Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vacation Week - Catch Up Post

Now that I have filled you all in on the end of the week that I disappeared from the blogosphere, I suppose it might be advantageous to fill you in on some of the other, more FUN goings on of the week. I promise, my week was not so depressing as my race recap, and I DID make the front page of the Sports section of the newspaper in Toledo.
Like my pink hat and how I am repping Buckeye Running? I guess this means I am glad that I started the race. (FYI - this is not from the Blade's website, this is an iphone photo OF the paper that my cousin Jen took).

I stayed in Cincinnati for the majority of the weekend of the 20th. I didn't leave till the 21st (my brother Matt's birthday!) Before I left, we managed to get a picture of the dogs together that might work for Christmas!
They MIGHT be staring at a cookie. But hey, whatever works! Also, they REALLY needed haircuts.

When I got home on Sunday evening, I stopped to pick up $5 Little Caesars for Grandma and I. I text my mom (who was still at work) to let her know that I was doing that, in case she was going to be hungry when she got home from work (she got off at 8 pm). I enjoyed my planned cheater meal a ton, and ate plain cheese pizza and crazy bread which was just awesome.

Monday was the first official day of my vacation. My mom was actually off work that day, so I was looking forward to spending time with her. I did my #Bestbodybootcamp workout in the morning and then I took my first ever trip to Costco! I know, I know... how is this possible? Well, J and I belong to Sam's Club, so I have just never been there. Although after this experience, we might consider switching. I <3 Costco now. While we were there, I got J a little present.
He is obsessed with these because of Augusta National (where the Masters is held!) and after talking to my mom about how easy of plants they are to care for, I decided I should spend the $20 and get him one! He is excited about it. We picked one that looked great, and the price on it was amazing. We checked at a garden center later in the week and for one the same size it was $40 and it did not look as healthy! (Costco for the win!)

The rest of Monday was a regular day with a birthday celebration for Matt in the evening. My mom and Aunt Teresa cooked up some steaks and Aunt Teresa made a salted caramel cheesecake (which was AMAZING). I went for a short run (3 miles) in the afternoon to stretch out my legs. It felt pretty good and I knew it was taper week! I headed to my dad's late Monday night with Zeus, because he was going to be staying there on Tuesday when my mom, sister, and I went to Frankenmuth!

Tuesday morning started VERY early. I had made arrangements with Rachel to go to the gym with her. I was planning on 100% following her workout. She picked me up at quarter to 6 (after I had taken care of Zeus) and off we went. Rachel works out at Super Fitness because she works for the county and they have arrangements with that gym. I think she pays around $6/month (!!!) to go there. It is a pretty nice gym with all the equipment you might want/need, a pool, a ladies only area, and classes! So for $6 it is absolutely well worth it. Rachel's workout consists of 20 minutes of cardio (she prefers the Arc Trainer for a good workout and no impact due to the lingering issues with her back and feet from the accident), 20 minutes of abs (I did my standing work that Leah taught me), and 20 minutes of OTHER strength. Tuesday was back & biceps.

We had a SOLID workout and then headed to Starbucks/Barry's Bagels to pick up some sustenance for the 2 hour drive up to Frankenmuth. I went into Barry's and got three vanilla cinnamon bagels plan (mom, Grandma Kate, Rachie) and one blueberry with cream cheese (Addie still LOVES bagels with cream cheese!). Grandma was not going on the trip with us, but no reason she shouldn't have a bagel! Rachel took care of the starbucks run and got me my tall Pike (black) and some skinny lattes for herself and my mom.

Here are two Frankenmuth pics:

After we got home on Tuesday night, I headed over to my dad's again. Zeus was there after all.
There he is hanging out on my dad's deck. He sent that picture to me on Tuesday afternoon. He had travelled to Columbus that morning, so he was able to be off/work from home in the afternoon! I planned to hang out at my dad's again that night. We were going to Jed's (my fave Toledo bar) to grab a quick bite for dinner as well. Yummo!

Wednesday was a little more of the same. Workout with Rachel in the morning, back to dad's to shower, off to mom's, lunch with a Toledo friend, a few Toledo-like errands, more hanging out with Grandma Kate. It was a pretty straightforward day, and I enjoyed it.

Thursday was another day of working out with Rachel. Then I met an old friend for breakfast at one of my favorite Toledo spots.
If you have been to one of these, it is likely a relative, but the original is in my hometown of Toledo Ohio (my high school friends were all waitresses there on weekend mornings!)
The big event Thursday was dinner with all of my siblings at my dad's house. My dad was cooking dinner, and I was making some desserts. I couldn't decide what to make, so I made two things. A yellow cake with chocolate icing, and m&m cookie ice cream sandwiches. Both were a hit, and I managed to frost the cake better than I have ever frosted a cake previously, so I was proud of that. I actually waited until the cake was COMPLETELY cool before I frosted it, which basically made the cake frost easily. Who knew? (ok, I knew, but I have never had the patience to wait for it to be completely cool before. Watching an episode of Shameless with my dad was just the ticket!)

Friday I slept in, and honestly slept most of the day. We went to the Tigers game that night though, and got to see Anibal Sanchez pitch for a franchise record (not to mention a 10-0 Tigers win over ATL!)

Other than the STING of the race, it was a KILLER week.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Glass City Half Marathon: Race Recap

Yesterday was the Glass City Half Marathon. If you remember from last year, this was my first sub-2 half (and my second half EVER!) and it is in my hometown, so there are SEVERAL awesome memories of this race. :) It is also the planned race for my big 26.2 redemption run post-baby and as a way of getting back what I lost due to injury in Columbus.

I hesitated running because of the weather being so nasty. I know you don't get "sick" from rain, but being frozen while pregnant is likely not ideal. So my mindset was bad. My dad was in agreement with me, encouraging me to come over and eat pancakes. Um. I love pancakes. He was using the "you have to think of Addie" logic. This logic works MUCH better on me when I am in a fragile mindset.
Then I thought the race was at 7:30. It was at 7. I got to the start AFTER the national anthem, so WAY late. Within a minute of the horn blowing. Whoops. Not the greatest of all ways to mentally prepare for a race that you are afraid you might not be prepared for...
But I know how mad I am going to be at myself if I don't do this race. It's been the goal (the ONLY goal) since I got pregnant. So I run. I actually feel ok running out of UT's campus (and up the only hill on the entire course). My quads are on fire, but that is unfortunately a sensation I have gotten used to. They usually start to feel better once I am warm, around mile 3.
We entered old orchard. the only neighborhood my dad would have considered moving to if we moved out of the house I grew up in (while there will still kids in the house. now he would move to lots of different places). Ran past my high school friend Sasha's house (well, her folks house). She, her sister, and she son Liam (he's 2) were outside so I waved and yelled their names! They yelled back.
I was around 10 min/miles. And although the competitive Emily is stinging by that a little bit, the more logical Emily is fine with it. I begin contemplating if I should take a walk/run strategy from the beginning. Run 10/walk 2, or something along those lines. But I don't have too much time to think about it. At 1.2 miles my calves clenched up TIGHT! They were a little tight going in because they have been cramping consistently overnight, even though I have been stretching and rolling like its my job (hoping that will heal it!) I slowed to a walk.
Eventually they loosened up a little bit. So I started jogging again. I had only been walking for about 2 minutes and was pretty near the 2:15 pace group, which I honestly felt was doable for me, even in my current state. So I started inserting myself in that group of people. I stuck with them for the next two miles. We had entered Ottawa Hills (Toledo's version of Indian hill, to give you some perspective). I loved this part of the course last year. Its the neighborhood before you get to Wildwood (the park) before you hit the bike trail to head for home (a LARGE portion of the course is on a bike trail, but you still get TONS of spectators, it seemed!) Plus all of the homes are huge and beautiful. So it is fun to look around, and everyone that lives there is mega supportive. Some set up their own aid stations with gatorade and oranges, etc.
And then... 3 miles in... CRAMP CITY. Calves again. I almost fell over it hit so hard. I stopped. Walking was NOT an option. I went to the curb and started trying to stretch. Tears were coming on because it hurt so much. I was unable to walk it hurt so badly. A few of my friends ran by and asked if I was ok. Through tears I respond "yes" because they are still running their races, and I don't want to make them slow down, you know?
Eventually I just hit the ground in someone's yard. It's been close to 10 minutes. I get picked up by a golf cart who convinces me that since it has been ten minutes and my calves are still so cramped I can hardly stand, and cannot flex my foot, that I better just get in the cart. He drives me back to UT. Someone in the med tent gets me water (in case it is a hydration issue, which I know its not, its just a pregnancy thing) and massages out the cramps. They are still tight, but at least I can walk. My day was over.

And I was DOWN. I cried my entire drive home. I cried for hours and hours afterward. I was so upset with myself as this was the only pregnancy running goal that I had set for myself. I just wanted to FINISH.THIS. RACE. And I feel like I failed.

All - yes, I realize I am 26 weeks pregnant and I shouldn't be so hard on myself, blah blah blah. Please. I do not want to hear it right now.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pregnancy Update - People are Noticing!

We have had a great Saturday for far. But this entry is supposed to be about yesterday.

I made it to the gym at about 4:45 am to get in my Best Body Bootcamp upper body workout (FYI - I am absolutely feeling it this morning). Because us 5 am folks are typically the same crew, I pretty much know everyone, and they know me. We are a 5 am workout team! So there is one guy that I lift side by side with on days when I am lifting. He runs as well, but a half marathon is his limit (learned this last year when I was Pig training).

So yesterday, after I finished my 25 minute treadmill warm up, we are both over working out with the free weights. He asks "How's running going?" I responded with, "It's slowing down", and unconsciously touched my bump. His eyes followed my hand and he said, "oh thank goodness. I wanted to ask you, but I didn't want to make a mistake. When are you due?' I chuckled a little, and we talked about it a bit.

I guess I am finally beginning to look like I am actually pregnant. I have gained 10 lbs, almost exactly at 25 weeks. My doc thinks I am right on track. I usually weigh myself and go with the weight on my scale, weighed naked, first thing in the morning. It gives me a more accurate picture, as that is how I have always weighed myself, even when competition training. I am doing ok with seeing the number go up because I am finally to terms with what it is that I am doing. I am growing a little girl, Addison Rose, and she needs to be healthy when she arrives!

I am still struggling with some of the other aspects, but I am getting more comfortable as time goes on. It does make me smile when I can feel her moving, which is less often than the normal folks because I have an anterior placenta, so it is usually on the side, so she needs to be in the right place. But when I do, its awesome, the dogs also enjoy feeling it, I think. They notice when we are cuddling. :) Silly puppies. Teek still isn't sure how to react when J asks her, "Teek, where's your baby sister?"

My work day was mostly shot, in all honesty. I got everything done that I needed to, but I was sucked into the news, as I am 99% sure most of you were as well!

I am glad that everyone in Boston will be able to rest easier tonight. Will it be perfect? I doubt it. But it will be better... 

Still praying...

Friday, April 19, 2013

A Bit of Variety in my Cardio

Once again, I am attached to the news coverage. I am watching the Fox affiliate in Boston through the internet. It is amazing all of the things that have happened over the last 5 days. But that is really all that I want to talk about with this right now. I am watching. All of you are likely watching as well. We feel drawn to it. Connected to it. Leave at that.

Yesterday for the Best Body Bootcamp, we just had core work and cardio on the schedule. It was cardio B, which was 40 minutes of intervals. I chose to mix things up in a way that I have not for years. Meaning, I did not run. I met Leah at the gym, right after work, and we went to a spin class!

The last spin class that I went to was about a year ago, I met Katie at the gym for a 5 am spin class last January (per my 101 in 1001 days list) and that was the last of it.I am guessing that is because I was early enough in my marathon training that I didn't MIND crosstraining yet. That definitely fell off as time went on. I am trying to be better about this though as time goes on. I know that lifting and cycling (etc) will help me to be a stronger runner and more consistent with less injuries. They always say that a lot, and I definitely need to be better about it.

Our spin class started at 5:30 pm and we set ourselves up on bikes in the corner. It was a super class. It was 1 hour long and included climbs, jumps, sprints, cycling double time, and pyramids. It was tough, felt strenuous (but not overly so for baby Addie), and it was a great change up from running. It gave me a lot of confidence in my endurance because even though I pushed the pace the entire class, I still felt great throughout, which is not something I can really say previously when I was very consistent in my cycling.

The cycling trick that I had to deal with yesterday was seated hand position three. I was just bent over too far for the belly/baby. Haha. If I was standing, it was completely fine, but seated my belly was on top of my knees. So I just had to adjust. And I am sure that I will have to continue to adjust even more. But for now, I liked it because it didn't hurt as much as running, but it was absolutely still a very solid workout.

After we were done with the class, Leah and I went over to another area of the gym, and she showed me some different standing ab moves. I wanted to be able to keep training my core, but obviously crunches or other ab exercises on my back are out. Planks are GREAT, but I need more variety than that. So we did about 250 ab moves with weight. I will use much heavier weight next time, lol, but it was great to learn a few new things.

If you are a runner, are you consistent with crosstraining?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Work Differences/Serenity

Yesterday was a change of pace in the workplace, but not in my regular life. It was Wednesday, which means a workout double, which means I need to get up in the morning to get my strength workout in. So I set the alarm for 4:35 am, and fell asleep very quickly after going to bed on Tuesday night. J had the TV on (he was watching wrestling, and I was half watching), but that did not prevent me from crashing. This growing a baby stuff is no joke! It is hard work!

I got up when my alarm went off (after some waking puppy kisses from Teek. I think she "gets" alarm clocks) got dressed (PS - LOVING Old Navy Active Maternity tops. I have two, a gift from a friend, and I like them because I actually feel like I look pregnant, instead of in my own tops where I just feel chubby) and headed to the gym. I had Best Body Bootcamp workout B on plan for the day, which was a full body routine.

I hopped on the treadmill first and warmed up for 20 minutes before gathering the equipment that I wanted and settled into a spot in the gym with my mat and hand weights (8 lbs and 12 lbs). I used the 12s for almost everything, and this workout really worked my legs HARD. I know that for sure. I could definitely feel it when I got up for my usual 2 am potty break last night! Someone told me this morning that I was starting to get a little preggo waddle, and I responded that yes, maybe a little, but it is more likely the sore hamstring waddle!

Work was different because instead of driving the 2 miles to my office in Blue Ash (where I live) I drove downtown. I used to work downtown, so it wasn't something completely unfamiliar, but it is something that I almost never do anymore! I had a training seminar at the Queen City Club, put on by my former Big 4 employer. It was a great time, because although we all look like we are networking (my current employer is a client of the former employer), but really I am just catching up with all of my old friends. The people I spent the most time with, fresh out of grad school. It was lots of fun!

I had to try and make myself look presentable for this event, since I normally only wear jeans and tees to work. While I probably COULD wear that to the event, I felt guilty wearing it to the club. So I went with the pregnant woman's best friend. Leggings. :) I work leggings and a high waisted LONG tunic top. It was jersey so it was a little nicer looking than a tee shirt, and it was black and white print with my black leggings. It actually looked pretty good, if I do say so myself, and I have yet again avoided buying maternity dress pants (I avoid the rubber band trick because it gives me a rash on my tummy!)

I am still struggling with the aftermath of Monday. As I am sure lots of folks are struggling the same, or even more than I am.

With everything else going on right now for people, for me, for runners... I am trying to remember the calm.
We all could use a little serenity, right?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Run for Boston

Getting on with life today. I have been pretty dedicated to the BBB plan, all week so far, including hitting the gym for my workouts both on Monday and this morning. Monday was a legs and shoulders circuit. We used pulsing movements. Today was super sets, full body, although I definitely felt more effects in my legs than my arms. Lots of squatting!

Yesterday, pretty much the entire online running world was "Running for Boston". I, of course, am no exception to this rule.
I printed off my bib from the RunJunkees facebook page, and ran the 4.09 miles (for 4:09 on the clock when the bomb went off...) It was a pretty good run.

Did you Run for Boston?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


At just before 3 pm yesterday, my life and the lives of hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of runners had their lives changed as well. I am not that fast of a runner. I am still a relatively new runner (with one marathon, one DNF marathon, and 6-7 half marathons under my belt).

I am not going to  include any images in this post, but I thought about it. I do not have any of my own to share, as I was here, in Ohio, as usual, and I just don't want to take away from the seriousness of the event by sharing the images that we have been overwhelmed with on the television for the last 17 hours or so.

I started the day yesterday as normal. I got up and got in a Monday morning strength workout via the Best Body Bootcamp. I set my DVR up at home to record the NBC Universal coverage of the Boston Marathon. I planned to stream it at work as well, but just in case there was something different (or I got called into a meeting) I wanted to have the coverage at home so I could watch it! I have been following Kara Goucher religiously on all forms of social media (including through her husband's "Run the Edge" site) for more than 2 years now, so making sure I got to see if she got some Boston redemption was at the top of my list for the day!

With it also being tax day, I had a special bit of love in my heart that tax day was falling on marathon Monday. I don't necessarily miss the days of taxes full time, but at the same time, I have so many memories from that day and the stress that it caused me. Not unlike how runners feel lining up at the start yesterday morning.

I watched all of the elite coverage. I didn't leave my desk chair, despite needing to use the facilities, until noon. I wanted to see the American's finish so much. I was disappointed with Shalene and Kara not getting into the top 3, but if they were pleased with their performances, I am too. It was an exciting race to watch and I loved all of it. No, I do not find myself bored watching more than 2 hours of people running. I enjoy every last second of it. I saw Jason Hartmann finish with his second number 4 in as many years. I watched Ana Dulce Felix of Portugal fall off pace after holding the lead solo for so long (and I REALLY enjoyed watching her, even more than the American's because she is built like me! Thin, but no visible abs, probably needs body glide from the strong thighs, etc! It made me feel proud!)

At quarter to 3, I needed a break. I needed so fresh air. My head was hurting from the work I was doing and sitting in front of my computer, so I went outside to just sit for a minute. There are concrete ledges outside the building, so I sat on one of those and started reading through my twitter feed on my phone. That is where I got the news. I read the articles that were attached. I clicked on the live camera from CNN. I teared up IMMEDIATELY.

When I came back into the office, I pulled up multiple feeds. One was just a live camera at the finish. The other was the news feed from a CBS affiliate out of Boston, so I could hear what was being said. I watched the rest of the afternoon. I did no more work. For the rest of the day. I couldn't really talk about it. I stopped responding to emails and texts and IMs. When I left the office at 5 after 5, I turned my car radio to the AM station to make sure I did not miss a minute of coverage when I was driving home. I watched MSNBC while I ran for 30 minutes.

It has taken over my life.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is affected by this tragedy, even if it is simply in the same way as I - a runner. One with big dreams. Dedicate your miles today to Boston.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap: April 8

Another week of Best Body Bootcamp has come and gone. Last week, we finished up Phase 1. I must say I am feeling like this has been a really solid program for me to keep up during my pregnancy, although every now and again I do make some adjustments.
I am pretty glad that Karen is involved in it as well, we are definitely talking about it on a daily basis, telling each other what we thought was the hardest move of the day, etc.

So here were the week's workouts:
Monday: 4.42 miles run - 10 minute warm up, 20 minutes steady state, 10 minute cool down
Best Body Bootcamp - 30 minutes, Workout A
Tuesday: Best Body Bootcamp Cardio A - 3.36 miles
20 minute walk (1.34 miles)
Wednesday: 4.13 mile run - easy pace
1/2 mile walk
Best Body Bootcamp, 30 minutes, Workout B
Thursday: 1 mile walk
3.39 miles - Cardio B Best Body Bootcamp
Friday: REST DAY
Saturday: 8 mile run
Sunday: 7.25 mile walk

33.39 miles (run and walk)
2 strength workouts
1 FULL rest day (first in a LONG time)

After yesterday's walk with LB, I had to do a little recovery.
A little purple pro compression action. I slept in them.

How were your workouts last week?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Football, Shopping, and Sundays

I did my very best to get through all of the things that I wanted to get through on Saturday. Things have been hectic and busy around our house, because J has been so busy with work. I am ready for him to be less busy than he is now. It does make me a little bit nervous for when Addie comes. But other couples do it, right? When one or the other is super busy and they still get by and have kids and lives and stuff, right? Right? Please do not disappoint me by telling me I am dreaming.

Saturday morning started out like I like a Saturday to start. I got up with my dogs and took them out while I made a cup of coffee in the Keurig and a peanut butter sandwich. I was definitely dawdling a little bit to get started on my run. I just was not feeling the run. But around 7:30 I went upstairs to get dressed for my run so I could get the show on the road. But I skipped the road and went for the treadmill. The dogs and I headed for the basement. I turned on the episode of Mad Men that I recorded last Sunday night, and got to running.

What I have learned about me as a pregnant runner... it takes me 3 miles to feel warm enough that I don't hate myself for trying to run. It also takes about that long for my bladder to completely be empty (and around 3 potty breaks). After that, I can run. I did 8 miles at a 9:37 pace. I guess I need to be proud of that. It is definitely the furthest I have gone in weeks, so I need to take some pride in that. I have 2 more weeks until the glass city half, and then I can make some decisions about running (or not) for the remainder of the pregnancy.

After my run and a nice hot shower, our friend Bryan came over so we could head downtown. We had tickets to go to the Ohio State spring game, which was being played at the Bengals stadium.

It was a very nice afternoon, and I am glad that we went. It is always tricky right now for me in events like that, and with it being baseball season there is more to come. The boys enjoyed lots of draft beer and I was absolutely jealous. But I am doing the right thing, obviously. And it is not that I need the beer anyway. :)

I had a wonderful day with my husband yesterday, and I am so glad that we had it. We had fun at the game, we had a nice meal out, we watched a movie as we fell asleep. We watched Ted, which was pretty funny. I am not sure how much of it Jason actually saw, because he fell asleep, but I thought it was a very funny movie. Although I thought it was less raunchy than I expected it to be based on things I had heard.

Sunday is up and running. I got to sleep in a bit (9 am) and then got up and headed to Trader Joe's to do my grocery shopping. There were several specific things that I needed from TJs, and I was able to conform my grocery list around shopping there, which is awesome. It was a good week to shop at TJs because I was out of pb, almond butter, almond meal, and soy & flax seed chips! And they had one of the beers that J requested. He had only 4 things on his list, and beer was one of them. Ugh. But I guess I am glad that everything was available at TJs!

Are you having a lovely weekend as well?

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Emily's New Toy!

I am definitely writing this blog entry from my new Microsoft surface, purchased for me by my husband. He got it for me on Wednesday night when I was out at my girls night. I came home to this lovely gift! Jason helped me decide that this was likely the more practical tablet for me, more so than an ipad, so here I am, enjoying it. I admittedly am a little bit upset with him because I wanted to buy it for myself with money that I had been saving for a long time, but I guess you cant be too mad at someone for buying you a nice gift, right?

A Microsoft surface, for any unfamiliar folks... is that one that you see on all of the television commercials with the tablets with all of the different colors and the dancing...  I am sure that you have seen them? So far, so good. I plan on spending the weekend experimenting with it and this touch pad (the attachable keyboard) to see what I think of it.
Look! There is my surface with this entry on the screen. Pretty sweet, right? J got me the red touchpad. I obviously needed the red one, since my dell laptop is red as well!

J and I are headed to the Ohio State spring game this afternoon. We have two other friends joining us as well. I told him that Addie requested a funnel cake and potentially nachos. He said there was not going to be funnel cakes there. I asked him what kind of an event at an NFL stadium does not have funnel cakes, right? Potentially, I am the only way who feels that way, but I cannot say that I am too upset by that. I have always been an original. *winks*

I am looking forward to going home to Toledo in a week. I took an entire week off work. We have some plans, and some times with no plans. I am not entirely sure what is going on all week, but I am definitely looking forward to not worrying about work or my job for a while. I am sure that I will need to be providing my sister with a guest list and stuff for my shower, as it is less than 2 months away now (eek!), but honestly, I have just not wanted to worry about it too much. I do not really have the energy to think about it right now.

Any big plans for the weekend?

Friday, April 12, 2013

April Book Club: The Long Run

For the month of April, our little blogger endurance book club read The Long Run by Matt Long. It is a book about a marathoner, Ironman, all-around endurance athlete, Matt Long.


The book starts out with his epic Boston qualifying New York City Marathon finish, where he came in 4th among all of the firefighters. There is a war between the firefighters and the policeman for the marathon to see who "wins" and gets bragging rights for the year. With the help of Matt, the firefighters were able to pull out a win that year.

After his Boston qualifying finish, Matt starts to plan his next goals, which include running in Boston and another Ironman, where he hoped to qualify for the Ironman Championships in Kona. He had other firefighter training partners who were also looking toward Boston or an Ironman, and one morning during a transportation strike in 2005, they made arrangements to meet for an early morning swim. Because of the strike, Matt was riding his bicycle (a few more miles cannot hurt, right?) to meet them when he was struck by a bus.

The extent of his injuries was traumatic. His bicycle seat destroyed his pelvis and gut. He had broken legs, ribs, everything. He was given 60 units of blood in that first day in the hospital. He was given a colostomy to get through the fact that his insides were completely destroyed. He had many many steel rods inserted in his body to try and hold him together. They did not know if he was going to survive.

But he did. Once he got through the initial surgeries and procedures, he fought hard to be "normal". To live the life that he wanted for himself. To be an athlete again. That was his top priority. He wanted to walk. He wanted to run. Cycle. Swim. Compete.

The remainder of the book is his road to recovery. And him truly getting back to being the athlete that he once was. It is interspersed with storied about being a firefighter on 9/11, family relationships and dynamics, and his own personal relationships and friendships. The story is strong, and it reflects him being strong, OR allowing people to help him when he needed it most.

The ambition and dedication of Matt has been quite inspiring to me. I am "out" of training right now, other than training to be a mom, and this has added to my desires to get right back at it once Addie is born. He has worked through extreme hardships and problems in order to just live a normal life, and I struggle mentally to get through a run longer than a half marathon. I will definitely have to start thinking twice about the mental blocks that I occasionally have when I am out for a run because nothing can compare to what he went through physically. And if he can do it, I absolutely can.

Have you read this book? Have you overcome physical limitations to do something that you never thought was possible?

Prepping for Summer!

Yesterday was a long day. I am not entirely sure what made the day so long or complicated, but I spent the majority of it feeling rather stressed out. I am not sure why exactly there was so much stress over the last day or so, but I think the majority of it is just exhaustion.

I am taking a complete rest day today. Yes, technically I have a BBB workout to do, but I have not had a rest day in a VERY long time (probably since February) and I just need one. I may (or may not!) do the strength workout tomorrow, we will have to see how I am feeling when the time comes. But for right now, I am just allowing myself today.

I am working hard to try and get excited for the summer, even though I am likely going to be huge, hot and uncomfortable. So today I threw together this summer bucket list. They are basically things that I want to do this summer, hopefully before the baby arrives! If not then, by September. :)
I think all of these things are do-able. I am not necessarily sure when we will get them all accomplished, but I will be pleased to get them done.

Anything special on your summer list?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ladies Night!

Has anyone else noticed that everyone and their brother is hosting a DietBet right now? I am not, obviously, nor am I participating in any. There are not prizes for last place. :) And believe it or not, in some ways, I might be ok with last place for the moment. It means everything is working properly, right? Maybe after the baby it will be something fun to participate in. I would like to say that I am going to take it easy on myself after the baby and not worry so much about my body, but I also know myself better than to think that is the truth. I am certain that I will put some unreasonable amount of pressure onto myself in order to get back to where I was in October...

Yesterday was another strength workout for bestbody bootcamp! Workout B was yesterday, and I did the at-home version due to a rough night with my puppies. Zeus woke up around 2 am, and J got up with him. It's just like having a baby. He got Z up and brought him into our room, after taking both dogs outside. And Zeus just could not settle down. I would not mind him sleeping with us most nights if he would relax a little bit and just go to sleep. That is what seems to be the trouble though.

He was up and moving around, which made Teek be up and moving around. And neither J nor I got much sleep, so I turned off my early alarm and waited until 6 am to get up. It was at that point that I was uncertain what my plan for the day was going to be. Wednesday is typically steady state cardio along with lifting according to the schedule. I did not get an AM workout as I try to on double workout days. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to fit in a workout after work either as Leah was coming over at 5:45 to pick me up and take me to Katie's house for our girl's night.

I packed my workout gear for an outdoor run. I was uncertain if I was going to do intervals (today's workout) or steady state (Wednesday's workout). I was just going to wait and see how things were going when I was running. That was my tentative plan. It seemed pretty solid.

When lunchtime rolled around, I got dressed in my running clothes, put on my garmin, and headed out. I just went for the steady state. The plan calls for 20 minutes of it. I have typically been doing 20 additional minutes, mostly walked, and calling it my warm up before I lift. So I went out for the run. I started out with 20 minutes at 9:13-ish pace. Then to cool down (since I wasn't going to warm up), I did a jog for 5 minutes, walk for 2 minutes routine for the next 20 minutes. So overall, I covered 4.17 miles in 40 minutes which was pretty good. I felt pleased overall with my run.

When I got home from work, I managed to have just over an hour before Leah was going to pick me up. I managed to get in the at home version of workout B, which I was glad of. Basically, I modified some things that used a bosu, and it ended up working out pretty well and it was pretty tough. It felt good as well.

I made Michigan dry cherry salad to bring over for dinner for my friends.

My mom, sister, aunt, cousin and I discovered this salad in Frankenmuth MI at one of our annual girls days. It is so delicious, we have spent some time working to re-make it away from Zehnders. So that was what I selected to make to bring to the girls dinner. It was really delicious.

Katie ordered some chicken parmesan from a local Italian restaurant to go with the salad, Leah brought bread and some olive oil for dipping, Becky brought salted carmel cheesecake, and other folks brought wine (which I could not partake in). Other than the wine, the food was amazing, and I was pleased with my salad, and I definitely need to make it more often.

What did you do last night?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2 Delicious Meals

As you all know, I do not typically share food pics on here, because I do not consider myself to be a food blogger, food photographer, or all that interesting of an eater. However, yesterday, I had two of the most delicious meals (that were not poptarts) and I feel the need to share them.
 Lunch was an egg sandwich (I closed it up, so you can't see the egg!) with a slice of cheese and two slices of bacon on a sandwich thing. We had brunch on Sunday and I cooked the whole pound of bacon and now use it on little things throughout the week (it will make another appearance in tomorrow night's dinner!). I had a plain green apple and sliced up strawberries on the side. So good. And pretty.
Dinner. Asparagus (just cooked quickly in the microwave) - I ended up eating more than the 6 spear pictured because I was picking at it before I took the picture. I am so glad it is spring again because the asparagus was nice and fresh. Also the stalks are thin, which is the way I prefer them. (side note: have you ever seen asparagus grow? I have because my sister is an awesome veggie gardener! It is SO WEIRD!) The brown pile of glump is far more delicious than it looks. It is called Swiss Chicken and I found the recipe here. I modified it to work for J and I and some ingredients that we had on hand, but it was DELICIOUS.

Yesterday's workout was done at 4:30 in the morning, and it was the cardio intervals for the best body bootcamp, as required. Like I said, I am trying my darnest to stick to the plan this time and get all of the workouts done. I ended up on the treadmill for 50 minutes, after 30 minutes of running and then I walked for 20. It felt pretty good, in all honesty. I am planning on getting a run outdoors this afternoon!

Last night, this happened:
we pulled the comforter off of our bed the other night because it needs to go to the cleaners. I have not gotten around to taking it yet, so right now it is sitting in a pile on the floor, and I found someone curled up in a little nest. Cutie pie.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another Trip to the Doc

So yesterday I had my next baby doc appointment. It was the very first one that I attended solo, since the very first one where they did a pelvic exam and all of that good stuff just to confirm that there was something growing (PS - there was!) Honestly, I was glad that I was there alone because I was hoping to chat with the doc about some of the anxiety that I am having, especially about the potential for needing to stop running at some point, and not being on meds anymore. Having J not there was definitely going to make it easier to open up and chat about real things. I was seeing that same doctor that I saw for the very first confirmation appointment who told me that he was a cyclist, etc, so he "got" the running, and was the doc who gave me the all clear to do it as long as it doesn't hurt (outside of ordinary running aches and pains!)

Before the appointment with the doctor started, I had to meet with the nurse for the normal stuff. Weight (12 gained, right on track!), blood pressure (120/70 - perfect!), and a baggie full of goodies, including one not-so-good.
I instagrammed this image last night, with "Anyone know what this is? #pregnancy" My friend Sara IMMEDIATELY commented. And yes, it is my delicious (*vomit*) orange glucose test juice stuff. I have 4 weeks until the test actually occurs (I will be 27 weeks and 4 days-ish?) but this is the last time I go to the doctor before then. The white is a paper that is wrapped around it with all of the lovely instructions, as well as some tips. Like "drink this ice cold. it will taste better"

The doctor ended up being kind of a bust. As I climbed up onto the table so he could listen to the heart and all of that, I kind of grumbled a little to get the ball rolling. He asked what was up, and I told him that I am REALLY struggling with the loss of control. I mean, I know that recently things have been better, and I truly have felt a little bit better, but I still want to voice my concerns. He listened, seemingly concerned and then said, well you are about to lose control of your entire life for the next 20 years. I could come up with no response to that, so it ended there. I guess that is why he is not a therapist? Regardless, I did not feel terribly put off, or turned off to him as a doctor, I want to make that clear.

When I got home from the doctor I need to do my best body bootcamp workout for the day. I had already done the steady state cardio over lunch, running outdoors, which was tough but felt great.
A shot of my BBB plan (with no workouts shown, don't want to reveal any of Tina's secrets!). Yesterday's workout was the same moves as workout A from week 1 but with higher reps. I increased my weights to 12 lbs as well. She is really focusing on stability for these first two weeks, which I am enjoying because it is something that I definitely need to work on. In addition, it will eventually make me stronger as a runner.

My major goals for this plan are to stick to it! And I am also cutting out diet coke. Haha.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap: April 1

Today is going to be the weekly workout recap, as is usual on Monday mornings, but I would like to start up the entry with this:
Addie made me do it. I swear. I seriously have not had a poptart in YEARS but they just looked so good. And I was at a different Kroger than I usually grocery shop at, so I was going up and down every aisle to make sure that I didn't miss anything on my list that I needed, and I might have ended up with something that I did not need.I even ate a package for breakfast this morning. They were awesome. Worth it? Potentially. We will see.

On to the workouts!

Last week was the first week of Tina's Best Body Bootcamp, which I am participating in for the second time.
As previously stated, the last time I participated was back in the fall at round 2! This time, I think (and hope!) to get more out of it, as I am not trying to fit in these strength sessions around hard runs (during marathon training). So far, so good!

Monday: 20 minute warm up on tread, BBB Workout A, 20 minutes steady state Cardio (running)
Tuesday: Cardio A from BBB (intervals, 25 minutes)
Wednesday: 20 minute warm up on tread, BBB Workout B, 20 minutes steady state cardio (running)
Thursday: Cardio A from BBB (intervals, 25 minutes, a lil faster)
Friday: 20 minutes warm up on tread, BBB Workout C, Cardio B from BBB (35 minutes, intervals)
Saturday: 4.3 mile run (sore hips, legs like molasses)
Sunday: 8.15 mile walk with Leah (this will become a weekly occurrence)

3 strength workouts
1 LONG walk
32.93 miles (including warm ups and walking)

Not a bad week at all! How did your week in workouts go?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dealing with my LR GUILT

Yesterday ended up being a pretty good day. I did not get a long run in again, but I do not really care about that. I am not supposed to be worrying about that, am I? I am after all, pregnant, right? (Ugh, that is definitely an inner struggle in my head!) But I am trying to continuously remind myself that it IS ok to do LESS miles. I am still regularly running and walking, and I have finally gotten lifting back into my regular routine through bootcamp, which I am relieved about. I always forgot how good about myself I feel when I am lifting regularly. And that needs to mean something because that is going to definitely help me with being strong for baby and getting back into shape after we give birth!

But as much as I am having this internal struggle, my husband is not really helping me to feel any better. Haha. So yesterday we were out to dinner. Basketball was on, he had been playing golf with our friend Bryan all day. Bryan and Leah were also with us at dinner. J says to me, "How far did you run today?" I told him just 4 miles. I woke up feeling awful and stiff and my hips were super tight from side sleeping as I said in my post from yesterday. I felt like I was running in maple syrup for pretty much the entire run, and everything was HARD. But I still got through 4 miles at a sub-10 pace. I was pleased with myself. His response was, "oh. only 4?" Grrr....  That was definitely frustrating.

But I have said all along that it is ok if I have to run/walk the half in Toledo, right? Isn't that what I said in the very beginning? That is very much of an internal struggle, but since my long runs are NOT going well, it might have to be that way. I will try again next week.

After my run, I hung out in what is FINALLY spring weather here in Ohio.
I sat on our porch swing out front. It was so nice our yesterday afternoon. Was I having a guilt complex about my long run? YES, but I am trying to deal with it. I have been running long for well over a year now. When did it become so important? I am honestly not sure, but it is now, and I need to remember that I am well trained. I have built up a ton of endurance, and I am going to survive this half. No matter what.

Any other preggos or previously preggos dealing with this trouble?

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Outdoors, Finally

It seems as though we might have finally reached spring here in Ohio. Now I just am hoping that it STAYS this way instead of getting cold again. We have had the occasional day in the 50-60s, but then it just gets cold again! Fingers crossed.

Despite my trouble with my bladder while running, I decided to give outdoor running a go at lunchtime on Friday, to do my Interval workout for the best body bootcamp!
The pure flows got another workout, and they feel awesome. I am thinking that J might be right, and my whole shin thing is actually because of so much treadmill running. He thinks I might change my form a little bit on the treadmill, which is causing some pain. And now that I have had a perfectly pain free outdoor run, I am starting to believe he might be correct! I guess that means I am glad that it is spring, and hopefully I will get MORE outdoor runs. I just need to plan them around a gas station or grocery store or even my house! So I think I might just do 4 mile laps as a general rule.

Saturday morning normally means a long run, except last week, when my shins were killing me. I still went for a long walk. This week, I have decided to wait a little. We'll see how things are going and feeling once J leaves to go play golf. Maybe then I will head out for a few miles. I am trying not to pressure myself about it too much, but at the same time, I am supposed to be running a half marathon in three weeks! But sleeping on my side is getting uncomfortable to me (I am REALLY missing back sleeping!) and I wake up with hip pain from sleeping on them.

Any other women who have been pregnant have advice relating to side sleeping? I DO have a body pillow, but it is not helping too much with my hip issues. And that is definitely causing some running issues!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Accomplishments and some Shopping

So, all I want to eat this second is scrambled eggs with spinach. Seriously. No idea why or where the craving has come from, but it sounds SO GOOD right now. Almost good enough to abandon my lunch that I packed, which is a repeat of yesterdays super awesome amazing lunch. It might have come from the fact that hubby told me last night that it was omelet bar day in his office cafeteria. They have a cafeteria at work where all of the employees can have free breakfast and lunch (as well as an inexpensive dinner if they are working late!) everyday. Yes, I am jealous of that. BUT he has to wear a suit and tie. I wear jeans. Trade off?

Yes, I realize that I failed to get an entry up yesterday, and I definitely apologize for that because I have been on such a roll of writing daily (and I am really starting to enjoy writing daily), but the way work was yesterday, there was just no way that I was going to get an entry written. At least not one that was about anything interesting. 

I am on Day 5 of Tina's Best Body Bootcamp! I plan on getting the cardio in at lunchtime today because it is going to be getting nice outside, and warming up a little bit. So running outside will be a nice change, right? I am definitely looking forward to the warm up in the weather. And then the lifting can be done once I get home from work.

Yesterday at lunch I stopped off at our chosen school for Addie. I dropped off the application as well as our deposit which will hold our spot for mid to late September. Obviously the exact day is TBD based on when she is actually here, but it is good to know that when I am ready (or not ready) to go back to work, she has a wonderful place to go!
We are really pleased with this choice, and we would love for her to be able to stay there until it is time for kindergarten.

After my stop at the school, I ran to Target at lunchtime yesterday because I got a text from the husband that said "panties are on sale at target". This is important to me because Zeus (my little white booger) likes to steal panties out of the hamper and eat the crotch out of them.
Apparently momma panties are delicious (gross) so I am frequently throwing pairs away. I have always bought cotton thongs from VS (the 5/$25 ones, or whatever they cost now!), but lets be honest, 6/$20? That is a bit better (especially when I end up throwing them away because someone eats them) and it is one more pair for $5 less!

After getting my 6 pair of underwear, I wandered through the store a little.I had my whole lunch hour to hang out. I checked out the seasonal section to see if there was anything good.
I ended up with the above, on clearance for $3.60. It will be Addie's Easter basket next year! I might take the lining and have it embroidered with her name, but we will see. I am not sure what color to do that. Maybe pink. The green on the liner is a kind of mint?

Any amazing seasonal sales I need to hit up?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The countdown, Dog Reactions, and a quick run.

So this morning after eating my oatmeal, I asked Teek if she was excited to get a baby sister in a few months (like 4!)
I cannot say that she looks particularly tickled for the opportunity to play big sister again. She is probably like "I already have a little brother, and he is SUPER annoying." Oh well. She will always be our first baby and we will love her. She has to remember that.

Regardless, here is where we are as of now in the pregnancy:
That is from the countdown app on my phone taken around 6:30 this morning. I have it set for midnight on my due date. So yes, 123 days-ish to go. I remember when I was to this point for my wedding (two years ago) and I slowly started to freak out. Haha. I am not quite as on top of things with this as I was with that, but I am hopeful that the big things that we have done (daycare, one registry, hospital check in, name) will help me get through the other things that we still need to accomplish. And there are a lot.

That enough on pregnancy for this entry. Soon enough I am going to have to cover this blog with pictures of baby Addison Rose (yep! we named her!) so you will get plenty then.

Yesterday was Day 2 of #bestbodybootcamp and we had cardio on the agenda. Tina had planned out intervals for her participants to be done in a manner of your choice. I choose running. Shocker, right? I did my intervals after work on the treadmill while America's Next Top Model was on Oxygen. That is my biggest (well, probably second biggest after Teen Mom) guilty pleasure show. I did my intervals and then cooled down for 5 minutes, giving me 30 total minutes on the tread. It was a good run, and no shin pain! woo hoo! I am trying to wear compression and ice regularly to keep the pain away. So far, so good.

Are you doing Tina's bootcamp? How is it going?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I'm Going to Bootcamp!

So Monday started Round 5 of Tina's Best Body Bootcamp. This is the second time I have attended, and the first time since all the way back in the fall, when it was just Round 2, and I was trying to marathon train.
So I am curious if I get lots more out of it this time, that I am not trying to combine it with marathon training. I loved the strength workouts last time, and I am definitely very excited about getting them again this time around, obviously, but I am hoping to even follow the cardio plan this time, since I am not trying to run a million miles per week (just 20!). So I figure I will just run the intervals (and other cardio) that is included in the plan! That way I can still rack up some mileage, but feel better about getting my moneys worth out of bootcamp!

So yesterday's workout was the first strength workout of the plan. It was some full body supersets. My shoulders were BURNING by the end. I know that I am going to feel it tomorrow, which I love! Prior to my strength workout, I warmed up on the treadmill for 20 minutes. It was not really my "cardio" it was just necessary because I have been slacking so much at lifting lately that I needed a warm up!

The cardio on the plan for the day was simply 20 minutes of steady state, and naturally, I ran. :)
Look at that baby making herself seen over my Brooks! By the way, this was the first run in the Pure Flow2s, and I have to say I like how they feel!

I am starting to wonder if the shin pain is less about my shins and more about the fact that I am up 8-10 lbs from my normal weight. Anyone else have any experience in this matter? Regardless, I am going to keep with the icing and keep with the running in good shoes. I've got this, right? I plan to keep telling myself that, at least through the Toledo Half. I need that race. Especially since it is going to be the last big one pre-baby.

Monday, April 1, 2013

March Goals Review

We have reached the end of another month. It is hard to believe that we are a quarter of the way through the year already. So now it is time to review my 2013 Goals and where I am with them so far!

1. Races - at the end of February, I had run 2 of my 12 (or 13, depending on which goals you are thinking about) races for the year. March was a big month for racing!

I ran the Shamrock Shuffle 10K
I ran the #race2remember 10K
I ran the #race2remember 5K
I ran the Heart Mini 15K
I ran the Heart Mini 5K

Yes, that is 5 more races this year, putting me at 7/12 (or 13). I have a big one planned for April (the Glass City Half Marathon) and that might just be the last one before the baby! It is definitely the last one that will be longer than a 10K before the baby.

2. This month I made some crock pot barbacoa, which we served as tacos. On Easter, we ate the leftovers as nachos, and they were quite yummy. I also made sweet potato gnocchi from scratch one night.
They were delicious, even if they were not the prettiest things to look at! So I reached my 10/10 goal for new recipes in MARCH, and have even gone over it! I plan to continue cooking and trying new things, but it is pretty exciting to know that one of my goals is already completely checked off!

3. Login streak going strong. I am at 184 days currently.

4. In March, I did 36 workouts. Because the #runeveryday challenge was going on, I had zero rest days, and I had several more 2-a-days. I am at 91 workouts on the year so far. I need to complete 122 more workouts this year to reach my 213 workouts for the year.

5. Not yet! I am definitely still class-shy at the gym. I definitely need to get over that. I am sure that I can get Leah do one with me. She loves classes at the gym!

6. I ran/walked 171.38 miles in March.
That was definitely the highest I have had in a very long time. I have run 421.65 miles so far this year. I have had a good amount of success meeting my 100 mile/month goal. Obviously. :) I have 778.35 miles to reach my 2013 goal. If I can keep it up, even on my January mileage amount (116) I will definitely reach my goals for the year, but I have no idea how they will stay together when the baby comes or when I get huge! Haha.

How are you doing on your 2013 goals?

Weekly Workout Recap: March 24

This week seemed to have a whole lot less of this:
And a whole lot more of this:
This girl is NOT a fan, by the way. It is discouraging to me to know that I am not skipping runs because baby has decided I have run enough and she is sick of being bounced all over the place, but because I need to skip them so I don't end up any worse.

Here is my Daily Mile graph for the week.
So yes, this does show 40 miles covered and more than 9 hours of workouts. Here is the breakdown:

Monday: 3.13 miles, 20 minutes of strength training, and 10 minutes of foam rolling.
Tuesday: 6 miles run at a 9:37 pace, and then 4 miles walked later while watching Long Island Medium
Wednesday: 3.3 miles
Thursday: 1 mile walk, 4 miles run
Friday: 3 miles run. 2.14 miles walked
Saturday: 2.5 miles run (PAIN!), 7.86 miles walked
Sunday: 3 miles run

Totals: 1 strength workout
24.93 miles run
15 miles walked

Not the greatest week that I have ever had by a long shot, but it was decent for sure, and gave me a different - maybe more pregnant? - sort of week.