Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Training Week - In Review

Last week was the 6th week of training for the Columbus Marathon.  At this point in time, I have less than 12 weeks to go.  Wow. 

It was a rough week for me because I had just gotten back from vacation and like I mentioned in nearly EVERY entry last week, I was lacking running mojo.  However, I got it together and managed to get my weekly mileage to where it should be despite the fact that I skipped my run on Thursday.

I was supposed to be between 25 and 29 miles last week, and as you can see, I got there.  The long run was obviously the most important as far as hammering out mileage, and I did it in full, which was a really good thing.

The strength workouts are all from Tina's Best Body Bootcamp, and I definitely enjoyed them.  I am mixing them up a little for this week because the lower body circuit really made me sore and running became even MORE difficult.  So I made the decision to switch the days around.  But regardless, they are AWESOME workouts, and I definitely will be enjoing continuing them over the next 7 weeks!

That's it on last week's workouts.  Here's to hoping this week's are great as well!

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Color Run - Louisville KY

Steph, Karen and I ran the Color Run in Louisville yesterday.  We did actually run the race, although it was quite a lot slower than we might normally run a 5K, but it was not a completely wasting run either!  We had an absolute blast together not worrying about our pace and trying to get as colorful as possible.  And we decided to sprint to the end (which was super silly, but fun!)

Here is some of the photographic evidence of the havoc we created yesterday in Louisville.
Before the race - Karen, Steph and I looking pristine (except for the McDonalds coffee that I spilled on myself in the car on the way down)
Karen and I - with a better shot of the coffee.

And after the race - looking awesome, obviously.
Karen and I - post race, from the back
Karen and I, then Steph and I.  Obviously, we look amazing.

Have you ever done a color run?  They seem to be really gaining in popularity right now!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Running mojo?

FYI - I wrote all of this yesterday, but forgot to publish it, so here ya go!

So I feel that I this week has been a little challenging for me with running.  I did it, for the most part, but I honestly very rarely felt like getting out there.  On Thursday I skipped my run all together (and it was a long-ish one) and just did the elliptical instead.  And as is typical, I felt super guilty about it.  I was doing my boot camp workouts as well, which was good, and definitely affected my legs and their abilities to keep my running going.

But yesterday I had kind of a stressful & overwhelming day.  So when I got home from work, I got my running gear on and headed out! I didn't worry about pace at all. I just ran. I rolled back into my house just as a big storm got in covering 3.61 miles at an average pace of 9:14.

Not only did my pace go pretty well for a "de-stress" run, but I kind of felt like my running mojo came back. I felt awesome. Relaxed. And felt like maybe I liked running.

Saturday I got up early in the morning for my long run. 9 miles. It went darn well if I say so myself. Update on the color run tomorrow!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Family + Body Image

I am sorry for the entry I wrote yesterday. I truly do love fitness and exercise and even running! Like I was saying to Karen, I am feeling guilty about skipping my run on Thursday morning, but I was already dreading my next one. It is just so weird, right? Or is it actually completely normal? I wonder (as we move into the Olympics) if Kara Goucher ever has this feeling. I feel like I doubt it. But at the same time, maybe she feel MORE like it than I do because she's been running since childhood and I've only been running for a year. Man oh man, that woman is my idol. My running & family balance idol anyway. She's got it all together.

Granted this is my family right now. Just the little troublesome grey thing. She is trouble. And the white one too, of course. He's a booger.

However, I am doing more and more thinking about other family... more family. Seriously. I am starting to think about J and I and our future. I have so many things in mind already. I am not certain J understands all of the things that it means to me. Meaning... redecorating a bedroom for the baby. Figuring out which bedroom will BE the nursery (and which one will be a bedroom then for the baby when there is a SECOND baby!) And choosing everything, etc. I am excited about all of the ideas. I am excited about my owl nursery (I want that so much!) And about what the future of my family looks like.

I am excited about all of those things but nervous about something else... something that some girls probably do worry about, something that I know some of my own friends think about and probably some folks who read this as well - my body. I tell myself that all that should matter is growing a healthy little person if I am so blessed to be able to HAVE a little person. And I know in my heart that is the truth. But I also know that I am not the only fit, healthy, but slightly deranged body image girl who feels this way. 

Anyone out there have thoughts on coping and how to get to a good place with this dilemna?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sorry for being Debbie Downer

I have been trying to use my blog lately as a way of getting my "Debbie Downer" thoughts out of my head, so I apologize to everyone who reads this and thinks "darn it, Emily!  Can't you please be happy for one day?"  Ha.  It's not exactly that bad, but I am feeling weird about my running right now.  I am feeling a bit discouraged, not to mention a bit unmotivated about the whole thing despite the fact that I have only just over 12 weeks until marathon number 2! 

Karen and I have been talking DAILY trying to give each other encouragement (ok, she is giving ME encouragement because she seems to be completely motivated ALL THE TIME! - and yes, I am a little jealous how motivated she is) and I am grateful to have someone who is willing to listen to my whining.  After I ran with her the first time and she dealt with my crap I was starting to feel excited about running again, seriously.  I was actually kind of looking forward to training! 

So I am hoping that sometime soon that desire and drive comes back to me!  I am MORE than ready to get back to the enjoyment of running and get to some tough training, some hard runs, and making progress toward my goals for this fall. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Not sure if I have mentioned this yet but
Yep.  After reading all about it on other blogs, when I heard that Tina was hosting another bootcamp, I decided to give it a go.  So I completed the workouts for day three this morning.  Typically I adjust the cardio a little since I am in marathon training, but I have been following the strength workouts, including the core work today, to a T! So far I am loving the workouts, especially the style of them. 

On Monday I did some upper body strength training, Tuesday I did lower body, this morning I did core.  It is different than my training when I was in competition mode, and also different than when I am training without some kind of plan, so I am looking forward to continuing it!

Make sure to watch her blog in the fall for a third session of Tina's Best Body Bootcamp!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Running Running, all around

I am back at it.  I have been home from Mexico since Saturday night.  Sunday was definitely a slacker/catch up at home kind of day.  I went to the grocery, did some laundry from the trip, hung out with the pups that clearly missed us, etc.  But yesterday I was back to the grindstone. 

I did a track workout yesterday morning.  It wasn't the MOST difficult track workout I have ever done, but I definitely was pushing myself (especially after skipping last week's long run!).  It went like this:

1.25 Mile warmup
400m repeats x6 @ 7:30/mile pace
recover in between for about 1:45
1.25 Mile cooldown. 

I did 5 miles.

Here is a quick recap of my vacation running.  No details into exactly what the workouts were, but distances and times:

Monday: 4.002 miles in 34:30
Tuesday: 5.590 miles in 50:00
Wednesday: 5.095 miles in 45:00
Thursday: 6.002 miles in 52:18
Total distance for the week: 20.689

Not bad for a vacation running.  Every single one of those miles was run on the treadmill with the incline set at 1.0.  After all of my writing about beach running, etc, J basically told me that he doesn't pay ransom for wives that get kidnapped in Mexico.  And I guess, let's be honest, the beach in Mexico is not exactly the same as the beach in Hilton Head and stuff, so I respected his wishes and just ran at the resort gym.

Today, now that I have gotten through my first day back to the office, as well as Leah's birthday party, I headed out for 4 miles.  We had 4 miles at "maintenence pace" (9:28) on the schedule.  I struggled to keep that pace and ended up doing my 4 miles in 9:17 avg.  I am really going to have to work on relaxing and taking it easy on those maintenace pace days.  Seriously.  I need to let these legs get a break sometimes!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Vacay In Pictures

Vacation was AMAZING!  Here is a rundown of my week in Mexico in photos!
The view from our balcony.  That is a little 9 hole, par three golf course that is on the property where we stayed.  We didn't play, but it was nice to look at!

 This was on our "tour".  Lol.  We got sucked into a sales pitch on vacation.  How lame are we?
The last night before dinner.  I spent an extra long time trying to get my hair to feel "normal" again after days and days of salt.

Hanging out at the beach.


All 4 of us on our tour.

The 4 of us at the Mexican restaurant!

Look at the storm!  (also, the brightness hurt my eyes and I am trying SUPER hard not to squint.

Boys and their cigars.

Jason and I LOVE Mexican coffee!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

In A Workout Rut?

Are you ever in the mood for a good, at home sweat session but lack the motivation to make something up yourself?  This DEFINITELY happens to me every now and then, and when it does, I usually want some cardio along with some strengthening and toning.  It's called laziness, and every now and again, I suffer from it. 

So I usually bust out a workout DVD to break through this boredom that I suffer from and I have accumulated quite a few over the years.

1. Tae-Bo Bootcamp
A classic.  I started doing the regular tae-bo with my mom in junior high.  I have always been a fan, and now using the band that was provided in this one, it is a completely different workout than it once was!

2. 10 Minute Solution Pilates
I potentially purchased this one in an attempt to be more zen.  How's that working out for ya, Em?  A good workout none-the-less.  I usually do all 5 10 minute workouts.

3. 10 Minute Solutions Dance Off Fat Fast

Same idea as above, I do all 4 workouts.  But I think this one is SUPER fun once you get the hang of the moves.

4. Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred
The best.  Everyone loves the Shred, especially me!  One of these days I am actually going to do it for a full 30 days straight with before and after pictures and everything!

5. Turbo Fire
My newest and greatest love.  These workouts kick my butt and have me sweating like crazy every single time.  And yes I am a Beachbody Coach, but I truly do love these workouts and am super happy to have purchased them.
What are your workout DVD faves?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Emily, the Writer

If you are reading this, chances are pretty good that you either blog, have toyed with the idea of blogging, or you write in a journal (paper).  I mean, isn't that how we all got into this? 

I have been journaling since I received a blank book as a birthday gift at the age of 8.  It had a cat on the cover (not a cat person).
(not mine, but it gives you an idea!)

I remember writing about a crush that I had on a boy named Jeff.  He was popular and I was a big nerd. :-)  It doesn't bother me to say that now, as I am no longer 8 years old, and I am now definitely in a far better place than I was. 

I was fairly consistent with my notebooks all the way through grade school.  High school was when my life is unrecorded. 

In college, my first college boyfriend Derek bought me a new one as a gift, and I have been EXTREMELY consistent since then.  Sometimes in paper form, sometimes online.  But everything since 2001 is recorded somewhere so I can look back and see where I fell apart.

I have been a food logger for a pretty long time, and being one with disordered eating, I shiver to look at food logs from the time between 2001-2005 and sporadically after that when I would drop 20 lbs without "thinking" about it (although if you go back and read passages from that time, it seems pretty clear).  It is interesting to think about and look back on.  I was kind of always writing about the same things for ALL of my adult life, but in the complete opposite way.

I was starving, dropping weight, and exercising to drop more weight.  Now I am focused on getting FAST and STRONG and properly feeding myself to do that.  It is tough and I am still struggling every single day to find that balance, but I am getting there, and I am proud of myself for how far I have come and how much I have done to be a different person.

Strange, I wear the same size now as I did at 105 lbs (very underweight and kind of gross looking on my 5'6", fairly athletic build).  I weigh between 125 & 130 lbs now.  I guess that is the kind of thing that you have to remember.

How have you changed in the years that you have been writing?
Have you ever battled with disordered eating or poor self-image like me?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Me and Rachie: Two Peas in a Pod

My sister and I are sisters that you could argue, have nothing in common, outside of our parents.  In high school, I was smart, quiet, conservative, and dressed a little like a hippie (seriously, think smocked, embroidered tops and bell bottoms - not flared - serious bell bottoms).  Rachie was noisy, trouble, always dating guys from MY class, and ONLY wore American Eagle or abercromie.  She would get upset when my mom would buy her stuff from JCPenney, where my mom worked and therefore got a discount!

As adults, we are a little bit closer, but its kind of done a flip.  Rachel now lives on a farm, grows her own vegetables, wears clothes from savers (a secondhand shop in Toledo) and is extremely careful with her money.  I live in the burbs, in a big house with my brand new kitchen, work in a job in a growing company, wear the Gap almost exclusively (or Nike, Under Armour, and lulu!), and could stand to take a lesson in thriftiness from her. 

But we're sisters.
And in that picture, you can even sort of tell! 

I was looking through pictures from Rachel's wedding and was shocked to see how much alike we truly are!  And yes, in the picture above I am wearing 4 inch heels, and I have 3 inches on her anyway (she's wearing flats) so I am bent down to be a little closer to her in height.

Look at these two pictures.  Seriously.  WTF?  We're pretty much twins here!  I mean, the expressions on our faces (except facing different directions), the positioning of our hands...  I wish you could see my mom in Rachie's pic, but I bet its pretty similar!  As soon as I came across this pic in Rachie's album, I saved it and started looking for this one of mine!

 And here is another set of goofy Em & Rachie plus our mom photos.  She is putting on our jewelry, and we're making crazy faces.  Typical sisters...  Once again we're facing different directions, but it definitely still gives the sister with lots in common impression! 

Seeing these pictures next to each other just cracked me up! 

Being Rachel's Matron of Honor (eeep!  Can't believe I was a "matron"!) was truly the biggest honor that I ever could have had.  I did feel a smidge guilty giving my speech that she was not mine, but live and learn, right?  I was so proud to stand up there with her and be able to speak on her behalf and let everyone know how much she and Chris meant to me, and how much I can tell they mean to each other.

So my sister and I truly have occasionally had bad times, far less now that we are adults than when we were kids (and especially teenagers!) but she truly is my very very best friend, and I am so lucky to have her.  We don't talk as often as we should, and we definitely don't see each other enough, but we are clearly sisters.  We have a bond like very few others (except sisters, obviously) do, and I am forever grateful to her for that.

Do you have a sister?  Is she your very best friend in the world?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Operation: Get Fast

Operation: Get Fast commenced immediately following the conclusion of the Flying Pig Marathon.  At the time when I decided that, I wasn't yet sure what that meant.  In fact, now, as I am writing this, I am still not 100% on the meaning of that.  Haha. 

The plan that I had going into marathon training for Columbus was 1 tempo run, one day of speed work, 1 easy pace run, and 1 long run per week.  Distances were completely undetermined for the runs during the week, and my long run was to be determined by whatever Buckeye had on the schedule, but probably modified when we got close to the end since most of those folks were training for Chicago versus Columbus, and Chicago is a few weeks earlier (maybe 3 weeks).

So the first week of "official" marathon training (even though I had been roughly following this plan ever since the Pig) went something like this:
Tuesday: 6 mile tempo/progression run (included warm up and cooldown)
Wednesday: 5.5 miles 800 repeats
Thursday: 3.13 miles @ 9:45 pace (nice n easy)
Saturday: 9 miles @ 8:47 avg pace
Weekly total was 23.61 miles.  Not bad for the first week of training, right?

Run.  Run away.  Go.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Running: My Race Bucket List

Now that I know how much I LOVE running & races, I have decided to create the race bucket list.  Some of these (ok, one of these!) will be done by the end of 2012 for sure, and the others, well, I have a lifetime to work on them, right?

1. RnR Las Vegas: The Strip at Night
This will be checked off the list on December 2, 2012!

2. Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon
3. The Goofy Challenge!

A Half Marathon on Saturday followed by a full marathon on Sunday?  Sign me up!

4. Big Sur Marathon
I have heard nothing but amazing things about the beautiful views along this course.

5. Detroit Free Press Marathon
My favorite city (home of the Tigers) + international?  That's awesome!

6. A Half Ironman
70.3 miles.  Who knows?

So far, that is where I am.  We'll see if things change, but for right now, that is an awesome starter list!

Monday, July 16, 2012

My Vacation Book List

I don't know about you all, but when I am on vacation, especially a sunny beach vacation, reading is on the TOP of my priority list.  Prior to my honeymoon last year, my dad purchased me a kindle as a birthday gift, and so I used that and only carried three paperbacks with me to Mexico.

This year, I tried not to pack ANY (although you can't blame me if some magazines end up in my carry-on OR if a book at the airport on the way down called to me!) so I spent every bit of amazon book $$ that I had on stocking up the Kindle for this trip.  My books this week are:

1. Eat and Run: My Unlikely Jury to Ultramarathon Greatness by Scott Jurek
2. The Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy by EL James
3. Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong
4. The Maze Runner by James Dashner
5. Divergent by Veronica Roth

The Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy is definitely what I am looking forward to most.  Steph said to me, when I told her that I was going to read it on vacation "You're going to make a baby..." I told her it was not happening.  I am being, and have been extra careful to not let that happen right now.  Now, her on the other hand?  Haha, it will be for her sooner than for me, I think.

I should be soaking up the sun, something like this by the time this entry posts.
Except for I will be holding the kindle instead of a paperback!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Exercise while on Holiday

Now last August, when J and I honeymooned (holy smokes, it has been almost a year already!) in Mexico, I was dealing with a SEVERELY swollen ankle (turned out to be a combo = fractured foot/dancing in heels at my wedding) and I was in the middle of training for my bikini competition, which never ended up happening.  J and I both worked out on vacation.  Not every day, but probably 3 times while we were there. 

(Oh yes, there is photographic proof of that ankle.  I still struggle to believe it looked like that.  And only that one, which was the one that turned out to be fractured, so they were definitely related incidents!)

This year we do not have an official plan for workouts.  I know I plan on working out, at least 4 times, I think.  I plan on getting my runs in, and keeping up with marathon training.  I might not get the long run in as scheduled, but I am hoping for a few 6 milers. I think that would be considered a success on vacation.  But at the same time, how do you exercise when this is all around you?
Wouldn't you rather just sit and look at that?  (yes, that is J out there in the water!)

On Beach Running:
Do you run on the beach?  I have not previously, but I think I would like to.  By that I mean, actually running IN THE SAND, not just on the near beach bike path. 

When you run on the beach, do you go barefoot?  do you go with your regular running shoes or maybe a lighter weight shoe?  Seriously, I am looking for true advice here!

I will let you know when I get back from my trip how my workouts went and if I ran on the beach or not!

Saturday, July 14, 2012


I am in Cancun for the week and have tried to keep my posting up while I am gone, so I picked a few topics to address for the week and wrote posts in advance. 

It's July.  I am training for a fall marathon, and so are TONS of other people.  And in Ohio, it is freaking hot and humid.  And if it is hot and humid in OHIO, it is really hot further south than here!  So, sorry if you are dealing with even MORE hot temperatures than I am dealing with, but we still gotta get ready for the fall!

So there are a few things that I have done to enjoy my training (as much as it is possible) in this heat! 

During training for my first marathon this past spring, J purchased me a fuel belt.  He got me the four bottle one from the Road Runner Sports website, that looks like this one.
When I was training for the pig I just filled all 4 bottles with water, but now that it is summertime and I am sweating SO MUCH MORE, I fill two with water and two with my other favorite substance:
NUUN!  Triberry is my favorite right now. :)

I use that belt for runs of greater than 10 miles.  Normally for less than that, prior to summer, I didn't use a water bottle, but now with the heat, I have even been taking one with me in the morning.  Yeah, it is just that hot right now.  So if I am out for 3-5 miles (my most regularly run distance during the week) I take just a little handheld bottle:
My Simple Hydration bottle!  Now I cannot say enough good things about this waterbottle.  First of all, its creator is from Cincinnati (and we're "Daily Mile" friends!) and I think that is super neat.  Also, it is very easy to carry.  I actually carried it on my second 20 miler during Pig training because it was a race like atmosphere.  There were 7 water stops during this run, so I carried it, all 20 miles.  And it worked out REALLY well.  The shape of it makes it very easy to carry, even without a little holder!  I can also stick it in my SPIbelt, and it will stay there fine as well.

Hopefully hydration things will go well for you while you are running in this heat!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Long Run Friday

Last night as soon as I got home from work and had taken care of the pups, I did Blonde Ponytail's GNC Abs workout.  I set my HIIT timer on my phone and got set for 30 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.  It was rough, but doable, and it is a workout that I might repeat next week on vacation on a day when I want to get in some strength training as well!  Go to her blog to see this workout and the other's that she has designed for GNC.  I have done two of them and they were great!

J said he would be home around 7 so we could finish getting packed up for vacation.  We are leaving around 4 pm today to drive up to Toledo as our flight is out of Detroit.  The main packing was already done, but we had to finalize a few things, as well as add in our carryon packing.  My carryon has my kindle, 2 regular books, my ipod, various cables for charging devices, camera, and 4 magazines.  Yes, I will not need ALL of these things on the plane ride there, but we managed to pack 1 suitcase, so I am being a good girl and carrying all of that.  J on the other hand put his books (other than 1!) in the suitcase taking up more room.  Lame-tastic.

Anyway, I planned dinner around his 7 pm arrival time, and at 7:02 pm I was plating dinner.  That makes it sound fancy, and it was not, but it was still delicious (and within my food allotment for the day!)  At 7:10 he was not home so I text him saying "dinner is ready."  Nothing.  At 7:30 I text him again to say "where are you?  i hope you are safe!" At 7:45 he called me and said he was leaving.  *sigh*  So dinner was reheated in the microwave (lamesauce) and not eaten until well after 8.

I made the decision to get my long run in this morning.  8 miles.  Here's my splits:
Great run overall!  I am very pleased with it.

I am out for a week ya'll but I have posts lined up for the entire time we are gone, and expect a FULL RECAP when I return. 

See you on the other side of a Mexican vacation!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My morning in Pics

I am SWAMPED trying to get ready to leave work tomorrow and not TOUCH it for a week.  So I am just going to leave you with a few pics from the morning and their descriptions to suffice for the day's entry!

Today's hair, so you can see the bangs with a ponytail.  I am LOVING them!
This morning's run, done on the track.  1 mile warm up, 0.7 miles of drills, 2x2000m on the track (10:25, 10:15), 1.1 mile cool down.  It was a fun run.  I like the track in the dark!
Breakfast courtesy of the vitamix!  I ran out of spinach so cucumber was my only green today.  In the mix:
1/2 cup almond milk (unsweetened)
6 oz plain chobani
1/2 cup cucumber
7 strawberries
1 scoop whey (vanilla)
I think this could have used maybe a packet of stevia or something, the cucumber made the flavor a little bit strange.

I hope everyone is having a great one!