body image. I am chatting with a friend today who has abs that I ENVY and she is asking my advice about supplements, cleanses, etc, because she is feeling bad about herself. So it is weird that most women feel that way, at least sometimes. I honestly think that it sort of sucks. I would say there are some of us who are much worse about it than others.

How do YOU feel about your body?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

So I have been struggling. Struggling with staying on track, struggling with accountability and motivation. I have been feeling good overall, with wanting to compete, I mean, but sometimes I question it all. I want to know why I am doing this to myself when it would be so much easier to just relax and have a nice time.

However, it really is important to me. I really want to be able to compete. I really want to feel comfortable with myself and know how to eat clean 100% of the time. I ate a nice healthy breakfast today. I had a lot of carbs for breakfast but I am pretty much done with them for the day, so I should fall in my range. It was a very filling breakfast, so that made me happy too. I made egg sandwiches with turkey bacon for both J and I. My sandwich was 2 egg whites, while his was one whole egg, but still. It was pretty yummy.

I just need to focus. I need to sit myself down and ask myself the question, "Is this going to help you reach your goals?" If its not, why would I do it? Right? Now how do I convince myself of these things? How to I convince myself when J and I are out to dinner that I would rather have plain grilled chicken and a side salad?

I know that I need to focus on this. I know that I really need to kick things up now that I am getting closer to the date. I got all of the competition information this week, which makes everything real.

But at the same time, I need to focus on J and our relationship and wedding. We are getting so close now to the day. I know that I have to show him that it is my priority, not the competition, at least not right now, but really, it is all I can think about. I spend all of my time planning my diet and my workouts, thinking about what weights I am going to lift, etc, as well as what I am going to eat for my next meal. How am I going to lose weight/fat. Whatever. It is just what I am thinking about these days....

Friday, July 22, 2011

It has been a few days since my last blog. The last few days have held, the gym, running, HIIT, lifting, two 4 hour classes, cooking and meal planning, baking cookies for a work potluck, vet appointments for my dog, splitting my knee scab, my best friend had her baby, planning a birthday dinner for Leah, and more. It feels like things have been pretty busy since Monday - when I last wrote. So there is my beautiful bestie and her amazing son Caden. Caden was born on Wednesday at 11:56 pm by c-section. He's so handsome already, but I guess he has good genes (you can see his mother, but his father's good looking too!)

However, being so busy with no real time to get my thoughts down "on paper" has me feeling kind of reflective.

I have been living in Cincinnati for 6 years this summer. In those six years my life has completely changed.

I went from a 22 year old girl whose weight varied HUGELY between 99 lbs and 130 lbs, lowest being far to thing for a gal of 5'6", 130 being "normal" however I have only weighed that the first winter I was not in any way lean. Currently I weigh a stable 120 (+/- 2), and VERY lean. I finished up my career in public accounting and made the decision that a more relaxed work environment was MUCH better for me (now this was only a change in the last year, but a BIG one). I realized that I would LOVE to be a trainer/group instructor but at this point in my life I want to contribute to my household/future, so accountant it is. :-) I got a Masters degree. I had a few men in my life, I had my heart broken more than once, and more than once by the man I am going to marry in just 36 days. I made the decision to really focus on getting healthy, and started eating a mostly clean diet in an effort to get lean, look great, and feel even better. I got engaged to the most wonderful person I know who tolerates (and even LOVES my quirks). I have made new friends and forgotten some old ones. I was diagnosed (finally) with bipolar disorder, and I got help to fix me.

It amazing. I mean, it has been a very long 6 years, however, I have made a lot of progress in becoming the kind of woman that I want to be. I have gotten my priorities to a place where I am generally comfortable with them. I have work to do, goals to set, and things to figure out still, but I have made huge progress as a person.

I am not yet completely sure what is next for me, I have ideas of different things that I definitely want to do.

I started browsing bicycles online today because I am thinking there will be some cycling (possibly in the form of a sprint tri) in my future. I found a few that I like, so I guess I have to start saving my money! :-)

I also need to get my butt in the pool sometime if that is to be the case. I guess I am just so inexperienced as a swimmer that I am nervous to share a lane with someone while training. So I think I am going to talk to my fellow 5 am gym goer, and see what things are like in the pool then. Maybe I can learn to properly swim in the early early mornings, then if I am at the pool when there are a lot of other folks there, I will be experienced!

I guess that is it for today. Tomorrow Leah and I are going to meet Caden for the first time, and then we're going out to dinner to celebrate her 25th birthday! I can't wait!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Saturday night was Chuck & Sara's wedding. The last wedding before ours! It is pretty exciting and a little bit nerve wracking all at once. But suffice to say, I am very excited.

The wedding was beautiful. The ceremony took place at Bellermine Chapel at Xavier University. It makes me a little bit sad sometimes to be on campus there since I just didn't make it as a student. I mean, everything happens for a reason, blah blah blah, but I feel emotional everytime I am on that campus. My freshman year there sucked, so I left, but I can't help but feel sad that I didn't finish something that I started!

But I digress, I am supposed to be talking about a wedding!

So yes, Sara looked absolutely stunning. All the hard work that she had been doing running and eating well definitely paid off and it showed!n She looked very slim with toned arms! (Couldn't see legs since they were dress covered, but I would guess that they were good looking too!) Chuck looked very handsome, and they looked SO HAPPY! I guess that is the most important part. As much as I enjoyed Jess & Mike's wedding a month ago, I had more fun at this one as I had no responsibilities!

The reception was also fun. The food was yummy, and I indulged in a cupcake and a few adult beverages. I know that starting today I am REALLY hammering out my diet, so I relaxed a little bit this weekend and tried not to worry too much about it. I danced a TON and even got J up and dancing with me (he never dances, but I love dancing, and I think he thought I looked silly dancing all by myself). No one else in our group was dancing, and i didn't really know too many other people, so I think he felt bad. Oh well. Got him up and dancing with me! I want him to dance with me at our wedding all night!

Yesterday I had a double header softball day. It was crazy! And so hot. With the temperature in the high 90s with a heat index of over 100, I just was not feeling two games! But we got through them with one win (run ruled them) and one loss (they beat us by 1 in the bottom of the seventh). In the third inning of the first game, I made a mistake tagging up on a caught fly ball and was a few steps behind. So in order to try and be even close to being safe, I slid into home. Here are the results of that:

Yeah, that's my knee yesterday after I got home. The good news is that is exactly where the scrape SHOULD be with proper sliding technique, so I guess that is something! But it HURTS!

I got up this morning and ran 5 miles. I felt like a could have run more, but my garmin died about 2.75 miles in, and then I felt a little bit lost! So I am really going for it on Thursday with QUITE a long run. At least 6 miles is my goal.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Week 2 - Beginning

Okay, I have my ab progress picture shots taken. I think that the comparison is crappy despite all of my hard work. So that kind of sucks. I am a little bit disappointed.Above are my comparison shots, week 1 versus week 2, from the side.

These are my week 1 versus week 2 shots from the front. Part of it is definitely the lighting and stuff in the pictures, but I still don't really like it. But of course, you are your own biggest critic, right?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I finished yesterdays entry just after lunch time. I still had a few hours at work to go. I was busy doing some recons. I know that is one of those kind of things that I spend hours on and often times feel like I am not getting ANYWHERE! You know? You just work in an excel spreadsheet all the time, and tie things out, but ugh. I get so bored of it. I know that today is going to have a lot of that as well. I guess it is just the time of the month that it is. Close is over, so now it is time for account reconciliations. At least yesterday I was able to move forward from one of the months that I had spent a long time on.

Around 3:30 I had my snack. I mixed up the snack a little bit yesterday from what I normally make. I did have my usual greek yogurt. But instead of a cereal bar or nothing else, I packed a little baggie of grapes!

They were pretty good. Eating grapes is another thing that is kind of new for me. I really have not eaten them too much prior to recently. And even now, it is not the first choice of fruits that I buy when I am at the store. But J did the fruit and veggie shopping last weekend, and he bought some grapes, so i guess I will eat them. Yay for me, eating new fruits!

I worked till a little bit after 5 pm, because I wanted to get some extra time in because today I am going to leave a little bit early in order to get downtown for the happy hour that J's coworkers are having for J and I (and also Chuck and Sara - but Sara will not be there). Its a wedding celebration happy hour! So I needed to work all day, even though I did not take a lunch so I can do that! I ended up there for 9.5 hours yesterday. Now compared to my old job, that is nothing, but for this job, that is pretty long. Lol. Its weird how different things are with my job than they used to be.

When I got home from work last night, I hung out for a little while and did a little bit of ab work, while watching the Teen Mom that I fell asleep during last night. When J called to let me know that he was on his way home, I went downstairs and started preparing some dinner for us. J had requested stir fry. So I worked to modify the recipe - well, the standard recipe, to fit in my diet. I used no oil, and only one tbsp of soy sauce, we had a ton of veggies in there, chicken (4 oz apiece), and rice noodles. I only ate a little bit of noodles (since my carbs were a little bit high for the day), and tons of chix and veggies. Yum-o. It is one of J's favorite meals!

Okay, that was from yesterday and referring to Wednesday! Last night, J and I attended a happy hour with a lot of his coworkers/friends to celebrate our upcoming marriage, as well as Chuck's marriage (he and J met at work!) that is this weekend! We had a nice time, and admittedly, I enjoyed a few beers along with my quest bar dinner, but all in all, I didn't mess up too bad. I did well the rest of the day in order to allow for that. So it worked out just fine. :-)

I went to J's softball game after that, which I know they were bumming about, because they were up 7-1 at one point, and ended up losing the game 10-9. So that stinks. To be so far ahead and then to blow it? Eep. I had a good time through with a few other girlfriend/wives.

Tonight we are going out to the bar to watch the Reds v. the Cardinals. J and I, as usual, have dinner riding on this series. I always root for the Cards despite living in Cincinnati. :-) I have my plan all ready to go with what I can eat tonight and what I won't. That always makes it so much easier for me.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I just feel like this is the longest week EVER. It is only Tuesday! How on earth am I going to last until Chuck and Sara's wedding on Saturday? I cannot WAIT for their wedding. It is the last wedding before mine! Eeeeiii!

I spoke with the coach yesterday regarding a 10-12 day super strict plan leading up to my wedding. He said we could definitely do that, IF I cut out cardio for that time and ONLY focused on strength training. Now, under normal circumstances, I am definitely game for that. I am always willing to give up cardio because I despise it. However there are a few things that I am thinking about this:

1. running has become my stress relief. It is what I do when I am feeling bad. And I imagine the 12 days before the wedding will be mega stressful/want to run.

2. I have already had my dress taken in. I am guessing that I am going to need to again. And I am scared that if I do a mega strict plan that week, I will really lean out, and will not have time to take my dress IN at the last minute.

I decided last night to go with it. I told Joe we were on. I am sure that EVERYTHING will turn out awesome. I will have them tuck in the dress a little bit extra when I go in for my next fitting at the end of July. I am sure that it will work out. It has to work out!

I started writing this post on Tuesday afternoon, but that turned out to be a crazy busy day, so I am going to get it finished and posted here on Wednesday!

Yesterday, I was craving something different than my usual berries & protein smoothie, so I busted out my waffle iron.

I made those waffles with some bisquick, egg whites and protein powder. Because of the powder, they were kind of dense and spongey, but I know that is the consistency that you get with protein powder unfortunately. Might toss a little baking powder into the mix next time to see if that helps the texture. The flavor was very good though. And I just ate them plain. They were very very tasty.

Yesterdays lunch was a standard. Turkey breast (lunchmeat), apple, peanut butter, salad. It was good.And just to prove that I am DEFINITELY a creature of habit, here is what I ate for lunch today. Other than the fact that the apple is on the other side of my plate, does anyone spot any differences? I don't!Last night J and I grilled out despite the ridiculous heat! We just made some burgers and I cooked sweet potato fries. Although they were not "fries" per se, since I baked them, but they are our favorite, so yum! I didn't get a picture of that however. Boo to me. But it was a yummy dinner.

J is a big dessert guy though, so Emily dieting is tough on him. It is getting better, because I think he is slowly getting past the fact that he "needs" something sweet after dinner every day. Only on some days now. Yesterday was one of those days. He wanted cookies, and I was in the mood to spend a little time in the kitchen and show off my skills. Lucky J! The result is below: :-) Chocolate chip cookies! I bet it is the first time I have made them from scratchy in my adult life. It was one of those things that I would beg my mom to bake when I was a kid so I could help with it. But honestly, they are not really something that I enjoy eating, so I have not had too much reason to make them. I do love batter however, so I have bought the premade dough, and just eaten it. But lucky for me, J wanted cookies, not cookie batter, so I baked them all up and ate just one. :-) It was good, but it was still warm. So now that they are no longer warm, my interest in them is pretty much gone. That's pretty sweet, right?

J said they were really yummy. I like to hear it.

I have been thinking a little. He wanted me to get him set up on a plan so he is working out again. He has been fairly consistent this week (it just started Monday - so for two days he has been consistent). Maybe he needs something to work toward like I have? I know that it keeps me accountable to know that in November I will be stepping on the stage in a teeny tiny bikini! So what can we do for him to keep him working toward a goal? My initial thought is to get him to sign up for the Thanksgiving Day 10K with me and we can be turkey trotters together. However, I am not sure that I can convince him to do this!

But I am going to try....

Monday, July 11, 2011

I actually wrote in a paper journal last night. I always used to do that way more than blogging, even though I had a blog! I found that to be kind of fun and different from what I am used to. I really should be better about keeping that thing up, because it has been a very solid view of my history since I started college. (I got a journal as a book from my first college boyfriend and have gone through a million books since then!) But I think I am going to work towards journaling in the book at least once per week going forward. It makes me happy to put a pen to paper, because it is different.

This morning, I got up at my usual time - 4:50 am. Mondays are a running day for me for my cardio, so I decided to do that right away. I wanted to do something a little bit different today that I had been running, so I just headed out. I ran two miles straight down the main drag by my house, then turned around and came back. Then I kept going a little ways the OTHER way, and then turned around. I ended up at a total of 4.5 miles. I would like to run further than that, but it just never works out. I guess I might need to plan a route BEFORE I go out or something?

I got home and took a shower and got ready for Monday at the office. I got dressed nicely today, wearing black dress pants, a nice top, and a black cardigan (because I always get cold!) with black flats. I packed my gym bag so I could go lift at lunch time. I only did upper body once last week because of the holiday, and I was hurting for lifting! I gotta get this body to be where I want it before my wedding!

The morning was rather uneventful. I did a lot of usual Monday morning type things. Recons, etc. Lame lame lame.

I hit the gym at lunch to hammer my upper body. By the end of the workout I was definitely struggling, which shows how weak I got short one workout last week. I am sure that's not it, I am sure I was just moving quickly (in fact, I was DEFINITELY moving quickly this workout). So we'll go with that instead of a weak Emily. Haha.

When I got back from the gym, it was time for lunch! I had a salad consisting of romaine lettuce, 1/2 oz of feta cheese, salad spritzers balsamic dressing, a can of tuna (topped with Frank's Red Hot), a large apple, and 1 tbsp of peanut butter. Oh so yummy.... See how colorful it is?

The afternoon has kind of flown by. I just ate my snack (cottage cheese spread on whole grain crackers - carbs & protein!) and I am trying to get a few more things done before I need to head out of here. I start the second session of my CPA review course (I am studying with Becker) tonight at 6, and J asked me if I could make sure to let the dog out before class, so I will be headed out of here in about an hour to do that. Then 4 hours of class! Yahoo!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wedding Post

I sometimes just need to write in order to get things out and get my frustration out of my head. That is the absolute best part of having a blog. You get to vent your frustrations to people who don't even know who you are! Lol. That sounds terrible.

We are having dinner out tonight (again. ugh) with our friends Chuck and Sara. They are getting married next Saturday. So I guess this is probably the last time that I will see them before they get married! J will see Chuck for a few days at work this week, but I assume that he is not working all week. But yes, this is it for me!

I am very excited for the two of them. This will be the last wedding before OUR wedding. 48 days to go (well, pretty much 47 since it is late on Sunday night) and that is going to go by so quickly! I can't believe how close it is now!

I am trying to figure out the things that we have left to do. I need to buy Jason a wedding gift, although I don't have too much money to spend on it. I need to maybe make some pompodours, to be some ceremony decor - I am not 100% sure on that, but I feel like we need to have something to decorate. I really am cutting flowers out, but there will still be some flowers. But the more that I can do for CHEAP outside of flowers, the better!

Weddings are flipping expensive!

A Non-Diet/Non-Fitness Entry

So this morning did not start off so great. I mean, actually before we got up it was nice. We laid in bed awake for a little while this morning. We just had the TV on, and the dog was hanging out with us, feeling sad because her friend went home last night. We had Rob & Big on, which is enough to always make me laugh.

J suggested that I get up and go to starbucks to get coffee for the two of us, and he was going to work on digging a hole for my big hydrangea bush. I agreed. So I threw on some clothes, just casual. I got my Heart Mini t-shirt on, and a pair of casual shorts with my sports bra so I can just stay in it and be comfortable all day long. I can leave it on for my game later this afternoon, etc.

I grabbed my wallet and headed to starbucks. I placed our order and waited. I usually just get black brewed coffee. So that's easy, takes ten seconds to fill a cup. But no. Forgot about me. I know it was Sunday morning and they were busy, so I just sat, and kept my mouth closed. And then when someone noticed I was still standing there, and I told them what I was waiting on, they were brewing a new pot. Grrrr.... I seriously almost cried already just by standing there. I know that is a super silly thing to cry about, but it just hit me that I am not necessarily memorable to anyone. They couldn't even remember to pour my coffee, and the cup was sitting right there with the marks on it that we're supposed to have.

Then J and I kind of fought a little bit when I got home about our flowers and how they are looking crappy. I snapped at him, and he snapped back and went down the basement. So I cried (cause its how I roll) and then went outside and weeded my garden. When I was done with that, I came in and went down the basement and just sat next to Jason on the couch. I just sat and kept my mouth shut. I figured that was the best way to make things right. Then I came upstairs and he did too and we went outside to work together. Nice!

We came in after working outside and we both had many messages from Amy saying that my game time was changed to 3 pm. It was already 2:15! So I threw my shoes on and left!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cycle 2 - The beginning

Sports Bra Sparkies Cycle 2 starts tomorrow! I am honestly pretty excited for it. I am determined to stick with the plan this time, and do my 5 day per week ab workouts. I decided to take pictures today because tonight I am going out to eat out and enjoy a cheat meal. Were having Italian at Maggianos, which I am really nervous about. I haven't eaten pasta in... a long time. But I guess that is when you get to enjoy a cheat meal!

I sort of don't even want one. So I might take a close look at the menu and maybe order something a little bit "less" bad. Whatever that might be! So I guess we'll see what I can find out when we get to the restaurant tonight. I am eating my normal meals today during the day. I don't feel like I should super short myself on calories or anything, just to make up for later, but oh well. I just need to eat the pasta that I want in moderation. That's what they are always teaching the keys to be, right?

Anyway, here are my beginning Sports Bra Sparkies pictures! :-)

I am really hoping that these next 6 weeks leading up to my wedding can be SUPER productive in the body department! And yes, that's Teek, drinking a beer. Grrr.... J....

Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Friday

I am going to try and write this and be a little bit more upbeat than I was yesterday.

Last night was J's softball game. They were having "fan appreciation" night, where a lot of their coworkers who do NOT play on the team came. I was also there with one of the players girlfriends and anothers wife. I am somewhere in the middle of those, I guess! (50 more days until I qualify as WIFE, by the way!)

While I am super glad now to work so close to where J and I live, yesterday I was a little sad about the fact that I did not work downtown. The softball field where he plays is VERY close to downtown and where I have always worked prior to this job. So then I could have met him at the Mexican place (and enjoyed a water! lol) before the game at 6:30. Oh well. It is better this way because I had to go and let the dogs out anyway.

So when I got home, I made myself a little pseudo-dinner. I grabbed this 9 grain bun that needed eating (we bought it fresh at a bakery, those definitely do not stay as good for as long as like "wonder bread!"), a vanilla quest bar, and a bottle of water. We're talking water bottle here. It was swag from a race that I ran back in march, actually. After I got all of my things together, I got in the car to head down there.

I was already feeling hungry, so I decided I better just eat. So I started with my roll.

It was delicious. However, when you are pretty much eating bread, you definitely get a little dried out. Enter: water!

Excuse how pretty I look while drinking from my water bottle. Just know that it was refreshing.

I ate my Quest bar (along with a grape popsicle - pure sugar, but delicious!) during the game. Once the game was over, I hung out with J and the boys for a little while. Then J asked me if I would pick us up McDonalds for dinner on the way home. I told him that I had eaten since I packed my bar and stuff, and he was like "you can't be at your calories for the day!" oh yes, J, I can. I plan this stuff... :-) I agreed to pick up his mcnuggets though, and reminded him that his new workout plan starts on Monday! He agreed. "Yes, Monday, for SURE!" I am holding him to it. I don't want to be way hotter than my hubby! ;-)

I did a few things on the computer while J at his dinner, and then we went up to bed. We got some pretty major storms last night, which definitely had Reagan scared! Reagan is my friend Jon's dog that we are puppy sitting this week. She is afraid of just about everything though. Here is the pups together from an earlier visit with the two of them.

Our dog, Teek, is the grey one. I am pretty sure they are besties and they cuddle like this all day when we're not home. :-)

This morning's workout was legs. It was the lighter weight, higher rep day. I know Joe is working on my plan now, so today MIGHT *fingers crossed!* be the last day of deep squats for 20 reps. It has been a struggle since I have started running more, since running gives me a good butt workout as well! But I always get all 20 in at the lower weight!

I had some overnight oats (prepared cold this morning before I showered, and then eaten after) for breakfast, with a little protein powder thrown into the mix. They were quite yummy again.
PS - don't you LOVE my red mug? It is our new dishes that we have been getting as wedding gifts. We pretty much like only red things, we learned when we were registering. Its not bad luck to use wedding gifts before the wedding, is it? I mean, they were SHOWER gifts, technically.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend everyone, if I do not get around to posting, and say a little prayer for me, since I am taking my exam tomorrow bright and early! (8 am!)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Recognition of Negative Nancy - AKA Emily

I know that a lot of folks commented that maybe I was a little bit hard on myself and I definitely DID NOT fail, however, I am in mega-comp-prep mode, so I really need to hammer it out. I am really making a HUGE effort to work on this clean eats thing, so I want to have major success here. Plus I eat 1 tbsp of nut butter per day, which is probably not the greatest choice, but I LOVE it, and consider that to be my "within the rules daily cheat". I usually go peanut butter (its my absolute fave) but I have been working on slowly switching it - at least a few days per week! - to almond butter. I have some from Trader Joe's in the fridge now!

So while, yes, I beat myself up over the brownie, I do have some big time goals ahead of me over the next few months, as well as someone watching my every move (who also tells me not to beat myself up so much!) and making sure that I am following my plan to get good results. For someone who has always been in good shape and never been overweight (EVER!) I sure have a TON of work to do to be in competition shape. I kind of feel like a loser because I don't "look" the part of a fitness/bikini competitor yet, and it is only 121 days away! Yes, 121 days is a REALLY long time, but some of my other Belles of Steel teammates look so amazing at 11 weeks out. :( I feel like I am not working as hard or maybe I am not in as good of shape as they are. Maybe I shouldn't have joined a "team". Maybe after this comp I will just hang out for a while and give it a go on my own. I don't know.

I like Joe, and I like having someone to constantly keep an eye on me. He says all the time that my food logs are CLOSE to PERFECT. But then why aren't I developing the way that the other girls are? And yes, I am in a negative place right now, and YES I am beating myself up again.

I see that, I recognize it, and I am moving on.

Last night after working for 9.5 hours (since it was a HIIT day, I didn't have a lunchtime workout, so I just worked right on through!) I went home and let the dogs out and watered my flowers. I really need to get a handle on that gardening thing. I suck at it. I have a big hydrangea that desperately needs to go INTO the ground (its still in its pot that my mom brought it to me in). And every day it sits out in the hot sun and gets a little wilty. :-( I love my plant, but I apparently suck at taking care of it. I know that I need to get it in the ground, and hopefully that helps. I think a HUGE part of the problem is that it is in the SUN all day. I think it needs a shady place to be planted, maybe?

The dogs and I hung out and watched TV for a little while. You would think with an exam coming up on Saturday morning I would be studying, but apparently, I am MEGA-LAZY or something. Lol. I don't know. My motivation for the whole CPA thing is lacking right now. But yeah, watched a few old episodes of Raymond and a little King of Queens too (J and I have Carrie and Doug moments all the time. We'll be watching the show and all of a sudden Doug will do something, I will look at J and we will both practically DIE laughing because he has done that ridiculous thing before!)

Apparently motivation is just lacking in my life overall right now. I really do not feel like being at work right now, I just want to kind of goof off, reading and writing here, and maybe take a nap. I SHOULD be studying but I am at work, so that isn't happening. Lol.

Anyway - back to last night. J got home right around 7 pm. He quickly changed into the shorts and golf shirt that I brought down for him, and we hit the road. We had made plans to meet up with Jess and Mike for dinner. Yep! They are back from their honeymoon and had not returned to Atlanta yet, so we met up with them at Champps for dinner.

Now, if I was the all-star blogger that I want to be, I would now be posting a picture of the two of them smiling at me from across the table, and then maybe some kind of arty shot of J's beer on an angle of some kind. But I am just working on getting to that point, so I didn't bring my camera with me. Boo. So no good dinner photos.

We met them right around 7:30 and didn't leave until close to 10. We were pretty much the only folks left in the restaurant when we left. Oops. I always feel a little bit guilty when I do that (shut a restaurant down). But I made good (logged) choices while I was there. So I am proud of myself for that. However, I did drink a few diet cokes. I had originally planned on having a glass of wine, but swapped those carbs for something else, so diet coke it was. Should have just had water, but eh, at least my calorie/macro intake was not affected. But I am going to work hard to break that habit, because it might be causing some bloat, I would think. Here's a little proof! So big goal of the day is to NOT have any diet coke. I was going with the "one is ok" mindset, but I have changed my mind. 1 starts a landslide. So we're going with zero.

After we got home we turned on "Chopped" because that is our favorite show! I fell asleep before the end, and got up early in the morning, pulled on my workout stuff, grabbed my garmin, and hit the road. First run since the 10K on Saturday. It felt so good and I hammered out 4.6 miles in 43:44. Not race pace, but hey, it never is.

Happy Thursday! Yes, I do know that the day is almost over, but I am going to write again tomorrow! :-)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ugh - FAIL!

Yeah, I started my day with a fail, and I will be spending the entire rest of the day trying to remedy it, I think! First thing this morning (so quarter to 5!) I came downstairs dressed in my gym stuff (minus shoes) and with the puppy. I let her out and grabbed my shoes. Before I got a chance to sit down on the kitchen floor to put my shoes on (yes, this is my routine EVERY morning), I cut a small piece of brownie from what Leah left from the cookout. It really was REALLY small (1 inch by 1 inch, probably) around 50 calories when tracked, but I was still really trying to clean up my food this week (and then maintain that cleanness).

So I tracked it and adjusted my breakfast accordingly. I am a little bit flustered with a lousy START to the day, as a lousy finish is typically much easier to deal with, but I am trying to take a deep breath and move forward with my day.

So anyway, I need to take a deep breath and move forward with this blog too!

After I ate my little brownie, I resumed my morning schedule as planned. I did sit on the floor and put my shoes on. I let the dog back into the house and then headed for the gym. Since my butt is still aching a little bit to do running sprints, I decided to use the bike for my HIIT workout. And I remembered the lesson learned last week, and I was wearing longer pants so I did not have to worry about burns on my inner thighs again.

I worked extra hard this morning. Maybe that brownie was the little kick in the butt I needed to have such a strong HIIT workout. I am not sure? I did 8.65 miles on the bike in 35 minutes. And that 35 minute time included a 5 minute warm up, a 5 minute steady (post-HIIT) ride, and a 5 minute cool down. I tried to keep my sprint sections on level 10 and around 110 rpms. I was dripping sweat from my head this workout. Now I do sweat, for sure, but normally I sweat on my body (between the boobs, etc.) but actually drips on my forehead was something that I don't see too often! Hooray for tough workouts.

I really wanted to kick it up on the HIIT because I am trying so hard to burn the fat! I really need to kick things up a notch to get the results.

So my big DAILY diet goal, other than to eat clean food (generally) is to hit 120 grams of protein. Now that is EASY these days. And I am not generally hungry (bored hunger, maybe, but not hungry). So then I spend my time trying to find carb sources without protein. Lol. Who would ever think that finding carbs would be tough? I mean, its easy to eat carbs that don't have protein. Eat sugar! But when you're trying to eat clean, then sugar won't cut it. I guess maybe I should eventually (or maybe tomorrow?) try planning my CARBS first and then work in my proteins? Extra protein isn't too hard. Eat a spoonful of powder! :-)

I think I am going to make J have a 6 day rotation. Three days of p90x strength training, and three days on the treadmill. He wanted that once he saw that I had laid out "actual" lifting things for him. Lol. Well, the p90x strength DVDs are pretty good too!

Okay, I have work to do, so that's it for now!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Long Weekend/Holiday/Race!

I know I wrote on Saturday that J and I were going to a cookout at our friends house on Saturday night. It was at Dave & Amy's place. Now J works with Amy and used to work with Dave. But I play softball with them both. They found out that I used to play, so last year I subbed on the team, and this year they needed a girl full time! So that's kind of funny that they are his friends, at least originally, but now I play softball. I enjoy it though.

When J got home from playing golf on Saturday, he showered and changed and got ready for the cookout. We stopped on the way though. At Jared to buy our wedding bands! And now, we're done! They are so beautiful, I think. I just love them. J's is very simple, I don't even think his is white gold. It might be sterling or even stainless! It just has a few little ridges on the sides of it, to make it a little bit more unique than just a plain ring. Mine is very similar to my engagement ring. White gold with princess cut diamonds in a channel setting. Its pretty. I like it. We kind of wanted to wear them right away (especially since we went home with them since they did not need any kind of sizings!) but we made sure not to.

We stopped in Norwood and picked up J's friend Josh, because I was staying sober and playing DD and Josh's wife is an OB resident and works all the time, so he needed a driver too. I honestly did not mind being their driver at all, so long as they didn't get too obnoxious. Josh and J kept their promise though, and we left at 11 pm. I was happy about that! They were playing beer pong, but they played a whole lot more cornhole, which I find far less obnoxious, even if they were drinking a lot! I hung out with Amy a lot, and I did find out that J talks about me competing to people at work, because a lot of those guys wanted some details on what it was I was doing. There also was pull ups on a rafter by myself, J and Josh. J claims to have had "beer strength" because he says there is no way he could have done that at the gym!

I drove Josh home and drove J through the drive through at white castle, which is his favorite drunk food. And he gets very loud, whiney, obnoxious, and even sometimes gets OUT OF THE CAR if I don't take him when he asks. I would rather him eat crap than those other things.

On Sunday, J and I had invited a bunch of people over for a cookout in the late afternoon. We spent all morning cleaning the house and then I got to baking the desserts that I was planning on making. Success with the dessert, and I made REAL desserts instead of trying to make them healthier. It was a holiday cookout after all! J threw together some burgers (pattied up some meat and added some other fixings. He was super proud of them) and called that his duties for the party. The party was, after all, mostly people that would be considered MY friends, although now they are becoming OUR friends.

They all came over around 4:30 and stayed until a little after 8. Then we went to the next door neighbors house to hang out with them. They were in the backyard with their friends, so we went and had some beers and watermelon. We had a good time. Our neighbors are super nice and fun and that made me feel a little sad to know that they will not be coming to the wedding (we invited them, but Steve has to work so they responded no).

I got up bright and early on Monday to head to Evendale to get registered for the race. It turns out, I was glad that I told Joe not to pick me up and that I would see him over there, because he got there just as the race was starting! I paid my $20, got my t-shirt and my bib and went back to my car to put the shirt in there. I was wearing a sleeveless moisture whicking top, so a t-shirt was not in the plans for that day!

I got stretched out and lined up with the 10 minute mile group. As I had never run this distance in ANY setting, I figured I should be conservative. I ended up finishing the race in 56:59. I was SUPER proud of being done with it in under an hour. I already signed up for my next one! I am running another 10K in August, with Amy (talked about above). I am not sure though. Her last 10K was in 1:09. :-) I wound up as third in my age group. Also, it was not chip timed (turns out, I hate races that are not chip timed since they don't count the 30-45 seconds it takes to CROSS the starting line!) so I went by the time that was on my garmin that I started when I cross the line and stopped when I cross the finish. PS - it POURED for about 2 miles and we all ended up DRENCHED!

Today my diet is back on track 100% which has me feeling good!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

As most (ok, anyone who has read my blog ever!) people know, I eat more protein than the average woman. I have to eat 120 grams per day. I had my usual shake/smoothie for breakfast today, but I was feeling in the mood for some experimentation this afternoon for lunch. And to be honest, sometimes meat gets kinda lame. I eat a can of tuna most days for lunch. Or turkey breast meat. Lame.

So I decided lunch today was going to be an experiment with protein powder to give me one of my favorite comfort food meals that also fit the bill of my diet.

PROTEIN WAFFLES! They were sort of cheated by using a bit of a bisquick base, but they turned out yummy and I wanted to know the nutritional content, so I entered them into Spark. Search for "Emily's Easy Protein Waffles." I think they would be equally good as pancakes! But J and I got a belgain waffle maker as a shower gift, so I like to use it! The recipe made three, but I only ate two, so that is the leftover one, and yes, it is in saran wrap. But that's better than no picture of it at all!

I ate my waffle alongside:

DIET COKE! And yes, that is my new kozy. Told you yesterday I wanted to use it all the time! My friend Sara already text me and said I am going to want something more adult in there as I get closer to wedding time. She might be right, but for right now, I am happy!

We have a BBQ/party to go to tonight. It is J's friend's 30th birthday party! It will be one of those beer pong type things. I hate them. Plus, I am always the driver, and that sucks. But I pretty much told J that is just isn't fun for me when I am the driver. I really don't know anyone too well, and he just plays beer pong, so that is NOT FUN. I felt like I needed to tell him that for sure. So I did. Apparently I am not the only significant other/spouse who feels that way. He said his friend James said his wife said the same thing. And he PROMISED we would leave by 11. I think I can maybe handle 11.

Fingers crossed.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Blogging - Blog Traffic

So I have been "blogging" since 2002. Lol. Ever since I left XU for the summer - never to return as it turned out. However, I think the workouts/diet has really started to focus what I blog about! I think that is a good thing. Plus I have become more of a reader of those blogs that have similar focuses.

It is weird to read these other blogs and think that people can do that for a living!? I mean, yes, some people do other things, but their main focus is writing everyday about whatever it is their focus is! And I think that is so cool. I love reading just normal stuff about what someone ate for lunch (it gives me ideas!), the workout that someone did, etc. Those kinds of things interest me greatly!

So I am working hard here, trying to get things going for myself. Not that I ever will be able to do what those ladies do, but to get people checking me out and reading, that'll be awesome.


I got a package in the mail yesterday. My future cousin Danielle sent it. I have been close to her pretty much since we met. She got married to one of J's cousins last August, so they will celebrate their anniversary very shortly before we get married!
They took a very belated honeymoon, and they actually went to a very small island off the coast of India. The pictures that she sent were AMAZING. Blue water everywhere. Fingers crossed that Mexico is so beautiful when J and I get there in a few months! Anyway, since she was on her honeymoon late, she was not at the shower in Toledo where all of the family was.

The package was kind of a "bride" present, which I found to be SUPER fun. It had in it a t-shirt that said "Bride" in rhinestones, a kozy (however you want to spell that) that said "I'm the Bride, that's why" some drink markers for the various members of the wedding party (bride, groom, best man, etc), a photo album, and a fabulous hat.
I plan on using the kozy at every opportunity prior to the wedding. Beer, diet coke, whatever! Because I am the bride, that's why!

I rode the bike for my cardio today. Mixed it up a little from the usual Friday elliptical. Since I had my HRM on, I knew that I was still getting a good workout in, even though I had my Becker book with me, trying to get a little bit of extra studying in. It was actually easier to read the book on the bike than it was to do it on the elliptical. I figured as long as I could keep my heart rate up, I was in good shape.

I am super relieved that it is Friday. I needed the weekend. I need some rest too! I want to get ready to run my tail off on Monday morning! I am super excited for it, even though I am nervous. But it will be one thing to check off the list (bucket list style) if I am able to run the whole thing. Tom, my boss, asked what the goal was for me for the race. I told him I wanted to run the whole thing. That was it. He kind of laughed at me saying that I can run a sub-27 minute 5K and I run 4-6 miles twice a week. I can definitely run the whole thing. He's right, I know he is right, I just don't have an expectations beyond that right now. I just don't know what to expect at this point, so I don't want to worry about it.

J took the day off today to get some stuff done. He got his oil changed and he ran to Sams Club and bought meat for the cookout that we're throwing on Sunday afternoon. He also brought me home a present!

Yeah, 4th of July flowers. Yes the blue ones were sprayed blue, but I like them and I think they are fun! And I feel loved. :-)