Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NoJoMo–Day 30

Today is the FINAL day of the thankful challenge, and it is also the final day of NoJoMo.  And so in the spirit of those two things, that is what I am thankful for today.  I am thankful for my success in completely BOTH of these challenges, especially NoJoMo, which has eluded me all of the years I have known about it.  Maybe I have more dedication now than I used to?

Last night J text me and told me he wanted “chicken nuggets” for dinner.  Now, that does NOT sound so healthy to me, so I decided to attempt to modify it slightly to try and up the “health” factor.  So I defrosted one chicken breast (we bought a 10 lb bag from Sam’s Club and each piece is just gigantic!) and butterflied it.  Well, I am not certain that “butterflied” is the correct word since I cut all the way through.  But I cut it through the middle so it was two thinner, flatter pieces (does that make sense?) and then I dredged each of them in some whole wheat breadcrumbs.  I used less than a quarter cup for BOTH pieces.  Then I chopped up sweet potatoes and added them both to a cookie sheet and roasted.


Turned out pretty delicious to be honest.  No butter or oil added!  There was also a spinach salad on the side, but all of my salads pretty much look the same. They pretty much just look like a bunch of spinach on a plate.  With a smidge of dressing.

Yesterday was a leg day.  I took a lesson from my session with the trainer and did mostly emily-style moves, with some weighted Step-ups as well.  I have not included step ups in a workout for a pretty long time, but decided that they would probably get my heart rate up a bit, and that certainly would not hurt!  And today I am remembering why steps ups are great.  I have sore quads (never ever happens) as well as sore hammies and inner thighs!  I would consider yesterday’s leg workout to be a success!

This morning I did not run, I just decided to do the elliptical instead.  I have kind of taken the 3-days per week running through the end of the year, and then once January hits, I will be on 4 days, full time!  Oh marathon, you will probably kill me, but I cannot wait!

Yesterday I was talking to Jes, who I ran the turkey trot with and who also I am doing the Pig with.  And she told me that she and some of her other running buddies from the Columbus Marathon are thinking triathlon this summer.  I am not against that by any means.  Yes, I will need to purchase a bicycle, but they are seeing a guy in Dayton about some refurbed bikes, so maybe we can get away with less expense?  But not only are they talking Triathlon, they are talking half ironman in Muncie, IN in less than 2 months AFTER the Pig.  Are they crazy?  Yep.  Am I going to join them?  There is a possibility of it.  Like Jes said yesterday, that’s where the crazy comes in.  She and I and the menfolk in our lives are having dinner next Tuesday.  I guess we’ll chat more about it then. 



Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NoJoMo - Day 29

This morning, on the second to last day of the thankful challenge, I am thankful for the gym. And this has even BIGGER meaning than my normal workouts, because J is joining the gym that I go to, YAY!!! Today at lunchtime I am going over there to get my lifting workout in AND to sign him up for the gym! I cannot wait for him to start going again. That is something that is so important for me to share with him.

This picture here is the dog's "cup". It's what I use to scoop dog food for those two bozos that live in my house. Apparently yesterday Teek got to it (I know to blame her as Zeus still is in his crate all day while I am gone!) And now it is completely broken (and it does not scoop very well, I tried it). So I guess I need to find something else to scoop dogfood with, this morning I used my hands. To be honest, dog food is kinda crumbly and stuff, so I definitely need to get a cup for it.

I just have no clue how Teek does it. That dog (who is tiny, by the way) manages to get things that are on the counter. And not just sitting on the edge of the counter, but sitting somewhere in the middle of the thing. Especially if it is something she wants to eat. In the last 3 weeks it has been two oatmeal cookies and half a loaf of bread that I bought especially to go with the lasagna that I made for J and I on Sunday night! She makes me nuts.

Since I am working on adjusting a few of my 101 things in 1001 days goals based on the fact that I am no longer competing, today's plan was to work toward a NEW goal. I want to run a sub 25 5K. I am sure that is something that is easy-peasy for a lot of people out there. But it is NOT for me, so I am starting to integrate some speedwork into my workouts.

Both of the above pictures are from my treadmill workout this morning, which included some speedwork. In order to get the sub-25, I want to be comfortable with 8 minute miles. Yes, I could technically go a little slower, but if I get good there, then i will be much easier! The first picture is starting into my cooldown and the bottom is the end of the workout. So I did 5x400 at an 8 minute mile pace. In between I ran for .5 miles at a 6.0 pace. The warm up (5 minutes) and cool down (5 minutes) were walked. I ran 3.75 miles of that total! I am pleased, even though the 8 minute miles were tough! It will get better. I am sure of it.

I have to find another goal or two to swap out some OTHER 101 goals with non-competition goals, but this sub-25 is a good start!

Today has been a pretty stressful day. Work is hectic and complicated. Found out my first set of friends to get maried (6 years this past July) are also going to be the first divorced, and I am feeling sad about it. REALLY sad.

This mornings breakfast was a smoothie in a bowl. berries, casein protein powder (makes it much thicker, hence the need for the bowl!) and a boatload of spinach. Yum!

Quick comment... I need to be more open minded. I know a lot about working out, but there are OTHER ways of doing things other than the lifting slow and heavy approach that I take. I worked out with a trainer yesterday at my new gym. You apparently get one session when you join, so I took full advantage. This girl kicked my butt! I was super pleased. I will definitely be incorporating some of what she taught me into my regulary workouts, maybe once per week. So that was super exciting and fun!

Monday, November 28, 2011

NoJoMo–Day 28

Today, on day 28 of my thankful challenge, I am thankful for the long weekend that we just had.  It was great to have 4 full days off where I did not have to worry about work and stuff.  I REALLY enjoyed them.  We did pretty much nothing special or unusual, but I managed to keep up with my NoJoMo and thankful challenges.  I cooked a new dessert that I got from a healthy cooking magazine.  It was not perfect in any way, but it was certainly better than a lot of desserts that are typically served on Thanksgiving.  And it was successful!  I made twice baked sweet potatoes as well.  Its interesting.  I eat them ALL THE TIME.  And I was not a huge fan.  I think I just like them plain and simple and these had kind of a lot going on.  I will make something different next time, I think.

This morning I was up early (4:30 am) and off to the gym.  This was 20 minutes earlier than normal.  BUT I joined a new gym last Wednesday, and this one opens 15 minutes earlier.  I gave myself that extra 5 minutes for a slightly longer drive to the new gym.  It’s about a mile further from my house than the old one.  But it is the same gym that my friends belong to, and NO ONE belonged to my old gym, so I joined this one.  I did belong here before J and I bought our house, so I guess I rejoined my old gym.  But it has a much younger atmosphere, and the classes they offer fit what I would use much more.  I am planning on getting back to spinning when I am not running.  It’ll be a good cross-training option.

Here is a little picture of Leah & I at Starbucks before we ran 6 miles.


Bryan (our friend who took the picture) said he didn’t know that he was supposed to be wearing a red top.  All three of us were in black tights though.  You can’t really see it in this picture, but Leah is wearing a headband that is made for Turkey Trots!  It has a turkey on it and it says “gooble gooble” all around.  So cute.  I want one for next year!

So J and I came up with the best idea for Grandma Kate’s (my grandma) Christmas present.  Actually, I cannot take credit for it. it was J’s idea.  Grandma LOVES puzzles.  So he suggested we do one of those picture puzzles where you get one of your own pictures turned into a puzzle.  With the help of my Aunt Heidi (who lives in Japan) we got the best picture:

That is my Grandmother, grandfather and all of their kids.  10 of them.  My mom is the one on the end in the plaid dress.  I think we have the same bone structure in our faces (plus the same ridiculously thick hair!) I think it is going to be a really awesome gift, don’t you?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

NoJoMo–Day 27

Today I am thankful for determination.  Meaning, it was kinda cold and rainy out today, but I wanted to run.  I knew that I was going to have to get out and do it.  There are definitely going to be times during marathon training where I have no interest in getting out and running.  It will be cold, snowy, and potentially even icy.  And I am going to have to get out there and run.  And today, I did.  I got out there and I ran.  I ran more than 6 miles.  I have some work to do as far as increasing my mileage, and I want to do one 9 miler before training officially starts, but today felt good.

And I am quite proud of myself for getting it done!

Last night we went to go see J’s dad.  It was his birthday, so we just went over there for a few hours.  There was not a whole lot going on there, just Forrest Gump on TV, and some family members hanging out and watching the movie, chatting.  It was pretty good this time, which is good because sometimes we struggle spending a lot of time with them.  I know it might be wrong of us to say, but they both smoke, and so sometimes being over there is tough in and of itself.

I am making lasagna for J and I for dinner together tonight.  It is our three month wedding anniversary, so a nice home cooked meal plus some champagne will go well for a small celebration.  1/4 of a year down, the rest of our lives to go!  Lol!  We did have a nice loaf of french bread to go with it, but Teek ate half of it.  Some how my tiny little 8 lbs dog managed to get up to the kitchen counter to get the loaf down and eat it!  WTF?  And to be honest, I do not want to go back to the store to get another one, so I might just make some biscuits.  Maybe I will sprinkle them with a little garlic or parmesan to try and make them seem to go  with the lasagna a little bit more? 

Wish me luck, I am off to cook!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

NoJoMo - Day 26

Today I am thankful for football. Sure wish the Bucks won though!

Friday, November 25, 2011

NoJoMo - Day 25

Today I am thankful for my friend Katie. J and I went over to her house to visit for a little while this afternoon. We brought presents over for their baby (Caden) and they gave us our wedding card that has been sitting for 3 months at their house!

J and I also did some shopping together this morning. We went at 5, so most places were calmed down. We went to JcPenney and finished some Christmas shopping. I bought J a video game (which I will be wrapping at Best Buy. We also went to golf galaxy and target. I got our matching christmas pjs at target!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

NoJoMo–Day 24

Today is thanksgiving here in the US.  And I am thankful for running.  I ran the Thanksgiving Day Race (the 102nd!) this morning.  Our Turkey Trot is a 10K and that was going to be my PDR (post-injury).

I ran into my friend Jess at the starting line.  And we decided we were going to run together.  Jess is the woman that I am planning on running the Flying Pig with in 5 months.  So we both had similar goals.  This was her first race since the Columbus marathon.  She has tendonitis in her knees really bad.  The one knee actually gave out on her at mile 20 of the marathon, and she fell, several times, and pretty much had to hobble that last 10K. 

So we both just wanted to run this race.  The whole thing.  We figured, based on our recent lack of distance running that 10 minute miles were reasonable.  So we started off.  There was 15,000 people participating in this race.  It took us 11 minutes to cross the starting line from where we were!  That was kind of crazy!  But once we were across the line, we started running.  And we were doing well, sticking to our 10 minute mile goal. 

We ran the first 5 miles in about 50 minutes.  After that, Jess’s knee started to go.  We didn’t slow down though and just kept going for our ten minute mile hope.  At mile 6 the knee just went.  She started to fall and I held out my arm.  She grabbed on and we kept going.  We were moving a little slower, but we kept going and she kept hobbling.  We crossed the finish line arm in arm in just over an hour!  We were really happy.  I don’t have our finishing picture yet (I am going to go look for it!) but here we are after Jess got the ability to walk back:


I did this, and now I am ready for marathon training.  I am excited to get this show on the road!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

NoJoMo - Day 23

Today on my 23rd day of my Thankful challenge, I am thankful for last night.  Being at the theater made me miss it.  And even though I have gone to MANY other shows (J and I have our season tickets), this was the first time I felt sad that I have not been participating as much.  I am slightly more inspired now to audition for a show, which I have not done in more than a year (and I haven't been in one for more than 2!)  Wicked was very good, as you would expect.  So maybe I will be auditioning for the MCP summer show, "Damn Yankees".  J is even considering it.  He wants to sing "Wonderful" from Wicked at his audition.  Lol. 

Quickly, I am going to give you a little photo tour of my walk to the restaurant upon arriving downtown to go to the theater last night.  I parked at the Fountain Square Garage, and after exiting, I am greeting with this:
The fountain that Fountain Square is named for.  Iconic Cincinnati.  Its not turned on now, they turn it off in the winter, but once my dad and I were present for Fountain Day (when they turn it back on).  We even got our picture taken for one of the local free papers when we were there.

Since it is "winter" now, (and an amazing 60 degrees yesterday!) they have the square ice skating rink up.  One of my 101 items is to go skating there.  I am hoping that this winter it happens. 

That is one end of the rink with the little "warming house" and place that you can rent skates at.  There were some little puddles on the rink last night, however, I guess that is to be expected with how warm it was! 

Did you know that the World Choir Games are taking place in Cincinnati next fall?  Here's how long we have until they happen:

225 days.  I guess now it probably says 224 days?  Being a choir kid, this makes me kind of excited, even though I know that makes me super nerdy. :-)

 Oh and, yes, we have been a state (Ohio) next to Pennsylvania for a long time, however something from PA recently made an entrance to Ohio.

Oh yes.  We now have Yuengling here.  Jason used to love this stuff and seek it.  He had people who lived in other states bring it when they came to visit, we stopped at a gas station in TN on our way to NOLA 2 years ago to get some, etc.  And now, is available here.  He ordered one at BW3 a few weeks back (the first time it was available that he was out) and after one was pretty much over it and back to Miller Lite.  I was pretty sure that is how it would be, that it would not matter so much anymore once he could get it!

I had my doctors appointment yesterday.  He gave me a suggestion about my feet based on the numbness I was describing.  He showed me where my veins run through my feet, and then he lined up my shoes with those veins.  Basically, I tie my shoes too tightly.  That is ok, he just suggested I skip one of the holes for my laces to give that part of my foot more room.  Its right above my arch, which is being held up by my new orthotics, so it is closer to the top of my shoe now than it used to be.  Does that make sense?

So I am looking at resetting a few of my 101 Things in 1001 days goals. I have a lot of competition related stuff on there, and well, that's out now, so I kind of need to resort that.  I honestly have not yet figured out what to add to that list instead.  Its weird, and I am feeling a little lost on it.

I was looking at Jamie Eason's trainer on and honestly, I am already lifting in a VERY similar manner.  So I guess I would have to clean up my diet to get those results.  Because my workouts would not really change.  So I don't think that's going to be one of my new goals.  Bummer.  I am really kind of fresh out of what my goals should be.  Maybe I will explore some of the popular ones on the website to see if I can find some non-competition replacements. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NoJoMo - Day 22

On day 22 of my November Thanksgiving/thankful challenge, I am thankful for the gym.  I really enjoy the time that I spend there, working on ME every morning.  It makes me feel good, strong and confident!  And that cannot be a bad thing!

Tonight J and I have plans and tickets to go to the theater!  We have tickets to Wicked.  It is part of our season at the Aranoff.  This is only the second show (of 6) and that kind of seems hard to believe since it is already November!  We are meeting Chuck and Sara for dinner at Nada beforehand.  We have had dinner there the four of us one other time, and it was awesome, so I think that is why it was selected for a second trip.  Apparently J and I are buying dinner, at least that is what I heard him tell Chuck the other night, as a "congrats, you're pregnant" dinner.  Nada is like "fancy Mexican" - if there is something like that.  I like to get the chicken tacos.  They have chicken, guac, black bean puree and all kinds of yumminess.  My goal is to go light on the chips and salsa.

I did week 5, day one of my push up challenge yesterday.  I am getting so close!  I cannot wait to say that I did 100 push ups nonstop.  And that day will be here soon.  My goal is to get there before Christmas.  Yesterdays sets were as follows:
Set 1 - 28
Set 2 - 35
Set 3 - 25
Set 4 - 22
Set 5 - 36
I felt pretty good about them.  The more that I start doing, the more difficult it is getting, but I always finish.  I figure that is a huge plus, right?

Today at 3 pm I am back to my podiatrist.  Apparently I am never going to escape him.  I will continue to see him ever two weeks forever.  (Ok, probably not, but right now it feels like it!)  I am going to have to tell him about my numb toes thing.  With my new orthotics, my feet/toes have not hurt at all, even while running, and even when I wore them all day in Las Vegas when I was only supposed to wear them for 4 hours (whoops!).  But when I run, sometimes I stop feeling my toes.  Does that sound weird?  I mean, it is probably because they don't really touch my shoe on the bottom anymore, they are kind of lifted up to prevent too much impact from hitting my toes and causing another fracture, but its still weird, and I will feel better after I talk to him about it.

Turns out, I love Fresca.
Anyone else on this bandwagon with me?  Yum.  Not all the time, since I have done such a good job of kicking my diet coke habit, but nothing wrong with occasionally drinking this, right?

Monday, November 21, 2011

NoJoMo - Day 21

Today, on Day 20 of my Thankful Challenge, I am thankful for my husband who seems to love me unconditionally, quirks and all.  I know that is what being married is all about, but I am still so thankful for it.  I really did feel like crying when my Mom left yesterday, and so I was glad to have him there for me.  It definitely used to be MUCH worse when I was living by myself and my mom left me! 

This weekend I ran in the Girls on the Run 5k.  I was a running buddy for a little girl named Maggie.  We did really well, and she only wanted to stop to walk once, and not for very long.  We wound up finishing right around 30 minutes, so I was very pleased with us BOTH!

Here are some pictures from the crowds at the race.


There were tons of people there, as evidenced from the above photos!  I had a good time, and I will probably run again in the spring.  I loved how it was such a family event.  There were moms dads and siblings all running to support the girls, plus a TON of people to cheer everyone on!

Yesterday after my mom left, I wanted to accomplish one more thing in my house that was related to decorating for Christmas, so I got the tree in the basement set up.  This is J's tree.  He wanted it to be an Ohio State Buckeyes tree so we have been collecting OSU ornaments, as well as some general red and gray ones.  Everytime my mom comes over she has more ornaments for J and his tree.  I am really pleased with how it turned out. I know that picture is not the most perfect picture, but it does give you an IDEA of how the tree looks!  I think J really likes it too.  I like to try and incorporate my obscene love of holiday with his ideas of things that he likes.  So, OSU Christmas tree.  Not the main one, but where he spends the most time!
After doing those things, I had to set myself down and really focus on studying for my CPA exam.  I had the last section this morning.  It went ok, I have no idea though.  It is supposed to be the hardest section of the exam (financial) so I really have no way to predicting how I did on it at this point, but at least there was not the drama of trying to get them to let me take the exam like there was for the last section! 

Last night when I was studying, something happened that has been happening since Brit Lit in high school.  My hair ended up french braided.

Once again the picture has the gray on the side.  Grr!  But I used to come to class in the 11th grade, brit lit, and by the end of the class I would have french braided pigtails.  Almost every single day!  Lol.  I guess hard studyingdoes that to me?  So this time it was kind of a french braided headband from one ear to the other.  Not sure I would ever wear it like that outside of my home, but hey, it did not look awful! 

Have a great thanksgiving week everyone!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

NoJoMo - Day 20

Today I am thankful for spending the weekend with my mom. She's amazing and I really don't know what I would do without her.

Its days like today (days when my Mom leaves my house) that I feel really sad that I left Toledo. I know that maybe sounds dumb because of everything that I have here. My husband, house, puppies, J's mom and sister,  but that's not the same as MY mom and sister. :-(

My mom and I went to Target, Trader Joe's, out to have dinner, lots of good stuff. Im happy she was here, but I'm nervous about not being with her for Thanksgiving. First time EVER. Sad, right?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

NoJoMo - Day 19

I am thankful my Mom is here and that I ran a race this morning!

Friday, November 18, 2011

NoJoMo - Day 18

Today I am thankful for friends.  Leah in particular.  I know that I was thankful for her yesterday too, but we hung out last night, and we had a blast.  I met her at Coffee Please, which is this amazing little coffee shop in Maderia (which actually is where Katie lives!) and we both bought cups of black coffee (2 splenda for Leah, all black for me) and sat to chat for just a minute.  This was the first time I had seen her since returning from Vegas, and since she watched the pups for us, we got her a present, which you can see to the left there. Isn't that the most awesome shirt EVER?  We saw it at david and goliath in the Venetian and felt like it was the most perfect thing!  I think she loved it too!

Yesterday after finishing my entry, I headed to the gym for a little lifting.  Even though I am no longer pursuing competition, I am still working on developing my back and shoulders, so I have been incorporating a day where I train just those to things.  So here I am immediately following the workout.  Unfortunately, for whatever reason this picture is doing that weird thing again, so you can't even see whatI was trying to show you.  My arm looks PUMPED!  So I am definitely a little bit bummed that you cannot see it. 

The workout was as follows:
Week 4, Day 2, Push up Challenge (5 sets)
4x12, 7 dumbbell lateral raises
4x10, 40 shoulder press
4x10, assisted pull up (I messed with the weights a lot here)
4x10, 15 dumbbell upright row
4x10, 12 weighted bar front raise
4x10, 60 lat pulldown
By that pulldown I was HURTING.  Normally I would be able to go quite a bit heavier than 60 lbs, but I was just BEAT.  So I did what I knew I could for all the sets.

When I got back to work, I ate lunch.
Lunch yesterday was a boatload of spinach which a bunch of black forest ham on top along with a granny smith and peanut butter.  It was a different sort of lunch than I had eaten in a while, mostly because I had been on the "plan".  Now that I am not competing I am eating similar foods, but not exact.  This lunch had a bit more salt (darn lunch meat) than I have been eating, and a little less protein.  It was yummy though. 

After work it was PUPPY TIME as you can see above.  The first picture shows Teek and Zeus engaging in a  little bit of wrestlemania.  They have yet to pose together nicely for a shot.  And how long have we had them both?  Two months now, I think?  They just wrestle. 
The second shot is Zeus just BEGGING to get up on the couch.  That's my knee his paws are on.  He can probably get himself up there, but he does not seem to realize that yet.  So instead, he sticks his paws up on you and whines.  Usually, that works.  That time, it did, and I picked him up and put him on the couch where wrestlemania commenced.
Last night's dinner was simple a small side salad (unpictured) and a pseudo-grilled cheese.  This was a grilled chicken burger with american cheese on a sandwich thin, stuck on the foreman grill until the bread got toasty.  The cheese was super oozy and drippy and it was DELICIOUS.  Grilled cheese is definitely one of my all time favorite meals.  This one did not have any butter on the bread or anything, so since I accounted for the fats in the cheese when tracking yesterday, it definitely fit into my plan. 

I left to go meet Leah at around 7 for our 7:15 planned meeting.  After I gave her the shirt, we left coffee please and headed over to the Mad Potter for our painting night.  Katie was originally planning on joining us, since the three of us went together last year, but she wound up having a lot going on last night.  So it was just the two of us.  We made matching coffee mugs.  Lol.  Leah made a mug like that last year but she gave it as a Christmas gift, and it turned out so cool that we both decided we wanted one this year.  And then we both liked the same colors, so we just went with it.  I think we should give them to each other as Christmas gifts.  That would justify the money spent, since it was a gift, AND we both know that the other will like it!

Did I mention that I have the most amazing husband ever?  PS - they smell as awesome as they look!

This morning was workout three of week 4 of the pushup challenge.  My hammies are aching so I chose not to go to the gym and run, which was my original plan.  So instead I just did my pushups and I will go back at lunch to lift.  I am running a 5k tomorrow morning, so I suppose that will take care of my third day of cardio for the week!

This morning's pushups were as follows:
Set 1 - 29
Set 2 - 33
Set 3 - 29
Set 4 - 29
Set 5 - 40
Holy cow it was a tough one!

Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

NoJoMo–Day 17

Today I am thankful for my friends.  Two of them in particular.  Leah and Carol.  They have been very attentive to me the last few days as I have been feeling kind of stressed out about the whole coming-to-terms-with-not-competing thing.  I feel kind of lucky that I had a few days of vacation to be thinking about it, and it wasn’t a as-soon-as-we-got-home shock, that would have made it much more difficult to swallow.  But, I guess I lucked out as I had a few days to digest my situation before I came back to Ohio, back to the real world.

2011-11-12_19-05-02_708The MGM Grand.  This was the view of it that J and I got as we walked from Hooters over to our fancy steak dinner on Saturday night.  If you are seeing part of it greyed out, like I am as I am writing this, I am sorry.  Not sure why it is doing that, because it is adjusting to that AFTER I get the picture loaded into my writer.  Weird.  And definitely lame. 

But yes, Craftsteak was in the MGM.  There are lots of restaurants there, but this one J and I walk by every year when we are in there and talk about going in, but we always convince ourselves not to spend the money.  I decided that this year would be different.  I mean, J and I work hard and we make decent money, and this was vacation, we SHOULD be able to spend a little more on a nice dinner.


This is my brand new coffee mug.  I obviously got it at Hooters.  I kind of wanted it to be obvious and obnoxious.  That is why I selected the orange one.  :)  Its called the “honeypot” coffee mug, I am assuming for its shape.  Right now it has green tea in it.  That’s called “Em makes an effort” to cut back on coffee.  I drank one cup this morning, and then made some green tea.  The green tea that we have at the office only has half of the caffeine that coffee does.  That’s a step in the right direction, right? 

People were kind of laughing at it yesterday.  I got a few “awesomes” and one “wow, that’s a really cute mug” (then sees the hooters logo) “oh…  nevermind.”  That’s hilarious, right?

Today I emailed my coach.  Leah was a big help to that.  I blind copied her on the email.  I wanted it to sound like I was sorry, but that it is just not the right time in my life, and I need to focus on my family, etc., not that I am obedient to my husband, you know?  She was huge to that and said that it just sounded like I was very busy with class and stuff, and I need to focus on my family and being a newlywed.  I thank her for the read, because I was nervous about sending the email.  But it is done.  And so now I can take a deep breath relating to that.

I am sad.  I admit it.  I really wanted this, and I have wanted it for a long time.  But I also cannot go against what my husband wants or wants for us as a couple.  I mean, family is way too important for that.  So, I am taking a deep breath and moving forward with some other dreams and goals.  That’s what its all about, right?

Speaking of other dreams/goals:  Look what I found on the back of a magazine when I was browsing at Walgreens:

Oh yeah.  Flying Pig Marathon 2012.  There’s another goal.  I guess I won’t have to worry so much about carbs while marathon training as I was going to have to, now that I am not competing, right?  I guess I have to look on the bright side, right? 

So – Flying Pig, here I come, you better look out!

I got to work this morning.  I ran for 40 straight minutes.  That is the longest since being out of the boot.  I am proud of myself, and I cannot wait to run the Thanksgiving Day 10K next week!  I CAN do it!  I know it!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NoJoMo–Day 16

Today is Day 16 of my thankful challenge and it is also Day 16 of NoMoJo.  So that is what I am thankful for today.  I am thankful that I continued to make daily posts (no matter how short!) from my blogger app the entire time we were in Las Vegas.  So I have kept up with my NoJoMo challenge despite being internet free for 5 days (other than phone internet).

So, our vacation was AWESOME.  I had such a great time with J and my family.  Here is a quick run down of things we did on our trip:
- watch football
- gamble (video poker for me, blackjack for J)
- bet (and lose) on football
- win at video poker and therefore buy the lulu jacket that I have been wanting!
- Baconfest 2011
- UNLV Runnin’ Rebels game
- steak dinner
- lots of other delicious food
- not too much booze, at least for me
- seeing almost ALL of the casinos (not all, but a lot!)
- family time
- NO workouts (so weird!)

As I posted on Saturday, I will not be competing.  I am not sure how I feel about it yet, heck, I have not even mentioned it to my coach because I am not sure what to say or how to bring it up.  But if it really does upset J that much, that we would argue about it at a basketball game (yes, that really happened), then I won’t do it.  I mean, he is my LIFE, and this is just a hobby.  I think running is different, he has never been upset when I have left to go for a run, even a 10 miler, so I think I will be just sticking to that going forward. 

So now, I need to figure out what the balance is.  I still killed it at the gym today, as usual, but I am not sure if that is going to be my focus any more or not.  BUT I LOVE lifting. 

I am talking to my friend Carol as I write this, and she is suggesting that I work on my training certification.  That way I can keep my love of fitness open, and NOT do something that he doesn’t like.  Plus, Carol thinks I would be good at it.  She has actually lost 25 lbs since I set her up with a plan that she could do at home! So maybe motivating others is where its at for me?  I don’t know.  I need to think more.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NoJoMo - Day 15

Today I am thankful for my husband. He has taken really good care of me, and this trip in particular has been awesome. I am very happy with my vacation.

Yesterday we went to lululemon to buy my jacket with my winnings. I finally got that one that I wanted. We stopped at a burger joint for lunch which was pretty yummy. We had dinner at a kind of fancy asian place which was delicious.

Today we're headed back to Ohio. Lame.

Monday, November 14, 2011

NoJoMo - Day 14

<p>Today I am thankful for double double bonus poker. I hit yesterday for just over $200. I gave half to J. That's lame. But I think I might spend my half at lululemon today!</p>
<p>Last night was bacon night with family! It was super fun.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

NoJoMo - Day 13

Today, on day 13 of the thankful challenge, i am thankful for family. Tonight we'll be having a cookout with my Uncle Mike, Aunt Cyn, and cousins.  We do this every year when J and I are out here and it is always a great evening. However, i plan on NOT getting drunk this year.

Yesterday was another good day. We walked the strip, got a present for Leah for watching the dogs, got something for Caden and Cameron, bought chocolates from Ghiraidelli. We also went back to where we got engaged last year. We couldn't get too close though. There was a wedding there.

We had our Craftsteak dinner last night. It was delicious. We both got so full though!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

NoJoMo - day 12

Well, yesterday was a fun vacation day, mostly. So today I am thankful for going to a Runnin' Rebels game, something I never expected to do.

We had lunch at Burger Bar, which was pretty much delicious. I had a burger with avocado on it. Yum! J had grilled onions and some other stuff. We both liked it and we will go back for sure.

The game was pretty fun, and UNLV won. So that's also good, obviously. But the one thing that came out of the game? I don't think I am going to be competing. I think J is against it. I'm not 100%, but that's where things are at right now. I'll address it more when I get home.

Friday, November 11, 2011

NoMoJo - day 11

We didn't make it to vegas until after midnight last night. We definitely went right to bed. We're lame like that.  We don't have any plans for the day so far, except the UNLV game tonight with my aunt and uncle. That was a suggestion of Jason's. Maybe burger bar for lunch. We'll see!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

NoJoMo–Day 10

Today’s thankful is a given.  I am thankful that at 3:30 pm, I am leaving work, stopping at the bank to get some cash, and then picking up my husband so we can go to the airport.  And then, after we eat dinner at Outback steakhouse (our ALWAYS airport eats – I am eating a grilled chicken sandwich with steamed broccoli, no butter, I already checked it out) we will be on a plane headed to Las Vegas!

Oh how I have needed a vacation.  So Sparkies, after today and prior to Tuesday, if you want my updates, check in on my blogger.  I know I have posted the link before!

Yesterday’s lunch:
The asparagus did not even make it to my desk.  I ate it all (raw) while I was heating up my plain chicken breast and my plain brown rice.  So yeah, no color to yesterday’s lunch.  I took a picture of my dinner as well, sitting in its ziploc baggies and tupperware on my desk at school.  Unfortunately it seems as my phone hates me right now so I cannot dig it up.  Suffice to say, it was a boring meal plan meal that was completely plain.  I had 1 cup spinach dressed with 1/2 tbsp olive oil and 1/2 tbsp of balsamic vinegar, 5 oz of chicken breast, and 1/2 cup of sweet potato.  The usual. :)

So it was my very last class last night.  I am SO glad that it is over.  I am not glad that of the three parts of the exam that I have taken, I need to retake 2 of them.  And one of them, I am CERTAIN I would have passed had the circumstances been even SLIGHTLY different.  I think I wrote about the drama that surrounded my last testing due to me changing my name due to my marriage after I had registered for the exam.  So considering I almost did not get to TAKE the exam, I consider myself to be pretty pleased that I only missed by 3 pts.  I think that is the first one that I will take over, since I should not need to study like crazy mad. 

When I got home from class last night, J was just getting home from hanging out with his buddy Brian.  He had a 31 order for me from Brian’s wife’s 31 party which I attended a few weeks ago.  I bought myself a lunch bag (packing tupperware every single day for 2 meals + 2 snacks needs a bigger bag!) plus I got my sis a lunch bag and my mom a Christmas gift (which will be filled with wine soon!)  Which qualified me for 2 of their organizer bags at $7 apiece.  for $7, I couldn’t turn those down, so yeah…  bought them too!  I am sticking one of them with my sister’s lunch bag and towels that I bought her for Christmas, and keeping the other… I think.

This morning was stressful.  J did not really pack last night, but told me to get up and go to the gym anyway, and he would be ready to go when I got home at 6 am.  Yeah.  he was not up.  So the morning consisted of running around, getting packed and getting the car loaded.  I did not even make my breakfast, so it was definitely a hodgepodge of food.  AFTER I got to work.  I had a quaker chewy granola bar, 1 tbsp of peanut butter, and a chobani yogurt.  WAY too much sugar to be good for me.  It could have been way worse for sure, but ugh.  I am flustered with myself.

I am going to do do my pushups in a few minutes in our “game room” at work since I did not have time to do them this morning.  I gotta keep on track!  Today’s sets are as follows:
Set 1 – 22
Set 2 – 30
Set 3 – 20
Set 4 – 20
Set 5 – Max (min of 28)

Ok – I am going for it!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NoJoMo–Day 9

On day 9 of my 30 day thankful challenge, I am thankful for new (old) PDRs.  After yesterdays disastrous run, I decided to give it another go, this time on the track at the gym.  Our gym track is 1/8 of a mile.  I walked the first two laps to get warmed up, and then started a light jog.  I am really trying to focus on adding distance back to my runs, the speed will come, and the endurance portion is going to be so much more important as I begin to train for the marathon.  So I then ran.  I went a total of 3.75 miles (3.5 of them were run).  I averaged 10:30/mile.  This is including the walked 1/4 mile.  So it is the furthest I have gone since my injury.  It was hard as anything, but I did it.  And it will get easier.  I know it will!

I plan on sticking with it and adding a little bit more distance all the time, until I am at a solid 6 miles again.  A solid six is my goal before I officially start training.  And I will get there.  I will do six probably once before I officially feel “comfortable” doing 6 (the Thanksgiving day race), but hopefully showing myself that I can do it again will remind me that I can, and help me to get through it!

I saw my doctor yesterday.  I got my new insoles/orthotics.  They are blue.  I wore them for an hour yesterday and two hours this morning.  I am just supposed to add on, 1 hour at a time.  So tomorrow I will wear them for three hours.  I am still supposed to wear my straps when I am not wearing my insoles, so I have those on now.  Strangely, the straps feel more weird on my feet than the insoles, so I am not sure why the crazy transition time to wearing them.  And they are for my running shoes.  So my latest question is, when can I go back to heels and stuff?  Anything non-gym shoes?  I am sure its fine for short times now, and I plan on taking some sexy pumps with me to Las Vegas to wear for our nice dinner.  But I guess in time, I will be there.

Last night I made my “perfect plan dinner” and I cooked it for J (with a few modifications) as well.

So here are our plates.  Salmon, brown rice, green veggies.  My plate is the one with the smaller piece of salmon and half a plate of green.  Spinach was my green of choice, served as a salad with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  J wanted green beans (he is apparently anti-spinach) and his rice has some sauce with it.  Mine is plain (lame).  But I do my best to make our meals similar.  J is not a huge fish guy, but I figured once in a while is good! 

And here’s a quickie of my punkin:
I think he’s smiling at me. :-)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NoJoMo–Day 8

Today I am thankful for the push up challenge!  I did week 3, workout two this morning.  It went well, and I can see progress in myself already.  I am hoping it gives me some really defined shoulders.  Push ups are good for shoulders, right?  The sets for this particular workout were as follows:
Set 1 – 20
Set 2 – 25
Set 3 -  15
Set 4 – 15
Set 5 – Max (I did 30)
Yahoo!  I am 30% to the 100 pushups in a row!

Yesterday I lifted legs.  I have been focusing a lot on my hamstrings and quads lately because I really am trying to lean out the hammies and bulk up the quads.  If you look at the pro competitors they always have very strong quads.  So I have been doing lots of squats and leg extensions and deadlifts, ever since I have been back on lifting full time.  I have gradually been increasing the weight I am doing (trying to check off my body weight deadlift and squat on the 101 list!) but not overdoing it.  I am getting a little sore all the time though.

So today I had set myself a goal.  Easy run.  That was it.  I wanted to run easily and feel good.  Well, I ran at an easy pace and an easy distance, but it was anything BUT easy.  I ran 2.25 miles at an 11min/mile pace.  Apparently the leg work yesterday was hammering me today.  My legs just did NOT want to get going this morning.  I guess any run is better than no run and it will improve as my legs begin to readjust to that.  And I definitely need to figure out how to balance running and lifting legs.  That will definitely be another “trick” to figure out during marathon training, especially as I am not planning on lifting any less (especially pre-competition!)

I was sick of putting cookies n cream protein powder in my oats this morning.  I have not been back to GNC yet to get a large tub of vanilla.  So I was left with some casein options.  Lol.  This is a completely different beast when it comes to putting protein powder in your oats.  Lets be honest.  It is just so much thicker!

So there is this morning’s oat bowl.  1/3 cup of old fashioned oats.  1 scoop of chocolate casein protein.  2 oz nonfat plain greek yogurt.  1 dollop of trader joe’s almond butter.  It was yummy.  But it was very thick and much more filling than my regular oats that I have been eating!  Not sure that it is something I am going to be doing often with my oats, but it was a good change up from the norm.


It is election day today.  I made sure to go and vote on my way in to work this morning.  The big thing in Ohio this election is Issue 2.  The link is to the wikipedia page so you can look into it if you are interested.  It is an extremely hot button issue so I am not going to go into any detail about my feelings on the issue.  That is something I would prefer to stay out of on my blog.

Suffice to say, I did my civic duty and voted.  I also get to cross “Vote!” off of my 101 list.  Hooray for checking things off!  My voting location is at the fire department.  It is actually between my house and my office so there is absolutely no reason not to vote!  There was no line, so I walked right up and gave them my license and was voting in no time!  Hooray for organization!

Today I am headed back to my podiatrist.  I am supposed to be getting my orthotics for my shoes today.  I wore my running shoes rather than my regular sneakers because of this.  I want to see how they are in my running shoes, since that is kind of the main reason that I am getting them!  I am very excited, and I am planning on taking a trip to my running store shortly after this to try on some NEW running kicks, to make sure I have the best things for my feet.  Cause who knows, my gait might change a little with these new things.  So I guess we’ll see. 

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Monday, November 7, 2011

NoJoMo–Day 7

Good morning (or maybe afternoon.  It’s morning as I start this, but may be afternoon by the time I post!)

Today – on day 7 of NoJoMo and day 7 of my thankful challenge – I am thankful for water.  I have had a boatload it feels like already today.  Plus, it is helping me clean out my system from a little bit of indulging, especially on Saturday.  Yesterday was a pretty light day, but we ate out for both lunch AND dinner on Saturday, and I didn’t eat any breakfast that day!  So hooray for lots of cold water.

I started the 100 push ups challenge this weekend.  On Saturday I took the “test” and hammered out 30 real pushups, nonstop.  That means I skip ahead to week 3 (and do the most advanced workout).  I did the first workout yesterday.  This workout was as follows:
Set 1 – 14 pushups
Set 2 – 18 pushups
Set 3 – 14 pushups
Set 4 – 14 pushups
Set 5 – max (I did 25 pushups)
There is 60 seconds of rest in between sets.  And I completed them all without issues.  Chest and shoulders are not sore today either, which discourages me a little.  I really wanted them to be sore!

My hammies have been hurting pretty much constantly.  I know it is because I am back to running and they are not used to it yet.  So I know it will get better soon.  And I look forward to that.  So, to help with that, I purchased something when J and I were running around all day on Saturday:



Yep.  A fancy new (and intense!) roller.  I played with it for quite some time on Saturday afternoon, and definitely felt more relaxed afterward!  I would like to get into the habit of using it three times per week.  Always on the day that I run.  Once marathon training begins, then it will be 4 times per week.  It is definitely “tougher” than the other one I have, and so maybe I will alternate between the two for a while, especially until my hammies get used to the intensity that this one causes.

I didn’t work out with Mike yesterday. *sad face*

I am really starting to get excited for the Pig though, I think that the race this weekend really started to make it seem more real to me.  It made me nervous since I feel like I have lost so much conditioning, but I know that I will get there.  I know that I can do it!

We leave on Thursday.  I CANNOT WAIT!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

NoJoMo–Day 6

Ok.  I am still on right now.  On track with my NoJoMo.  Hooray!

Yesterday I was thankful for running the race.

Today I am thankful for the new Target that opened about a month ago in Blue Ash, which is the little city that J and I live in.  I ended up there this morning getting some snacks for us to travel with, some dog food, and a few components to our dinner for the next three nights until we leave.  That new target  is super nice.  It is not a super target, as it does not have a full section of produce, but it does have some.  I did get a bag of granny smith apples and some spinach for my salads for the week.  Plus it was so clean and pretty…  I wonder what it will be like at the holidays!

The UC Bearcats won last night.  They are in first place in the Big East, which I am very excited about.  They haven’t done that since the year that J and I ended up at the Sugar Bowl.  After today they should definitely be in the top 25. 

I am trying to study using my Becker review.  I am hardly having any success.  I really do not have the focus today.  I am not sure why I cannot focus, I really NEED to.  I have only 2 more classes.  And then we’re on vacation, and then I have to take my test.  And my mom will be in town the weekend before the exam, so I am not sure how much my mom will be able so while I am studying.  I guess I have to figure all of that stuff out.

We leave for vacation on Thursday.  It is Sunday now.  only a few more days to go!  I cannot wait to be on vacation.  When I was at Target, I got some snacks for us to take with us.  I tried to get some healthy things for us to take.  I got some freeze dried fruit (strawberries and apples, with no added sugars or oils, and only 90 calories in the whole bag!), I got me a clif builder bar, and J a regular clif bar, I got some honey cinnamon almonds (the “worst” snack, and most delicious) and a few things of muscle milk light to bring along.  Yum-o!

Yesterdays race went really well. 

This is the garmin time, which is obviously unofficial, but it is the closest I have at this point.  I suppose it is pretty accurate though.  I have to be pleased with that.  Because it was only my third run after my injury, and my very first race.  I want to be prepared for the Thanksgiving Day race, which is twice the length.  So I have some work to do, some improvements to make, but I have to be happy to finish under 30 minutes. 

It all does make me start to get nervous about the marathon though.  I have TONS to do before that!


Here’s some bobble head swag from the race.  2 different reds bobble heads.  I gave them to J.  He has a lot of reds bobble heads already.  He keeps them at work.  So these will be two more to add to the collection.  There were also a pair of gloves (which I forgot to wear!) my long sleeved t-shirt, some coupons, and some P&G products.  We parked in the PG lot and were shuttled to the starting line so I guess that makes sense. 

I will probably run it again sometime.  It was a good race and it was pretty much in my backyard.  I think I am going to park somewhere else, but other than that it was really good.

Its crazy…  the competition that I would have been competing in had I not gotten injured, had I not gotten off track would have been  yesterday.  My coach was down there with two girls.  The comp lasted until after midnight and so Mike text me and said that he could not meet up with me today.  And next week I am going to be in Vegas so that is out.  I am a little disappointed, but at the same time, I am ok with it, because I have bought 10 sessions and they will last longer, right?

Lol.  That’s it for the day!

Day 5

Wrote this yesterday... publishing today.

I raced a 5k this morning. 27:25 was my time. Definitely not bad. I definitely have a long way to go before the Pig though.

Friday, November 4, 2011

NoJoMo–Day 4

It’s Friday.  It is November 4th.  This means it is day 4 of my November thankful challenge (as well as day 4 of NoJoMo).  So this Friday, I am obviously thankful that it is Friday, but other than the norm, I am thankful to have started wrapping Christmas presents last night.  I wrapped 4 of them, and then I started on a 5th (one of J’s) as he was pulling up, so I had to stick it back in the brown cardboard box it was delivered in and save it for another day.

I cheated on my diet a little bit last night.  Just a very little bit.  I had 1 serving of ice cream (approx. – I did not measure this time).  So it could have been much much worse, obviously, but J got it out and brought me a spoon.  There was not much left in the carton, so we finished it off.  We probably each ate 1 serving of ice cream.  I have definitely had much worse ice cream days.  I don’t like it, but I need to take a deep breath and accept the fact that sometimes I mess up.  I need to be a little less tough on me.

I was thinking about doing a race tomorrow with a coworker, Henry.  It is close to our work, and therefore close to my home.  However, after going back and forth about it, I have decided to run 3 miles on Sunday instead, with Katie.  It will be her first run in nearly a year.  She took her entire pregnancy off from running (and did spinning instead) and is now ready to give it a try.  She is less worried about running itself, and more worried about her chest.  To be honest, she has NEVER had a small chest, and while I have never breast fed before, I don’t know how much bigger it actually is.  Katie is a sweats or a blousy dress sort of girl, so her body shape (while always fit) can be hard to determine. :-)

So yes, another workout with Mike on Sunday.  I gave J the heads up today.  I just want him to talk to me if this is bugging him.  That’s all.  And I am not sure that I want to wait until we’re on vacation next week.  I just don’t want him to be upset with me.  You know?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

NoJoMo–Day 3

Today is day 3 of my thankful challenge.  Today I am thankful for the fact that my drive has returned.  My drive to eat good food, to compete, to run, etc.  It was missing for a little while after the wedding (especially when there was wedding cake around!) so I am glad to have it back now.

Last night I had class.  Next week I have 2 more, and then I am done.  I cannot WAIT to have free Mondays and Wednesdays again.  I have been doing this since June and I am DYING for a whole week free where I can just plan everything out and not have to worry about spending 8 hours per week at UC.  Now, I love UC, its my alma mater (or at least I consider it to be that, since I enjoyed my time there, unlike BGSU).  So two more classes taught by Sam (he’s my fave instructor), then lots of study time, then the exam!  Eeeiii!

Today I am planning on trying my hand at another run.  Three miles, easy.  We’re talking 10min/mile pace.  I did my 2 miles at a 9 min/mile pace, and I am sure that had a little something to do with my lungs feeling like they might explode.  I used to do that, no sweat, but now, I am going to have to take a step back and slow it down in order to redevelop my endurance (which hates me, apparently).  But I will feel good about it once I know that I still can do it, and my legs still work well enough to get it in!  And if I can do three, I feel comfortable doing 6 on Thanksgiving.

I heard that “Red Solo Cup” song on Sirius this morning.  LOVE.  It cracks me up.

I did a bit of free writing last night in my paper journal, kind of brainstorming about the competition.  I think I am going to find two you tube videos (one figure comp, one bikini comp) and save them to my faves or something, so I have them.  Then I am going to talk to Jason about it when we’re at Craftsteak in Vegas.  We’ll be having a few glasses of wine and some delicious food, so that will help lighten the mood.  Plus it won’t be a sports bar with games on (our typical dinners out), so there will be room for talking.  So I will tell him how important it is for me to have his support, etc, and that I want his opinion on all of it, etc.  Then I will show him the videos and see what he says.  I am hoping for a positive response and he can actually see that it is not a “sex” thing, it is a fitness thing, and it’s a HUGE goal of mine. :)

We leave for Las Vegas a week from today and I cannot wait!  It feels like it has been forever since we went on vacation, even though we were still in Cancun just two month ago!  Granted, a Las Vegas vacation is much different that a beach one (especially on the gulf), but it’s a few days off from work where J and I will be away and on our own and spending that much needed time TOGETHER, as all of you have said we need.

I have purchased most of my Christmas gifts for people already, which I am proud of.  I have a little bit more work to do, but not too much, honestly.  My dad.  My godfather (uncle joe). A few J things, and a piece of my mom’s gift.  So yahoo!  Its November everyone…  how’s your Christmas shopping going?  Have you started?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NoJoMo-Day 2

Sticking with my November resolution for thanksgiving, I want to post something I am thankful for.  Today I am thankful for the beautiful day.  It is supposed to get up to the high 60s or low 70s today here on November 2.  That is definitely pretty warm, and it is sunny out.  Beautiful days make me happy.

Yesterday, as I said, was my first run.  My first one since the Race for the Cure on September 23, and my first REAL run since the Hudy 14K.  I ran only 2 miles.  The foot felt pretty good.  It was a little touchy, but I suppose that is to be expected since it was my first time out in months.  However, the tricky part is the fact that my lungs have apparently lost some of their capacity (or my complete ability to breathe while running).  It was TOUGH!  I am hoping that comes back, but as of now, I have a long way to go before a Thanksgiving Day 10k!

But I can be ready to begin Pig training, I think.  It officially starts for me on January 2, and I cannot wait.  2012 is going to be a huge year for me.  I mean, I will be in the 1% (no, not the Occupy Wall Street 1%, the 1% who have finished a marathon!) 

Today I have packed all of my meals exactly as “prescribed” by Mike.  My meals for today are as follows.
Breakfast: 2 eggs, half cup oats, multivitamin
Snack 1: 1 medium apple, 2 scoops of protein powder
Lunch: 5 oz salmon, 1/2 cup brown rice, 5 stalks asparagus (below)

(Paper plate and plastic fork.  I am very classy)
Post-Lifting (going before lunch): 2 scoops protein powder
Snack 2: 4.5 oz chicken, 6 oz sweet potato
Dinner: 4.5 oz chicken, 6 oz sweet potato, 1 cup spinach, 1tbsp each balsamic vinegar, olive oil

All weights for sweet potatoes and protein are UNCOOKED weights.  Obviously once they are cooked they are smaller and lighter than that.

I made pasta last night.  This was with the pasta press attachment to my kitchen aid stand mixer.  I bought the mixer myself years ago, and got a bunch of attachments for it as wedding and shower gifts from my mommy.  I have used the meat grinder (if you remember my chicken meatballs from before my wedding), but yesterday was give the pasta maker a whirl.  I have never even made pasta dough before, but turns out its mega easy.  flour + eggs.  I used whole wheat flour, and here are the first couple:

Look at those little rotini!  They were good.  I just had a tiny portion of pasta, and a lot of chicken with marinara (no sugar added)!  J had more pasta for sure.  He liked it, so SUCCESS!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NoJoMo–Day 1

Yes, my titles are totally going to be this boring for the month. Maybe not for the entire month, but in general. I really do want to accomplish this NoJoMo finally. Lord knows I have been trying for the last several years unsuccessfully. So here is the first entry on that monthly goal!

I am a little sad this morning that I missed Trick or Treating last night. Especially because it seems like we might have had a decent number of kids. There were 6 pieces of candy left when I got home last night. Looks like I bought the right amount this year, which is definitely good. Last year we had candy left for what felt like forever. So hooray. Granted, I have no idea how many pieces J ate last night, but I am just glad that I am not subject to it. Especially those kit kats that I bought!

I called my dad last night. Some times you just need your family. And yes, I know that J is my family now, but I needed to talk about him. I think he is starting to feel some pressure around me competing and is getting grumpy about it, which naturally stresses me out a lot. I just really want him to be supportive. Especially with my renewed vigor towards meeting this goal.

Here are my thoughts surrounding his… off reaction:
1. This does take a coach for me. That’s an expense.
2. I am in class two night per week (only 3 more classes though!) so being gone to work out with Mike on Sundays is one time where we could be together that we are not.
3. He’s not comfortable with the “emily onstage in a bikini” thing.
4. This means my diet is strict. And I am ok with it. He is not. Does he feel guilty? I cook him what he wants to eat, because my diet is super bland. I do my best to be semi-normal while we’re out right now.

I don’t know. For right now, I am going to just get through the next two weeks of classes and stuff, and then kind of see how things go when I am home every night. Hopefully that will help clear things up.

My dad said it is so important for us to be working on our relationship and who we are as a couple right now. And even though we have been together for a few years, it is almost like a new relationship now that we are married. I guess he is right. He says he knows from experience how important this time is. So I really need to dedicate time to him when I am home right now, we need to eat our dinners together DAILY (well, except when I am at school for the next two weeks) and really enjoy each other. I am still going to continue with my training, eating and workouts, because that is the “emily” thing that I do, but other than that, its about us. I think for right now, that is the best that I can do. :-) So I am going to try.

Oh! And since November is Thanksgiving month - I want to say something that I am grateful for everyday. Today I am grateful for my first run in 6 weeks. Only two miles, but it will take time to get back to where I was...