Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap: April 1

Today is going to be the weekly workout recap, as is usual on Monday mornings, but I would like to start up the entry with this:
Addie made me do it. I swear. I seriously have not had a poptart in YEARS but they just looked so good. And I was at a different Kroger than I usually grocery shop at, so I was going up and down every aisle to make sure that I didn't miss anything on my list that I needed, and I might have ended up with something that I did not need.I even ate a package for breakfast this morning. They were awesome. Worth it? Potentially. We will see.

On to the workouts!

Last week was the first week of Tina's Best Body Bootcamp, which I am participating in for the second time.
As previously stated, the last time I participated was back in the fall at round 2! This time, I think (and hope!) to get more out of it, as I am not trying to fit in these strength sessions around hard runs (during marathon training). So far, so good!

Monday: 20 minute warm up on tread, BBB Workout A, 20 minutes steady state Cardio (running)
Tuesday: Cardio A from BBB (intervals, 25 minutes)
Wednesday: 20 minute warm up on tread, BBB Workout B, 20 minutes steady state cardio (running)
Thursday: Cardio A from BBB (intervals, 25 minutes, a lil faster)
Friday: 20 minutes warm up on tread, BBB Workout C, Cardio B from BBB (35 minutes, intervals)
Saturday: 4.3 mile run (sore hips, legs like molasses)
Sunday: 8.15 mile walk with Leah (this will become a weekly occurrence)

3 strength workouts
1 LONG walk
32.93 miles (including warm ups and walking)

Not a bad week at all! How did your week in workouts go?