Saturday, March 30, 2013

Higher Mileage

Let's chat now about some happier things! Running! We are almost at the end of the March #runeveryday challenge, which is hard to believe. As of right now (the time I am writing this post on Friday), I have two more days left of running to complete. I will do a long run on Saturday (I am shooting for 10 miles. That seems like the normal mileage from looking at several half marathon training plans for how far out from the GCM Half that I am) and then on Sunday will be 1-3 miles, depending on how I am feeling after the long one. That seems to be pretty reasonable, right?

I have been doing a lot more taking it easy on runs this week. My mileage has been lower, my pace has been a little bit slower, and I have been walking on some days to get my mileage up a little bit. Not to mention keep my legs loose and moving.

On Wednesday I just ran three quick miles after work. I kept the pace up and ran them at around a 9:05. Teek and Zeus hung out with me in the basement. I sometimes think that they have some fun down there with me. They hang out, wrestle, play with their toys that we just leave down there to keep them occupied. Ok, they probably do not enjoy being cooped up in the basement (even though it is better for Zeus than his crate!) but I like to have them for company.

Thursday, as I said in my other entry, I went for a 1 mile walk at work, which refreshed me enough to survive the rest of the day. When I got home, the dogs and I turned on TV and I covered 4 quick miles. For some reason, our DVR appears to be struggling with something, and it won't play anything? So I have just been watching Friends or HIMYM or whatever is on TV at the time. I think yesterday during my 4 miles I watched family guy. I took the pace nice and easy and did the miles at a 9:36 average pace. I also did not take any bathroom breaks DURING my run, which is a HUGE win since I have been needing so many recently.

Friday is typically a crosstraining day for me. But since mileage has been a little bit light this week, I decided to run and THEN walk, instead of just run a mile (to run everyday) and then walk. So I covered 3 miles at a 9:18 pace and then walked until I got to 60 minutes. It ended up getting me to another 2.14 miles. My weekly mileage per daily mile is 27 this week so far. That is rounded up or down, obviously, as DM tends to do, but it is still a pretty good amount for the week, especially considering I haven't even done a long run yet.

Now, at the beginning of the year, I decided that my goal was 20-25 miles per week, or approximately 100 miles per month (to hopefully get me to 1200 per year). Now, I have been trying to get over that consistently, just in case I end up having a C-section or something and am out for a good amount of time after the baby. And this month is a definite chunk out of that.

Now, as you have seen, I have been consistently in the mid-30s and over 40 a few times this month. It was pretty great. But somehow now the 20-25 miles just seems like not enough to me. When I first set that goal for myself it was tough to get it. Honestly. But now, when I don't get 30, its seems like I am not doing enough. When obviously I am doing far more than a lot of people. My highest mileage week during ALL of Flying Pig training, was 40 miles. And that is not very many more than I am running regularly now, if at all! So I guess that just means my endurance is greater in general?

What are your running plans for the weekend? Have you ever had a run streak?

Friday, March 29, 2013

Incoherent Ramblings?

I can't really focus on writing this post. Something in my head has apparently completely stolen my focus away from me, which is not allowing me to get the words on to "paper" that I so need. I am nearly all the way through my Bloglovin (yes, that is what I went with in the great google reader loss debate) and I have not even written the first paragraph of my own daily entry (I think this is why I sometimes envy those of you who think about this and prewrite these posts).

I spent my lunch hour sitting at the deli, reading a book on my kindle trying to regain any focus I might be able to. I am not sure that it worked out for me all that well, in reality. My focus is just as disheveled as it was before I went to lunch. However, I did get in 45 minutes of reading time, when I was able to focus on something, so that was a positive! I just feel like there is a lot going on right now. A lot that I don't have control over, which (shocker!) is very difficult for me to deal with.

I think that having so much going on is definitely a large part of what is making me so exhausted.

All of the above was written yesterday. I was not sure how to finish the post, and in reality, I had very little to say on the matters that I was trying to write about. Yesterday was a tough mental day for me. I felt pretty down for the majority of it, just trying to deal with a very busy work day, and some personal stuff that was going on. It was a toughie.

At about 3:30 yesterday, I decided to go outside. I walked around my office building, did laps, until I reached one mile (yes, data anal to the point of using runtastic on my phone when walking laps around my office building). I came back into my office feeling a little bit refreshed. I had a 15 minute break, I had exercised a bit, and that felt good.

My shin has definitely still had a few little niggles (very very small) even though I stopped wearing the newtons. Far less pain than it was, but I still would like to nip it in the bud.
This was after my run on Wednesday evening. Ice ice ice. I figured it cannot hurt, no matter what might be wrong with it. I iced for about 15 minutes last night and retaped as well.I am going to do whatever I can to make sure that I still get to run the Glass City Half Marathon at the end of April, which I registered for the day that registration opened (ie: long before I knew I was pregnant!) I know that it will be a slow go on race day, maybe even with some walking as I will be 26 weeks pregnant (I think?) but I still want to cross the finish line. A small victory, right?

J and I have what we think will be our final daycare visit this afternoon. It is between this place and the place that I visited alone on Tuesday evening, I think. My coworkers children go to this school, and she is expecting a new baby just a week after me, and that baby will likely go here as well. So our little one will have a built in bestie from the start! (Neither of these two little girls will have a choice!)

I apologize for the bit of fluttering posts from early yesterday that is at the beginning of this post. Sometimes pregnancy brain DEFINITELY gets the better of me! (Do you know how many times I have dropped my phone in the last 24 hours? 8! Think that's pregnancy brain?)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My TJs Re-creation

Yesterday I toured my first school/daycare. J and I would really like to send bebe girl to a "school" versus a daycare center, because we are both well educated, and we really would like to foster our little girls mind right from the start.

I took the first visit because it is much easier for me to fit these things into my schedule than it is for J, plus most of the school we are looking at are close to our home (and my office) since I will likely be doing most of the pick up and drop off responsibilities! We had kind of determined that I would do the visiting, and if I liked it but had questions, then we would try to arrange a time when he could get over there to see it. Obviously, it is the only place we have seen so far, but it is at the top of the list!
We have two more tours this week, including one that J will actually be joining me on (Friday!) because he has the day off! Hopefully one of these three schools will fit us as a family and we can get the process started of applying, etc.

When I got home from my tour, I knew it would take about an hour to prep and cook dinner, so I decided to spend some time watching Long Island Medium while walking on the TM. Teek actually jumped on it for a minute since she was curious what Mommy was up to, but it scared her and she got right back off. We walked (ok, I walked and the dogs wrestled) for an hour, and I posted my #bestfoot proof.
After that, we headed up to the kitchen where I pulled my bowl of precooked, already mashed sweet potatoes out of the fridge. I was planning on trying my hand at one of J and I's favorite prepared foods from Trader Joe's. Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Sage butter.

I had found a recipe online for gnocchi, but I am pretty lousy with recipes, so I usually just end up winging things. It was basically used as a guideline to know what I needed to make sweet potatoes into a "dough" and how to boil them/know when they are done. I have never tried to pretend I am a cook or that this is a food blog, so if you want to know recipe/measurements, you will have to let me know.

Here are the gnocchi all chopped up. I don't have a fancy gnocchi rolling board and I am super lazy and was not about to use that fork method (that would take FOREVER), so they are just plain.
As you can see, there is a lot of flour on the outside. Holy smokes was this a sticky dough! And yes, they are not the prettiest little balls, but I was pleased with how all of these turned out after rolling and cutting.

My finished product. I think that in this picture they sort of look like little nuggets or something! After they were boiled, I topped them with a sage, browned butter sauce (just like TJs!) and we ate roasted green beans on the side. They were really good, and the flavor definitely was pretty well SPOT ON the trader joe's prepared/frozen food!

J also loved it! We will absolutely be making this recipe again. It was nice to be able to measure my own ingredients (or not...) and know exactly what I was putting into the food.

Have you ever cooked something that seemed fancy/intimidating, only to find out that it wasn't so bad?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Goodbye to My Shoes

Ummm...  a SPAGHETTI SQUASH? What? The baby weighs a whole pound? How the heck did that happen? Seriously. Also, I have been pregnant longer than I will be pregnant (assuming I go on time, etc). That is unreal to me. But this is not about pregnancy. I mean, not completely, anyway. That is not the focus of this blog.

Today I want to talk about THESE:
(recycled photo)

My Newtons. AKA - the love of my life running shoes. I loved these shoes. One, they look awesome. I mean, they are pink and black! Nothing wrong with that. Hubs got them for me back in August as an anniversary gift, and I used them cautiously. They were my transition shoe into a lighter shoe. They taught me to run properly (on my forefoot) as they do not allow you to run any other way. They served me well during my Vegas Half in December. That was the longest run I ever took them on.

They, according to the tally from yesterday, have 260 miles on them. Not that many. I wanted to stretch these shoes out since they are so pricey, and I knew it would be unlikely that I would purchase them again, unless J got them for me as a gift again. I typically ran in them twice a week, no more than five miles at a time. They were typically getting 8-10 miles per week on them. Some weeks more, some weeks less, I would guess.

I think they have met their end. Now I had heard that you cannot expect to get as many miles out of a minimalist shoe in general, but I sort of expected something different from the Newtons I think. And they have disappointed me. If you look at them, you might think that they are ok to run in still. The lugs (on the forefoot to encourage your proper running form) are not too worn down yet, and the heels (where I have worn down previous pairs of shoes) seem completely fine.

But they are KILLING my shin. I noticed it several weeks ago, but honestly, mostly ignored it and just hoped I was not getting a shin splint. I ran an easy three in them Friday, with pain. Saturdays long run I ran in my asics. Like a good little girl. Sunday, I wanted to keep the runstreak alive, so I ran just 1 mile in the Newtons. I survived it, but I did mention to J (who was watching basketball on the couch next to the treadmill) how much my shin was hurting and how I was afraid that my newtons had reached the end of their life cycle.

Despite all of this, I ran again yesterday. In my asics, because I did not want to risk pain. I just do not need that right now. And the run HURT. Badly. I had to get off the treadmill. Stretch. Cry a little. I taped. I stretched. I foam rolled. I iced. And this morning I laced up the asics for a zero pain run. Seriously. Zero. For 6 miles and nearly 1 hour (57 minutes) on the treadmill. I am SO PLEASED. And I am definitely attributing the weekend pain (and even yesterdays lingering pain) to the shoes.

I am disappointed that they did not last longer, but I am cautiously optimistic that I have properly diagnosed the problem and keeping those shoes away from running forever. And hopefully, I can continue in this pain free manner.

Cross your fingers for me!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap: March 18

This past week was a week of coming to terms with my body after spending 20 weeks fighting with it. I feel stronger as a result, and more confident in my abilities to pull off mothering as well as my comeback racing AFTER the baby because I am working hard to take care of myself, my baby, and my body during this time.

I am now 21 weeks pregnant. I am over the halfway point, and I am amazed that time has flown by so fast, and how much has changed with my body, even though when I am clothed you cannot tell too much difference. I am learning how different everyone's bodies are when it comes to pregnancy. Some people show and some don't really. It is kind of weird. I can still wear my normal jeans. Buttoned even, although they are no longer comfortable to button, so I usually wear a belt, do the hair band trick, or just wear maternity jeans (remember Joey's Thanksgiving pants from Friends?) which are obscenely comfortable, and I did a good just sizing myself for maternity clothes I think (PS preggo girls, shop at OLD NAVY! I am loving the Old Navy maternity line because it is exactly what I normally wear - jeans and tees from the gap! - but made to fit me!)

So here is the "acceptance" week of workouts for my Spring Challenge!
Monday: 3 miles run, Strength workout #2 from SBBC
Tuesday: 6.6 miles, decent pace
Wednesday: Run 77 - 8.38 miles
Thursday: The Day of Acceptance - 1 mile run, Full body strength circuit
Friday: 30 minute run easy pace, 1 hour walking (15 min/mile)
Saturday: 8 miles (per Flying Pig Half Training Schedule) at 9:32 pace
Sunday: 1 mile run (9:20) to keep the March streak alive!

So although I struggled with the week in general, I still ended up at 35 mile per Daily Mile for the week. That is nothing to sneer at for sure! I walked, I lifted, I ran, I kept my #runstreak alive! I have to look at the week as a whole. I need to look at all of the things that I DID accomplish and remember that I am working hard, even if it is not as hard as I used to be able to do! Right?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Baking

That last blog entry definitely felt good to get things out there. I am definitely aware of the fact that I put far too much pressure on myself to "perform" and to work so much harder than would be necessary. I know that I can and should continue working out and running. But I also know that I should not be so hard on myself when I am just not feeling it on any given day. That is ok.

Regardless, I am starting to feel a little bit better, more comfortable, and more confident now that I have gotten it all out in the open. Maybe I just needed to admit it upfront!

Now that it is Sunday, I am doing all of my normal Sunday stuff. Cooking and baking. J requested chocolate chip cookies, so I made them. It might just be the best batch of chocolate chip cookies I have ever made, according to my husband. So obviously, I am a big time winner today! I also baked bread. I bought yeast a little bit ago to make pizza dough for our homemade pizzas (that J also loves) but I had never made bread before.

So REAL bread with yeast and that had to wait and proof and everything.
Whole wheat cinnamon swirl bread. I am so pleased with this. I modified the recipe to "healthy" it up a little bit, but that did not seem to really effect the turnout of the bread. J and I both ate a slice when it was still hot. It turned out really well.

Then as I hung out and watched tv, I got some nice happy company.
She had her head in my lap and was sleeping. It was nice and cuddly for me. Having her with me made me feel good since normally she would choose to be with J over me under most circumstances.

What did you get done today?

Friday, March 22, 2013

On Accepting "Good Enough"

As I wrote about early this week, I was thinking about taking a "light week". Easing up on training. Taking care of my body. Taking care of this little girl that I am halfway through incubating already (how is that even possible?). Doing all of the things that I know are good for me.

And then, as you saw, I decided that running for 77 minutes was an awesome idea. It was, and it really did feel good. But it certainly isn't taking it easy, especially not at 9:10/mile average, which is much faster than I should be doing easy runs these days.

I am obviously struggling with pregnancy, as must be no secret to anyone who reads this. They probably see it and say "should you really be running that hard and that fast (and heck, PR-ing 10Ks) when you are pregnant?" Umm...  Well, my doctor gave me clearance to run as long as it does not hurt, that is the truth. I have been having trouble being honest with myself about how much struggle I am going through with this whole thing. I want to be a mom, and I really know that J wants to be a dad, but I just am struggling with how much my life will change when she is here.
I promise, the look on my face in this picture is genuine, despite all of my feelings. My heart was absolutely RACING as Leah stood in front of me with a box of cupcakes closed. So it may have been relief that it was over and now I knew as much as anything else.

Anyway, running for 77 minutes definitely caused me to feel it yesterday. I took a real like easy day. Did I rest? Nope. Did I feel guilty? All day long. I don't know why, but I really felt bad about myself.

I went home and lunch and hopped on the treadmill. I knew I was going to have time for 3-4 miles at lunch, as that is just what time allows over a lunch break. Especially on a lunchbreak when I am going home to use the treadmill rather than running outdoors. But it is still so cold here, that outdoors is far more difficult than fun right now. I planned on workout out both at lunch and in the evening before J got home from work. Running one, lifting the other (strength workout #3 from the SBBC).

When I started running (set the treadmill to 9:30 pace to get started) I just knew that it was not going to happen today. I truly was not sure why, because I felt ok overall, but it just wasn't going to work. I ran a mile, logged it on DM, and moved on. I made up my own lifting routine rather than going upstairs to get the print out of what I would do for SBBC. Here is what I ended up with:
The groups were done as supersets with the plank in between. It was not the easiest strength workout ever, but it was not that most difficult. It took about 25 minutes with the appropriate rest in between supersets/planking.

I spent the rest of the day questioning myself and my abilities. I worked out for a good amount of time. I had a good workout. Why am I not happy with that? Why must I go harder?  How can I come to terms with the fact that I am pregnant, I work hard, and I am doing MORE than enough to keep myself in shape/ready for labor/healthy/keep weight gain minimal/etc?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

77. Run 77.

Last night I was texting the husband on the way home. I was filling him in on my plans for the evening, telling him I had planned to run on the treadmill for a little while, and probably watch the end of the Biggest Loser (I already knew who won because of all of the facebook spoilers, but I still wanted to see it for myself!). I asked him, "how far should I run? Or maybe, how long should I run?" He came back with 77. That's all he said. 77.

All right, I am always up for a challenge. Here is how I interpreted his request of 77:
Yes, 77 minutes. It felt not so long while I was on there, even though that is a decently long run. I think that breaking it up into 7 minute increments the way that I did really helped me to feel like time kept moving throughout the run.

And yes, it lasted longer than through the end of TBL, but I did get to see it and finished up the time with King of Queens on TBS. I never watched that show while it was actually airing originally, but I definitely watch a lot of it now. There are moments in it that remind me SO MUCH of me and J that it continues to draw me in. In fact, the first thing was a moment where Carrie was walking through the living room to the kitchen (in the middle of something) and Doug was laying on the couch watching tv. He had his shirt pulled up to expose his belly. He says, "Carrie, hey Carrie! What song is this?" and drums it out on his belly. That reminds me exactly of us.

He was out last night again though, he had promised his friend Chad a guys night, and last night was it. I was not interested in another night out myself though, so I made the decision to NOT make plans and just to stay in. So I ate some microwave popcorn as a little snack (the mini bag from Trader Joe's - delicious!) and a whole wheat tortilla stuffed with tuna and spinach with a little cheese. It was actually pretty yummy!

Today was another day that I let the baby sleep until 10 minutes before 6 rather than getting up at 435. It has been like that all week. I am hoping that soon I am able kick this sleeping in kick soon and get back to AM workouts. I miss them! I miss starting off my day disgustingly sweaty, etc. Now, there is a perk to evening running. I shower before bed now, so I don't shower in the morning. Now that is kind of nice, I admit.

Did you run yesterday?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fartlek Run and Time OFF

Was it really just yesterday that I said I planned on having an easy paced, low-mileage week this week? Whoops. Lol. When I got home from work last night I found what looked like a potentially fun fartlek workout that I could easily do on my treadmill.
It was a good run. Not too easy, and not too tough. Sometimes I worry that I push myself too hard for the baby, but then I remind myself that my breathing is under control, so I am just fine. :)

I was on my own at home last night, so after I did that workout, I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. It was just so easy, and it was delicious, in reality. Was it a meal? I dunno, but I really enjoyed it. I sometimes like when J is out of town so I can eat things like that, call them dinner, and don't have to worry about what he will think. Tonight he is hanging out with a guy friend, so it might be the same thing, which I am once again excited for. I might actually try and MAKE something tonight (cauliflower crust pizza has been calling to me) but I am not sure if that will happen or not.

Or I might pick up a sandwich...  hehehe.

I just met with HR at my company to discuss what the plan is for maternity, how it works here and what do I need to be aware of. It was very helpful and made me feel slightly more prepared for what I need to be aware of and doing in the coming months to make sure that I am prepared for what is to come. I feel more comfortable now and I am looking forward to planning out the REST of my time off for the year!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Light Week - I Need It

I plan on making this week a light week, running-wise. As you can see from last week's mileage on the entry that I posted yesterday, I have been running hard and fast and a lot of miles. (Not super fast or anything, but definitely faster than I anticipated at 20 weeks pregnant.)
I mean, look at that, I am dealing with a little banana! That's not a sweet pea anymore! So yes, I have been attempting to listen to my body, etc, and I am just struggling with everything. So because I am in this situation, I definitely am going to lighten up this week. I have run over 40 miles in two recent weeks, and well over 30 on other recent weeks. That is high mileage even compared to my first marathon cycle.

Because of the mental aspect of pregnancy that I am currently dealing with (don't really want to chat too much about it), I am exhausted. Legs are good, legs want to keep running, but brain does not allow me to wake up in the morning for a good AM workout. That exhausts me. Just the thought. So I definitely want to try to ease up a little bit. Still get nice SOLID workouts in, every day, still RUN everyday, but limit it a little bit more.

I am continuing to work through my mental barriers and I will continue to do so. I think that is the only option that I have right now.

Over the weekend, I made a new recipe for breakfast! I made just four servings of it, and ate one that day, but the others I am eating this week, with the last one tomorrow.
Baked oatmeal. Egg whites. Craisins. Cinnamon. Milk. Almond butter. Obviously the almond butter was added today after it was reheated for a little bit of good fats (there was very little fat in this dish) not to mention a little bit of staying power. It has worked out pretty well for its staying power, so I think I am going to stick with it. Plus it was pretty delicious!

Do you ever take a light week for your mental state rather than because you are injured?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Week of March 11 - Workout Recap

Another week of workouts down in the books. Not only that, but this week of workouts marked my 20th week of pregnancy. I am trying to really get the most out of all of my workouts right now, since I am not sure anymore how much longer I will realistically be up to doing them to the same standards (already once lowered) that I have been maintaining for myself.I know that the time is probably coming for me to take another deep breath and come to terms with the fact that things are getting slower....

So let's call this week a HUGE week of accomplishments and potentially the biggest week of workouts that I will have before the baby arrives.

3.25 mile "runch" in 30 minutes (9:07 pace)
Tina Reale's Upper Body Burn
Treadmill run. 5.5 miles. (9:09 pace)

7 miles - tready. I am always on the treadmill these days. Outside it too hard. (9:12 pace)

6 miles, easy pace (9:37)
#bestfoot WoW in the afternoon!

1 mile run (March Run Everyday Challenge)
4.11 miles of walk/run intervals

3 mile run - prerace shakeout (9:30 pace)
30DS Level 2 (with modifications to the abs sections to all planks - gotta accommodate my growth!)
1.25 mile walk downtown to and from packet pick up

Heart Mini 15K (with 2 potty breaks) 9.33 miles
Heart Mini 5K 3.85 miles

Totals for the week:
44.29 miles (woop!)
1 30DS
1 WoW
1 strength
1 crosstraining (Friday)

I guess I definitely need to be proud of myself for this week of workouts. I really was hammering it home. I only have 1 strength listed, but you definitely can consider both the WoW and the 30DS to be strength workouts, I just enjoy classifying them differently so I can see the variety that I am putting into my training.

How did everyone else fare last week?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Heart Mini 15K and 5K: Race Recap

So I have been signed up for the Heart Mini 15K for AGES. I got my registration in early because they were handing out $10 gift cards to Fleet Feet if you were in the first so many registration. Karen and I both registered at that time so we could make sure to get those gift certificates. We did, and I used mine to buy J some honey stingers for his stocking.

I have never run the 15K before. 2 years ago I ran the 5K. Last year, I ran the half (followed by the 5K) to get my mileage in during Pig training. So a 15K is new to me. As you have seen, I have run the more unusual distance of a 14K twice. But this 15 K was new to me.

I went downtown yesterday and got the race packet for both Karen and I since she lives about an hour from downtown. I had J's parking garage tag, so getting downtown was relatively straightforward for me and I enjoy this particular race expo. It is a real expo (versus a packet pickup) and has a lot of the local running stores there as vendors, plus other races, and of course, the Flying Pig has a large area with lots of merchandise.

This morning, Karen arrived at my house at 6:45. She came in briefly and then we hit the road. I drove us downtown, since I have a lot more downtown experience. She does not and all of the one way streets and stuff can be intimidating if you are not used to it, and you are not used to the layout of downtown and where things are. Between that and having J's parking pass, it just made sense for me to drive us.

I made sure I was prepared for St. Patrick's Day (the actual day this time, unlike my simple Shamrock themed race last weekend) by wearing my ProCompression socks again.
(not the shoes that I ran in)
It was chilly. It seems to be on and off for the weather for this race. The first time I ran it, it was very cold and rainy. Last year, I wore cropped pants and short sleeves. I could have been ok with a tank, but I was nervous since it was March. This year it was cold again, and I wore crops with my compression socks (because I wanted to show them off) but I also wore three layers of tops. A short sleeved tech tee, a long sleeved tech tee, and then my fleece lined sugoi hoodie (my favorite purple winter running top). I wore gloves. I wore a Brooks baseball cap with the hood over it. The hat was in case it started to snow or rain, because I hate getting all of that in my eyes!

The race was scheduled to start at 7:45 am. Karen and I lined up and found some pace groups that we thought were fitting. They had pace groups for the half, but they also had 15K finish times on them. I set myself up with the 1:55 half group, knowing it was an ambitious pace for this 20 week pregnant gal (halfway tomorrow!) but felt ok with it. Karen was going for mega-speedy. She wanted to PR the race. When the cannon went off (maybe it just sounded like a cannon because we were in the middle of buildings? But it really sounded like that), we started. And I immediately felt like I might need to use the bathroom despite the fact that we had used the port-o-lets shortly before lining up. I ended up stopping twice in 9.3 miles to go to the bathroom. I decided after my first bathroom stop, I decided that my goal for this race was under 10 minute miles even WITH any stopping that I needed to do. Here are the splits:
Mile 1 - 12:15 <--- bathroom break
Mile 2 - 9:36
Mile 3 - 9:10
Mile 4 - 9:09
Mile 5 - 10:59 <--- Bathroom break
Mile 6 - 8:45
Mile 7 - 8:41
Mile 8 - 8:39
Mile 9 - 8:37
Mile 0.33 - 2:48

Total time: 1:28:38 for a 9:32 average pace.

So I managed to get my sub 10 pace on the race depsite the two bathroom breaks. My garmin says that my time would have been 1:23:36 if I hadn't had those bathroom breaks. Here is the medal for the race.
Yes, this was the 36th year for that race! Pretty good deal!

Karen was there to see my finish and we walked over to a hotel to hang out and stay warm until the 5K. We had decided that we were going to run that as well because you do not need to pay again to run another race, so we might as well run them to shake out our legs, and get some extra mileage.

Here our our 5K splits:
Mile 1 - 10:31
Mile 2 - 9:55
Mile 3 - 9:37
Mile 0.85 - 7:18

Yeah...  3.85 instead of 3.1. It definitely was not my garmin, because as you can see from above, the 15 K was 9.33 miles, and therefore quite accurate. There is no way that my watch could have been off by 3/4s of a mile, nor that I was running that slowly if it was 3.1 miles. And a lot of other people had the same complaints. Now, I am used to training for marathons or half marathons, so and extra 3/4s of a mile is not a big deal to me. But what if it was me 2 years ago, when a 5K maxed me out. Or all of the other people that this is their first 5K? It is tough stuff, I remember! That extra distance is too much.

Overall, it was a good experience. I am proud of myself for getting through the race as well as I did, although the stopping to pee stuff is tough, and it has a tough mental component to it.

Have you ever run a race that seemed to be VERY improperly measured?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Productive Friday Evening

I feel as though Friday was potentially a good day. I was nervous going in because Zeus woke up in the middle of the night crying. I think he must have had a nightmare or something. He was crying in his bed. And he just kept crying. It made me feel sad for him. So J and I took it as baby practice. We got him up and let him hang with us. Now, something to note, this is NOT happening with a kid. The kid is NOT getting into bed with us, like we let the dog do. (Darn it, I still can't believe we let the dog into our bed).

Because of the getting up in the middle of the night and keeping me awake, I did not get up to use the treadmill in the morning like I was originally planning on. And as you know, that usually causes me to have some anxiety for the rest of the day.

But I had a little time to get things done at work that were work related during the day, and so I tried to focus and get them all done. I ran to Target at lunchtime, got some new underwear and pajama pants (Zeus likes to eat the crotch out of all of the ones that I own now), as well as a few cardigans. I think they will do me well because I can wear them unbuttoned over the bump (and maternity tanks to work because it gets so cold there!) and then after that, I can wear them all the time because cardis are just cute!

After work, I dedicated myself to checking things off the weekend to-do list. I folded some laundry, spent an hour on the treadmill, at my dinner...  It was a productive night. It kind of felt nice to go to bed alone, as terrible as that might sound. It was just nice to not have to worry about anyone else except for me and the dogs. I just laid down, relaxed and had a good evening watching SuperBad on TV with the dogs curled up next to me.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Adding a Little Color

Finally I managed to drag myself out of bed at my normal time on Thursday morning. I actually blame the baby girl for that one. I woke up about an hour before my alarm to go to the bathroom (she makes me have to go a lot!) and then I did not get back to sleep after that. So I figured that I might as well get up and hit the treadmill. At least then I would feel like I was accomplishing something. So I got dressed, grabbed Teek and headed for the basement. I started out slowly, and tried to take it easy (at least, kind of), but by the end I was kind of bored, hence a lot of randomness. Here was my run:
Do you like my pretty spring picmonkey decorations? Sometimes I even think I should pay for the upgrade to use the other features. Its a super neat app.

Anyway, as you can see, I got a little impatient at the end of the run and started moving things around more frequently. I do not normally start out with 10 min/miles, but I was definitely feeling pretty tired when I started my run this morning, so I figured it was a good day for a nice and easy run. That pace is quite a bit slower than I have been running, but as you all have seen, I have been trying to be better about listening to my body, and listening to little Bebe Girl Nix. So when my legs and stuff felt tired, I figured it would be a good plan to go a little bit slower, take things a bit easier.

When I got home from work, I decided to do the Workout of the Week from the Spring Challenge! I got it from the link in Amanda's weekly email and she had a link to a you tube video where she demonstrated all of the moves. It definitely got my heart rate up, and it was tough on my arms and hamstrings, so I would consider it a win.

I made some dinner last night for us. It is a recipe I have made before, but we both really like it.
Bacon Chicken Apple BBQ Quesadillas! I love seeing the green sneak out in that instagram picture. It makes me happy that I choose to buy green apples, just for the color inside of that quesadilla. And it is a delicious dinner. 

J is on the road for the weekend, he is probably in Dallas right now, at the airport, and he will be heading to Tucson after that. He is working all weekend in Tucson. I am jealous of him being able to be in some nice, warm weather, but I was not able to make a quick turn around on plane tickets or anything for this trip, so I am here for the weekend. I am looking forward to having a little bit of time to myself at home, to get things done that I might not necessarily do with him here, but I still wish I was with him, I think.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Recovering Body from a Late Night

I send Karen out with a wish of luck, and telling her to bring some science fiction with her to read, hoping that it has the intended results. Do you know where she is going based on that statement? Jury Duty! Does my suggestion to bring science fiction to read make sense? (I am NOT picking on science fiction - it is my genre of choice!) I have heard that some lawyers use the logic when selecting a jury, that if you read things like that, you obviously believe in it. And if you believe it,  you are likely to believe OTHER far fetched stories. Now, I have no idea if that is true, but I figure it is worth a shot! Remember when Carrie has jury duty on Sex and the City and she sits next to the guy who pulls weird fruit out of his briefcase?

Now, that is not necessarily the way I intended to start this entry, however, since it was happening as I was typing, it seemed like an appropriate start. And it made me chuckle as I was thinking about it/writing it down.

So I think that sometime over the course of the day yesterday my body recovered from the late night that I had at the theater. I enjoyed a delicious lunch with Karen at Panera yesterday, which made me feel great to eat a big ole salad for lunch. Plus, I know that she needed a break to get out of the house. It was her first day with no Bradley. He was at a babysitters house, where he will be two days per week from here on out. There will be another kid or two there with him, giving him a day care experience without the day care. I know she is excited and that is what she wants for him, but it still is weird, I would think since she is so used to having him around her all the time. I think she was even a little bit bored!

I packed a little bit of my favorite snack to eat in the afternoon yesterday, which I blame my mother for, since she brought them to me.
I just packed two cookies in a little baggie, just one serving, and really enjoyed them as an afternoon snack. I guess that is how you have to manage things like that. Isn't that what they say? Moderation...

After I got home, I hit the treadmill immediately. The dogs came down to the basement with me, I turned on the Biggest Loser, and I started running. I finished the episode that I started on Tuesday, which is the last episode prior to next weeks finale! I have loved watching the show this season. I accomplished 7 miles in just under 65 minutes, for an average pace of 9:12/mile (or approx. 6.5 mph). It felt like a pretty good run, overall, and while I was on the treadmill, I had a dream dinner in the oven so J and I would be able to have a delicious meal at home.

Now it is time to get one with my work day. Have a lovely almost Friday!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Another Date Night - Valentine's Edition

I think people are ridiculous sometimes. We are getting a little snow here. Nothing is shut down or on a delay, so folks needed to get out a little bit earlier to get to downtown. But then a truck slides on some ice and the whole highway shuts down. It's amazing. Cincinnati is kind of ridiculous.

Anyway, let's go back to yesterday.

As I mentioned, baby girl likes me to get some extra sleep. So yesterday, I slept in rather than getting in a run, which, as usual, left me starting the day on a guilty foot. I just like to have it done, even though I knew I was going to get one in later! Anyway, I at my waffles for breakfast (I made a HUGE batch of protein waffles on Sunday and froze all that I didn't eat so I have breakfasts made for this entire week!) and headed in to work for the day. It was a busy day at the office, it always is, and time flew by. Soon, it was time for lunch, so I got changed into my running stuff, and the gloomy weather made me decide to get into my car and drive home to run on the treadmill. Boring? Potentially. But I had the Biggest Loser recorded and that gloomy day was not appealing to me.

I ran 5.5 miles on the treadmill in 50:21. It was not the hardest workout that I have ever had, but it certainly was not the easiest either. I am proud of it. I averaged about a 9:08 pace.

We had a date night last night, which originated from Valentine's day. Not sure if I have even talked about my Valentine's Day gift or not, but here it was:
That was in a Valentine's Day card. So, as you can see, last night was the night for the show. I made reservations at Nada, downtown, which is a nice Mexican restaurant that we almost never go to (because it is near impossible to get in without a reservation). I spent almost a week looking forward to this meal, and a month looking forward to this show. Yes, I realize Peter Pan is a kids show, and YES I realize Cathy Rigby is 60 (!!!) but it has always been one of my favorite shows. I even taped this version of the play off of TV as a 12 year old and watched it repeatedly. Cathy Rigby has been playing this part for 20 years.
And something that I have noticed for watching it for nearly that long? The choreography is exactly the same. And the Ugg-a-Wugg song which opens the second act is still my favorite number, choreography-wise. Its a good one. :)

I think that J enjoyed it as well. The kids in the audience were definitely having a blast. They all clapped because they believe in fairies and Tink came back after drinking all the poison!

What plays or musicals are your favorite? If you have never seen one, how come?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Baby Girl Makes me Sleepy

I think this week I am paying for my previous two more intense weeks. This little baby girl is forcing me to. I have just been wiped since Sunday. I would like to blame it on Daylight Savings Time, which is likely a part of it, but unfortunately it is probably not all of it. Regardless, I am going to try and take it a little bit easier on my body this week. Maybe not QUITE as many miles. Maybe not quite as intense. I guess now is the time I have to remember that Baby Girl IS there.

At lunchtime yesterday I went home and went for a quick run. 3.25 miles in just under 30 minutes. It took me 29:40. My run went as follows:
Pretty good. Kept it interesting with lots of variety in speed and stuff, which is always a good way to hold my attention. Teek was running around in the basement as well, which makes me laugh. That dog has crazy energy.

After my run was done, I went upstairs and got out the vitamix to make my lunch. I had seen a protein shake recipe online that I wanted to try. It was definitely a "shake" and not a smoothie (no veggies or fruits!) but I figured it was worth a whirl and might fill me up! It worked, although it was definitely more of an eat with a spoon shake than a drink from a straw shake. But I found the recipe here. I actually had all of the ingredients on hand. I didn't measure my vanilla or butter extract, nor did I measure the cinnamon, but it turned out awesome. Very filling. I think next time I would use a bit less ice though, in hopes that it would be a drinkable shake.

After work, I did the strength workout that I promised myself. I found this arm burned on Tina Reale's blog, and I promised myself that I was going to try it out.
And it was a burn out. For the first time, I felt like I needed to do the pushups from my knees, (after the first set) which mentally bothers me. But I spent a lot of time really focusing on my form for the pushups, trying to get a burn that I would usually get, and by keeping a VERY flat back/straight core, plus going deep into the push up, and that seemed to help a lot. I definitely was feeling it by the third round of this workout.

I am hoping to get in a run at lunchtime today, but with the sun hiding itself, I am not feeling overly confident right now. The weather is definitely NOT begging me to come outside and play, which I really feel like I need right now.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Shamrock Shuffle - Race Recap

I am not very experienced with the 10K distance. I have run a few, here and there, but I think I have only actually run 4 of them, ever. 2 of the 4 are the same race, and they are not chip timed, so I count them (especially because it was my FIRST 10K), but I am not sure how accurate my time is for them, etc. So my 10 history can be summed up right here in these few races:

July 4, 2011 - Conquer the Hill 10K (56:59)
August 6, 2011 - Lady Distance Classic (56:42)
November 24, 2012 - 102nd Thanksgiving Day Race (post broken foot) (1:04:48)
July 4, 2012 - Conquer the Hill 10K (56:35)

There it is. My full 10K racing can be summed up into 4 races. Only one since I have been blogging consistently about running (and therefore has a recap included with it!). The Thanksgiving Day race was actually a ton of fun despite the terrible time. It cemented my decision to train for the Flying Pig with Jes, as I carried her across the finish line after her knee gave out (which definitely did not help our time any!) I am really looking forward to running this one again this year.

But this past Saturday I ventured back into the 10K world for the Shamrock Shuffle in West Chester. My SIL ran it last year as part of her "race every month" goal, and said it was a fun race with a good after party, so when I was searching for races to CRAM into the months before the baby (not knowing when I would be back on the running train afterward) and I saw it, I registered.
Karen also had plans to run, so at the baby party we discussed what time we would meet, where we would park, etc. The place we agreed on was about a half mile from the starting line and had shuttles running (if we wanted them) and it was outside of the race course, so it would be easy to get out of after the race, since there was a huge block party going on.

We met in the parking lot of Uno's Chicago Grill at 8 am, for the 8:30 am start time. We planned to not take the shuttle and jog over to the start in order to get a bit of a warm up in before the race. We walked through Starbucks first to get a quick restroom break (Bebe Nix still likes to go to the bathroom ALL THE TIME) so we did not have to wait in what we anticipated to be very long lines at the port-o-lets (we were right!) We jogged for about 15 minutes (a mile and a half) before getting to the start line. I wish we had jogged for just a smidge longer, as we were waiting a bit for the race to start and my legs started to tighten up just a little (what I was hoping to avoid by getting a warm up in). We had no plans to stick together during the race.

The horn blew and off we went! I, being the slacker that I am, did not charge my Garmin AGAIN and was running with my phone. I have the runtastic app, and I was using that this time. I kept the screen on my phone turned off however, so I only had updates when it talked to me (I have it set up to give me updates at the mile marks). This was a HILLY course. A HUGE up (followed by a steep down). Someone told me that they saw someone faceplant at the bottom of the hill during last year's race. I was doing my best not to trash my quads TOO much, so I was trying to take it easy, even on the down.

Here is my Runtastic breakdown:
Oh, hello, hill. Dang. It was a ROUGH one. As you can see, I managed to keep my speed decently consistent even on the huge uphill (although you definitely can see the ups and downs!) I finished the race at 55:25, a MAJOR 10K PR for me!

And I had a great excuse to wear my new pro compression socks.

They will be making another appearance this weekend at the Heart Mini, which is ON St. Patrick's Day!

Weekly Workout Recap

I heard on the news this morning that our local paper, the Cincinnati Enquirer, is not going to be printed in Cincinnati any more, today is the first day for that. It will be printed in Columbus, and shipped here, daily. Honestly, while I was not planning on discussing the newspaper in today's entry, that struck me as ridiculous. Several months ago they took away free access to the website (you must be a subscriber), which always irritates J. I usually just go to the local news websites instead. Their write ups are obviously not quite as thorough, but it gets me the local news and I don't have to buy a subscription that I don't want.

Anyway, that is not what I planned on writing about today, so I guess I will just let it go for now. Weird, I think though.

So last week was the first week of the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge.
One of the requirements of the challenge is to document your workouts every week, so here is the recap of mine.

Monday: #Race2Remember 5K, strength training from SBBC workout 1
Tuesday: 7 miles
Wednesday: #Race2Remember 10K
Thursday: 5 miles
Friday: run 1 mile, walking for 52 minutes, Jillian Michaels 30DS
Saturday: 1.5 mile warmup, Shamrock Shuffle 10K, 0.5 mile cool down
Sunday: 2 miles

Weekly mileage: ~ 37 miles, 1 day crosstraining (Jillian), 1 day strength training

Overall, it was a pretty good week. Mileage was not as high this past week as the week before, but there was a lot of racing happening (3 in one week!) and so most of my runs were pretty high intensity. I feel like I did a pretty good job getting everything done that I wanted to, considering how difficult things are with pregnancy and everything.

And then, just because it is Monday morning...  Found it the splenda bowl at the office:
Have a lovely Monday, and I will be back (hopefully later!) with a Shamrock Shuffle race recap!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Baby Party

I had major last minute anxiety before the baby party on Friday night. Majorly. I had a mental breakdown. In my car. Driving home from packet pick up for the Shamrock Shuffle, the 10K I was running on Saturday morning. I was crying, loudly, and trying to message my friend Jess, to cry about it to her. She is also preggers, just a month behind me, and although she is generally much more naturally maternal than I (and much more obviously excited about her impending motherhood!)

I seriously just came to terms with the fact that we were doing this, and our friends and family were going to find out the gender of our baby at the SAME TIME as we were. J and I were not going to have any time to digest the results and stuff before everyone else was on TOP of us, getting excited and wanting to talk about things when we have not even had a chance to talk about them ourselves. I had just come to terms with the fact that I had absolutely no idea if I wanted that.

But by 2 pm on the day of the party, there was no way that I could make any changes to the situation. Folks had made plans, traveled to town (in the case of my dad) found babysitters in some instances, etc, we could not cancel the party no matter how I was feeling. Naturally, J was very little help in this meltdown, just telling me that he thought the party was going to be lots of fun and he is very excited about the party. Thank you J, for doing nothing to help me feel better about what we are getting ourselves into.

My dad arrived in town around 4, and that was a help. That helped me to start to relax because I was able to tell him my worries and my fears, and he helped me to relax about it. Plus, I knew that if I just gave Leah a "look" she would know that I needed some talk OTHER than baby stuff. So she would come and chat with me about running, my new appliances, etc, to get me back to "me" and that had potential to be a huge help. Eventually, we were on our way to the bar and our friends started arriving there. Because we had made arrangements beforehand, Mike & Dave (the bar owners and our friends) had some tables set aside for us and our friends.

Traffic seemed to be pretty bad for "Friday light" and we were getting lots of texts from our friends saying "stuck in traffic, running behind!" but since we were waiting for several people and not just one it made it much more doable. My dad had previously met most of the crowd that was there, at the wedding, so he started chatting right away. Once the majority of the gang arrived (J's mom and sister were the last ones), we decided it was time to do the big reveal. I was already calmer since the appliances had been installed and one big thing was done that had given me a little bit of stress for the day.

Leah went back into the kitchen with Dave to get the cupcakes out of the cooler that had been there since lunchtime.

 Mommy & Daddy (Daddy was shocked. He was definitely banking on a boy!)
 Me and the girls. Katie, Leah, Sara, me, and Karen
Me and Leah the Baker! I am so glad to have her in my life and to help me out with everything that I might need!

So if you have not seen this on facebook or Twitter yet, it is a girl, and we are very excited! Despite all of my meltdown, I am glad it is done now. I am glad we got to spend time with our friends, and we had a good time. Not sure that it is something we would do again for a second baby, but I guess I am mostly glad that we did it.

Friday, March 8, 2013

March Book Club: A Life without Limits

For March's blogger bookclub (running and triathlon focused) we read Chrissie Wellington's book, A Life without Limits.
I, once again, read this book on my kindle (gosh, I love that thing!) and so this is just the image that I see on my purchase history on amazon, I don't actually get to see it for real.

Like the Ironman book that we read previously, I was not sure how I was going to feel about this one. I am not a triathlete as of this point. I cannot even work up the nerve to do one of the indoor ones that they have around here on a fairly regular basis. I would only need to swim for about 15 minutes, but I am still afraid to do it. And with the indoor ones, I could do it now before I have a bike (and know that I would WANT to do it again before I spend the money on a bike).

But I was definitely pleasantly surprised and inspired with this book.

The book examines Chrissie Wellington - a 4 time Ironman World Champion in Kona. We look at her early life, and how she was always athletic, but a little bit clumsy as a kid, so she was never necessarily AWESOME at anything. We examine her struggle with bulimia, which eventually morphed into anorexia. Her life as an athlete helped her to conquer that horrible addiction though.

We watch her travel as a young woman and take interest in new things, running and cycling (swimming was the sport that she had always participated in) while she is starting out her career helping others and working in Sustainable Development. This allowed her to see much of the world and learn about how things worked in impoverished countries and be outside of the UK.

Learning about the sport of triathlon really started speaking to her, and eventually she chose to leave her job in order to become a professional athlete. She had a coach (Brett Sutton) and he was determined to get her to leave behind her desire to be an Olympic distance triathlete, and move into the Ironman distance. After Chrissie had her first taste of Ironman (watching some friends and teammates compete) she was stuck. This was what she wanted to do.

Her first Ironman was Ironman Korea in 2007, which she won (and sent her on to Kona) and from that point, this would be her main focus. She won the Ironman Kona on her first try, and became the World Champion. Since then, she has won it 3 other times.

Chrissie spends a lot of time in this book reflecting on the mental aspect of racing, which has certainly always been more of a struggle for me than the physical. I mean, I get the training, I do the work, but sometimes my head just isn't there. She actually walks us through a lot of her thoughts as she starts a race and even in the week leading up to the race. I think that I might try to do a little bit more of the mental training that she spends doing, and maybe then when I get to the point where I am ready to train for a big endurance event again (next spring, I hope?) my mental state will be much stronger and more ready to tackle my big goals (definitely a problem in Columbus).

This book really started putting the bug in my ear again. It is a bug that has come in and out, depending on what state of training I am in for a race. But right now, I am spending a lot of time thinking about triathlons.

Did this book make you want to try for an Ironman? It certainly does to me!

Gender Reveal: Tonight! & staying on track

Ahhh... yes, it is finally Friday and for that, I am grateful. It just seems like it has been an excessively long week this week, and I am really glad to be nearing the end of it, and glad that I have a lot of fun things going on this weekend to keep my time occupied.

Despite all of the stress of the week, I have been really glad to have a constant source of snuggles in my life.
Mama's handsome man. (What happens if the baby is a boy? Does that mean he cannot be mama's handsome man anymore? Hmmm.... lots to think about once we find out the gender tonight!)

That has definitely been where the focus has fallen this week. The gender party at our favorite bar. It has definitely taken a little bit of willpower (not calling Leah and BEGGING her to tell me the answer since she already knows), a little bit of coordination (getting to doctors appointments, work, dealing with a snowstorm, delivering the sealed envelope), and a lot of deep breathing. The deep breathing I think is what held me together through the week, and I needed it.

I really should get better about practicing yoga or learning to meditate, shouldn't I? I think I might be a lot more calm if I was consistent about either of those things.

Today was a crosstraining day, as Friday's always are. I decided to do things just a smidge different than I usually do though. I ran a mile in 8:58 (gotta get in at least one for the #runeveryday challenge!) and then I turned the treadmill down to 4.0. Every half mile I changed it. Between 5.0 & 6.0 and then back down to 4.0. So the first half of the mile was walked (uptempo) and then the second half was jogged, fairly slowly. Including that first mile I was on the treadmill for an hour and got in nearly 5 miles. I call it a win.
Not the most lovely #proof picture, but its there, and I did it. Again. :) I am nearly 19 weeks and still hammering through 30+ miles per week. At least for the time being. I do not want to jinx myself though. I really want to make sure that I can keep running until the GCM at the end of April, because I am really looking forward to that.

Not to worry, as soon as we post on facebook the gender of the baby (which will likely be later on tonight!) I will post on the blog. I am not big into keeping it a huge secret or anything. That is just not my thing. So this weekend we'll have a Bebe Nix update, I would imagine!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Thing that Broke Me

Something happened. After I wrote yesterday's entry. After I journaled so I could get out all of the strange feelings that I was having regarding my ultrasound. After I met with Leah and gave her the sealed envelope with the sex of our baby in it. After I hit the treadmill to hammer our a 10K for Janine's #Race2Remember
I actually completed this 10K in less time than the last 10K that I ran (that was a real race) - all the way back in July! But we will not be calling this one a PR, I struggle with that for sure.

What happened yesterday? These arrived:
And something completely ridiculous, completely random, makes me feel happy and excited to become a mom. Tom's. Size "Tiny 4". They make me smile. Make me happy. Make me want the best dressed baby on the block (even though mommy looks like the lamest of all gap ads in jeans, tees, and NO accessories whatsoever). And in one teeny tiny way, I am feeling excited about being a mom. Something new. Something I didn't even feel too much when I saw the baby doing a little jig on the screen yesterday. Something I didn't even feel all that much when we got a thigh bone shot, and I joked to Jason "look at those runner legs!" But those teeny tiny shoes... they did it a little, and for that, I am really glad.

I needed something to kick myself into place for sure. And if some teeny shoes do it and make me smile when I need a smile, I should just take it and RUN.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Run Everyday.

So, I have not been doing the greatest job keeping up with current things that are going on. I spent the first two days of this week just writing about some stuff that went on Friday night and Saturday morning. So basically, nothing...  I am just struggling with the week as a general rule, and so I am just writing about things that are positive around here. Or at least, I am trying to focus on those things that would be considered positive.

So far my week has been pretty good. I am still on the March #runeveryday train from the I <3 to Run facebook group. It included 1 mile run before my crosstraining on Friday, and then on Sunday hammered out one more mile. Normally a non-run day (if I do anything on Sunday it is usually yoga).
Monday was a short (5K) run and a bit of upper body and core strength training. Tuesday was a longer run (7 miles) on the treadmill. I don't want to talk about today yet, because I am not sure where I will end up yet. I hope to get in 5-6 miles and some strength training as well. But we will see how I am feeling and how much work ends up getting done this morning & afternoon, along with what J decided his plan is for the day. I am not sure when he will be home from work or anything as of yet. I could also switch days and do my crosstraining/walking today and then do a run on Friday, but we shall see.

Today we have our gender screening ultrasound. Hard to believe that it is here already. I am nervous for it. I am not sure that I want to do it. I know, that is crazy. Most people are ridiculously excited to get to see their baby, and I am just scared. I guess I am scared because even though I have been struggling with everything, it will become real after today? And I guess that has both positive and negative consequences. At least for me and my mental health.

The ultrasound is done. The gender has been discovered and put in a sealed envelope. This envelope has been hand delivered to Leah B. On Friday, we will know.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Saturday AM Racing

Friday went well. We had a good date night. And then Saturday, it was time to get our run on.

I got up early in the morning. 6:30, the usual time for a Saturday when I go to run group. I took care of my little puppies. Let them outside, fed them, etc. All three of us (me + 2 pups) headed down to the basement so I could get several miles in before the race. My goal was to get in 6-7 miles (ending me at 9-10 for the day after the race). I found something on TV (chopped) and hammered through 7 miles, feeling great throughout. I am loving that getting 7 miles on the treadmill is no longer the most difficult thing that I have ever done. The new basement set up is definitely a very big part of that!

After that run, I went upstairs and got into some much warmer clothes. J got up and started getting dressed as well for his run. Neither of us were really looking forward to the race. Yes, I have run in temperatures that were colder than it was on Saturday. But for whatever reason, I just was not feeling the race. I was cold, J was feeling negative about it, and it was just not my day, I guess. I didn't have a plan going into the race. I had already run 7 miles, so I sort of felt like I should stick with my husband for this one.

Once the race started, we took off together. J and I started out at a nice 10 minute mile ish pace. We left Bockfest Hall and headed into downtown Cincinnati. About 4/10 of a mile in, J's breathing was labored and difficult. He stopped to walk. I walked with him. He immediately pushed me on, forward, saying "you can go!" I told him that I wanted to stick with him this race, my mind was made up. We kept walking. After about 6 times of J encouraging me to just go, and about a half mile of walking, I finally started running.

I passed tons of people and started to make up for a little bit of lost time. I ended up finishing the race in 29:36 (I am pretty sure that was my official time!) and was definitely pleased with that considering I walked around a half mile! I got my water, returned my shoe tag, got my medal and my heat blanket.
I went into the Hall and got J a pint glass. He had requested one if I finished the race early. I put it in the bag that they gave me, and headed back out to the course in hopes of catching J at the finish! He did, at just after 40 minutes which was his "C" goal. But considering how the cold really affected his asthma, I am so proud of him for getting it done. Now we have 2 more races in the beer series, and I think (and hope) that the next two races will be warmer, but not too warm.

The race took us through downtown, but the northernmost part of it. We mostly were in Over the Rhine, which is not a place that I generally spend a lot of time in. We got to see some things that I honestly have not seen as far as the area goes, and I was not moving so fast, so I got to enjoy them.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Friday night - Date Night

I know yesterday's post was a lot of talk, a lot of running my mouth, and very little else (if there was anything else in there!). For that, I apologize. I just was definitely feeling a little bit guilty about how much whining I do here. I know that it is my place on the internet, I can do whatever I want, etc, but I still feel bad, because I am really not that negative of a person. Or I try not to be!

The weekend was much better than that though. We started out on Friday night with tickets to see Joe Rogan at the Taft Theater. That was the present that I bought J for his birthday. I went downtown a little bit before 5 pm to get our packets for the Bockfest 5K. I had a little trouble finding the location of the pickup, despite having my GPS because of the turn arounds (one way streets or streets with boulevards), but I made it with plenty of time. The pick up was quick and easy. I got bibs, timing chips, and t-shirts for the both of us, and made my way back to the car to head to the parking garage to meet J for our dinner. We had planned the Banks, but that is about it. We decided that if Crave was not busy, we would go there as he had never been there for dinner, and I had never been there at all!
The food there was excelled. We started with a shared order of beef street tacos. They had kimchee on top, and I have to be honest, that is not really my cup of tea. I picked off the majority of it. I think because it reminded me of onion. Although I think it is really pickled radish or something? J ordered some sushi for his dinner (leaving me jealous) and I ordered a brick oven personal pepperoni pizza. But it also had goat cheese on it (no lectures about soft cheeses, my doc gave me the all clear!) making it a little bit more special. Plus you all know how the crusts are in one of those fire ovens. So so good. I ate the whole thing, less one piece that J stole from me. It was worth every single bite and every single greasy calorie. I am growing a baby, and I want that baby to like pizza, right? Lol.

Following that, we walked the few blocks up to the Taft. J did some complaining about the cold since there was going to be running in the morning outdoors for BOTH of us. I wasn't feeling worried about it since it was not that windy and I have run in much colder already this winter a few times. But I can see where he is worried about it more. He has asthma, and it has been particularly bad recently, and the cold weather is likely to aggravate it even more.

But we arrived at the Taft after just a few blocks of walking.
And it was clearly the evening of a comedy show. Lots of people smoking and the faint smell of pot lingering in the air near the doors. We went in and found our seats right away. Neither of us were drinking, so we did not need to go through the ID check, and we had our tickets scanned and made our way to our seats. They were pretty good seats, and I was glad that I ordered the tickets when I did, even though it was likely a little late in the game. I just put in best available on ticketmaster, and we ended up in row W. So yes, I guess it is good that I ordered when I did in order to avoid the balcony or the very last row! Regardless, the theater is well laid out, so you get a pretty decent view wherever you are.

The show was to start at 8 pm, but with so many people in line to get beer (seriously, saw people walk into the theater with 5 BEERS in their hands/mouth) they did not dim the lights until at least 8:10. Admittedly, this is the kind of thing that irritates the heck out of me. And yes, I am pretty particular, I know, but I paid for this. At least have the courtesy to be timely!

The first comedian was lousy. I will not mention his name, but neither J nor I found him to be that funny. The second comedian was quite a bit better, not quite as over the top raunchy, and much more funny (to us). I mean, don't get me wrong, a lot of people were laughing at the first guy, but in all honesty, I was just grossed out by his jokes. Finally, Joe came on. I was nervous about this as I had heard he was very raunchy as well, and recently that kind of thing has been less appealing to me. But I listened to a little bit of his stuff on youtube and agreed that I would go with J, instead of him taking one of the guys.

I am glad I went. He was very funny, not too raunchy at all, and we got to see a super drunk guy in the front row try and leave (to go get a beer, or go to the restroom or something) fall down and be completely unable to stand back up. Joe even was helping him by holding him up by the arm, etc. That guy is not going to remember a thing. And because Joe was helping him, the spotlight was on this guy and stuff, it was hilarious. I hope some of his friends were sober so they can tell him exactly what happened.

Overall, we had a really great date night, and it was far different and better than most of the ones that we usually have that just involve tap house and an early bedtime!