Monday, October 31, 2011

Back on Track–Squatting

I had my appointment with my new coach yesterday.  It rocked.  I am sore today and we just worked upper body for the most part.  I did do 3 sets of squats with the Smith Machine under his supervision to make sure that my foot would be ready to start squatting again.  We went pretty light.  Only 40 lbs in addition to whatever that Smith Machine bar weighs (I know it is less that the 45 lbs of the regular bar) but I was really focusing on my form since it had been so long since I did any squats.  And there was no foot pain!  Yah!

After I did some squats we just focused on upper body.  My goals are to develop solid shoulder caps and a much broader upper back.  He helped me with those goals, because those two things are important to “shape” regardless of whether I choose to compete in bikini or in figure.  So we started out with shoulder presses.  Then we did a superset of assisted pull ups with a cable row.  Then we did the pec deck machine, then another superset (combined with a drop set).  This was a tricep pushdown (using the rope), the bicep curls with an easy bar for 12, the drop to the next lower weight and bicep curls for another 10.  He told me I was really stubborn because I ALWAYS finish out my sets with good form.  He said normally girls are ready to drop by the end.

I stayed for a little bit after my workout and drank my protein shake.  (I always have one immediately after lifting now).  I chose to stay because there was posing class!  So I got to see two girls practice their posing for the competition next weekend.  I saw one bikini girl and one figure girl, which I thought was great since I am sort of torn between the two things right now.  That did kind of help to cement me competing in figure next April.  Not definite, but I am definitely leaning that way.


I got up this morning, as normal, and text my weight to Mike.  It was kind of nasty, but it is better than it has been.  I am looking forward to my body adjusting to this new diet and it starting to work for me.  Now texting him my weight along with my previous week’s weight is going to be 4:50 am Monday morning routine.  I am hoping for a big ole drop next Monday! 

I went to the gym and did legs.  I did full on squats, along with a leg press, extensions, etc.  I am wanting to further develop my quads, so I am throwing the extensions in to every leg workout.  I definitely need to make them bigger if I am going to compete in figure especially!  So I am working on it.

The above picture is a Frankenstein card that a coworker made.  There are three mini candy bars in it, but I am not even tempted by them today.  Not sure why not, but I will take it!  I am just going to bring them home and put them in the candy bowl for trick-or-treaters tonight.  J is in charge of them though, as I am at school tonight.  (On the school plus side – only 4 more classes – including tonight – left!)

I hit the elliptical at lunchtime.  I am trying to get my legs used to that movement.  Hoping to start running again in one week! 

NoJoMo starts tomorrow.  If you don’t see a post on spark, check blogger.  I have the blogger app on my phone, so I am planning on doing JUST that while J and I are in Las Vegas (we leave in just 10 days!!!)

Friday, October 28, 2011


Please visit my new "page" 101 Things in 1001 days! I have finally made some concrete goals on a concrete timeline. Yes, some are simple, silly things (get a pedicure) but it also points out marathons, competing, and traveling. :-)

Sunday is my first workout with my new coach. I plan on taking a set of progress pictures. I am pretty much starting over in that respect. Its sad, in a way. I was so far and I had made so much progress. Getting married and drinking and eating for a week really derailed that for me. Plus the stress fracture. I would be competing TOMORROW if those things hadn't happened. But no regrets, right? Apparently this was supposed to happen.

I am trying to continuously remind myself of that, but it is tough since I worked hard for a long time to get to where I was...

Speaking of my foot... I am no longer in my boot. I have ordered my new insoles for running. They'll be in in about a week and a half. They are being custom made for me. :-) So although I am allowed to ease back into running a this point, I am holding off, as I think I should wait for my insoles. I don't have any big races, just a 5K and a 10K scheduled for November. So I should be able to ease myself right back into those distances.

On Sunday, I might with Mike for my first training session with him. I am pretty excited about it, and I am looking forward to working out with a trainer for the first time in a pretty long time. I am hoping to get extremely sore! I know he'll want to work upper body because he is anti-injury, and I think wants me to be good with running again before we do lower body.

New diet has been going pretty well, its not perfect, but I am trying not to stress about it too much as it is supposed to be my "offseason" right now. I figure I will be better off after the first of the year if I do try and relax a little right now.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Big Day!

I go to my podiatrist at 3 pm (EST) to see if I can stop wearing the boot!  I really have my fingers crossed.  I am going to ask him to check out both feet, just in case.  Since I have registered for the Pig now, I really need to make sure to nip any injuries in the bud so I do not need to worry about training for the next several months.  I figure that is a good place to start.  And I am going to make sure to ask about orthotics for BOTH shoes, that will hopefully keep my toes in the proper places so I don’t reinjure myself before 5/5/2012 (that’s the big day!)

I really am ready to get back into running.  I miss it a lot.  I have been craving it lately.  I have been keeping up with my cardio, mostly on the bike, but yesterday I did the elliptical.  It was a little tough with the boot on, mostly because it is hard to roll all the way through my foot, if you know what I mean. 

So on Saturday I took my annual ladies trip up to Frankenmuth.  I briefly blogged (from my phone) on blogger about it, but for a more in depth look…  I always go with my mom, my cousin Megan, my Aunt Laurie (she’s my godmother) and my sister goes as often as she can.  Last year she was out because it was right after her accident that I blogged about.  We had a great trip, although my feet were definitely hurting by the end.  That’s a big reason why I want to have them BOTH looked at today rather than just the boot foot.

I have not had a diet coke or a single bite of nut butter in more than a week.  Knock on wood.  Maybe I am really making progress at kicking that habit!  I like to think so.  It will definitely help the water retention (especially the no more diet coke part!).  I retain water more than the average girl, and Mike (new coach) could tell that just by looking at me!  Today is my second day on his full blown diet plan.  After I eat lunch, I will already be at over 100 grams of protein for the day!  So far so good.  I have to master the eggs and oats mixed together thing though, because I was kind of gagging on the last few bites…  Although that could also be because they were starting to get cold. 

Speaking of Mike…  we have our first training session on Sunday.  I am really excited about it, as it is the first time I will have worked out with a trainer in person in ages.  I really would love to be able to really get on board with what is going on with my body and make huge changes.  I am feeling good lately, and so I am pretty excited to get the ball rolling.  My motivation is up pretty high lately as well, and that certainly helps a little bit! 

I have started working on a new 101 in 1001 list.  This time I am really going to achieve everything on the list!  I will post it here as soon as I come up with all 101 things!

Monday, October 24, 2011


I have it. I don't know what I want. I don't know what to do. This is bad bad bad.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


I'm in frankenmuth. We've seen a lot of great stuff. Oh German town. I got a 6 pack of beer for J. He'll be happy. :-)

That's it for today!

Friday, October 21, 2011


Teek and I are at my mom's house in toledo for the weekend. Teek is hanging in the car, making my crazy in the picture. Tomorrow is my annual ladies trip to Bronners. I am very very excited to go, even though there's nothing in particular I am in the market for.

My mom bought me some pumpkin beer from my fave toledo store. Three different kinds. I am pretty excited about that!

Its 10:15 pm. And I am beat. But mom's not home yet, some my brother and I are up watching beetlejuice.

I drank two pumpkin beers. They were awesome. But I feel guilty. I do need to figure out the guilt thing. Maybe its Catholicism?

Official Registration - +More

Well I did it.  Yesterday I officially registered for the Flying Pig Marathon.  I wanted to get it done right away for a few reasons.  1. I had a little extra money. 2. The price goes up on November 1.  3. I was feeling motivated and wanted to take advantage of it. 4. My friend Jes just ran the Columbus Marathon last week, and we’re going to celebrate on Tuesday of next week – and I wanted to  have something to celebrate too!  I am super proud of myself for getting up the courage to do this.  I will be running the Glass City Half Marathon as part of a training run now.  I have 12 miles scheduled that day anyway!  Yes, I am completely crazy, but completely excited about all of my new plans!

Okay, onto my new diet.  It is set up by Mike my new coach over at MDF.



It has specifics in it rather than just “hit these macros” like my old plan.  Its, eat this amount of chicken, etc.  So it is a little different.  Here’s the plan, in macros.  And I will be eating only clean foods and no starches.
1,960 calories
199.9 protein
161.5 Carbs
51.5 fats (mostly eggs and protein add-ons)
919.0 sodium
26.3 fiber

And on days when I lift, add another:
240 calories
42 protein
8 carbs
4 fat – in the form of 2 scoops protein powder immediately after lifting.

Yeah.  INTENSE.  Lots of chicken, eggs, oats, and sweet potatoes. I am allowed to make substitutes, but not yet.  I have to eat 100% on plan right now.  I will be eating the same thing everyday.  I will DEFINITELY be preparing different meals for J.  We’ll see how things go.  I am looking forward to my grocery shopping this weekend to see how it goes. 

I have not officially started on the plan, but I have been eating 100% clean foods, and trying to do some of the suggested snack + the protein shake right after lifting.  I have already lost a TON of bloat, so I am thrilled about that.  I have not had any diet coke or peanut butter ALL WEEK.  Amazing from the both every single day girl. I am very proud.

Now…  Pinterest.  Its just  Pretty simple.  It is basically a website full of pictures.  You can create “boards” and “pin” pictures to your board.  For instance, I have a board with food pictures on it.  Each picture has a link to it (usually to a blog or something) where the recipe is.  So you can make your inspiration/wellness boards, clothes you like, a bucket list (mine has the PIG, skydiving, going to all the baseball stadiums..), etc.  As well as lots of ideas for my house, organization, and one with cute pictures of puppies. Cause there is not a darn thing wrong with cute pictures of puppies.  I also made a Christmas list!  Now…  if you have a really busy job, I suggest avoiding it.  Its totally addicting. 

So with everything starting to come back in order, I am very pleased.  And my motivation has returned…

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Goals, New Outlook, New DIET

I really need to get myself psyched up to write!  We’re coming up on NoJoMo, and I ALWAYS try and fit that in.  So I need to get back in the habit of writing every day, even if it is just a few sentences!  Plus I have not blogged in well over a week, and while I am keeping up with those that I read, I am feeling a little bit lame for not keeping up with my own.

Plus there has been so much going on in my life that I am pleased with.  Here is a quick rundown!

1. I have less than a week left in the boot.  I cannot WAIT to start running again.  I am allowed to right away, but slowly short distances first…  No more than 3 miles at a time for the first week.
2. I have decided to run my first FULL marathon.  Flying Pig 2012, here I come!  I will be using the Glass City Half two weeks before as a training run.  My schedule has 12 miles on that day anyway.
3. I have started working on a bucket list.  I am thinking about buying a Groupon for sky-diving.  Its good for a year, and that is DEFINITELY on my list. I have until midnight tonight to decide if I should buy the groupon.
4. I am completely addicted to Pinterest.  I have created my christmas list, bucket list, and a million other (ok, maybe 10 other) boards on there, and I could look at it forever.  I have no idea why. 
5. J and I got a new puppy!  His name is Zeus, he is 4 months old, and he is a Malti-poo.  We always go poodle mix (just like Teek) because J has allergies.  Here he is!:


He already got a haircut.  The top picture is the first day we got him, and then the others are a little more recent.
6. Last weekend I met a guy by the name of Mike who is a coach for girls who want to compete.  He’s AMAZING.  I have hired him for 10 sessions (to start) and he also has created me a new diet.  I will be shopping for my new groceries on Sunday and having my first training session next Sunday (the 30th).  I will be competing either in March or April…  playing that by ear.

That’s it for now.  I miss everyone and will try to be better about updates!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Big news, I have an update.  I found myself a new coach, I feel reinvigorated, and I cannot WAIT to get started with this new guy. 

New coach’s name is Mike.  New team is the Muscle Dawg Girls.  He is pretty local (not like down the block, but only 40 minutes from me).  This way, I will be having a workout with him at his gym once per week.  His cost includes full meal planning, meaning – eat this many oz of chicken and a sweet potato that weighs this much.  I think that will take some of the trouble out of it. 

I think that having everything written out for me specifically will take some of my questions away and hopefully make it a little bit easier for me to stick to the plan.  Will there be cheats?  Yep.  And Mike agrees with that.  He knows it will happen. 

And so, yes, I am back on track. I will be competing in the spring.  We’ll have to see what happens.  So here I go!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Its been quite some time since I last wrote.  I am in the middle of my search for balance and my HUGE desire to have a new set of goals to reach for.  I am really feeling lost because I am not specifically working toward anything. 

Yesterday, a friend says, “What about the CPA exam?  That should be your biggest goal!”  And I agree, it should be.  However, it is definitely not.  In reality, I am not interested in passing the exam.  I am doing it because it is important to my career as long as I continue to do accounting work.  However, continuing to do accounting work, is not on my list of long-term goals!  I mean…  I am at a loss with that, to be honest…

Recently I have come up with “bucket list” type goals, but since I am lacking short term goals, I am making these HUGE things short term.  I want to go skydiving someday.  So I make a post on facebook saying “who wants to go on October 29?”  I was thinking, ok, I am going to run the glass city half marathon this spring.  Sounds do-able since I was at 9 miles comfortably before my injury took over.  But someday I want to run a full marathon.  So let’s do it this spring, let’s make it the Flying Pig, and why not use Glass City as a training run.  You were scheduled for 12 that weekend anyway! 

So yeah, I am going a little bucket list nuts.  I really need to figure out what my goals are and what I truly want to do.  As right now, I am going full tilt toward… nothing.  That is confusing to me.  So in another “I need a goal” move, I reached out to a local trainer/coach.  Who knows…  I am just lost currently, me thinks, so I need to figure out what it is that is next.  What it is that is next month.  My old “big” goals aren’t doing it anymore.  I’ve stuck solidly with my one race per month goal.  I even did one (granted, I walked) in October and I have had a boot on for the entire month!

I was planning on sitting down last night and going through everything…  You know, what do I want to do before the end of the year?  How about the end of 2012?  Before we have a kid?  After that?  Can I make it work financially?  Will my husband be supportive of me?  All of those things are weighing heavily on my mind and I don’t feel like I am in any position to make long term decisions without knowing all of it.

But sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and wing it, right? 

So I am thinking on it.  Still.  I do know that if I decide to compete, it will be figure instead of bikini.  That is much more what I want the focus to be on for me.  Muscles, not a sexy body, you know?  I don’t know that I will be competing, ever, but I need to keep it in the back of my mind, bucket list and stuff!

Does anyone else out there feel lost if they are not working toward something specific?  Because right now, I am SUPER lost.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 1: Check

Last night we went to J’s sister’s for pizza.  While pizza is not necessarily at the top of the list as far as good choices that I could make when eating, I was conscious of what I chose to eat, and that was my goal for yesterday.  I figured that was the best way to go about things.  Make conscious decisions about what I was eating, and then I can slowly work on making GOOD conscious choices.  I think that is how things have to work when you are in this weird overwhelmed place that I have created for myself.

I really have been getting myself to that place that you hear about with competitors when they completely flip after the competition and eat like a whole quart of ice cream or a whole pizza.  Have you heard about that?

J and I stopped at best buy on the way home so he could get the new transformers movie.

Right now, he is upstairs watching a movie (Limitless, I think) and I am not with him.  I am downstairs and I just did DAY 1 of the 30DS!  Boot or no boot, I am making it work.  I actually did some of the cardio things on more like one foot than two, but I was still hopping around, so it still gave me the same burn.  And that is the goal with that part, the burn.  So we’ll see if I keep this up for the full thirty days!  That’s the goal this time around.

Okay, I am going to get this posted and go and take a shower because our plans for the day include the outlet mall (I need new jeans and some long-ish sleeved shirts for fall) and then starbucks for SEVERAL hours for studying!