Saturday, June 29, 2013

An Early Morning Indulgence

Baby shower number 2 is coming up this weekend! It will be on Sunday, and my mom is coming down to celebrate it with me. Even though my sister cannot come (sad face) I am still glad that my mommy will be here! She and I have some cooking to do to prep for the shower as well, so I am kind of looking forward to that. We are making a breakfast casserole (no recipe, I am just buying breakfast foods and we're going to wing it), and twisties as well. Pictures tomorrow morning when we actually MAKE these things, I hope. I have to remember to take pictures.

Today involves grocery shopping for the the things that I need for meals next week (I have them all planned out!) as well as the food that we need for the shower stuff. Basically, what happened was that I definitely felt bad asking my friends to pay for everything for a shower, so I decided that I was going to contribute as well. So I am bringing those two things, as well as plates, bowls, napkins, and flatware. I figure it is the least I can do as far as contributions, right? Anyone else do that for a bridal or baby shower that was for them?

Okay, I have an oatmeal LOVE. I could eat it every day. But I am watching Unwrapped (you know, that food network show hosted by Mark Summers?) and they just said that the Quaker factory is in Northwest Ohio. I AM FROM NORTHWEST OHIO. So I immediately got excited and was thinking, I am definitely interested in figuring out where this is, going there, eating all the oatmeals, etc. So I look it up. It is in NORTHEAST Ohio. So not the same place! It's in Akron. So it is not like I could never go there, but it certainly is not as convenient as swinging through the oats factory when I visit my family the next time. But maybe I can convince J that it is a great idea to go the next trip we take to Cleveland, since after all, soon Addie and I will BOTH love oats (J does not love oats, but he does love oatmeal cookies!)

I am getting ready to go for my walk today. I am struggling to decide if it is a better idea to walk outside where the boredom will not be so high, or inside where I can stop if I need to. I am leaning toward inside, but darn it, the treadmill is SO BORING. Haha. But for right now, I am just watching Saved by the Bell (it's on MTV2) and enjoying my nice simple morning... As long as I am walking by 8 am I figure I can consider this a win, right? It is 7:30 now.
 I got my real coffee pot out for the first time in a few years and made an entire pot. J's friend Jamie is here since they are having their 72 hole weekend and he is a coffee freak! So I figured since I had a little bit of coffee that I had purchased at a Farmer's Market and that is just not as easy to use in the Keurig, and I would drink a cup as well...  I might as well make a pot. I am using my Pebble Beach mug in honor of Jamie and J's golf game since the mug came from their trip out there last summer.

Have a lovely day everyone, and I hope to have a shower recap tomorrow!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Breakdowns - Elbow

Yesterday I had a very small breakdown. It was completely unrelated to the baby and 100% elbow related, and definitely workout related as far as my current limitations go. I saw a video of Erin Stern training shoulders and giving tips on how to build nice round shoulders and caps. I definitely was feeling a bit jealous of that kind of training, even though I know that I will likely never be shaped like her. I can still train like her. Right?

So yes, I absolutely was feeling sad and questioning the fact that I got hurt like that. I cannot likely lift a 10 lb weight, much less my usual 15-20 lbs (depending on the exercise!) My triceps are shot right now. Even just using a light band, doing a tricep pushdown is a little painful. My horseshoe muscle is gone. That is something that I was always proud of before. That goes back to competition training, the first time I worked out with Mike, my coach briefly. He pointed it out when I was doing tricep push downs all the way back then. I have made sure to keep my triceps working ever since then to make sure that the muscle kept sticking out!

So even though I cannot lift heavy right now like I enjoy or like I want to, and I cannot run, I am getting some workouts in so I can feel a little bit more comfortable.

walk 6272013
So this is the walk I went on at lunchtime yesterday. Not sure if you necessarily notice, since it is walking and nice and slow… but there are negative splits…  Do you see that? I know that seems silly, but at the same time, I have to look at it as a positive thing. It has to be seen as something that will help me to be more prepared for running and training when it comes time to get back to that.

But it did put the bug in my ear to make sure to say something to J that I want to be able to work out some kind of schedule so we can both get in our various gym time, and our workouts as we need or want. I am not yet sure how running a marathon is going to fit into my life. But I am going to figure that out. If it doesn’t happen this year, then I can wait until she gets older and is in school. The time will come.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Physical Therapy LOSS

Physical therapy was NOT GOOD yesterday. My arm was just so tight starting out, and it just did not loosen up. We (Carmen and I) noticed it in my very first exercise after my warm up. I was doing my wall v's and she said " you look tight today." I groaned a little and said "I feel tight today." So we kind of spent a large chunk of the session just trying to loosen things up. There was more stretching than normal and a lot more massage as well. My bicep tendon was apparently particularly tense, and once she rubbed that loose, I could almost feel my arm drop in response. It was strange. I am definitely going to need to really try and be good and get through all of my exercises today, hoping that tomorrow is a better day.

Part of me definitely wonders if it was doing some exercises with real weight on Tuesday that caused this. But the other side of me thinks, "you only had 3 lbs in your right hand. You do some exercises with 4 lbs at PT, so that cannot be it." Regardless, in some ways, I feel like I am back at square one. I am not, we took measurements. My flexion actually improved another 5 degrees. However my extension did not improve at all (but no back tracking either!)

A quick update on the elbow front other than my PT progress...  I go back to the doctor on July 9. I am not entirely sure what he will be looking for at that point, maybe the healing of the scar? Maybe to see what kind of PT progress I am making? Carmen told me yesterday that if I don't get the full range of motion that they want me to get, they can surgically (read: painfully) force it. I told her that I would rather have 98% mobility than to have surgery again. But I guess if the doctor demands it,  I want it this year, because I might as well bleed my insurance! Here is the scar today:
Nice and pink! I think it looks pretty good, although I am not a doctor, nor do I have any experience with scare of that size or anything. It is still itchy fairly regularly, and the skin around it still gets pretty funky and dried out regularly. Lotion is a constant companion. The very tip of my elbow is funny, as it is WAY more of a tip than it was before surgery. When I am flexing like that facing a mirror or something, you can see where the skin is extra stretchy over the tip. Not sure if that is normal or problematic, but I definitely feel a pull there.

One thing that I have been really good about since getting pregnant? (We all know that I have not been overly wonderful about everything...) HYDRATION.
That's my insulated Camelbak Eddy which stays at work and is CONSTANTLY refilled. I easily drink a gallon of water every single day, plus one cup of coffee in the morning. At home, I have a pint glass (RnR Vegas) that I refill at least three times in the evenings. I am not sure why I feel the need for so much water, but I honestly feel like i need it. I guess it's not hurting!

I spent 5 miles (and around 77 minutes) on the treadmill yesterday, I have needed to slow it down yet again to try and keep up with things. But at least I am still going, right?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Puppy Kisses FTW!

I sometimes am feeling like with lack of a current training plan that I don't have much to write about. So much of the last two years that are chronicled here are about running and/or lifting. Luckily, I managed to squeeze in a 4 mile walk, my physical therapy "workout" and some body weight/light weight stuff yesterday, so I potentially have a LITTLE bit going on.

Here is yesterday's at home PT mixed with a little bit of light lifting (not much at all, but more than I have been doing in WEEKS because of my elbow).
Super light weight as you can see. I am just not ready to graduate to my 5 lb weights on my bad arm yet. I am super close though, I think. Shocking considering 15-20 lbs was normal not that long ago, right?

I have to keep reminding myself that I will get there, it will come back, even if it is not happening as quickly as I would want it to, it IS happening, and I am making consistent progress! I know that Carmen believes things are going well, and she says that when she does my extensions and flexions she does not feel a hard stop, so she knows that I will be able to continue to improve it over time as of now. She seems fairly confident that I will get 100% mobility back in time, so I am just going to continue to do my exercises at home and hopefully we will continue to see progress.

Yesterday was very hot, and I spent the majority of the day sweating, regardless of activity level. Right when I got home from work, the dogs and I spent a little time outside so they could do their business, etc, and with the extra weight/hormones of the baby, I broke out into a sweat pretty much immediately. Someone thinks momma sweat needs lots of attention.
Right after taking the picture I pushed her away. I can only take so many puppy kisses on my face!

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Monday Pride?

Yesterday was a standard Monday by anyone's imagination. I woke up early and WAY too tired to be normal. I figure that is a little bit exhaustion from coming off the weekend and a little bit 34 weeks pregnant. Does that sound accurate? The dogs and I hit the treadmill, but only for a half hour today instead of the hour that I have been pushing myself to do. My legs and shins were feeling really tight and honestly, hurting a bit, so after just over 2 miles, I shut the thing off and decided I was going to do some body weight exercises until the end of Chopped, which is what I was watching to pass the time. I did lots of squats, lunges, leg lifts from various directions, wall push ups, etc. Nothing to straining on my arm, but I did not give my body a break. I tried to incorporate a few cardio type exercises as well just to keep my heart rate up.

After the workout, the pups and I went upstairs so I could get dressed for the day. After showering and getting dressed, I hopped back into bed with my head at the opposite end (planning to cuddle with my dogs) and ended up out for about 15 minutes. See? I told you I was wiped. Not sure that the 15 minutes did me too much good, as I spent the rest of the day feeling tired still, but it is better than nothing, right?

I am getting to the point where sitting in my desk chair is definitely getting uncomfortable. I have to sit back further from my desk (and reach my arms further forward to type!) in order to accommodate the bump, not to mention the fact that my pelvic region and lower back are hurting much more frequently than they used to. I am taking that as a excuse to get up and walk around the building as frequently as I want. At this point I need these breaks as much physically as I do mentally. My focus just also is not what it was a few short months ago. But I am still working hard daily, trying to hammer through my "to-do" list and check things off because it makes me feel good to do it.

Last night I made my homemade (even the crust!) BBQ chicken pizza for dinner. It is one of J's favorites, always, so I figured it would be a good choice to have cooking while he was working in the bathroom right off the kitchen. Then there would be lots of good smells floating his direction while he worked making him look forward to dinner.
(Oh! Hey Instagram photo!)

It was a hit as usual. J ate half of it, and I had two slices and brought the final two with me to work today, I am planning on having them for lunch! (I love it when we have enough food for lunch the next day. That is the great thing about our dream dinners right now. 3 servings = Emily's lunch the following day!) I always am feeling better when J and I get our meals planned and we shop to them. My grocery bill is more normal AND we have a plan for the week that we tend to stick to.

Physical therapy yesterday (my 7th session) went pretty well. It is hard to believe how far removed from surgery I am already - more than a month! It is great to see all of the things that I am able to do now, however, it is frustrating to see the things that I still cannot do. I am nervous about having all of my mobility return, and maybe that it won't. I know I need to be open to that possibility, even though right now they do not think that is the case.

Today has been a rough one thus far, I wish I could run it out, but that just cannot happen. :(

Monday, June 24, 2013

Struggling with the Transition, but Coming to Terms

This weekend was a strange one for me. It was definitely all about those transitions that I talked about on Friday, and a lot of thoughts racing through my head related to that. This weekend I had a milestone birthday.
Yeah, 30. On Saturday. I think this is part of my big struggle with the baby and stuff. I am not a kid anymore. I remember when my parents turned thirty, and it is tough to believe that I am there myself now. I think part of me felt like if I didn't have kids or didn't move forward too much in my life, then I could stay young and completely carefree forever. And yes, that is the selfish Emily talking. The one who doesn't want responsibilities, cares or worries. And yes, I am working hard to get her to take a deep breath and move into a more relaxed and mothering role, because she is going to need to be! (she being ME!)

And the more time I spend thinking, the more time I spend wondering...  once Addie is here, will I really want to dedicate so much time to training for a marathon? Not only will I want to, but will I be able to? Granted, right now I am missing running like crazy for the mental clarity, etc, that it gives me, but do I miss running more than 10 miles (or 13 in a race) in one go? I'm not sure. Part of me says yes and you have a HUGE goal that you need to make, and the other part is like... "meh" maybe I am not cut out for marathoning? I am just having some self doubt based on some of my longer runs toward the end of pregnant running, not to mention reflecting back on Columbus and my DNF there.

I think I need to not focus on that. I need to plan for the marathon, but at the same time, play it by ear. If I run a half, great job for me! Right?
Cause being a puppy is tough sometimes. I mean, you even have to open your eyes sometimes to see what is going on.

So if you remember back to last September I set some 30 before 30 goals. Here is the list.
I did a whole lot of NOTHING on this list. I think that getting pregnant kind of changed things up a bit. Ones that were completed? Dream dinners, going on a trip (with a flight), going to an NFL game, PRing a race (I PR'd the half, 10K, and 5K distances), running an RnR race, saving $1000, 3 new cooking & baking recipes, reading, St. Louis (even though we were only there overnight!), getting the Pampered Chef item, surprise date, safe-running gear, good form clinic, and sub-25. So I guess I managed to get through HALF of the items on the list.

I guess that gives me 5 goals for my 31st year, the year that I AM 30. What do you think?

Anyone else struggle with milestone birthdays? Or do you just accept them as life?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Transitions and Life's Changes

Ahhh...  Friday, the start of the weekend. I celebrate it's arrival each and every week, potentially even more now that I have PT to break up the day into one larger piece (that includes lunchtime!) and a smaller piece afterward. Last week I did not even come back to the office after PT. This week, I think I will as it is almost an hour earlier, and I think it might show a little dedication (which I might have been lacking a bit over the last few weeks). Not only is it Friday, but summer arrived in Ohio at just after 1 am and so I can officially say (although it has been feeling like it for weeks) that it is summertime!

Today I want to talk about transitions in life. Obviously, my little family and I are going through a BIG one as we work to welcome our new little Addie into our lives full time. That is a big transition and it feels scary as well, but I am beginning to (finally) look forward to it. I mean, this will be a big change to our family, and getting to this point is a really big change physically. I mean, after all, here I am at 5 weeks in Las Vegas:
And here I am at 33 weeks, almost 2 weeks ago.
Pretty huge physical difference, and this does not even begin to take into account the changes that are going to happen when she is here!

I have a friend from high school, that I would definitely still consider to be very close to me, who is also going through some transitions. She is coping with a breakup as well as moving into a new house (her very first that she owns!) all at once. While her transitions are absolutely different than mine, it is awesome to watch her handle them. She seems to take everything in stride and spends every day working toward her dreams. The grace and poise with which she is moving forward with her life is something I admire and strive to attain in my own life.

I have another friend, someone who is physically closer to me, who is transitioning from her life in the corporate 9-5 (or in her case, frequently 7-7!) world to being a SAHM to her two boys. Again, a different transition than my own, but a transition none the less. And a difficult one, I would guess. I, mentally, am not sure that I would be up to that challenge, but at the same time, when she was in my shoes, I am not sure that she felt that she would be up for it either, but I know that right now, she is treasuring every minute that she gets to spend with her two boys! :)

Obviously J is going through similar transitions to I, in that he is going to be a father soon! But he is handling it far better than someone else in our house is going to, I am afraid.
That is Teek's favorite place. They call this "giving hugs". Not sure how she will react to a new little girl laying there instead of her! We are hoping that J or one of my parents will be able to come to our house while I am still in the hospital with a blanket for Teek and Zeus to check out that Addie slept in (and they can grab a shower or whatever!) and that will help them adjust early! But we will see how it all works out.

Are you going through any transitions in your life?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

#DietToGo Meal Trials & Review

Yesterday was my 700th post on this blog, in case you were wondering. Maybe next spring sometime (when I hit 1000) I will go back and discuss my history with blogging, going back to the beginning. Because I was doing this for a VERY long time before I wrote anything with hopes of anyone reading or seeing it. In fact, the opposite was likely true.

But anyway...  that is not the topic for this morning!

Instead, we are going to talk Diet to Go again today!

As a Diet to Go Ambassador, I was given the opportunity to try a week's worth (well, 5 days) of meals at three meals a day! (Ambassadorship definitely has its perks sometimes.) Diet to Go has three options: traditional low-fat (which is what I selected), Low Carb, and Vegetarian. I was allowed to specify my options a little and I mentioned my shellfish allergy, so any meals that might contain shrimp (which I know is a food that lots enjoy during their diets!) were swapped out for other options!

I received the meals last Wednesday and they came in a big Styrofoam cooler which was shrink wrapped with a cardboard box on top (the box contained some details about the meals, as well as crackers, bars, and other sides that did not need to be refrigerated). The ice packs in the cooler did a wonderful job of keeping my meals frozen. They were delivered two days from when I was notified of their shipping, so the quick turn around was much appreciated as well! I was given the 1600 calorie plan (there is a also a 1200 calorie option, which I do not need with a baby coming!) and I am supplementing with snacks here and there.

I unpacked everything, reviewed the list of the foods that were shipped to me, and left a few meals in my fridge to defrost and eat right away. The rest were packed into the freezer for later consumption.

Breakfast on the first day after the meals arrival was a no brainer. The food that looked best to me out of ALL of meals I received was the blueberry stuffed pancakes with turkey sausage and veggies.
This was a SERIOUSLY delicious breakfast. If I could have it repeated for all 5, I would! Pancakes just make me happy when they appear in my life. So these were not your standard round pancakes with blueberries tossed into the batter like I might make at home (if blueberries would last long enough to get into pancakes!), but they were whole grain pancake rolls with blueberry FILLING. If I ate fruit pies, that is what I would imagine blueberry pie filling to taste like, but this was GOOD FOR ME! :)

That same day, I also packed a meal for lunch. I knew that J was going to want to try some of the meals, so I picked one that I knew he was not going to be interested in.
Sorry about the paper plate, but this was a work lunch! This is chicken with white sauce, veggies (in the little cup) and there was an apple to go with it as well (but I ate that earlier for a snack!) Since J does not enjoy Alfredo sauce, I knew this was a good one for me to eat myself. So it was little pizza dough bread, Alfredo sauce, cheese, chicken and red peppers heated up and melted. They were pretty tasty, and it was a well balanced meal!

Hubby tried one of the other melts himself.
This is the BBQ Chicken Melts with pineapple salsa. J put the salsa right on top of the melts for some added flavor and said that they were delicious and quite filling. He enjoyed them, and had lots of questions about the products and how the plan worked, etc.

For dinner one night when J was out, I tried one of the pasta meals.
Penne with ground turkey sauce, carrot coins, and some beans. This was a pretty good meal. I did pick around the mushrooms in the sauce, but I did try them before skipping, I figure I owed myself that! This was just the right portion of pasta for me. And lots of veggies on the side? Perfect for a girl who has been trying to up her veggie intake!

If you haven't gotten involved yet, there is still  time to get involved in Diet To Go's Summer Shape Up!
Check out their facebook giveaway here and you can see all of the terms and conditions here. You have until June 28th to enter!

If you are interested in trying out their meals for yourself, here is an offer I have been allowed to share with my readers:
This will help you to save $50 on your first week's worth of meals!

Have you tried DietToGo? What did you think? Are you interested in trying?

As a Diet to Go Ambassador I was given these meals free of charge, but all opinions above are my own, as always.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hump Day Posting

Happy Hump Day Blog Land! I am honestly in disbelief (but pleased!) that it is already Wednesday. The first two days of the week have flown by and I have managed to get a lot of work done in these two days, and I would like to continue to move forward at that rate. I am working on today's to-do list, and coming up with things that will help me to stay on task for the remainder of the week and be on top of the work that I need to do. After all, I don't know at this point when I am going to be dropping everything to leave! Hopefully, not for a few more weeks (I told J last night that she still needs to keep cooking, after all), but still you never know!

I have been doing well keeping the activity level up recently. The Squat Challenge is going well. Today was Day 19 (obviously) and the challenge was 160 squats. I did them in 4 sets of 40 (unweighted other than the 20 lbs of baby/fluid!) with just 15 seconds of rest between sets. I did them over the couch to help with my balance, which is off because of the baby and to make sure that I was squatting deep enough (but not so deep that I would fall over or get stuck!) By the end of the month we will do 250 squats. I am hoping that helps the butt (which has been looking more preggo than my tummy with its sagginess lately!) not to mention help in labor and delivery!

I have also been walking, and trying to vary speeds on my treadmill to keep myself at least somewhat entertained. Yesterday I went home at lunch for 45 minutes and did this workout while watching Chopped.
Faster than a 15 minute mile! And that is something, I suppose, at least right now when running is out.

Also, it is technically the next round of Tina's Bootcamp, which I am signed up for, and I DO have the workouts for. However, my body will not allow participation at this juncture. So I am following along in the community and on Twitter and getting ready to jump in once my body allows it. And I have the workouts for the future and something to keep me on track when I need it again!
I tweeted this morning, the following:
And that is the truth. It is absolutely how I feel. I miss intensity of big heavy workouts and the soreness that follows. Right now I am just sore in the pelvic region from baby's or my ribs/lungs are sore from getting a swift kick! That is definitely different than what I am used to. But at the same time, my body told me what it needed to do for the remainder of pregnancy. Granted, it did it in a very startling way, but now I know. And next pregnancy? (If there is one) it could be different. We will see.

Have a lovely hump day.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Working that 'Bow

Sometimes I feel like I am limited on things to discuss here now that running (and even most lifting!) are out of the question. I don't want to turn this into a food blog (I am a terrible photographer) or a baby blog (although you will definitely get your fill of pictures of her once she is here!) so I am just biding my time and doing the workouts that I CAN do until I have something more interesting to discuss. I suppose my PT workout should suffice?

Yesterday was my 4th official PT appointment with Carmen. Brandon (one of the other therapists - they all help each other out) came and got me started because Carmen was stretching someone. It seems they use e-stim on some people and physical touch on others. Because of the baby, I am a physical touch person, which I like. Brandon sat me down at the pulleys for my warm up and set the timer for 5 minutes. The pulleys are basically a rope dangling from a hook on the wall with a handle on each side. I use my left arm to basically pull up on my right arm and work on straightening it out.

SourceThat is all that it is, but I love it, and I always feel like my exercises go better after 5 minutes with it than they do at home, which tempts me to buy a stupid pulley for $8-ish for my house. But then by the time it arrives, will I be done with PT? I have no idea.

After the pulley, I typically head over to the wall to do my work over there. I do wall v's and wall walks with my right arm, just trying to work on the extension. 1 set of 15 of each of those. Then they give me the bar, completely unweighted (basically PVC pipe with ends on it) and do 15 bicep curls really to focus on the bend, and then overhead raises to work on my extension some more. I use my left hand to help encourage the right to do what it it supposed to. Since having the surgery, my back feels really crunchy. Does that make sense at all to you? It like makes creaky crunchy noises as I do my curls. I get to do two sets of 10 wall pushups now, which ALMOST makes me feel like myself again, but they are HARD and hurt the bow.

After that, I head over to the table to do some weighted exercises. They work my wrist and forearm, which I have learned definitely affects my elbow indirectly. I also have to do a grip exercise. As I mentioned in a previous post, my grip was much more effected by this than I thought it could be, so I do some grip exercises using this lovely little tool.
I basically do the exercises that is being shown here. It is called a Power Web or a thera-web (it depends on who you ask!) I start with my fingers spread out in the holes and try to pull it together. I also start with my finger tips in the holes to spread it apart. The second one is even harder for me because I have double jointed knuckles. So my hand/fingers sometimes lock into place and that is awkward. After a few more things (that vary from session to session) I sit in my stool and Carmen rubs my elbow and works on manually straightening and bending it. This is painful to me as well. But I know she is pleased with my progress, so I just grin and bare it!

At the end of my appointment (AKA after about 45 minutes of torture), I get iced down for 10 minutes. I truly LOVE this part of my appointment and look forward to it every single session. Like I said one day last week, ice is magical!

Have you gone through PT? If it was an arm injury, did you do some of these exercises?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Recap - A Good One

I always feel guilty when my weekend gets away from me and I don't blog and I don't even take any pictures with my phone. I didn't even take any pictures of the fun stuff I did this weekend, which is really lame, because there were things! I guess I will have to settle for telling you about the weekend rather than showing you, since there is absolutely NOTHING to show!

Friday was my third day of PT and the day that I was looking forward to all week, because that is what you do when you work a Monday-Friday job! PT was late in the day, so I planned on just going home after it and finishing out my work day there. I do feel like I am making some progress while I am there, which feels good to me, but at the same time, I can tell that I have a really long way to go. My mobility is definitely not there yet, as much as I am trying and working hard to get there. I know that the swelling that I still am experiencing (although it gets less and less every week!) does not help.

Friday night, J and I had a date night. We went to the Mexican place pretty close to our house. When J offers Mexican, I feel I always need to take him up on that offer. Because after all, he is not a real big fan of it, and I love it.  So we went there and we even sat outside, which was great. J usually picks the bar where there is a TV, even at the Mexican place, so when he suggested we eat outside, I was thrilled. We had a nice dinner where we talked for the meal rather than playing on our phones and watching TV. I kind of feel like that is a pretty big deal for us!

Saturday started off early with J's alarm going off because he had plans to play golf. I took the dogs out and fed them and then we hung out in bed while J got ready. I went downstairs when he did though to hammer out a quick half hour on the treadmill. Yes, I only walked two miles during that time, but I was still glad to get some time on the treadmill. After that, I hit the road to run a few errands. I started at Target returning a few things that we really did not need. Baby things that we had randomly received (isn't this why we have a registry? So people will buy us the things that we really want/need?) needed to go back, even though I did not have a receipt. Out came my driver's license and I walked away with a store credit (all I really wanted anyway!)

I purchased a few things that I needed, a few things that I wanted, and a few gifts (to round out J's Father's Day gift, as well as some cute new collars for Teek and Zeus that we will give them when the baby comes so they don't feel sad. - I have no idea if a new collar works like that, but I am hoping so!) After that, I went to Kroger. Now, there is a Kroger pretty much next door to Target, but I went to one about 15 minutes away so I could go to the Little Clinic while I was there. I knew that I needed to get my T-Dap (aka whooping cough shot) and that I could get it there.

I did my grocery shopping first. This may have been a mistake. I stopped at the Clinic and got all registered and then took my groceries (including ice cream) out to my car. Then I hung out in the waiting area until I could get my shot. The shot itself only took a second and then I was on the road again. My frozen things were a little melty, but I tried not to worry about them too much. The afternoon was spent doing some cleaning and some relaxing. I was not really in the mood to do much, so the fact that any cleaning at all happened is a win in my book!

We had some friends over to cook out later that night. They arrived at our house around 7 pm. I had been looking forward to this cookout for at least a week because I had purchased stuff for s'mores and convinced J that making a fire in our firepit (which we have only used one other time!) was absolutely essential. So we ended up having a really great time, with delicious food. Everyone else was having some beers, but since I can't have any right now, I made up the missing calories in marshmallows. I think I won that round.

Yesterday was Father's Day. I didn't get to see my dad, but HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to him from across the state!
(My brother Joe, Dad, me and Matt at Rachel's wedding last summer)

We did get to celebrate with J's dad however.
J and his dad have the same smile, don't they?

Have a lovely Monday!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Strength, Bootcamp and Simple Walks

Friday. The day everyone waits for all week long, including (especially?) me! This week is no exception, as it has been a really rough one, working hard to get a little bit of movement back in this crazy elbow. The other day, J asked me to show him how far I could straighten it. I did. He seemed shocked. He wanted to know why I couldn't straighten it further, and was it just because it was hurting me? I explained that no, I could deal with some additional pain, that will subside as I adjusted. I literally CANNOT straighten it further than that. This has increased through the week already, but I am not there yet, and I don't think I will be for a few more weeks. But I will keep doing my exercises, keep icing, keep working hard to get myself back into full working order soon!

In other news, I have signed up for the next round of Tina's Best Body Bootcamp!
Yes, it is 100% unlikely that I will be participating in the workouts right away, but I will have them. I am getting access to everything that I will need to get back at it 100% after the baby is born. I am glad that I made the decision to sign up anyway, even knowing that I could not complete the majority of the work. I am going to start a folder that holds all of my BBB workouts and information and I will use that to pull from when I am looking for workouts to do.

Thanks Tina, once again, for hosting!

I have been putting plenty of pressure on myself to make sure that I am getting my walks in every day. It is kind of tough stuff as a general rule, and maybe I should relax a little, but I definitely have some anxiety if I do not get it all done every day. So I figure by walking, I am taking it easy on my body, and I am getting in enough activity to keep my anxiety levels down, which is just as important! If I have high anxiety, then I will definitely do additional harm to myself as well as potentially to the baby from just a high heart rate, etc. So nice, easy long walks it is!

If you have been pregnant, what were your workouts like?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Grip (on reality? No, literally) is Not so Good

If you are in the midwest, you will know that we are dealing with some nasty weather. Right now, in Blue Ash, where my home and office is located, we have some serious darkness going on, along with a lot of thunder and rain. It is pretty bad here. We managed to escape a lot of the severe wind and stuff that other parts of Ohio (including my hometown!) suffered from last night, but right now things are scary out. The most surprising part is that when I got here this morning, it was actually quite nice out (although very humid) even a little bit sunny!

I am exhausted today. I think with all of the walking plus physical therapy plus staying up late to either watch hockey or basketball is catching up with this 32 week, 3 day pregnant lady. In reality, I should probably try and spend a few days relaxing, but I cannot at this point. I need to keep up with my PT, especially, since I am hopefully less than 8 weeks from baby arrival and I want to be back to full strength for her. And trust me, I have a LONG way to go before I am back to full strength, I think.

As an example of strength that I have lost that I didn't even KNOW about.... at my first PT appointment, Carmen asked about my grip. I told her that when my hand was super swollen it was not good. I mean, I was dropping my phone all over the place and stuff, but now that I am out of my sling and working on getting back to normal, things seem to be ok. She checked it anyway. I am able to produce 28 lbs of pressure with my left (not strong but non-injured) hand. My right hand cannot even produce 2 lbs of pressure. That's amazing, right? It sure seemed strange to me! Yesterday she added two exercises to specifically address this.

There's the love bug and I this morning. He was feeling extra snuggly, which is good because I am so sleepy. Having a sweet snuggly puppy with you always makes you feel more calm and better about everything. At least, my snuggly puppies do. And yes, I realize that it is obvious that Zeus is my favorite child. But that is because Zeus just loves everyone. Teek just loves J and she could take me or leave me. So I might as well love on the puppy that loves on me back!

Honestly, I am ready for the baby to get here now so I know what life is going to be like! But she better keep cooking. I want her nice and strong like momma when she gets here!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Incision Update, Workouts, Work Stress

Another day has come and gone, and yesterday was a day filled with appointments (4 weeks post-op doctor appointment) and lots of work. I am starting to work on preparing my duties for someone else to take over for approximately 2 months (plus one month while I am training him) and that is really difficult for me to wrap my head around. I am not excited about training my own replacement, I was not excited about interviewing a large group of people (we interviewed 5 people!) and I am VERY insecure about leaving for 2 months, give or take. What happens when I come back? How does that work? Will it be hard for my replacement (even though he is temp) to leave? What if he is BETTER than me?

As you can see, I have some work issues on my mind, so believe it or not, there is something going on here other than pregnancy, no running/just walking and my elbow! I am sure that is hard to believe for some folks (potentially even my husband) since talking about work other than "it's going pretty well" is not common for me.

Yesterday at the doctor, he ripped off my steri strips. I have had them changed several times since my surgery, and I guess yesterday I had enough.
The first picture is immediately after the removal of the strips. My arm had not been washed or anything. The second is this morning, nearly 24 hours later, after a shower and 2 workouts. Interesting and painful thing...  sweat stings. I sweat a lot these days, and when sweat ran down my arm when I was walking this morning, it hurt a little! So yes, my arm definitely still looks a little bit banged up, there is a bruise on the joint for sure, but things are progressing, little by little!

I head back to physical therapy today for day 2 of official torture. I put myself through the torture yesterday (including the icepack of awesomeness) but today it gets to come from someone else, even though it will most likely be the exact same exercises. I am not sure if we will do measurements every session or not, but I guess I will see when I get there. My appointment is at 10 am.

Workouts have been progressing as planned. I have been hitting my 4 mile goal pretty consistently. One thing that I have found since I stopped running is that my appetite has gone down to much more "normal" proportions, at least as far as I am concerned. Initially, I was fairly certain it was just a post-surgery/on-meds things that was going on. But now, a month later, I realize that the change in my workouts has led to a change in diet and it feels good and comfortable. I am not worried at all about the eating less than I have been doing as the doctor has been very insistent that things are right on track for me, so I am starting to feel comfortable with the way things are progressing in that manner.

This week (starting Monday) I have gotten in 3-4 mile walks. I am at 12.14 miles so far. I will likely squeeze in a few "around the building" laps later on today as that seems to relax me when I am feeling stressed out about something. So by the end of the day I will probably be closer to thirteen for the week. I am feeling good about it, and I know that the walking cannot hurt me or Addie, unlike running at this point. I still have all of my post Addie running goals (and am thinking about adding "Run Like a Mother" to my amazon shopping cart!) but I am learning what I need to do right now, and doing it.

Runners - if you took an unexpected break - how did you find your appetite changing? Drastically, like mine? Not at all? Somewhere in the middle?

June Promotions for DietToGo!

As a Diet to Go Ambassador, I want to fill you in on a few AWESOME things that they have in the works for the month of June! There is a lot going on with this great company right now, and I think ANY of my readers might like to become involved with this company and their products.

First of all, "LIKE" Diet to Go on Facebook. By doing this, you will be eligible to enter their sweepstakes, where you can win FREE meals!
You can win up to a whole MONTH of their delicious food, and 5 runners up will receive 1 week of meals!

Have you heard of Diet Bet? Diet to Go is sponsoring one! Here is how it works. It starts on June 28th. You put in your money to enter (for DietToGo's bet, it is a $25 entry). It lasts until July 25th. You weigh in weekly and post pictures for proof on the DietToGo Diet Bet website, and if you lose 4% of your weight in that 4 week period, you are a winner! You will get your $25 back, along with a share of the pool that is made up of those who did NOT reach the 4% goal. In addition, for DietToGo's bet, DietToGo is offering $50 gift cards to their winners in addition to the pool funds. And all runners up will receive 25% off of a meal plan from DietToGo!

DietToGo also has a Google+ Community Page. Go here for their latest blog posts, happenings, offers, and for informative articles about health and nutrition. The title of the Community is Common-Sense Healthy Living, and I believe it is perfectly embodies what DietToGo has to offer. Check it out and feel free to join the community for lots of great information!

Diet to Go will also be hosting a twitter chat later in June. I will post details on this once we get closer to the date. Participating is fun and easy!

Disclaimer: As a DietToGo Ambassador, this is a sponsored post.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Awesomeness of Ice and Other Tales

One month. One month ago I fell on the concrete and changed the way the remainder of my pregnancy was going to be. Instead of focusing on trying to continue to run (as slow as I may be getting) and staying healthy to grow a little one, I need to focus on staying healthy, PLUS just regain strength and mobility on my strong side so I can at least hold and take care of this little one. Workouts have changed A LOT as stated yesterday, but I am definitely still trying to keep them up, at least a bit!

Yesterday, I got in the 4 miles that I am basically requiring of myself to get to the 20 mile/week goal. I did 3.5 on the treadmill in the morning, and then added another 2 loops around my office at lunchtime to get to the full 4. I always feel like I have accomplished a little bit more by getting in a full hour of workout, versus less than that, especially now that I am not running, so I am not getting as much distance in a given amount of time. So one hour just feels about right to me.

Since I am pretty much obsessed with getting my mobility and strength back to my arm, I am going to follow the directions of my physical therapist (Carmen) to a T! I had my first session yesterday. It was not great. My mobility was QUITE limited, especially in the straightening department (despite all of my work toward getting it to straighten out last week). But I learned my exercises, got my measurements done, and then got iced down for 10 minutes after my arm workout. It was kind of awesome, and I am super proud of myself for working hard at it.

PS - Carmen is the perfect PT for me. She is a runner with a 9 month old baby girl. This means - she gets it.

This morning, I did the exercises on my own for the first time. I am used to doing 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps of exercises. This is 1 set, 15 reps with a 30 second hold in certain positions (like a flexion or extension, using my left arm to hold it). It is a bit painful, and after about 15 seconds my hand usually starts to shake, but I am working hard not to push too hard. Afterward, I took the advice of Carmen and broke out my ice pack for 10 minutes before eating my oatmeal.
It felt pretty awesome, and made me wonder why I have quit icing since those first 5-6 days after surgery. Ice is amazing.

Accomplishments are happening, even though I didn't meet my arm straightening goal.
For instance, see that topknot/pony? I put that in myself. And felt like it looked good enough to wear it to work. My first self-done pony since my injury. In addition, that is my 32 week belly shot.

All righty, elbow update tomorrow!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Catching up on my List & a Workout Dilemna!

Well, another weekend has come and gone and I am back in the office writing my first post of the week. I am trying to be more consistent with writing 6 days per week (so include one weekend post), and I have been doing pretty well with this (please take exception to the week I had surgery and felt like doing nothing!)

I usually am a diligent list keeper. And I prefer to write my list down (something infinitely more satisfying to me to cross something off on paper than to check it off on a phone app), but because I hadn't been able to write for a while, I had been using an app. This morning I got out "Emily's List Book v 2.0" for the first time since my surgery. It appears to have been just over 4 weeks since I got it out. Here is the most recent post in the book prior to today:
Look at that...  Butterfly 5K right there on the list. Grrr...  Stupid race.

It ended up being a pretty different weekend than that. We DID have dinner with Chuck and Sara (after I made Jason call them back to tell them I still wanted to go. He cancelled while I was getting x-rays, etc). We did have our Mother's Day Brunch with J's mom and sister (once again, after I insisted to everyone that I was well enough to go!) And I even got the "2 more miles" because I ran that prior to the 5K! Regardless...  it has been a month. I am proud of myself for the progress that I have managed to make. And we will see how things continue to go.

Yesterday I managed to talk myself off of the couch while J was golfing to get out and walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes. So no, not a particularly long workout, but I was moving none-the-less, and I hit my 20 mile weekly goal! Walking has been really boring, but I also know that is really all that I am capable of at the moment, and some days, I cannot even do that, so I am trying to maintain a positive attitude about it, and keep it up. I have been on top of the Squat Challenge though.
Yesterday was 100 squats, and I completed them after my little treadmill jaunt. The amount of squats we are doing is going to keep right on jumping as the month goes on, and I am going to finish this!

Let's look at my workout struggle for a second to I can say something that I realized yesterday. I have a prenatal yoga dvd that I bought in my first trimester. I laughed at the girl in the third trimester the first time I did it and all of the modifications that she needed to do. I assumed, while watching, that she probably COULD do some of the things that she was modifying, but for safety's sake, and not to risk anything, you make the modifications. There I was, 8 weeks pregnant with no weight gained, no changes to my body (other than no cycle!) and wondering why this was so boring! It was nothing like the flow style class that I enjoy.

Yesterday, when I was working on talking myself to the treadmill, I thought about that DVD (I seriously have done it ONE time. That's it. How lame of me!) and realized that I can't do it at all now! It has nothing to do with being in my third trimester and therefore needing to make a lot of modifications, but everything to do with my elbow. I cannot support myself right now. I cannot lean back to do the suggested kegels because my right arm with provide some body support. I cannot plank or anything like that because my right arm will not support me.

Today starts my physical therapy journey, so let's see what I can do!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Movie and Veggies

Sunday morning. I had a nice day yesterday where I was able to get a few things done that I wanted to accomplish. J and I were up at a decent time and while he cut the grass and trimmed a bush, I took his car over to jiffy lube to get the oil changed in his car. I love when I feel like I am able to complete something while he is completing something as well. Plus I feel like I did something to help him.

Around 11:30, we took off to go see a movie. We don't go to the movies very often. But we decided to go and see Ironman 3. Yes, I realize its been out for awhile, but like I said, we do not go to the movies frequently. We had a few movie passes that I purchased from an eversave deal a while back. So the cost of our little date was the coke that J wanted. So I guess I will take it.

On the way home, we stopped at the grocery to get some produce for the week. I planned our meals on Friday, we just needed to get fruits and veggies to round everything out. I am making an effort to be a little better about consuming extra fruits and veggies for the baby. I seem to have good and bad days when it comes to vegetable consumption. I want to get to the point where every day is a good day and I don't feel the need or want for garbage. I know people DO get there, so I am crossing my fingers for someday!

We came home for a few hours to just relax and J was getting some work done before we went to dinner. J seems to like certain restaurants and then we go there and he has a rough experience (in terms of the beer selection, not the food) and then he eliminates it from the places we'll go anymore. That absolutely cracks me up, but we have like no restaurants to go to anymore other than taphoise because of his beer thing. It's summer, j! IPAs are too heavy for summer!

So this is looking at me right now.

I guess I better close this out and attend to them. Also, this was a tough picture to take because of how much I had to bend my right arm to take it. But I did it!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Going Long: Legends, Oddballs, Comebacks and Adventures - In Review

Because why wouldn't someone who loves to read consistently participate in two book clubs?

This month for the running/racing/endurance book club, put on by Jamie at From Couch to Ironwoman, chose to read "Going Long: Legends, Oddballs, Comeback's and Adventures" put together by the editors of Runner's World Magazine (one of my most favorites, obviously!)
For more than 40 years, Runner’s World magazine has been the world’s leading authority on running—bringing its readers the latest running advice and some of the most compelling sports narratives ever told. From inspirational stories such as "A Second Life"(the story of Matt Long, the FDNY firefighter who learned to run again after a critical injury) to analytical essays such as "White Men Can’t Run" (a look at what puts African runners at the front of the pack), the magazine captivates its readers every month.

Now, for the first time, the editors of Runner’s World have gathered these and other powerful tales to give readers a collection of writing that is impossible to put down. 

With more than 40 gripping stories, Going Long transcends the sport of running to reach anyone with an appetite for drama, inspiration, and a glimpse into the human condition.

As you can see, this book consists of multiple short stories about runners, all marathon runners to some extent, encompassing the personalities of runner's (and some of them definitely are the reasons that so many people think marathoners are crazy or eccentric now.) We see Deena Kastor and her rise to American marathon greatness (along with her training partner for a time, Meb Keflezighi, another American great). We hear about John A Kelley and Bill Rodgers, two American Boston Marathon winners.

All of their stories are inspiring and interesting. All of them may offer you motivation as a runner to work harder, smarter or stronger.  Personally, I most enjoyed reading women's stories, as I find them (understandably) more relatable.

Have you read this book? Did enjoy it or find it inspiring?

Finally Friday & Weekend Goals

I am glad to be at the end of the work week. It has been a hectic one with a baby doc appointment, a follow up with my surgeon, a lunch with Karen, walking at lunch on 2 days, walking in general all 5 days, close (May month end) and, after today, 4 interviews for a temp to fill in for me while I am on maternity leave. I got my first physical therapy appointment scheduled (next Monday), my next follow up with my surgeon (next Tuesday), and I have moved into the "every other week" schedule at the OB. That is REALLY making me feel like we are getting to crunch time. The doc says once I start going every week (and have to get naked at every appointment to be checked) is when it will REALLY be crunch time. She said "once you are always getting naked, then you know it's almost time!" I really like her and hope she happens to be the one on call when it is time for Addie to be born!

I have been hard at work on my arm straightening elbow goal. It is definitely not going as well as I anticipated. I am a girl with a fairly high pain tolerance. If I want to do something, likely, I am going to do it, regardless of whether or not it hurts. So I have been working hard to let gravity do it's thing. During the day at work I work hard to drop my shoulders and pull it down when I am walking to the restroom or to refill my water. I carry my bottle (hanging) in my right hand to give gravity a little bit of extra help. When I am at home, I have been picking up my 3 lb weight (reserved for the first day or two of the Shred with JM because it is usually SO HARD those first 2 days, and then I can jump back up to the 5s) and letting it hang and even pushing a little bit to try and get it to go just a smidge straighter than the last time. I am truly not sure if I have made any progress. But I set a goal, and I am going to continue to work for it.

It addition, I am working on the bending part of the elbow. I am not working INTENTIONALLY toward this, like I am the straightening, but I want to be able to put a ponytail into my hair again without the help of my coworkers/husband/mom. So ponytail is the elbow bending goal. Right now I can touch the top of my head, but I cannot touch my face yet. I can hook my bra, but I have to grab that side with my left hand and stretch it out toward the middle of my back before I can get it with my right hand to hook it.

Teek and Zeus have a new friend (ok, annoyance) that has been making semi-regular appearances on our front porch. It makes them absolutely BONKERS and they go crazy on the back of the couch when she (just a guess) appears there. And she is NOT afraid of them being noisy and just relaxes. She might hang out for 15 minutes at a time occasionally, and that will really get them going. On my way out the other day, I caught her in the backyard, and decided to take a picture so J knew who he was looking for.
He knew that there was a cat, but there are a few neighborhood cats that we see around, so I wanted to show him which one was harassing our dogs (or at least, the dogs FEEL harassed. She isn't actually doing anything!)

So this weekend, J and I have several things planned and so there is a lot that I want to accomplish to feel like I am making progress as well (not just him, since I cannot do a lot of things between limited mobility and being pregnant). So my weekend goals are as follows:
  1. grocery shop based on the meal plan for next week
  2. get the pictures hung in the baby's room
  3. hang curtains in baby's room
  4. week backyard flower beds
  5. date night on Saturday
  6. start writing shower thank you notes (now that I can write again)
  7. straighten my arm all the way by Sunday night!
  8. walk at least once
 So it seems as though I might have a big weekend ahead of me, and I am ready to get on it. Is it 5 pm yet?

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Running Post from this (Non)Runner

As I continue to work on this blog and start to get more regular readers (YUS! and hi guys!) I really need to start doing better at planning posts. Sometimes I sit with this window open all day long trying to figure out what would be interesting, and what would I want to read about. I mean, yes, I write this for me, but if I am not interested in it, why would anyone else be?

I am not sure that I have the heart to reflect on National Running Day, since, for the second year in a row, I did not run on it. Last year I was suffering from post Pig burn out still (I ran consistently for the whole month of the race and then June suffered - you can see my post on National Running Day here). And this year...  well, you all know why I didn't run this year. But I did get in a 4 mile walk! And even though I didn't run yesterday, here is the little graphic:
And I will be back for you, running. That I can promise 100%!

Okay, I guess now that I have started, I am going to get on a running post. I miss it so much. So let's talk about my post baby running plans. Obviously, they are all tentative. I don't know yet how delivery is going to go or what kind of baby she is going to be, so jogging stroller running (no worries ya'll, we have the infant seat adapter for the BOB, so she will be safe in the jogger right away!) will be a question mark until she gets here. However, I have started to set some post baby running goals for myself, and I think it might be time to get them out here!

First up, late September. J and I will be running in the Hudy. It will be our third time running this particular race, and you can see my 2012 recap here and my what I ended up with after the 2011 race here. This year we both signed up for the 7K (rather than the 14 that we both ran last year and I ran in 2011). Not knowing where I will be by then (6-8 weeks post delivery, depending...) helped to convince me to stick with the shorter (4.3-ish mile) distance. However, then I plan on getting back on the running train in full swing as I am already registered for my post baby half!
The Indianapolis Monumental. I have a hotel room set up already as well, because I figured I wanted to have one close to the start/finish just in case, although in reality, I would not necessarily need one, as it is not too far from Cincinnati, it would just be an early morning drive! In reality, I WANT to PR this race. Badly. But at the same time, I am not sure how training is going to go, and so I cannot yet say for sure that I am training for a PR. Going 1:52:xx would be the PR goal. Under 2 hours would be the more "realistic" goal. But I am going to wait until the baby is here to really determine the plan.

And the BIG goal? It comes in 2014.
The Glass City Marathon. The full this time. And I REALLY want that sub-4 or BUST.

What do you think? Think I can pull of the big goals?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Elbow Update: 3 Weeks Post Surgery

It is difficult for me to believe that I am already 3 weeks removed from having a 3 inch (ish) plate and 8 screws installed in my elbow. While sleeping at night has been uncomfortable almost every night, and I have been carrying that pillow with me everywhere for those three weeks, overall, things are getting better and I am happy for it.

I had my second post-Op doctor's appointment yesterday, 2 weeks and 6 days after surgery. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, it was my hope that he would tell me "no more splint!" at the appointment. I was also looking forward to the opportunity to see my arm again, check out my incision, and potentially itch the crap out of my forearm, which had been bugging me for a few days. Sticking a pencil in between the wrap on your arm is not really recommended, so I was doing my best to avoid that. Other than those hopes, I wasn't sure what the appointment would entail. New steri-strips? Being sent downstairs to the PT unit? More x-rays?

I got my bandage taken off right away, and I let my arm set in the splint and scratched the heck out of it. Here are three shots of the 'bow to show it's progression.
Sorry that the shot from yesterday is turned the other way, I couldn't figure out how to rotate it and for some reason my computer was not letting me! Regardless, you can see how my forearm and wrist have atrophied just in 3 weeks. It's amazing. My bicep is even worse. But I know that it will get back to normal once I am able to begin using it again.

He checked out the incision, let me know that it was looking great, and replaced the steri-strips on it. I had dissolvable stitches and they are gone. Then he held my arm out and straightened it, well, attempted to. I winced as it was stiff and it HURT. He said, "ok, we'll get you set up in physical therapy. And no more splint!" In my head I start to rejoice! He said I could continue to wear the sling sometimes for support when I feel like I need it, so I left it on for the rest of yesterday and skipped it for work today. I think I may wear it when I get home for a little while though.

I set myself a goal. I want to be able to straighten my arm (even though it will likely hurt) by the end of the week. So by Sunday night, it will be mine! I was working on it a little it bed last night with it resting on a pillow, just kind of pulling it out...  And today I carried my camelbak water bottle in that hand just to let gravity help me out a little bit. I have been typing with two hands though today, which is definitely making blogging go much faster!

I took this picture at the office yesterday.
And yes, it was an iPhone pic, hence the strange proportions. Regardless, it gives you a sense of just how large this incision of mine is! It wraps around the elbow over the joint and everything, which prior to seeing it for the first time, I was not expecting! And yes, it is a pic through the steri-strips, but if he (the doc) thinks it looks good, I am going with it!

Wish me luck at my straightening goal!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Workouts - they're still happening!

Today is a doctor's appointment, which means tomorrow will consist of an update on this elbow, but for today prior to the appointment, we will say that it is in the sling/splint, and I am extremely hopeful to be out of it!

Instead, let's chat about other things, happier things. Like the super cute dress that I wore yesterday. I ordered it back during a maternity sale at Old Navy but was waiting till I had bump enough to sport it. Yesterday I hit 31 weeks and wore it for the first time.
Instagram selfie. The dress is navy and teal chevron. I have never owned a maxi dress before, but pregnancy has caused me to purchase two (the black dress worn at my shower is one as well). I actually felt "cutely" pregnant in this dress, instead of like I am standing in front of a fun house mirror. But I am grateful, as my bump is ALL bump. Things are firm and nothing jiggling. Collarbones and even hipbones still visible (hipbones less so) which indicates to me that I am doing the right things to avoid unnecessary weight, but gaining what I need (I am at 20.2 lbs). I also love the Teek photobomb. See her on the floor there?

Awesome thing number 2. I am participating in a squat challenge for the month of June started by fellow #sweatpink ambassador Nicki. Here is our schedule for the month.
Today is Day 4, however, I did 50 squats to pick up day 1 as I missed it. Now, this isn't as intense as a lot of what I have been doing or want to do, but its keeping me in the swing of things and is doable with the elbow! I am not using any weight, since I can't currently hold weights, but I figure 20 extra lbs of baby and baby related stuff is a good squatting resistance! Tomorrow I have 70 squats to do!

Awesome thing number 3... I walked at lunch yesterday. My butt was a little bit tight from our long walk on Sunday, so I struggled a little and didn't keep the pace quite at 15 min/miles (my walking goal). Here's what I did!
Just a little out and back route from my office to Arby's (potty break there) and back. It was a 2.5 mile walk. I added in another 1.5 miles in laps around the building in the afternoon to make a total of 4 miles on the day (I am back at trying to get 20/week even though they are all walking now!). Here is an elevation v. pace chart.
The grey is the elevation. Cincinnati sure is fun for training! As you can see from the blue, my pace was relatively consistent overall, so I am pleased with that.

How are your workouts going? Are you involved in any June Challenges?

Monday, June 3, 2013

Baby Progress and A Long Walk

Another lonely weekend with no J at home to keep me company. He is in Washington DC until Wednesday for work. This is his last work trip before Addie will be born! On Wednesday, it will also have been 3 weeks since my surgery. Wow, that time has flown! At the time of three weeks post surgery, J will have been gone for 10 of the 21 days. So for that much time, the dogs + me + only one arm will have gotten on ok alone. I guess it gives me a little more confidence for his future travels when there are two arms and 1 baby. Not that this is perfect practice, but it helps!

While he is out of town, I am hoping to get out of my splint/cast and at least have some  limited movement of my arm, as there are a few things in Addie's room that I would like to do and I might just need a second hand for stabilization. You know... to hold a screw in place as I drill it in with my left hand. I bought curtain rods this weekend, so I want to get those up and hang the valences, as well as hang some of the artwork to see where we stand on room decor.

I have been doing tons of baby laundry and clean up since the shower. I have two full loads of clothes and sheets that need homes (which we have homes, I just need to take the baskets upstairs!) and still more stuff to put away. I want to install a carseat base in my car and get it checked out at the fire department. So I plan to call them and see how that works. I also put this together all by myself (and 1 handed!)
It does not have a home in our house yet (it's hanging out on the living room floor!) but having it out might help Teek and Zeus get used to it? They haven't even attempted to rip the giraffe off of the swing yet, so I am hoping that is a good sign. Today, while I am at work, is the true test for Teek!

Yesterday my long walk friend and I went out for the first time in nearly 2 months! Admittedly, I was a bit nervous as it was the longest walk I have taken in quite awhile, I have definitely gotten bigger since the last time, it has gotten much warmer outside AND my arm is in a splint/cast/sling. But, it went really well, with us getting 7.36 miles at faster than a 15 minute/mile pace! I am really glad it went so well.

And then there is this photogenic guy...
Cuddling with momma's cast.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

PBFingers Book Club: If I Stay

The most recent selection for Julie's blogger bookclub was If I Stay by Gayle Forman. For a long time I was pretty good about participating and posting my review every month, and then I slacked a little bit. But I am determined to get back at it. I hope reading will help my mom brain to stay in the adult world at least occasionally!

I even have the "real" book this month instead of the kindle edition that I usually have. It makes for a nicer picture.

Note: There will be spoilers!

This book follow Mia, a 17 year old aspiring classical cellist who is in a car accident with her parents and younger brother. Everyone else dies after being thrown from the car, but she is left in the unique position of being outside of herself to watch her family, friends and boyfriend pray for her to survive and she can make that choice herself. Should she stay, or should she go?

Throughout the book we get chances to look back at Mia's life to help us understand her thought process as she tries to make a decision of if she wants to fight for her own life or not. We see her parents and their own lives prior to becoming parents (her father was a musician, the rockstar type, who changed things up and started wearing a bowtie when Mia came along).

We also get the see Mia and her musician boyfriend Adam's first date. They seem to have a mutual admiration thing prior to their relationship, admiring the others dedication to the music (Adam is in a rock band that plays for local clubs). We see him plot to take her to see Yo-Yo Ma (the famous cellist) telling her that he just got the tickets free when really he spent a fortune (for a high school kid) to buy them and impress her. We see their relationship develop and change as they get older and start to explore their own futures.

(Addie and I, finishing up the book)

In the end, Mia chooses to stay and continue her life, despite losing her entire immediate family.

If given the option in this impossible situation, what would you choose?
Could this book just as easily be called If I Leave? Why or why not?