Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Well, as anticipated, I was absent all weekend long. I feel guilty about it, even though I worked out on Saturday and on Monday! I just feel that when I am not blogging I am not accountable. I try and remain that, but it is tough! I am still logging into spark, tracking my food, etc, but I have not been blogging which some how makes me feel like I have let myself down in all of this hard work I have been trying to do.

I am feeling like a failed sports bra sparkie as I have not taken any pics yet to get me up to date. I am failing at something that I was using as an accountability tool. I failed on my diet for Saturday and Sunday as well. It was not as awful as it could have been, for sure, but still not exactly "on track". I avoided alcohol, which is typically my favorite mess up, I was pretty much within calories as well. My macros were just out of balance. Too many carbs, too few proteins.

Since setting my new 5 mile record last Thursday, I have pretty much done nothing notable on the fitness front. I am a little sad on that. I kind of wanted to run 5 miles again yesterday, but because of the OTHER first time thing that happened to me (a running blister!) I was prevented. It feels fine in general, but when I started hitting it with the pressure of the first two laps on the track, I decided that was just not going to work out. So I hit the bike yesterday instead. Boo for me. But yeah for doing some kind of different cardio?

I would like to run 5 miles once this week though, and as of now I am leaning toward Thursday. Tomorrow is my HIIT workout day! Let's go Em!

Friday, May 27, 2011

It's Friday!

Thank goodness. It has been a long and rather exhausting week, to be honest. I am pretty much wiped at this point! Yesterdays run was awesome though, and it definitely was one of the things that really helped me to get through the remainder of the day!

And the rest of the day was LONG. Way longer than a Thursday post-work normally is. That was because it was volleyball night! Tournament night even. So we were at the rec center until after 11. We probably played volleyball for more than 3 hours last night on top of my already athletically overworked body. Oh my gosh I was so beat when I got home! And J had just arrived at home, he had been at the bar for a going away party for a coworker.

Today I am struggling a little with my diet. I did not plan very well as a lot of my normal favorite foods I am out of. I ran out of lettuce yesterday so I did not have a salad for lunch. I am also out of berries. Which I LOVE LOVE LOVE and they are currently so perfect and delicious! It will DEFINITELY be a purchase both for home and for the shower! I think that if J and I decide that we don't have time to go to Findlay Market, then we will be making a trip to pipkins, which in some ways is better since it is so close to my house!

Plus there are always things there that I want to try as far as fruits, veggies, and herbs and pipkins with out all of the yummy waffles that I MUST HAVE if we go down to Findlay. And, well, those don't really fit into my plan, so maybe avoiding them is better!

Right now I am internet window shopping. This means, basically, that I am adding things from all sorts of websites to my amazon wish list. Its fun, and it gives me ideas of new clothes to buy myself when I hit goals. However, that means I need to SET some goals. There we go... Setting goals is a Monday - day off - day goal!

I probably won't be around on the weekend, but I am the one who reads my own stuff, so that is ok!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today is Friday eve, and I have not been so relieved about this in a pretty long time. I just feel the major need for a day off. Or a week. But a day will suffice for now. I would like an EXTRA day outside of the weekend, and luckily this weekend is a three day bomb! I desperately need it. It will be weird however to have the whole day to get my workout in though. Well, not the whole day, as the gym is only open from 8-4 since it is a holiday, but you know what I mean!

Not sure that we are doing any cookout type anything, I am hoping not. Originally it looked like it was going to rain the entire weekend, but now it looks like it will be sunny, at least part of the time. And that is good. It is the Taste of Cincinnati this weekend, which happens to be one of my favorite weekends of the entire year! We are planning on going down there on Sunday after the shower for our friends who are expecting, Katie and Phil. Katie is my bestie, I am sure that I have mentioned that before, and matron of honor in my wedding and her hubby are expecting their first little baby boy!
That is me and Katie circa 2008. I think we are at our friend Becky's birthday party at the fox & hound.

My dad is also in town this weekend. He will be attending the wedding of a friend of his. Odin will be here as well, which I am less thrilled about, but hey, at least my dad will be in the Nati for the first time in more than a year. That is something to be excited about! He'll be doing the taste with us, I think. At least that is the plan as of now. I have a text out to him to try and figure out the plan, but that is where I am!

AND this is HUGE.

I had a major fitness accomplishment today. I ran 5 miles. Straight through. On the track at my gym (that's 4-0 laps). In 47 minutes. I am SUPER proud of myself right now. I rewarded myself with a can of tuna, a salad with feta cheese on it, and a fiber one bar (oats and chocolate, my MOST FAVORITE!)

I feel so good as a result, you guys. Amazing.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

I am feeling all of the hard work that I have done so far this week. My hammies are feeling absolutely BRUTALIZED after all of those deep squats yesterday. And on Friday Joe has me doing 4 sets of 20 reps! Yesterday I was just doing 5 sets of 8. Ugh. No idea how much weight will be do-able for 20 reps. But I think initially I am going to go for it, and try for 75 lbs. I suppose that does depend a little bit on how my two warm up sets of 45 lbs each go.

And tomorrow will be back to upper body. I am adding in some pull ups for the first time. Additionally I am going to be adding 5 lbs to my negative chin ups. So we're really working on kicking it up! I am super looking forward to really beginning to see some SOLID results. I suppose that looking at myself every day makes that a little bit more difficult, but I am trusting Joe for that affirmation.

It was so weird yesterday. The power was out at the gym. Well, not completely, they did have partial power, which I suppose is better than none, because I was able to get in there twice and get everything done that I wanted! The biggest issue with limited power was NO A/C and if you are in Ohio right now, and you are working out, this is a problem. It has been horribly hot lately. Especially in the mid afternoon, which is right when I was lifting. I sweat up a storm just lifting for 45 minutes. That was intense.

Around quarter to 5, I left and went back to the gym to get in my cardio. I just hit the elliptical for 45 minutes and about 6 miles. Just under 6, actually. Next time I have elliptical (Friday) I think I am going to shoot for 6 and that will be my goal!

J and I planned to grill out last night as long as it was not storming. Then while I was at the gym he text me suggesting Slatts. I put the kibosh on that. Well, kind of. I told him that it was up to him, but I would prefer grilling. :-) I figured that was a safe response. Of course, he did not even see that until after I was home. But when I said "well, its up to you..." naturally he didn't finish listening to me and instead kind of growled. So I calmly gave him a look and said, let me finish... and he did, and I continued with, but i would prefer to grill. In reality, I had pretty much already accounted for all the calories of grilling and knew that I would be hitting my goals with that. And let's be honest... I feel best if I stick with my goals!

I have a networking even this evening, and I am nervous about going somewhere where I do not know what kind of food will be served. Its a Mexican place, so chips and salsa are a given. NO CHIPS EMILY! I want there to be lots of chicken and veggies, but that is not going to happen. Not at Nada. Not drinking should be pretty easy. Its the food that is getting me. All of this is pretty unexpected as I get further into the program. The workouts are cake and I love doing them. Not that they are easy workouts by any stretch, just that I enjoy doing them, so it is easy to make myself go to the gym everyday.

I honestly am VERY seriously considering skipping so I can make it not about the food. And I can just eat what I think I should be eating without worrying about my food. Sigh. Social events are TOUGH STUFF!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wow, we had one hell of a storm last night. It really did not last long at all (maybe 20 minutes) but within the first 3 a tree fell in my neighbors front yard. It was BLACK outside too. So that was crazy! But then it just all of a sudden cleared up. It even got light out again as it wasn't quite night time. We had tornado warnings and everything. It was intense.

I managed to get up at 4:56 am as usual (why 4:56? - no idea... just wanted it to be a few minutes before 5, and when I was setting the alarm, that is what time it ended up on, I guess!) and headed to the gym. And when I got there the parking lot and building were SO DARK! It really seemed like the power was out in the building! I just got up and went without even thinking about it because I am so used to just going. Plus the power was on at home, which is only a mile from there... I just a assumed. And you know what they say about people who assume things... Damn.

I ended up going home and doing day three of 6w6p for the week. I am killing it this week! (Or at least it feels like it.) So that kind of made the whole day start a little bit earlier. That is only 35 minutes and I was already home. So instead of heading upstairs to start the day at 6:15, I was heading up at 6. J was out the door by 6:35 this morning!

At lunch I figured I would try the gym again, so I went over there. Still on limited power, so the fitness floor had no lights on! Its all windows all around, so there was PLENTY of light, but still! I just lifted, and I am a barbell/dumbell girl, so no electricity was needed!

They have limited cardio machines up and running, but I am DEFINITELY going to be using one of them that is up and running after work. i can't wait!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ab progress, stress, a yumm-o lunch

Well we will start with the first thing on that list. My ab progress pics from my 6 week 6 pack challenge. To be perfectly honest, I see no difference. Especially because I worked so hard last week, and mostly ate SO CLEAN. Maybe it was that single glass of red wine on Saturday night? (That red wine that by the way, was tracked and fit INTO my calories and carbs?) Or maybe it was that well -earned (coach endorsed) cheat after dinner on Friday night where I bought myself a bag of skittles. I thought VERY seriously about having the movie theater sized BOX of skittles, but I resisted and just bought the small bag.

Eh, oh well, I guess. I just have a lot of work to do for the NEXT 5 WEEKS, I guess. I really would LOVE to get super solid in this first 6 week challenge. Then I can use the second one (which would be the last before my wedding) to really solidify my abs before the honeymoon, because then when we get home from that, it is show time! Well, not QUITE showtime yet, but I will be in my crazy/heavy prep time!

Joe sent over some feedback on my rogress pics and said that overall, things are looking good, it looks like things are working. So no diet changes at this time. I am still sticking with the 1500 calories per day, 140 grams carbs, 120 grams protein, 51 grams fat, and about 6 of those 51 are coming from fish oil at this time. I assume that it will continue to be like that, at least for the forseeable future!

I am looking at my face in the picture as I am typing this. This was the day after I was so sick. I did my workout though. So i just looked and FELT terrible on Saturday, and this is the aftermath on Sunday morning. J was super worried, as my Auntie Cyn just had her appendix out. So he was very insistent that if it got worse I call Katie or Leah and have them go with me to the hospital or urgent care.

Luckily for me (and my insurance which is an HSA) laying down helped A LOT and I felt much better. Part of me is a little bit worried that it was resulting from too much ab work last week. So before I went to bed I laid down and stretched out really good to try and alliviate some of the pain. Sadly (and luckily too!) that did not work. I am glad it did not because I want to keep moving forward on the challenge and if just the first week had me out so badly, then there would just be no way i could continue. But it was not that (hooray!) so I did day 1 yesterday. I will be hitting up day 2 tonight, I think!

I had a supper yumm-o salad for lunch on Saturday. It consisted of romaine, almonds, chicken, strawberries, and some balsamic dressing. SO DELICIOUS. I had it for a repeat today. No cheese even!

Ok, there is more to say probably, but i am done for now.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Progress pics, update and FEELING BETTER!

I am feeling so much better this morning after getting decent sleep last night. I did make it to my volleyball game, I did eat ALL of my required daily calories (around 1500), and I got through my third day of 6W6P. I did not go OUT with my team though, as I had kind of hoped to earlier in the week. I just knew that if I did, I would be out late. And I needed to get good sleep so I could wake up and lift HEAVY and THOROUGHLY this morning.

So yeah, I definitely feel WAY better this morning than I did when I wrote yesterday. Everyone who told me "YOU NEED YOUR CALORIES" was right. I never would have gotten through the planned evening without them, as difficult as it was to ingest when I actually sat down with my food!

6W6P is getting easier, I am definitely working on adding other things to it and doing things a little bit more intensely to up my challenge.

I saw pictures today on my coach's blog with one of his other girls (we're the Iron Belles!) who competed this past weekend. 47 years old and won the bikini overall! She looked amazing. I can only hope for similar results. She started working with Joe six months out. I guess I have a similar time frame. Her biggest thing (it says in the blog) was that it had to be maintainable. She couldn't do any kind of crazy cuts to get to look that good. Outside of her tan (and teeny bikini) she wanted to look like that often! All the time. And I think that is kind of the approach that we are going with with me as well. We have time to tweak things. So hopefully we can get to a point where my strength continues to grow and I can just eat my food and feel good about EVERYTHING I am eating.

ANYWAY... What everyone has been waiting for:


Backside. Day 1 versus Month 1.

Changes I see: I stood up straight today. I still need to do laundry! Cellulite looks reduced. Butt lifted. Muffin top smaller.

Tummy looks flatter, thighs look smaller, teeny hammie pop.

I am not bloated. Thighs thinner, I can't take pictures, more visible tummy cuts, shoulder popping a bit.

This one is from like a week ago and its something you CANNOT see in these pics... I am getting PUMPED!

Arms are getting stacked.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I did not get my 6W6P done BEFORE work this morning as I had originally planned. I just did not sleep well, so I slept until 4:56 rather than 4:15. 4:15 was the plan so I could do the DVD then and not have to worry about it later. However, I completely wiped myself out yesterday by not sleeping well last night.

I managed to get to the gym at lunchtime to get my cardio on. Normally Thursdays are running days, but this week it just was not happening. I am way too beat right now to get any running done. I instead hit the stepmill for 45 minutes. That was tough. Normally I would be able to plow through 45 minutes of cardio, but today I sweat, breathed heavy, and STRUGGLED. I am not sure how I am going to get through 90 minutes of volleyball, plus a 30 minute Jillian core routine. And I want to get to bed early.

I am super tempted just to skip out on volleyball. Go home. Eat dinner. Go to sleep nice and early. Not only am I beat, but my belly is kind of pissed about all of the food its getting. Which is strange because I am "dieting" so in theory I am cutting back my calories, but I am full ALL THE TIME, which sucks. I don't want my snack that is in front of me right now, I really don't want a 450 calorie dinner (which is the amount of calories I will have left in the day assuming I get through this cottage cheese/almond butter concoction that is in front of me. And if I don't get through that, I will have more like 550-600 calories left. :-( Who knew dieting would be tough because I HAVE to eat? Not me, no how. :(

As of now the evening plan: go home at quarter to 5. Eat dinner. Volleyball (an hour and a half... ugh...) home, jillian dvd, shower, sleep. Then tomorrow, I WILL be up before 5, do my lower body strength (my deep squats could use some work getting a little bit deeper), come home and weigh, take progress pics, work, and then FINANCE FUN DAY! (we're going out to lunch and going to see the Lincoln Lawyer). Then cardio - 45 minutes on the elliptical, and home for Jillian.

Then I am taken myself out to dinner for a grilled buffalo chicken sandwich, some sweet potato fries, and a glass (just 1!) of red wine. I deserve it.

By the way... the "famous" person. Russell Simmons. :-)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

6W6P workout 1 & 2

Like I said, I managed to find the DVD yesterday, and I did level one of the workout last night. I will be doing it again tonight. I will probably go with the plan as recommended by Jillian, meaning - 3 weeks on level one, then 3 weeks on level 2. I have not been doing too too much core work lately, so I might not be as strong as some folks.

I am however, doing the more advanced version of level one! Using weights, etc. It was tough, but it will definitely be "do-able". The group has us doing it 5 days per week! That is a LOT of ab work. But I have committed myself to this challenge, and so I am hoping that I can make it happen! I have one down this week, and 4 to go. Plus 5 weeks to go after that.

And now, a work update.

For anyone who doesn't know, I am an accountant. I work for a small company in Cincinnati. However, this small company happens to be owned by someone pretty famous. And this famous person is in Cincinnati and in the office today. That in and of itself feels just CRAZY! I mean, I have been working here for about 9 months now and this is the first time that I have met him. It was almost a little bit of star shock. But it was super cool.

Granted, I am not the coolest kid on the block. I never have been. So I introduced myself "hi I'm Emily." He shook my hand and said hi then immediately started talking to others about ski slopes? What?!!? Oh well. I guess I am still not the coolest kid. I suppose I will survive. But since he was in the office, we did take an office field trip over to our new space across the parking lot. We'll be moving in there in July. We are all really excited because we are super crammed into our current space and this new office is like 4 times bigger! We need the space for sure.

When I got home from work, I did 6w6p workout number 2! I struggled. I sweat. And it was AWESOME. I am actually kind of excited for round 3 tomorrow. I might get my 5 in this week after all! I was kind of nervous since I didn't actually start it until Tuesday, but I guess I just go Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri, and Sat and I have hit it all. Then pictures on Sunday.

Before that though, you'll have my full body one month progress pics. I am going to send those to Joe on Friday morning. So once I get them taken I will post a blog with some comparison shots. Eeeiii! I am super nervous about this. But I have been really good. I have only been doing 1 cheat per week in general, so I have been all over it. So hopefully I have HUGE results. I am praying for it.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ab Challenge, check in, yesterday!

I am super excited about the ab challenge on spark people. I am definitely in to that! I like having folks to be accountable to for different things, and I don't have too much core work in my plan as of right now. So this will give me a chunk of it, I think! Plus I am working with a great group of ladies on Spark to really hammer home this challenge, and you gotta have great people. That's what makes things good!

J tried to download the Jillian DVD for me last night to no avail. Just not enough people seeding it. So he said, "oh, maybe next week." but next week doesn't cut it when I need to do it five times this week, per the challenge. So I am going to run out to target and see if I can find it today. At Wal-mart last night they had every Jillian DVD (including her newest!) except this one. Boo. So hopefully I have been success at Target.

J has requested some 5 hour energy for his trip that starts at 4 am tomorrow. So I went out after my lunchtime cardio and picked that up for him, along with a few things that I had coupons for (almonds, body wash, fiber one cereal -nom nom!) and also found the DVD I needed! So hooray.

Hopefully I will be doing it for the first time tonight! I am supposed to be doing it 5 times per week to keep up with my challenge, so we'll see how I can manage to fit it all in! I am lookingforward to trying it out. The only Jillian DVD I have done is the Shred, but I do love her as a trainer and stuff (plus, I love her body - who wouldn't?) so I had always planned on getting some of her other DVDs. I am curious how it will be and how tough and stuff. The Shred was not really enough of a challenge, I don't think. So we'll see how it is when it is simply core work, like this one is.

I don't have any ideas on what I am going to cook for dinner yet. Boo... Okay, I guess I will go do some research on some recipes and see what I come up with now!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sports Bra Challenge

I am doing a 6 week challenge on the Spark. Our team is "Sports Bra Sparkies". We're doing Jillian Michael's 6-Week 6 Pack 5 times per week and taking pictures. I am hopefully going to find the DVD tomorrow. Please please please!

Here are my starting photos of this challenge.

Emily abs from the front

Emily abs from the side. I am super excited about it.

Hopefully doing this challenge with my team will get me some awesome results. I at least have really high hopes for it!

Monday morning - a good day for a fresh start. I blew the diet yesterday. I did not even send my log to Joe. I feel guilty as hell, but I am trying super hard not to let it get in the way of my progress. Everyone screws up sometimes, right? Right? Ugh. I am so frustrated with myself about it though.

Today I ate a healthy breakfast and took all of my supplements. I did all of my lifting and tried to lift heavy even though my delts are a little crunchy. My knee was also super crunchy. I ran for 45 minutes at lunchtime and found out the knee was crunchy then. But I got through the run. I think I will ice tonight and hope for the best. The last thing that I need to deal with right now is an injury. Especially because it is progross picture week with Joe, and I cheated so badly yesterday. I went over calories and pretty well over fat too. :-( Boo to Emily.

J is out of town for a good chunk of the week and weekend. Hopefully that will allow to me REALLY stick to the plan and not cheat at all this weekend because I won't have pressure from him to cheat on my diet at all, and if I get one week completely cheat free, it will start to get easier to go with no cheats. At least, that is my hope!

Plus I get time with Leah this weekend, and she always eats well so I think that will help too!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I have had a pretty good day today. I have had my meals pretty good and stuff, so I am pleased. Even though it is a Saturday I have done well! I always like to have successful weekends. It is tough for me on the weekend because it is usually when we go out to eat dinner or other meals. Today we did not do that. Today we cooked dinner because we made our monthly (well, slightly less often than that, I guess) trip to Sam's Club. We bought a bunch of ground beef, and I mixed it up with some spices and seasonings, in order to make really tasty burgers. So we had burgers and sweet potato fries for dinner, it was fabulous.

Next week is check-in week. There will be progress pictures then. I think I will take them in the same bikini as last time, just to have some really good comparisons.

I am nervous. I don't feel smaller necessarily and I have been eating really well. So that stresses me out a little. I wish I felt and LOOKED teeny tiny. I want to really rock this whole competition thing. I really want to be a winner at something for the first time in my life. Everything that I love gets taken away from me in general! I mean, like theater. Suddenly, I am too old to be a lead or too much of friends with the director or something and that is ruined.

I am flustered with myself, I guess. I just want to be a winner. I want to be a success.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger was down this morning. That stressed me out because I wanted to WRITE! Sometimes I just want to do that, and it is stressful when the outlet is unavailable to me for whatever reason, you know?

I have been feeling pretty edgy lately. I think it is the dieting. I hate that, to be honest. I hate that I finish my lunch and I feel like I could eat another lunch. Especially if it was a lunch of solid carbs. :-) That feeling goes away pretty quickly and then I am ok, but for that 10 minutes right after I take my last bite, all I can think about is my NEXT bite. Then that passes and I get myself another gigantic cup of water and I feel better.

But let's just say that my diet and fitness are pretty much all I think about these days. Not necessarily the competition at this point, but everything involved with getting there. Mostly my meals and my muscles. Also - what I am going to wear while I am eating those meals and building that muscle. Writing that feels weird to me. I am beginning to feel like I am growing a little bit vain as I am working through this. I stand in front of the mirror and examine my abs for extended period of time. I caught myself doing that in the gym today. I was changing from my workout stuff back into my work clothes and caught myself running my hands over my stomach while watching myself in the mirror. Wow Em, that is pretty vain of you.

Leah B and I are taking a trip up to the outlets next weekend while J is out of town. I am already scouring Nike and Under Armour trying to think about what different things I might need or want when we are up there that I should look for. On my list - regular sneakers for everyday wear, sports bras, booty shorts for heavy leg days, a gym bag, moisture wicking tops, holy hell there are a lot of things that I would allow myself to purchase if the price is right. I just LIVE in my workout clothes lately. And I think I would even MORE if I had more of them that didn't look like crap.

I think it is important to have great clothes for working out in. It's motivating in itself. At least, I think so. Plus, I am REALLY leaning out (its getting noticable now) and everything is starting to be a little bit baggy and stuff. That makes it more difficult to watch my form in the mirror (yep - I am vain then too! But then I need to be to make sure I am doing it right!) So I need to be able to see myself - all of myself in the mirror.

Today was one of those days where I wished I had someone working out with me. Not just to spot me either, although that would certainly help. I just had kind of a lonely day. I know that whenever I had worked out with Katie in the past I get tired of dicking around at the gym, because she gets chatty sometimes, but today was kind of an exception. I want to be able to share all that I am learning with someone, show off my strength a little, and have a spotter, plus some company. I do get lonely sometimes after all....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The desire to be something greater has been affecting me fairly often lately. Not sure where it is coming from, at least not completely. I think it does come a little bit from the fact that I have always been pretty good at a lot of things, and really good at nothing. And so I really want to figure out what that "really good" thing is going to be for me.

I think that is why I am testing myself with the diet and the workouts. So i can try and see if maybe that is something that I can be really good at. I certainly have not found it yet with the diet. I hate dieting is the concensus so far. I know I probably should not be calling it a "diet" but I am still in the mindset that this is not permanant. I guess it should be. I should eat like this and just have a cheat meal out or whatever once per week. That should truly be my attitude about it going forward. And as I become a better cook, which I am really trying for, I think that will be easier.

Whenever I try and modify a recipe that is normally something that J would like to eat, that is when I feel the most satisfied after a meal. So I guess I need to keep doing that. They always seem to turn out pretty yummy. And maybe I should also really examine that Cooking Light magazine that I subscribe to and make more of the recipes out of there.

Trouble is, so often those recipes can be focussed around shellfish. They are good for you. Low in calories and fat, blah blah blah. And of course, they are off limits for emily. I cannot be eating the shellfish. Allergies. So I have to dig for the non-shellfish recipes.

I wish that magazine was NOTHING BUT recipes. That would make me a very happy girl.

Okay, I am tired. Going to end this here and head up to bed. I am going to dream of desire and drive tonight. One day soon it is going to hit me that this is working and that I AM great at something. At least, I am feeling really hopeful that it happens and happens soon!

A Tuesday in the Office

None of the "bosses" are in today. None of them. Between New York and San Francisco, they are all gone. It should hopefully make it a rather quiet day. I am hoping so, at least. I am hoping to use the day to figure out GP. It is our new account software and we do have a live company at this point. So I am going to try and figure out some things in there in order to be able to more easily do work when it is busy.

I have been a little bit bored lately. All over. With my boring food, my workouts, all of it. Luckily working from home yesterday was the tiniest change of pace that makes today feel a little bit better. I also did my cardio at home yesterday. We have a treadmill and it was a run day, so I figured why waste the gas to drive back to the gym!?

I will tell you why. The gym has fans and AC on and my house does not yet. Holy moly it got so hot in there. I was absolutely dripping in sweat and completely stunk by the time I was done with my run yesterday. I suppose the trick is opening a window (way to go, Emily, that was dumb). And getting some air to flow around the room. That should help with the smell if nothing else!

I went and hit up the elliptical at lunch. Kept my heart rate around 155 for 45 minutes and went 5.6 miles. Not the furthest I have ever gone in that amount of time, but a pretty good distance. Pleasing I suppose. Tomorrow is might "light" day where I only have my HIIT cardio. I am hoping to do sprints tomorrow rather than doing it on the bike like I have been. I might just run a straight down the street. Sprint for 10 seconds, then spend 30 seconds walking back to the start. Repeat many many times. :-)

HIIT day is the most difficult for me. It is tough because it is the only workout that I have scheduled on that day. I always feel like I am not doing enough if I am just doing like a half hour of cardio. Is that weird? I suppose for me it is expected since my normal gym times are 45 minutes of intense cardio and 45-60 mins of strength training. But I am not the coach, I am not the workout planner and so as difficult as it may be for me, I am really working hard to stick to the plan.

The food is the most difficult part, by far. Last night I actually cooked a meal, from a recipe that I found in a magazine. I was proud of it, but still had the itch for a snack for the rest of the evening, despite the fact that I had a full days worth of calories. It was almost like I was bored of it and it was making me hungry. I didn't eat anything, but it was that weird feeling. I guess it is good that J and I have adjusted to going to bed early every night. That makes it much easier for me not to snack after dinner. And for him too, since he has been making an effort to eat good foods.

Not sure whats on the meal plan for the evening. I guess I have to eat my snack first. Pretty sure we're going pork though, as I took a few chops out of the freezer before I left home this morning.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday morning. The beginning of a new week. My pot of coffee is brewing in the kitchen, I ate my breakfast (oh fiber one honey clusters, I love you so!), and I took all my morning supplements. Before that, I was at the gym for upper body working. It is the beginning of the third week on the plan that Joe gave me. I tried something new today, by using my heaviest weights for the first set or two rather than working up to them for the last set or two. It was different than usually. I will let you know tomorrow how it turns out, depending if I can lift up my arms or not!

I am working from home today because the waterproofing guys are finally here to work on our basement water issues. We're excited to finally have it done. Especially Jason. It is going to cost us quite a lot, but it hopefully will be totally worth it. I mean, it will give us a lifetime warranty on the work that they do, so that is awesome. It is LOUD here though with all of the big tools going on and stuff.

I would love to be able to eat clean all week this week. I want to spend time doing some research and stuff to learn about what that really means. What foods are good and ok, how to prepare them in the best possible ways, etc. I am not sure how baking will go, because I am not sure how much flour and stuff can actually be used with clean eating. But I guess if I do research, I can figure it out.

I told J that I wanted a lot of those books for my birthday. I told him I wanted those along with other healthy eating cookbooks. I really should just be spending time sometimes cooking new recipes to try them out, give J and I some variety to our healthy eating meal plans, AND be able to tell people that I do know how to cook after all. It is tough to eat the same things all the time. And that is kind of what we have been doing. So I am going to work hard to add new things to my repetoire.

In fact, I think that I am going to try a new recipe tonight. I was flipping through cooking light last night and J caught site of a picture and said oo that looks good. And I think that is what I will try today. It is another chicken recipe, and there was a little bit of butter involved and a little bit of flour involved, but I think the calorie count was around 200. Thats not bad for a main dish. So I guess I will give something a whirl!

Right now, there are a bunch of waterproofing guys out in my lawn. They are trying to make my basement better. I hope they are done soon because I want to get on with the day here at home (I decided to work from home today) and then I can just write and hang with Teek and go to the gym. Today I have a run on the calendar. I have another 45 minutes at 5.9 mph. I am getting much closer to really hammering out some time and distance! I guess it is getting closer to being able to run longer distances at better times. I am working really hard to get there on this plan.

I am working from home today since the basement folks are here. I have not even planned out my lunch yet. But I guess it does not really matter too much. The problem is that I am used to going to the gym at 11:30. And I will be thrown off my game a little bit if timing gets thrown off. I hate when things change. Because I just like everything to be exactly in its place all the time. But I guess I have to adjust if I need to. I suppose if worse comes to worse I will just go run on my treadmill upstairs. That is why we have it, right? I don't use it too often and maybe I should use it a little bit more often. I mean, I paid for half of the damn thing as a Valentine's gift to my love.

Ok, I am going to wrap up this entry I think. Time to get a few work type things done, and then maybe a few wedding type things!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A few days, rolled into one...

So I have been taking pictures over the last few days, and kind of trying to prepare to write this blog in a way that might make me proud of it. I read other people's and the ones that I love the most are the ones that always are full of pictures. Definitely. So I am trying to be better about taking my camera with me places to be able to have one that I am proud of like that. :)

So on Friday after work, I had some plans to go to my friend Lara's house to work on music for my wedding. I was planning on having another clean/perfect night. To be honest, I think I failed. I pretty much suck. I was starting out really good. I packed some dinner and stuff, which was good. I was proud of that.

This is my dinner I cooked. It is a recipe I got from someone else. It is kind of a modified healthy buffalo dip. It is really good. But of course, Lara had brie cheese and crackers. So I definitely had a few of those. Which frustrated me to no end. I get so mad at myself when I screw up what I have planned. :-( I don't even know why I do it. I don't understand why I can't just resist. Everyone says "oh, Emily, you have iron will." That's bologna. I cave every damn time. :-(

I don't know. I get flustered with myself sometimes about it. I get mad that I am weak about these things. I really want to be able to eat clean and healthy all the time.

On Saturday, I ran a race. I ran in the first annual Butterfly 5K. There has always been a 1 mile walk, but this time, they decided to add a 5K run/walk. I ran it though. It was my May race. I actually had set myself a goal of running it in 28:30. Well, it turned out, I ran it in 27:38 and and AND I took 2nd place in my age group/gender. That was awesome. I am so so proud of myself. Who would have ever thought that I would turn out to be a runner!

Sorry. I don't know how to turn that picture sideways so it will be the right way. But there I am after I got home from running the race.

I made lunch for me and J after getting home. I just made some grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches. J had apple slices on the side of his, and I had some greek yogurt - always trying to get that extra hit of protein, I am! I took a picture of our lunches, because I liked them. They were super tasty.

Today we had mother's day at J's moms house. It is clear that they are all making an effort to fit in with my plans these days. In some ways, I love it. In other ways, it makes me feel a little guilty. Lunch over there was a salad bar. Tons of fruits and veggies plus lettuce and grilled chicken. And we did have some breadsticks too, but that was about the worst thing on the days menu!

I also had my first softball game of the summer today. We lost, and I went 1-2. But it was the first game, and that felt pretty good. :-)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday's Workout - heavy legs

Well today was the last day of my second full week of workouts on the plan. I have done this particular leg workout three times, as I got the workouts in time to do this one two Fridays ago. It was a leg day. My legs are definitely beginning to feel like jell-o a little bit. I am worn thin.

So what I did today was (not including the weights I did):
Deep squats 4x12
Romanian deadlifts 4x12
leg press 4x10
hip thrust 3x12
pendulum step overs (ugh, the QUADS) 3x10
prone hammie curl (I am a light weight on this one, its hard!) 3x10
crunches on swiss ball with cable 3x20

I did have a 4th 100% clean - hit all the macros - day yesterday. It felt really good and like I was accomplishing something pretty big! I plan to have another one today DESPITE the fact that I will be hanging out with the ladies tonight and possibly drinking a single glass of wine. But seriously, there will be only one for sure if there is ANY!

I have all of my food planned now for the rest of the day. It does NOT include a glass of wine, and to be honest, I am ok with that. I decided that instead of wine, I was going to have some cheese it crackers. And honestly, it was SUPER worth it, I think. They tasted so good! I really do like eating like this for the most part. I feel really good overall. And I am DEFINITELY getting stronger. I can tell.

Less than 2 weeks until progress pictures taking time! I am excited. That will mean it has been a full month of working with Joe. After that, we're going to do pictures and reassess every two weeks instead of every month. I am looking forward to hearing what changes he sees, as well as looking at them side by side myself and seeing what I can see as far as changes go!

Also, I bought gifts today for my sister, Leah, and Katie. Kind of their "thanks for being in my wedding" stuff. I am really excited for them. I got myself the same stuff too, because I liked what I picked out so much. Here's a hint... Bright colors are involved and I ordered things from two different places today! I would post a picture, but I can't because I am going to give this link to Leah soon, and I don't want her to know what it is (sorry Leah!)

I think I want to buy a diet/fitness journal. I saw one at Borders and it was super cute. I think I might hunt for one on bn.com (since I get free express shipping!) And then maybe also take advantage of the fact that you get swagbucks for ordering something from bn. Cause I am awesome.

Welp, work is just about over for the day, so I think that'll be it for now.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday's Update

Well I started out with a heavy duty upper body workout this morning. I hammered through the 9 exercises that Joe has provided me. Some were extra tough, and I really spent time trying to make sure that I was increasing my weights from last week. That is always a huge goal of mine. Always lift more. It gives me better results, I have learned.

I just entered them into the google docs that I have been using to track it. I definitely did more weight today than I did last week, which is awesome. I am working really hard to all-star it up. :-)

I went to the gym again at lunch. I had cardio scheduled. I ran for 45 minutes at 5.9 mph. I was rather pleased. I am really started to get into the swing of the running thing, which definitely makes me super happy. I am not sure that I will ever ben a "runner" per se, but I am thinking it is a pretty good cardio workout to have!

Today was a typical "on-plan" day. My 4th one in a row where I am striving for "perfect" on the diet. Perfect basically means (to me) hitting my protein and carb macros and being super close on fats, but NOT having any supplementary stuff (ie: protein powders or bars).

Breakfast was actually my current "fave". I had for oz of turkey breast meat, 1 cup of fiber one honey clusters cereal (om nom nom), and 3 strawberries (well, 2 but one was hugmongous!). It really tasted delicious.

I have not yet figured out my dinner because I realized I need like 40 grams of carbs + 40 grams of protein. That's kind of outrageous. I should be able to get the carbs done relatively easily. Its the protein that seems completely outrageous, especially considering how much protein I feel like I have eaten already!

I did dinner now. I had egg whites, ANOTHER leftover taco, and some ham and cheese on my eggs. My macros ended up PERFECT for the day. I really hope that this works out for me. I hope that Joe can see mega-differences in my body when we take pictures in two weeks. I also hope that I can have a cheat on Saturday and not feel guilty about it at all. Last weekend was pretty much rough and so I really want to be able to fix the things that have gone wrong and more than make up for them! I just really want to be looking good and in good shape for my wedding and everything else that I have going on.

I don't know. I am really not seeing too much going on in my body just yet. That stresses me out. I completely understand that I am certainly my own worst critic. Most people are that for themselves, and I am no exception, but dammit. I am flustered about it.

I wonder if the fact I do squats on a Smith machine makes a difference. But with no spot? Ugh. I feel like I have to! Does that make sense?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Updating life to MOVE ON

And I find myself back here at blogger. There are a ton of blogs that sit on my feed here that I get behind on since I have not been on here too much too often anymore. It gets cold, I guess. I need to refocus my energies on getting this thing up and running/off the ground so I can put all of my attention and effort here in order to balance out all of the blogging etc that I have been doing all over the internet! I am going to try and add a lot of content here in hopes that I will be drawn to this place and drawn to its upkeep. Fingers crossed that it works out for me and that I am able to get it all done here!

I just wrote up a FULL about me page, including pictures which is not something super normal for me to do. I have very few pictures on any of the blogs that I have been trying to keep up with over all this time. Maybe (eeii!) I will even get better about taking my camera with me when I go places. The blogs that I like to read and review all have pictures of meals, pictures of workouts, friends, progress, places, whatever. So maybe people will be interested in following me if I include pictures and stuff of whatever I have going on. Heck, maybe I will just start taking pictures of my foods and stuff. Especially since I am working hard to learn to cook - and not just that - but learn how to cook only healthy foods, I should take pictures of my accomplishments.

I wonder if people would think I was weird when I take pictures of my food at work and at restaurants too. I know that other people do it though, so I guess it is not SO weird.

I also have hired a coach. That is mostly for catch up purposes as all of my OTHER blogs have updates about that. I am working out for the wedding and for my competition which is scheduled for November 5, 2011. This will give me about 7 weeks post-wedding to really hammer it out and get things going on well so I can really straighten things up with my workouts and diet and be in the best shape for this competition. I have a friend who has been extremely inspirational to me while I have come to this decision, and I give her a lot of credit for helping me get the guts to do this. I have not signed up as of yet, but that is ONLY because registration is not available yet. Although I guess I should apply for NPC membership. That way if there are any comps going on before mine, I bet I will get a discounted admission!

Honestly, I am a little obsessed. It is kind of all that I think about, to be honest. Eating well, working out, competing, looking hot, running, equipment, spreadsheets, whatever. It is where my head is about 99% of the time. I usually manage to concentrate at work for short spurts, enough to do what I need to get done, and then it is back to tracking, reading blogs, facebooking with other people, etc. It is really where my heart is right now.

In the above theme, I had a very early in the day planned dinner, and now I am full and hopefully will be through the night and morning. I had 4 oz of ground turkey (extra lean) on a whole wheat tortilla with one half oz of cheddar cheese (2%), it was super yummy! And then I had a delicious snack!

That's is 5 strawberries cut up with a half packet of truvia on them along with 4 fish oil pills. Yum yum! Lol. The fish oil, maybe not so much, but I have to take so many pills per day and so I do. The strawberries really were delicious though. And the truvia I just bought yesterday. It is going to be something that I wanted to do on my plan as a new way of sweetening things that was in a "better" way than sugar or whatever.

I have a race on Saturday morning that I am looking forward to running. Just a little 5 K, but I paid close attention to my time at the last one, and I am really hoping to beat it at this one. Especially because I have been running pretty regularly. Twice a week these days! :) So I am going to be using that chip to really track what I am doing this time around.

Ok, I am headed out for now and I am going to work on my blog and making it beautiful now. Themes and pages are on the list for the evening!