Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekly Workouts: Week of September 23

Well, I am back to work for another week already. It is hard to believe I have been here for a week since the baby and am now running into week 2. I hope to be more productive today than I was last week. I am planning to bring my laptop in to the “Mommy Room” with me and work on stuff while I am in there. Whether it is reconciling the American Express statements, a workout plan, or the blog, I hope to be productive.

So anyway, it is already time to go over last weeks workouts and see how I did for the week! It was the first official week of “training” for the Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon, which is the first weekend in November, and I definitely did well. I exceeded the expectations of my training plan, so now I need to decide if that is actually going to BE my training plan or not. Here is a quick reminder of this plan.
So here were my workouts for the week:
Monday - Planned: 3 easy
Actual: 4.5 easy, progression
Tuesday - Planned: 2 tempo
Actual: 1 warm up, 2 tempo, 1 cooldown for 4.01 miles total
Wednesday - Planned: Crosstrain
Actual: rest day (boo!)
Thursday - Planned: Crosstrain
Actual: speed workout. 6x 400m with a warm up and cool down. 5.5 total miles
Friday - Planned: Speed work/track workout for 3 miles
Actual: Crosstraining - bootcamp with coworkers at D1
Saturday - Planned: long run, 4 miles
Actual: long run, 10K
Sunday - Planned: rest day
Actual: rest day

Total Planned mileage: 12
Actual mileage: 20.21
1 day of crosstraining, 1 speed work, 1 tempo run, 1 long run, 1 easy run

So because my long run was longer than anticipated (by more than 2 miles) and I survived it (at a 9:16 pace!) I am beginning to feel like I should alter this plan a little. Maybe do 8 miles this weekend? I like hitting 20 in a week, that makes me feel good, so I think I am likely to keep my mileage so I hit 20 most weeks. I really should get RRCA certified even just for my own plans and if I NEVER write a plan for anyone else. That way I will just feel more confident in general about everything.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekend Long Run & Errands

It's been an exhausting weekend. My dad was here from Friday to Saturday evening. He was able to watch Addie for an hour and a half for me on Friday night. While he did that, I went to Dream Dinners, went to the grocery quickly, and then picked up some dinner for my Dad and I. That was a productive little trip for me. All I did at the grocery though was run into the state store to buy a bottle of vodka. My dad found out he's allergic to barley. Therefore beer is out.

Saturday morning Addie, the pups, and I were up at 5 am as usual. Addie ate as always. And then I tried to get her to go back down for a little nap because I wanted to go to run group and everything would be much easier for my Dad to be watching her if she was napping. She can be a bit fussy in the morning. She did end up going down for some rest in her boppy. She slept the whole time I was running.

Brett (our run group coach) ran a marathon last week (and BQ'd) and he was therefore in a bit of recovery mode. So since we had a small group, and he was trying to recover, he ran 6 miles with me. We ran a 10K in less than 58 minutes. I had to be proud of that because I'm really just working on getting a bit of endurance back, and I'm getting there. 6 miles is a great start. Once I tag a few more onto that, I'll be half ready.

I want to talk about Friday's bootcamp as well, but that will need to wait, I think!
Momma's lil screamer!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Speedwork Yesterday

So as I said, my planned workout yesterday included 6x 400m. I wanted to hammer out 5 total miles, but I truthfully was not sure how it was going to go. Especially with a good amount of speedwork/sprints included in there. I was going to do it on the treadmill, but then some things got a little bit messed up and I ended up feeling like I did not have time to drive all the way (ok, the 2.5 miles) to the gym. My pumping schedule was a little messed up, so I decided to run outside.

My initial outdoor plan was to just run a warm up mile, do fartleks for the next three, and then cool down for the next mile, or all the way back to the office. However long it was. But then I decided that the easiest, best thing to do was to was just keep the RunKeeper app open on my phone and try and do 400m repeats on the streets. I did not track my individual splits, because I am not sure if I can track that sort of thing with the app like do the auto lap feature of my garmin, but regardless, I completed all 6 repeats.

My recovery periods were VERY slow, especially on the 5th and 6th repeats. I even walked a little on the 5th. And my cooldown included a walk/run. I was very sweaty and a little dizzy by the end, and so walking became necessary. Tomorrow is my first long run, so I am definitely taking the pace much easier. My goal is a 10K. We will see how that all goes.

Here are the overall splits for yesterday's speedwork:
Mile 1- 9:43
Mile 2- 8:39
Mile 3- 8:34
Mile 4- 9:30
Mile 5- 10:52
Mile 0.5- 10:17

So not bad until I had to throw in some walking.

And here is a nakey baby.
She's a pretty girl who loves being a nakey baby (and who was wet when I took this picture. Please note the blue line on her diaper.)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Planned Workout, and Awesome Baby

Well well well. Yesterday did not end up going as originally anticipated. I guess going out to lunch is not necessarily a positive thing, when lunch is the only time I have available for a workout!

Needless to say, yesterday I did not get in the little bit of crosstraining from an at home crossfit workout that I wanted. I guess I can get that done on Sunday instead of a rest day, and call yesterday my rest day? I know she will take a nap for at least an hour on Sunday. I should be able to use that time! At least, I like to think I will be able to use that time.

Today I have some speedwork on the schedule. The planned workout is a warm up, 6x 400m with a 400m recovery and a cooldown. I am going to the gym at lunch to hammer through the workout on the treadmill so I can control my pace. The tentative plan is to do the 400m at around an 8 min/mile pace, but we will see how that feels. I know technically I am supposed to probably do them fast than that, but I am going to be pretty new to be back at speed work. So that is better than nothing at this point, I think!

Today is Addie's 4th day at school already. And my 4th day back to work. It is hard for me to believe how fast time is flying!
There she is this morning. She wore her owl outfit from Karen to school today. It is a size newborn, and it is completely freaking me out because her newborn clothes are all starting to get a little bit snug. She has not even worn them all yet, so we are trying to work through them now, so I can at least say that she wore them once before we had to put them away.

Carol did not have the complete pictures when I had lunch with her yesterday. She had some paying gigs to edit photos for, so I figure it is fair for those to take priority. However I do have a few more samples that I can share. Well, I will just share one, so as to not overwhelm you with her awesome-ness.
Hopefully I will have the full load soon, I really want to get a bunch printed!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Officially "IN-TRAINING"

I am now OFFICIALLY in training for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. I am less than 6 weeks out, and I am feeling confident that I will at least be able to finish the race. As much as I would LOVE a PR, I definitely do not know if I have that in me right now. So I am trying to be a little bit easier on myself and just plan for a "run the whole race/finish" as of now.

So here is a quick review of the training plan that I set up for myself.
I want to address the Tempo Tuesday workout, which I did yesterday. I was not really sure what my tempo pace was going to be right now, so I just set myself a few goals that would allow me to reach the goals that I want to. So here was what I mentally set up for myself:
1 mile warm up
1 mile at goal marathon pace (9:07)
1 mile at goal half marathon pace (8:33)
1 mile cool down

These paces will set me up to PR the half and go 4 hours for the full, which is why I selected them. I was running at lunch, as this has quickly become the easiest time for me to get a run in and being back at work helps with that a TON.

Here were my actual splits:
Mile 1 - 9:40
Mile 2 - 9:06
Mile 3 - 8:28
Mile 4 - 9:09
As you can see, I definitely achieved my goals. I was super happy about that.

Today is a crosstraining day, and since I have lunch plans, I plan on doing a quick at home crossfit workout. That will get me some strength and some cardio all in one, and I will feel good about it. Like I am really following my plan!

But after work I will have my little crabby face to deal with.
She is pretty awesome.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekly Workouts: Week of September 16

Last week was a pretty good week back in the workout/running game. I did not do much strength training, I admit, but it was a good week where I really started to feel more like myself. I think having a routine (going to work, etc) plus throwing running back into the mix is really going to help me get back into my regular clothes! Cross your fingers that I am correct on that...

So here is the rundown from last week:

Monday: rest day - traveling home from Kansas City
Tuesday: 4.35 mile walk with Addie
Wednesday: 3.17 mile run (my first of this length with no walking!) while Carol took pictures of Addie
Thursday: 3 mile treadmill run, 2.28 mile walk with Addie
Friday: 2.14 mile walk with Katie, Leah, Addie, Caden and Cooper
Saturday: Hudepohl 7K race (met my goal of running the whole race and J PR'd by 4 seconds from 2011)
Sunday: Rest day

Totals: 5 days of workouts
19.32 miles covered
3 walks with the stroller (pseudo strength training)
1 walk with friends
1 amazing photo session with Carol (pics to come, we're having lunch on Wednesday)

As you can see, definitely a pretty great week. I hope that this week will be even better since I am now OFFICIALLY in training for Indy.

And a sneak peak of Addie's photo shoot:
Look at that expression!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Back to "Real" Life - aka My New Normal

Well, today is a pretty big day in the life of Emily. I am back at work. I am currently sitting at my desk, writing my back to work (holy smokes!) entry. I am definitely struggling with the fact that I was already out of work for 6 weeks and I have a 6 week old baby that I have been living with and starting to raise already! It is just amazing to me.

Regardless, I am back at the office and missing my gal. I knew I would though. Here we are getting ready for school/work today!
And here she is pondering the thought of being away from Mommy.
If you cannot tell, that pattern on her outfit is the same as the outfit we brought her home in, 6 weeks and one day ago. So for comparison...

Geez, and I think she is a peanut now! Look at my little 6 lb girl!

And yes, today's entry is going to be focused on me being back at work, and Miss A going to school for the first time. It is definitely something that I am going to be thinking about for the majority of the day. I have everything set up for me to be pumping at work (every three hours!) and they told me I can call and check in as well as stop in to see her whenever I want. So I guess I just need to be confident that I have done all of the best things for her. They were holding her and rocking her when I left, so I felt better almost right away.

I am determined to have a good day at work, even though I know that it will not be a productive one. I need to take advantage of having the day to myself and getting a run in at lunchtime (honestly, pretty darn excited!) and being able to focus on writing this entry without needing to attend to my crying girl. (Gosh, I miss her!) Today is the official first day of my 6 week Indy training plan, so there will be 4 days of running for sure. I am feeling good about my running progress, so as of now, I would say that I am planning on running it.

Wish me luck back at it!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hudepohl 7K: Race Recap

Today I ran the longest distance I have run since my injury. It was my first race as a member of Team Oiselle.
It was my first race this this pretty thing entered my life.
That is what I have right next to me on the couch right now. A little princess who is asleep in her boppy after eating.

But today was the third and final race in the Flying Pig Marathon Beer Series. The first two I ran pregnant, so obviously I did not really enjoy the beer part until today.

J and I left our house around 7:10 am for the race start at 8 am. We knew we could park in the garage at his office (and park for free!) so we were not worried about getting down there too early. Plus, it was raining, so we were hoping that if we waited a little bit longer that the rain would blow over! We were right and there was a light drizzle when we arrived that was gone 100% by the time we got to the start line.

We stretched out a little bit (ok, I stretched a little, the hamstrings, and J stretched a lot!) and I made J take this picture of me.
Oiselle stellar striped tank in sky...  I was also wearing my Rogas in graphite.
There is a little bit of the Roga! As well as my favorite pink ProCompression socks. And you can see J's favorite Adidas shoes.

We both signed up for the 7K this year, despite both running the 14K last year (and me running the 14K the year before that as well). I just was not sure where I would be after the baby with my return to running. I set the goal for this race to be just to run the entire race. Other than that, I had no plans. They changed the course a little bit this year, and instead of making it a straight out and back, there were a few little out and backs and we only ran about the first mile with the 14K racers. Also, to give you an idea of some of the speed there was, the male winner of the 14K finished about 30 seconds faster than my 7K. Ha!

Here are my splits:
Mile 1 - 10:05
Mile 2 - 9:53
Mile 3 - 9:23
Mile 4 - 8:59
Mile 0.34 - 8:12

Negative split on each mile, ran the whole thing (Goal:met!) and ran a 9:28 average pace finishing in 41:28 (unofficial/per my gps). It was not the easiest race ever, but it gave me some hope that my runs are going to get easier and easier as time goes on. I still have it, I can still do it, and I have to be grateful for that.

I celebrated with a post race (pre 10 am) beverage!

Did you race today?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Tired and a Treadmill Run

I am completely beat. I wasn't up all night with the baby or anything. It took her much longer to get to sleep than she maybe normally would, but she once she went down, she slept for her 4 hours until I had to wake her for her next feeding. I think maybe she was just fired up from the football game and couldn't settle down (Go Chiefs!)

But I am definitely glad I got in a run yesterday. Speaking of which, yesterday's run was a parenting win because I got Addie to hang out in the bouncy seat for 25 minutes without crying while I hit the treadmill. It was pretty awesome. Here is the run I managed to get in:
Running at 6.7 was definitely not as easy as it once was, but I was glad to be hitting it. Soon enough it will get easier again, I know it. But for now, this will do. I was able to keep up that pace for a while and I averaged a 9:24 pace, which is not too bad at all.

I ran on Wednesday as well when Carol was over taking pictues of the baby. I ran 3.17 miles with negative splits.
mile 1 - 9:57
mile 2 - 9:51
mile 3 - 9:37
mile 0.17 - 9:01

It was absolutely a solid run and it felt good to be out there running outside without the weight of the stroller trying to push that forward felt awesome. I think I am ready to race tomorrow. J and I are running a 7K for the final race in the beer series, and I am ready to rock it. I told J that my only goal is to run the entire race. I think I can.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Liebster Blog Award!

I was recently nominated for a Liebster Blog Award by Lynette over at Life's Better in Yoga Pants. I have seen this around before, and the idea is to get to know blogger's better. Lynette is one of my Sweat Pink sisters, and I enjoyed reading her Liebster entry and getting to know her better, and now it is my turn.

Here are the rules:
1. Acknowledge the nominating blogger.
2. Share 11 random facts about yourself.
3. Answer 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you.
4. List 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers. 
5. Post 11 questions for the bloggers that you nominated to answer.
6. Let all of the bloggers know that they've been nominated. You also cannot nominate the blogger that nominated you.
 So we will start with the 11 random facts about me. 
1. I have been blogging for well over 10 years. I might not have always been here, but I used a site called Open Diary (which is still around) and I also had a Live Journal. It is just that only recently have I really taken an interest in promoting it.
2. Now that I am a mom, I am unsure what turns my life will take. I am going back to work on Monday already (Addie will be six weeks old tomorrow!) but I have no idea what that means and how I will feel once I am there.
3. I have a Candy Crush problem. Seriously. I had to charge my phone when I was in labor so I could keep playing it before Addie arrived.
4.  I would prefer to go to bed every single night (even weekends) at 8 pm. This has diminished a little bit since the baby was born because she usually has her last feeding around 9, but you bet your butt that I go to bed immediately after her feeding!
5. Getting back to running after a few months off is really tough!
6. I am really looking forward to October 12th. This is tentatively the next time I have a day away to be "me" in addition to just being Addie's mom. That is the day of our annual trip to Frankenmuth!
7. I am a diehard Detroit Tigers fan. Always have been, always will be. I went to 50 games in a year when they lost 100!
8. I have a lifetime bucket list goal to see a game at every single major league ballpark, but I have a really long way to go. I guess we need to plan some family vacations around baseball. I hope Addie is up for that too.
9. I always have high hopes for yoga, strength training and crosstraining when I start training for a big race, but it always ends up falling by the wayside when I get focused on running. It is terrible, and not very good for me, but completely true. Anyone else have that problem?
10.I have super high levels of anxiety as a general rule. Now that I am a mom, I think they have quadrupled.
11. I was once an opera major in college. Obviously, my career is likely more lucrative now than it could have been, but I still miss singing a lot.
Here are the questions that Lynette sent to me.
1. What is your favorite thing to do in the fall? Bake. I love fall vegetables and fall flavors, so incorporating all of those things into dishes for dinner or dessert really makes me happy. Plus I just love the weather.
2. If you could go anywhere for a weekend getaway, where would you go? St. Louis. J and I took a long weekend there pretty early in our relationship (it was our first trip together), and I just LOVE it there.
3. Favorite workout? Somewhere between running and lifting. It honestly depends on the day.
4. What feature do you absolutely love about yourself? My hair. It is extremely dark (black, mostly) thick and long. While having such thick hair can be obnoxious, I know from comments from others that it is enviable. So I love it.
5. What is your biggest health/fitness/wellness accomplishment from this year? I gave birth to a teeny tiny person who was healthy. I think that is a HUGE one.
6. Who do you talk to everyday? My husband and baby and dogs. They are my whole life.
7. How long have you been blogging for? As stated above, more than 10 years, just not in this incarnation.
8. Do you prefer to get your nails done or do them at home? I am not really big on my nails, they are rarely done. But because of that, I would say that I would rather have them done.
9. What is your favorite short term goal for 2013? Getting back into my pre-baby jeans. Wish me luck. I still have a little way to go!
10. What is something you cannot live without? I need books. I just absolutely adore books and reading. I love my kindle too.
11. Morning person or night person? I am absolutely a morning person. As I state previously, I would LOVE to go to bed every night at 8 pm and it is much easier for me to get up at 4 am to get a workout in (or, now, a baby feeding!) than it is for me to stay up to watch a movie at night or something.
Now I want to know...  What is your favorite part about fall?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Feeling Like a Person

It is ten minutes before 7 am right now. I have been up since ten after 5. In addition, I was up repeatedly all night with a baby who just could not get comfortable. I am not sure what was going on with her last night, but her sleep was NOT good. Therefore, neither was mine. I have managed to get her to sleep now, on the couch, next to me, in her boppy, and I will take it. Sleep is sleep at this point. But of course, now it is daytime (well, kind of) so sleep is not for me right now.

I cannot believe it is Wednesday already, and I am back to work next Monday. It is truly sneaking up on me. I am struggling with  breastfeeding right now as well, because pumping all weekend was rough on my nipples. Seriously, I am hurting. Not to mention the fact that yesterday Teek managed to undo the zippers and destroy some of the plastic parts to the pump. I went out and got some replacements last night, so hopefully they work fine with the pump. I am admittedly a little bit nervous because my pump is one sold by medical supply companies, so it is not the same as the one that is sold at Target or Buy Buy Baby. The big difference is that it is not in such a pretty bag as that one.

I am trying something with Addie right now, based on the BabyWise book that I read. I know she is full. I know her diaper is clean and I know she is exhausted, so I am letting her cry a little bit, just to see if she falls asleep on her own.

She ended up not sleeping, and the day has been pretty busy as it is now 3:20 pm, so obviously a lot has happened since I started this post this morning. But I am feeling more human now, which is really huge for me.

How did I get to this state of humanity you ask? My friend Carol came over because she wanted to take pictures of Addie. She is working on her photography business and she has not taking pictures of a baby yet. So she will be adding pics of Addie to her portfolio, and I get some great pics in the process. With her being so teeny, most of the pics are more "newborn" like shots (she is still under 8 lbs. Lots of new borns weigh as much or more than her!), but they will still be beautiful, I think! In addition, she told me to leave and run and then take a shower. So now I feel almost like a person again. How exciting for me!

I don't have any pictures yet, but I promise once I get them, I will post them.

Today's run was on my own (no baby) and I went outside. It seems like so far I am either running outside with the stroller, or inside on the treadmill. It went pretty well. I will go into details on tomorrow's post, but it was the longest run (with NO WALKING) I have done so far. So I am pretty happy with it. It felt pretty hard, but good too, and I am so glad I was able to get out and get the run in. It was so wonderful to be able to run again.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Motivation is Lacking

Being home feels pretty good, however, having a break from the baby was nice because everyone else wanted to see her and hold her all the time. Plus I did get to take my first day away from her and attend the Chiefs game on Sunday. That was a full day affair, where we left the house at 7:15 am and were not home until after 5. Addie drank bottles of milk I had pumped while I was gone and that worked out pretty well, I think. I am trying to get in more frequent pumping sessions, as I definitely think it is helping with supply. I have not gotten around to it yet today, but I have high hopes!

I have been feeling pretty overwhelmed about running lately. I am not sure if it is a motivational lack or if it is other things. Those other things would be the fact that running with a stroller is flipping hard and that with a frequently crying baby, the treadmill is near impossible. Now I am very hopeful that I will be able to squeeze in some treadmill time for 2-3 miles today, but I am not counting on it 100%. It may or may not happen.

Right now might have been a decent time, because Addie fell asleep right after eating, but she was not asleep in a position that was very convenient for me to put her to bed (she is out in her boppy) and be able to have her in a different room (and take the monitor with me, of course!) Maybe I will get lucky later on and she will be cheerful enough to hang out in her bouncer. Cross your fingers for me, as I have a race this weekend (my first since May, my first since the broken elbow and first since the baby, and my first as a member of the Oiselle team!) It is the third race of the beer series, the Hudepohl 14K/7K. This year J and I are both running the 7K. I haven't ever run that before. So I guess I am kind of looking forward to a little bit less pressure distance wise, but I still wish that I was ready to run longer distances, faster.

J is furious right now, and I definitely do not blame him at all. He has every right to be furious. We had a scheduled appointment to get someone out here to upgrade the internet. He took the day off to be here for that. Apparently (now that we are through our 4 hour time window when they were supposed to show up) there was no appointment made, despite the fact that J had a confirmation number! He took a vacation day (rather than getting another day off at the holidays!) for this. He has been on the phone with them now for more than a half hour and he is fired up (obviously cannot blame him for this).

But here is something a little more cheerful.
This is what happens when a daddy swaddles a baby! (She is yawning)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sunday is Football Day

We made it all the way back to Ohio today. We were in the car about 9 hours, and that includes a few diaper change stops. It typically takes J and I 8 hours when it's just the two of us. So it wasn't too bad, I guess. 

Sunday is what we should talk about of course. We were up around 6 am. I fed Addie and J took a shower and got dressed. We left the house around 7:15. We met the gang at the car consolidation point at 7:30. It was my first full day of being away from the girl.

We had a pretty great time at the game. I ducked into the car several times to pump. Everyone was great about that and let me be in the car, which worked out well. I had a beer at the tailgate and one during the game as well and that was it, so nothing excessive.

The Chiefs ended up winning by one point. Although that was too close for comfort, we were all excited about the win! Even Addie!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Football & exhaustion

So, J and I are in Kansas City, and of course Addie is here with us too. It is a very different kind of trip with a baby here, especially since I am her food source right now. The drive actually went shockingly well. Addie pretty much slept in the car the entire time, except when I forced her awake to feed her. In the car, I pumped and then bottle fed her what I pumped. It worked pretty well other than trying to get her to wake up.

Right now we are planning how feedings are going to go on Saturday night/ Sunday morning to allow me to feed her right before we go. I have 4 bottles ready to go for her tomorrow. My first time getting a whole day's worth ready. I will have to do that for her for daycare. 

J is next to me in the bed asleep. I am feeding her and really wishing I was laying down. But probably it will not be for awhile. Oh baby feeding. 

It was a good day in Kansas City in general. We had a nice day. We went to a team shop and got Addie some Chiefs gear. She's all ready for tomorrow's game now. I also got myself a new hoodie and J a new pullover. We are all set.

It is almost midnight and we have to meet everyone around 7:30 in the morning. I'm so tired that I am tempted to skip the game and just sleep. But I won't do that, of course.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Monsignor and Bars

I got a rather random (well, I think it was random) text message on Friday. It was from the Monsignor.
Here is the Monsignor with J and I on our wedding day. He is a long time family friend, and he was the priest at our wedding. Yes, J and I got married in a Catholic Church.

The text said, "So when are you going to get the Pagan out of that baby?" That was his inappropriate (but made me laugh!) way of asking when we are going to do the Baptism. He is going to do that for us. I am thinking it is pretty neat that the same man that married J and I is going to baptize our baby. We just need to talk about when we have time to do that, and get it on the calendar. We will be in Toledo in October, so maybe we can squeeze in one more activity that weekend and get that done on Sunday? (The other activities are an auction with my Dad and the annual Frankenmuth trip).

Last week, after eating all of the samples of Picky Bars I got with a nuun order, I knew I needed more. I joined the Picky Club (monthly auto-ship). Since so many bars are out for me right now because of dairy product (including my beloved Quest Bar), I need to go with what works.
So this was my breakfast this morning. Yum. I have not decided which is my favorite yet because I have not tried the Runner's High flavor. But I definitely recommend checking these out, especially is you have dietary restrictions. They are gluten and dairy free and vegan.

I also have a bunch packed for the weekend trip as something to eat when I can't eat the food provided. For instance, breakfast burritos are my favorite part of tailgating, but I can't eat them since we bring them already made, and they have cheese in them. So a picky bar is a good choice.

Hope you are having a lovely Saturday!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Sleep is Needed

I have been having some allergy or sinus issues over the last few days. I cannot take any sinus medicine that I have found in my reading. It seems like it would pass into milk, so it is out. I can pretty much take tylenol or advil or whatever and hope that the anti-inflammatory in advil would relieve some of the pressure on my face! Cross your fingers.

We have had an intense few days, Addie and I. We have been busy and she is going through a growth spurt (and therefore working super hard to increase my supply) so there has not been a whole lot of time for other stuff it feels like. We just go from feeding to feeding and try and squeeze in a little bit of laundry and maybe a walk or a run. We have some crying (ok, a lot of crying) and a lot of intensity in the house, where J doesn't necessarily understand. He comes home from work exhausted. Which I understand, but he does not really see how I could be exhausted as well, and trust me, I am.

Not only am I exhausted, but a few others in my life are as well.
When this happened, I decided it was time for me to nap as well. So I closed my eyes for a few minutes. Even though everything seems very secure, I still get nervous with Addie sleeping in that boppy. So very little real sleep was gotten (if any). Regardless, it was nice to not have a crying baby.

Today we are leaving town around 3 pm for a long drive. We are driving all the way to St. Louis tonight, and from there to Kansas City tomorrow. I admit, I am pretty nervous about it. I have no idea what such a long car ride is going to be like for a little teeny one.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Product Review: Oral I.V.

As a Sweat Pink/Fit Approach ambassador, I am sometimes given the opportunity to review products. Last week, I was sent a hydration product called Oral I.V. to try out. As a runner (not to mention a nursing mother!) I really need to make sure that I am properly hydrated especially in the humid weather that we are having currently here in Ohio.
From the Oral IV website:
Oral IV is a game changing approach to performance. Oral IV is a revolutionary hydration aid based on a proprietary blend of electrolytes, minerals and purified water. 
In the packet is four plastic vials holding a shot sized amount of clear liquid. The directions said to add a vial to 16 oz of water, or to just take the liquid straight, prior to or during a workout when you will need extra hydration. It has been extremely hot and humid around here lately, and Addie and I have been walking just about every day.

Before Addie and I headed out, with plans for 4.5 miles, pushing the stroller in 95% humidity, I added one of the vials to my tervis (which I have been drinking out of constantly since receiving it from a friend a week ago). Because the liquid is clear, you cannot see it in my water, and when I went to drink the water, I could not taste it either. So I was glad that there was no aftertaste or anything like that.

While out on our walk, I was definitely a sweaty mess, but I did not feel dehydrated. On earlier walks in similar conditions, I had to hunt down water fountains at parks and stuff to prevent myself from getting dizzy. But this time that did not happen. I felt good for the more than an hour that I was out in the sun.

If you are interested in trying Oral IV, go to their website to order:

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back at Running (Finally!)

I gave up running during pregnancy earlier than I had planned on for sure. I planned on running up until the day I gave birth. Instead, at 28 weeks, I fell, broke my elbow, and was forced to stop for the safety of the baby. It might not have been because of being pregnant (it was definitely a fluke accident), but I certainly did not want to risk anything. If I have another baby, I am hoping to keep running longer than 28 weeks, but I am definitely going to stick to the treadmill and likely give up racing. That will help.

I say that now... We'll have to see what happens when/if the time comes.

On Sunday, I did my first run. I am sure that you saw that in my weekly recap from yesterday. It went pretty well, although a 9:30-ish pace was definitely more difficult than it used to be. But that is to be expected at this point in time. My thought with running is that it would be kind of where I left off. I know that I would not be at the place I was BEFORE pregnancy (sub 7 miles for a 5K!) but I was hoping I would be able to hang out at around 9:30-9:45 pace when running on my own with no baby/stroller.

On Monday, I had plans for my first run with my Columbus Marathon training partner from a year ago, Karen. Now, Karen and I have obviously been running together since then, and we have been walking together since I gave birth a few days per week, so that has been great as well. But yesterday, we were planning on tackling the stroller run. Karen has been running with her BOB since her son Bradley was born last June. She is super speedy and has won age group in races against non-stroller runners with her stroller. I have a long way to go before I am that awesome.

Our run yesterday was really tough. My plan was to walk one mile, then run three, easy. I was not going to stress about pace at all, since I had no idea what it was going to be like with the stroller. The answer is... hard as hell. I was HURTING. We made it about 1.85 miles before I had to stop and walk. We ended up doing 4 miles (plus one additional mile that we just walked in the beginning), run/walk style. I ended up getting over 3 miles run in total though, which I was proud of, so I guess I achieved the goal?

Have you ever run with a stroller?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Week of September 2 - Weekly Workouts

Another week post baby has come and gone, which means another week of workouts to review and look through. I am getting stronger every week as things continue to happen and I continue to get further away from giving birth. I am now more than 4 weeks past that. In fact, today Little Miss A is one month old! (Holy Smokes!)

Now that I am officially cleared to run, I can actually start training for Indy. I can also make sure that I am ready to run the Hudy in two weeks (ish). I am a little bit nervous about getting started, I am the first to admit that, but Sunday was an indicator that I am ready for it. It just had been so long since I last ran. I mean, yes there was the occasional interval run after the elbow break, but I really have not run consistently since May 11, the day that I fell and broke my elbow.

That is hard for me to believe. That means on Wednesday I will be 4 months removed from that break. Time flies, doesn't it?

Anyway, let's get on with the week in review:

Monday: Walk 4.3 miles solo, core workout
Tuesday: Walk 4.51 miles
Wednesday: Walk 3.7 miles
Thursday: Walk 4.5 miles with Karen
Friday: Walk 3.67 miles with Karen, #100Challenge
Saturday: rest day
Sunday: #100Challenge, 2 miles (RUN!) in 19:07 (9:33 avg)

There was a total of 22.68 miles in this week (including 1 run!) and three days of strength training, two of them being the 100 Challenge. I had one full rest day, yesterday. I think this was a really good week. This gets me onto a good start to be back at 100 miles in the month, which I haven't hit in a pretty long time, since I got out of the running game.

And that with a 1 month old baby (TODAY!)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Early Morning Accomplishments

It is bright and early on Sunday morning. 7:15 am, to be specific. Addie had a feeding at 6 am, and I put her back down after that, but I am feeling pretty good this morning, despite tons of crying again yesterday, so I am just staying up and trying to get some stuff done. Getting stuff done means watching sportscenter and blogging. I don't feel like I can leave her in her pak n play to go to the basement and hit the treadmill. At least, I don't think so. Our monitor is all set up in her room, so it is not like I can just take that down with me. I will have to wait until she is comfortable and settled later. That kind of thing, and how it will work is still TBD. In addition, how the hubs will handle it.

I did just hammer through the 100Challenge though. I skipped it yesterday (slacker) so I am starting over on day 1 today. I hate Day 1. :)

On Friday, Addie and I took a trip to my doctor. I was 4 weeks out from delivery (and Addie was 4 weeks old!) and so I had an appointment to check on my stitches, chat about birth control, etc. I told the doctor that I think I was feeling best if I did go back on the pill, at least for now, so she emailed a prescription over for me right away. She said I could not start taking it until 5 weeks (next Friday) though, so I have not been over to pick it up yet. It is one of those things on the list for this week.

I made a list on my phone for the week because I feel like there are some things that I actually hope to accomplish this week. It feels like that is maybe a little unusual since I have been just hoping to survive for the last few weeks. I would be thrilled to accomplish things this week since I have hardly been getting anything done lately. At least, that is what I feel like. It just seems like all I do it baby. And people may argue that this is obviously getting a LOT done, and I know this, at least I am trying to know this, but it still feels like things just are not going the way that I like them to, as far as productivity when J is gone.

Yesterday we spent the late afternoon at our favorite bar, just watching the Buckeyes. It was the first Buckeyes game that Miss A watched, last week my dad was here and we were busy doing other things. We had to run a few errands, so she missed most of the game. But yesterday, she was PREPARED to  watch the game.
Thank you to my awesome co-worker Kim for the cute Bucks outfit for her to wear. She was well behaved at the bar for the most part, and by the time we were leaving, she was asleep, as usual.

Today I am going to try something new with Miss A and see if it helps the fussiness. We will see!

Friday, September 6, 2013

New Challenge

So, I am to the point now where I am trying to figure out my diet, etc, in order to be back to being "me" but to still be able to provide for Addie. I truthfully am not sure what to do diet wise that will help me to get there. I am already pretty much dairy free (at least, I am trying to be) to not have any of that running into my milk in case that bothers the baby. It seems to be super common and just about everyone is off dairy these days, it seems, when they are nursing. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be helping all that much. However, when I did eat pizza with cheese earlier this week, it bothered me too (I had a really terrible day where a lot of time was spent in the bathroom). So maybe elimination of dairy is the way to go as far as that goes.

I talked to my friend Steph yesterday. Her son Lucas was born 1 week after Addie. She is also off dairy and is not sure if it helping her enough yet. She is considering eliminating gluten as well. I have to be honest, I am getting there myself. I will do anything to help the baby's tummy feel better so maybe she will not be so fussy! Obviously being gluten or dairy free is not a good technique for dieting. It would just be used to hopefully help the baby be able to digest better or something.

I am trying to find that balance between healthy and happy. When I am too strict with clean eating, I get really overwhelmed and I feel like I am missing out a lot. Missing out makes me feel bad and guilty like I am also depriving J of his fun. Granted, that is just a mental thing. Taking care of myself should not make me feel guilty, that is just likely him feeling guilty for not eating as cleanly. At least, that has been my experience in the past, like when I was training for a competition.

Strength-wise, I started Jess's (from Blonde Ponytail) #100challenge. I did 5 sets of 20 (with no rest in between) of each of squats, modified push-ups, and sit ups. It was TOUGH. But I still completed it. I went in KNOWING I had to do modified push ups (my elbow just isn't having full push ups yet), and I was able to stick to everything with no additional modifications. So it felt great to complete it. I am hoping, like Jess, that this helps me get back to where I used to be, by using fundamental full body moves like these three. I really focused on my form, especially for the squats, in order to target my rear, which has taken on some extra size since last November.

But hey, this is worth a little softness, right?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

2 years

I have been so overwhelmed with being a new mom that I didn't even talk last week about how she got here. Yes, I know what you are thinking, and no, not that, that is not what I meant.

Last Tuesday, J and I reached another relationship milestone. It was our two year anniversary. August 27.
Our wedding day, outside of Tony Packo's. The downtown Toledo bar that we stopped at to have a beer in between the wedding and the reception, lots of fun pictures, etc, happened around here. We also ran into some friends of my dad that we ended up inviting to come to the reception when we saw them. Because why not?

It was absolutely one of the most fun, best days ever.

The second anniversary traditional gift is cotton, so I went "cotton-esque" for the gifts I bought for J. I got him a new tempurpedic pillow (not cotton, but some pillows are!), an Ohio State shirt that I knew he wanted, and a new Chiefs hoodie. So the shirts were both cotton-blend, and I knew he would love them.
The gifts I got J. Thank goodness for a million baby showers this summer, which has left me with lots of gift bags to use! At least that one with the owls on it is blue AND pink. I have gotten a ton of pink gift bags.

J got me a long sleeved running shirt from Athleta, a hoodie from lululemon, and a few frames with pics of the baby in them for my desk at work. I plan on bringing them over to the office when I go to visit and bring Addie with me to meet everyone! I was originally planning on doing that this week, but now I am leaning toward next week since this week has been hectic.

Happy Anniversary J! Here's to lots more!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rough Time with Baby

I am already feeling like we have potentially accomplished more today that I might have expected. Someone, a-HEM, Addie, starts to pout every time she drops her bink. And she drops it semi-frequently because she sucks extra enthusiastically. It's kind of funny, but at the same time, it is a little annoying. She is snuggled up in her boppy sucking away watching mom type.

We fed, pumped, got dressed, and took mom's car over to the service place to get the brakes and checked in my car. When my dad visited over the weekend, he mentioned that a sound that my car was making sounded like it could be a bearing issue. So I decided it would be worth it to take in the car, check things out, and make sure that I am ok. I don't want to drive it very far if there is anything wrong with it, plus I would not ever want to risk brakes going out. The car has about 60K miles on it, and I have never had them done. So it will be worth getting everything checked out.

After we got to the car place, I pulled the BOB out of the back (I figured out how to pack it up!) and loaded Addie into it. We live close to the car place, so that was good. We just did our walk (well, most of it) on the way home. Now we will finish our walk when we go to pick up the car later. We just got the brakes done. I need a few tires as well, but when I talked to J, we decided to do that just at Sam's Club. It will be much less pricey. At least we are hoping that it will be less pricey. If it is not, then I am just going to have to go back to the other place and have them do the work. Regardless, it is not an emergency to have that done considering I don't do much driving. I will just have to get it done soon.

There's my gal in her boppy with her bink. She has finally managed to fall asleep for the first time today, thank goodness. I don't want her to sleep the entire day away or anything, but sleeping for a little while is ok. She needed to sleep a little bit because we did not sleep last night. Definitely has been a rough few days and nights for us. Not sure what is going on with her, but it has been kind of rough. I am hoping that we get over this hump pretty soon and she stops being so whiney.

PS - look at Zeus in that picture, keeping an eye on his little sister. So cute!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week of August 26 - Weekly Workouts

Okay, sorry for the lack of posting since last Thursday. I did not mean it, but once again, I got caught up in baby world. I feel like that seems to happen every couple of days. I assume that is completely normal though, with new moms and 3 week old babies. It is hard to believe that she is already three weeks old, that is for sure. This week we have our (ok, well, mine) 4 week post partum appointment, and next week Addie has her one month appointment. It is hard to believe that she will be one month old already!

But anyway, today we need to look back at last week as a week in review. Let's see what kind of workouts we managed to pull off last week (after a mega-slacker weekend).

Monday - 4.3 mile walk solo
Tuesday - 2.6 mile walk plus a leg and core circuit (still trying to get the tummy and butt back in line after being pregnant - not an easy task)
Wednesday - 4.58 mile walk and a core workouts
Thursday - 3 mile walk and an upper body strength session
Friday - 4.5 mile walk with Karen and Bradley
Saturday - rest
Sunday - rest

See? Incredibly slacker weekend. I hate that, but I am definitely suffering a little bit from lack of sleep right now, and have been exhausted. But we still have a total of 18.98 miles and two full strength workouts, so I think I met my goals that I set for myself for the week, right?

Yesterday I ate dairy. I am afraid I might be paying for it already, so I am going back off of it again. I definitely had some tummy troubles yesterday myself, so I feel like I have to imagine it will give them to Addie as well, whether or not they are related to dairy. J pretty much rolled his eyes at me when I asked him if I should eat the pizza his mom brought over for lunch, so I ate it, and I am absolutely having guilt about it when Addie is a crabby pants like she is today.