Thursday, May 30, 2013

Endure, You've Got To

Do you have someone in your life who can say things to you that just makes you feel like you want to be a better person? It is unlikely that this person straight up tells you that you are doing anything wrong, but they will sit next to you and guide you through the stubborn self that you are (and if you're a runner/athlete, like me, I'll put money on you being stubborn!) without ever telling you that they are even trying to guide you!

I posted the following on twitter last night.
I am absolutely struggling with this personally. My person has agreed that I am selfish. I am aware. There are things that are mine that I don't want anyone or anything to interfere with, regardless of the situation. It is one of those things where I might do something to make a point. My person thinks pregnant running might have been one of those things. I honestly don't know that I agree or disagree with that assessment. I truthfully feel like I was listening to my body, slowing down. Stopping the Toledo race. Lessening my distances, adding long walks instead of long runs.

By that, I mean I was doing all of the things that I thought I needed to do to maintain a healthy and safe pregnancy. Obviously some folks have a differing opinion. My person is one of those people. Its very difficult to hear that from someone, especially someone who makes you want to be a better person.

I need to get beyond that. It is over and done. I fell. I got hurt, kind of badly even. I have had my surgery, I am healing. It is all I can do as of right now. The elbow, which is the big injury, is healing. I deal with some smaller things still.
You can see there that the ankle I rolled almost three weeks ago still has a lump on the side of it. And it is tender to the touch as well, but it is fine to walk on. So I just deal with it. What else can I do? I absolutely feel terrible that it happened in the first place.

I want to be a good person. I want to get stronger and become more selfless. But I think I need to move forward from this setback and stop feeling so guilty. I found this tag on my pillow that I took from the hospital. It was a good reminder today when I was feeling guilty/overwhelmed.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Grumposaur

This week has started off pretty solidly in terms of me being as much of the "pre-injury" me as I can be at this point. On Monday, a holiday, J and I were already back in Cincinnati after spending Saturday night in Toledo. I had my first bridal shower over the weekend (recap to be written as soon as I get pictures from my mom!) and we decided to leave right after we were done cleaning up so we could sleep in on Monday. It was a wise decision.

I started my day by beginning to go through the loads of baby stuff we got. There wasn't anything in particular that we received that I felt needed to be returned, so I worked on opening packages, removing tags and hangers and getting a load of baby laundry ready to go. I do not typically wash my own new clothes, but Addie's things? They need washing. We did not have everything in the house yet, but I figured I could at least get done what was in the house so far.

After that, and after J's headache started to go away (I think he got too much sun playing golf in Toledo two days in a row), he headed out to take care of some yard work, and I decided to get a short walk in by walking over to the market to pick up some veggies to grill for our dinner. I got one onion, two ears of corn, one summer squash and three lemons (J requested Vitamix lemonade). After I got home, I did a little one-armed weeding and one armed sweeping. Let me tell you, that is NOT easy. That 1 mile walk plus a little bit of yard work was a good workout for the day. I have to be proud of anything that I make happen.

While doing that, I wore my new t-shirt that J brought me home from Vegas.
That pretty much describes me these days. :)

Yesterday was back to the Em-modified workouts. Walking only. I walked a little bit at work and another 3 miles on the treadmill after work for a total of 4.4 miles in 66 minutes. I have to take what I can get these days. Especially with everything going on with my arm and the inability to do anything with it these days. Walking is what I can do right now. So I will keep it up! I may not meet my 100 mile goal this month, which makes me sad, but I took DAYS off to deal with this injury and be operated on, so that makes a difference. I am still well on track for the year.

How do you handle setbacks to your routine?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Elbow Update

My explanation of benefits from my surgery came through this weekend. I have a high deductible plan because it absolutely was the best option financially for J and I, even with me having the baby, we just knew I was going to hit my deductible. And now, with my surgery, I just hit it two months sooner than I would have. So the baby will be no cost to us, medically. Anyway, the total cost of having your elbow operated on in a hospital with no anesthesia and you get to go home the same day...? $26,681. Holy crap medical procedures are expensive! But it is good to know that I only pay a small amount of that, and now I am pretty much done with medical bills for the year!

Ahhh.... lessons in health insurance!

So how about I use this entry for an update on the elbow!

I have had my post op doctor's appointment now - well, the first one - last Thursday. I go back again one week from today. They unwrapped me, commented on how my incision is looking (very good! healing nicely!), and took some x-rays before bundling me back up. I learned about my incision and got to see it for the first time. It was covered in steri-strips, then some kind of medical/sports tape (almost like KT Tape), wrapped in cotton, and then set into the splint. There was blood through all of those layers on the splint. Gross, right?
That is an iPhone photo oh my xray pulled up on the computer screen at the doctor's office. As you can see, that is a decent sized plate attached to my elbow! I think it looks like a bug crawling in there because of the screws. I get to keep it unless it is bothering me at some point, in which case, they will take it back out. I have my fingers crossed for it not bothering me because I would rather not have surgery again.
There is my elbow unwrapped. I am pretty sure that writing is still there because I am wrapped up again and have not actually gotten a chance to wash it thoroughly yet. I am still showering with a garbage bag, etc. The orange is the stuff they use during surgery to keep things clean and sanitary.
The top shot is the elbow 2 days pre-op and the lower is 1 week and 1 day post op. Swelling is definitely going down which I am grateful for, but I just cannot wait to be out of the sling and splint!

I got a new splint and a new wrap, both smaller than the ones that I received in the hospital. So although I am still all wrapped up, everything is thinner and lighter than before.
Hopefully when I go back in a week I will be able to get out of the sling or at least the splint and start slowly working on regaining my mobility!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Until We Meet Again, Running

Running. It has become my sanity over the last two years and my way to cope with the external forces of the world when I feel as though they might all be collapsing on top of me. Running has allowed me to stabilize my crazy up and down personality in a way that all of my different bipolar meds could not (and eventually allowed me, under the supervision of my doctor, to go off of those meds altogether!) My husband and I were not even really dating much until I took up running. We moved in together right as I was taking up my "run a race every month" goal and as I was weaning off meds, so he hasn't seen me go through a non-running "bad spell."

I am trying to reflect on all of the running awesomeness that I have been through over the last few years. Running is over for me until Addie arrives now, and I am really hoping that once I am cleared to run again, the legs quickly pick up where they left off, that way I can race successfully in Indy and (hopefully!) Vegas in November.

I have repeatedly over the last two years professed my love for running, even when I was burnt out or discouraged because running has always taken good care of me and kept me in check. I would be lying if I told you that I wasn't worried about how the next 12-16 weeks are going to go without it! I am truly terrified. I am not sure how my body will be reacting to no running and no meds at once, but I guess it is time to find out.

Dramatic much? Yes, I know, I absolutely am behaving dramatically. And any of you runners out there who take time off due to injury understand this drama. This is a lot different than running burnout. And NO, I am not calling pregnancy/Addie an injury but a broken elbow is definitely one, and I would prefer not to put myself/Addie through surgery AGAIN, so that means it is time for a break.

I the meantime, let's look at some recent happy running times...
27 weeks - Flying Pig 5K
5 Weeks - Las Vegas RnR Half
4 mile "runch"
Asics Cumulus LOVE
Toledo Run Love

Hopefully this keeps me smiling till I lace up the Cumulus again...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gaining Independence

J is still out of town as of this moment. He flies on the red eye back tonight/tomorrow morning and is planning on going into work tomorrow as well (because he is crazy?) So I will see him tomorrow evening. I am looking forward to it a lot. I am managing to get along pretty well on my own this week. It helps that I have not really put a lot of pressure on myself to cook meals and stuff. I am eating leftovers and easy thing (kraft mac and cheese with added spinach, french toast, etc). I have had someone at work help me with my hair if a ponytail is necessary (I can brush it lefthanded, but you need two hands to ponytail!), I have been wearing only sports bras (no clasps!), and I managed to get the garbage bag on and taped over my bandages/splints to shower on my own! I know I easily could get help or shower at work (as suggested by coworkers), but I like feeling independent!

I was playing candy crush in mt bed yesterday (instead of cleaning like I had planned to, whoops!), and looked down when I heard a whine. I was greeted with this site:
They are being good! Who knew? Teek can easily hop onto the bed (she is a crazy jumper!), but Zeus has no skills. It was Zeus who whined. I think it meant "Pick me up!"

I am REALLY missing running, but maybe that will help fuel my fire for training after the baby comes. Taking a break with be a good refresher after running nonstop for 2 years, right? But I did get out for 45 minutes to walk yesterday, and I was able to go more quickly than on Monday. Just slower than 15min/miles!
And I got back to the lake! Hooray! It feels good to be moving even if it is just walking. I guess this is going to be my main fitness for now, although I am hoping to get back to the gym for a little one-armed spinning and hopefully legs training (machines only since I lack an arm for dumbbell holding!) next week. That will help my mindset!

And now for something cute.
Yes, it is an awkward picture, but I am certain she is cuddling with her baby sis!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


By the way, after posting such an embarrassing picture of my dirty mirror yesterday, I cleaned it. It was not easy since I did not have a second hand to hold the edge of the mirror to steady it. But it looks about a zillion times better than it did. Sorry, no clean mirror selfies as proof though!

Quick elbow update: 100% off ALL pain meds. I have not even taken a Tylenol in more than 24 hours. I am experiencing some discomfort here and there, but it is survivable, and I am dealing with it. The swelling is definitely down, finally. Probably not normal, but I will take no longer having the feeling of potentially having a hand explosion. While I know that won't happen, it's still a silly fear. Alot of the decrease probably has to do with all of this that I have been doing:
Elevating that hand! The ACE wrap is actually a little loose today and I want to rewrap it. I think I will. Much better now... it feels more secure. The hand is not perfect - I know for sure now that I have done a rewrap - but it is noticeably better than it was.

In other news, activity is happening again!
At lunch yesterday I got in just under 2 miles and walked for 30 minutes. It felt good to move my legs! Now, it is no running (gosh I miss running!) but it's better than nothing!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Pillows, Swelling, and Working

A little swelling update... I have been texting with my friend Becky (a nurse) pretty much nonstop since my surgery got scheduled. Thank goodness for nurse friends! She suggested I unwrap the Ace bandage from my arm (underneath it is LOTS of cotton gauze and a fiberglass splint, so I shouldn't be able to hurt anything) and rewrap it including my hand. I have done that, and my arm is rewrapped. I am not sure if it has gone down, in all honesty, but I am feeling much better about it. I have been icing like crazy, and for a few minutes at a time, I rest with my elbow on a pillow and my hand straight up in the air. I cannot last in that position for very long, but I am hoping that a little bit of time, several times per day, will help.

I am back at work this morning. Monday is a good day to return, right? It is amazing how stuff piled up last week even though I technically worked for three out of five days! Regardless, I am here and I plan on hammering out my workday. So far, going well.

I took my pillow from the hospital. It has been my constant companion since last Wednesday. It is even with me at work right now. It is the right thickness to keep my arm propped up on, so I like it better than all other pillows at the moment. But, when I went to the bathroom yesterday, I came back to discover this:
And she was not budging. I should have known something was up when she didn't bulldog her way into the bathroom (she's a 2 year old in that way!).

After I got ready for bed, I decided to give up on my dirty mirror (1 armed Windexing in worthless!) and take a funny picture. Remember Rookie of the Year? (I loved ALL baseball movies.)
Here's the bump/dirty mirror version!
And that's a 29 week bump, everyone.

How was your weekend? Anything exciting?

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Coping Alone

I have to admit, I have really missed working out over the last several days. I have not even gone for any walks! But the jostling of my arm is officially not worth it right now, so I will be waiting at least until the swelling is gone. It is uncomfortable to have the arm in a sling right now, because of the swelling. So I pretty much sit with my elbow to hand resting on a pillow, often with ice when I am not moving around. It's not perfect, but it does feel better. And the swelling is down a bit, so that is a plus! I even messed around with pillows and blankets to find a good sleeping position, although  I have been sleeping on the couch.

J left this morning for a work trip to Las Vegas. My dad is coming down to stay with me for the weekend, to make sure I am ok. I am sure everything will be fine, but it will be nice to have someone around just in case! Starting Monday though, I am going to be making it work on my own. I am absolutely capable of taking care of myself, but having two more days of reassurance cannot hurt.

Admittedly, and yes this is gross, yesterday was the first time since surgery that I changed clothes and showered. It was pretty awesome! I feel like 1,000x better after that. I put pajamas on last night, and I am going to put on clean clothes today. It is amazing what little things excite you! Maybe the luxuries of getting dressed and showering are preparing me for motherhood. Any moms have opinions to offer on that?

Trying to figure out what I should ask my dad to help with while he is here. I am leaning toward grocery shopping!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Post Surgery

Ahhhh... surgery is done. It was scary, but I am very proud of myself. I was not under at all, they just put a block in my shoulder. I could not feel a thing. For days (well, since Monday when we knew for sure that I was having surgery), Jason has been telling me that the pain block is exactly like an epidural! Apparently I needed to hear that from a doctor or something because today I shared that news with Jason, and he said, "I've been telling you that for days!" whoops.

The feelings are just starting to come back in my arm, and there is definitely a bit of pain with it! I took my first dosage of pain meds, and I am hoping that keeps things to a minimum. I plan on taking it every four hours as it says to, at least today, and potentially tomorrow, and then we can play it be ear! I have a feeling the surgical pain is definitely going to be much worse than the broken bone pain that I was dealing with before. It already is and I've had meds and am likely still numb!

I wrote all of the above yesterday. I am through the first 24 hours after surgery. Although I am still in a good amount of pain, I would think that the worst is over? I am definitely hopeful of that. So keep your fingers crossed that I am through the worst of the pain. I am not sure yet what my plan is for tomorrow. It definitely depends on how I sleep and how the pain is... if the pain needs my prescription, then I probably will not go in. Its probably not a great idea to go to work on pain meds (unless I can step back to Tylenol.

One thing I can say about having this surgery is that I bet the majority of pregnant women do not get to listen to their baby's heartbeat for 2+ hours before they get to deliver. And yesterday, that was something that I got to do. Yes, it was something to make sure that she is safe, but it still is pretty neat! I had two notable Braxton Hicks contractions while I was plugged into the machine. I am glad to know what the feeling is exactly! I think women often don't know what that really feels like and they just are hoping it will click when it happens, but now I know for sure!

I have spent three days writing this entry. It is now Friday. I started this entry shortly after my surgery back on Wednesday. But I think that a lot of that is due to the occasional falling asleep in the middle of typing. Hopefully today I manage to get it posted!

Those pictures are a progression of the swelling of my hand since surgery and through today. Yes, the swelling is nasty. And not comfortable. I have a call into my surgeon to make sure it's normal. It is just gross. But I still hope it is 100% normal. I don't want to go see him today! Especially since I have hardly gotten off the couch for two days!

So, sorry for the delay in updating!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Scared for Tomorrow

I am exhausted. All of these nerves are really getting to me. I know I shouldn't be so scared of having surgery, but I definitely still am. I am scared for me and the pain, I am scared for the baby and the trauma that might be involved... I know I have one of the top Orthopedic surgeons in the city (definitely will continue to see him for future running related injuries) and I know everything is going to be very closely monitored during my procedures. But that doesn't change anything at all, unfortunately.

I am on the couch at my house right now. I needed some meds because I am definitely feeling it right now. It is much more of a discomfort than a pain, but it is absolutely not fun.

I have talked to my friend who is a nurse, and she happens to work at the hospital where my surgery is. But she will not be there tomorrow. She is going to get in touch with folks there to check in on me, which will be nice. She also did give me some advice. I was explaining to her that I was very scared. I am scared about getting operated on in general, and I am extra scared that I am going to be aware of what is going on during the surgery. I have been trying ever since Saturday to put on my brave face.

Becky said that I should just tell the nurses that I am scared and then they will be able to help me. The nurses will talk to me during the surgery if I want them to. I am pretty sure I do. If I am going to be strapped to a table for an hour, I am absolutely going to need distractions. Whenever I think about the fact that it is tomorrow is the day, I get really scared in my head, and I start to cry. I have been doing it pretty much repeatedly today, and even did it last night when I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

I guess that is one think to be said about Teek. She does have that quality of a good dog, as much as she loves her dad. She does seem to "get" when I am sad or scared and come to sit with me. Even in the middle of the night. So last night when she heard me crying she left her dad and came and cuddled up close to me and Addie. Although it doesn't make you feel 100% better, it helps.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Next Steps

Today when I got into work, I called the orthopedic doctor (as well as my OB/GYN to check in) right away, figuring I was going to be going into the doctor fairly early in the morning. Everything was cool with the OB, and they said as long as nothing changes, everything there is fine. They, of course, made a note on my chart since I did take the time to call and let them know what had happened. That again made me feel reassured that everything was fine with the baby and I don't have anything to worry about there.

The ortho managed to get me in for an appointment at 9:45 am, so lucky for me, I would not need to wait too long to discover my fate. And by "fate", I mean do I need surgery? Is getting casted up going to fix everything? (I already told J that I wanted a hot pink cast. His money was on surgery.) How long do I have to wear this stupid splint? It is not very comfortable, after all. Especially for sleeping!

I am truly of the belief that doctors come up with ways to specifically torture individuals based on the injury they are suffering from. In my case, I am right handed and splinted/slinged up with zero use of my right hand. So why not give me 6 pages of paperwork to fill out in the waiting room! No problem... So I am using my left hand trying to do this, and likely nearing tears in frustration. But I did manage to get everything filled out to the satisfaction of the ladies behind the desk (although not to my own!)

When I got back in to a room, they took my x-rays and unwrapped my arm. I had not seen it since Saturday so I was curious at how swollen it still was and if it had bruised up or not.
So, not bruised, but swollen as hell. I think it looks almost like a leg, not an arm. It is sitting in the splint, I didn't really touch it too much or anything because it made me nervous. It hurts much more today than it did over the weekend.

Shortly after, the doctor came into my room. He had already seen my x-rays, and let's be honest, I saw them, the break is pretty clear. He walks in and just says flat out, "we're going to need to do surgery on your elbow." Well, he greeted me first and shook my left hand. But immediately launched into my need for surgery. I guess I was prepared for it, mostly. But still, it is tough to come to terms with the fact that I need it. It is scheduled for Wednesday, first thing in the morning.
There it is all wrapped up before I put it back in the sling.

Now that I have been to EVERY doctor in my life today (the ortho surgeon, my pcp, and my ob), it needs to be clear... This did not happen because I was pregnant. It was completely an accident and could happen to anyone. The fall, that is... The break was truly a fluke, as it is very rare, I understand. So I am handling this.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The End...

Well, 27 weeks and 5 days, it is no record but it is not bad. That is how pregnant I was when I went for my last run before the baby came. I thought I was going to make it further, honestly. I had come to terms with limiting myself to 10 minute/miles. That was my new plan. Take it much easier, but keep going.

Everything changed for me yesterday. Yesterday made the next 12 weeks turn upside down.

I had plans for a 2 mile warmup followed by a 5k at approximately a 9:30 pace.  I had signed up for the Butterfly 5k which is a very family friendly race with dogs and strollers. I figured with that kind of crowd, keeping my pace casual should not be an issue. I arrived up there with plenty of time to get my first few miles in, plus get my bib and chip before the race. I jogged an easy 2, as planned, and felt pretty good. Karen got there as I was picking up my chip, so I hung with her, her friend who was visiting from DC and Bradley until the race.

The race started out perfectly with my pace as planned. I started out feeling great. I was happy with the start. And then, two miles in...

A pothole snuck up on me. My right foot landed in the pothole, my ankle twisted, and down I went.

Someone helped me to my feet and I knew that my race was over. My knee and ankle were hurting. And I was worried about the baby. I helped myself off the road onto the sidewalk to sit down and gather my bearings. I just hung out for a few minutes before I decided I was going to get up and walk back to my car. When I went to stand up, I knew that I was going to have to push myself up a little bit because of the knee and ankle pain. I put my hands on the sidewalk and my right elbow gave...

But I got myself up, and headed for the car. I was already feeling down about not finishing. I was, of course worried about Addison and the fact that I had just fallen all over the place. But I didn't want to make myself feel even worse before I knew what happened. So I got in my car and headed home. I was in pain. I was crying. And I was definitely considering the emergency room at this point. I was scared and struggling to drive because my right arm was hurting when it was in differing positions.

When I got home, J reacted pretty much how I expected him to. Mad at me for risking the baby's life by running. Now you must understand that I am doing the right thing for me, my body, and my baby. And anyone, pregnant or not, could've fallen on that pothole. It just happened to be me.

Eventually he talked me into going to urgent care. I spent a long time convincing myself that I was just bruised. At that point, Addie had been moving around, there was no cramping or bleeding, and so I felt better about that. We waited a while to go back, which I assume is normal (I have never been to urgent care before), and at first they just did the normal things. Temperature, heart rate, blood pressure... all came back perfectly.

But my xray... elbow is broken. It is quite an interesting and abnormal break from my understanding. I am just in a soft cast now, I am going to see an orthopedic doctor in the morning. We are pretty sure surgery is coming... I will keep you in the loop.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Differing workouts and a TEST!

So yesterday was another "take it easy on the ole IT band/quad" day. I managed to drag my rear end into the gym at 5 am, and worked hard to get some solid cardio in, even though running was out. Running is out by CHOICE right now (I am trying to remind myself of that, so I can get back at it soon). I decided to hop on a spin bike to start my cardio.

This is something that I had not noticed very often at my gym. We have a few spin bikes outside of the spin classroom that have screens attached to them so you can do a spin class solo. You just plug your headphones in, there is an instructor on the screen, and after picking the SORT of class you want, (endurance, intervals, hills, a mix) the time (if you want to) and some basic facts about yourself (gender, weight, resting heart rate if known) to help with your calorie burn, you are off! I selected "endurance" since I wasn't sure how my leg was going to handle being in and out of the saddle, so I just had a pretty flat ride. I definitely increased my resistance a lot to keep my cadence around where the program said it should be, and I ended up covered 10 miles in 26:06. Um... In case you were curious, that averages out to 23 mph. And that is NOT slow.

Maybe there is a secret triathlete in me that wants to get out? (I hope so!) Now I wonder if I can count that as "taking a Spin Class" for my 101 in 1001 list?

After the bike, I got on the treadmill just to walk and get my heart rate back down a little. It honestly was not too high (oh the differences between running and cycling!) but I had only been working out for about 25 minutes! So I walked on the TM for 20 minutes while watching sports center. When I left the gym, I felt like I had gotten in a solid cardio workout.

I made a decision yesterday. I received an email from offering $20 off a $100 purchase + free shipping at Kelly's Running Warehouse. In addition, Kelly's Running Warehouse is on Ebates (<--- affiliate link!) at 3.5% cashback. I decided it was time to make a purchase that I had been putting off for a LONG time.
Trail shoes. Specifically, the Brooks Cascadia 7 (the 8s are out, so the 7s are cheap right now!). I have tried these on A LOT at my running store, race expos, etc, and LOVE the feel of them. I have been trail running MORE recently and definitely could use the additional grip! (I also got a pair of shorts to get me to the $100 needed.)

I want to get into trail running, potentially ultra running (ultra running after I nail a big road running goal, that is), and I am hoping that these will help motivate me further to get out there and get it done!

Yesterday also had something else going for it.
Yes, it had Pandemonium going for it, which I finished yesterday and I LOVED, but it also was something else. Anyone recognize that lovely little red bottle? Anyone know where I am with pregnancy? 27 weeks and 4 days yesterday, and took the glucose test before my appointment!
It was definitely not the WORST thing I have ever tasted, and to be honest, I am glad that I ended up with the "red" versus the "orange". It didn't really taste like fruit punch, but it wasn't horrendous. It mostly just made me feel nauseous when I was done. I have definitely consumed more sugar than that in a sitting (hello sour worms!) but maybe because there are other things in sour worms than sugar (little protein because of the gelatin, etc) those don't make me feel nauseous. I dunno. Regardless, I am glad it is done.

I will find out early next week if there were any problems with it and if I need to come in and take that LOVELY 3 hour test. I know a lot of people do, even if they have zero issues, so I am trying to mentally prepare. I hope to avoid it though.

If you are pregnant or have had a baby, what did you think of the sugar drink? Do you own trail specific shoes? Do you want to run an ultra?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Best Summer Dinner

After yesterday's walk and Henry's insult (ok, he wasn't really insulting me, likely he was just making sure that I was feeling ok/like myself) I had an extremely productive afternoon. My team went to the Red's game, which I skipped out on because I have to leave pretty early today. They all seem to feel really bad that I didn't make it, but honestly, I do not. I was very productive at getting everything done that I wanted to, and I even was able to leave work a little bit early to get some things done at home (laundry folded and put away, my Best Body Bootcamp workout, etc).

Because I got home early and was able to hammer through the remainder of my to-do list, I decided to treat myself to a little relaxation and the pups to a little play in the backyard time.
This was my relaxing. A book and some cherry limeade nuun. The dogs had a great time racing around with each other while I just sat at the patio table and read. The weather was gorgeous! I managed to get the rest of the way through that book last night, as a matter of fact!

J got home eventually, and I cooked up some dinner. He was planning on being home earlier and doing the grilling himself, but it just did not work out because he got stuck in some terrible traffic even though it was after 6 pm when he left his office! But I stuck with our grilling dinner plan, and just took care of it myself.
Here is my version of dinner. Salad (italian blend lettuces from kroger, 3 diced strawberries, 1tbsp poppyseed dressing, 1/2 oz feta), cheeseburger with no bun, corn on the cob with about 1/2 tbsp butter. It was so delicious. J's differed a little because he had his burger on a sandwich thin with a bit of bacon, no feta on his salad, and italian dressing (as he doesn't like poppyseed because it is "white"). This dinner was so good, I luckily have leftovers to repeat it again for lunch today! I am already excited to eat it, to be honest.

Have you had any super dinners recently?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Strolling by the Lake

Today all of my coworkers (well, not all, but 15 or so of them) are headed over to a bootcamp class at lunchtime. I got permission to go, but had to fight tooth and nail to get permission to go. It was clear that the trainer was uncomfortable with me doing his workouts even though I know what I can and cannot do, not to mention that I am experienced enough to know how (and when!) to modify moves for myself. I promise that I am not trying to toot my own horn too much, but it is true, I have been a pretty experienced gal when it comes to working out for a pretty long time.

Because of this niggling quad pain that I know I have mentioned, I decided to go a little easier on myself today and walk. Yesterday I ran 4 miles (painless during, painful when NOT running, weird, right?) at a pretty quick clip. I covered them in a 9:06 average pace! I have already run 2 days this week, and will likely run at least two more, so walking it was.

I went out at lunch and took my usual route, but since I wasn't going as fast, I decided to stop and look around a little more. I love running by the lake, but today I actually stopped to capture what I get to look at when I am lunchtime running.
Yes. That is the view that I enjoy a few days per week when I run at lunch. It is not a super big lake, but it is very close to work and it provides a pretty nice route to run when I am running at work.

Of course, this was the day that a coworker decided that he was going to go running. So he ran past me when I was out there walking, and wanted to know why I wasn't running. I told him that every now and then you need to get your workout in, but without the impact. Plus I ran on Monday and Tuesday and will likely be running Thursday, Friday and Saturday as well. I think walking seems perfectly reasonable. :)

Do you ever get non-run guilt from others?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

We're in Bloom!

I am not sure what the next three months or 13 weeks of pregnancy have in store for me as far as running and fitness. Although I did not meet my goal in Toledo, I still am to the point in my pregnancy where I told myself that I would not necessarily worried about running anymore. It is absolutely tough on my body because I can feel it in my left quad and IT band all the time these days. When I am actually running, that pain goes away. However, I am not sure what that means at this point. Obviously mileage is going down, but I am still hoping for 20 miles per week, even if I am just walking...

There is the azalea that I got for J when I was home in Toledo. We got it in the ground over the weekend, and look at how it is blooming now! We definitely picked a good one. J wants 2 more.

Yesterday was a successful day as far as workouts go, after I rested on Sunday. I slept in (lame) but did my workouts after getting home. I did workout A from week 6 (!!!) of the Best Body Bootcamp. It is hard to believe that we are already in week 6 of bootcamp. I feel like it has been no time at all, and I am super pleased with myself for continuing to keep up with it, despite the fact that I have had to make some modifications, particularly to the cardio/speedwork and the core stuff. Regardless, I know that I am getting the benefits of all of it.

I cooked dinner for J and I while J got in a quick 20 minutes on the treadmill. He didn't want to do it at all, but I am proud of him for doing just a little time. He had told me after our race on Friday night that he was going to train for the Hudy in September, and if it went well, he wanted to sign up for the Las Vegas half in November. I am trying to decide if I lay low and let him do his thing, or if I help him out by coming up with a training plan for him to follow! Any suggestions on this?

And just for cuteness sake:
Awe, cuddle muffins...

Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Race Recaps

As I mentioned on Friday, this weekend was going to be another race weekend for me. And I was hoping for (pleading for, if you must know) more success than I had in Toledo.

Race weekend opened with heading to the Pig expo where I stocked up on stuff I probably didn't need, but I am excited to have. Haha. I got another pair of shoes (I guess I will need those, just not right now, but for the price, you buy at expos!) J and I each got one of the Flying Pig "Porkopolis to Beantown" shirts with proceeds going to One Fund Boston. I got J some insoles for his shoes because he loved the ones that he got in Las Vegas so much. I got a present for Addie as well.
He has wings. I want her to be proud of her city and her momma right off the bat and even though I didn't run the marathon this year, I will again.

After that, I headed down to the river (at Great American Ballpark) to pick up the packets for J and I for the Little Kings Mile, which was the second race in the Beer Series.
I gave away my drink tickets because hubby is not a fan of Little Kings Beer. So Randy and Brett got my tickets and I think they enjoyed them! I am glad to have so many running friends these days. It is super fun to see so many people I know at races now, especially when I used to feel so intimidated arriving at them. Now I like to roll in like I am the race queen! Haha. I know I am not fast, but it is good to be comfortable.

J and I walked the mile to the start line (packet pick-up was at the finish line). They had buses and stuff, but we decided to walk up there, which I was glad about because it was a nice walk even though we went through a few sketchy parts. We also got to walk through the new revitalized sections of OTR where they have put in a lot of new restaurants and stuff, which is a blast. J and I definitely need to hit up some of the downtown scene, I think.
J and I hanging out at Grammer's in OTR prior to the start of our 1 mile race!

I was just going to run as fast as felt good in this race. I was in the second wave, and J was in the first. I knew that I was not going to be as fast as a lot of the other folks in my wave, but I felt like I could easily run a sub-9 for 1 mile without any issues.
My view of the start from the back of the pack (didn't want to slow anyone down!)

(from the Flying Pig's facebook page - that's me in the pink socks!)

I ended up crossing the finish line in 8:06 (well, according to my phone). According to my phone it also was 1.03 miles, which averages out to a 7:51 pace. According to the actual results, I ran exactly 8 min pace. Either way, I am happy with my results. And J ran it in sub-10, which I know he is happy with. He must have been FLYING when he was running through because he said he walked two blocks! I am happy for him.
I took this one because I am in love with this lower body outfit. My Oiselle bum wrap (preggo skirt of choice as seen in last week's photo), some KT Tape (expertly applied to my sore quad by the rep, it is still there!), hot pink pro compression socks, and my brooks pure flow 2 - my new fave shorter distance shoes!

We enjoyed a little bit of time at the party afterward. Long enough for J to cash in his two drink tickets. He tried the special Cream Ale that Moerlein brewed for the 15th Anniversary of the Pig (modeled after an old Little Kings beer, which was appropriate, since this was the Little Kings Mile!). He was not a fan and only drank half before dumping it. I had a sip, it was ok. He had one other beer and we hit the road to go home since I was racing on Saturday as well.

I got downtown pretty early on Saturday morning, even though my race was not until 10 am because they were closing down so many streets for the races. I got to see all of the 10K! It was kind of fun to play spectator for a little while, since I very rarely do! Eventually it was time to get rolling for my own race, so I left the Finish Swine to head over to the 5K start.
Again, started a bit further back, knowing that I would not be going as fast as I might like to. The course was pretty good though. We did have some smallish hills to contend with, but it would not be running in downtown Cincinnati without them! Now, it was tough. I definitely admit that. I was having a struggle to run like I might normally have around mile 11 or so of a hilly half marathon. However, I hammered out a good overall result.

Umm top-25 for a HUGE age group without being able to run anything CLOSE to my best? I think you have to take that for what it is (a BIG OLE WIN!) and then you have to look at these chandeliers that were hanging out in the recovery area. I have never noticed them before (probably because during the Pig last year I was too excited about my finish to look around!
They were pretty cool.

Congrats to everyone who raced in the Pig or other races this weekend, I PROMISE I will be back with a vengeance before next year's Pig. No feeling sad because I can't compete then!

A New Product: Diet-to-Go, a Review

You may have noticed that I recently added a new badge to my blog, declaring myself as a Diet-to-Go ambassador. I am thrilled to have the opportunity for this partnership, which I learned about through my online community, being a Sweat Pink Ambassador.

From the Diet to Go website:

We Offer You Choice!

With three distinct menus, several meal plan options and hundreds of healthy and delicious meals, we've got a plan to fit your tastes, weight loss goals and budget.

Diet to Go offers three menu choices, as stated above, Vegetarian, Low-Carb, and their traditional, Low-Fat menu. You also choose your meals within that plan to customize to your meals to your own tastes. For instance, I have a shellfish allergy, and shrimp is a fairly common low fat protein choice, so I have more chicken and turkey!

I was especially looking forward to the ease of packing my meals to take into the office. I am trying to do better about packing regularly, and I knew that this would help. I have been working my way through the meals since they arrived mid week last week, and enjoying them so far. The breakfasts were absolutely my favorite.

On the first day, I tried my first breakfast. I defrosted an orange cranberry scone, which was served with orange marmalade. I took a bit before adding the marmalade, and it was delicious. It was dense, but not overly dense, and I was a little bit worried about that, because it was rather calorie heavy for a small muffin-like scone. The flavors were great and the oatmeal and cranberry flavors really stood out.

The problem that I had with it was that I definitely was hungrier earlier in the morning than I usually am after making a breakfast of oatmeal (my typical breakfast that I make for myself). I ate more calories than I usually might, and I was much less full then I normally am, and I am guessing it could be from the lower protein?

The other breakfast that I tried was whole grain French toast. This meal consisted of three pieces of French toast and a berry syrup. I used only about half of the syrup, and the meal was perfect. It was filling enough to get me through lunch, which made me very happy.

If you are interested in learning more about Diet to Go, or trying it for yourself, click here. If you are interested in trying any of the meals for yourself, for a 25% discount on your first week of meals, please enter the code "summer25" at checkout!

Disclaimer: I received 5 days worth of Diet-to-Go meals to try as part of my Ambassadorship. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

May Book Club: Devoted: the Story of a Father's Love for his Son

For this month's endurance related book club, we read "Devoted: The Story of a Father's Love for his Son." This book is about the Hoyt's, a father and son running duo, who is now well known for their participation in the Boston Marathon among other races.
I would say that likely, even more people have heard of them now, after the tragedy occurring at Boston just a few weeks ago. I know that I recently have heard more about them, even in the mainstream media! Which admittedly, is rather unusual since endurance events are generally not highly publicized with the general public following them.

The book follows Dick Hoyt, a young man at the time that that book starts, meets his wife Judy and starts a family. Their first child, Rick, suffered some complications during birth, with the umbilical cord wrapping round his neck, cutting off his breathing, and ultimately causing brain damage in the form of cerebral palsy. He has very little control over any of his muscles, and although he works to communicate with his parents and brothers, he does not have the ability to speak.

Because Dick spends a lot of time working very hard to pay bills for Rick's care and treatment, especially because initially they will not allow him to join in the public school system in Massachusetts. When he eventually is able to, he winds up being scolded for skipping PE class and spending time in the library instead. This helps Rick to find a motivational figure in his teacher and coach. It is on a trip with this coach that Rick first finds a race that he would like his father to enter with him.

This was the start of an addiction. An addiction to racing and competition. From there, they enter marathons, triathalons, even Ironman events, including Kona!

Reading the story of two men, you learn how incredibly motivated these two men are. These two men embody their trademark motto "Yes You Can." It got us, as a nation, through the Boston Marathon tragedy, as we see them come through it for a record number of times.

Admittedly, currently being pregnant, I also got a little bit scared, because situations like Rick's can happen to anyone, regardless of how well you take care of yourself during your pregnancy. But I am trying to remain positive, as Dick always did with his own son, even after the difficulty of having a spastic quadriplegic son set into the life of he and Judy and their other sons. They have managed to make a wonderful life for themselves despite the obstacles that they were facing, and that, even beyond all of the racing, is incredibly inspiring.

Have you read this book?
What moment of the adversity that they faced (qualifying for Boston? the public school struggle?) can you most relate to or which touched you the most?
Does this book inspire you in more ways than racing?

Friday, May 3, 2013

Racing on Tap, AGAIN

So I am racing this weekend. Twice. One of the races I have been signed up for since they announced the race, and the other I signed up for on Tuesday, hoping for a little redemption from last weekend, even though this will be no where near the distance. Tonight, the hubs and I are BOTH racing the Little Kings 1 mile, to kick off Flying Pig weekend here in the 'nati.
It is also the second race in the beer series (remember when we ran the Bockfest 5K?) I am glad for J that it is a 1 mile this time, as he definitely has not been running at all. He often says, "I really should work out more". But then he works late and works at home and rarely has time for anything! Hopefully once they bring in someone to do his old job he won't have QUITE as much going on and can get back into it for the Hudy in September!

And being Flying Pig weekend, and that race having SUCH significance to me, I needed to be involved in the Pig.
So on Tuesday, I signed up for the 5K. I couldn't help myself. I know without a doubt I can run an entire 5K. There are no questions in my mind like there were before the half last week. Plus, with it being my first marathon one year ago, I really felt like I have to participate, and I hopefully will ALWAYS participate. Since we are the P&G town, there is a Pampers sponsored diaper dash that we might put Addie into next year (haven't told J this yet, but I am sure he has his suspicions that such things are coming!)

So yesterday, I headed out to try and get my run on, just so I felt great about my cardio for the day. I went after work. I made sure that my phone was charged (since I KNOW my garmin is NOT) got dressed and headed out. I wanted to go 4 miles, but I would be happy with three. That was what I told myself when I left my house.
4.4 miles later...  I was HOT. lol. I took a picture specifically of my bottoms BECAUSE I think that is going to become my summer running staple. It is an oiselle bum wrap. (their take on a running skirt) It still fits because it sits low on my hips, it has longer shorts underneath, which protects my thighs from the dreaded "chub rub" which is 1000x worse now that I have, apparently, extra flub on the inner thighs (have always had some, definitely worse now!)

And then I needed to rehydrate. I used a little of my fave...
Goodness, I love that stuff. I know that a lot of my fellow runners (at least those that I regularly train with around here) DO NOT, but I just think it is awesome. Watch out, flying pig expo, I will be buying MORE!:)

So I am feeling ready to race. Let's get this weekend on the road!