Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tight Rear... from RUNNING... (sickos) *smiles*

Whoa...  I am completely wiped out.  I am not sure if it is was my run this morning, or if it is just something else...  It could just be the change in season which we might be getting now.  I might be getting sick (how awful would that be?) or something else like that!  I am just beat.  I sat on a heating pad for a little while today.  My butt is so tight.  I actually have a spot on my rear that if it is poked, it makes me jump.

I am not sure what's going on with my rear, to be honest.  My butt REALLY hurts.  Its just really tight.

J helped me a lot with my butt last night though.  I am not trying to be creepy, but I rubbed his feet and he elbowed my butt.  Have you ever gotten a butt massage like that? AWESOME.  It felt so much better when I woke up this morning. 

So I decided to once again, push it and run what was my scheduled mileage for the day.  Another 3, at marathon pace.  Now, my marathon goal pace is around 10 min/miles.  So I definitely did not do my three that slowly.  I averaged a 9:20/mile pace.  Which I am pleased with overall.  It took me just over 28 minutes to complete.  After running, I spent a lot of time focused on stretching.  I figure the more I stretch, the better I will feel when I wake up tomorrow.  And this has definitely proved to be true, at least throughout my training so far!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Paris Wife - in review

Our February book club selection for Julie's book club was The Paris Wife by Paula Mclain.

Honestly, I was procrastinating a little bit on this book.  I started reading it almost right away, but unfortunately I got sidetracked by our audit at work, and got so wrapped up in my work every day that I wanted to do NOTHING that even MIGHT be considered productive even though I really love to read and that is a big hobby for me.  But I managed to pull it off and finish the book in time even (although it was the 28th around 6 pm!)

Below is my review, and there will potentially be some spoilers, so if you have not read it, or have not finished it, stop here!

This book was, in its way, a book about books.  And as a book freak with dreams of floor to ceiling bookshelves in her house, I loved that part of it.  The story focused on Hadley, the first wife of the American novelist, Ernest Hemingway.  The book chronicled their fated meeting and courtship which was filled with letters of hopes and dreams.  I felt the courtship was exactly what I would anticipate the courtship of a novelist in the Jazz Age would be. 

Hadley is 28 at the time that she meets Ernest.  And in the 1920s, that was old maid age, and as a single lady, she had all but given up hope on love and finding the man who will make her life complete.

She and Ernest are deeply in love, chose to get married and they move to Paris to help Ernest discover his voice as a writer, novelist, poet, and being with his brand new wife in a new place.  They meet all kinds of authors of the time including Ezra Pound (who I am familiar with only because of a college literature class that I took) and Gretrude Stein.  The world of writers in Paris in the 1920s was very relaxed and the morals were rather loose.

The majority of the book is surrounding the Hemingway's and their friends that actually becomes the novel And the Sun Also Rises by Hemingway.

Once I had time and felt good about finishing this book, I truly flew through it.  I really enjoyed the book.  The story was one great point and the fact that it really inspired my book list to grow was another.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys books and/or period pieces.  If you like both, you are IN!

2 days into my running week

Well, here I am, working at home again.  We're having more kitchen stuff done and worked on in the house again.  Although J text me and told me that I better come home.  So I left my office and came here and NO ONE IS HERE.  And then the guy who is doing the work called and said he was in Dayton trying to do something.  Grrr...  So I am a little bit stressed out about the fact that I am working from home, and I cannot do something that someone asked me to do.  Oh well.  I am working, I am getting things done, and that is really all that I can do right now.

Yesterday I ran three miles in the afternoon.  It went ok.  It was scheduled to be a nice easy run.  My pace was easy, but the run itself was not.  My legs were on fire.  Calves in particular were really burning!  Oh my goodness.  They did not feel good.  But when I came home from my run, I spent some time on my foam roller.  I really focused on my calved, hoping that I would be able to do SOMETHING to get them feeling better for today's run.

And they did.  I ended up being able to get it worked out.  I felt pretty good once I got rolling on the treadmill this morning.  We had a tempo run on the schedule this morning.  So I once again wanted to work on my speed.  I decided to run intervals on the treadmill.  I started out at 6.5 mph.  After 0.25 (a 400), I kicked it up to 7.0 for another 400, and then to a 7.5 for another 400.  I kept repeating it until I reached the prescribed 4 miles.  I ended up finishing that in less than 35 minutes, which I was VERY proud of.  That's probably the fastest 4 miles that I have ever done.

I have some rear end tightness now, and I am going to spend some additional time with my roller tonight.  I am hoping that will loosen it all up! 

Monday, February 27, 2012


On Friday at lunchtime I made a run up to GNC.  I stopped at Vitamin Shoppe as well, because I had heard a rumor.  I will address the rumor when I get to it.  But anyway.  I had a 35% off coupon at GNC that was in my reach magazine, and I wanted to actually take advantage of it.  Plus I entered the no turning back world of double digit runs this weekend.  From here on out, every single run is going to be double digits on the weekend until the week before.  So running fuel is definitely becoming more and more important now than ever before.
SoI stocked up on gu.  I know I could buy it by the case online, but th fruity ones were marked down anyway at GNC, and I have learned than non fruity flavored jellys kind of freak me out.  Gu is the "official energy gel of the Flying Pig Marathon" but it sounds like they are going to have vanilla and chocolate on the course (yuk) so I am stocking up on the kind that I like!  Strawberry banana and jet blackberry.  Tried the blackberry before saturdays run since that was the kind that I had not tried yet, and it was pretty yummy.
The above bar is the rumor I had heard about.  Quest Bars at Vitamin Shoppe.  I had seen something on facebook, and since it was pretty close to GNC, I figured it was worth a look.  I have purchased several boxes online and LOVE them, but I have been missing them lately, so I am really glad that I bought a small fix (three bars) to hold me over until I suck it up and buy more!  They only had the vanilla almond crunch bars, but I was talking to the guy, and my particular location is planning on getting 3-4 more flavors in!
J asked for a present.  He got OSTrim.  Really yummy jerky.  Its a combo of beef and ostrich.  I had heard some awesome things about it, and I figured that was much more up J's alley then some flavor of protein powder, gu, or quest bars.  He is just not the biggest fan of those things.  He ended up eating one of them for breakfast on Saturday while I was out for my long run.
This is my favoite pre-mixed protein drink.  40g of protein (as you can see) as well as 0 carbs.  Yep.  ZERO.  :-)  I had that plus my Quest Bar for breakfast after lifting.  I decided to get a full strength workout in for once instead of the half-assed stuff that I have been doing, because I am feeling so jiggly lately. 

So this morning was a full on legs workout WITH weights including squats and split squats.  I did not use as heavy of weights as I used to, but I still used them.  After lunch, I hit the pavement for a quick three miles.  That also felt really good. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Marathon Training: Week 8 in Review

Well, it has been 8 weeks, and from today, I have only 10 more weeks to go.  Today is a rest day.  And while I know that I need it, I kind of want to go for another run right now.  Lol.  Who knew that I would ever be to that point in my running career that I would want to run (I am thinking 4-5 miles) after running for the past 7 days, every day.  I have come a long way, baby.

Here is my weekly rundown:
Look at that.  I did 40 minutes of cardio that WASN'T running!  That actually felt really good and kind of loosened my legs up for the weekend, I think.  It felt good.

Yesterday's run felt really good.  I was proud of myself for making it to the double digits on a run.  I felt really good after 10, which is hard to believe.  I mean, who feels good after 10 miles?

My weekly today this week was 26.  Dead on what it was supposed to be.  I felt good about that.  Next week I will hit 30.  Woo hoo!  10 weeks to go!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Saturday Update? What?

Well well well...  A Saturday and I am updating?  What?  I am doing this because we are all done in the kitchen.  All of the cabinets are emptied out.  We have touched up some of the paint.  We're ready for them to come in and fix everything next week so I can have my kitchen back.  I am DEFINITELY looking forward to that.  I am so exhausted about going out to eat all the time, etc.  I just want to be able to cook in my kitchen and enjoy it. 

Soon, soon, soon.  I just need to keep remembering that. 

I am glad we're having it done though.  I am so happy about that.  I really am.  And once it is done, then I will be able to really focus on my cooking.  I can control what J and I are eating and we can really begin to work hard on eating good, healthy foods. I had made some really good progress on that. 

I will do my marathon update tomorrow, I hope.  It is tough to believe that I am 8 weeks into this training program, and the marathon is 10 weeks from tomorrow!  It is also hard to believe that today was my very first double digit run ever.  I have been running for just right around a year, consistently.  I would have hit double digits before today if I had not gotten hurt in the fall.  And then I would have done one a few weeks back if there was not the situation with Jes and the cow allergy. 

Today was one where I got nervous that we would not make it.  Jes fell last Sunday and banged the hell out of her knee.  So having a banged up knee, and then putting her knee braces on top of that.  The braces rubbed against the bruises, and she was in rough shape again.  So that plus the fact that she was a little bit hungover made getting to the 10 miles tough. 

She was a little slow, because she adjusted her stride for her knee.  And then adjusting the stride made her foot and hip hurt a little bit.  So we ran the 10 a little slower than I would have liked, and I was struggling as well.  Not struggling because I was hurting or anything like that.  I felt good.  The reason I was struggling was more mental.  I was struggling between sticking with my friend and getting a good training run in.  I ended up somewhere between the two.

Friday, February 24, 2012

A Beer Tasting with a SOUR ending

I am not sure where to begin today.  Wednesday was one of the weirdest and most difficult days in my marriage so far.  And it did not become that until after 8 pm! 

Up until 8, things were going awesome.  The construction company called J and scheduled our kitchen install (next week!!), I had a rough day at work, but got over the hump thinking about the fact that the auditors only had two more days of fieldwork (and then I can get back to the tough stuff I have been slacking on!) and then I got to go home knowing that J and I had plans to go to a beer tasting at Whole Foods, and Jes and Andrew (my other running buddy) were going to be there too!  Andrew actually was running the tasting since he works at the featured brewery.

So the beer tasting was featuring the local brews of the Rivertown Brewery which is where Andrew is working right now. 

Did you know that Cincinnati is FULL of little microbrews like Rivertown?  If you are curious, because I know that I was, here is some info about that.  We have even had beer runs and all kind of good stuff.  In fact, my longest distance to date was a brewery run, the Hudephol 14K.  That race actually took us 8.68 miles with all of breweries in the old brewery districts marked with signs and all kinds of good stuff.  It was a blast.

Anyway...  Our tasting was at Whole Foods.  You could register for it, and if you were one of the first 10 people, you got a growler to take home (it was empty, but we both paid the $9 to get them filled up!).  They were having 5 beers for $5.  They also had a selection of snacks.  Some cheeses, flatbreads and other stuff.  I made a plate of meats and cheeses, just a few of each.  They had some kind of gouda, oh my gosh, it was AMAZING!

The beers were good, and J and I both got our growlers filled up.  We then hit up a burger joint for dinner.  We ended up fighting here, because I told him that I liked the fact that the company I work for helps people.  We're not a charity by any stretch of the imagination, but we offer some opportunities to folks who can not get these chances in other ways.  His response to this?  I better start working more and making more money because you won't have a job. No company (for profit company) that exists to help others makes it.  I was furious.  And so was he.  I don't know.  I don't want to talk about it any more.

I ran yesterday.
This was a lunchtime run, and my goal was negative splits for the first three miles and then just relax and cool down for the 4th.  It was raining out, but I did get to run in shorts in February!
Mile 1: 9:22
Mile 2: 8:42
Mile 3: 8:18
Mile 4: 9:26

Nice work Emily!  When I saw the pace on my second mile I was nervous that I would not be able to keep a speed faster than that.  I pleasantly surprised myself, and now I know that I can and should keep pushing!  And I will.  I ran three miles easy this morning, and we have another 10 miler tomorrow.  I am DEFINITELY doing the full 10 this time, even if I have to finish solo.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Final night of pasta?

As it was Fat Tuesday yesterday, I decided to let the grains thing slide a little bit, and enjoy my evening since I was planning on being without them for the whole of Lent.  So instead of going out (which was the original plan), I cooked some ravioli that we had in the freezer.  I also had half a jar of marinara from Trader Joe's that was in the fridge that I felt needed some using, so I figured two birds, etc, etc.

Actually, being home for dinner was a stray from the original plan.  Leah and I, as I wrote yesterday, were supposed to be out for a class at the gym last night.  We were (ok, secret revealing) going to go to Zumba, which is on my 101 list.  However, I got a text from Leah around 3 when she was getting ready to leave work that said that she was not feeling well, so she was going to go home and rest and text me around 4 with whether or not she was going. 

Turned out, she still felt bad, so our zumba class was postponed until next week.  Now...  I know that I could have gone on my own, but it was planned to go together.  And normally Tuesday night is "date night" so I did not want to lose multiple date nights in a row!  So I stayed in with J last night, and made plans to Zumba with Leah next week!

Along with my pasta, I decided to have a couple of the pumpkin beers to celebrate the holiday.  They were in my fridge from the fall, because they are my favorite!  As it turns out, my pumpkin enjoys pumpkin beer:

And not to worry, that bottle is empty.  She was just so interested in it.  She was licking all over the top of the bottle!

I cannot believe I forgot to post my Valentine's gift from J.  I think it was because I got so far behind in posting last week that it just happened!
That is one of our wedding pictures on canvas.  J heard about the company that made it on Howard Stern and then ordered it.  Apparently there are all kinds of different options for the picture, so he found the one that he liked and played around until he came up with that.  It looks like real paint and brushstrokes on the canvas, and I really love it.  It does not have a home in the house yet, but it will soon!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Lenten Challenge

Not sure if I mentioned this before...  But my body is getting to an interesting place, kinda far from where it was last summer.  Yes, there are a ton of factors that go into this.  Things like the fact that I am not competing any more.  The fact that I probably won't compete... ever.  The fact that my focus has changed from muscle building to marathon running (and let's be honest, that pretty much puts me on two completely opposite diets).  I would say all of these things have added a little bit of "looseness" to my middle.  Now, the scale has not budged (other than the normal +/-2 lbs) since November, so it is just a change of body composition, I guess, but it is not one that I am a fan of in ANY way.

I was really working toward a very lean physique during my comp prep time, and although my diet was pretty lame, I was enjoying it overall.  I was working toward a look that I was craving.

So now that my life is on a new track, I am going to be working toward leaning out while being an endurance athlete, which is different than before obviously.  But I think I am going to keep my diet similar to where it was before, but make changes that I have talked about doing and done a ton of research on, but just have not made happen yet. 

I am for Lent (as a starter, we'll see how it goes) going to be eating a Paleo/primal diet.  I say primal because I am not sure that I can completely give up dairy yet.  We'll see how it goes.  I am doing Lent because that will be 40 days total, or slightly more if I can keep it up on Sundays (which for some strange reason are free days? - Seriously - start tomorrow and count the days till Easter.  More than 40. Cut out Sundays and you are down to 40!)

Even though today is Fat Tuesday, and I should definitely be indulging in some cake, etc., I am starting the plan today.  I was feeling excited to get on board, so now I am at it!

Today I had 4 miles on the schedule.  It was set to be a tempo run, so I decided to run intervals for the full 4 miles.  I am using these tempo runs to work on my speed. :)  Here were my intervals.
I finished the running in 35:24.  Fast for me.  And then I just walked till 40 minutes (as it says) to cool down a bit, and get my heart rate back to where it should be.  Stretch and I was outta there!

Tonight I am trying out a new class at the gym with Leah.  One many many folks are familiar with, but something I have never done.  I will fill you in tomorrow!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Marathon Training: Week 7 in Review

Another week of marathon training has come and gone.  It's hard to believe how long I have already been at this.  7 weeks of the 18 week plan that I set myself up with.  Here is a rundown of the week:
Another week with 6 days of running, 2 of yoga, and 3 of strength, which makes for another week where I reached my goals!  I covered 25 total miles (running!) last week, which is the most that I have done in a single week in a very long time.  Probably since last summer!

This week I should end up around 26 miles!  Woo hoo!

I am still feeling good about running as of right now.  My legs got tired toward the end of last week, but they got refueled on Friday evening and Saturday and by yesterday's long run, I felt much better!  So I felt good for the majority of that run.  :)

Yesterday I busted out my new tights that finally came in.  I ordered them off of roadrunner sports, and they were on backorder.  I probably could have just cancelled the order, but I did not, so they came in last Thursday.  They are Under Armor cold gear tights, and they are not as thick as my mizuno ones that I have been wearing for the last year. 

So as it turned out, they were pretty good tights, but since it was a pretty cold day, I should have worn my others.  It was less than 30 degrees.  I think those would be good for the 35-50 degree days. 

So I am back on board once again today with lower body strength training and a two mile run!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

J's Toledo Birthday!

As I mentioned before, we were in Toledo over the weekend (J, the pups, and I) to get together with my mom for the first time since Christmas and also to celebrate J's birthday with my family.  He got to see what a traditional H family birthday is like, and how we have done birthdays for my whole life!

J made his own dinner selections which I communicated to my mom before we left for Toledo.  J figured that it would be less expensive than all of us going out.  He wanted ribs and tailgate sammies.  My mom agreed to the sammies immediately (she even already had all of the ingredients at home!) and said if ribs were on sale, we were on.  They were, so my mom bought two racks for the family to enjoy.

I was in charge of side dishes.  I started in the early afternoon on cake. 
You obviously cannot tell from the picture, but it is red velvet (just like we had at our wedding!)  Yes, it is made from a box mix, but it was quite tasty.  Tasty enough that I had a piece for breakfast the next morning.  :)  Yes, I know I typically at least try to have BOTH carbs and protein at breakfast, but I was lazy and not feeling eggs on Sunday morning. 

I also enjoyed a glass of red in a snowman glass for the year's biggest snow in Toledo (they got about 4 inches last Friday night!)

And I did the veggies!  Asparagus and twice baked potatoes.

And yes, they were quite yummy!
While I was cooking, I was wandering trying to just get some pictures to remember the weekend.  I am terrible at trying to remember my camera, so I wanted to get some pictures taken while I was actually thinking about it! 
my buddy - fresh from getting neutered.

i spy a "westside?"
And then we ate.  All of the food was good, however I learned that I am not a big fan of ribs.  They were just a little gristle-y.  Grandma Kate said thatit was just my little section and the rest were very good.  I hope she was right, otherwise, I am disappointed in ribs in general.  And that would stink!  (Yes, I have truly NEVER eaten ribs before).
After the food, it was time for BIRTHDAY!  We sang happy birthday to J while his candle was lit on his cake.
And then he got to open his bday gift from my mommy.

Eastbound and Down seasons 1 & 2 on blu-ray!  Awesome.

We're into his birthday week here now.  Today is "4" (we started on Monday and his real birthday is coming up on Sunday, so Sunday will be "7"!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Marathon Training: Week 6 in Review

I am way behind in writing lately.  I am flustered about it for sure, and I have a lot of work to do to get caught up, I think.  I am mad because writing here is very important to me, and I have completely been crapping out on it.

It's the time of year.  Our audit started this week, and I have been doing nothing but working on things related to the audit.  It is stressful and frustrating.

Anyway - week 6 of marathon training. 

Because I was in Toledo for the weekend to celebrate my sweetie's birthday with my family, I did not get a chance to run with my running group on Saturday morning. It was a bummer, but I talked to my JEM pace partner, and we decided to meet on Sunday afternoon to get the run in together.  We had 10 miles on the schedule.  The first double digit run for both of us post injuries. 
After running our first 4 miles quickly (we were at well under 9 min/miles for the first 4) we had to stop at a light to cross a street.  When we stopped we both immediately started to feel sick.  I think for me it was the going so fast with a sudden stop jostled my stomach.  Once we got running again I started to feel better almost right away and continued to until I felt back to normal around mile 5.  Jes simply did not start to feel better. 

We kept going until a little over 6 miles and she had to stop to use the restroom.  We ran into a BW3 so she could go, and while she was in there, I gu'd to get ready for the final 4.  She felt better when she came out and we got going.  A half mile later, Jes said that there was no way she was going to make it.  We agreed that she would go to a nearby bar (the bar where we planned on having our boys meet us post long run to celebrate) and I would head back to our cars and then come and get her. 

So I kept running.  Even though I still felt good when I got back to the running shop, I did not keep going, I just went and got my friend.  So I ended up at 9 instead of 10.  I was SUPER bummed about it (as you can tell from my "disappointed in me" post on daily mile), but at the same time, friends are more important, right? 

So here is the final weekly breakdown:

Three days of strength training, 2 days of yoga, and 6 days of running.  I am pretty pleased despite being short one mile.  That WILL NOT happen this week!  Plus there were a few speedy days in there from interval work that I did on the treadmill!

Friday, February 10, 2012

And Now We Return...

... to our regularly scheduled programming (that is not work)...  Emily's workouts and her life.  In case that is more interesting than my job or something.

When I got home from work the other day I had a few packages waiting for me.  The first several were birthday gifts for J's birthday week next week.  And there was also one for me!
I finally sucked it up and shelled out the money for my Road ID.  I figure with all of the long runs coming up in my future, I should haveit to be safe!  Its not expensive, so I am not sure why I hesitated.

My first double digit training run of the season is this weekend, and it will be on Sunday (instead of Saturday).  J and I will be in Toledo tomorrow, so Jes and I are running on Sunday!  Then, Brian and J are meeting us at one of our favorite places, the Brazenhead in Mason. 

I haven't been writing about my workouts, but suffice to say, they have been happening, big time.  I will do the week in review after my long run.  I think the weeks will be starting on Monday from now on!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Career Post

I honestly do not post about work and my job too too often, as it is such a minor part of who I am.  My home job and my fitness job are so much more who I am as an individual, so I chose to focus my blog on these two things.  But I do want to talk about my career, and today is the day.

I am definitely learning things about myself in my "real job" - versus one of the OTHER jobs discussed yesterday.  And it really only applies to certain people.  I think it is because of the shift in focus that I have had within my career mindset.  And I am not sure how much that has been addressed. 

I wanted to be a Partner in a Public Accounting Firm.  That was the end all, be all of my graduation with my Masters degree goal.  That's what I wanted to do, and there were no ifs ands or buts related to it.  Heck, I wanted to be a partner at a Big 4 firm.  So as big as I could get in that world.  I don't know why that was my goal.  Honestly, I chose accounting kind of randomly.  I picked it because I needed a career that I could be good at (potentially, you never really know in college) and make enough money to pay off my student loans! 

So I started my career at the firm of my choice (a Big 4) and made friends and worked my butt off for a year and a half.  I was well on my way toward my ultimate goal (typically about a 10 year plan).  And I was even feeling ok about the massive work weeks that I was pulling in.  I was dating, although not necessarily happily, and doing nothing other than work.  That's the life that a lot of people that I know live for their first 5 or so years of public accounting.  At least, a lot of people that I know.

After my first year and a half, my aspirations did not change, but my life did.  I was single for the first time in more than 4 years, and I was back on stage for the first time since college.  I wanted to date and enjoy myself and I was playing the lead in a musical.  So lets be honest, I started working 8-9 hours per day (never less than 8!) instead of 10-12.  I was more distracted, I was not as motivated as I was initially...  and a year later, I had enough, and I moved on.

I went to a smaller firm, where I hoped the pressure for "face time" would be less at a smaller firm, not to mention less hours required, etc. 

The small firm was tough for me right off the bat.  Its the kind of place where people do not come and go too often, and everyone has been there pretty much since their co-ops/internships, and everyone knows how to do everything in their  systems already, etc. Because they are a small firm, they don't really offer formalized training for experienced hires.  About 6 months in when a new crop of co-ops came in, they did have a training for them, which I sat in on, but at the same time, it had been 6 months.

I had adjusted my life goal to become a partner here.  Not a Big 4 firm anymore, but still, it would be a good place to be in.  And I still wanted it.  Although slowly the environment of this job was wearing on me.  I wasn't friends with anyone here the way I had been at my other job.  And I definitely was starting to see J early in my second year there, which was taking time.  I was making plans for 5 pm most days so I would not have any reason to stay at work any longer than necessary. 

And then in March of 2010 I had enough.  I started looking again.  This time, I was looking for things outside of public accounting.  My dream to become a partner had gone, quickly, and I was not all that sad about it, to be honest.  I interviewed a few places.

In May, my search became more urgent as I was let go.  Apparently they were feeling as apprehensive about me as I was about them.  It was technically post-busy season lay offs, and they had done the same thing the year before, but this year, my time had come.

Now, in my current position, which is the position I found in July 2010 after my layoff, everything is completely different, my mindset has changed completely and I think that is completely ok.  I am ok with the fact that a lot of my focus is on my other two jobs and that those are very important to me as well.  In other jobs, that would not be ok with everyone else.  I get to enjoy my life now.  I get to do the things that I want to do and it is ok that I want to run a marathon, go to the gym at lunch time, leave at 5 pm so I can take a nap after work. 

My new life is great.  Is it ideal?  No.  Its not my ultimate goal anymore, now that my interest in health and fitness is so piqued.  But its a wonderful wonderful place to be to make money, to learn about business and accounting and to develop. :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How does one find the time?

To have a life?  Somehow I feel like I have three jobs.  And while they are all pretty fun jobs, they do take their toll on my life in general.  I don't sleep enough, I eat at weird times, etc, and I would say that has to do with these jobs.

Job 1: my real job (obviously)
Job 2: my home life (dogs + J)
Job 3: marathon/fitness

I include fitness in general with the marathon because I am not really working out any more than I was when I was trying to prep for the competition.  So I will probably try and keep up with this level even after the marathon is over!  I feel good about the amount of exercise I am getting right now! 

So yes, there is somethingrelated that I want to write about to the above before I get into more detail about my "jobs".  Marathon training.  And the fact that I am LOVING it so far.  I mean, yes, I am only just venturing into double digit running days, and the weather has been pretty cooperative and that certainly does not hurt.  But I am really enjoying how sweaty I get, how great I feel afterward, and the exhaustion that sets in post-long run.  And so I have decided that I am most likely doing a fall marathon as well as the Pig in May.  Most likely it will be Columbus in mid-October.  My other runner friends are running Chicago, but that is the weekend after the Bourbon Chase (which I am also doing) so that just did not seem like a good idea.

But any way, between these three things, I often feel like I have zero extra time.  If there is a night when I am home in the evening, I like to stay home because that is my second job.  Being with my husband and dogs.  So where do you fit in a social life?  Heck, even if I didn't have job number 2 it might be tough to fit that in because job number 3 has me waking up at 430 am every day, which means I need to be in bed early! 

Its a tough thing.  I am not sure yet how to make time in my life to fit in people when it does not involve J.  Does that make sense?  I am realizing how important it is to spend time with my husband.  I am hearing this more and more from married couples.  Have one thing, that's your own (running for me!) and do other stuff with him.  So I am trying to figure out how that all works.

This is becoming increasingly important because I was asked to do a show this summer as well.  That would involve 4+ nights per week of rehearsal.  And late bedtimes.  That is not something that I am sure that I can swing anymore.  Its not even something that I am sure that I want to swing anymore.  I have not done a show for more than 2 years now.  I have missed it on occasion, but mostly when I see a show and someone has a part that I think I would be better at.  I guess I am selfish like that!  So I am not sure if performing is for me anymore...

I guess I just need to keep scheduling things out and trying to time them appropriately.

Thoughts?  Insights?  Help?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Post-Work Posting

I can't believe that I am already home from work and I have not posted yet!  I think that is the first time that this has happened in quite some time!  So I am still wanting to get in another post today as I have always gotten them done on weekdays!

This morning I was up early, covering a nice 3 mile run (per the schedule) and completed it in 27:41.  I was pleased with the time.  The first mile was a little slowish, but the next two were great.  I had "tempo" on the schedule, so I guess that was pretty accurate.  I was kind of wiped when I got home.  I stretched out a bit and logged my workouts for the morning before getting ready for the day.

I got back in bed after my shower, and I was out for about 20 minutes.  I think I needed that 20 minutes, I felt better afterward, for sure. 

I had overnight oats for breakfast, which is pretty much my all time favorite breakfast, obviously, as I eat it all the time!  I made it with cookies-n-cream protein powder this time.  Yum.  I think that might be my fave powder to include as well.  I also bought a new jar of almond butter at Trader Joe's yesterday too, so I topped it with that.  Yum.

Work was crazy busy, as is obvious from the lack of entry during the workday.  I am coming up on our audit for 2011, and it has also been close for January 2011, plus I just feel like I have 100 other things to do.  I know that it is going to be pretty much nonstop for the next month, which definitely is stressing me out.  But I guess I just have to do it and get through it.  That's what its all about, right?

I ran to JCPenney at lunchtime for my mom.  She wanted me to check and see if they had these certain towels that she is getting for my sister for her birthday at the end of the month.  I bought Rachel one set of these towels for Christmas, and she really liked them, so my mom is getting her a few more sets for Christmas.  But the color is one that is is being discontinued and her store was out of hand towels in that particular color, so I was going to check my store since we will be home this weekend.  My store was out of them as well.  Bummer.  At least I tried, right?

I also already ordered Rachel's birthday gifts and they'll be shipped by the end of the week, so she will definitely be getting them before her birthday!  And I forgot to put them as a "gift" on barnes &, so I am definitely going to have to text her to let her know that it's coming!

Ok, I am headed out to cook some dinner!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Monday, Post-Football

After an uneventful (but poor food choices) Super Bowl last night, I am back at it on Monday morning.  Not that the game itself was uneventful, just that J and I chose to do nothing special for the game.  Since it was the Super Bowl, I decided not to worry about food.  Not stuff myself, but eat whatever delicious bad for me food that I wanted.  Jason had requested chili cheese dip for tortilla chips (and I obliged but bought turkey chili and the lower fat velveeta cheese) and I kind of was feel pizza rolls.  I hadn't eaten those since before J and I moved in together. 

So there was pizza rolls, chips and cheesey dip, and beer.  An ideal completely off diet, delicious, at home night.  I enjoyed every single pizza roll that I ate.  I didn't overeat.  I didn't stuff myself.  I juat ate crap that I would normally not allow myself to get near.  And I still paid for it.  My stomach started hurting almost immediately and I just started to feel awful.  Not like I was going to be sick or anything, but enough to remind me why I don't like to eat that sort of crap all that often!  And I don't, so yesterday was ok.

But like Jes and I discussed on Saturday during our run, we were going to enjoy the Super Bowl and eat what we wanted, but then after that, it was time to get strict.  I have some softness around my middle that I am NOT a fan of at all, and I want to use working out, running, etc to work that out.  She is feeling similarly about herself right now, so we have agreed to hold each other accountable. 

I started my day on track, doing the 2 mile run that we had on the agenda for the Buckeye Running Co Training Group, followed by some lower body strength training.  I completed the following workout before heading home:
It felt good to have another leg day undr my belt because despite having sore hammies for two days last week, I still felt better and stronger for having done it!  Hopefully I will have a similar result today.  I am hoping to squeeze in a bit of yoga as well as some rolling when I get home tonight.  I am really trying to baby my body, hoping that it will hold up for the next 90 days until the marathon - and then continue to hold up after that, because I have BIG PLANS for the summer too!

I am headed to trader joe's at lunch time to get the chips that my mom requested I bring home for her this weekend, and I also need to swing by Auto Zone to get something for J that he needs (and Auto Zone is right across the street) so I might as well roll those two trips into one.  He better be pleased that I am doing that for him.  Lol. 

Have a lovely Monday!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Marathon Training: Week 5 in review

I actually did not write yesterday which is the first time that I skipped a day in quite a long time.  But I am going to write about my marathon training for last week in review today.  I worked out hard for 6 days this week.  Really hard.  But I was trying to take things up a notch this week, big time.

I ran 22 miles, did yoga twice, strength trained 3 times (even with legs) and did 45 minutes on the elliptical.  I would say that is a pretty solid week.  Here are the specifics:
The best part about trying to do the Buckeye Running Co Schedule is that even though I got 6 days of running in, I didn't do as many miles on individual days.  I plan on sticking with this schedule.  I can keep it up I think after starting it.

Next week though is my first double digit long run though, and I will be doing it by myself since we will be in Toledo for the weekend.  So I am nervous to run it by myself.  But I will make sure that I have my ipod charged up and go to wildwood and cover all 10.  And then I have 8 the weekend after that all on my own.  eep.  The 8 I am not worried about at all.  The 10 though, will be a little bit more tough for a solo run.

Yesterday's 6-er was awesome.  It is the fastest that Jes and I have run in a LONG time.  We ran at under 9 minute miles very consistently.  I want to continue to work on my pacing and keep up on that sort of pace, because its good for me. 

Jes found t-shirts that say JEM and the Holograms on them because our running group calls us JEM pace (Jes + Em) so we thought it might be fun to get these t-shirts.  :)  They are a little pricey (I think $24 is a little pricey for a t-shirt) but at the same time, I think they are special for the two of us as a team.  I had to tell Jes this morning that I was sad that I didn't get to run with her, and that makes me feel a little bit guilty.  I really LOVE running with her.  Luckily it will only be those two weeks, i think, but I have so much fuin with her.

Enjoy the Super Bowl everyone, and try and relax about food a little bit.  I am going to try.

Friday, February 3, 2012

My poor Zeus-er

My little pumpkin is being neutered today. 
Awe, this poor little guy is going to be so sick and tired when he gets home tonight.  He was clearly super peeved at me this morning.  I didn't want to deprive Teek by putting her water away, and Zeus was not allowed to have any.  I was holding him all morning, and he was a wiggle worm trying to get out of my arms and get to the food & water bowls.  I was holding him to prevent that! 

He'll be ok, right?  :(

Last night I had plans with Corey for dinner.  Like I said, I had not seen her in forever.  Seriously, it had been since BEFORE my wedding!  That just seems ridiculous.  I still don't know why they didn't come, and I am still sad that they didn't come, but whatever.  Its done, right?  We ate at the Rusty Bucket for dinner, a place that she and I have met at for beers many many times.

Its one of my favorite go to kind of places.  It is not too close to where J and I live now, so we don't go there as often as we did before we moved to Blue Ash, but it is pretty similar to some of our other favorite places.  I ate a burger and drank two beers and loved every bit of it. :) Corey asked me to work on costumes for the show that she is directing, and that's exciting.  It will be my re-entry into the theater world!  I am excited and nervous all at once.

This morning I got up to knock out another 4 miles.  The schedule said easy run, so I didn't even look at my garmin, I just listened for the beeps.  I hit "stop" after the 4th beep and as I was wrapping up my run.

10:24 avg pace.  It felt good and really felt like shaking my legs out a little, which was needed after all of the runs of the week!  Tomorrow is our weekly long group run.  I am looking forward to it!  We have 6 miles on the schedule.  It will put me at 22 total for the week.  My most in a week in a really long time!

I went and got my strength training in at lunch time today.  I did some biceps, triceps, chest, and abs.  Not the best split I have ever come up with, but it worked, especially because those are parts (other than abs!) that don't need as much work!  Here is my work:
I am really glad that I managed to get in three days of strength training this week, instead of only the 2 that I had been getting!  I hope I can keep this up!

Happy Friday everyone, and have a great night!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Another day, Another RUN!

I ended up doing about 15 minutes of yoga at lunchtime yesterday.  We have a Game Room in our office (think ping pong, foosball, pop-a-shot, cornhole, darts...) and usually people tend to use it around 2 pm.  Not at 11:15 am.  So I went in there, took my shoes off and went through a sequence of poses that I have grown very familiar with over the last year or so.  Between the class at my old job, p90x yoga, and the yoga podcasts I have been doing, I am well adjusted. 

After that, I ate my lunch.  The same thing that I have eaten every day this week, so far.  Chicken, rice, asparagus, spinach, feta.  Lol.  I am getting a little tired of it, but it is the last day today.  Mostly because I think I have lunch plans for tomorrow.  I am not 100% on those, but as of right now, I think I do, with Becca.  Although, I was planning on going to the gym to lift...  Shoot.  I gotta figure that out now. 

When I got home from work, I set out to start working on some stuff in the kitchen.  I started painting around the baseboards, windows, cabinets.  J hates doing edging (and that is my favorite part!) so I figured I would take that on right away.  I got out the drop cloth (old sheet) and got set up to get going.  I had nearly all the edging done around 6:30 pm, and new J would be home any moment, so I started working on our dinner.  There was no way that I was going to eat carryout again when we had food available!

I sliced up a really big sweet potato and cooked some burgers on the foreman.  Easy.  Delicious.  We ate them in front of the TV and then I got back to work to finish up the edges.  We were still working with the joint compound in a few areas, so J was not working on the rolling at that time.  I finished the edge work before heading to bed. 

This morning I was up early as usual and headed to the gym.  I thought about running outside, but I need to do the long ones out there, and I like to get my money's worth out of my gym membership!  So I ran three miles on the treadmill while watching "Old Dogs". 

I have never seen this movie before and the half hour that I watched of it was pretty good.  I was definitely amused to see John Travolta being mistaken for a grandfather.  Is he one?  I think yes, but I also think he doesn't look it.  He still looks pretty young to me!

I have plans with my friend Corey tonight.  I have not seen her since before my wedding!  Sad, right?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

And Kitchen Demo Starts... NOW!

J called me at work yesterday, saying that the construction company called him to try and schedule our new cabinets/countertops install.  He called me right away because this means that we have some work to do before that.  We needed to get out all of the tiles from the backsplash and we wanted to paint.  So I immediately got kind of excited and enthusiastic about getting it all done, and wanted to leave work right away to start!

Since I ate lunch at my desk yesterday, I decided to head out around 4:30 pm, and headed out.  I took care of the dogs and immediately started to work.  I took down pictures, switchplate covers, etc.  I started cleaning off countertops and cabinets.  I wanted it to be ready to paint.  We're going to need to empty the cabinets and stuff before the demo and install, but right now I just wanted to be able to get our part done.  After I had everything cleared away, I decided to start working.

Not sure if you can tell from that picture, but that is the first three pieces of tile from the backsplash.  I got them all down by myself.  I was afraid J might be a little mad that I started without him (and just by winging it, I had no clue what I was doing!) but he was pleased to see that I had started and especially that it was not too difficult.  He had been talking about buying a dremel and all kinds of stuff.  I kind of wanted to avoid that if at all possible.  We just used a little painters crowbar (that's basically what it looked like anyway!) and once I had the leverage to get the first pieces off, it got even easier!

So we got all of the tile down, and I got all of the tape up around the borders.  So tonight I plan on sanding where we put joint compound, and then starting to work on the edging.  Mybe when J gets home he will start working on the rolling.  Its not a huge kitchen, so it should not take too too long, and I am REALLY excited about my new cabinets and being able to completely get organized.  Right now, due to lack of storage, we have a lot of small appliance type things that are just out.  Especially since we got a lot of new things for the wedding!

Because of the disaster we created in our kitchen with the tiles, we ended up swinging through qdoba to pick up our dinner.  I had a burrito bowl with chicken, and J had a chicken burrito.  It was delicious, I will not deny that, but it was certainly not as healthy as my planned dinner of a turkey burger (no bun!) and sweet potato fries.  I guess we will just eat that tonight!

Last night I did not sleep well.  I am guessing that is because of kitchen stress.  I just tossed and turned, which caused J to do the same.  But I got up as usual at 4:30 am, so I hope that he got an hour of real sleep while I was gone. 

I went to the gym.  I had two miles on the schedule along with a back and shoulder's strength workout.  My 2 miles was supposed to be at race pace (marathon race pace) so I set the treadmill at 6.2 mph (about 9:40 miles) and kicked them out.  I would guess that is a little faster than I will maintain for 26 miles, but its a good pace to train at.  That gets me to 9 miles for the week so far.  I have 13 left to go!  Lol. 

That was my strength workout this morning.  I am pretty pleased with it.  I just need to keep up with regular training, and I should be able to maintain my strength during this process. :-)

The Night Circus - in review

For January, I joined Julie - and many others! - in her blogger book club.  I have never belonged to a book club before, and I LOVE books and discussing them, so I figured this could be a fun place to start.  So I am looking forward to reading what everyone else has to say!

The book was chosen through a poll on Julie's website, and the book that I selected was the one that ended up winning!  We read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

My review will be below, so if you have not finished the book yet, DON'T READ THIS!

The book is about two young illusionists destined before they knew anything of it to compete against each other to the death.  Celia was chosen to compete by her father, a great magician in his own right, and Marco was chosen by the mysterious man in the grey suit.  They are brought up learning all about magic, following the instructors of their leaders. 

The Night Circus or Le Cirque des Reves just appears and is up and running without any notice from its neighbors until it has arrived and is up and running.  The circus is open from nightfall until dawn, and Celia is one of the performers in the black & white tents.  Marco works for the gentleman who conceptualized the whole circus. 

The book was not written in a linear timeline, there was a little bit of jumping back and forth within about 10-12 years.  Initially, I found that to be confusing, and I was having trouble keeping track of the characters and the story, but eventually I managed to get the han of things and where certain people were at certain times.  Did anyone else have trouble with this? 

It took me a little bit of time, but I wound up hooked on this book.  Once I knew who the different characters were and at what point in time I was, I was hooked.  I had it on my kindle, so it took me about 10 days to get to "55% complete" but then I couldn't stop reading it and finished the entirerest of the book in one sitting.

For a first novel, Erin Morgenstern did an incredible job on this book and she developed the characters in such a way that I felt genuinely concerned for them and their well-being.