Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Could it be Now? Today?

Another day of being in the office. The baby has not decided to make an appearance just yet. Could today be the day? I am not sure, but I really hope so. I am not feeling well today. My head is a little bit floaty, my stomach is not feeling all that awesome, my hips and back are hurting, all of the silly things that are going on. I am not sure if those are signs of impending labor, but I am definitely hoping so. Regardless, I have a feeling that today is going to be a long day.

Yesterday I went to the gym at lunchtime. I was on the elliptical for 45 minutes, which was a pretty good workout. It got nice and sweaty, but it was a fun time. It was extra interesting because there was a girl who was around 29-30 weeks pregnant on the elliptical next to me. That definitely drew the attention of the other gym patrons and employees. One of the employees (a MUCH - late 60s - older trainer) stopped by to chat with us for a few minutes, which is how I found out how pregnant she is. That was kind of a fun experience, and I like to think that other people at the gym were pleased to see how active we are at whatever stages in our pregnancy.
There I am in the usual work mirror after my workout. All of the clothes that I am wearing are non-maternity clothes that just have a little bit of give to them. That viewsport tank is awesome for stuff like that. I was hoping that the elliptical would help to jostle the baby down a little bit so we could get this show on the road, and she could come, but no such luck.

Yesterday I stuck with our dinner plans once again. I know that J is potentially impressed, but at the same time, I think that he finds it strange that I am so adamant about sticking to the plan until we go into labor. But I am really pleased about having a plan and feeling comfortable with it. I have tonight's dinner in the crock pot. We are going to have some barbacoa (well, not really because I am using pork loin instead of pork belly) as tacos on hard shells. Yumm-o!

Yesterday I wrote what I thought was my final stack of thank you notes. But I was wrong.
One of my coworkers made this little diaper cake for me. :) I am happy with it, and it makes me smile to know how much my coworkers care about and love me. I am going to miss them while I am out, so hopefully, I get a few chances to pack her up and bring her in to see my coworkers.

I am not really feeling anything in the way of contractions, etc, at this point, but things are definitely starting to feel. I am definitely getting scared. I am scared about labor and delivery and I am scared about being a mom as well. To  current moms out there, is this fear normal? When does it go away and get replaced with excitement?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Trying to Induce Labor (naturally)

On Monday, I started timing what I assume are contractions. Like I said yesterday...  I am not sure what a contraction feels like, but I hit "start" on my phone app when everything tightens up. Is it a real contraction or just Braxton Hicks? I have no idea. But either way, I am starting to track it. It cannot hurt, I suppose. Right?

Things have definitely been random so far, which I guess just means it's false labor at this point. Bummer. I mean, I have been having some "tightening", but no kind of regular intervals or anything. J is constantly asking me, so I figured I could start doing the tracking thing, so I at least have something to tell him when he asks.

I had lunch with my friend Lara. We went out for Mexican, which if you hadn't noticed, is pretty much my most favorite food, and Addie's too! But that was good, since J so rarely likes to go out for Mexican (he is NOT a fan!) and so I got to have some without worrying about him and whether or not he was enjoying his meal. Lara brought her diaper genie as well, which she was giving me since Melody has "outgrown" it now that she is 4. So it is a nice thing to have for us, since we do not have one, and we even had a good place for it to go!

When I got home from work last night, I decided that another little date with my girl crush was in order. I am still really hoping that her squats, lunges and jumping will help Miss Addie slide down a little further (I am definitely still carrying a little bit high!) and get this show on the road. Unfortunately, nothing yet. Bummer. Instead I am left snuggling with my favorite guy who seems to know that something strange is going on in his house...
Both dogs have been extra cuddly to their momma over the past week. This is a major change from the "Dad is always 100% our favorite." While they will still come to him if he calls (not so much to me), they do snuggle with me at night, and Teek (definitely loves dad best) will always put her paw up on my leg even if she is laying next to dad, which is a big change!

He did pee on the floor in Addie's room however. The pup who no longer has accidents wanted to make sure everyone knows this is his house, I guess? We have not yet figured out what kind of boundaries we will have with the two of them and Addie, but I would like for everyone to be close and get along. We will see how that works out once she is actually here. I think it is hard to determine that stuff right now, since I have no idea how they will react to her yet.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Lack of Nesting?

I am trying to get this entry written today (Friday) and it will be posted on Saturday. I guess I probably need to get things going to have things comfortable and secure just in case a baby decides to visit us in the near future. I HOPE a baby decides to visit us in the near future.

I had my 38 week appointment on the 4th day of the 38th week. I am still hanging out at 1 cm dilated. The doctor is fairly certain that I am going to make it to my next appointment which is scheduled for next Friday morning. So that sort of stinks, but I guess you never know. I told Jess that this morning, and she said that her sister found out that she was only 1 cm on Friday and she gave birth on that very Sunday, so I guess it can happen.

I am starting to wonder if maybe this nesting thing is kicking in? I am having a lot of anxiety right now that I am not at home doing things there. I went home for lunch, saw Teek, ate lunch, did a quick once over on the floor with a swiffer, put away a few things, took out the garbage, broke down some cardboard boxes and took them out to the recycling bin, picked up our dream dinners for the month (and placed the next month's order for us!), and got those put away. My Friday afternoon lunch was spent doing some quick cleaning and eating, not going to the gym, walking or working? So weird.

Is that what nesting is? I don't really feel like cleaning. At all, I am terrible at it. I usually just half clean things, because I don't have the attention span to be very good at cleaning, which makes J bonkers. Is anyone else like that?

All right, so it is Monday now, and I had all of the above written and did not TOUCH my laptop all weekend, so pretty much did nothing with it. I am a little disappointed in myself, since I want to keep up with the blog when I am out with the baby, but maybe I just needed the weekend to relax a little since I don't know when the time will come that I will be able to relax any time soon? I did do some cleaning this weekend, although definitely not as much as I originally intended to do. Oh well, I guess.

So far (3 days in), J and I have stuck to our meal plan, which I wrote up to get us through my due date. J says if we get through all of those meals on my list I will most likely go crazy in the process (and he is very likely correct). But at the same time, I know it is good for us to do that, and I am pleased and proud that we are eating out MUCH less than we used to (only once last week, on Saturday night!) The dream dinner thing is really good for us, I think. On the menu for tonight? A dream dinner (bacon swiss burgers with steak fries) and most likely side salads.  Yumm-o!

In other news, today I am 39 weeks pregnant. I have only 1 week remaining until lil Addison Rose's due date, although I continue to hope she will be here sooner than that. I am just ready to get this show on the road. And maybe she will, but right now, I have no idea if I am actually experiencing contractions/labor signs or not. J asks me all the time (at least 4x/day) if the bb is coming (and yes, in his texts he just says bb. How is bb? Is bb coming?) and I just tell him no, because I feel a-ok. But who knows? I could be (likely am?) experiencing some contractions and I just don't know it. People say, oh you'll know, but my coworker with a high pain tolerance (like me) said she had no idea even when she was in active labor, other than the fact that she could see she was having one on the monitor at the hospital.
My typical in the bathroom at the office bump shot, which pretty much looks like every other bump shot we have over the last...  however long I have been taking these stupid things. C'mon baby! Let's go!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Weekend Plans & and Walk

Honestly, I am feeling pretty good this week overall. My patience is beginning to wear thin, wondering, "When is she going to get here?' but other than that, I think I am doing pretty well! I definitely have some things to get done this weekend that are cleaning related and stuff. Nothing that is mandatory, before she comes, of course, but things that will be nice to complete before she gets here. I want to swiffer all of the floors on the first floor, dust everything, assemble the stroller... J wants to use the carpet cleaner on the stairs, do yardwork, clean out the cupboards... I also have a baby shower to attend for my Atlanta-living bestie who will be in town for the first time in FOREVER.
Jess and I, plus the husbands, on her wedding day. It's fun to think that we need to get a picture of us this weekend and we'll both be mega-preggo. So I guess that means we need to take one?

Yesterday, because of the lovely weather, I chose to get outside and walk at lunch, rather than the original plan of hitting the gym. It really was pretty much perfect out, so I am glad that I made that decision! I downloaded RunKeeper to my phone (as it works with the GymPact app that I have been using for a while now), and decided to use that for this workout.
Those are some of the stats collected from my first workout using this app! I like it, I think, potentially BETTER than runtastic, and I have the pro version of that one. I just feel like maybe it is a little bit more user friendly in seeing the data (like above) than the other app.

So yes, I am clearly not moving quite so quickly these days, but that is fine with me. After all, I am nearly to my due date! I have to continuously remind myself that, which is why I keep writing it here, because I sometimes feel disappointed in myself that I am not quite so speedy as I was! Plus I have potentially reached "waddle" status as of now. I haven't really watched myself walking all that much, but with the way my hips are feeling, I would say I am there.

Any fun plans this weekend? Or are you just cleaning like me?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A High Energy Circuit

Sorry about yesterday's short and rather lame entry. I was at a training all morning, and was trying to make sure to share my exciting (I RAN!) news as well as get an entry in during a day where I was feeling a little stressed and overwhelmed due to some circumstances that are not baby related, beyond my control.

But due to those higher than normal stress levels, I decided that I definitely needed to get a solid workout in, even though running/walking was out due to the sore hips mentioned yesterday. So I was trying to think of a way to make sure my heart rate was up consistently (although with almost 30 extra pounds, my heart rate definitely gets up much more quickly than it used to!), and get some solid strength work in. So I started brainstorming ideas in my head and this was the full body workout that I came up with:
The color groupings were done as supersets. All three exercises back-to-back with no rest, then repeated two more times before moving on to the next group. As you can see, each group has an lower body move, an upper body move, and a cardio component for 1 minute. I felt great while doing this workout, although I definitely was grateful to have survived it when it was over. The whole thing took me about 35 minutes. This was with a little bit of rest between each exercise group, but minimal rest overall.

I am not entirely sure what today's workout has in store for me. I am 98% sure that I want to go to the gym at lunchtime, but at the same time, it is a super nice day out, so I feel like I should maybe take advantage of some super nice weather and get outside for a walk! My hips are feeling MUCH better after resting yesterday. Yes, there is still pressure there, but that is to be expected at 38 weeks, 4 days, right?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Shhh.... I "RAN"

Ya'll may be unlikely to believe this, but as part of yesterday's workout (4.25 miles in 1 hour + a half mile walk doing laps around my building), I RAN. I didn't run the whole thing, nor did I run quickly, but there was more than a mile of running in total in my hour long workout. There actually ended up being close to 2 miles run. :) I am pretty pleased, if I do say so myself! Here was the time I spent on the treadmill after work yesterday.
6.0 felt pretty good. I feel heavy with every single step, but I guess that is because I am almost 30 lbs heavier than when I started this journey! Also, don't tell the hubs I was running, even if it was only for 2.5 minutes at a time! Oh, and 38+ since that is where I am hanging out preggo-wise right now.

Today is not going to be a day for the treadmill. That length of time definitely made these hips sore, and she is definitely lower today than yesterday, so I have a feeling today will be more of a strength day! Wish me luck.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

38 + 1 - Stress City

Like I said yesterday...  yes, I am still here today. No further progress of note as far as baby goes, and we are definitely at work today, and just hanging in there. Part of me is really ready to progress, and the other part of me is scared out of my mind for the time coming when we have to get going. I obviously have no choice on either matter at this point in time, so I guess I should probably just take a deep breath and accept the inevitable. Addie will come when she is good and ready, regardless of whether I am ready or not.

I get a text from my mom every day asking for pictures of the nursery. I have actually yet to take any of these pictures, so none for her, and none for you all as well. I probably really do need to take some pictures, but at the same time, I kind of feel like what's the point? She is going to be here any day now, and then my mom will be here! Right? Last night while getting kicked (I don't think Addie is particularly comfortable when I am laying on my left side. I get WAY more kicks then than any other time!), I was thinking...  "If I go into labor tonight (or any night) in the middle of the night, I am not calling my mom until 6 am." Honestly, I love her, but she should NOT be driving late at night. She just can fall asleep way too easily! (If you are reading this, Mom, sorry, but it is TRUE!)

We had some interesting news at work at the end of last week. My boss is leaving to go to another company. He will likely be leaving when I am out for the baby. Well, I would say that it is guaranteed at this point that he will be leaving then. I honestly hope that they struggle to find a replacement so that I can be involved in the selection, and I won't be surprised when I return from maternity leave. I think it would be very strange to return to a brand new boss. I am honestly rather uncomfortable with the whole thing. Plus, in a lot of ways, this would have been my opportunity to really step up and move into a more managerial role, which is what I have been trying to figure out how to do for about two years now. And now, my opportunity is passing me by because I will be out of work for 6 weeks.

I am leaving things here in a rather stressful space. But I guess being a mom should be enough stuff to keep my mind on without having work to worry about, right? I guess that I am going to have to relax a little if I want that to be easy and ok for transition. That will definitely be enough on my mind for a while.

I am stressing out. For sure. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

38 Weeks, Ready to Roll

Another weekend has gone by. No blogging, and, for the curious, no baby. 38 weeks preggo today though and as of my doctor's appointment on Friday afternoon, I am at 1 cm and 50%. So we are moving in the right direction!

Last night was another one of our final baby prep to-dos, and we were well prepared and hammered through it. We registered at Buy Buy Baby (the baby version of Bed Bath and Beyond for those who have not yet had the pleasure), and like your wedding registry, they have a complete the registry night where you get 20% off everything (other than diapers, wipes, food and formula). We had a gift card from my coworkers to spend, which was great as we had two expensive purchases to make. We needed to get our pack-n-play.
The Chicco Lullaby SE Play Yard in Chevron. It matches our carseat and it is going to be necessary for visiting Toledo at the holidays, and more immediately, our trip to Kansas City in September. Oh yes... We are looking forward to a nice, long drive with a 6 week old. I suppose the only bonus is that she will only be 6 weeks, so there will be lots of sleeping.

The other expensive purchase? Our baby monitor.
A Motorola video baby monitor. In our early discussions of baby monitors, we were just planning on going with a sound monitor. After all, my mom didn't have a monitor for us (ANY of us) at all, and we were all nice and safe - even with those dangerous bumpers in our beds (haha)! But then J's boss was talking to him about it and basically convinced him that we needed video. Ok, then, it works for me?

We also had to get a diaper bag. We ended up with a relatively inexpensive black one made by Eddie Bauer.
Not my top choice, but less than half the price of my top choice, so I allowed J to talk me into it. Hopefully it is awesome. I know it will be durable, that is a definite perk of Eddie Bauer, but I hope it has lots of usable pockets, etc. I know that is something I won't know till I start packing it up.

The other things we purchased were all miscellaneous small things. Accessories for my pump (I got that last week, it was covered by insurance!), some diaper cream, a few portable first aid kits (one for each car), and other things. It was a good trip and we had gone through what we had and what we needed in advance, so we were in and out of there in 45 minutes. We definitely spent longer at Bed Bath and Beyond to get leftover wedding gifts!

And for your viewing pleasure, Emily at 38 weeks:
Feeling gigantic, especially at the end of the day, but she has dropped a bit, which is helping with the breathing thing! I have been having sporadic contractions, so I know that we are getting closer, but I would say that it is very unlikely that it will be today, so I am sure you will hear from me tomorrow.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Kona Kase - Endurance Nutrition: A Review

Recently, I received an email from Kona Kase offering me an opportunity to receive one of the monthly subscription boxes that they produce in exchange for a review. I accepted, as I have been interested in Kona Kase for several months now, since seeing a review another blog.

Note: I received this box at no cost to me in exchange for this review. I have received no other compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.

 Here are some details about the Kase from their website:
  • monthly subscriptions start at $15 per month - discount available if you order multiple months (+free  shipping!)
  • the Kase includes endurance nutrition samples delivered right to your door!
  • Soon you will be able to go to the Kona Kase site to buy the full sized products!
I have been looking forward to getting the box for a while (almost started a subscription at least a half dozen times), so I was definitely going to open the box right away.
Pictured is the list of products included, along with some coupon codes (if you want to go to their websites and order them in full size packages) and I started unpacking the box.
First thing I pulled out of the box were caveman cookies.
I have eaten one of these so far. It was pretty sweet, but not really sugar sweet. It was kind of more of a honey taste to me. I think I might be ordering some of these, using the coupon code that was in my box! I am saving the other one for J, I know he likes to try things too.

  • body glove surge
  • chia bar
  • granola
I have not tried any of these items yet.They are in the cabinet waiting. The body glove surge is a gel, so I am going to save that for once I get back to training. The granola and chia bar are likely on next week's snack/breakfast list.
  • Pro Bar Bolt - energy chews
  • Enjoy Life Seed & Fruit trail mix
  • Garuka Bars
I gave J the chews as well as the trail mix. These are usually his favorite things. He has tried them both for snacks yesterday. He loved them. He has already started doing research on where to buy the Pro Bar chews. :) That makes me smile. I ate the Garuka bar for breakfast this morning. It had peanuts and was honey based. I would buy these again if I found them at Whole Foods or something.

Perky Jerky...  I gave this to J as well. He loved it.

If you are interested in trying Kona Kase yourself, check out For $5 off your first month, enter the code GIFTSUMMER at check out!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Some Preggo Workouts Recently

Now that I am nearing the end of my pregnancy and have ZERO desire to STOP working out (but also have zero desire to walk for an hour anymore... it's too hot!) I have been trying to come up with some Jillian-esque circuit workouts, similar to my beloved 30DS (which I am doing about twice per week with modified/standing abs that mostly work the obliques as anything "crunch-like" clearly cannot happen right now!). Just a keep going, non-stop, cardio, strength, quick set that lasts about 25 minutes. I am still using just my 5 lb dumbbells, but I am finally starting to feel like my right tricep is regaining some strength that it lost from being jacked up for a while due to being in a sling from a displaced bone. (Wow, that was one heck of a description!) So I am confident that I will be at full strength soon!

On Tuesday night, I made up the following workout and completed it after I got home from the office:
The whole thing took me about 25 minutes. I have stopped worrying about jumping exercises as long as they don't cause me any pain (they have not been) as I am a-ok to give birth at any time now, and that is why I was nervous originally. So if I am having hip or lower back pain, I ease up, if not, full steam ahead!

Yesterday, I made the decision that it was WAY TOO HOT to walk at lunchtime, which was my original workout plan. So I decided to stay in the office for lunch (giving me an extra working hour) and leave a little bit earlier to go home, giving me a bit of extra time before I headed to therapy. When I got home, I hammered through my 27 minute (including warm up/cool down) 30DS and felt pretty good when it was done. Once again, wall pushups in place of the regular, as I am not sure that I trust my right arm to support half of me right now. I think I will be ready to try that AFTER Addie is born. So, just in case it collapses on me, I don't crush a baby!

Today I decided to do something that I haven't done since I broke my elbow. GO TO THE GYM. I was just going to do cardio today, and it was once again SO HOT OUTSIDE so I decided to hit the elliptical instead.
After 45 minutes on the elliptical at a really nice clip, I was sweaty and felt awesome.
Post workout in non-maternity workout clothes. Thank goodness for Addie still sitting up high so I can wear my normal shorts (they are a little tight in the legs. I have definitely gained a bit of inner thigh pudge, but we'll take care of that soon enough!) 

So far this week I have worked out 4 times! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

In Office Baby Shower!

Thanks for all of the love on my post Monday about being full term. It is super hard for me to believe that I have come this far, and every day I start to feel more and more nervous to be honest, just since I am playing the waiting game now. It is kind of fun but scary!

On Monday I was feeling a little bored and ready to add a few miles to July, which is seriously lagging behind all prior months. Recently, knowing I have just been walking, I have not even been packing gym clothes for work, even though I am frequently working out at lunch. Walking apparently makes me lazy like that? But on Monday, knowing it was going to be sweltering outside, I had packed shorts and a tank top. Regular, non-maternity (!!!) shorts and a tank top. My Rogas ride low enough that I can still wear them, even in my regular size and my ViewSport tank has a good amount of give to it, so that works preggo as well!

I set out with plans to go about 3 miles, had my runtastic app ready to go, and was figuring I would be out about 45 minutes. I got bored. And I started jogging. I just set myself small little fartlek-y type goals. Run from the black mailbox to the brown one three houses down. Run to that street sign, etc. My legs actually felt BETTER to jog than they did to walk. Maybe my stride is better than I thought it was? I can always hope, with my return to running looming in a distance...

About 2.25 miles in, I got a text from my boss. He wanted to know if I was out walking, and could I come in? Immediately, I started feeling nervous. I mean, when your boss wants to see you right away, you feel nervous, you can't help it. Now, because our building is a quarter mile around it, lots of people just walk laps around it for their lunch time exercise. I have been big on this myself, but on this day, I actually was away from the office, over by the lake that I have posted pics of previously. I told him I was about 10 minutes out, and wanted to know if there was some kind of accounting emergency or something. (J text me last week about an accounting emergency, which I laughed at. Now here I am asking about one myself!) He said no, no big deal, just come back. So I did. Upon arrival (before showering, changing, etc) I was greeted with this:
A beautiful cake with sparkly pink mary janes (real shoes!) on top from my coworkers. They had planned a little in office baby shower for me! (Ok, TINA planned a little in office shower for me, but lots of others contributed!) We had a small container of pulled chicken and bbq on the side from city bbq as the main dish (other than this cake, which I believe to be a main dish) and some other coworkers contributed side dishes like pasta salad, a veggie flatbread, etc. And they all chipped in and got us a gift card to Buy Buy Baby as well! We are planning on using that to purchase the Pack-n-Play for travel to Toledo, etc.

A HUGE thank you to my coworkers (if they see this!) for the super surprise on Monday!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Full Term TODAY!

I am officially full term as of today. 37 weeks, which is very difficult for me to believe. Or easy to believe... definitely still trying to figure it all out. Regardless, little Miss Addie is welcome to show her face any time now and we know that she will be great!
That is a nice fresh picture from the work bathroom (site of nearly ALL bump pics) this morning. To note... wedding rings are ON, flip flops are the best shoes, and ankles are VERY minimally swollen. All good things.

As I think I mentioned in an entry last week, I was measuring a little small, so they scheduled me for an ultrasound just to make sure everything was ok. I was a little nervous, although likely NOT as nervous as J was about this, because my mom said she had that same situation with me! She was measuring small around 35-36 weeks, so she had an ultrasound, they estimated I was actually BIG, and then I was born 50 minutes past my due date (aka, on time, pretty much). So that had me rather reassured. Regardless, we had the ultrasound on Friday and J left work to be at the appointment with me!
After checking things out and measuring my fluid levels, etc, I was told that she is in there, perfectly comfy, head down (woo hoo!) and about 6 lbs. Basically, my doctor said that it is likely that she and I are just little. No issues or anything, we are just both pretty small! She anticipated Addie being about 6lbs 10oz-ish at delivery. Of course, there is no way to predict this, but that was her thought based on experience.

I am like 98% sure based on seeing her that she is going to have a full head of dark hair like Rachel (my sis) and I both had. Look at that little nose! Omg. SO EXCITING!

After the ultrasound, J and I both were feeling good, so he returned to work, and I went home to finish my work day. I also had a PT appointment later in the afternoon and I received my new robo-arm.
Yes, it is green. Yes, it is heavy, and no it is not pinned to my arm (someone on facebook asked me that) thank goodness. There is a crank on it, and the crank helps to straighten out the arm. I have gotten it to about 5* and held there for about 15 minutes so far. But in reality, I am not 100% sure what it is doing, or really, IF it is doing what I think it is doing. I am not sure if it is actually straightening or if the cuffs are just squeezing the hell out of my arm. Haha. I am sure it is helping at least a little bit, anyway. So I wear it for one hour at a time, three times per day. Basically, so far, it sucks, and it hurts. But I will keep on keeping on because anything that is going to help me get better, I feel like I need to do!

And then there is this guy:
He was feeling incredibly apologetic after getting yelled at for peeing in his daddy's lap (haha).

Friday, July 12, 2013

An Ultrasound and a Brace

I sent my husband a text. It says "Is it weird that I feel guilty if I am not logging miles (even walking) even though I am doing some kind of workout every single day? Why is that? Why do I feel guilty?" And that is absolutely the truth. I feel guilty because I have legs that are sore, that hurt when I walk more than a half mile these days, and therefore walking even is potentially not a good plan. I have been tired, therefore not getting up at 4:35 in the morning, so I have not been making it to the gym, so the elliptical has been out as well.

Yesterday was a little bit more of the same. I did a strength circuit, lower body, that I found on Tina's website. Thank you again, Tina, for providing a burning lower body workout that will likely help me deliver in a few short weeks, not to mention got my legs and glutes burning yesterday.

Today is another day of physical therapy. It is also the day that I am getting my brace. It is coming in this morning, and the guy that works for the company is meeting me about a half hour prior to my therapy appointment to make any adjustments to it that he needs to so it fits me perfectly and he will be showing me how to use it, lock it into place, and set it to continuously put light pressure on my arm so it continues working on the extension that I definitely need more help with. So I have high hopes that wearing it for several hours every day will help get my full range of motion back and I will stop thinking about my elbow. Seriously, I think about it right now almost as much as I think about Addie!

FYI - the baby app, it says Addie is a watermelon right now. Holy smokes. I must have a seedless watermelon, because those are a little smaller, right? At least, that is how I feel. She cannot be that big, right? I am definitely a little bit nervous about it as it gets closer and closer to being real. But I guess that is legit, I would imagine that most moms to be, regardless of how nervous or excited they are about being moms, are nervous about the actual delivery part. I mean, its a painful thing!

OOO!!! Other fun big news...  J and I have an ultrasound scheduled today for 11:15 am. Last week when I went to the doctor, I was measuring small (which the doctor thought was kind of strange since I had been measuring dead on since the beginning), so they decided to do an ultrasound, basically to confirm that maybe she was just a little smaller and that there was no constriction of growth. The doc also thought it was possible that she was just measuring slightly different since I had been right on track and I have gained appropriate weight (I am at around 26 lbs). I am looking forward to getting to see her and see how different she is looking right now compared to 19ish weeks, which was the last time we got to see her (and didn't even know it was a her until two days later at the party!)

I am working from home today because of these two appointments that will be taking up such a large portion of my day. In addition to the appointments, I hope to get a little bit of cleaning done in my room, and a little bit of a circuit workout or something in.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Circuit Training - Modified

As I know that walking is honestly starting to hurt my legs (the swelling has started, not to mention 25 lbs is absolutely having an impact!), I was hoping to find some kind of circuit training workout online yesterday that would incorporate strength and cardio. Lots of my fave bloggers post workouts like this all the time, so I started and found success with Tina.
Thank you Tina for the cool/pinnable image!

However, with the state that I am in (36+weeks, along with an elbow that cannot support the heavier - or heck, even the lighter! - version of me) I chose to modify it to work for me. That's what you have to do, right? So here is MY version of the above.
So thank you to Tina for a solid full body workout that I was able to adjust for myself to work even though some of my abilities are currently limited!

I did 5 full rounds and it took me just over a half hour. I used my 5 lbs dumbbells on all of the exercises that were not cardio. It was a solid workout, and I absolutely was a sweaty mess by the time that I was through all 5 rounds! It will be a repeat one in it's real state once I am able to do it fully!

Did you workout yesterday?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

3 Trimester Woes & Workouts

At 36+ weeks, my body is definitely (literally and figuratively) feeling the pressure of being pregnant. The feelings of constantly being stretched out, spatial relations issues, nausea returning in full force, and some swelling are all occurring. Not to mention the fact that I am completely exhausted about 98% of the time. I have not been getting up for morning workouts, my legs have been sore and therefore not wanting to walk, and I generally am just feeling like loafing around. It is not so fun right now. I am still squeezing in workouts, they are just not the same as the ones that I have been doing - as in, the miles are just not adding up.

But at least I am squeezing in a workout of SOME kind, every single day. Yesterday, I actually managed to do a workout that I have not done for a pretty long time. I did the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, modified for 36 weeks of pregnancy, as well as the fact that my elbow isn't yet strong enough for push-ups (wall push-ups it is!). I also modified by keeping my jumping cardio a little bit less impact, and obviously, standing core/abs stuff. While I was doing the workout apparently Zeus needed some place to rest his head. He had it resting on the lower level of the coffee table. It cracked me up watching him just stand there (yep, STANDING) with his head just resting. But then I sat down to stretch after the video and he immediately found a more comfortable position.
That is my knee and a little puppy dog head resting on it. He cracks me up.

After finishing the workout, I fell asleep on the couch with my pups crowding the baby and I. It was an accident to fall asleep, as I was supposed to be running to Sam's Club to stock up on chicken and a few other things that we need. But it was an accident. I am beat these days, so I just couldn't help it.

And here is a very dark 36 week bump shot.
You get the idea... :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Doc Follow Up and PANCAKES

I might have a pancake problem. Haha. This entry was not going to be about pancakes necessarily, but I just read a blog entry from one of my #sweatpink sistas that had a pancake recipe in it, and now they are on my brain. I love pancakes. I could eat them for all meals.Waffles too. Waffles, I think, are simply special pancakes. With holes for more syrup. Here is one of my favorite pancakes (ok, waffles):
Homemade protein waffles (recycled pic from an OLD entry). Yum! I think I need to make a HUGE batch of these this weekend. Freeze them up for easy eating when Addie gets here. (In fact, I also need to make a lasagna and enchiladas for then!)

I had an appointment with my surgeon this morning. It has been 4 weeks since the last one. He had my therapy progress report and we had more x-rays done. Addie has had more x-rays in me than J has had his entire life, I bet! But I am always leaden with lead, so don't worry, we are taking good care of her! :) He said it looks like my fracture is now completely healed (woo hoo!) but because I am still experiencing a good amount of tightness (especially on the extension) I am going to continue at physical therapy. In addition, they are ordering me what is called a "dynamic brace". Apparently the doc and Carmen both thought this might be a good idea, they just haven't had a chance to talk to each other about it.
Now I do not know that mine will look exactly like this or anything, but what I do know is that it is basically a spring loaded brace that will continuously put pressure on my arm to gently extend it for a longer period of time and hold it into place. I am nervous about it, but I assume (and HOPE!) my insurance will pay for it. *cross your fingers for me*

And I head back to Carmen tomorrow for 2x/week visits. I actually did not even schedule my next appointment with Dr. Penix, as he wants to see me in 4 weeks. 4 weeks from today is August 6. I am due on August 5. Amazing. lol. So when we get closer and I know what MIGHT be going on, then I will schedule my appointment.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Baseball and Groceries

This weekend was one that I have been looking forward to for quite some time. I was even more looking forward to it after none of my family made it in from Toledo for my Cincinnati baby shower. With my mom getting into an accident on her way down here (everyone was fine - that is why no mention prior to now. That and it made me really sad that she didn't come!), and my sister having some other obligations with her husbands family, I was left family-less at my shower. Yes, J's family was there, but that is definitely NOT the same. I know that lots of husbands don't understand that, but I bet most women out there would agree with me.

I was looking forward to it because my youngest brother, Joe, was coming down for the weekend! Karen had given J her tickets for the Saturday Reds game because they could not attend. The Seattle Mariners were in town for some interleague action and for some reason (that I definitely do not understand) my brother Joe is a Seattle fan. Yes, we are from Northwest Ohio. That is prime Tigers or Indians country - and he likes Seattle? Well, I guess my husband likes the Chiefs instead of the Lions, Browns, or Bengals.... So somehow these things happen. So J had been texting him pretty much since the schedule came out, which the two of them working on plans to see some baseball this weekend. They had 2 tickets for Saturday (so I stayed home) and we bought 3 for Sunday, so I was going to get to attend my first Reds game of the season. (I have been up to Detroit for a game already. That is much more important, obviously.)

Friday night was pretty standard. Walking on the treadmill and getting work done in the afternoon, and then when J got home we headed across town to Jungle Jim's to do our grocery shopping. Jungle Jim's is kind of epic as far as grocery stores go. We have two locations here in Cincinnati, and they are HUGE. To think that this all started because of a guy selling vegetables (and other produce) out of the back of his pick up truck years ago...  According to the Wikipedia page for Jungle Jim's, the market is over 300,000 square feet, and I don't doubt it. They have sections for all kinds of world foods, and have just about everything that you could ever hope to have. It really is a NEAT store. And, fun fact, the bathroom there has won Cintas's "Best Restroom in America" award. They are pretty sweet bathrooms.

I rested on the couch for a while after we walked around the store. I have not been swelling too much, but I am doing what I can to prevent that as well.
I love hanging out on my couch in compression. It KIND OF makes me feel like a runner still, even though clearly I am not currently one. And my running socks. Because clearly I was feeling like mentally depressing myself with as much running gear as possible (you can't see it, but I am also wearing a pair of Oiselle Roga shorts). We had sliders for dinner (a pull out of the freezer dream dinners variety), and they were ok. We would get them again, but they were not really anything special.

The weekend was full of baseball games with a Reds win on Saturday and loss on Sunday (whoops...  that was the one I was at and J's first Reds loss this season!) and lots more rain. Yesterday was pretty good, but it rained for the majority of Friday night and Saturday (but the game still was squeezed in!) My brother has gone home again (he left after the game yesterday), but it was really great having him here!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Physical Therapy & the Weekend

Well, I survived going back to work on Friday after being off on Thursday. Luckily, Friday is a very easy day for me right now with all of my physical therapy, etc. So after PT, I usually head home and just work from my couch for the remainder of the afternoon. Yesterday was no exception. After physical therapy, I headed home, changed into comfy workout clothes, brought the laundry down the basement, loaded the first load into the washer, and got myself set up on my computer to work for a few more hours.

Physical therapy was a good trip today. It was my last scheduled visit. She is recommending two times per week for the next 4 weeks, going forward, but it will be determined by the doctor. It all depends on his expectations. I have made progress toward EVERY goal that I set for myself when I first started going to PT, however I have not met all of the goals. Just made progress toward them. So if he thinks I need more progress, and I can continue to make progress, then I will be scheduling more visits! It is kind of sad/scary that I don't know yet if I am going to be going back at all right now.

Yesterday marked 1 month until my due date. Addie is due on August 5. It is hard to believe that I am right there now. It is pretty scary, but awesome at the same time. As I have said a few times, I just want to know what everything is going to be like now. I am just ready to feel what all of these new things are going to be like. I don't know much about being a mom yet, but I am really looking forward to figuring it all out. I am scared about figuring it all out as well, but I guess that is part of the package of becoming a mother for the first time. Right? Moms out there?

I got my full workout/walk in on Friday as well, which was pretty good, and I felt happy about it. It's amazing how much better I feel when I get through the full walk.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Real Life Lifting

Yesterday was a pretty big freaking deal, at least I thought so. I actually "strength trained" with my 5 lb weights! Yes, its not my 15-20s that I was using, but I did it. I sweat like a beast (was it just that tough? or is that baby related?) I am at that point in my pregnancy where I am definitely starting to question the things that I can or cannot do because "what if it makes the baby come". So even though I think I could have handled the 30 Day Shred yesterday (well, modifying abs and doing wall pushups instead of the regular), I wasn't sure if the jump style of the cardio was a good plan.

So I skipped cardio yesterday and chose to lift instead. Here is the workout I did (and am obscenely proud of myself for completing!)
Wall pushups are tough on my elbow, but I am working on them consistently and I hope to move them back to girlie pushups and regular pushups once Addie arrives and I am ready to get back to exercise again! It took me right around 30 minutes to complete this full body workout and I knew it was a good one because Teek was licking the salty sweat off of my face! (Don't you judge a good workout by your dog trying to give you kisses?)

It poured for pretty much the entire day here in Cincinnati, yesterday, which is unfortunate because I like to think of the 4th as the biggest play outside and have a cookout day of the entire year! J and I managed to sneak outside for about 20 minutes in the evening to grill some corn and burgers. I guess that is better than nothing. Turns out, EVERYONE loves corn on the cob!
Oh my goodness. They were hilarious picking the kernels right off. J was not worried about it being good for them or not "since their food is full of corn anyway." They LOVED it. It was sweet enough that it didn't even need any butter, so we weren't worried about that.

Our burgers and corn on the cob is pretty much all we had for 4th of July celebrating with all of the rain. We are both working today, so we didn't go see any fireworks. The big Cincinnati fireworks are actually held off until Labor Day, so Blue Ash (the suburb we live in) has the big ones for the 4th. So we could easily hear them when we were in bed, but that was it. I am glad that they still had them, especially because they always bring in a pretty big/popular band from the 70s for a free concert. We have had Peter Frampton, Kenny Rogers, Huey Lewis and the News, and Foreigner in the years we have lived here. This year was Foreigner. We actually attempted to go the the Peter Frampton show that first summer, but it was DREADFULLY hot, and SO crowded. From then on we resorted to hanging in the backyard where you can at least still see some of the fireworks.

Did you go see fireworks last night? Or are you lame and sleeping just like J and I?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Middle of the Week - OFF Tomorrow!

I don't know that I have ever in my life been more relieved to have a day off work. It's not like all of the dreading and rolling to get to Friday. This is like the highest stress, most needed day off ever. I have had a stressful and overwhelming week. It is strange, it is close here at the office, but I am kind of an outside participant this time, which feels very strange. My temp started last Friday and I am kind of letting him go at it alone so he can learn the job. I have been reviewing and stuff, and keeping up with bank related tasks because we have not transitioned those over to my cohort, Tina, yet.

I also hope to be here for another month (well, maybe 3 weeks?) so I am taking my time teaching some new things, so I can continue to HAVE work at least for right now. I know that by the end, I am likely to be doing nothing. I guess that is just the way it is for right now.

I am now through 11 sessions of physical therapy of the 12 that I had booked. My doctor wants me to have 18, and my insurance approved 20. The 12th session is on Friday after the holiday. I assume that we will schedule a few more at that time, and maybe move to two a week, but she might want to wait until I see Dr. Penix next Tuesday and he can check out my progress report at that time, etc. I guess I will find out on Friday what the new plan is! I know that I am making some progress, even though it does not feel as fast or as natural as I might want it to. But progress is progress, and when Addie gets here I will be good to go with holding her, etc.

So, funny story. I know I post pictures here of Zeus all the time because he is my favorite little guy. I was feeling guilty about neglecting Teek, and decided to try and get some pictures of her while she was cuddled up next to me on the couch last night. Here is the resulting photo.
Oh hey Zeus! Did you want your picture taken? He was jumping all over me. But I did finally get a picture of Teek.
What a nice girl...

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Baby Update

So I was 35 weeks preggo yesterday. I would guess that if the baby started coming they still might try and get her to stop, but that will not happen for too much longer! Eiii! Hard to believe! Here I am at 35 weeks and one day (yep, office bathroom selfie!)
Yes, I am definitely feeling pregnant (also known as gigantic!) and quite uncomfortable at this point. I am ready to keep moving on with this process so I can start to feel normal in my own skin. It is not as bad as I necessarily expected it to be, because it seems to be very obvious that I am mostly all baby. Yes, there are some additional fat stores (love handles and inner thighs come to mind) but if you looked at me from behind I would look "normal", so that signals to me that my body does know what it is doing, and this will be fine once she is here and I will get my body back to normal. Hopefully comfortably.

I did get a nice shot (thanks to Leah!) of me with the girls who planned my rainbow shower! I am eternally grateful to them for the wonderful time they showed me, all of the beautiful decorations (several of which I kept - I am thinking RAINBOW FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY!), the wonderful food, and helping me get all of my local friends together in one place!
I figured the chevron dress was most shower appropriate, since it seems like you are supposed to wear a dress, and this one is MUCH more colorful than the black one I wore to my Toledo shower! However, it definitely gives me ZERO shape. I understand that I have a gigantic bump that is changing my shape, but I guess i would expect a slight in right under my chest before the bump. I feel like I have that in my shirt that I am wearing today (wow, hyper critical?) In order, for those we haven't had pictures of yet... Leah, Karen, me, Katie, and Angela (my SIL). Everyone looks so sunny and bright colored in this picture, I love it!

Hope you have a lovely Tuesday!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Baby Shower Food!

Cooking and baking. I flipping love to do that, even though I am not that great at it. Well, baking I seem to generally have under control, but cooking...  its another story.

This weekend I made a few different foodie items for my baby shower. I know I mentioned it in a previous entry, but my mom and I were supposed to make a savory casserole (which I had volunteered to make) and twisties, which my mom had volunteered. I planned to put the casserole together on Saturday afternoon before she arrived, and then we would just bake it on Sunday morning before we left! The twisties had to be done on Sunday because they are just 3000x better when they are fresh!

That is the casserole after I put it together. I could not find a recipe that I really liked, so I pretty much just winged it. It is a layer of hashbrowns (frozen, shredded), then a layer of sausage - which I browned, more hashbrowns, then I dumped a dozen eggs (beaten) over the top, figuring they would absorb (and they did), topped with 1 cup (I measured!) shredded 2% cheddar cheese. I baked it for an hour at 375* and it got a little brown on top. It was perfect! J and I both had a piece of what was left for breakfast today.

Now the twisties, I got a little creative with my photography and took step pictures. I will CONSIDER sharing the recipe, but I am not going to do it yet. I think my family likes the fact that it's a special thing, but you can at least see the steps and see how easy they really are!

So you start with Pillsbury crescent rolls. Unroll them onto a cutting board in rectangles and press the diagonal seams together (since the rolls are normally triangles).
I have 8 sheets there, so 4 of them I top with the cinnamon filling. Then you make them into 4 sandwiches.
 Cut each "sandwich" into 8 approximately equal strips. 
Twist those 8 strips and place on a nonstick ungreased cookie sheet. (I have standard Wilton baking sheets you can get at Bed Bath and Beyond or anywhere, really. My mom has fancy sheets that are around $25 each that she buys at Michael's when she has a coupon! Mine work just fine, but hers are definitely better!) Typically each twistie gets about 3 full twists and I press the ends down a little on the sheet so they don't come untwisted.
Once I fill the sheet (4 sandwiches, so 32 twisties-ish), they go in the oven at 350* for about 9 minutes (but watch them. You don't want them to get too dark!) Once they come off, immediately remove them from the cookie sheet, if you do not, that cinnamon filling becomes glue-like. Cool them upside down on foil, parchment paper, wax paper, whatever you have. Honestly, I am not sure of the logic of cooling them upsidedown, but that is what my mom does, and she is the expert!
After they are cool, flip them and ice them with the simple confectioners icing (butter or magarine, hot water, powdered sugar) and wait for the icing to dry before stacking them on a plate or in a container to go to your party!

My whole extended family (as well as those we bring into the family like J and Rachie's husband Chris!) LOVE these, and anyone who went to school with my siblings and I know them because they were the birthday treat of choice (teachers would talk about getting the next sibling in their class, so they could get them too!)

They are basically like little cinnamon rolls, and OH SO DELICIOUS.

Anything special like this your family makes and everyone knows about?