Friday, June 29, 2012

My First Day of Crossfit

I went to Crossfit last night.  Let's start out by saying that my new project is DEFINITELY trying to figure out how to make the cost of it work.  And also convincing J that him joining would be super sweet as well!
I talked to him about it already this morning, and he understood everything that I was saying.  So we'll kind of see where it goes from here.  We'll talk a little bit more about it when he gets home (he is in CA playing golf at Pebble Beach!) and maybe we'll do it together!

Yesterday's workout was called the "Deck of Death".
I am not sure if it was the routine deck of death WOD, but it was hard as hell anyway! 

When I got there I talked to the Coach (Seneca) and he had me get on the rowing machine.  He told me 2000m for a warm up.  Away I went!  Following my warmup, I went and found a spot on the floor near my friends Kevin and Brad.  I had no idea that they worked out there, so it was fun to find them.  I took a pvc pipe and worked on stretching my arms and shoulders with it (kinda following what the other people in the room were doing) until we started our group warm up. 

Group warm up consisted of the following:
1 minute squats
1 minute jumping jacks
1 minute mountain climbers
1 minute jump squats
Done in 4 rounds of back to back to back 15 second intervals.

We followed that up with some overhead squats using the PVC pipes for form (versus weight).  Once I figured out the correct placement of the bar it got easier.  At first I was wondering how they were all doing it without their bars coming forward.  But I got there.

Then we started the actual workout.  Here is how it works.
1. Number values are worth their numbers, facecards are worth 10.
2. Hearts are squarts
3. Spades are pushups
4. Clubs are kettlebell swings
5. Diamonds are burpees
6. Aces are a 200m sprint (in case I didn't get enough of those on Wednesday!)
7. Jokers (2 in the deck) were a one minute plank. 

Who knew that those 200m sprints were going to be sweet relief?  For all 4 I was 3rd back into the box and the first girl.  Woo!  The burpees nearly killed me.  By the end I  had very little control over my shoulders and their strength so I would just kind of flop down. And then work pretty hard to push myself back up and jump at the end.  My jumps were not high by the end, but I was still doing them!

So will I be going back to Crossfit?  We shall see.  Only time (and my husband!) will tell...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Death by Track

I got out there last night and got my speed work done.  I didn't set my watch probably so I don't have actual splits for my 200s.  Lame.  Next time I do speedwork on the track (I am going to work on this.  It will be better than on the treadmill, as it will push me to go faster!)  I am going to get my watch set to beep at my prescribed intervals.  That way I will better be able to check my pace for those intervals.  I did figure out how to do this after all.

My workout looked like this:
1/2 mile warm up
15x200m with a 200m recovery
1 mile cooldown (1/2 mile on the track, 1/2 mile to run home!)

I originally wanted to do 20x200m but I was DYING.  Seriously, it was hot and this was HARD!

The site of this death by workout.

Tonight my workout will be Crossfit.  It will be the first time I have tried such a thing.  Normally, it is my easy run day, but I will push that to tomorrow, I think!  I am really looking forward to trying this out tonight!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Lack Motivation + I'm sick

I haven't talked a whole lot about this yet, but I am feeling down.  Stressed out, overwhelmed, unfocused, and lacking motivation.  Yes, yesterday I got out there and ran 6 miles and even did those 6 at a good clip, but I really had to force myself to get going.  I know that with a lot of people that is always the case.  They have to push themselves out the door, but once they are there, they are great! And that was the case with me yesterday, but it is not the norm.  Normally I am excited to get out there and go.  Normally I look forward to the gym. 
SourceYes, that is normally NOT me, regardless of how many other people it is.  Today though...  Ugh.  I know if I get my speedwork in after work I will feel better.  But right now I need to get AWAKE first.

I am through my lunch now.  I made a decent choice (as decent as I could get!) at sammy's.  Grilled chicken wrap with lettuce and buffalo sauce.  Fries (which I didn't finish) on the side.  After eating a full meal I am beginning to feel a little better, but I am definitely still pretty tired.  Do you think running will help clear out my sinuses a little?  I think I am willing to try.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Guilt + Hills = Tough Run

I woke up in the middle of the night with definite tummy troubles.  J and I went out for Mexican yesterday and it was having a profound affect on me.  I guess I kind of enjoy the fact that my body lets me know when it hates what I give it!  And last night, it definitely was hating the Mexican! 

Because of the tummy troubles, I definitely did not feel that running was going to be a good plan.  I mean, running can definitely cause some troubles at times, and since I already was having them, I turned my alarm off.  I woke up around 6 and took care of the dogs with no run.  Ugh.  Already my brain was in guilt mode.

Oats for breakfast (with my fave added protein!)  and an iced coffee made in the keurig did nothing to make my guilt go away, however, they did help with the tummy settling and I brought my gear for a lunchtime run. 

I have been avoiding the lunchtime run as it is already getting to be ungodly hot around here despite the "June" factor.  But today it was supposed to stay pretty nice (before getting ridiculous tomorrow through the weekend) so I was hoping that I might feel better for the afternoon run outdoors.

At 11:30 am I locked up my laptop and grabbed my clothes to head to our in office locker room to get ready.  In reality, it is a big bathroom with shower stalls instead of toilet stalls, but I will take it, because not too many places of employment offer that even.  I got dressed and started the garmin so it could find me.  I didn't really have any planned run.  This is normally a tempo day though, for me, so I figured I would go for that.

I went left out of the office instead of right and ran my first mile in 8:38.  Mile 2 ended up around 8:05.  I was more running by feel than with a certain time in mind, so I decided to just go with it.  Run by feel.  Make it just a little bit uncomfortable, the way a tempo run is supposed to be.  And then I was greeted by a MAMMOTH uphill.  I  haven't synced my garmin yet, so I am not 100% on the elevation yet.  Suffice to say it was the entirety of mile 3, so that ended up being around 9:14.  That was when I made the decision to try and keep up hills around 9 and the rest faster (8:20-ish?). 

I ended up with two more steep hills that were not as long before the course flattened out to head back to the office.  I ended up with 6 total miles in 51:59.  That's an average of 8:38.  Pretty darn good, if I do say so myself!  Not sure I will be running that course again any time soon though!

Monday, June 25, 2012

My Sister is a Missus! :)

So I am a survivor of another family wedding.  One where I had to give a speech!  I do not have any official wedding pictures yet, however.  So you will have to deal with the ones that came from my mother's camera, which are also limited because she obviously was a little busy during the wedding (although not as busy as me!) and she has only posted about 7 pictures onto facebook so far!

She is married.  That is the short response to the weekend.  She made it. 

On Thursday I went out with my dad and brother and uncle for dinner.  I am sure that I already mentioned that, but Uncle Mike posted a picture, so I felt like I should add that and remention.
They had Rivertown Blueberry on tap at that bar!

On Friday, as mentioned previously, we went to the salon to have our nails done.  This was the same salon that we went to before my wedding, and because it worked out so well, we figured it was definitely worth it to go back there again.  It is a great package where the bride pays for the following services: trial hair, trial makeup, actual hair, actual makeup, manicure, pedicure (fancy one that includes LOTS of good stuff), and a facial waxing.  The price for that is pretty darn good as well.  And then each bridesmaid (or mom) can get manicure, "toe-cure" (they cut your nails, oil your cuticles, and paint your nails), hair and makeup for $100!  Plus on the wedding day they have a little fruit cheese spread and you can bring champagne and stuff (we did).

Here is my sister, my mom, and I at the salon on Friday morning!
I honestly think I was wearing that exact same tank on my own wedding day.
Energy shots on my own wedding day.  Same top.  Its got a big neck for easy taking off over an updo.

We went over to my dad's that night for the rehearsal dinner.  Keep in mind that it was my birthday, and I was feeling like I was having a lousy day since the energy was all focussed on Rachie.  I tried to keep a smiling face, but I was fooling no one.  Haha.  J was there when I got there, and my brother Joe brought our dogs (he didn't have to be at the rehearsal).
J and I and the pups in my Dad's kitchen.  Not the greatest picture, but I assume someone else has a better one, maybe my sister?  They clearly were not happy to be held.  Look at Zeus trying to crawl away and Teek squirming!
This is the aftermath of the party in my dad's yard.  Yep.  Beer cans all over the place (almost none in the recycling bin).  It became a game.
I did not drink too much on Friday (I wanted to get that 9 miles in on Saturday!) so I felt fine when I got up on Saturday morning.  J left to go golf and I hit the trails at Wildwood.

After my run, I just hung out at home until it was time to hit the salon.  I got my hair and make up done (I had the same lady do my make up as who did it for my own wedding) I think I looked pretty.  The rest of the afternoon was filled up with running around and then prep for the wedding!  But Rachel was calm just in time to walk down the aisle and make it to married.  She gave a sweet little speech to Chris's kids about how she promised to love them as her own, etc.  I cried my eyes out.  I did NOT cry at my wedding though.  I think I was focused on nice pictures.  Haha.
Some wedding shots:

It was beautiful!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

First LR of Marathon Training, Round 2

So it is Rachie's wedding day.  And even though yesterday was tough because it was my birthday, but it was still all about her, she was trying to shift it toward me a little.  She got a cake at Meijer before the rehearsal dinner last night and wrote "happy birthday emmy" on it.  I definitely love her for it. :)

So the rehearsal happened last night.  It was quick and easy.  Nothing for me to worry about at all except not falling down!

J was at my dad's by the time we got there.  I am glad he is here because yesterday was a tough day for me with my breakfast buddy ditching me, then being at the salon for way way way too many hours.  I was moody though by that time because the day was getting to me.  I think I was just feeling a little sad about not having a birthday.  Lol.

This morning J had plans to go and play golf with some guys, so when he got up, I got up too and decided it was time to get this week's (and the first week of marathon training, round 2) long run in.  The group was doing 9 miles, and I decided to do the same.  For "shorter" long runs, I am doing my best to hold my marathon pace as much as possible or go even faster.
So today, 9.01 miles at 8:47 avg pace.  Success!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Home Again. Celebrating starts.... NOW!

I am in my hometown for the weekend for my sister's wedding.  The celebrating officially begins for her at 11 am today, when we are all meeting at the salon, the same salon that we had our hair done at for my wedding. 

But first, we had a little celebrating for ME.  After all, today is my birthday and I am 29.  I can't say I feel different, although maybe a little hungover from celebrating with some of my relatives.

When I got to town, I went over to my dad's house.  Uncle Mike - my uncle who lives in Vegas - is in for the wedding, and he was having a field day with trees and rain.
Shamelessly stolen from his facebook page.  The caption he put on it was "There are trees at my brother's house!  What a novel concept!"

They took me to the Burger Bar for dinner.
The food there was pretty good.  I had a chicken sandwich (with ground chicken, so it was just like a burger!) and several too many beers, I think.  Like I said, potentially a little hungover this morning.  But not too bad to be honest, so after I eat breakfast with my friend today, I think I will be back at 100%!

This morning though, despite not feeling perfect, I wanted to get in a quick workout.  Sweat a little bit, and feel like I got my heart rate up, so I did the following little bootcamp.
It did exactly what it was supposed to do.  I broke a sweat, my heart rate climbed, and I did a little bit of strength work in there as well!

Off to get ready for my day and meet my mentor for breakfast!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cake = Guilty.

I made a new running friend.  Well, we have not actually met yet, but she is a good running friend so far, and I am COMPLETELY excited to run with her in the coming weeks and months!  She seems to be similar in pace and endurance to me.  So I think it will be a fun fit, and I am looking forward to meeting her "officially" next weekend!

After yesterday's yassos, my body was BEAT.  I relaxed the rest of the day, which is definitely normal after a hard track workout.  And I ate a piece of cake at work as we had it for June birthdays.  I am a June birthday, so I figured I definitely should eat the cake.  Haha.  But because of it, I pretty much spent the rest of the day feeling guilty.  Now let's be honest.  This is not a normal or a healthy behavior.  So I told J that I was feeling guilty about it in order to get it off my chest.  Plus, I knew that he would think that was dumb, therefore, knock a little sense into me.  And he pretty much did, so that helped.

I ran a 5k this morning, at a really easy pace (9:45 avg) because I needed the easy.  I was just worn out from Yassos.  My legs were anyway.  Plus I didn't sleep all that great last night.  But I got out there, and I got it done.

I am headed to Toledo this afternoon.  My sister is getting married on Saturday.  I am looking forward to the wedding, I am looking forward to wearing my dress, and I am REALLY looking forward to leaving work a little early.  I am BEAT!

Sorry this is a short one.  There are a few work things I want to get done and then I am definitely allowing myself to leave!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yassos: check!

So I have been reflecting on the Pig a little bit.  I got the email with information about getting a personalized finishers shirt.  I kind of want one.  Since its my first marathon and all.  They are personalized with your name, bib number and finishing time.  They have a pig on them who is holding a newspaper.  Pretty cute if you ask me! 
The order I placed for J and I through came yesterday.  I got a new bikini, new shorts (they need to be returned) and 2 casual dresses that I plan on taking on vacation with me.  I am going to wear one of them for my sisters rehearsal & dinner on Friday night though, get some early wear out of it.  It's cute!  The bikini is Oakley, and I like it and how it fits since it is kind of sporty rather than sexy.  Since my build is much more athletic than curvy, it works well on me.  I got J some new shades...
They are Oakley's that look completely dumb on me.  Haha.  But he likes them and they look just like his other pairs except in a different color! 

Dinner last night was another vitamix creation.  I used the vitamix to create a healthier cheese sauce to pour on top of whole wheat shells!  The cheese sauce got hot and melted right in the vitamix!
Then that is some turkey sausage for protein and there was green beans on the side for veggies!  It was really good and I plan on enjoying a bit more for lunch!

I was up early again, this time for my sprint workout.  Yassos were on the schedule today.  (Can you call them Yassos if you don't do the full yasso workout?  Are they just 800s if you do less than 10?)  I did the following:
Pretty pleased with this one if i do say so myself.  6x800 with a 400 recovery.  Avg pace for the 5.5 miles?  7:57.  Awesome.
And it's this guy's first birthday!
Happy Birthday Buddy!  You're 1 today!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Delicious Dinner and an AWESOME run!

Last night I made kind of a killer Vitamix dinner.  J and I are trying to get lots of use out of it, obviously, so last night it was used to make a sauce.  I made spinach pesto!  It was a little tricky because I did not need the full amount that the recipe called for, so when I halved it, it was right at the level of the blades in the vitamix, so I had to shake it up a bit to get it all blended.  Next time I will just make the full batch and freeze some.

So I made pesto and we used it as the sauce on some flatbread pizzas!

Mine.  Pesto, chicken and cheese on a whole grain flatbread.  J's has the tomato on it.  I just hate tomatoes!
Our delicious dinner!  It was not super healthy, but it was not particularly bad for us either, especially not for being "pizza" basically.

And since there were strawberries leftover from the Father's Day cookout at Angela's on Sunday, I needed to use them.  Especially since they were already all cut up!
Strawberry sorbet, also in the vitamix.  This only took about 2 minutes to make!  And it was good, cold, and flavorful.  Definitely something that could use a repeat in the future!

I got up for a second day in a row to get a workout in.  Tuesdays are one of the 4 days per week that I like to get a run in.  Tuesday is also TEMPO day!  I am needing to work really hard right now.  It was my first official run of training for Columbus, so I wanted to crush it, and decided to run a nice little tempo progression run.  By the end of it I didn't feel bad in any way, so I didn't slow down any where near as much as I had originally planned on!  Here was the 6 miles that I covered.
I wished I had more time.  I was just feeling so good this morning!  Have you had a run like that?  Where you know it is going really well, and so you just want to keep going?  This was an awesome run, I feel.  Tomorrow the team is doing Yassos.  I am not sure yet how many they are doing.  I know that typically you also do an 800 for recovery, but I am not sure if I will do it that way or not.  We'll see!

Monday, June 18, 2012

A Birthday Question, and more with the Vitamix

Yesterday Zeus very much wanted to wish my dad a Happy Father's Day!  So here he is doing just that.
He was growling at me as I took that picture.  And yes, he does look EXTRA teeny in this picture.  He is a healthy weight per the vet, he just looks dumb all shaved like he is, but it is keeping him cool in this hot weather we are having.

Now I have a lulu opinion question for you.  As you all know by now, it is my obsession.  So when J's mom and sister asked what I wanted for a birthday gift, J told them gift cards to there.  So they drove up to Hyde Park yesterday to go to that store to get me presents!  My birthday is not until Friday, but because Rachel is getting married this weekend, I won't see them for my birthday.  So since I was at Angela's yesterday for Father's Day, she gave me my gifts then.  And Jenny (my MIL) got me this jacket (and a gift card).
SourceThe nothing-to-hide jacket.  I tried it on when we got home last night, and if fits fine, I am just not sure that I would wear it.  I love all things with thumbholes, so that helps, but it is kind of a rain jacket that also has mesh so it is breathable.  I feel like in the rain I would be grateful to have it, but how often would I wear it?  Does anyone have thoughts on this?  Its a pricey one, so I could get a top AND pair of shorts if I took it back...

This morning I managed to get up at 435, which as you know has been a bit of a struggle for me lately.  It was not a run day, so I went to the gym to get some strength training in.  I spent more time on legs than on upper body today, although I did do both.  I even did some squats with light weight.  I am hoping if I can strengthen the muscles around my knee, than my knee will hurt less!  That is possible, right?

So I got through my full body workout this morning which felt great.  I have once again been slacking on my weight training due to running and now to turbo.  I am worn out.  Honestly, doing turbo every single day might have been a mistake, but I am getting there.  I will get through it.  :)

After showering, it was time for another vitamix shake for the day.  More veggies, more fruit!
 This smoothie has a carrot, 2 cups spinach, two scoops of protein powder, one banana, and 1 cup of berries.

I split it up between my glass and J's so he could have some too.  I am honestly not so sure about the carrot, but I wanted to give it a try since I bought carrots at the store yesterday.  I bought them to use in the soup I am planning on making in the vitamix later this week, but I bought three and I only need two!  So now the third went into this morning's smoothie/juice mixture.  We are also planning on trying sorbet with the strawberries we have left from the shortcake I brought for the fathers day cookout.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Best Gift Ever from my Hubs

So yesterday, J and I had several errands planned for after my run in the morning.  We needed to go up to Lowe's to get some more joint compound and a few other things for the bathroom project that J and I were working on.  I also had to stop at a grocery to get strawberries and cake mix for today's cookout.

J suggested that we do Whole Foods instead of Kroger to get my few things, which I am ALWAYS up for a trip to Whole foods! 

I happened to notice on Whole Foods facebook page (my local whole foods) that they were demo-ing the Vitamix there.  And if, like me, you have been reading healthy living blogs for a while, you know that the Vitamix is THE kitchen appliance.  So I definitely wanted to go and check that out!  So when he suggested whole foods, I was all in.  Plus they would most likely have the things that I needed in order to make my dessert that I said I would make for the Father's day cookout today.

When we got there, we found the vitamix demos right away.  The guy was making soup and it was hot right out of the blender!  It was so cool.  He made tortilla soup and it was delicious.  J liked it too.  We stayed while he made some ice cream with spinach, lemons, avocado, and agave syrup!  After we tried the ice cream, we moved on and did our shopping.  Naturally, we ended up with more in our cart than planned. 

Then J went and told the demo guy that we wanted a vitamix!  I was so surprised and excited!  We ended up with the red one, which all of our other small kitchen appliances are red.
This morning I got it out and enjoyed it for the first time!  I made a smoothie with beets, spinach, bananas, lemon, berries, protein powder, and almond butter.

So delicious!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ice Cream!

So yesterday at work, this happened.

And this was followed by a cup of lemon sorbet and frozen blueberry greek yogurt.  It was SO DELICIOUS.  And well worth the extra calories.  I planned for them, so it was totally ok.

This morning I met up with my team at the store and we had a planned 10 miles.  Steph stuck with me since it was her longest run since her injury.  So she didn't want to push too far to run too fast.  I was glad I had someone to go with.  We both started hurting between 2 and 3 miles.  So we cut things short and ended up at 7.71 miles.  We didn't go fast at all either.  It was definitely just a comfortably easy pace.  I have some work to do when my knee finally starts feeling back to normal to get faster!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Recovering after a BAD night

Yesterday was a rough one in plan "get super lean & hot before Mexico."  It was pretty much a fail.  Although not at first!  I spent the day trying to eat the right things, fruits, veggies, lean proteins.  I even had my shake as an afternoon snack, and I planned a dinner that I thought was going to be easy and healthy, all within the plans I had laid out for myself! 

But J had a bad day, and I am easily swayed when he is the one doing the swaying.  So when he said bws, I said "in".  And then when he ordered a beer and boneless wings, I did too.  And then a second beer.  And then I was starting to feel it, and then I wanted ice cream.  That one was completely my fault, as J didn't want it.  But of course, he ordered it.  Lol.  And I went to bed feeling obscenely full.  And terrible.  Plus guilty.

I know that getting so down on yourself is bad.  It is definitely not the way to be, and I need to be able to move on and build myself back up.  I need to be able to take myself and turn myself into a machine. 

I planned some breakfast today that was going to be a little bit more cleansing, and then I am going to stick with my shakeology, lean proteins, and vegetables today.  I know that I will feel better as a result.  That is the way that will help me to feel better about myself and definitely be more confident in the fact that I didn't do any real damage to myself yesterday. 

I just got through today's Turbo workout, and I am feeling a little bit better.  I guess that is the most important thing to get to my daily goal. 

I have picked myself up and moved forward with my day because that is what a gal needs to do to be successful, right?

Thursday, June 14, 2012


... Progress pictures.  It has been a little more than two weeks since I started on my TurboFire challenge, and some progress has been made.  In addition, the workouts are getting easier which is making me work harder!  I am definitely giving it at least 105% every day.  And I push for 110%.  Yesterday I had on the schedule HIIT 15 & Sculpt 30.  The "sculpt" and "tone" workouts are pretty much my favorite since I am a sucker for strength training. They went pretty well.  Working out with bands can be tricky, as I believe it takes some trial and error to get the right amount of resistance to get you a good solid workout.

Today is Fire 45EZ.  I love that one as well.  I definitely need to get those pictures taken and posted (meaning, I really need to get my camera charged so I can take them!  I turned it on this morning and well, it wouldn't.  "Battery exhausted.")

Running has been going pretty well as well.  At least this week.  The knee hurts, and I have kept it all taped up, which helps.  But it hurts way more when it is still (gets stiff very easily) than when I am running so I have tried not to worry too much about it.
KT-taped up, with a little puppy action on the side!

Today is a very good example of running, but still trying to keep myself careful.  I just wanted to run.  Nice and easy on the pace and get a few miles under my belt.  My quads were a little bit tight, so I just tried to shake everything out.  I had an easy run scheduled anyway.  :)  I ran a 5K and just focused on my stride.  I tried to shorten it a bit and focus on landing on my midfoot instead of my heel.  I have learned that I have a pretty wicked heel strike that definitely pronounces itself even more when I am tired.  So I need to work hard on making that better!

Yesterday I tried to do the speedwork workout that my coaches had planned for us.  It was all about 3s yesterday.  They were doing 3 sets of 3 300s.  So I did a little research on what my speeds should be for each of the 300s, as well as the distance of a 300 in mileage.  For your information, a 300 is 0.1875 miles. :-)  I knew that it would be easier to push myself to go really hard on the treadmill because I couldn't just slow down.  If I did, I would fall off! 

I originally was planning on setting the treadmill at 10.4 and running for 1:04.  The 1:04 was kind of a guesstimate based on my McMillan stuff.  Somewhere between that 41s 200 and that 1:27 400.  Kind of halfway even.  But anyway.  Somehow I derived that number.  So I ran a mile @ 8:57 pace to warm up, then I hopped onto the ledges of the treadmill to turn it up to 10.4. 

That was simply NOT going to happen.  So I slowed the TM down to 9.2.  MUCH slower.  And then I decided that I was going to run for 1:20.  I wasn't sure if that would get me to a 300 or not, as I was in the middle of the workout and math was not on my agenda (until later!)  but I figured it would be hard!  I did my first 3 with 1 minute of rest in between.  After those first three I was not sure I could do any more.  It was SO TOUGH!  So I slowed the treadmill back down to 8:57/mile and ran another mile.  By the time I was done with that mile, my confidence was back, so I decided to tackle the second set.  This time I turned it up to 9.5 but kept the 1:20 of sprinting.

I did my 3 next set of sprints more successfully than the first set.  They were definitely tough still.  Too tough to get through the third set, I am embarrassed to admit, but I did talk to Steph later and she said it was the same for the group when they did this workout for the first time, which had me feeling a bit better.  Later, when I got to the office and did the math, it turned out I did MORE than a 300, whoop!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yesterday: exhaustion & workouts work!

Yesterday was a successful day as far as both my food and exercise went.  Admittedly, I was so wiped out from the game that I was not really feeling my workout when I headed for home to do it.  I had Turbo Fire - Fire 45EZ on the schedule.  And as I have said previously, there is NOTHING easy about that.  When I started it, I was feeling rough.  I honestly even questioned whether or not I would get through the workout.  It was only 45 minutes, but I just was so beat.

But because I am a true all star, as I kept going my energy levels started to return a bit.  I punched and kicked and jumped my way through the 45 minute workout.  I felt much much better when it was over and ate lunch/drank a recovery shake when it was over.  I am really glad that I pushed myself to do it. 

After I got home from work last night, I got to work doing a few of the house things that J assigned me.  I am in charge of most of the painting projects in our house, and J wanted to get the upstairs hallway painted before his Uncle comes to visit us for the 4th of July.  Obviously, there is a decent amount of time before then, but I have a second painting project after this one is finished, and that is painting the downstairs bathroom including the ceiling!  That bathroom has been a work in progress for a year now, and we really need to get on top of it.

So while I took care of the dogs right before bed, J worked in the bathroom.  We hung the ceiling in there ourselves, and to be honest, we are not all that skilled in that way.  It was a lot of work, and it probably did not turn out as well as it should have, but it is going to have to do.  I mean, we don't have anyone to help us with stuff like this around here, at least not too often, so that is how it is!

This morning I was up early planning on actually running this week for 4 days.  I went to the gym since it was supposed to rain (it didn't, lame) and completed the following:
I was pretty pleased with that.  By switching up those tempo paces, it kept my three tempo miles at 8:13, 8:13, and 8:06.  Awesome.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Last night, J and I went to the baseball game.  The Tigers were in town, and that's my team!  J and I had made a bet on the series.  He picked the Reds, and naturally I had the Tigers.  He makes bets with my brothers when the Reds play their teams (the Yankees and the Mariners) as well.  When he bets with my brothers, they bet "Toledo Pizza" meaning Ginos or Vitos.  For our bet, we just bet dinner out, winner's choice.  I selected Mexican because J is NOT a fan of Mexican, so we almost never go out for it.  So that is what I always pick on my wins. 

Friday night, the Reds won.  We stayed up watching it.  They only won by one and they had to take it to extra innings, so I couldn't be too mad about it.  Although I was nervous that I was going to be buying ribs for dinner this Friday night (J selected Montgomery Inn if he won the bet!)  I like Montgomery Inn ok, but it is definitely not the first choice of restaurants to go to, even though I do enjoy it every now and again. 

Saturday, as previously mentioned, I got out for my first run in a week.  I was so glad to be back out there running that it was all I was thinking about!  It is amazing how happy 5 miles can make a girl!  I am hoping to rock out a few runs this week.  Mileage may not be there, but the legs will be moving in addition to my Turbo workouts!

J and I had a "date day" after my run.  We went to see the avengers at the regal theater up in Mason.  J wanted to see Prometheus, but honestly, I had zero interest in it.  I didn't really like Alien, it kind of grossed me out.  I really enjoyed the Avengers though.  Before we went J asked me who my favorite avenger was.  I just wanted to irritate him, so I told him Hawkeye.
I was right, he was irritated.  "I can't believe you said that.  You must know nothing about the avengers that you pick the character that no one else knows."  So I told him it was really Captain America.  Then he wanted to know why and I said it was because he was big and strong and handsome (obviously) and so at that point he stopped asking me questions about  it. 

After that, we headed to the bar to watch the second game of the Reds Tigers series.  I took home the win on this one, which basically meant that it would come down to the game that we were GOING to that would determine the winner of the bet!  So exciting!

We really enjoyed the game, especially me, since the Tigers ended up on top!  That means for Friday night date night/dinner out, we will be having Mexican food!

Breakfast this morning was a good call back to reality.
That is plain Greek Yogurt, some fresh strawberries, and a little sprinkle of granola on top.  It was delicious.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Back Running

I finally got back on the running horse yesterday.  It felt so good to be back at it.  I mean, it was not the easiest run that I have ever done, but I was definitely happy with getting out there the way that I did.  Our running group met at 7:30 am yesterday instead of our usual 8 am.  I think 7:30 is something that is going to be sticking around for the majority of the summer.  At least, I hope that it is because it sure was hot by the time that my run was over. 

The original plan, as I posted the other day, was 8 miles.  That was what was on the schedule for the marathon/half marathon group, which is definitely what I am in.  However because of all of the pain that I was having with the knee all week, I wasn't sure that was the best option for me.  And it seemed like no one else was sure that was the best option either.  I think only one person ended up doing 8 miles.  Maybe two. 

But Coach Steph was not feeling well still, she has that same pain that I have been having, but hers is almost completely debilitating for her.  Its not exactly knee pain, but more like a little bit of quad pain.  Its on the left side, just above the knee.  So low quad?  High knee?  I don't know.  Steph had talked to someone that she knows that has FAR more marathon experience than we do, and she mentioned tiny muscle strains and tears in the quad muscles post marathon, especially with all of the hills in the Pig.

The pain has pretty much been there when running ever since the marathon, I remember Steph and I talking about it when we went on a little 8 miler about 2 weeks after the marathon.  We both were already feeling it then.  I am ok now.  I mean, yes, it hurts a little but hers pretty much tore, I think because she is feeling REALLY bad. 

So I went out for 5 miles.  Most of the group did that.  It ended up being 5.2 miles for 48 minutes.  I am pleased with the run, especially for my first one in a week.  I am hoping to get in all 4 runs that will be my marathon training plan this week.  I am feeling better.  Things did hurt a little bit while running yesterday, but it was much better than it had been, and so I am definitely ready to be back at it!  I miss the long runs (even though I know that J definitely does not!)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Challenges and No Running

I am not over the fact that I did not run on running day.  I wore my knee sleeve on the left side all day, and even slept in it.  When I woke up this morning, it was feeling a lot better.  I knew I probably shouldn't just get up and run though, no matter how much I wanted to, but I decided that maybe I didn't need the sleeve today.  Yep, it is 9 am on Thursday and the knee is hurting as much now as it was Wednesday, pre-sleeve.  Apparently I was not yet ready for without it, and definitely not yet ready to run. 

I am still hoping to get in 8 miles on Saturday though.  That would be pretty much ideal, I believe. 

Not being able to run this week and forcing my body to take a break from something it has been doing very consistently for the last 6 months has been really tough.  But I am hoping that like being injured last fall, it renews my love of the sport and helps me to get through another round of marathon training.  I am feeling ready and eager to get the show on the road, but my nerves are definitely still getting to me a little bit!

After today I will have done two weeks of my Turbo Fire workouts.  I have adjusted the schedule a few times to make it work in my life, but I am doing the workouts in the order prescribed.  An example of my alterations: the schedule says that Wednesdays are the day off, but I take Sundays off from running/lifting, so wouldn't it be nice to have Sundays COMPLETELY off, so I shifted Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays workouts one day forward.  That way I am completely off on Sundays and start a fresh new workout week on Monday, just like my training plan!

I actually joined a challenge group when I bought the program, so I am going to be posting to that group with them regularly to help keep me on track.  Eventually, I hope to start a few challenge groups of my own to keep the business rolling.  I need to speak with Liza about it first though (we have a call scheduled for Monday evening) to kind of try and get some insight on it and all of that.

So the challenge involves following the schedule for the workout (check), daily shakeology (check), posting in the facebook group daily, and weight/measurements once per week.  I am planning on doing my initial weight and measurements today.  I would love to LEAD some challenges of my own, so I definitely am keeping my eyes and ears open to people who might be interested in participating!

I am feeling much better today than I was yesterday with the knee stuff, so I am ON for 8 miles tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Reflecting on National Running Day - and my Fears about Running

Today is National Running Day.  And I must admit, I am SUPER disappointed.  My knee is not yet feeling good enough to run on, and so I am not going to, as much as I want to.  I know that a break is going to be super important as I am getting up to the official 18 week starting time, next weekend, but I really just need to take a deep breath now and take care of my legs. 

It's a little sad, but I am currently starting to feel a little bit nervous about marathon training.  I know that I have already done it.  I know that it went fast and that I honestly flew through it, but now that it is summer and there are a lot of other things that are going on, I am starting to feel uncomfortable.  I had so much fun training before.  But now that I have put actual pressure/goals upon myself besides "don't die on the course" I am feeling scared!  I have no idea why, either!

I already know that I can do these things, I have already done them.  All of them.  I have run 20 miles when I didn't feel like it.  I have run 6 days per week and wanted to die.  I have crossed the finish line at a marathon for goodness sake!  So why the bundle of nerves? 

I can think of a few reasons:
1. Currently in pain.  Obviously that will make a girl nervous even when she is more than 18 weeks out from her next biggie.
2. The longest I have done since the Pig was 10 miles.  And it didn't take too much effort.  And that makes me nervous for some reason.
3. I have signed up for this Beachbody thing.  I am trying to dive into it headfirst so I can start bringing in some dough.  It would be nice to have it to pay off my car/students loans and start working on saving a lot!  It's time consuming.
4. I still need to convince my husband.  I am thinking about buying him some Ohio State football tickets for their game the day before.  Then we'll already be there...  And I don't care if he stays in bed this time.  I can accept it.
5. I have set some big goals.  Including PR-ing this race by approximately 27 minutes (I ran 4:26, and I would like under 4 hours).

So yeah, needless to say, I am a little bit scared about it.  I am hoping to get out and do 8 miles, with no pace pressures on Saturday since my team is doing that.  And no pace worries since I will be coming off an injury.  I am just crossing my fingers that I can be there by then!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Skipped Run, and New Kicks

I can't believe it is already June.  I can't believe it is only 18 days until my sister gets married, 39 days until J and I get to take a super awesome week in Mexico, and 138 days until my next marathon.  Where has the time gone this year?

But because time is moving so fast, I guess that means I need to stay on top of training because that 138 days is going to fly by.  I am trying to be moderate with my training to try and avoid some burnout, but at the same time, I have set myself some goals relating to this race that I would really love to achieve!  So I am trying to find the happy medium with training, food, running, Turbo, etc.  It has not been easy so far.

Last night when I was walking up the stairs to my house I noticed a nasty little tweak in my left knee.  I knew immediately what I could attribute it to and kind of grimaced at the thought.  Short answer: jumping + lateral movements + running shoes.  Yep.  I have been doing turbo in my retired marathon shoes.  Naturally those shoes are not made for the jumping and lateral movements that Turbo involves. 

So last night after having dinner with Carol, I headed over to Dick's sporting goods.  I have more than one $10 off a pair of shoes coupons from various races (and Turbo for a Cause!) and I decided to use one of them to get a pair of training shoes to wear so I can just have them for that.  I would much rather spend money on shoes than get hurt! 

I spent a long time browsing around the store, as I just adore new workout gear.  I definitely need NONE of it right now, but I just like looking so much!  There is this one under armor top that I want really bad.
I just love that shirt.  Plus the material is the same as all of my favorite non-Lulu running shirts!  It isn't THAT expensive, but I just don't need another shirt. 

I tried on swimsuits too.  One of these days I am going to start swimming and I am going to learn and become a good swimmer and do this triathalon!  I know it!  So at least now I know what SIZE suit I wear (I was kinda thrown by all the sizes that were in the 30s).  I didn't buy, but I know how they feel and stuff at this point, which was more than I knew before. 

And I picked my shoes out.
They are Nike Free TR Fit 2s and you can buy them here.  They do not appear to have the hot pink at the Nike store through, but they DO have them in that color on the Dick's Sporting Goods website, so if you like that color you can find them here.

I tested them out during today's Turbo HIIT workout, and it definitely was a lot better in them than in the running shoes. 

I skipped running this morning because of this tweaky knee.  I feel guilty about it because I always feel guilty about such things, but I know that I have been running 4 days per week, even the week right after the marathon, and maybe I need a rest and this knee thing was the way to tell me to do it.  So, deep breath, and enjoy Turbo.  I will run on Saturday.  Give myself a week off.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Turbo for a Cause + Rachel's Party

This weekend was definitely different from my normal weekend.  Even different that last weekend when J and I were in Chicago doing the family wedding thing.

This weekend I was in Toledo for my sister's bachelorette party.  As MOH, I naturally have a few duties, and one of them this weekend was to stay sober and make sure she didn't do anything too dumb.  I am not sure if silly stringing the hallway in the hotel that we stayed in counts as "too dumb" or throwing up blue goo counts either, but no one died or got arrested.  I stayed boringly sober (but on the plus side, stuck to my diet with zero issues!) but I made sure that folks stopped pressuring her to drink and stuff when she was clearly done, and I felt like that was my biggest job.

That last picture is a little bright, but she has panties on her head.  Not sure how she was convinced of that.  She ended up with them on for quite a while before she remembered that they were there.

So I suppose all in all, even though it was not the most exciting of nights for me, it turned out to be a success.  I think Rachel had fun, and that is the most important thing.

However, prior to that, I had an event to attend courtesy of my friend and Beachbody mentor Liza.
As I mentioned the other day, I started doing TurboFire.  In Toledo, my hometown, there is probably the largest Turbo community outside of LA, where Chalene the creator lives.  I knew it, because my friends that still live there are ALWAYS posting about going to classes, etc, but until I actually got to witness it first hand, it is a little bit tough to tell, you know? 

So Turbo for a Cause was set up to benefit Sonrise, an autism treatment program.  I guess this was the second year that they had it.  I had gotten together with Liza the night before just to hang out and chat, because, why not?  And she had asked me if I felt comfortable in the front row for the class even though I had never done a live class before.  Now, come on, I am a stage performer.  I have done many many humiliating things in front of large groups of people before.  Far more people than would see me here!  So I agreed.

 Here are a few pictures from the class.

I am in the red on the far right in both pictures.  You can kind of see me.  I kept up pretty well, I think, and I had a lot of fun at the class, which is really all I can ask for.

Do you have live Turbo where you live?  Or can you only do the DVDs?  We only have one live class here in Cincinnati.  I mean to get to it soon!