Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Resolutions and the LAST workout of the year!

Well, it is New Year's Eve.  So much has happened over the past year, it is pretty difficult to believe.  I got married, I went to Mexico, we got a new puppy, I started running.  I planned on competing in a fitness type competition and then decided not to.  I had coaches, and a broken foot.  J and I travelled to places close and places far.  It was a good trip.

So here is my goals for 2012.  I am calling them goals rather than resolutions this year, I think.
1. Read one book every month.
2. Run 2 half marathons (Toledo, Las Vegas)
3. Run 1 full marathon (Flying Pig)
4. Track ALL runs on daily mile.
5. Complete several more items on my 101 list!

And today, J and I hit the gym first thing in the morning.  It was the last workout of 2011, and I am glad we did it together.  I ran for a half hour and then lifted.  I did the following strength routine:
I felt pretty good, and tracked my levels so I can compare them to the other day.  I also got in 4 runs this week.  None were "long" runs, but I am glad I ran 4 times and my legs are still holding out.  Thank goodness.

I started training officially on Monday, with my first run on Tuesday for the Flying Pig Marathon.  I cannot wait.  Only 18 weeks to go!

Friday, December 30, 2011

A Night out with my Friends

So today is a planned day off from working out.  I am hitting the road tomorrow for my last semi-long run before marathon training officially starts, but today I am enjoying an afternoon of couch sitting with my laptop, my husband and my puppies.  We are watching "Walking Dead."  I gotta be honest, I think I am not so much a huge fan of zombies.  At all! 

Last night was Katie's birthday party.  We just went to Slatt's to celebrate, and like I said yesterday, Phil got the back room reserved.  There were probably 20 or so people there to celebrate, and it was a good time.  Here are a couple of pictures from the event.
Jason and I.  I am wearing a t-shirt that I got for Christmas from my brother Joe.  It says "T-Rex hates pushups"  And then it shows how T-Rex's little arms cannot reach the ground. :)
Becky and I.  I think its a good picture of us. :)

I am also wearing my new under armor hoodie that I bought yesterday from the gym.  My gym sells under armor, and ALL of it was 45% off.  So J got two things, and I got one.  The one that J is wearing in that picture also came from there.

I got my bonus for the year today.  It is pretty good.  I am going to buy myself something, as yet undetermined, from Lululemon, and then I am going to give the rest of the money to J to put in his account for home stuff.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Morning Gym Time!

Today J and I hit the gym around 11 am.  I planned on focusing on my strength training since I already ran.  And as my earlier post stated, I was planning on trying out a full body circuit using the Hoist machines.  Its trial and error while I start this marathon program.  Today I ended up having extra time even after my circuits because J decided he was going to tan while we were there.  J has psoriasis, so tanning is VERY good for that.  So when we joined this gym together, he added a tanning package to his membership.

Here is the workout I did today.  I tracked EVERYTHING so I can make sure to work on improving all spring.

Yes...  a pretty long workout.  But I feel good and like I god a handy strength workout in, which helps since yesterdays was a little cut short, I think.  I am tired, but not sore, not yet.  We'll see how it is later though!

Gym Team Us!

Yesterday J and I hit the gym together.  We were only there for about 45 minutes, which is kind of short for me, especially when I have the day off.  When it is a day off for me, I normally will be there for about an hour and a half, to include 45 minutes of cardio and 45 minutes of lifting.  But I have to figure, if I get my husband there with me, I cannot be complaining too too much!  We are planning on heading back there today in just a little while.  J is playing a video game right now, while I am watching teen mom 2 on MTV (and blogging, obviously!). I have the dogs curled up next to me on the couch and it is super nice and cozy.

I got up and went for a run this morning.  Just a really quick three miles.  It felt good to get them done already.  And now, when J and I hit the gym in a little bit I can just focus on lifting.  Today's goal is going to be a full body circuit.  ALL of the "hoist" machines at the gym.  ALL of them.  Some of them I have never even done before.  4 sets of 10 reps of all of those machines.  We are going to try that out as a potential weightlifting routine while marathon training.  Since I want to keep that up while I am prepping for the marathon, I am trying to find what will work out during training that will leave me feeling good and gaining strength, but not ruining my abilities to run a lot every week.

Next Monday is the official "Day 1" of marathon training.  I am so nervous about it.  Even though I know that the first several weeks of it are going to be fairly easy.  That means I will be down to only 18 weeks until the Flying Pig Marathon!  Eeps!  I can't wait to be officially on a real training plan again.  I have kind of been winging my workouts for the last several months, ever since I hurt my foot, so I am excited to have something real going on again.

Tonight is my friend Katie's birthday party.  Her actual birthday is not until January 6, but a lot of our friends are in town this week still because of the holidays, so I think that is why her husband decided to have it early like this.  So it is at the restaurant that is pretty close to our home, so Leah is going to come here before the party and then we are just going to walk over to the restaurant together.  I am pretty sure that Phil just got the back room at this resturant because I am guessing for Katie's 30th, that there will be a lot of people there!  I am looking forward to seeing everyone since we are probably going to crap out on seeing them for New Year's.  J and I just don't really feel like going to a party.

Ok, that is it for now I guess.  I am definitely going to be posting a workout log here, pretty soon.  I want to track my hoist levels, that way I can make sure that I continue to improve in my strength even though my current focus will now be on running!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday Wrap up

Well, Christmas has come and gone. I had a wonderful holiday. I spent the holiday with those people that I love the most. J, my mom, my brothers, my grandma. I also saw my dad, my sister and her boyfriend Chris for some time! It was truly awesome.

I always feel sad when I leave Toledo after being there for a few days. Especially at first. I love being here in Cincinnati with my husband and puppies, but leaving my mom always feels hard at first. I am sure in a few days I will feel back to normal. That is usually the way!

Some stellar Christmas gifts were given and received this year. Here is a quick list of some gifts that I received:
- a pearl necklace
- workout clothes
- a gym bag
- the class kit for cake decorating
- movies
- books
- cds
- sweaters
etc, etc, etc.
I love love love my pearls. I wore them out last night when J and I had a dinner date. J said he got me pearls specifically because they were very "Mad Men". Lol. So I tried to channel my inner "Joan" last night for our date. I was very pleased with my outfit. And the pearls looked beautiful on. He did a wonderful job on my Christmas gifts for sure. I hope that he enjoyed Christmas as much as I did. I always get kind of nervous about that.

Ok, I am out for right now. J and I are headed to the gym! I have three miles and a little bit of lifting on the schedule.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Off till the New Year. AMAZING

It is difficult to believe that after 5 pm today, I will not be back into work until 2012.  Today is my last day of work for the year!  That seems crazy.  I know there are a lot of things that will be happening here next week before the end of the year, but I am definitely more excited about sleeping in and relaxing.

Last night when J got home we watched Sweeney Todd.  It was the first time we have watched it since he gave it to me on Blu-ray as a Christmas gift last year.  Because it is one of those Tim Burton flicks, it looks AMAZING on blu-ray.  J loves that musical (as far as musicals go!) so when he text me yesterday to suggest it, I agreed immediately.

At work yesterday, we had our team holiday lunch.  We went to Dewey's pizza and got frozen yogurt afterward.  I went and I enjoyed my lunch.  It was delicious and I planned for it, so I did not feel at all guilty after I ate it.  Now THAT is the way to enjoy a not so healthy meal! 

This morning was another running day.  I ran outside covering 3.67 miles in around 33 minutes.  I was pleased, and running outdoors definitely felt good again. :)

Tomorrow is either a long (ok, 6 miles) run, or 45 minutes on the elliptical + lifting (chest/triceps).  We'll kind of see how I am feeling when the time comes, I guess!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

HIIT and another run!

Last night after I got home from work, I did a strength training workout.  The plan was tough but quick. 

The whole thing only took 17 minutes and my shoulders were absolutely ACHING when I was done.  Plus I was sweating like a crazy woman.  I took Zeus out after I was done with that, and I went out in just my shorts and tank top.  In December, in Ohio.  So yeah, that is how hot I was after this workout.  I think I might do it again some other times, maybe with different strength things.  The 5 lbs were a little light, but we didn't have 8s or 10s at home, and I felt like the 12s would be too heavy for such an extended exercise.  Next time I would like to try it at the gym, using the 8s, I think.

After my workout, I fed the dogs and myself.  I ate some leftovers from when we were out with my mother-in-law for her birthday.  It was a wrap with lettuce, grilled chicken, granny smith apples, and a small amount of brie cheese.  It was just half of the wrap, which was Jenny's (my MIL), and it was pretty tasty.  I ate it cold because i didn't want to heat up the lettuce or the apples.  It was pretty good. 

Yesterday was a very good day food-wise for me.  I ended up at around 1475 calories, with 137 grams of protein, 48 grams of fat, and 107 carbs.  Yes, the carbs are a bit low.  But, I felt good.  And I got on the scale last night, after a full day of eating and drinking, and my weight has been steady, despite all of the cookie attacks that I have been faced with recently.  So that definitely helped me to feel good.

Related, when I was getting ready to shower this morning after my run, I was looking at myself in the mirror, and I felt pretty good about what I saw.  I am continuing to build muscle, I will continue to work on that as well as eating good, clean foods, and my body will continue to become what I want it to!  I am happy with myself and my progress.

This morning was another run.  I officially start marathon training in only 12 days, so I am getting excited and nervous about it.  I am looking forward to having a real plan with real goals again.  I am considering setting up PLANNED strength training as well, which will help me to know exactly what I should be doing day in and day out.  Today's run looked like this:
So in the half hour I was on the treadmill I covered 3.2 miles.  That is up from yesterdays 3.11! :)  I am pretty focused on getting my legs used to the 4 days/week of running that I am planning on demanding of myself during training for the Pig. I could have run outdoors this morning (and probably could have easily covered 6 miles if I did!) but it was raining, hard, when I got up at 4:30.  I am hoping it stops soon.  I would like to do tomorrows run (and Saturdays too!) outdoors. 

Overnight oats for breakfast today!  (I bought yogurt yesterday when I hit Target at lunchtime, hoping to buy J's last gift!)  They were so good.  I always miss them when I don't have them for a week or something.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

An early morning run + b-day celebrations!

Last night after I got home from work, I became a present wrapping machine.  I had to wrap my mother-in-laws birthday gift for sure because we were going out to dinner for her birthday last night.  So I started there.  I found a gift bag left over from a wedding shower (therefore - not Christmas!) and got out the tissue paper and put everything together for her. 

She recently has been telling me that she wants to start exercising and I should put together a plan for her and stuff.  Now normally this is something that I love doing, and I love teaching people new things and helping people get into better shape and stuff.  However, she also openly admits that she hates exercise and probably will not follow it anyway.  *sigh* Not very encouraging for me to spend time on getting something together if it won't be taken seriously!

However, I figured I could do a themed birthday gift relating to that to see how it goes before I spend time on designing a "custom" plan for her...  So in the gift bag:
- 3 lb hand weights
- a light resistance band
- Biggest Loser "Cardio Max" DVD
- Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD
I thought it was a good and fun gift!  She seemed to like it.  Apparently she bought Jillian's Ripped in 30 and has done it twice.  Apparently her legs hurt so much that she kind of has to fall back to sit (can't squat down!)  I love that. :)  I am really hoping that it becomes something that she can stick to!  She said she had been doing Ripped without weights because she didn't have any, so good to know that it was a good gift!

This morning I had to hit the treadmill for a run.  I probably could have run outside, but to be honest, I didn't think of it and get dressed for an outdoor run, I was ready for an indoor one.  I didn't run at all last week, and Pig training starts in less than two weeks!  So I really need to get into the 4x per week habit.  So I hit the treadmill to do the following workout:
I managed to knock out 3.11 miles in the 30 minutes that I was running, and then walked for ten and stretched out really well after that. 

I am trying to stick with a relatively clean diet for the week so it was oatmeal mixed with protein powder for breakfast this morning.  It is completely not the same when there is no yogurt in the mix.  Guess I will need to buy some yogurt?

Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend in T-town

J and I spent the weekend this past weekend in Toledo, our hometown, visiting my mom.  It was the weekend of my family's extended family Christmas party, which is always a lot of fun!  We do a traveling party.  It is not a progressive dinner, but I guess kind of.  There is food at every house, etc.  We go to all of my aunts and uncles houses as well as my mom's.

So Frida started off easy.  I was planning on getting up at 5 and working out, but when my alarm went off, I thought better of it.  I was not home until after 10 from my "Christmas Dinner" with my two best girls, and I was just feeling worn after an extremely busy week.  So I changed my alarm to 8 am after taking the pups out and got back in bed with J.  Oops.

We both had errands to run.  Ok, J had errands to run that I volunteered to help him with.  He had a doctor's appointment, and while he was there, I took his car in for an oil change, with a groupon that I had purchased (it was one heck of a deal, to be honest!) and then I returned some movies.  When we got home we packed for the weekend in Toledo, and then J's buddy Brian who is an architect came over. He was going to be taking some measurements in our kitchen and offering us suggestions about what we could do to the place.  Our kitchen lacks storage and it also lacks counter space.  When I was doing those cookies last week before Leah's baking day, it was tough to get everything rolled out and stuff because we really DON'T have a lot of space!

Brian took his measurements and left us with a lot to think about.  He had some really good idea that we honestly had not thought about before, so we are definitely thinking long and hard about that!

Pretty much as soon as he left, J and I packed up the dogs and got in the car to head to Toledo.  Zeus was in his crate and Teek in my lap.  J was NOT ok with Teek being crated so much when she was a pup, and I think he is beginning to see the benefits of it now that we are doing so much of a better job with Zeus.  He does cry a little bit at first normally, but then he settles down pretty quickly.  He's a good boy.  He just laid down and looked at us.  I like to think he was maybe enjoying the Christmas tunes and Howard Stern that we were listening to!

3 hours later we were in Toledo.  My mom was getting ready to leave for work (she works retail, so obviously her working is a given at this time of year) but my grandma was home and my brother was on his way.  J and I met some friends for dinner to celebrate Christmas with them.  We went to Calvino's, which was one of my favorite restaurants to go to with my friends when we were in high school.  We always used to go and order a big pizza for a LARGE group of us, and probably not leave a very good tip (whoops).  Although times have changed, the food is still delicious!

Saturday was a kind of chill day.  I got up early with the dogs as usual, and hung out with my grandma for the morning.  J and my brother (Joe) slept until noon.  I made myself some lunch, and then suggested to Joe that we go out and get some shopping done.  We went to the mall, which was a BAD idea.  I mean, we had to go and get it done, but it really sucked.  Joe bought presents for our sis and our dad, and I got a little something for J since one of the gifts that I ordered for him is on backorder, so I cancelled it. 

The house to house was that night.  The crowd was a little bit lighter than usual, but we still had  good time.  I feel a little bit bad for convincing J to come with us, since none of my guy cousins were even there this year, but its done.  We had a nice time, and we loved watching my mom and her siblings do their gift exchange.  It looked fun and they were stealing each other's gifts all over the place!

Yesterday we came home and celebrated Christmas with some of J's friends while watching the Chiefs beat the Packers (GO CHIEFS!)  That was definitely a big shocker, but I can't be more pleased with the outcome!  Who knew the Chiefs would be able to pull that out!

At lunchtime today I did the following leg workout:
My legs feel sufficiently killed.  We'll see how my 3 planned miles go tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Annual appointments and NEW workouts!

Tuesday night when I got home from work, I got out my kettlebell and did like a 15 minute circuit workout, hoping that maybe it would help me to get prepared for Wednesday's workout.  I did a lot of kettlebell swings, jumping jacks, butt kicks, etc.

Yeah, nothing really could have prepared me for that!  The insanity cardio blast (I think that was which one we did!) was very intense.  I was sweating and feeling ready to die during the warm up!  When Leah told me it was the warm up, I was like "omg, I might die before the end of this!"  But I survived, and I really enjoyed it in the process.  We are actually going to get together tomorrow and do it again.  I told Leah that I would like to try and do it twice a week.  There is honestly NO WAY that I am going to be able to prepare for a Half Ironman while marathon training, so I figure insanity will be a good cross training tool for me! 

So I was excited find something new that I think is fun and that causes me to get crazy sweaty!  I definitely was DRIPPING.

I also had my annual lady doctor appointment yesterday.  I have been seeing the same doctor for about 6 years now, ever since I moved down here.  I know that she gets things done quickly and then is done, but I still was anxious going in.  I think it is impossible NOT to be anxious before that particular appointment.  But it went well, I am healthy, and I'll go back again in a year!

Yesterday was also the most productive day at work I have had in a long time.  That's pretty much why I did not finish this entry then!  I was super busy, all day, but I feel like I got a lotof things accomplished that I maybe was putting off, etc.  So I am feeling pleased with myself. 

That productivity continued when I got home.  I cooked myself the dinner that I had planned, I lifted, I spent a lot of time with the puppies, I wrapped presents AND I watched "the Help".  That was an amazing book and I had been looking forward to the movie since I knew it was going to be available.  J and I went and swapped our movies at blockbuster last week, and we typically get one J movie, one Emily movie and one shared movie OR a video game.  So the Help was the movie that I selected for me, and since J told me he had to work late, I put it on while I was wrapping presents.

Tomorrow is another Insanity day, and then J and I are headed up to Toledo for the weekend for my family Christmas party!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cookie Monster

Yeah... definitely feeling like me. I am DEFINITELY eating WAY too many cookies now that I have them in the house all the time! I hate that! I had a few (too many..) for dinner last night, and the same for breakfast this morning. Once the holiday is over I am going to need a cleanse to jump start marathon training, I think! Maybe I should start doing some research on those to see if I can find a good one! I will probably do that the week after Christmas, and then running running running in January!

Tomorrow I am going to try a little bit of a new workout. I am going to try the insanity workout with Leah at 5 am at the gym. Apparently she brings her laptop and uses the group fitness room and does it maybe three days per week. I have not done it before, ever, and I am kind of nervous about the intensity of the thing. Hell, maybe I will love it, you never know.

This morning I was on the elliptical, even though I meant to run. I am going to try for 3 miles this evening, just to give it a whirl. I really need to keep getting my legs used to 4 days per week with one LONG run. So I need to get my shoes back on once I get home tonight and go for it. This is going to become more and more important the closer we get to January, but we are about halfway through december now. I offically start training for the Flying Pig in 18 days. Eep!

I found out on facebook last night that a coworker of mine registered for the Pig too! I am super excted about that. We certainly will not be running together, but I would love to promote us as a company. Maybe we can get some tech tees with the company name on them and form a team. Promote it!

I think think THINK I am done with Christmas shopping. Now I just have a TON of wrapping to do.

Monday, December 12, 2011

After being away...

...  I figured it might be time to grace everyone with an entry.  I was doing well, post-NoJoMo, keeping up and writing regularly, and then Friday just got out of control crazy.  So I didn't write then, or all weekend.  Boo to me.  I really am trying to turn this blog into something, something that folks will look at and follow.  So I need to become more consistent, whatever that means, here, and work hard to get folks watching!

The weekend was good to me.  It started out with my office Christmas party on Friday night.  It was a pretty good time AND I learned what the rules of craps are.  I can definitely see how in a casino setting people get so excited.  I can also see how you can lose so much money so fast! 

On Saturday morning, I ran the Jingle Bell Run locally.  There was no fun costume for me or anything (I was just COLD), but I did see someone there and start the race with her!
My sister in law, Angela!  She and a friend were walking in the race.  They ended up doing it in less than 45 minutes.  I am super proud of her!

After the race we headed over to a friends to watch the Crosstown Shootout.

Yeah, that was ... interesting...  J and I were the only Bearcats fans in attendence, luckily we were not with some of the XU fans that we have as facebook friends after that game.  Wow.  Did you all see the highlights of the fight on the news or sportscenter?  I have been to quite a few of those games (when they are at UC, so I can get tickets as an alum), and yes there is always TONS of trash talking.  But I have never seen anything quite like that.  No, I don't really want to discuss players punishments.

On the way home we stopped at Quaker Steak for an early Em & J dinner.  We were "lucky" enough to watch a replay of the fight a few more times.  Lucky us...

Yesterday we discussed hitting the gym early in the morning, but instead wound up cleaning the house and then I got to work on baking some cookies apart from the baking that was to tak place later for Em & Leah Baking Day 2011!  Huge success!
They taste pretty yummy too!

I snuggled up to some snuggle bugs after getting home from Leah's and worked on our Christmas cards.  Want one?  Send me your address!
Look!  They are actually cuddling instead of fighting.  Although from the look in his eyes, I suppose Zeus might be plotting something...

It was leg day today.  Here's the workout:

Have a great Monday!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Plan = New 'do

So yeah, now that I am no longer moving forward with competing, I am setting new and different goals, and so I decided to change something else that I was holding on to ONLY for the sake of competing.  MY HAIR.  Lots of girls that compete need to get extensions, etc, and I definitely did not need anything extra.  My hair was long, thick, heavy, and completely obnoxious.  I would have chopped it the day we got home from the honeymoon, had I not had my sights set on competing. 

Now that the dream has passed, I was ready and yesterday was the day.  So I went from this:
(hanging the ornament on the tree on Monday night!)
To this:
So much better...  Tons of length off, thinned WAY out, a little long side bang added.  I am a HUGE fan.  Maybe I will even be inspired to DO my hair once in a while since it looks nice right now.  Lol. 

After I got home from the haircut, there was a little bit of puppy time while dinner was in the oven (yes, I was in charge of dinner). 

And yes, there was peanut butter involved. :-)  I just stuck my finger in the jar and before I have even pulled it out Teek was jumping up for me!  And sorry these are a little blurry.  Let's be honest.  Two pups have a tough time holding still when up on their hind legs and there is peanut butter involved! :-)

Dinner was homemade pizza.  I struggle with pizza because you're not getting much protein so I LOADED it up with chicken!  Each half of the pizza had a 4oz chicken breast on top!

The pictures are not that great, but trust me, it was pretty yummy!  I think J enjoyed it as well.

This morning I was in charge of breakfast for both of us.  I always make breakfast for myself, but today J asked me to make him some too!  That made me happy, especially when he said he wanted a protein shake for breakfast.
I made him a little one because if I make a big one for him he never finishes it.  I am glad I bought that chocolate protein from GNC during their black Friday sale!  (40% off everything + extra 10% if goldcard member).  J likes the chocolate.  I am not a huge fan, so I got a smaller tub of chocolate and a huge one of vanilla! 

J's am shake contains (as he requested):
1.5 scoops choolate whey
2 scoops ON AmiNO Energy (orange flavor)
5 ice cubes
2/3 cup of water

And my breakfast?
OATS!  Om nom nom...

Yes, this potentially was the most boring entry EVER but I didn't work out today.  I took a day off!  I deserve it!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So something I have been writing about a lot lately is balance.  And how I am going to try and fit my ultra healthy lifestyle into one that can be slightly less regimented.  Into something that I can enjoy.  Something where I can grow stronger, get leaner, drink a beer, have some wings, enjoy nice dinners out with my husband, etc.  In short, I want it all. 

Last night, I gave it a little test.  Enjoy yourself, don't overstuff, drink beer, and don't feel terrible about yourself.  The "feeling bad about yourself" part is the worst.

I went out for Mexican with J and some friends, Jes and Brian.  Jes is who will be running the Flying Pig with me in May!  And who I ran the Thanksgiving Day Race with (who has the knee issues).  They are great, and I am so glad that Jes met Brian.  He seems to be SUCH a good guy.  Our next dinner date we have planned will beat BJs Brewhouse!

So I was successful with enjoying my beer, not eating too too much, but I definitely felt guilty about it this morning. 

What's the best way to combat guilt about bad food and beverages?  RUNNING!  At 5 am I was at the gym, hitting the treadmill.  I had planned three miles.  I am spending most of my time in my marathon pace range.  (around 10 minute/miles) I want to be super comfortable at this pace as I want to do most of my training at it.  It is going well so far though.  So I ran for thirty minutes following a 5 minute walk warm up and then did 5 more minutes to cool down.  I stretched, had some water, and went home. 

After getting home, I made myself a smoothie for breakfast.  It had two scoops of protein powder, a cup of spinach, half a cup of berries, and a cup of water.  It was yummy!  I am not sure if I will continue with smoothies as it gets colder (in case its not cold already!) but for right now I am enjoying them! 

At lunchtime, I was back to the gym for chest, triceps, and a little bit of shoulder work.  I did the following exercises.  Have you ever used a hoist machine?  They are awesome and the gym that J and I joined recently has them.  Big fan!  I am tracking my "level" for those ones, since how much you lift depends on your body weight, etc.  I just want to see my level go up!

You can see a video of the "shoulder thing" here.  I found it when you-tubing for shoulder moves because that is something that I really want to develop more!  Good work out and my upper body was aching when I left!

Today is going to be a good night. It has to be!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lower Body = blasted!

So this morning I am trying to figure out what running 4 days per week is like.  My marathon training schedule has me doing short(er) runs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with long runs on Saturdays.  This week, I am going to try running on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday too.  I did my long run on Sunday, so a little different, but hey, it works.  This morning I just hit the treadmill for 3.5 miles in 35 minutes.  I might be adjusting to this 10 min/mile thing...  Hopefully it is something that I can keep up once I get into the 10+ mile runs. :)  I am certainly going to be trying!

After I got home I spent a little quality time with my foam roller.  I am really trying to be consistent with that throughout this training, especially on my IT bands and hamstrings.  I think that will be best for me in order to help prevent an injury during all of this heavy training time.  I do love my foam roller though!  Shout out to my hubby for buying it for me when we were out shopping one time and he noticed me admiring it!

I went back to the gym at lunchtime.  I am really trying to figure out how my planned workouts are going to go while marathon training, so I am kind of trying to test different things right now to see how things feel and what works best for me.  I was planning a leg workout for lunchtime, so that was post-run and I WILL be running tomorrow.

Yesterday I threw together a lower body workout for a girlfriend when she was struggling with what to do at the gym.  I know that I always feel better and accomplish more when I have a plan of attack when I get there (and one that is more detailed than "leg workout") so I was glad to help out.  Today I modified the workout that I sent her and came up with this little doozy all my own for today. 

It went well, but it was tough, just like I had planned.  I do not often experience DOMS (I consider myself to be exceptionally lucky in this respect) but I do get the crazy burn while working a given muscle group!  Today it was quads during my leg extensions.  Holy moly.  I barely finished my third set.  I have lots of work to do to meet some of my lifting goals, but I am still really pleased with everything I am getting done!

After lifting, it was lunch time, and today I was feeling a little...  thirsty for lunch.  So I had a smoothie.  They added a couple scoops of whey for me, like I asked, so it was delicious and filling!
Tonight J and I have plans with some friends.  We're going out for Mexican, so I have fajitas planned.  I gotta stick to the plan!

Christmas time...

So J and I got our Christmas tree.  We decorated it.  It is beautiful.  We love it.  I also got the Snow Village out, for the first time ever since I had the thing.  So that is done.  I also got out the nativity scene with my new manger that was given to J and I by my aunt and uncle.  My uncle MADE IT.  I love it and I think it is just beautiful.  I knew he could do it, he made the one that my mom uses as well, but every one is a little bit different, at least that is what I understand. 

I am very particular about tree decorating.  Luckily, J's family was not as big into Christmas as mine was, and he kind of just let's me have my way with it.  Some examples of my tree pickiness...  We use the "big" lights (C7s, multi-colored).  There is no "theme" unless it was to be a rainbow.  I have tons and tons of ornaments and I love them all.  They are not themed, the majority of them are brightly colored glass, and are kind of strange.  You can see my orange slice below.  We don't use tinsel. 

That was my tree growing up, and so it was important for that to continue. 

Enjoy the pictures of us and our decorations.  We still have a few more things to get up, so I am looking forward to finishing up!

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Busy Holiday Day

I had a ridiculous crazy day yesterday.  Luckily it was a very productive day, so I feel good about it.  I started out getting up at 6:30 with my two punkins. 

They had to go out to go potty.  So we hung out outside for a little while, because it was actually not very cold, nor was it rainy, so we took advantage.  They chased each other around the backyard, and did their businesses, etc. 

I came inside and got dressed in my tights and long sleeved top.  I had a long run planned in order to meet my one 8-miler before Pig training starts goal.  I was not planning on that one being yesterday but I still wanted to continue to get closer to that distance.  It wasn't too bad out at the time, and it was supposed to begin raining around noon, so I just wanted to get it done.  Especially since I was STILL feeling guilty about no workout on Friday.  So I got out there and hammered through 7 miles. 

When I got back home, I cooked a big breakfast for J and I.  He was sick pretty much all weekend and so I thought he might need some energy to try and get through his illness.  On the menu?  Omelets and english muffins. 

That is J's breakfast.  My omlet was made with mostly egg whites instead of whole eggs.  But to be honest, it was delicious and very filling.  Enough to fuel my morning shopping trip!

J and I are super busy this month, and so I was not sure when I was going to have time to get around and finish up Christmas shopping without him, which I needed to do since he was one of the main people that I needed to finish shopping for!  So I went out yesterday.  I hit Target, Michaels, B&N, and GNC - ok, GNC was for me. :)

After that, I got to wrapping which watching the Chiefs game.  They were big winners!  I was pretty excited about that, I will admit!  I did not expect them to beat the Bears, so I was pretty excited when they did.

I took a break from wrapping to make cookies.  I received a recipe in my email yesterday that looked particularly awesome.  So after J said "I want cookies" I went ahead and made this recipe. I was only short one ingredient, so I just picked it up at target while I was running around.  So cookie were made.  These are cranberry almond oatmeal cookies.

They turned out really yummy.  Each cookie has only 64 calories in it! 

We had plans to work on the tree last night.  Here is what we accomplished:
With a flash - lights on the tree.

No flash.

Flash - garland added (and star topper!)

No Flash

It was a crazy day, but I feel like I accomplished a ton of stuff.  I have more wrapping to do still though.  A lot of wrapping, actually. 

Tonight we're going to try and get the ornaments on the tree!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Emily: Attempting to find BALANCE in a post-contest world

I would say the title of that entry almost says it all.  I am still struggling with trying to find the right thing for me now that I am no longer competing.  My diet is not bad, but its a little screwy.  By that I mean, it is not back to as casual as it was pre-thoughts of competing, and its not as rigorous as it was while I was working solidly toward that goal.  I am noticing a difference  around my hips/love handles for sure.  Not that anything is not fitting, its just much softer than it had been.  So I am a little upset about that.

I am trying to work on my 101 goals to get all references to competing out of there.  I have not had too much success so far.  All I have done is decided I am going to run some fast 5Ks.  But there are still two or something other things that I need to change on there.  I have no idea what to do.

I was looking at the lululemon goal setting worksheet yesterday.  I found it on their site.  I am a huge lulu fan, and figured maybe that would help me figure some things out.  But no, it honestly made me feel a little bit more confused.  They have everything laid out really well, so it wasn't that.  It was trying to think of a 10 year "vision".  I was tweeting with lulu yesterday and they told me to think of what life would be like with no limitations, and that would help with my vision.  And the truth is, I don't know.  You would think by 28 I would have this stuff figured out, at least a little bit! 

Things I want (someday?):
1. to be a personal trainer
2. to have a kid or two
3. to go to europe
4. to be able to spend every day doing something i love to do (i don't know what this means yet)
5. tobe consistently comfortable in my own skin
6. to be a great wife/mother

See?  The one thing that I know about goal setting is that it is supposed to be "concrete", "measurable".  Becoming a PT could be that, but that's it.  The other things are so...  subjective. 

I am still working out a lot.  Like 5-6 days per week of cardio and the same of lifting.  That is not balance is it?  Do I like it, yes, I LOVE it.  But I should not feel guilty when I miss a workout.  I work out a TON!  And yet, I do feel guilty.  Today I feel guilty after the dog situation and not being able to go this morning.  Its dumb. 

So yes, I think I still have a lot of work to do to get it figured out.

Wrong Side of the Bed

This morning I DEFINITELY woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  I was ok initially, but then about 10 minutes after rising, I was fired up. 

I am frustrated with myself for being like that, but I guess it is what it is...

Let's back up.

Yesterday, I left work a little bit early.  My dad was coming to town for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert last night.  This is the 8th year we have gone.
2004 - Toledo
2005 - Cincinnati
2006 - Cincinnati
2007 - Dayton
2008 - Columbus (the year my dad came out right before the concert)
2009 - Cincinnati (with J's mom and sister!)
2010 - Cincinnati
2011 - Cincinnati

And let's be honest who would not want to see a show with a set up like this:
It really is a worthwhile show to go to just to see the lights and everything.  They have an incredible set up that moves and everything with tons of lights and fire and fireworks and everything.  Every year when we go I start to remember how much I miss music, because music of ANY sort makes me get really emotional.  At least here its dark so when the tears start falling no one can tell (I was once very embarrassed at a Bearcats game because I started to cry during the National Anthem and everyone kept asking me what was wrong - I definitely did not tell the truth!)

Before the concert we went and had dinner at restaurant that has opened since the last time my dad came to visit us.  The Firehouse Grill.  Its pretty close to our house, it has good food, and we had a good time just talking and having a few beers and hanging out. 

The concert was wonderful too.  I mean, you would think after 8 straight years, we might get tired of it.  Especially since a lot of the story and music and stuff is the same, year after year, but I still love it!  And I know my dad does.  And it certainly makes buying him a birthday gift super easy every year! 

We got home late, around 11:30 pm, which is especially late for this up at 4:30 am to get to the gym by 5 am sort of girl!  But I was planning on the gym, so I helped my dad get himself settled and went to bed.  When the alarm went off at 4:32 am, I was up, got dressed in my gym gear and headed downstairs.  I was scraping the frost off my car (with it running), when J came outside with the dogs.  I knew that was going to put him in a "mood" so I turned off my car and went inside.  So no sleep and no gym.  That definitely made me grumpy. 

But I felt that today's breakfast was awesome enough to warrant a picture.  Even though I am sure everyone else will think its nasty, I loved it!

Tuna and a bagel thin with 1 (measured) tbsp of almond butter, and then my supplements on the side.  Thermogenic, multi vitamin, creatine. 

I hope everyone is having a good day.  It's Friday after all!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Workout Examples

Now that I am no longer training specifically to be a figure competitor, I am really trying to mix up my workouts a little bit more than I maybe used to.  So I am going to maybe start posting the different things that I am doing.  I am including the amount of weight I am lifting mostly for my own benefit, because I do want to continue to increase my strength all the time, but at the same time, I know that the focus is not there as much as it was only a month ago! 

Here is yesterday's upper body workout.  I was pretty pleased with it.  I had a difficult time with my bra when I was changing afterward.  I was struggling to get my arms around myself enough to hook it.  Today I feel fine, but then, ugh!  The exercises that are shaded in the same color were done as a super set.  That's something else that I am going to try and include more often, because that will really exhaust the muscles!

Today I wanted to do something with slightly more movement in it.  Something more "Leah Style" is what I am beginning to call it.  So more things to keep my heart rate up (you'll see these in the complex movements) as well as a whole stack of super sets.  Today's workout was definitely more focused on being a full body one.

I normally do cardio in the morning and lift at lunchtime, but today my dad is getting to town at about 4 pm, so I am going to leave work a little bit early to hang out with him!  So I figured I ran on Sunday, then did gym cardio on Monday Tuesday Wednesday, so I should do the extra session today focusing on strength.  Tomorrow I will be on a 2 a day again, working on my running speed for my sub-25 5K goal!

Today I am also putting a little extra focus on my diet.  I was getting slightly lax due to the no competition thing, and I can see some softness around my middle that wasn't there two weeks ago, despite the fact that my workouts have been as intense as ever.  Just because I am not going to be appearing onstage in the future does not mean that I should get soft!  And yes, I am sure the extra dessert as results of Thanksgiving has affected this, but I want to get it under control before it spirals!