Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 2 of 11 - I want icing

Yep.  That pretty much sums up how I am feeling today.  I just opened my desk drawer to get out my token to log onto my bank stuff, and I was greeted with the sight of 2 fiber one bars, a nutri-grain bar, a larabar and an oatmeal bar.  Ugh.  Carbs!  I love them and I want them now, and I am REALLY hoping that this feeling gets better after a few days. 

This morning's breakfast was a twin to yesterday's.  It was good.  Would've been better with a slice of toast.  Lol.  I just need to get my mind off it I think.  It is 11 am, I have eaten two meals, and I am not hungry.  I shouldn't be.  I am eating foods that are very good for me right now, so I can be full even though I have not had any bread, right?

I did zero workout this morning, but got up at 10 minutes to 5 as usual with the dog and we went downstairs.  I stayed in my jamas since I wasn't headed outside or to the gym, and I opened up the laptop.  I have my second exam tomorrow morning, and to be honest, I might have been slightly less than diligent preparing.  And I am trying to make up for it here over the last few days.  So I got an hour of studying in this morning and then went upstairs and showered and prepared for my day. 

Luckily this test that I have tomorrow is the one section that I am MOST familiar with just from working for the past five years.  This is possibly (in combination with the wedding!) why I neglected studying so much.  But I am still nervous about it as it is still so important for me to finally pass this exam.  I think it is career important, not just mentally important!

No workout this morning was weird, but luckily I have my big DEPLETE lifting workout scheduled for tomorrow, so it will help me feel more normal!  I'll be adding some BCAAs to the mix for during the workout tomorrow.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Cut & Weekend Update

I am down to only 12 days until my wedding.  12!!!  That seems crazy.  I haven’t even been engaged for that long, have I?  Since November, right?  So not quite a year.  Do most people plan their weddings and get married within a year?  I am having a tough time deciding if I did that correctly.  Even with the amount of time that I had (9 months-ish) I often felt like I had too much time.  Like there were times where I just wanted to do wedding things, and there wasn’t anything to do.  However, I also know that we had to do things with at least that much time to ensure that we had all the big things booked.  So I suppose it was the best solution.

So these 12 days are going to be HUGE to my contest prep as well.  I am planning on enjoying myself and my food and beverages at my wedding and my honeymoon, so I am doing an 11 day cut leading up to the wedding.  This is basically Atkins on steroids.  At least that is what it feels like.  EXTRA lean protein and veggies only. 


Here is this morning’s breakfast as the first example of my cutting.  This is 3/4 cup of liquid egg whites (bought in bulk at Sam’s Club), 1.5 oz 99% fat free turkey breast meat, and 1/4 cup fat free cheddar.  It was pretty delicious.  My macros were as follows:
177 Calories
37 grams protein
5 grams carbs
0 grams fat

I am glad that it was tasty, because I have a HUGE feeling that is going to be my breakfast of choice for the next 11 days.  I am thinking spinach thrown in occasionally with it too though.  Mix things up a little. 

I am supposed to eat 5 meals per day, all consisting of basically those same macros.  So it is definitely going to take some adjustments, although it was fairly tasty today.


I have already eaten my second meal, at 10 am.  I am going to be shooting for 7 am, 10 am, 1 pm, 4 pm, and 7 pm.  Ugh.  That seems like a lot, but with each meal consisting of only 200 calories, it obviously is NOT.  I need to remind myself of that as I am going along.  So I am going to stick with it.  5 meals, spaced 3 hours apart in general.

So meal 2 is pictured here.  That’s going to be the tricky part, I think.  Convincing myself that it is a-ok to eat a chicken salad at 10 am.  I ate it.  Every bite of it.  And it tasted pretty good.  So I suppose that is a good start.  I will stick with it.

It is only 11 days.  And for dinner on the last day, I am allowed to have SOME carbs (I am just not allowed to go carb crazy) but I plan on eating some dumplings and drinking a beer at my rehearsal dinner.  And then I am going to look KILLER in my wedding dress, right?  I have spent the last nine months (and in particular since J and I made our rough p90x attempt in March) killing it at the gym, and being extremely careful with my diet.  Yes there were some times when I messed up on the diet, but even when I messed up, I made better choices than I used to make!

I want to give you guys an update on the weekend too though.  My meals are going to be SUPER boring for the next ten days, since you have now seen BOTH of them! 

I had plans with Leah on Friday night.  We were going to head to the outlets near her house for a little retail therapy.  We agreed to meet at Panera for dinner, then head to her house to drop off my car, then to the outlet.  I did well and ate exactly what I had planned at panera.  My favorite Asian Sesame Chicken salad with NO wonton strips (they added more fat to the salad than the dressing!)  I also had the whole grain bagette to get my carbs on track for the day!  It tasted awesome.  I don’t eat much bread these days, so I was excited!

My plan for the outlets was to hunt for some MORE honeymoon clothes.  I own two pairs of shorts.  2.  I don’t think jeans are going to be frequently worn on the honeymoon, so I am not sure what else to do!  I was looking for shorts as well as cute sundresses that could double as bikini coverups.  Basically that was a big ole fail, and all I wound up with was two sleeveless built-in-bra tops from reebok.  They were having better deals than Nike or Under Armor this time around.  Oops, like I needed anymore workout goodies!  Lol.  I live in that stuff, I guess, so maybe a little justified!

Saturday morning I was up early.  I got dressed in running gear from Old Navy (by the way, if you have thick or muscular thighs, their running shorts are way better than Nike’s.  They have wider leg openings and so they do not ride up as much!), got my garmin on along with my Brooks hat (oh so essential in summer runs, I have learned) and set out.  My goal was 8 miles, my longest distance to date.  I decided I was just going to stick with my 6 mile course that I figured out a while ago, and maybe just add a few extra little loops or detours into it.  I ended up at 9 miles.  I am insanely proud of myself, and I cannot believe I did it! 

J and I went to visit his sister and see her kids and new house in the afternoon which was fun, and then followed it up with a Sam’s trip.  I got egg whites and chicken breast.  We also bought some stock for some of the goodie bags that we’ll have at the hotel for some of our guests and we’ll be putting them together either Wednesday night or Thursday night of this week!  We had a date night at BW3 (our fave, and most likely my final trip pre wedding.

Sunday was a walk/run with J as he is trying to get himself ready for his first (and only, he claims) race.  We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us, I think.  Smile  And then grocery shopping and softball.  I had a nice weekend overall, and I am very excited to be able to have gotten those 9 miles done!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Heavy lifting Morning

I hit the gym at 5:15 am (as usual) today for legs.  I have recently really started to try and kick my leg days up, in order to build my quads.  My legs are just kinda lagging behind my upper body.  So I have been doing my squats slowly and deep, I have been watching my form extra closely on deadlift, as those are the two major lifting exercises that I do on leg days. 

Today I supersetted these two, AND I added weight.  So I started out by getting BOTH barbells prepped since I was using different weights.

Here is todays workout.

Deep squats – 1x10-45, 4x12-75
Romanian Dead lifts – 1x12-45, 4x12-80
Hip Thrusts – 1x12-45, 4x12-80
leg press – 1x10-110, 4x10-190
Squats from step – 1x10, 3x10-20 (both sides to = 1)
leg curls – 1x10, 40, 3x10-55
ab cable crunch – 3x20-50
planks – 3x60s

Rough.  But good.  I am really trying to work extra hard these days.  I am desperate for progress and I would love some VISIBLE progress.  Lower body is lagging, and I want it to get all caught up!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My kid sister

I got a phone call last night.  Around 5:30, maybe.  It was my little sis.  She and I have two extremely different lives.  Different from each other, and hers is also the opposite of what I would expect considering who she was in high school.

Rachel is 26.  A little background.  Rachel has very very rarely not had a man in her life.  This dates as far back as her sophomore year of high school when she started dating a boy in my class.  We were seniors.  At the time she was very much a cool kid.  She wore American Eagle and Abercrombie exclusively.  My mom was not interested in spending that kind of money on stuff, so instead of the many presents my brothers and I received (clothing from JCPenney or something), she would get 2 sweaters because they cost so much more! 

Now she is working with adults with disabilities.  She lives with her 38 year old divorced with two kids boyfriend (this is NOT a bad thing, just trying to give you an idea of the person she is now) in the country.  It is nearly 45 minutes outside of where my mom’s house is.  They have a ton of land (part of which is leased to a soybean farmer!), barns, tractors, a HUGE veggie garden (I am extremely jealous of that, I admit it!), and they BURN THEIR GARBAGE because garbage men don’t go there!  I used to tease her about that, saying, “do you even have running water out there?” And apparently it was not too long ago that one of their neighbors (a half mile away!) had it put in!

A year ago, almost exactly, Rachel and Chris were camping with friends and 4-wheeling.  Rachel and Chris were riding on the same car, and had a terrible accident.  Now they were in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania, and were NOT drinking.  Rachel wound up falling 20 feet over a cliff and landing on rocks below.  She shattered 2 vertebrae (no joke, they were completely gone in the x-ray!), cracked another, which was touching her spinal cord but did not sever it, and shattered a few bones in her ankle. 

She had to be life flighted to a hospital and then transferred again to the ICU at the University of Pittsburgh for her MAJOR surgeries.  She was in the ICU for a week.  She did not (luckily) have permanent damage that would result in any kind of paralysis or anything.  Apparently the hospital at UP is one of the best there is for neuro (according to my friend who is a neurologist) so she was in the right place.  She had three surgeries in that week, and then had to rent a wheelchair for 3 months.


The day of the accident, with my mom.


A few days later – with her “Patch Adams” bear (that’s what I call him) from me.  He’s a Vermont Teddy Bear.


Right after arriving back home in Ohio a week after the accident.


Two weeks after the accident Rachel was in her long time best friends wedding.  That was a rough day.  The photographer was a complete jerk.  He got mad at her when her partner had to support her during a few of the pictures.  “It’s just a broken ankle” and then the entire wedding party chimes in, “AND A BROKEN SPINE!”  Yeah, he shut up after that.


And here she is recently with my dad on our Uncle’s boat in Lake Mead.  No more brace, no more crutches.

Sorry if you have heard this story before!  But I think to get to the point of the conversation that we had, that background must be given!

We are now a year removed, and she is walking and no longer wears a brace (on her back OR her ankle).  However, she really wants to be getting healthier.  Lose some weight (10-15 lbs only) eat better, etc.  Eating better is fairly easy for her.  They eat pretty well anyway.  She might be shy on protein and high on carbs, but they eat TONS of fruits and veggies.  And usually they are grown in their backyard!  So that is awesome.

The problem is that her ankle is still bad, and it was bad before the accident.  Rachel was also born with clubbed feet, so she has zero muscle in her calves/ankles/feet.  She could not even develop it if she trust (trust me, she has!) so she is having a tough time finding exercise that she can do without pain.  Her back still gets sore relatively quickly, of course, and even when driving for more than 40 minutes or so, she has to stop and get out to stretch and stuff.  So working out has been a struggle ever since the accident.

So yesterday she calls and starts the conversation like this, “I needed to talk to my Fitness Fanatic sister.”  Of course, I smile and actually feel a little bit proud of this description.  So yesterday Rachel wen with her man to the gym and joined!  Smile  She also gets 3 sessions with a trainer for free to learn the equipment, etc.  She requested something specific though.  She explained to him her situation and limitations, so their goal is to teach a lot of general exercises with machines and dumbbells.  Also to teach her a lot of core exercise (mostly stability) to help strengthen her core, and in turn her back!  And they are going to explore cardio to try and find something that works for her ankle and her back!  Smile  I am so proud of her.

She also started asking me about protein shakes.  Chris apparently always gets one when he leaves the gym, so she was asking about the calories, etc.  We had a long talk about whey protein powder and the ingredients and how many calories, etc, and I gave her the information that I have.  I told her what I do, and my opinions.  The conclusion that we came to together was that, she needs more information.  She has no idea if it was just protein powder and water, or if they put fruit, fruit juice, yogurt, etc into it.  I told her that there was absolutely nothing wrong with having a protein shake or protein smoothie even if she takes it into account when she is tracking her food.  Its not a free food, but if you consider it when planning your other meals and realize that you might have somewhere between 120 (whey + water) and 400 (some sort of smoothie king protein concoction) calories that you are ingesting, there is nothing wrong with it! 

It was a great conversation to have with my little sis, as she is a great gal, and I love her and want the best for her.  Plus it means so much to me that she respects my opinion on this stuff!

I can’t wait to have her as part of MY wedding party!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Confessions… and a change?

This morning was a HIIT morning.  As you know, HIIT days are not my favorite, because I always only have worked out for a half hour.  And that is it.  And despite the fact that I am absolutely DRIPPING in sweat by the time the half hour is over, I still feel like it wasn’t enough.  So that is kind of sucky.  But I am considering taking Teek for a walk this evening, so that might be a little extra, right?

I have my meals COMPLETELY planned for the day, down to the individual gram of protein.  I need to show myself that I am capable of sticking to a plan since yesterday was another eff up.  I don’t really want to talk about it, because even as I was messing up I was aware of the fact that I was doing it.  I am not sure what the trigger was that caused it.

I have a quick confession. 

I know this will sound silly but I am afraid that my off plan eating might resemble secret eating.  I only eat when J is not around.  When he is there I eat all of my good planned foods (including casein pudding for dessert when he is having a jello pudding cup!)  But last night (as an example) he goes down the basement to play a video game, leaving me a lone to do an hour or so of studying, and I open up the can where I have stored my goodies and eat a black and white brownie.  Delicious, high in protein, well within my maintenance macros, but I am trying to get in shape for a competition! 

Here is my big news…  I am thinking that I am going to stick with bikini for this comp, but then make a move to figure competition if I choose to do any more.  I think that is going to be more for me.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Frustration with ME

I have not been doing so well lately. I have been lifting hard and heavy, but yesterday's cardio was definitely not up to snuff. I suppose that maybe was to be expected with the race on Saturday. But I am still disappointed in myself.

More than that, my diet has been WAY off. I am extremely disappointed. I placed an order with an online bakery that specialized in high protein goodies, and have been eating them where I am not supposed to be. It is fine for me to have a treat like that, when I plan my daily food. But when I am getting home at 9 pm and have not gone to bed yet, it is NOT ok to open up a package of cookies and eat two + several squares of dark chocolate.


I am feeling MORE than frustrated right now, because I was doing so well, and because I really felt like I had the right mindset to really hammer out my diet for the last three weeks before the wedding. I am EXTRA flustered, because I had BIG plans to do a cut for the last ten days. And if I cannot hammer things out when I am allowed to eat carbs (other than veggies) how am I going to do it when everything is even more strict?

Honestly, I am feeling quite nervous about the whole thing right now. Uncomfortable with my ability to be successful. I mean, this is "easier" theoretically than it will be next week. Or at least, it is supposed to be, and even now I am struggling.

I know that the biggest thing is going to be taking this all one day at a time. One day at a time until the end of October. (By the way, I have decided to compete at the end of October instead of the beginning of November since it is local!) So I am really going to have to work SUPER hard to get there. I can do this. And I WILL do this.

Today was a start over day. With what I have planned I am 5 grams short of fat goals (I am ok with this since I was over the last two), even on carbs, and a little over on protein. Going a little over on protein is ok though. That's what keeps me getting strong! :-)

So NO EXTRAS tonight.

Deep breath...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Lady Distance Classic Race Recap

I know I owe everyone my full body progress pics, but I did not get them uploaded and my work computer does not have a cardreader like my home computer does. Sorry! So you’ll have to settle for the recap of my Saturday morning race. Smile

J was out of town for Friday night/Saturday morning, so when my alarm went off at 6:15 am it was just me and the pup. I took Teek out and fed her before starting to get ready for the race. I got dressed in my Old Navy running gear, which I bought a few weeks ago because ON was a groupon! So I used mine to buy a pair of shorts and a tank. I like the shorts a smidge better than my nike tempo track shorts. These have slightly larger leg openings, so they don’t ride up as much.

After getting ready and pinning my bib on, I went outside to make sure that I saw Dave & Amy when they arrived. It was a ladies only event, but Dave was going to drop us off, go for his own run, and then meet us at the finish line. So he dropped us off as close as he could get (tons of streets were closed because of the race) and Amy and I started walking over to where the start was going to be. We were chatting about pace and goals, as well as her marathon training. She is going to be doing the Chicago marathon in October, and it will be her first full. Now that I am apparently a runner (?!?) this stuff interests me all the time.

We were running the Lady Distance Classic which is sponsored by our local Fleet Feet. It is a pretty huge event and actually takes place less than a mile from my house. I think it was maybe the 9th year or so? The shirts were extra nice:


They are the Brooks tech tee, and of course they had the race logo and stuff on them. The only problem that I see with them is that they might be limited to 11 pm runs or 4 am runs. Winking smile they are awfully bright green! But if I do wear it for my 5 am runs, the cars will see me! I guess that is a plus.

We waited in line at the start so Amy could use the port-o-let before the race. Lol. Who ever thought of calling it that?

We then headed over to the start and joined the 10 minute mile group. Amy said that was her goal pace, and even though I usually do around 9 minute miles for this distance, I figured 10 wasn’t so bad. So I was planning on sticking with her. She gave me the good grace to run ahead of her if I wanted, no problem though, so I figured I would start with her and see where it went.

My friend Brett’s daughter, also named Emily, sang the National Anthem to kick off the race. I am always impressed with how quickly her voice has matured. It doesn’t seem that long ago that she was in the 8th grade and playing back up to me:


That’s her in the white. We did Oklahoma that summer and I was the lead and she played one of my little friends. Now she is obviously singing National Anthems at races and playing leads in musicals.


There she is as Marty in Grease. That is the most recent show that she did (it just closed two weeks ago, I think) and she is going to be a junior in high school. Wow!

I hope to have a picture of the two of us together soon from the race. We got one taken post-race together, so I cannot wait to see how it turned out. Except now SHE is the star, not me! Its awesome how she grew up.

So she sounded great, as expected, and soon after that, we were off! I tried to time my start on my garmin with the moment of crossing the starting line, but eh, a few seconds off, as always. At least it was chip timed, so I could have an exact time! I started out with Amy, we were doing a just under 10 minute mile. Good starting pace for me. Unfortunately, I LIKE to run 9 minute miles. And she started dropping. I dropped back to 10 minutes, but she continued to slow down, and yelled to me, go ahead! So I did, and kicked up to a 9:15 mile.

Things went pretty well for the race, except I definitely was tired as I hit the mile marker to start mile 5. I went around a corner right after that mile and was greeted by a GIANT hill. For anyone who has not run in Cincinnati before, they are everywhere. I actually yelled at the volunteers who were on traffic duty at this turn, “A HILL?!? Are you kidding me?!?” They just laughed. But I leaned in and ran up it. I finished the race in 56:42 (chip time) and my garmin was just slightly over that time (forgot to stop it until after I crossed the line. Whoops).

I grabbed a water bottle from one of the volunteers as I came through the shoot and started chugging it. I knew Amy was behind me, but I wasn’t sure how far. After I finished the bottle, I grabbed another and decided that I was going to hit the festival. I got myself a bottle of Mr. Clean – the first thing that was handed out. And made my way to the stage area (actually the same stage that is in the picture of Emily and I above!) because I figured Dave and Amy would have to come through there eventually. When I met up with them, Amy and I signed up to get stretched out by the physical therapy folks that were there specifically for that purpose. It was awesome.

So there you have it. Amy and I conquered a 10K – at least somewhat together!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sparkies Check in

I think we are now 4 weeks in, right? I have three weeks from TODAY before I get married. This entry is for my SBS weekly check in. I figured out something in Paint today (stuff that I am sure all of you ladies figured out AGES ago) but I managed to get all 5 of my pictures into one comparison file. I am pretty pleased!

5 comp front

There I am from the front. Something interesting to be noted about todays pic (in the green shirt, obviously) is that it was taken AFTER breakfast, lunch, a snack, a diet coke and a TON of water. So it isn’t even my first thing in the morning shot! Yahoo!

5 comp side1

And there we go from the side. Yahoo for Emily.

I ran a 10K this morning. Official time was 56:42. A bit faster than my first one! I am pleased. I just wanted to keep it up to under an hour again.

I have taken my full body progress pics as well, so I will get to those soon.

Friday, August 5, 2011

My August Goals

Well – it is wedding month. I am nearly to part one of my mega-fitness goal (with part two being the competition). Therefore, I want it to be a BIG goal month!

1. 2000 fitness minutes – I ended up with around 2200 in July and have started out August strong with a workout every day!
2. Get to the next “level” with sparkpoints. I need to get just over 1000 in the month to do this. Should not be a problem.
3. No beer until my rehearsal dinner. Definitely tougher. However J is onboard as well and has only 3 drinking days set up pre-wedding, so without nights at our favorite place (BW3) this will be much easier, I think!
4. research swimming techniques. I might not get in the pool this month, but I definitely plan to sometime soon, and I know how to swim, but definitely not properly. Along with this one – research google/bathing suits.
5. log three runs per week. They don’t have to be long runs, but three per week that are 2.5 miles or more.
6. Get together with Stephanie – this requires an entry all its own, but suffice to say it will DEFINITELY help me to prepare for my own competition.

So there we have it. I am on my way!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekend Workouts + Major Stressors

I definitely had a bit of a rough weekend. I did however get my ab shots taken, which was on the “weekend goal list” so at least there was that!

The drive home on Friday was rather uneventful. I got a lot of work accomplished fairly early on Friday, so I managed to leave a little bit ahead of schedule. I went straight to the gym to spend 45 minutes on the elliptical in order to get my at least my scheduled workout. I decided to stick with my stinky workout gear as travel clothes too because I was feeling pretty lazy to be honest, and I did not want to take the time to change. So I got the dog and we were on the road.

Like I said, uneventful. Long though. Stuck in standstill traffic in Dayton, OH, which seems to be the norm, no matter what time of day. This was around 3 pm, so I thought that traffic would not have started for rush hour yet. Yes, there is construction there though. ALWAYS.

After visiting with my mom and grandma for about an hour, my dad picked me up with Odin. We had plans to go out to dinner that night, the three of us, and just hang out/catch up. I had made the dinner reservations – as I stated in a previous blog – to ensure that I had good choices made! The dinner overall went well, except for the fact that they clearly told all of their friends that they were going to be at this restaurant so they all started showing up there! I was a little miffed about that, because I thought it was supposed to be just us, and I was making an effort!

Saturday morning, I got up early with Teek as usual. We went swimming! I swam for about a half hour – I had her on her leash attached to a chair, close enough to me that she could get to me, and she just sunbathed in the 7 am air. After I had been in the water, using the kickboard, swimming laps, aqua-jogging etc, for about a half hour, I got the dog and brought her into the water with me. It was kind of what I would imagine swimming with a baby for the first time would be like. I held (all 8 lbs!) of her and walked around so just her back toes were in the water. Every now and again I would squat down and let her get wet for a few steps (at which point she would panic just a little and scratch up my shoulder!) I let her swim a few times to the steps and climb out too. It went ok. Not sure how often we’ll swim, but like all dogs, she knows how. Smile

At 9 am, I got dressed and went to my photographers. This trip went very well. I paid an additional portion of my balance that was due, and I also went through the breakdown of the entire day with them, so we knew that we were all on the same page. That is the piece of the puzzle that fell into place this weekend, I believe.

I went home for awhile and hung out with my mom before we went out for my dress fitting.

This was where the meltdown started. In my head, because of all of the work that I was doing, I figured the dress was going to be too big. I was already frustrated, because it was expensive to have alterations done on my dress the first round, and so I was completely prepared to defend myself in hopes of not paying by saying that I haven’t lost weight (I haven’t) and so obviously they made a mistake and didn’t take it in enough (these things happen when you get LEAN – no weight loss but smaller!) I just didn’t want to pay again.

I put it on, and then my mommy helped me to zip up. IT WAS TOO TIGHT. Enter waterworks. Ok, not really. I didn’t cry, but I really wanted to. A mental roadblock definitely popped up however. I immediately started scrutinizing my body, how my clothes felt, how the dress felt, where things were not working, everything. It was major panic time in my head.

However, she took my measurements, and my measurements were SMALLER than they were in May when I was fitted. So it was obviously THEIR mistake. But I did not feel any better about it.

Sundays workout was a good one. I got up early, got dressed in my running garb, and headed to a park that I used to go to often. It was a main picnic spot for the end of a school year thing. I killed 7.8 miles there that morning in 74 minutes. That means (per the garmin) I averaged around 9:30 miles. For that distance, I would call it killing it. Smile So that was the PERK to the end of a rough weekend.

Monday, August 1, 2011

End of Week 3

Well – we are halfway through our SBS 6 week challenge.

So here are my progress pics.  I hate the fact that they are hard to compare, but this week I was at my mom’s house when I took the pics, so they are not even in front of the same mirror.  But I did put them all together to compare this time.



Making progress – looking good, right?