Thursday, February 28, 2013

Keeping the Meltdown in Check

I had a pretty rough day yesterday. I am not entirely sure what caused it to be so rough, but I cried at work a little bit. I had a few meltdowns to other people (Karen, Leah, my boss’s boss, Doug). I didn’t get my run in first thing in the morning which definitely threw off the rest of my day because I truly think that is what keeps me calm. It is good, but at the same time what happens if this pregnancy stops allowing me to run at some point? What will I do, and how will I stay calm then? My friend, who is also pregnant, was big into CrossFit, and continuing to go and really enjoy it, making strides forward without pushing herself too hard. But then they discovered that she had some cysts that are not interfering with her pregnancy, but they want to make sure that they don’t. So she no longer is going to crossfit. I know that it stresses her out a little bit to not get that stress relieving activity. And while I am grateful that I am still running at this point, I am nervous for the day when I no longer can.

I suppose it may not come until the baby is born, I can always hope that is the case. And once the baby is here, then I will be distracted for a few weeks until I am cleared to run, I assume. To all of you moms out there, right?

I know that I have been incredibly selfish lately, so I am going to try and work hard to focus on the baby and the fact that what I am doing and how I am handling myself needs to be right for him/her. I need to eat to fuel BOTH of us, not just me. And he/she will really appreciate the extra healthy foods and veggies that I can hopefully squeeze in over the next several months, now that overall, my tastebuds appear to be back to normal, just extra HUNGRY! Hungry at this point, I suppose is normal. After all, according to my what to expect app, baby is the size of a sweet potato this week! I eat those, regularly, sweet potatoes are not small! That is unreal to me.

So after returning home last night and feeling completely overwhelmed and stressed out, I decided I definitely need to spend some time on the treadmill. It was absolutely necessary to get a run it.

I was definitely pleased with this run and the pace that I was able to run at consistently. I know that hard work put in now will pay off in my post-baby redemption marathon (I am already planning it, and YES, it is absolutely sub-4 or BUST this time around). I am starting to feel good about my running all things considered with pregnancy and stuff. I need to remember that I am potentially the exception for pregnant runners and not the rule. We will see how it continues as I move on and grow even bigger, but I know that lots of women do not even make it as far as I have!

I got up this morning and ran another 6 miles, knowing that I would feel pretty good if I was able to get a morning run in. I knew that would help start my day in a much calmer state of mind. Hopefully, I should be able to keep all of the emotions in check today, so we will see how it goes today!

Does running keep you sane, like it does me?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Keeping Up The Distance

I have been trying to keep up with the running goals for the week that I laid out in yesterday’s entry, knowing that Saturday will be a short race. I woke up at 4:15 am on Tuesday (my alarm officially goes off at 4:35 am) and I was pretty wiped in reality, but I also knew that at that point I was not going to get back to sleep, so I might as well drag my rear end down to the basement. So I hung out with Teek until 4:30 and then got dressed and went downstairs, turned on the Biggest Loser (recorded from Monday night) and started my workout.

Here is the workout I ended up with:
65 mins
It ended up being a really great workout that left me feeling good about how hard I worked, especially when I wanted to just stay in bed. I wavered over and over about how far I was going to run and how far I even needed to run. I was like oh, just 5 miles, and then just 50 minutes…  And I just kept changing things as I continued to run. It just came to the point where I was like… oh yes, let’s just keep running. And I did.

Here we are at the end of the workout…
65 total minutes, It left me finished workout out around quarter to 6, which was right in time to handle my little pups before 6 and before I needed to head upstairs to take a shower and get ready for my day. It ended up working out just perfectly. I felt pretty good about this run, even though it was a tough and undecided one. I definitely spent time questioning myself as I did this workout. can I keep that pace up (8:42) for a full mile? I was unsure, even though just last week I did a very fast workout! I should just trust my body, right? I mean, my body (as it turns out) made a person that I was unsure of being capable of.

Last night we went out for our friend Becky's birthday. We went to Marion's Piazza up in Mason, which is the first one opened down here. It is a favorite of a lot of our friends who went to school up in Dayton (basically MOST of my friends!) so they are always picking that place for their birthday dinners. Personally, I love Marion's, but J is not necessarily a huge fan. I love it because I really enjoy the super thin crust pizza that they have there. We just got our pizza with bacon, and that is it. I loved it so much.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gearing up for a Race

J and I are racing on Saturday morning. It will be J's first race since Columbus, and my first race in... two weeks? haha. Granted, I have only run virtual races since Vegas, but at least I have a few race recaps that are posted since December, even if they are not the best times I have ever run and stuff.

But on Saturday morning, we will be running together. It is the first race in the Flying Pig Marathon’s Beer Series. The first race in the series is the BeckFest.  BockFest5KThe bockfest is a simple straightforward 5K race, that will be taking place in the Brewery District in Over the Rhine, Cincinnati. This is in the northern part of downtown. It is in the area of a few of the different races that we have run together over the last few years. Mostly running the Hudy in the fall, has taken us through this area before. I might have hit it a few more times in other races that I have done myself, but the Hudy is probably the only one that we have previously done together. I think J is relieved that it is only a 5K. His goal is to hammer the race out in 40 minutes, which I think he can absolutely do. My goals are pretty relaxed at this point. I plan on hammering it out in about 28 minutes. Not my last 5K (22:35 on Thanksgiving Day) by any stretch of the imagination, but I just would like to keep things under 30 minutes for as long as I can.

And because it is a race series, there is some bling to go along with it.
I am pretty excited to USE this bottle opener medal (who am I kidding, I will never actually USE it, I just would like to have a beverage.) We had a bottle opener on the Hudy medal from last year, and J said that it was not very sturdy, so I guess it might just be for show and for fun!

I will be getting in a few long runs before the race day. I think J is probably just hoping to get a few runs on the treadmill that are just close to the distance of the race, and he will walk/run it. But me, because I might not get a long run in on the weekend (doing just a 5K race) I am going to try and make sure I am at over 20 miles on the week before we get to Saturday. I am tentatively planning on getting up early and squeezing in a 10K (ish) on the treadmill before we go downtown, but I will be playing that by ear, since we are out on Friday night.

I will write more about my prep to hammer out a preggo 5K (although not a preggo PR, I already got that) later this week.

Monday, February 25, 2013

A Morning Strength Session

I really feel like I started today off on the right foot. Even more so than other Monday mornings. I mean, the previous two Monday’s I slept in and ended up working out at lunch or after work. Today I managed to drag my rear end out of my nice warm bed where I was cuddling with my little grey furbaby and get my rear end to the gym. Not just to the basement where my treadmill lives, but to the gym! I am extra pleased with myself for that one. I always plan on strength training on Mondays, but recently, I have not dragged myself out of bed with the gusto needed to get to the gym first thing in the morning. But today… It was a much better day, and I managed to get myself to the gym bright and early for a little strength training.

Here was this morning’s strength workout (which I am PROUD of!)

strength It has been quite some time since I got such solid lifting in, in all honesty. Some days I feel sad about that, like I have left my first love behind. But I know that I really have not, I just have found something new and different that I need to explore, as being competitive with it does not upset my husband in quite the same manner that competing in a bikini contest did! Oh running…  thank goodness there is you…

My legs were beat by the end of this workout. I did not use particularly heavy weights, at least not by my old standards. I needed to be careful because I am not sure how heavy is too heavy with the baby hanging out. I guess that is something that I should research and see if I can figure out. I kind of remember a preggers gal the only time I actually went to a crossfit box. For most of our strength that we worked on, she used only the bar, and a 15 lb kettlebell when we did the swings, if I remember correctly. But she was also far more visibly pregnant than I. But I guess I would rather be safe than sorry. So I only squat the bar. I did heavier on leg press, but I am not worried about balance or anything with that machine. I figured that was a good way to go about it?

I hope to hit my home treadmill for a half hour or so at lunchtime or after work today. It depends on how my day is going WHEN I will be doing that, but I am looking forward to shaking these stems out after working them this morning. I know I have a half hour show saved to watch on the DVR (that I purposely did not watch yesterday!)

I ate one of the eggoritos that I made yesterday for breakfast this morning.
Oh my goodness. It was delicious. J also LOVED it. He text me after he got to the office this morning, I think just to let me know as I have not heard from him since. Haha. Regardless, I am ALWAYS grateful when I do something different and it winds up being something that he likes.

Any major weekend accomplishments to share?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Little Sunday Prep

Sunday. I spent the morning doing my normal Sunday morning stuff, grocery shopping, cooking food for the week, doing a little kitchen cleaning work...  All of those things that I like to try and get done on Sunday mornings so I feel as though I have had a productive day if I just do nothing for the rest of the day. So today's cooking escapades included a dream dinner that J does not like (monte cristo chicken) for me to eat for lunches this week. Egg-o-ritos for breakfast for both J and I:
These were a whole wheat tortilla, lots of egg whites and eggs, black beans, extra lean ground turkey, and topped with a little bit of cheese. They are huge though, so I told J that when he eats it on his way into work, he should probably just leave it wrapped in the foil and that he should probably use that in hopes that the whole thing does not fall apart! I think they are going to be really good.

I also made some cookies for J. I found a recipe on pinterest, and decided to doctor it up a little bit based on some of the ingredients that I had in the kitchen. Basically, I had no peanut butter, so I used almond butter. They are pretty yummy, J says.
Not having any eggs makes them kind of crumbly though. But they are good cookies. I tried a little bit of the dough (safe to eat because no eggs!)

I will be 17 weeks tomorrow. My regular jeans stopped fitting. I had to wear them with a band yesterday and them unbuttoned for the first time. It scares me a little bit, but it also helps me to remember the fact that I am growing a real live life in me. How scary is that?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

More Treadmill time

Last night, after a long long long day at work (I got there at quarter before 7 in the morning), J and I made a dream dinner with a dream dinner side dish as our meal. We had the Tuscan steaks pulled out of the freezer because J had requested them as part of his birthday week meal plan. 
I had purchased a side dish of gorgonzola mashed potatoes as well to try them out, so I am planning on serving those on the side of the steak. I considered making green beans to go with it, but I got lazy when it came time to cook. I think I have potentially been trying to do too much (with the early mornings and tough workouts) but I am feeling good overall, just a little tired. But the dinner was pretty tasty!

Another Saturday long run. I skipped run group today, no one was going to be there. All of my run group friends were running a 14 mile trail race up at Caesar's Creek (near Karen's house) and let's be honest, my preggo self does not want to worry about 14 miles where there is a huge possibility of tripping and falling and getting hurt (or hurting baby), so I decided that home and solo was good enough for me.

I had 9 miles on the schedule, although that is just the schedule that I write for myself that is based off of nothing but what I feel like maybe I can run on a given weekend. So I was more than willing to change that up a little bit. 

Alas. The 9 miles ended up working out. Perfectly even...

Friday, February 22, 2013

Running for Stress relief

I am definitely glad that I had not run in the morning yesterday. I really wound up needing that run when I got home. I was completely stressed out. I was overwhelmed. I was ready to punch someone. I cried to Jason. And then I got on the treadmill, and after that, things really started to feel good, they started to feel so much better. It is amazing what running will do to my mindset. It just makes every ok in the world.

Not only did I run last night, but I ran HARD. Here was the workout.
It was definitely one of the more difficult workouts that I have done since discovering I was pregnant. It was definitely one of the fastest workouts since then, so I am pleased about it. I mean, yes, my Turkey Trot was MUCH faster, but that was a long long time ago, and I was not even conscious yet that I was pregnant. In fact, I was waiting for my TOM to start that Monday. When it didn't, we tested, and that is when we found out. Right before my trip to race in Vegas, that I had been waiting an entire year for.

But anyway, all of that is besides the point right now. I went to Vegas, I didn't drink AT ALL, I ran the race (and ran it under 2 hours!) and all of those things were a big success. Next up, we shall see!

I found someone to take my place on the Bourbon Chase team. I am sad about it because I had so much fun last year, but I of course, have NO CLUE how I might feel come October about leaving the baby overnight (or potentially for two nights!) And I won't know until the time actually comes when I will be cleared to run again post-delivery. So I could potentially ONLY have been running for a week, depending on whether I am able to delivery normally or I have to have a C-Section (sorry, I know that "normally" is not proper terminology, but it is the most comfortable I feel with descriptions right now).

Moving away from running.

Last night following my run, I made a dinner for J and I that I found on pinterest, and was then taken to Iowa Girl Eats blog. It was BBQ chicken apple quesadillas, and they were amazing. I have a leftover one for lunch. The recipe made 4 and J ate two of them last night, so I just brought the fourth one in a ziploc with me to the office this morning and I will reheat it in a few hours in hopes that it is as delicious as it was last night. I am better.... Yes.
And the image from pinterest that sold me on this meal? Oh my goodness they were so awesome. Definitely give them a try. They come highly recommended from the Nix household!

Today is a normal Friday, for the most part. I got to work at 7 am though, so I suppose that is a little bit different than a normal Friday. J dropped his car off in the shop last night (overheating. again) and so he was driving me to work today, but there was an ice storm, so we left super early. I was relieved that someone else was in the office when I got here though. Because the alarm is my greatest fear. seriously.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Anxiety = Nothing to Say.

I am running this afternoon. I didn't get up this morning. Hello my name is lazy (or pregnant. I think I can claim that one for this!) J is going out with some of his guy friends to a local brewery nearby to celebrate his birthday with them, and so I will play on my treadmill and then cook myself some dinner. Time/distance is TBD. I would say it depends on what shows I have on my DVR, and how I am feeling at the time.

J used the stick on my hammies and left calf the other day. My right calf is now ridiculously tight (potentially protesting from NOT getting treated by the stick?) so I have been compulsively stretching it out, in hopes of it just letting go of whatever knot it has decided to love. I am also setting it up that my knee digs into it when I cross my legs. Whatever works, right?

And I am feeling extra anxious today. Nothing that a second cup of coffee (decaf - don't worry so much!) won't cure.

I am thinking that there is a chance (albeit a slim one) that my body MIGHT have a few (ok, 4) mile repeats in it for later on. Yes, I enjoy torture. Yes, I plan on doing these at 6.7 mph. On the treadmill. With Glee on in the background. That is how I will get through 7 miles. I am thinking 800m of recovery in between the repeats. Of course there will be a little warm up and cool down as well. I am obviously not 100% on getting this workout done yet, as I am not sure how I will be feeling come 5 pm, but I will certainly be running SOME.

All right. I know. This entry is majorly boring. I will just let it go for now. Ha.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Baby Update + the Usual - Running

I ran again today. Shocker, right? The planned 50 minutes on the gym treadmill. Yes, the treadmill and I have become quite close this winter. The whole not wanting to fall and harm the baby on any slick spots or get kidnapped in the pitch black 5 am hour has done a lot for the love of my treadmill. I will go into the workout here in a minute, but first, a baby update!

A quick 16 weeks and 2 days update:

  1. I am definitely finally growing a little. My regular jeans DO still fit and maternity jeans are still a little bit big, but I can see roundness that is beyond my early pregnancy (or the I just ate Chipotle) bloating.
  2. Along with the belly, I feel like my inner thighs must be growing EVEN LARGER than they were. Trust me, I have thick thighs. I don't mind it. But body glide is becoming even MORE essential than it used to be.
  3. Every now and then I am embarrassed by myself at the gym. I wore a tank top last week and felt like I looked like a cow in it. It's all about the belly that I never have had before. It seems scary and foreign to me. I know I should just suck things up and OWN IT after all, I am PREGNANT, but I can't help the insecurity.
  4. Similarly, I just upped my calorie intake on My Fitness Pal to "gain 0.5 lbs per week". It has taken just as long to adjust to that fact and relax about what I am consuming. Yes, it is only about 250 calories more per day, but I get heart palpitations thinking about it. 
  5. We have officially started discussing a baby shower in Toledo - mostly because Jason is ready to start planning his own golf outing for the day rather than out of necessity to plan a baby shower. Its early yet to even THINK about it.
  6. We have our gender ultrasound (and only ultrasound) on March 6. This shall remain a secret to us (and to nearly everyone else) until March 8. We are having a reveal party at Tap House Grill on the 8th that will involve pink or blue cupcakes and pink or blue shots (I will not get a shot, so I think that means I get two cupcakes - that is fair, right?)
This morning was the gym and a 50 minute run as I had originally planned. I remembered to body glide up before I left the house and luckily I did not have any issues today (unlike yesterday). At the gym I watched highlights from the MI State and Indiana basketball game and did this workout:

It was another good one. Not quite as quick as yesterdays, but I was pleased with myself for maintaining that 7.2 for 5 minutes. It was definitely not easy, but it was not as difficult as I had anticipated either. 

Tonight's dinner plan includes bison burgers with bacon and cheese! I am pretty excited about them. I don't think that I have ever had bison burgers before. I will serve them with sweet potato fries. Yum!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hubs B-Day Spectacular!

Today is the hubs birthday. Admittedly, I got him a few lame gifts, but I hope that he likes them anyway. I got him one thing that I knew he wanted for sure though. Tickets to see Joe Rogan when he is in Cincinnati on March 1. That is his "real gift" which is from me. However, Bebe Nix, Teek, and Zeus have gotten him some gifts as well. He opened his gift from Bebe Nix this morning.
I ordered it from Zulily. Nothing special, but it is fun, and it definitely ensures that Bebe Nix will be dressed to satisfy daddy.

Teek got him some gu chomps (since every time she went into the room where I was hiding them she tried to get them). Zeus is giving him 2 Ken-Ken books because he likes to get in the way when J is trying to do his KenKen puzzles. I also got him a pair of running shorts because they were on clearance for $6. Not special, not beautiful, but whatever.

I decided that this week I am going to focus on time rather than miles. Maybe this is a step in my conversion to an ultra-runner? Probably not, but I can say that. Yesterday I ran for 30 minutes. Today I ran for 60.
Tomorrow my goal is 50 minutes, and Thursday I am going to go for 65. Friday I will do 60 again, but it will be walking and hills! I am enjoying all of this so far. I am trying to adjust to the fact that I am not training for something too specific right now, except for birth, but still trying to hammer out some really great runs. I am slowly getting into the swing of them. By that, I mean I am slowly adjusting to what I need to do in order to keep myself healthy without going overboard and staying happy/stable.

It is ALL about being happy and staying healthy for the bebe. I will let you all know tomorrow if J is excited about his tickets!

Monday, February 18, 2013

A LOT of Words

Here we go, Monday morning...  Another day of work. Another week of workouts. And I am trying to really hammer things out this week. I am ready to feel more in control over my diet, which I have been struggling with far more than exercise. I feel like I cannot complain about exercise too much when I am getting 25-30 miles run every week, some strength training, and a little crosstraining with a rest day.

So I am hopeful that this week will be an up week with my food intake and that way I can feel less stressed out about everything. I really have my fingers crossed for that. I just need to be able to eat healthy wonderful, good for me foods that will nourish me AND the baby. I am slowly beginning to remember more and more about the baby and that he/she is there. Maybe I am slowly becoming less and less selfish. I guess that was something that I needed to come to terms with before the baby got here in order to be a good mom.

I feel like I want to set up some new food related challenges for myself and my husband. We are getting MUCH better about eating meals at home, which automatically makes them much healthier than where we were initially (because we were eating out so much). I think the next step would be to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into our diets. I wonder if a challenge is the right way to do that for us. You know, something like "eat 5 servings of veggies per day". Neither of us do that now, I am nearly 100% certain of that.

But at the same time, part of me feels like this isn't the time to be trying so many new things. I just need to eat and work hard to get a balanced diet. That needs to be the most important thing at this point. And I suppose adding more veggies certainly cannot hurt, but I just do not need to put additional pressure on myself? I don't have it all the way figured out yet, I definitely do not have all of the answers yet, and I hope to keep working on it and trying to find all of the answers that are not there yet!

I am planning on trying to squeeze in a little run at lunch today. I just feel like that feels necessary right now. I am enjoying getting in a quick three at lunch time, like I have on Mondays over the last two weeks, even though Monday has not really been a runday before. I think that should help me feel more secure about things.

This morning I did a little bit of circuit/strength training, I found this workout online, so thanks to Jess for posting it back in December. I am still good for crunches and stuff as of right now, so hooray!
It might not be the holidays any more, and I might not be traveling this week, but that does not make it any less great of a quick at-home strength workout. And yes. On Monday mornings, I am pretty lazy about dragging my rear end to the gym even though I should.

So something to note...  I have been putting $150 into a savings account every month for a pretty long time. I have been emptying it sometimes (like to help pay for our trip to Mexico last summer, our trip to Vegas in December) but continuing to add more money into it. I am nearing $1,000, which is a pretty big accomplishment for me, considering I have been lousy at saving money, pretty much forever. So I definitely am proud of myself.

And now I am trying to decide what do to. I told myself when I created my goals that I should save $1000 and spend it on something fun. In my mind, I am pretty sure that something fun means a bicycle. But now, with the situation that we are in currently, I am not sure that using my saved up money to buy a bike is the way to go. :( I am afraid (well, not afraid, that is the wrong word for this) that I should use the money to start a savings account/college account for Bebe Nix. I feel like that is what you are supposed to do when you have kids.

I guess maybe it is a conversation that I should be having with J. But at the same time, we have been talking about buying new appliances as well (in the kitchen) so maybe I should be putting my money towards those. I mean, already I am putting my bonus that I got to pay for baby furniture and any thing that I have left can go toward appliances, of course, but last year he bought me new cabinets and new countertops, and this year he wants to do appliances. I LOVE the idea of doing that, and I would love to have a beautiful new fridge, etc, but at the same time, do we really need it?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Successful but Busy Day

Another day, another time to figure out what is the next step in being a future mommy! Today's plans include picking up bagels & Starbucks, heading down to Kentucky to see J's sister and father, then heading up to Deerfield to hang out with Karen's sister and give her a little accounting lesson. She is a business major and is taking her first accounting class, so I told her that I would study with her. I hope to goes well and easily. At least I know that she will pay me in coffee from Starbucks (where she is a manager!)

After our study session (I am shooting for around 2 hours?), I can come home and do my Sunday cooking. The plan is to make a breakfast dish to last us for the week, and this week's breakfast plans include something that J will enjoy as well, I think. We are making breakfast burritos! Eggs, sausage, spinach and cheese rolled up into whole wheat tortillas. Then I think I will roll them up into foil so I can just toss the foil packages into the oven in the morning and J and I can walk out of the house with a nice hot breakfast. Anyone have breakfast burrito advice?

J and I swapped our second weekly dinner out last night for eating at home and decided that tonight will be an evening at Tap House. I am looking forward to my buffalo chicken wrap (so glad I found something there that I am interested to eat again). No real plans on timing or anything like that, but it will be sometime around 6 or 6:30, I think. It will just be a nice relaxing evening where we can spend some time together.

J has expressed a lot of interest lately in going out with other people more, which definitely throws me for a little bit of a loop. I am not really used to him suggesting that, as he used to complain about people talking during games or whatever when we would be out. But if he wants to hang out with other people now? Ok, I will work hard to make those plans for him. We will go out with other people. I will handle setting things up with my friends, maybe once per week, even! I hope that will work for him.

I have been really busy today, but I feel like I have gotten a lot done, regardless. Although I am feeling a little bit yucky because I decided that I wanted a bagel for breakfast and one for lunch as well! That is a lot of useless carbs. It taste good though. I know I should not worry so much about it, I should just make sure that I am getting the right nutrients, etc, but ugh! That is SO HARD for me. I cannot relax about it. I am hungry a lot, but that leaves me feeling riddled with guilt.

I am taking a deep breath though and MOVING FORWARD.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Race Recap: The Sweet Cupcake Virtual 10K

Eat, Pray, Love is on TV. This movie makes me happy, just watching it. I mean, how often can a young woman get to the point that she can have the opportunity to just leave everything and just go. Find herself. I know that my time to do that has gone. That wouldn't fly with a child. But I suppose that there are some rewards for the self that you might not find in Italy, and ashram, or Bali, right? Otherwise everyone would try and figure out how to do that.

Anyway, that is not the idea behind this post. The real thing is that I ran my second race of the 13 in 2013 series today, another virtual run, this time a simple 10K. I ran the Sweet Cupcake Race with Running Insanity. I found it at random, but it raised money for charity and I received this medal and a no-slip headband made with the ribbon in the below photo.

It was raising money for Team In Training (the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to run the Nike Women's Marathon). So it was definitely something that I felt good for participating in.

Karen and I ran together, and we started off much more solidly than I have in quite a while. We ran the first mile in under 9:30, which although that is slow from where I have been, it is fast from where I was the last couple of long runs, and at 16 weeks (on Monday) I am going to call that a win! We managed to pull off a 9:15 average pace for the entire 10K and then kept going a little to accomplish a full 8 miles before we were done.

I did not PR by any stretch of the imagination, but that is ok. I am not anticipating any PRs any time soon. We ended up finishing the 10K in 57:38, so I guess that is my pregnancy 10K PR? Is it ok to set yourself up with all new PRs while you are pregnant so you still feel like you are accomplishing something as a runner? Unfortunately there is no way that I am going to PR the 5K. I was definitely pregnant on Thanksgiving (like 3 weeks, and didn't know yet!) when I ran the turkey trot and HAMMERED it.

It was a good run, and I was pleased to get it done. I know that Karen felt similarly because she had not gotten any sleep last night because little Bradley has an ear infection in both ears, and laying down hurts him right now. My poor pumpkin.

What do you think about pregnancy PRs?

Friday, February 15, 2013

Reflecting on our Valentine's Day Tradition

So Jason and I have a Valentine's Day tradition. I am sure that lots of couples do, and I am also sure that not too many other couples have one like ours.
This was our 4th year having our Valentine's Day dinner there. This was the first time that Valentine's Day was on a Thursday though, I think, boneless night, so it was a little bit more crowded than it had been on previous Valentine's Days.

It started the year we bought the house. We closed on our house on the 12th, and the furnace went out on the 13th. Apparently whatever parts we needed were not yet available, and this was a particularly cold and snowy winter, so it was less than 40* in our house. Luckily, J and I both still had our apartments until the end of February, and we were spending most of our time getting them cleaned up and in shape so we could at least get a large amount of our deposits back! So we had set up an air mattress at J's apartment, so we would at least have a warm place to sleep.

Feeling kind of homeless and not having unpacked ANYTHING yet on Valentine's Day, we needed some place to go have dinner. We certainly couldn't cook anything (pots and pans in boxes), we couldn't go out a nice date like most couples on Valentine's (only scrubby clothes for moving/cleaning!) and we had no food (moving = eat out a lot). So we went to the place that was our usual at the time. Buffalo Wild Wings.

It was an interesting night. The bar was dead, there were a few basketball games on TV, but none of note. There was a guy by himself sitting at the bar (we were at a high top table near the bar, so J could play Golden Tee) and he was definitely well on his way to not being able to drive home. Ultimately he fell out of his stool and ended up being escorted into a cab by a manager. It was an interesting night, and it sealed the deal on our tradition!

So last night, that is where we spent our evening, and hopefully more and more to come!

Do you have a Valentine's Day Tradition?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Working Out and My Stress Level

Well, I had a lovely day at work yesterday. I mean, it was a long day, and I had a lot of work to get done. But I accomplished a lot of things that were on my list for the day and got a lot of other work done.

I have been designing a spreadsheet to track all of my workouts, combining the different goals that I have set myself for the year. I am obviously making things subject to change, due to the pregnancy, etc, but I am trying to make myself proud of the different things that I am accomplishing and seeing that I am achieiving things, even though I am not training for any competitions, etc, right this moment. I have been struggling with that a little bit for sure, so I am trying to have a bit more #proof that I am accomplishing things. Its tough, and I am really trying hard to be able to show what I have done.

When I got home from work last night, I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed. I made myself a bargain this morning. I was not going to question my stress. I know that exercise helps relieve my stress, and usually when I am stressed, part of it is high energy. So I decided that I will do something - whether it is going for a walk, running, lifting, doing an exercise DVD, whatever, when I feel stressed. So I pulled out this little KB circuit that I found online yesterday!
It was a tough one. I hardly rested at all. It took 25 minutes to repeat the circuit three times, and the difficulty of it really had my heart rate up HIGH! But I felt stronger for doing it, and that was pleasing to me.

I just need to be aware of boundaries, etc, in order to make sure that I am not pushing myself too hard with the baby. So if I have a tough workout in the morning, and I need another workout because of stress, it needs to be an easy workout - walking, etc... You know? Today was a tough morning workout, and this was a tough workout as well, but today I am feeling really good. And that is why I didn't RUN again, even though I wanted to!

This morning was another run day though, and another day when I got to hang out in my basement with my treadmill. It is amazing to me how much more I am enjoying that thing now that it is easily accessible to me. I flipped on Chopped (recorded on the DVR, a good one to watch when you want around an hour of running) and got going.

I decided early into my warm up that I was going to do fartleks, with my pickups at an 8:34 pace. All pick-ups were done at this pace.
Warm up: 10 minutes
1 minute on, 1 minute off
2 minutes on, 2 minutes off
3 minutes on, 3 minutes off
4 minutes on, 4 minutes off,
3 minutes on, 3 minutes off,
2 minutes on, 2 minutes off,
2 minutes on, 2 minutes off (yes, again),
1 minute on, 1 minute off
Cool down.

6 miles completed in 54:22, which I was extremely pleased with. It was a great run. I got off the treadmill and spent a little bit of time stretching, especially those annoying hamstrings of mine. And then I took to the pole in the basement for a little recovery (yes, that sounds weird. No it was not weird.)
Heels on the pole (I didn't want to mark up the wall!) to let some blood drain through my ProCompression wearing legs to help with some recovery. At least I hope so!

What was your workout today?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Some 800 repeats, and how hard is too hard?

So I have been having some high ankle, low shin pain over the last few weeks. It became extremely pronounced in my long run over the weekend. A half marathon definitely did me in a little bit, and so I started icing, doing some stretching and strengthening that I have learned. I was starting to worry that it might be shin splints. But it wasn't terrible, and yes, I kept running.

Yesterday, after my 6 miler, I realized that my shoes hit 405 miles. I retired my last pair at 400 miles because I was starting to have glute/hip pain (remember my hip pain a few weeks ago?) so I decided it was time to officially turn them into walking shoes. I created this on instagram last night and tweeted it out to commemorate the occasion.
Beautiful new shoes. I need to get some of my new PINK laces into them as well!

I hit the gym this morning for a little bit of speedwork. I did that because J was planning on getting up and using the home treadmill, so I decided on MWF I could go and workout at the gym, and he can have the treadmill on those days (he ended up staying in bed, which irks me, but that is beside the point).

Here is the speedwork that I hit up at the gym.
Like my Valentine's decorations? I think they are pretty. I ended up with 5x800m with a 400m recovery in between and a warm up, cool down around them. It was a tough workout, and makes me think that maybe I SHOULD push a little harder than I have been despite being pregnant? I am going to have to give that one a little more thought.

And here is my #PROOF shot, in my brand new #sweatpink tank!
Its a great top, and I really love it.

What do you think about taking it easy v. pushing when pregnant? I push, but am WELL within my comfort zone and feel like I could push MORE (sometimes, obviously, not always) and still be able to carry on a conversation, etc.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Two Runs on a Treadmill + a Lil Circuit

So yesterday did start off rough with me sleeping in. I was slightly disappointed in myself because the hubs spent a decent amount of time on Sunday getting the treadmill set up in the basement, where it would be much easier to use in the morning before work, because it would not disrupt the other person in the house who was likely still sleeping! But I was still determined to try it out (with shoes, and moving, which is different than I originally did on Sunday when I just stood on it to help determine the placement for TV viewing).

So at lunch time yesterday, I headed home to spend a half hour with the treadmill in its new home, watching America's Next Great Baker on TLC.
So that is the view of the television that you get from where the TM now is. Before it was on the second floor of the house, which definitely gave me anxiety on occasion, and there was no television (hence all of the setting up the laptop for Gilmore Girls or whatever.)

I covered 3.26 miles in that 30 minutes and felt ready then to head back into the office and face the remainder of my day (which ended up being LONG, or at least, it felt that way!)

When I got home I wanted to do the regular Monday routine, which involves LIFTING. Oh my first love, how I miss you sometimes. So I put together a quick and easy circuit and used my 20 lb dumbbells for the whole thing. I repeated each circuit 3x before moving on to the next.
And yes, those weights were heavy and I was extremely sweaty at the end. The 2 minute plank nearly killed me after everything else that I did! I took very little rest in between sets and circuits and finished the whole thing in 16 minutes.

While I was doing that, Jason was testing out the treadmill. His few inches on me kind of made a big difference and he ended up pushing up a few of the tiles of the drop ceiling in order to comfortably run. But he said when he was done that he liked it in the basement WAY better than upstairs despite having to move the ceiling tiles, so I think it was a win!

I cooked dinner according to the meal plan that J and I put together together last week. J normally does not help with the dinner plans all that often, but since he had been complaining a little about not getting to do what he wanted (since I was a stickler for the plan), I asked him for help and input. He wanted homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza with homemade dough. Done.
Thank you instagram for your photo-awesomeness.

It was really good. J loved it to the point of suggestion that we tell Mike (the owner of our fave bar) to put it on the menu. Wow. That is about the highest compliment my cooking has EVER received!

This morning I pulled myself out of bed to hang out with our treadmill again. It has been determined that Tuesday and Thursday mornings are my days with the treadmill. And the other days I will go to the gym (only one more day, Wednesday) is officially a run day) and J will use the treadmill on other days. Obviously, things will change once the weather gets a bit warmer, I think, but for now, this works for us.

Since I wasn't headed to the gym, I had a bit of extra time!
6 miles in just under 56 minutes while watching the Biggest Loser. And then time to stretch was left over after that! It was overall a great run. I am trying to relax about things a little in my running, after all, I am more than 15 weeks and keeping it up with no troubles. That is an accomplishment in itself!

What have you accomplished?

Monday, February 11, 2013

Sunday - I did NOTHING Day

After an extremely relaxing Sunday, I am back to the grind here on Monday morning. I was greeted as I walked over to my cube this morning with a bag of girl scout cookies on my desk. I purchased two boxes from my friend Caroline's daughter, Cayla, and I am pretty excited to have them now. Once the sugar challenge is over I may eat one or two or the box. Haha.

I was raised Catholic, and had been thinking about some plans for Lent over the weekend. There were some discussions between Karen and I about things that were good ideas to do or to give up, and what our plans were, if any. She is not Catholic, but said that Episcopalian's also have Lent - which is not something that I ever knew, and I promise I am not as sheltered as that sounds. My high school bff Christyn was Lutheran and her father was a minister, and my friend Ravi was another Protestant religion (we went to Catholic school so there were not too many examples) and neither of their religions had Lent, even though they personally thought it was a nice practice.

Anyway, the news about the Pope this morning kind of shook me a little. It is a little bit silly that I feel strongly about it, but despite the fact that J and I are not really practicing Catholics (we are more of the C&E variety, which makes me sad sometimes) I am feeling very sad about this. I do believe that yes, he has failing health, and I also believe that in some ways he is trying to set a precedent since a lot of people were encouraging JPII to set aside when his health was failing but he refused. I think that Benedict is trying to do what is best for his faith (during this year of Faith) and allow someone to be more involved than he feels he can be. But I am struggling with the fact that it will come right in the middle of the most important "season" in the Catholic faith.

Okay. Time for me to step away from religion. That was FAR more involved than I have ever been in that regard on the blog.

Let's go back to Sunday.

There was a lot of this going on:
Puppy snuggling and green pj wearing. I wore those pjs for the entire day yesterday (and then to bed again last night!) I did a little bit of work and a bit of food prep as well besides wasting time and snuggling with my favorite boy.

I also did some cooking for J and I. We have done decently at sticking to our planned meals (and I hope this week goes EXTRA well since J helped pick them!) and so I cooked what I had on the agenda for the day.
This is a recipe that I found online which I was pretty excited about because I only needed to purchase 1 ingredient for it! (the broccolini!) It is pasta (whole wheat rotini), broccolini, chicken sauasage, garlic, parmesan, and chicken broth. It was really yummy. Another recipe success!

How was your Sunday?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Kyle's Krusade Virtual Half Marathon: Race Report

Karen and I have recently been signing up for some virtual races. It keeps my racing spirit alive and kicking while I am not too competitive, and keeps me on the run train throughout this pregnancy. I am 15 weeks tomorrow, and I ran a half marathon yesterday.

Yesterday was the first we signed up for on the year. Kyle's Krusade, which I found through Daily Mile and RunWiki's blog. You can read the story of Kyle here - Lisa, I hope it is ok that I am linking to your entries about him!
Now, I know that my running has already started to slow down, and I struggle now to hold a pace that was easy for me in the late fall, even though I am not yet lugging around an extra 20 lbs, so I am eternally grateful that Karen is not training for anything just yet, so that she is sticking with me, at least for now in my slightly slower pace!

We were originally planning on tackling this distance last weekend. But when snow hit (and Karen kind of lives in the sticks), we decided that we would be safer at home, and I did 10 on the treadmill. When we first started going yesterday, I was definitely having regrets about not sucking it up and running the last 3.1 miles on the treadmill last weekend. It was only 22* when we set out with the rest of our run group yesterday and I was definitely struggling with getting my hands warm. I had a new hat, which I ordered from Road Runner Sports (along with a few things for the Hubs bday) because it was on sale, and I kept wearing a fleece hat which always ended up really cold from my sweat and I could never figure out what to do with my ponytail. I chose this one:

Our first few miles were around a 9:30 pace. Not great, but not terrible either. We were definitely working hard to get our legs moving, BOTH of us. I kept going, kept my conversation with Karen going in an attempt to distract myself.

About half way through, Bebe Nix was really starting to bug me. We took a quick break at the gas station so I could use the restroom. Again, SO GRATEFUL to Karen for dealing with me. But I guess she knows EXACTLY what I am going through, since this was her just one year ago. :)

After my restroom break, things got MUCH better. My speed picked up, I started to feel better, and we definitely negative split the run. I knew going in that a 2:00 half was likely NOT going to happen since I struggled getting sub-2 back in December in Las Vegas in good weather and barely even knowing that I was pregnant.

But despite everything, we ended up finished 13.1 miles in 2:00:56. I am really very proud of that time. I know how hard I worked for it, and I know that Bebe Nix is already proud of me. :)

Did you race this weekend?

Friday, February 8, 2013

February Book Club: Running on Empty - a review

For our February blogger book club (to be discussed on February 11), we read "Running on Empty" by Marshall Ulrich. He is an ultramarathoner who took up running for the same reason that a lot of us have...  to cope.
As stated above, Marshall took up running when his first wife was dying of cancer and he was struggling to cope with the reality of it all. I can understand that. I mean, I run to clear my head. I (thank goodness) have not had to deal with such tragedy in my life so far, (and I hope not to for a VERY long time!) but running really is my therapy these days. And I hope that it continues to be that for me.

He touches on various experiences that he had (running the Badwater Quad - which is the Badwater ultra - 135 miles - 4 times back to back), 24 hour races and setting world records during them, the Leadville 100 (which you read a lot about if you have read "Born to Run") but the largest portion of this book is focused on his run across America. That is 3,063 miles across all kinds of terrain.

A large portion (probably 3/4) of this book is dedicated to this race. Marshall decided that he wanted to do this, and break the world record doing it. With a lot of work, he found a partner in crime for the race, a team to help him with all of the logistics of running and help him with massage, supplies, and injuries, and there was even a team to film their adventure across the country for a documentary.

It follows each state that he runs through across the country, how many miles he has covered and has left to go, what day it is when he enters the state, etc. I enjoyed reading about all of his progress. I felt like he really set his mind to his goal (running across the country) and did whatever it took to get through it. He battled MANY injuries throughout the 52 days that it took him to get from San Francisco to New York City. But he dealt with each and every one with dignity even when there were questions of whether or not he could continue.

I found this youtube by the publisher:
Andy yes, I totally started crying as I watched it. I am obscenely inspired - the most that I have been since reading "Born to Run" on my honeymoon.

An ultra is DEFINITELY on my bucket list. How about you?

Sugar Overload

I had a major attack of Bebe Nix sweet tooth yesterday, I think. I am blaming him(her) because I certainly do not want to take the blame for how awful I ended up feeling at the end of the day. So blame it on the baby. That is what you do, right?

As a general rule, I am not a sweets person. It is just not my thing. Savory and salty are my things (exception: cake). But since a sweet/sugar NECESSITY exploded in my brain yesterday, I think it was the baby. Hard to believe that if it was 2-3 weeks later, I would have felt the baby dancing in there! Anyway, the sugar bugs definitely got me yesterday, and since I ended the day feeling AWFUL on a sugar overload (which caused me to need to sleep in and skip my date with Gym), I felt like it deserved an entry all its own.

I made oatmeal for breakfast yesterday. I made it in my favorite way. Oats, lil bit of water, 2 oz plain greek yogurt, protein powder, cold. I topped it with 1 tbsp of almond butter. Normally a VERY satisfying breakfast, which can easily hold me until lunch. However, I have a wonderful husband who likes to keep his wife and future child happy (and sugared up) so I immediately followed up my oats with some of the present that he got for me.
If we are facebook friends, you have already seen this picture. J got these for me the other day because Necco hearts have always been my favorite (PS - they changed the formula, and now I think they are kind of gross, but I still eat them?!)

I ate an entire serving of these (which is 40 (!!!) mini hearts). And then my teeth hurt. And I go to the dentist next week!

After this, I was fine until lunch time. I made myself the sandwich I had planned and everything feeling a little better about eating candy for breakfast. I had an egg sandwich and some goldfish on the side. It was what I wanted, so I just went with it. But then more sugar attacked me.
Our co-op had a birthday on Wednesday. He was 21 (awe, just a kiddo!) and so Tina, one of my other coworkers stopped at Abby Girl  which is a cupcake shop very near the office to pick him up some birthday treats. She got one of each flavor and I selected the vanilla bean. I suppose it could have been worse, I could have gotten one with filling or cookies on top or something, but this one was SO DELICIOUS. I am pleased with my selection for sure.

When I got home from work, I did what all normal people do... ignored my sugar high and watched the Biggest Loser and did my #plankaday. I was determined for the evening to stick to the plan I made. And we did! Stuck right along with it until Jason asked for cookies and so I had to have two as well.
Yep. My funfetti cookies from the other day. I failed.

Sugar overload took over my body and left me feeling downright TERRIBLE as I went to bed.

So now, I am on a 7 day-no sweets-no candy challenge. Things like trail mix granola, yogurt with fruit, etc, are ok, but NO SWEETS, NO BAKED GOODS, NO CANDY! I just need to get it out of my system so I don't want it anymore.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


As I have mentioned, I am making a very solid effort recently to try and plan meals for J and I. On Thursday and Friday I scour the internet for recipes that look good, as well as look in my fridge and freezer for things that I have to make recipes, use up what is in the pantry, and eat the Dream Dinners that we purchase.

But, J does like going out a lot, so I try to incorporate 1-2 nights out for us per week. This is less than we used to go out, but it still makes J feel like I am not trying too much to change his life...  So I figure that is good.

Last night was one of our planned nights out. Our other one is on Saturday, and we are going to the Tap House, so last night we wanted to go somewhere else. We had decided to go to Firehouse Grill, which is a place that we frequented prior to the opening of Tap House. I had felt comfortable with the decision. I planned what I was going to order (a salad with grilled chicken, and a side of fries so I would not feel like I was missing out), and I was feeling good going into this evening.

J got home from work around the same time as I did (right around 10 after 5) and that never happens! It made me very happy. After he got home, I hung out and watched the Biggest Loser, and he went up and spent a half hour with our treadmill. We plan on moving the treadmill to the basement very soon, as it is currently in the room that will be the baby's room. And I cannot wait for the treadmill to be in the basement. Then there will be a TV/DVD player, and it will not be so close to where J is always sleeping when I get up at 430. That will make it that much easier for me to get runs in. I won't necessarily have to go to the gym every morning (when I don't feel like running outside!)

Anyway, so around 6:45 we headed over to the Firehouse planning to watch some of the Bearcats game while we had our dinner. The place was absolutely PACKED. This is a very large restarurant with a large bar, and there was NO WHERE for two people to sit next to one another and see a tv to watch the game! I knew this was going to frustrate the HECK out of J, so I made the decision (quickly) that we were leaving and going to BW3. It was a good decision in that we got there in time for the game. The food is good and consistent. We got to watch the game. J didn't get angry about not seeing the game. It was NOT good because I made the not intelligent decision to get the food I really wanted instead of the planned healthy foods. I ended up splitting an appetizers with the hubs (chips n queso), and then getting boneless wings and fries with cheese (shared with J). So all that fried goodness tasted awesome, but it is definitely sitting heavy in my belly now.

But I still made it to the gym this morning to get my run in. I told myself that I was going to be satisfied if I managed 3 miles, and then I could go lift or something after that. But Angels & Demons was on in the cardio cinema, so thank you, Tom Hanks...
Yeah! Managed to hammer out all 5 miles. Nice, Em.

I am also a leader after the first week of the #5050February Challenge, being run by The Purple Giraffe. Woo hoo!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A few Solid Runs

I am definitely, absolutely struggling with my body right now. I am flustered about the fact that I am growing in the middle despite crosstraining (2x), running (4x - 25-30 miles per week), and lots of yoga, stretching and sleep. I know that it means I am growing a healthy baby, and I am PROUD of that, but it definitely does not make things any easier for something who has frequently been a little bit too intently watching her body. And I am definitely struggling with it, but I am also continuously reminding myself that I am doing the right thing for my body by continuing to train it, eating LOTS of healthy, nutrient dense foods (and some fun foods too!), and allowing it to grow.

Despite my internal struggles, I have been working hard to knock out some miles. On Monday, after work, I hammered through my 3 #milesofshame for the 49ers Super Bowl loss in the Pavement Runner's contest. Yesterday was pseudo-speedwork. I did a ladder workout on the treadmill.
It obviously is not as fast as it once was, but I am happy with the results of it, and feel like I definitely got a great workout from it. Today I hammered out 5 more miles at a 9:21 average pace, which was tough considering yesterday was really tiring, but I was happy with it anyway.

I also made this smoothie for breakfast for J and I.
It was from my Vitamix cookbook and was called the Ruby Emerald smoothie. It had 2 cups water, 1 apple (I had green apples), 1 cup kale, and 1 cup frozen raspberries. I only had mixed berries, so I went with it. I LOVED how it turned out. I thought it was super fresh and delicious.

I also did a short and sweet plank this morning.
Good to get them in even if they are short, right?

How are your runs coming along? Anyone training for Spring races?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Do As I Say, not as I do.

So I have been thinking a lot lately about things that I would like to pass on to my future child that I probably need to get working on here in the near future if I am going to be able to be one to pass on these traits. J will have his own list of things, and he probably does some of the things that I don't, and I probably do some of the things that he doesn't. But right here, we are going to focus on things that I want to do so I can share them with my future child.

1. Dress for the job you want, not that job you have.

Yeah, this one has pretty much fallen off in the last year. I wear t-shirts and jeans to work almost every single day. That is not exactly telling the boss that I want to be a manager, is it? I own nice clothes, lots of them (although not so much maternity nice clothes... I will have to think about that), and so I should be wearing them! Heck, even if it is a nicer top and nice shoes with jeans, that is better than looking like a slacker every single day.

2. Wear makeup/do your hair. If my child is a boy, this means, look presentable, shave, use hair product (or at least BRUSH!) if hair is longer than shaved.

I own a blow dryer. I own a flat iron. I own more make up than just about anyone I know. I should be using these things. Right now my long thick hair ends up in a ponytail either immediately after getting out of the shower, or within 10 minutes of arriving at my office. I am terrible about that. I have started to be better about my skin. I bought this.
It is tinted. It has sunscreen. It makes my skin look really good with one thin layer. It is easier than makeup. So I feel like this is a step in the right direction, at least with this one.

3. Eat your Vegetables.

I do ok at this one, but it is something that I really have to think about, and I definitely COULD do better about it. I tried these at tap house the other night.
Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower. It was pretty tasty and I definitely would make it again. So maybe the key is just to find recipes for vegetables that are good and interesting (and not covered in cheese or something!) This one is a winner and I will be making it for myself sometime soon (I actually had it at the Super Bowl party!

4. Listen to your body.

I am pretty lousy at this one. Anyone who reads this blog will probably know that. My husband and closest friends will agree. This is just one of those things that I struggle with. I have a guilt complex when I do not get my workout in, even now, when I should be listening more closely than ever!

These are all things that I am definitely going to need to spend some time on over the next few months in order to pass them along to my baby and make sure that he or she grows up to be happy, healthy and successful. Granted, not all of these things will be applicable for years and years, but the more I am working on them, the easier it will be when the time comes!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Lazy Cow?

Do you ever wake up feeling like a lazy cow? Lol. That is what happened to me this morning.

But let's back up, I guess, so at least you might see that there is a little bit of logic behind this nasty feeling I am having today.

Before J and I headed over to Tap House for their Super Bowl party, we spent a little bit of time with the doggies.
Okay, maybe J spent a little time with the doggies. And yes, this is a completely normal occurrence  having both of them lay on top of him like that. Those dogs love their daddy WAY more than they love me, and I just have to lay nearby and deal with it. When one of them kicks me away though...  that is when I get angry.

We headed over to Tap House right around 5 pm. Kickoff was at 6:30, and we were looking forward to hanging out there, seeing our friends, and enjoying a meal. Tap house had a pretty good deal for the Super Bowl. It was $50 for a couple, which included 12 (!!!) drink tickets and a buffet. Because of my situation - that is what they kept calling it - we paid $40 and just got 6 drink tickets. I sort of felt like 6 drink tickets between the two of us would be plenty even if I was drinking!

The buffet had all kinds of goodies on it. These fried cheesey bites, boneless wings (their own, which I love!), pizza, buffalo chicken dip (Emily crack), chips, brownies, chili, coneys...  There was a ton of food, and I had my fair share of time to enjoy it - not to mention my fair share of food. Regardless, it was a nice time, and J made a decent dent in his drink tickets (by using 5 of them! geez!)

We only stayed for the first half and seeing Beyonce. I am really glad we went home after that with the blackout and everything. Plus, I was just so tired there is no way I was going to make it through the rest of the game, even if it hadn't been delayed for more than a half hour. I pretty much fell asleep immediately after the game resumed.

I turned off my 4:30 wake up and changed it up to 10 minutes before 6. That is where all of the lazy cow stuff comes in. I just am so flipping tired in the mornings right now. I am used to getting up. I am used to abusing my body at that ridiculously early hour. But today I was just feeling fat and lazy. Yes, I am still 100% fitting into my regular jeans and stuff, but I was feeling lazy to the point of not wanting to wear them today.

So I donned a pair of maternity leggings. 1. Leggings are not pants. I have LIVED by this rule. 2. The elastic band is currently too big for me, so they don't even fit. Lol. But I was just feeling fat and these pants help me own it.

I figured I could at least have a healthy breakfast since I was feeling so gross.
That is my egg white turkey bake that I made yesterday for breakfasts this week. It was pretty good.

I am hoping to spend a little time with Jillian (or the treadmill - I have a few #milesofshame to run!) after work. We'll see how I end up feeling!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Fun Day?

Today I got up early and made breakfast for J and I. He had dippy eggs (lame, I cannot eat them cause of the semi-raw yolks) and I ate oatmeal. Oatmeal is delicious, but dippy eggs might have been more delicious than that.

Eventually the snow stopped falling, which made me feel more comfortable and more ready to go to the grocery store to pick up a few things that I could not get from Trader Joe's. I had some coupons that were only good at Kroger and I had planned a meal around one of them, and some snacks with the other coupons. So I marched around the store and danced a bit, working out a little doing squats as I looked at various things on the shelf, etc. I got a solid half hour of circuit work in at the grocery store.

I got home and did some cooking. I did breakfasts for myself for the week. A protein packed egg and turkey bake. It is 166 calories, and 40 grams of protein. I will match them up with some oats or veggies and have a perfect breakfast this week. I  have not made them since I was in competition mode.

I also made some cookies from a pinterest recipe that I have been waiting to try.
Oh, pinterest, you and your funfetti cookies... They were pretty good.

Tonight we are headed over to the taphouse to spend time at their Super Bowl Party. We are planning on staying for the first half of the game. It should be fun!

Do you have plans for the Super Bowl?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Treadmill PDR

We are in the middle of a snowstorm here in Cincinnati. At least, as much of that as we get around here in a few years. It's pretty cold, the snow has been falling since late last night, and it ruined the plans that I had for the weekend.

My mom was supposed to come down to spend time with her favorite daughter. She only has a weekend off every 4 weekends. And this was it. And we had some great plans for the day. Ok, not really, we were just going to go to Trader Joe's, maybe hit up Lowe's or Buy Buy Baby for baby stuff...  But that was about it. Nothing too exciting. But my mom was going to be here and it was going to be the first time that I saw her since Christmas, which was really important to me.

Oh well...  She will be back in down again in four weeks. By the beginning of March, it will be Spring in Cincinnati, right?

Because of the weather, I made the decision to run on the treadmill. Karen and I were originally planning on running a half today, but neither of us ended up doing that. I was prepped for the treadmill with my good laptop at home, Gilmore Girls loaded and ready to watch, and my ProCompression lime green socks on and ready. I knew a half was not going to happen, but I felt like I could get 10 miles.
Not the greatest picture, but  you can see that I got all 10 miles at a 1.0 incline! Yahoo! I am ridiculously pleased that I managed to spend 10 miles on the treadmill. I think I could have hammered out the last 3.1 if I wanted to. Maybe some day soon? I hope so!

J and I did some grocery shopping at Trader Joe's when the snow had stopped for a little while. I had made my grocery list based on shopping there with my mom. It had things on it like quinoa chips, almond butter, and fruit leather. Some of my most favorite Trader Joe's buys! Jason convinced me that we needed basil.
This is what came out of the basil. Basil Lemonade made in the vitamix! If this is something that sounds interesting or delicious to you, you can find the recipe here. We both really liked it, and drank the full recipe. Now J wants me to buy more lemons so we can make it again with the rest of the basil (which I thought I wanted to turn into pesto sauce). Ok, ok, I guess that can be done if he is agreeing that he wants something healthy.

I am thinking tomorrow will be 3 (ish) shakeout miles and yoga. How about you? Is Sunday a rest day?

Friday, February 1, 2013

January Goals Review

Sorry for yesterday's rather dramatic entry, but it truly is something that I am worried about, whether that is completely rational or not.

It is hard to believe that it is the first of February, so I think I am going to recap my annual goals and their progress.
1. I did not run ANY races in January, however, I signed up for 3 virtual races, the 3 races in the Flying Pig Beer Series, the Glass City Half, the Shamrock Shuffle, and I have started contemplating what my big comeback, post-baby races may be in the fall. As of this moment I am leaning the Indianapolis Monumental Half. It's not too far, it's not until November, J and bebe could come with me. And I will be able to RACE instead of taking it easy. No goals yet, but its a strong possibility.

2. This month I made 3 new recipes.
A. Sweet potato muffins
These little babies have made for awesome snacks. I froze half of them too, so I will be getting that second half out soon!
B. Crockpot salsa chicken
I threw corn and black beans in mine for some extra flavor and fiber! This recipe was a hit and had lots of leftovers.
C. The failed chickpea lentil stew
We have already discussed the failure of this recipe.
Regardless I have cooked three new healthy recipes (with two on the agenda for next week as well!) so I only have 7 more to go to meet this goal for the year!

3. I have logged into My Fitness Pal every single day. I am actually at a 125 day streak!

4. 213 was kinda of a number picked from the air. It was because I felt like 200 was too low, but I was nervous about 250. With the baby and all of that...  So since it was 2013, I decided for 213. I define a workout as one where I need to change my clothes again. So if I am at the gym and I lift AND do cardio, it's only one workout. But if I go in the morning and run, then go back at lunch or something (or do the Shred after work like yesterday!) it's two. So in January I did 25/213 workouts. That means I have 188 workouts to go for the year!

5. Run 1200 miles.
I ran 116 miles in January, as you can see from the above screenshot from my Daily Mile. :) In addition, I maintained my goal of a minimum of 20 miles per week. I have 1,084 miles to go this year! By the way, I said "run" 1200 miles when I made this goal since I was not ready yet to reveal that I was pregnant. Because I am, walking miles will also be acceptable and added to these totals. :) By the way. Last January, I had just started Flying Pig training, and I only ran 76 miles... just thought I would let you know how far I have come in a year!

So there is my January goals recap! Where are you on your 2013 goals?