Thursday, August 29, 2013

Current Body Issues

Yesterday was another long, rough day. Addie was fussy for the majority of it, and I definitely struggle a lot when she is like that. I feel guilty or like I am not doing a good job when she is fussy. But we did pretty well overnight with 4 hour stretches between feedings, which is our goal. So I fed at 9 pm, 1 am, and 5 am, then we both slept till 8 am, when she fed again. So while the night was a success, afternoon/evening were really rough.

I am off dairy 100% and have been for several days now. Since Saturday, in fact. It is not easy, but I am hoping that this is part of the problem that she is having. Trouble digesting that protein. I hear that is a problem for a lot of babies, so giving up the dairy is something that I am willing to do if it will help her at all. The fussiness is a little bit too much to deal with sometimes, in reality. Granted, I have never had a kid before, but I do feel like she is more fussy than the average baby.

But anyway, that's enough about my current mommy struggles.

I have been back in my regular clothes all week this week. Granted, it has just been my regular workout clothes, so it is not like jeans or anything. Hopefully soon the jeans will follow. I still have about 12 lbs to go until I am at my pre-pregnancy weight. It is frustrating to feel so soft, and not to feel like myself. That is hard for me to deal with. I am working hard this week to clean up what I am eating, eat more real food, since when I first cut dairy I was absolutely struggling. Normal easy meals for me are things like a tortilla with cheese. And that is out, obviously. But now, I am getting there. I am getting the hang of things and eating much better food than I was.

I have one of those little belts. Katie gave it to me. I have been wearing it all the time, but unfortunately, even though it is a small, it is too big. So I keep wearing it, and I keep hoping it helps, it is just not that snug. It's not like it is falling off or anything, just not as snug as I think that it should be? I am really hopeful that soon enough things just fall into place. I am working hard. Eating well. Nursing. And hopefully soon it will be a worry of the past.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to Heavier Dumbbells - Finally

Yesterday I decided that I was going to go for a shorter walk. Well, in reality, Addie helped me decided that by filling her diaper about a mile into the walk. So yes, at that point in time, we turned around. I guess when you have a baby, you have to be flexible, right? At least, that is what I am trying to teach myself. It is not easy for this type A, completely inflexible gal.

Speaking of which, I am hoping to make a decision relatively soon about today's walk. It is crazy oppressively humid outside already, and as I am typing this it is only 6:26 am. I let the dogs out this morning and it just felt terrible out there! But I really want to go for a walk with A today since we cut yesterday's short. I guess I can see how morning feedings go. That might work.

Since the workout got cut short yesterday, I decided to throw in some strength training. My body really needs some of that. I am not super happy with the progress I have made, considering I have been working out every day. I am sure that a good amount of it is about breastfeeding and therefore holding on to some fat. I am pretty sure that the OTHER part (the one I have control over that I have been pretty lousy about) is food. I have been eating enough (but not too much) to support breastfeeding, but I certainly have not been eating great foods.

Regardless, I did a leg and core circuit yesterday, that really beat me.
I finally busted out some of my heavier dumbbells for the first time in ages. Using the 12 lb-ers felt great. This morning, I am feeling pretty sore in the high hamstring area. I guess that means that I did those straight legged deadlifts properly (I am like 99% sure that is what is causing the soreness, since those were something that I did not do after I broke my elbow, and squats have been a regular occurrence.)

Did you have a good workout yesterday?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Working on a Schedule

I am slowly feeling more and more normal. I think getting back into the routine of regular life is helping. I don't have any guests this week staying here - and while my mom was a HUGE help, it makes adjusting to doing things on my own pretty tough. And this week J is back to work full time. Granted, yesterday he was at a golf outing all day, but it was still an all day function. He got home about 7. So we are working on adjusting to our new life, alone. Granted, soon enough it will be daycare, but for the next three and a half weeks, it is me and Addie, enjoying each other's company and just hanging out.

We try and get in a walk every day. Do some tummy time (about 8 minutes, twice a day right now). Spend some time in the swing or bouncer and the boppy. Lots of feeding and diaper changing. We are getting there. We have had some tough days (yesterday) and tough nights (Sunday into Monday).

Yesterday we got out and went for a walk. We went 4.3 miles in 1:10:04, which is a 16:17 average pace. Since I am not running yet, we are not really seeing negative splits yet. So here they are:
Mile 1: 15:54
Mile 2: 16:06
Mile 3: 16:17
Mile 4: 16:49
Mile 0.3: 16:27

We walked all by ourselves. It was the longest walk we have done solo. It actually was great. I definitely got terribly sweaty and stuff (ugh, hormones), and Addie was warm as well. It was a hot day! But we worked hard to stay on some kind of schedule yesterday, so I am pleased with us, for sure.
Not to worry, all, Addie might be my girl, but she will always be Daddy's girl too. I love her, even when she makes me cry.

Monday, August 26, 2013

2 Week Post Partum - Workouts

I am still on some pretty low impact workouts. It is kind of boring, but at the same time, it is what I can do right now. I am still bleeding, which means the low impact is what my body needs and can take at this point in time. So I am going to stick with it, at least while my body is still doing it's thing...  Once things get all the way recovered, then I can kick it up. We are getting close, at least that is what it seems like. Sorry, I know that might be TMI, but I am guessing that most people who read this are women and therefore they can handle it.

So anyway, this week involved 5 workouts. All of which I am proud of. They are not anywhere near where I used to be, but when you are only 2 weeks past baby, you do everything that you can and manage to survive.

Monday: walking with Karen 2.76 Miles
Tuesday: full body circuit - outlined in a previous post
Wednesday: walking with Mom 2.74 Miles
Thursday: walking with Mom 4.05 Miles
Friday: walking with Karen 4.5 Miles
Saturday: pseudo-rest day. Walked around the Taste of Blue Ash (baby wearing!)
Sunday: rest day, mostly, with some core/ab work (much needed!)
Totals: 1 circuit workout, all strength workouts (stroller pushing is tough stuff!), and 14.1 miles walked not including a potential additional mile walked at the taste. And all walks were done with some pretty great company. I know that soon I will be walking by myself a few times a week, and maybe with Karen a few other times.

When we went to the Taste, I put Addie in the ergo carrier for the first time. We used the infant insert and the little hood to keep her protected from the sun. It was comfortable to wear and definitely easy to have her on me like that. It was quite comfortable. I definitely will be using it more and more in the coming months, I think, because it was just nice to have free hands and still have her close to me like that. I think she enjoyed it as well. I plan to use it around the house a little bit more as well. I will be able to get some things done having my hands free (like cook and fold laundry) that I have felt unable to do previously.

I am considering planning out my week's workouts for this week. It is hard because things vary so much day to day with me. But I would like to get in at least 10 miles, and two strength workouts. That is my start to a plan, I guess. I feel like I cannot 100% commit to a plan just yet, with so much unknown going on with Addie.
Pretty lady in polka dots!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rachie's Visit!

My sister came down on Saturday with her husband Chris. They just stayed overnight. They did not even stay at our house! I was a little sad about that, but I think that they were trying to have a little bit of a vacation, and staying in our guest room next door to a newborn would not exactly be like any kind of vacation, overnight or not. She does cry a bit, she is a newborn. I guess I can see that.

We had plans to hit up the Taste of Blue Ash, and then grill for dinner. J got some chicken breasts marinating in his famous Asian style marinade (homemade). We also picked up some asparagus and zucchini to grill for our dinner. We like grilling veggies at our house! We'll have chips and salsa as well. And I have an angel food cake, strawberries, and cool whip for a little play on strawberry shortcake. Plus, it's pretty freaking delicious. I will be skipping the cool whip though, just in case there are traces of milk in it, since I am cutting the dairy to see if it helps with Addie's fussiness.

I was super excited to see my sister and have her meet Addie. I haven't seen Rachie since my shower in Toledo (Memorial Day weekend), and that seems like a really long time ago. Admittedly, I was feeling a little bit nervous because of everything that is going on with her own desires to have a baby. That is why I was so upfront with her from the beginning, telling her that I was pregnant before we even told our parents! I wanted her to have time to get used to it and adjust so even if she was feeling jealous or envious, she would ultimately be happy. And it worked out well. I can't wait for things to work out for her though, so Addie can have a cousin of her own!

Addie is resting up for Aunt Rachie's visit! J dressed her that morning, figuring that particular onesie was the correct one for her to wear on that day. I think he is probably right. :) I sent a pic to Rachie in advance, even though I was tempted to wait and just surprise her when she got here, but I couldn't resist. I was pretty excited to see her in this outfit. It made me smile. This picture also makes me smile.
Snuggles waiting for Aunt Rachie to arrive!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Friday Afternoon Walking

Yesterday, Karen came over while her sister was at physical therapy. That put her in the Montgomery area, so she and Bradley decided to come over and go for a walk with Addie and I. I have been trying to go for a walk many times a week, and yesterday made 4 times. That felt pretty good.

Karen walked with us on Monday as well, but she had only an hour. I am not as speedy as I was pre-baby when I am pushing the stroller, so we only made it about 2.5 miles in the time allotted. Apparently physical therapy was going to be about two hours yesterday, and she drove over with Bradley (she ran over on Monday) so that gave us even more time. Karen told me straight away that she could walk further this time because she did have more time.

I was pleased that she thought that, as I felt like I needed to get a longer walk in to feel good. Here is what we did.
So glad to hammer through 4.5 miles. We even got through them at under 17 minutes per mile. I was definitely pleased with this walk. Plus, I got a chance to talk to my running buddy (well, without the running part) about being a mommy and other stuff that I am sure she has wanted to talk about for a year, and until now, I didn't have any way to relate to the things that she wanted to talk about. But now, things are different.

I am honestly loving being a mom so far. And I am glad to have women like Karen and Katie to talk to about it.

We had a wonderful walk, and I got super sweaty. I think the hormonal changes of nursing and giving birth and stuff have made me be even sweatier than I was before giving birth (and I was pretty sweaty previously). Does anyone know anything about that? Is that a normal occurence?

Oh, and to go with the pic I posted of Lady A in her boppy yesterday, this was going on in the boppy today.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Mom is in Town, Much needed

My mom was here as I mentioned yesterday. She arrived just before noon on Tuesday and left around 3 pm on Thursday. Having her here was so great. Having had four kids, and now we are all grown up, she is immune to those things that really freak me out. Read: crying. She says it is a million times easier when it is not your child to not worry about things. Whereas for me, every time she opens her mouth and a scream comes out, my heart just breaks inside, and I cannot help but feel like I am a failure as a momma every time she cries. I assume that is pretty normal however.

I have solicited advice from lots of my mommy friends, including friends that I only stay in touch with through facebook and the blog that I used to be extremely close to (thanks Chels!) and getting a little advice from anyone who will offer it. She even cries when she is being held by me or J (or anyone), which is what I think is strange. I would expect her to cry when she is left alone (no one likes to be alone) in her pak n play or whatever, but when she is being held? Seems crazy!

At the suggestion of Chelsea, I am going to work on giving up dairy for now, to see if it helps at all. It will likely take a few days to get whatever is in my system out of it, but I am definitely willing to try it if it helps her at all. I can give up whatever I need to in order to make sure that she is healthy and stuff.

Anyway, the point of this was to talk about my mom's visit, not talk about the stress of being a momma!

When she got here, J was still at work. He was planning on working until about 3 pm, and I had an appointment with the elbow doctor at 3:45. My mom and I just hung out and watched tv. She held the baby for me so I could eat some lunch and we just got a chance to talk and hang out. We didn't really have any plans for the week, I was just looking forward to having someone else to hold the baby sometimes when I went to the bathroom, tried to eat my dinner, whatever.

I headed to the doctor solo to see my surgeon for the first time in 5 weeks. Admittedly, I have been really slacking off in any physical therapy type stuff recently. Since the baby was born, I have not put my brace on one time. So things are definitely tight in my elbow right now. I know that I still need to work on it big time. And once I get Addie more settled, I will definitely get back to it. I know that I will get there because I have been able to get it to fully straightened regularly with the brace on. So I just need to get back at it.

I got home in about a half hour, and that included the drive. So in reality, that was kind of a waste of an appointment. But whatever. I guess that is what happens when you reach your deductible on your insurance. You just...  go... I ended up beating J home, which is funny because he was VERY concerned about me asking my mom to watch Addie while I was gone. Apparently he had a few places to stop on his way home, my mom said. He text her.

We ordered a pizza for dinner because I was feeling kind of lazy (glad I had pizza then, since apparently I am going to go off cheese!) and honestly I just did not have any ideas of anything to make. I was not feeling like grilling that evening, so I just took matters into my own hands and just ordered the pizza before anyone could tell me that they did not want it. My mom held a crying Addie so J and I could eat our dinners. Then we took her and my mom ate. She is definitely extra crazy fussy in the evenings, way more than the rest of the day. And no, bathing does not soothe her. We tried that.

I was up every two hours, as usual that night. J got up early in the morning (around 5) and took her downstairs to hang out so I could continue to sleep for an hour. She got really fussy around 5 am. Eventually my mom went down there too and took care of her so J could come back upstairs and get ready for his work day. As usual, I was feeling guilty that J was up with her at all, because I do not want him to have to worry about it too much.

He headed off to work and my mom and I were alone for the day. I didn't really have any plans for us once again, except for Addie's pediatrician appointment, which was at 10 am. This was the successful appointment. The one where I found out that I managed to get the little girl up OVER her birth weight, which I was crazy proud of. I think that the hard work that Addie and I have put into nursing since the hospital has really paid off. We are into the swing of things, finally, and it is paying off in her weight, which I am crazy pleased with.

I did cook a dinner for us on Wednesday night, a simple dream dinner that was chicken with some roasted potatoes. My mom being with me all day on Wednesday definitely helped me keep my head about me enough to be able to cook a meal. J worked a mostly normal day that day. He got home right around 5 pm, which was the first time since we had Addie that he worked regular hours (he had been off completely a few days, and also took a few half days in order to help me adjust, which was so helpful).

Wednesday night was the first night that we had the 4 hours at a time sleep schedule. I was looking forward to giving it a try for sure. After the first time going down (which took quite a while for me to get her down!) it was pretty successful. I actually got a decent nights sleep for once, which I was crazy proud of. I was happy for Addie and I both, and of course J and the dogs because we all got a better nights sleep without me being up and down all night!

On Thursday after J went to work, my mom and I took Addie for a walk in her stroller. I have walked with her 4 days this week so far. It has been feeling pretty great to get out and get moving. I am getting her used to being in the BOB all the time which will definitely be a good thing when I start to get running again.

When my mom left, I was immediately sad. Very sad. I just wanted her to be here with me still. It was insanely helpful to have her here with me, reassuring me that even though Addie was crying, etc, it did not make me a bad mom. Now I just need to remember that.

But now she is two weeks old. How did I go from one to the other so quickly?

One day old compared to two weeks old...  Wow.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Being a Mom - Overwhelming

Sorry for the spotty posting lately. I am very overwhelmed with this whole "being a new mom" thing. Because I am nursing, we are not doing a binky or anything for her, so let's be honest... she cries...  a lot.... during the day. It gives me anxiety like I am doing something wrong. I know that eventually this will get better (I hope), but for right now, I feel pretty stressed out with her crying all the time. She does ok at night, which I am pleased with, but at the same time, I just feel so much anxiety when I hear that little voice.

There are some good things though. We went back to the doctor on Wednesday for another weight check. She made HUGE progress since last Friday, which was the last time we went. She weight 6 lbs 8 ounces at birth. In those first two days at the hospital, she dropped down to 6 lbs when we were discharged. On Tuesday of last week, she was up to 6 lbs 4 ounces. Then we had her up a little more to 6 lbs 5.5 ounces on Friday. So gaining, but still not back to birth weight. So we plug on, feedings every two hours, day and night, and let's be honest... That is exhausting. It is not two hours from when I finish feeding, it's two hours from when I start. Night time has been tough for us. I am up and down all night. Although nursing means J doesn't have to get up too often in the middle of the night, I am sure that he wakes up when I wake up. How could he not? I am in and out of bed all night!

But we went back to the doctor for yet another weight check on Wednesday. After surviving the weekend and a lot of feeding time (and some occasional stress when she might not want to eat!) I was feeling nervous to go to the doctor. But then when they weighed her... she came in at 6 lbs 12 oz! So not only did we get back to birth weight, but we exceeded it! And so I was given the go-ahead to sleep more at night. And I am considering that a huge win. So now I have to feed her every 4 hours at night. That definitely gets me more sleep at night and Wednesday night was the first night that I really was able to try and take advantage of it.

I am still completely overwhelmed though. Having my mom here for a few days was great, however, I am really feeling spoiled by having her here. Now that she is gone, I am feeling pretty down in the dumps, not to mention worried about EVERYTHING. I just hate the idea of thinking that she is crying all the time and there is nothing I can do about it to make her feel any better. It just breaks my heart. And yes, she is pretty fussy when she is not feeding or sleeping, even if everything else is squared away (meaning, she is clean and dry, she just ate, etc). It really upsets me every time I hear that little crack in her crying.

Are all of these things normal? Probably. However, I sure do not feel any better about it. Getting a little workout, even if it is just Addie and I going for a walk, everyday definitely helps. I just don't feel like myself. Feeling not like me can definitely make it more difficult to be a good mom, I am afraid.

I think I am just ... scared...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Post Partum Workouts, Currently

I have been back on the workout track since last Wednesday. Nothing super intense yet, because I did need to get a good number of internal (and a few external) stitches. So we don't want to aggravate things that have not healed all the way yet. So I have been walking with Addie (and sometimes J, sometimes Karen... whomever wants to come and walk with us!), I did Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred twice (and being back able to do the abs as prescribed felt pretty great!) and on Tuesday, I did an at home strength routine that I came up with off the top of my head, hoping that I would feel good for doing it.
It was not the hardest routine. I am still using only 5 lb hand weights because my elbow is still pretty stiff and stuff. Doing a plank was particularly difficult. My arm CAN support me, which was much more than it could do, so that is good, but it was tough.

I have also been doing a ton of walking. 2-3 miles pretty frequently. It is not the same as it was when I was pregnant, when I was speeding through the miles, now I am pushing my stroller. (Hooray for the BOB Revolution!) and I am definitely moving more slowly. Regardless, I LOVE getting out with her and walking. I hope to get her adjusted to the stroller now, so we can run soon.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

10 Days Old

So Addison is about 10 days old now, which is hard to believe. In addition, I have been home from the hospital for more than a week now. I think that is hard to believe at this point. I definitely have all of the days running together at this point because of lots of lack of sleep. She is not back to her birth weight yet, so I am feeding constantly. Every two hours, in fact, even over night. I am waking her at night to feed her, setting my alarm clock all the time to try and get up 5-6 times at night to get her a good amount of feeding. It has been tough, but it will be worth it.

I think soon we will be able to create a little bit more of a schedule, and I can let her sleep at night a little bit more. I feel guilty waking her (and I hate waking myself and J and my dogs!) and so I am hoping that we are able to get through this hump very soon. We have another weight check tomorrow at the pediatrician. Keep your fingers crossed for us that we are still gaining gaining gaining! I am working really hard to get us there, and no one has mentioned supplementation at this point, so I am proud of the progress we are making.

But enough sad stuff...  Here are some great pictures of Addie!

Back to more normal posting soon. Thanks for bearing with me while I adjust to being a new mommy!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Addison's Birth Story - Part 2

Where we left off, I had been given some Ambien (and J had not) to get some sleep while my Cervidal was doing what it needed to do over night. Every four hours a nurse came in to check on me and take my vitals. I, for whatever reason, am used to this? As soon as I heard someone (even the first time) I stuck out my arm and opened my mouth. I guess I just had some kind of sense of what they were needing to do, right off the bat?

We slept fitfully. I was cramping a little teeny bit, and J just was not too comfortable on that pull out chair. I can't say I blame him for that. At 8:30 the next morning, my new nurse (the day shift nurse) came in to remove the Cervidal and then Dr. Roberts came in to check my progress. I was at 1.5 cm after that whole night. And I was definitely feeling a little down to only have made a half cm of progress after an entire night of meds! Dr. Roberts told me the two options that she could think of, 1. put in another dose of cervidal (another 8-10 hours) and see where we are at then. 2. She could break my water and then we could start pitocin. I know that they were trying to avoid pitocin if possible, but I had no idea what the better choice was at this point. I told her, "You are the doctor, and I completely trust you." She is the favorite of mine in the entire practice, so it is true, I do completely trust her.

She said that if it was her (and she is a mom, who had small babies and therefore was less worried about me measuring small), she would do the water break. I nodded and agreed, and we got all set up in my bed to do that. Water proof pad under my butt, and she got her little tool out. I swear, I think that the instrument that is used to break water looks like a really long crochet hook. Has anyone else seen these and agree with me? I did not have much fluid when they broke it, which I think is part of what they were worried about. I could feel it though, it was strange. The nurse told me then that the doctor would be back when it was time, and she would be back in about 20 minutes with the pitocin. They had to wait 30 minutes after breaking my water to start that drip. They also brought me a heating pad and a small bit of pain meds just to take the edge off from the cervidal left in my system (which was causing nasty cramping).

By the time they came back, they decided to check me, because they could see regular contractions on my monitor. I was up to 3.5 cm and regularly contracting. At that point they decided that we did not need to do pitocin after all. Breaking my water just took care of jump starting my labor and I was rolling. They called for the epidural for me, and one of the nurses helped me to the bathroom. My labor was quickly progressing, and I was starting to feel it. I had to use the restroom, and sitting on the toilet, being squatted down and having my legs kind of spread felt really good. The nurse left me for a minute to go and get me an exercise ball to labor on, because that would leave me in that same position.

I sat on the ball for another three contractions (at this point it already felt like I had no break between them), and the woman with the epidural arrived. They checked me before giving it to me, and I had already progressed to 5.5, and we had already reached kind of the last minute for me to get an epidural. So I received it, and had a few contractions during the time they were working to put it in, which was kind of awful because I was trying so hard to hold still.  But as soon as the numbing shot was in I started to feel a little bit better. And eventually I was able to be in bed and the contractions were simply pressure. It definitely felt like I needed to go to the bathroom. After about a half hour, they checked again and I was at 8.5 and they knew that the rest would be no time at all.

So the nurses went to give Dr. Roberts some warning, and they got me set up on my side to do some practice pushes. They had me do three sets of a 6 count pushing. J was on one side of me and a nurse on the other and a nurse at the end... After doing this twice, the nurse stopped me, saying that the baby's head was right there, so I better stop for a minute and they were going to get the doctor. Beth, the nurse, came back and said that Dr. Roberts said to hold on, as she was delivering another baby so DON'T PUSH for 10 minutes. Haha.

She got there eventually, got herself set up, told me how excited she was because she had already delivered 4 babies that morning and they were all boys. This was going to be her first girl of the day. (Also, keep in mind, it is just after noon, and this is her 5th baby, and she is NOT the only doctor that is there, just the only doctor from my practice. It must have been a busy baby time!) The nurses got me into position and lowered the big light and mirror from the ceiling for the doctor, and we got started.

3 of those 6 count, 3 set pushes later, and Addison was here! It was truly the most unreal experience of my life. And a love began...

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Addie's Birth Story - Part 1

So Addison Rose Nickles was born on August 9, at 12:43 pm. You all know that part already. The part that  you do not know is how we got there. I wrote a few entries on the 8th, even said that they were on the 8th, and that pretty much NOTHING was going on yet, and I had a doctor's appointment that day at lunchtime. That was the last "real" update that I wrote, other than announcing her birth (which I think I didn't get around to posting until Sunday? Times are tough around here remembering what day it is and stuff). So in celebration of the fact that I will be a mother to a 1 week old TOMORROW (WTF?), I figure I should get on here and give you all the lowdown on Addie's birth, as I have a story VERY unique to the other blogger birth stories I have read.

So one week ago, August 8, I met J down in Clifton around lunchtime for my doctor's appointment. They were going to do another ultrasound since I was still measuring small and we were at over 40 weeks. They just wanted to check and make sure my fluid was still good, etc. When they did that at 36 weeks, they just determined that we were small, and there were no reasons to worry, etc. I was definitely making an effort to remain calm about the whole thing, and not worry too much (internally, I was a train wreck, scared out of my mind, wondering why she hadn't decided to make her appearance yet.) But you gotta make some efforts to relax, otherwise, she might know that I was feeling stressed and be stressed herself!

They called us back for the ultrasound first, and we had a different tech than the first two ultrasounds. This woman was much less personable, so she was not really talking me through it, describing what she was seeing, etc, like the other woman had. And when you have that going on, and someone is not really reassuring you, you definitely start to get nervous. I went into the doctor next, and he kind of reviewed what he was seeing with us. He didn't see any deterioration of my placenta yet, I still had some fluid, etc, but he suggested that I be induced. I told him that was fine, because it was my plan to put my foot down about this, and I wanted to be induced by Sunday or Monday at the latest.

He chuckled a little at this point, and I looked up at him. He said, "I was thinking today." He did my internal exam and told me that he thought the baby felt bigger than she was showing on the ultrasound, so he was not too worried about that. I told him that I was agreeable to induction, but was there something wrong, something that I should be worried about that is why we were inducing immediately? He said no, not at this point, so it is really more preventative than anything, just to make sure that we were not missing anything. He asked me to head to the waiting room, and he would talk with one of the nurses who would set me up with what time to head to the hospital. That made me a little anxious, as I just assumed he would be sending us across the walkway right over to the hospital (the office is in an attached building). The nurse came out and told us 10 pm that night, and gave us some instructions on how to get to labor and delivery. We went home for the rest of the day to relax and get ourselves as prepared as possible.

We called my parents to let them know what was going on, and at 9:15 we left keys to our house for my folks, and headed to the hospital. We got checked in easily, I assume this is different than some women's experience because I just walked on up to the room with J, carrying one of our bags myself. No contractions, no pain, just hanging out getting nervous about what was coming next. I assumed that shortly after I got into my room and got into my gown, they would be coming in and getting me hooked up to a pitocin drip, after all, that is what I think of when I think induction.

I got into my gown, some nurses came in and they started doing all of my check in things. Asking me lots of questions about my medical history and prior surgeries, etc. J got to work filling out some paperwork that they gave us about birth certificate information. Eventually they were hooking up my IV and telling me about the plan for my induction. They would not be starting me on pitocin right away. The plan was to give me cervidal, which is basically inserted inside you and is used to help "ripen" your cervix, making is softer and more ready for labor and contractions (and hopefully helping you to dilate a little bit more). The medicine is on a string which basically hangs out like a tampon. Yes, this sounds weird, but I was just going with it. My doctor is the boss so even though I do not know what exactly it is, I have to trust...

They inserted the cervidal, gave me an ambien and let me sleep for the night. The plan was to leave it in for 10-12 hours and let it do its job, and then see from there what the next steps were. The ambien was in case I was suffering from discomfort from the cervidal. It would help me relax and get some sleep when I was feeling anxious and overwhelmed. J also wanted an ambien, but as a non-patient, they were not giving him one. So he pulled out the little pull out chair got we got comfortable for the night.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Random Facts

I really enjoy reading about other bloggers, especially those who are into the same things as I am (running, lifting, books, trying new foods/experimenting in the kitchen, balance, etc) when they are writing about their every day lives or random things that make them who they are. In the spirit of that (and the fact that I am working hard to schedule some posts so I can enjoy a little baby time without slacking off!), I wanted to write one of those "random things" posts.

So here you go - 10 random facts about Emily!

1. I went to Catholic school from pre-K all the way through my freshman year of college at Xavier University here in Cincinnati. I transferred to Bowling Green in Northwest Ohio after that, to be closer to my family (oh homesickness...) Catholic school was pretty nice. :)

2. My dad came out in the winter of 2008 (I had to go back to facebook and look at pictures from that time to see what year it was). I know that nothing about the decision to do that was easy for him, but it has not been easy on ANY of us.

3. I have always been into exercise, in high school I could definitely be found doing crunches and things like that while watching TV, I played sports early in high school and danced a lot later, but it was not until college that "gym" exercise became a reality for me.

4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE eggs, but have really only been eating them for less than two years. It was my New Year's Resolution/goal (well, one of them) for 2012 and now I can't believe that they used to gross me out!

5. I am not a chocolate person. Vanilla is way more my bag.

6. I moved away from my family when I moved back to Cincinnati in 2005, and honestly, have very few regrets about it. Now that I am this far, I don't think being further would be too much of a problem (I like to push J for St. Louis).

7. I prefer more bland foods, with the exception of Mexican. I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD. For instance, one of my favorite meals is PLAIN grilled chicken (not even salt/pepper), plain brown rice cooked in water, and plain green beans (again, no salt/pepper or olive oil!). Not sure why, but that's how I like it.

8. I really never considered kids or being a mom until J and I started dating. I guess that is what happens when you meet the right person?

9.While J and I love love love Mios and Dewey's (two Cincinnati pizza places that are more "gourmet"), I prefer $5 hot-n-ready pepperoni from Little Caesars. Yumm-o! J would absolutely disagree with me.

10. I had aspirations of looking for a job where you can just drink coffee and read books. Unfortunately, I am not really sure of any kind of jobs where that is possible. So instead, I am an accountant!

What is something random about you?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Recent Reads

Today (the day this post is being written and scheduled) is August 8. Thursday. 4 days post due date with zero signs of anything changing. I know that things can happen very quickly though, so I am continuing to get ahead and prepared and of course, we'll have a live post when she gets here. I hope that by the time you read this, that post will have already come up!

Because I know that after Addie my time management will have to change, my schedule will change, and everything about my life will change, I have been trying to read a good amount in order to fit in those "last few things" that I want to get in before she gets here. For me, always having been a BIG reader, books were definitely involved. Not to mention the fact that I received some amazon & B&N gift cards as birthday gifts, so I definitely wanted to use them! And for once, I wanted to buy novels rather than running books (admittedly, I bought a running book - Hansons Marathon Method too, but that was not the focus).

I got two books for my kindle, both of which have yet to be read, and are hanging out on the Kindle waiting for labor (as I anticipate hanging out in the hospital trying to keep my brain occupied. So my kindle is packed in J's car waiting.
The Death Cure, the third book in the Maze Runner trilogy - I read the first two while we were on vacation last summer. Or was it when we were on our honeymoon? In truth, I cannot remember.
Serena, by Ron Rash. I found out about this one because I was reading an article online about books you should read before seeing the movie. The movie is going to have Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper (again) so obviously, I was interested in the story. I will let you all know how it is!
The Lone Wolf, by Jodi Picoult. I have been reading her books since I graduated from college. When work traveling to New York for my first job, I always bought her books in the airport and usually finished them before my flight was over. The Lone Wolf was no different. Quick plot summary - Luke Warren is a zoologist extremely into wolves (in fact, lives as a member of packs for YEARS at a time). He and his daughter Cara are in a terrible car accident, leaving him comatose, and his son, who has been absent, teaching English in Thailand for 5 years, is left responsible to decide his fate as Cara is underage. We see a lot about his life with the wolves, and the interaction of the family now.
Promises to Keep by Jane Green. I just finished this one. Being a Jane Green book, it was a very quick read, as they all tend to be, with a little bit of "tug-at-your-heart" emotion. This book battles cancer, relationships, and growing up (because you sometimes still have growing up to do, even at age 30!)

Have you read any of these books? Let me know!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Post Baby WORKOUT Plans

I let you in the other day on my running plans, and the way I plan to get ready to hit a half marathon in early November, but I really want to keep my life a little bit more balanced with OTHER kinds of fitness than I have for the past two years. Running has kind of been my everything, and I have truly missed my first love... the weight room.

Joining Tina's Best Body Bootcamp definitely was helpful up to the point where I broke my elbow, so I am going to definitely continue to do those workouts. I have not done ANY from this round because of being mega-preggo, plus not having the arm strength or balance to be able to do so many things. So I have 8 weeks of workouts that I can jump right into until the next round starts! (although I am sure she has plans for the next round even before my 8 weeks of workouts are up!

I have also always wanted to do Jamie Eason's LiveFit. I am guessing that she is likely going to be doing this herself, as she too is going to be getting back to intense workouts post-baby. (Speaking of which, do any of you other fitness fanatics who are as obsessed with her as I am know if she HAD the baby? I haven't seen anything on facebook or twitter yet!)
SourceI am not sure yet if that is going to be doable because of running, but I have always wanted to do it full on, following all of the rules and restrictions around it. I do know (based on my research) that there will be PLENTY of calories consumed on that plan to breastfeed though, so no worries about that.

Other than that, it will likely be a lot of DVDs while I am on leave, followed by LUNCHTIME focused workouts, so I do not have to worry about trying to fit in a workout when I should be spending time with J or Addie.

Full time working moms - how do you make it all work?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Working at 40+ Weeks Pregnant

Another pre-written post for all of you (written on Wednesday, August 7 - no baby as of that moment!)

Most people I know, including my coworker Maureen, have a set day that they are starting their maternity leave, whether they have the baby by then or not. Maureen's last day was Friday the 2nd, and she had a scheduled c-section on the 7th. My other friend and former coworker is taking 3 weeks off before her due date, that way she can have lots of time to do her nesting, and at home baby prep stuff, so admittedly that seems smart!

My plans are slightly different however. I planned on staying at work until the last possible minute. After all, my company does not offer maternity leave beyond your short term disability, which pays 60% for 6 weeks of leave (or 60% for 8 weeks, if I have a C-section). I plan to use vacation/sick time hours to get myself up to 100% pay, which is fine, but that means, I am hanging in the office until it is hospital time (note: I have plenty of vacation, but I want to carry over the full 40 hours I am allowed for a "real" family vacation next year, I am taking time off at Christmas so Addie and I can stay in Toledo for a few days while J works, and we are hoping for our normal long November weekend in Vegas as usual). So I COULD leave now, I assume, and still have enough time to do those things, but if she gets sick and can't go to daycare or whatever...  better safe than sorry.

So for several weeks I have been living with this as my main view for 8-9 hours per day.
And yes, Blogger on the screen rather than a standard spreadsheet of some kind. There is not a whole lot of spreadsheet action going on.

I transitioned the majority of my work to a temp, all the way back in the beginning of July. Little by little I taught him the tasks that I do daily, weekly, monthly, and as needed. And for several weeks now, I have just been working to put out fires on an as needed basis. It has been really hard to see all of my hard work, all of the things that are processes that I created myself, done by someone else. Not to mention the fact that pregnancy brain has taken over my head COMPLETELY causing me to make stupid mistakes on the few things that I do still do (like lose an AMEX card right in front of me, instead of giving it to the person who needed it!) Ugh. I HATE looking like an idiot.

Regardless, I have managed to get all of my work transitioned as well as felt pretty comfortable that folks know what they are doing enough to close the month of August without me. And I taught the staff some new things, so she can help out with that, which will be really nice for her. Additional responsibilities and all...  :) I guess that is what this is all about, right?

Saturday, August 10, 2013

She's Here!

Sorry for not posting this yesterday, but I was adjusting to Mommyhood. But she is here!

Addison Rose (Addie)
Born at 12:43 pm on August 9.
6 lbs 8 oz
20 inches

Eating In - An Adjustment

For nearly a year now, J and I have been making efforts to eat in more frequently. We had developed a very bad habit of eating out WAY too much, and spending an awful lot doing that, when we really shouldn't. It is not a financial concern so much as it is a health one. No matter if you are trying to make good choices when you are out (as I generally do), you are probably still getting worse than if you were home. PLUS, we would usually order a few beers, etc, which is definitely not necessary (although, not me, pregnancy and all...)

Last October, we went to Dream Dinners for the first time at the suggestion of my friend Karen.
SourceAt the time, I was honestly not sure what to expect. It WAS more expensive than grocery shopping and cooking all of my own food, however, the idea was to keep us from eating out so frequently, and it is DEFINITELY less expensive than that.

Karen has been doing Dream Dinners for about 3 years, since she and her husband moved back to Ohio from GA (where they were stationed with the military) because they were kind of in the same situation as we were, going out far too often! They go every month, and I knew that Karen typically will pull out 2-3 dinners from her freezer early in the week to eat that week, and then plan homecooked meals and dinners out around that.

Here is how Dream Dinners work - you view the menu (first time, you do this online) and select what meals you want. They come in 3 servings or 6 servings. I usually order the 3 serving meals, since there are only 2 of us, but every now and again they only come in 6 servings, so we just have leftovers. You have to order a minimum of 36 servings. (approximately 12 different meals, if you are doing the 3 serving option.) Using September as an example, you have about 17 choices for the 12 meal that you want. After choosing your meals, you choose a date for picking up the meals, and there are typically two different options available. You can do "made for you" meals, which means you just go to your local Dream Dinners, and they are all put together and in the freezer, so you just load them up into your cooler and in the car, or you can assemble them yourself. I have done this the last two times. The first time was a last minute change as I was one-armed and still in my cast/sling. And the last time was because I wasn't sure where I was going to be baby-wise, only a week from my due date, and didn't want anything to be more difficult than it had to be.

If you do not choose to do the "made for you" meals, then you go and put them together yourself. There are recipes on each station, and you add your ingredients to zip lock freezer bags. Then you add your cooking instructions, seal them up, and take them home. You do not have the recipes with you so its not 100% easy to recreate, but you have ideas of what is in every dish, assuming you can remember. This just helps you not need to buy some spice that you will only use once ever, or something. I prefer to do my meals this way, and for August, I will again.

It has been really worth it for J and I, and has my freezer stocked with easy to cook foods for when Addie makes her appearance!

Have you tried Dream Dinners or something like it? Would you?

I was not compensated in any way for this post. I just have had a really great experience with dream dinners and wanted to share that with all of you!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Post Baby Run Plans, the beginning

So, as you know, I stopped running during my pregnancy (for the most part, although not entirely) after I fell and broke my elbow. I knew that the balance was clearly off, and while that stinks, I have to do what is necessary to ensure that Addie comes into this world healthy and without any more trauma. Let's be honest. surgery, physical therapy, a heavy duty brace, lots of swelling, etc, is probably more trauma than the average unborn baby goes through.

It was a long haul to get that thing healed, and I think we are in pretty good shape, finally, and with her impending birth (post written August 6 - no baby yet!), I should be able to get back to running in fairly short order after I get the doctor's clearance. I am still nervous, so I plan on doing a good amount of runs on the treadmill at the gym or my house, but I will be running soon enough.

Which is a good thing, because I have the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon to train for.Well, the half, anyway. The race is the first weekend of November, and I am hoping that my fitness level can carry me through a half, just getting a finish under my belt. (Originally, I hoped to PR this race, but knowing when I am going to deliver - aka, not yet - and not knowing how long it will be before I am cleared to run is tentatively allowing me only 6 weeks-ish to train for this race. A PR is not necessarily in site at this point.)

So I have come up with a 6 week plan to get me in shape for a finish. I am incorporating tempo work AND track work, as I miss them both, but track workouts are TBD as of right now. I will be running on the track on those days for sure, but not sure what the pace will be. And the goal tempo is going to be 8:30s. Here is my plan.
As you can see, I am giving myself the opportunity to start off easily with a 4 mile long run in the first week and only 12 total miles. I should be able to start at that point, I would think.

You think I can do it?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cincinnati Marathoning News

So I tend to watch NBC every morning. I watch the local station up until 7 am and then I am a big TODAY Show person. Not entirely sure what made me decide that Channel 5 was the way to go, but now I am hooked, I guess. So every day between 6:30-ish and 7:20-ish, that is what I am doing while I hang out with the dogs and eat my breakfast (lately that has been oatmeal or protein waffles which I made over the weekend and froze).
(recycled pic - just as delicious)

Tuesday morning, I was quite glad to have selected Channel 5, as they were the ONLY ones reporting a story that has special meaning to me. Cincinnati is preparing to submit a bid to the Olympic Committee to host the Olympic Marathon Trials. You can see the article and news story here. Sounds like Ryan Hall is headed here next week to help the Flying Pig team work on mapping out a course for the trials to attach to our city's bid. It would be awesome for that to come here.

And not to worry, I offered up my tour guide services to Ryan this morning, via twitter.
I will let you know if he chooses to take me up on that offer. Ha!

So, hopefully in the coming years, everyone who is interested in the marathon, will be aware of Cincinnati and their spot in this world. The bid is due to the Trial Committee on the 15th of August, and we do not yet know when the announcement of which city is selected will be made, but you bet your butt I want it here!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Final Pregnancy Weeks - Workouts

I am starting to plan and schedule a few posts here, so that I don't have to worry about getting out here and writing when I do not know what it going to be going on with the baby...  So sorry for advance posts!

So, how do you expect a gal who is at 40+ weeks pregnant to continue to get her workout on? Let's say I am definitely giving it a whirl. We will look at last week as an example, Monday through Sunday July 29- August 5, since this week is in progress, although YES I am still working out, or trying to at the very least.

Monday: 1 mile walk and Jillian Michaels 30DS
Tuesday: 45 minutes on elliptical (4.79 miles), 1/4 mile walk
Wednesday: 1 mile walk and Jillian Michaels 30DS
Thursday: 45 minutes on elliptical trainer (4.92 miles)
Friday: 3.03 mile walk with Teek
Saturday: unofficial rest day (walking around outlet mall)
Sunday: rest day

As you can see, I am doing my very best to stay as active as possible. Overall, I think I am doing a pretty good job. I don't always take two rest days over the weekend, and normally, I don't want to. But the way that I was feeling over the weekend I figured it was probably better to take it easy. Suffice to say, by the time Monday rolled around I was more than ready to move forward and get a workout done. So this week, I am going to stay on track up until the very last moment.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

#Oiselle_Team LOVE

So thanks to Paulette, my Ohio running friend from Just Keep Running, I decided to apply for Team Oiselle for the 2013-2014 season.

I discovered Oiselle a while back in the hunt for running shorts that would work for a runner that had quads like a soccer player. I am not built like a runner at all, I am built like an athlete, and despite trying tons of different brands and cuts of shorts, running shorts constantly ride up on me, which honestly, is pretty darn annoying. I was drawn to Oiselle's Roga short for it's wider waistband (hello no muffin top!) as well as it's nice comfy fabric. I had high hopes when I ordered my first pair on a whim (read: a little extra $$ in my account at the time). Since then, I have ordered 3 more pair.
There I am in the graphite rogas I ordered during the #RogaRevolution a few months back. They held up QUITE well, even throughout my pregnancy! I have worn them regularly, when I was still running (up to the elbow break) and now just for walking, the elliptical, and Jillian workouts. They are comfy and still don't ride up even with the extra meat on my thighs that apparently Addie needs! My poppy colored pair are in my gym bag right now, waiting to hit the elliptical!

After the roga, I also ordered a bum wrap, Oiselle's version of a running skirt. It has made several race appearances, and I really love it. It was my go-to pregnancy running bottom once it got warm enough for bare legs this spring.
The bum wrap in Vegas, running the RocknRoll half in early December.
The bum wrap Flying Pig weekend, as I prepared to run the Little Kings Mile, the first race of marathon weekend.
And a third time, at 28 weeks pregnant, running the Flying Pig 5K (my last completed race, as the very next weekend I fell running a 5K).

My Oiselle love knows no bounds, and I have cemented my relationship with my rogas, and so I am very proud to announce that I now RUN FOR OISELLE.
What does this mean? It means I am living a philosophy that the other Oiselle team members are passionate about, it is not just a sport, it is a life philosophy. And one that I religiously subscribe to! Once we are all formally added to the team, you can find out about any or all of us here.

And if you have any questions about the apparel, you can ask me, I am a LOVER of it, and will definitely let you know!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Today is the Day!

As is my routine right now, this morning I open up my "What to Expect" app, and I am greeted with this lovely sight.
"Today is the Day!" HA! Stupid app. Stupid phone.

I would be lying if I said that I wasn't hopeful that I would have gone into labor last night. But I would be lying if I said that I have not hoped for that CONSTANTLY since I was 37 weeks/considered full term, and it has not happened yet. Between that, and J being certain that I was going to go early, I think we jinxed ourselves. Because now here I am at 40 full weeks with no signs of being done!

Hanging in there at 40 weeks pregnant, still making it into the office every day. And yes, I am still pretty little for 40 weeks, I guess that is why I get to have another ultrasound on Thursday (if we make it that far!) I figure at that point, I need to be prepared to NOT leave without a baby on that day. There is definitely a chance that they would just send me across the walkway from the Medical Office Building (where the doc's office is located) to the hospital where I will be delivering. I am seeing Dr. White Thursday, who is probably my least favorite of the doctor's that I see, but it's not like I hate him or something, so it will be fine.

After going out to eat the other night, J and I stopped at DQ (this is a habit I am REALLY going to need to break once the baby comes!) and I went to get us Blizzards while J went into the Walgreens next door. He came out with presents for his wifey/baby mama!
Two bags of sour worms (my favorite always, extra favorite during pregnancy!) and a notebook with owls on it. He told me it was for my new "List Book" (yes, I walk around with about 6 notebooks where I track stuff!) The man clearly loves me, even though I am going to need to eat those gummies soon, because I'm quitting the regular (well, more regular) consumption on them SOON. I am determined to get a handle on my food intake and start being on task when the baby gets here.

I have been decent about my diet while pregnant, but as a general rule, I could use more veggies and less sugar. So that is the goal.

Think of me this week!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

More of the Waiting Game

Sunday afternoons without Addie (and preparing for Addie to come) are definitely boring. We don't do much right now because we are pretty much feeling like we are in a constant holding pattern, waiting for her to come.

I really did not want this blog to talk about nothing but my pregnancy, and I would say that up until the past few weeks, I have been pretty successful with that, but then I hit "full term" and my life became what feels like a constant waiting game. Not much has been going on with us these days, and my phone is filled up with a million questions of "how are you feeling?" "Is the baby coming yet?" I guess you could say that I am getting used to it and taking it in stride? Or at least, I am trying to.

I know that my life is rather focused on the baby. But I guess that is to be expected.

Tomorrow is my due date. I am struggling to believe that we have gotten this far. I have been pregnant for something like 275 days according to the Baby Bump app (which I check obsessively everyday), which seems like a very long time. I am nervous about the fact that we have to have another ultrasound, as I said on Friday, but I guess that it is what it is, at this point.

The dogs seem to be sensing something going on. Even Teek, who normally doesn't pay any attention to me, her daddy is her main focus, has been extra snuggly with Addie and I both.
She has been on me or next to me pretty much full time, which I have to admit, has been very nice. She is a good girl, and I am glad to have her close by.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Other Updates

I had another doctor's appointment this morning. 39 weeks and 5 days, and I am not bigger, I am not heavier, I am not further dilated. Nothing. No progress, nothing to report. Since I am still small (and will be 40 weeks) I am having yet another ultrasound next Thursday. And as of now, I cannot see any reason why I wouldn't make it to next Thursday to have this ultrasound. So with any luck (or not luck...  I am not sure what to call it at this point?), we will get to see her on Thursday and then again VERY shortly after that. We could see her in person before that though, which I am hoping for. *fingers crossed*

I am trying to sound upbeat about the whole thing, but in all honesty, I am frustrated and a little scared. Why are we so small? How could I have gained enough weight and at her last ultrasound she had enough space and was weighing what she should weigh (give or take) and I am still little? What the heck? And why are there no signs of her coming? I am scared. I just want her to be here now. I just want to know that everything is good and ok.

Heartbeat was good and strong and all of those things today, but still, I am getting scared and nervous about all of it.

I am to the point where I get a text from someone wanting to know how things are, and I am just annoyed by it. I text my Mom to tell her that and she told me that she understood completely. She said she was always super annoyed by everyone asking her questions. And at that time, there was not cell phones, there was not social media or text messages, so she could not be as easily asked as I can be. I am exhausted of lots of questions. I don't know what to say... nothing is happening, and when it does, you will hear from me. I hope that happens soon though.

I am allowing myself a little treat today (something I have been working hard to cut out) and I was extra treaty with it today.
Not JUST diet coke. Diet CHERRY coke. Delicious little treat today. We used to have diet cherry zero coke, but now that they bought the diet instead of the zero, its much much more delicious.

They are working on my "Mommy Room" here at work. I guess it has always been a governmental requirement, but we have not had an official place. There has been a room where it could be done, but now we have the real thing. 2 nice armchairs, a fridge (for storage), a lamp so we don't need to turn on overhead lights, etc. I feel lucky that I am the person who actually gets to benefit from this.

I am disappointed that she isn't here yet, and yes, I am scared about it. But...  I guess life will go on.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Avoiding some Responsibilities

Nothing. I am assuming at this point that we will definitely be at our doctor's appointment tomorrow morning (39 weeks, 5 days) and more than likely, I am going to make it all the way to my due date. *sigh* I was really feeling like maybe I could go early. After all, some of my friends have! (Which is probably why I don't get to go early.) Lame.

J felt a contraction last night, I think. Well, my tummy definitely got really tight and hard all over, so I would say that is a contraction? Haha. No pain though, so was it real? I have no idea... It is amazing to me that I am here in the midst of it, and I truly have no idea what I am looking for. It does make me a little nervous, as I have one coworker who said she only knew that she was having a contraction (even right before she was supposed to push!) because she was hooked up to a monitor - and she had no epidural, so that is not the reason for that. I had another coworker who said that she just woke up in the middle of the night feeling "funny" so she went into the hospital and it was time to push before she could even get her pants off! So I know that all of these things are possible, but at the same time, I still have her held up pretty high.

Mom, I think you need to know something....
I REALLY need a haircut.

I have been putting off his (and Teek's) grooming because I am not sure what is going to be going on with me on any given day at this point, so I was nervous to have to cancel something. But look at the poor little guy. He can hardly even see right now! He's my little pumpkin. Sometimes when I am at work lately, I feel sad that I am not home with those guys. If I am starting to feel like that about my dog, its going to be BAD when Addie gets here!

Yesterday's workouts were good. Jillian's 30 Day Shred was done when I got home from work. I seriously dread doing it every day that I plan to do it. And then I remember, it is only 25 minutes. I will survive. I also walked around the building for a mile. I keep hoping that the walking/squatting/jumping is going to bring a baby, but not so far...