Friday, January 31, 2014

House Hunting: An Update

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If you just got here yesterday evening or today... notice anything different around here? I am super proud and pleased to show off my new blog layout and design by Erin over at Love, Fun and Football! If you like what you see (and you SHOULD, because it is awesome) you can procure her awesome services here. There you can also see examples of her work other than my blog (also price is SUPER reasonable, and a very fast turnaround time, I mean, less than a week!) Not to mention Erin is a fellow Cincinnatian who will be running her first half at the Flying Pig this year!

This weekend is likely a BIG weekend when it comes to J and I finding our dream home, so that is kind of what I want to update today. Where we are in this process...

As of this moment, I have visited 5 houses. J has visited just 2. The ones I like, but he is unsure about I go to at lunchtime, and then if I REALLY loved them, we could go back together. But so far, I haven't REALLY loved any of the three. One of the ones we visited last weekend together we both liked, but the problem was the layout. It had 4 bedrooms (good, that is what we are looking for!) but they were on three different floors! One in the basement, the master on the first floor, and the other two on the second floor! That layout just didn't thrill us. The other was pretty much a fail.

We also took a trip out to Liberty Township last Saturday to meet with one of the sales reps for a subdivision that we very much were considering building in. We had done all of our research, knowing where things should fall out with costs, etc, and we were comfortable with the fact that we were going to get the exact house that we wanted within our price range. Unfortunately, there were a few things that we had no idea about (a premium lot, the fact that we were moving into Phase 2 of the housing, so those prices were higher) that we had to cross building off of our list.

Today is a big day because there are three guys upstairs in my bedroom right now, painting it white white white (it used to have one red wall and three orange walls. I loved it for a time, but I am honestly kind of glad that it will be white. We are thinking (and hoping) that something more neutral will help the house to sell more quickly. Laurie says (and after being through a few houses, I tend to agree), that having someone else's taste very obvious throughout the house makes it more difficult to picture your stuff in the house. So painting our bedroom and also the basement (which was full of sports memorabilia) were high on the list of things that needed to be done. By the time I pick up Addie tonight, it will be complete!

Tomorrow we will be headed out to our next potential home (or three of them). We are visiting three homes, all of which seem rather promising. So I am excited to see them. We need to start working to get all of our ducks in a row with financing as well, but we are not too worried about that right now. Jason is very very good with his credit and I am constantly making strides to improve my situation as well, so I know that we will get approved for the loan. :) It is nice to be able to be confident about that.

Monday, we are likely going to have two families come through our house, so we are spending the weekend getting everything cleaned and organized. How cool would it be if both couples/families were interested in it?

Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Confidence Booster

Good morning! What did YOU do yesterday that helped you to be a better person today? I managed to get out for a run. Thank goodness. As I mentioned in yesterday's entry, I have been craving it and unable to get out of the office sometimes.

But yesterday I managed to make it work (yahoo!) so I headed home to my treadmill at lunch with plans to do the fartlek workout that was on my schedule for Monday.
So that is where I ended up yesterday. It was a pretty good run, although by the 5th repeat I was definitely beginning to feel a little bit tired! Regardless, it felt great to go long-ish on a Wednesday! Not to mention I am working to regain some speed that I lost following my injury and pregnancy. It feels good to go comfortably fast again.

Does getting in a quick run boost your confidence like it does mine?


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ideas for Coping with Anxiety

I was feeling overwhelmed with my workload (and therefore, shutting down a little bit) when I came across this article on facebook.

Things to Do When You're Anxious

I might harbor more anxiety than the average person (in fact, I absolutely do!), and so reading this article in a moment of anxiety hit the spot for me. So let's look at some of these options, shall we?

Stop thinking of myself, stop overthinking.
Yeah, Em. Take a breath. I am 99% sure that no one else is looking at the situation with the same stress level as you. It is difficult to just shut down thinking when your mind is going 1M miles per minute (which is often how I end up anxious in the first place), but relax.
DO Something.
In reality, I am all for distractions. If there is something that can get my mind to focus, slow down, and get back to functioning, I am all for it. The top thing on this list for me is to go for a run. Unfortunately, with work being busy the way that it is right now, this is not always possible for me. There are more days when i cannot leave to go and get a workout in because I am slammed with various projects, etc. So now I need to figure out some alternative plans that might help to alleviate the anxiety that do not involve leaving my office (in case I cannot break out!)
Focus on Giving
This is not referring to giving to charity or donating your time (although that would probably help too!) but more giving your time, attention, and help to someone else. In my case, the easiest/best way to do this is by focusing on Addie. In general, she demands a lot of time and attention, and giving it to her definitely helps me to feel better about everything else that is going on around me.
Talk about it
Why do you think I blog about it? :)
Focus on the humor
Sometimes you definitely (ok, I definitely) worry about things that are ridiculous. I might be the queen of this. You cannot be afraid to laugh at yourself when you catch yourself doing that.

And in my case? At least I have someone who will smile at me no matter how ridiculous I am being.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fitbook Review and Giveaway

Through my relationship with Fit Approach as a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I was recently given the opportunity to review a newly available website to log your food intake, exercise, and goals!

Here is the headline of the Press Release for the Fitbook, which was just recently released here in the US!
Fitbook Launches in U.S. to Help Consumers
Achieve New Year's Resolutions

Now, I have been a tracker of these things via MyFitnessPal and SparkPeople for years, but because I am not strictly looking to lose weight, I have always felt like something was missing for me on those virtual platforms. They seem to be focused on those who want to lose, rather than those who want to focus on eating more cleanly or getting stronger. Since I am in that boat, I thought that maybe having the goals feature would help me with that.
There are many pre-programmed goals that you can select, and then select the frequency that you would like to use to accomplish them. This encourages setting small weekly goals so you can see your progress and continue to develop. I added two myself, to run 4x per week (as my plan states) and to take a multivitamin every day. As a premium member, you are also able to create your OWN goals rather than just using the pre-programmed ones.

There is obviously a place to track your diet. There are tons of foods out there already in their database. You can search by manufacturer (read: Quaker) as well as item (Oatmeal) and browse to make sure that you are getting the best thing.
It automatically breaks down your proteins, carbs and fat, and there are options to add tracking of other nutrients as well. I am planning on adding "sugar" to mine. That is definitely the big thing that I need to work on lessening in my diet!

The exercise module is also straightforward. You can search by equipment (treadmill), whether you are working inside or outside (indoors), or by activity (run).
As a premium member, you would also have access to workout plans that are available, including videos demonstrating various exercises to ensure you are using correct form, etc.

There is also an iphone app which is FREE and it syncs right up with the desktop version.

Have I sold you on this product? I have been given the chance to give away a 6 month premium membership to fitbook to one of my readers! Are you interested?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway will be open until February 3 at 11:59 pm!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekly Workouts: Week of January 20

Another week has come and gone and this one was a rough one. It was my first "real" week of training for the Owens Corning Half Marathon (assuming the standard 12 week plan), and it did not go overly well.
We have a lot going on, we are trying to find a home and trying to get our home ready to sell, so my workouts needed to slip a little bit. I guess that is what happens when life gets in the way, right?

I only worked out two times this week. That is terrible, right? It feels terrible. It makes me feel like a slacker, even though it truly was all I could make work this week.

Monday: Off work - Long run, 10 miles on treadmill
Tuesday: busy
Wednesday: busy
Thursday: 4.3 miles in 40 minutes
Friday: see houses
Saturday: busy
Sunday: busy

So there you go. What a terrible week of workouts for me. I mean, yes, I did manage to hammer through 10 miles on the treadmill, which is never easy, but the week overall is nothing like I wanted it to be.

How were your workouts last week?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Long Run Done

Ugh, it is back to freezing here in Cincinnati. We are in the negative temps (before windchills) again, polar vortex round 2. It is miserable, and I feel like we have a million things going on with the house, etc. I guess all we do is keep moving forward. We are trying to do that for sure. I have been making phone calls to all kinds of different folks (lenders, painters, real estate folks, builders, etc) and trying to set up times to get together with different people but still trying to work some extra hours here and there.

Things are extremely busy at work, as we have a lot of changes going on currently. That is stressful in and of itself, and when you throw other things on top of that, it means I get less running time in, which is an additional level of stress, at least for me. But it is not a forever thing, and so I just have to deal with it. Today I am hoping to escape for an hour at lunchtime to squeeze in 6+ miles.

Monday, I had a holiday from work, so I decided to do my long run then instead of on Saturday. Addie was at school, so this seemed like a really good plan. I turned on the Biggest Loser episode that I had recorded from the prior week, and hit the treadmill.
Just over an hour and a half later, I hit 10 miles. On the treadmill. I took one short break to get some water after 7 miles and I let my dogs out quickly, but I was back at it within 3 minutes. It felt great, and I was proud of myself. Also, I was wearing all pink, which mostly just made me happy.

PS I recently purchased my first pair of Oiselle Distance Shorts, and they are AMAZING. Even better than my previous Rogas (although I still love them too). I am wearing them in the above picture because you gotta go all pink!

How do you handle busy and stressful weeks?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon - Running for Charity

Have you ever run a race for charity? Sure, you ran the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure, which is obviously a HUGE fundraiser. I ran that, it was my very first race!

I also ran in the Kentucky Bourbon Chase Relay for the American Heart Association. The Bourbon Chase is a race that is easier to get into once you run it the first time, so my team chose to raise funds for a guaranteed entry. As a 12 man team, we had to raise $6,000 (or $500 apiece). They offered a website to do your fundraising on, and between family and my coworkers, I easily raised my $500.

If you are considering running the Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon, you might also consider fundraising for the race. The marathon is looking to raise a total of $75,000 for all of the charities involved, this is no small feat, but it can work out with the help of all of the runners involved.

I am choosing to spotlight Kids Unlimited, an organization in Toledo that I have some personal knowledge of because of friends that are involved in the organization.
Kids Unlimited has a healthy goal of raising $25,000 through the Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon, and that is possible with runners raising funds.

From the Kids Unlimited website:
Kids Unlimited commits to offering children in underserved areas the opportunities they need to reach their fullest potential. We will do this by helping them develop the necessary academic and social tools, along with a strong sense of values and character, within an atmosphere of love and respect.

You can find out more about Kids Unlimited by visiting their website. You can help them reach their goal for the Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon by visiting their fundraising page.

To get more information about charities raising money through the Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon, or to fundraise yourself, please visit the lead donation page here, and let's make a difference!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekly Workouts: Week of January 13

So another week down toward training for my big time Owens Corning Half Marathon goals. Another week of hitting my mileage goals (overall) and finally bringing some speedwork and tempo type work back into play. I had taken some time from those after the holiday and honestly, was probably feeling a little bit lazy and a little bit unmotivated.

So last week I admittedly slacked a bit on the non-running activity. That always seems to be my problem when I start to focus on the miles. I drop the other things when time gets tight. I am not sure what the right answer is to that, but I guess I am happy with what I did do?

Here is a rundown of the week:
Monday: Speedwork, treadmill 5.25 miles
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: Maintenance run, outdoors, 5 miles
Thursday: rest
Friday: Tempo work, fartleks, treadmill, 5 miles
Saturday: long run cut short by baby. 5.3 miles, treadmill

Total miles: 20.55

That Saturday long run... Ugh, I am disappointed, but I guess that is what training with a baby is going to be like for me. J has to work on Saturday mornings for the first quarter, so I am working hard to try and fit things in, because I still need to get the miles in. But my goal was to get 6.5 miles, and I only got 5.3. She just started crying and was not interested in calming down, even if I hugged her, rocked her, got her some different toys, etc. So that ended the run. She has a little cold (cough, lots of snot), so I am sure that that certainly does not help anything!

This morning we are officially moving into that 12 week window that is the norm for training for a half, so now is the time to buckle down and focus on my training. I am kind of looking forward to being in the "official" training window now, although I know that 12 weeks will fly by!

How did your training week go?

Friday, January 17, 2014

In Search of Our Dream House

So, I mentioned J and I and our hunt for a potential new house yesterday. I guess it might be time already to start talking about that.

The house that we live in now, we were pursuing 4 years ago, right around this time. We were not married, were not even engaged, and in fact had only been together for about 6 months (we had dated for a time prior to that but it was rather tumultuous with J trying to figure things out with an ex). At the time, not being together for that long yet, when he started looking for a house, I just was in the mindset of "this is where I will hang out sometimes, it is where I might occasionally spend the night..." (naughty!) But he continuously asked my opinion throughout the process of hunting for houses, never made appointments to look at them unless I was able to join him, and eventually let me know that if I wanted to, I would be living there as well.

I love this house. I love the location. I love what we have done to it. I love my new kitchen from a few years ago and my new appliances from this past year. I love what we did with the smallest bedroom (which used to be an office as well as basically a junk room, and house the treadmill) and turned it into a nursery. That is honestly my favorite place in the house, and I feel like little Miss A loves her room as well, because when we go in there, she calms down to get ready for bed.

However... it is not likely feasible with a bigger family than what we currently have. In addition, as Addie grows up, it becomes less feasible, even with just her. So, we only have 1 bathroom on the second floor. In a lot of cases, this would be no big deal. We have three full baths overall. But when the little miss first starts to potty train, it will become a problem. The only bathroom on the second floor is in our bedroom. So in the middle of the night when she is potty training and has to go, it is either go downstairs (which is what our guests do now) or come into our room and turn on the light, etc.

So that is kind of where we are currently and why we are thinking it might be smart to begin the process of looking for our new dream home. I would like to think that we will eventually find everything we want, and end up there for good (well, unless we get new jobs out of state or something). So we have reached out to our friend Laurie who sold us our house (whom I knew previously as the wife of one of my theater friends), let her know where we are at with everything, and then we have started to search online and stuff. Nothing official yet, but we are getting the ball rolling.

I will keep things updated as they progress.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Maintenance Running - in the COLD!

So yesterday I headed outside for my run at lunchtime. It was back to being pretty chilly, but I packed my warmer clothes and had it in my head that I was going outside, and so I did.

J and I have slowly started to look for newer/bigger houses, something that hopefully would be our "forever home" and so I decided to run through some more "dream neighborhoods" in Montgomery. I do not know that we are quite there yet, but it was super nice to look. Regardless, here is what the run looked like yesterday for 5 miles.

Yeah, it was a little bit hilly and started to snow, so things were a little bit all over the place when it came to my pace. Oh well. I am still happy with the run overall.

I want to talk more about moving and stuff, I just do not have that much information yet, so wait for it, and it will come as I get it!

Hope you are having a great day!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Make #OneChange with #VegaOne

Through my affiliation with Fit Approach, I have been given the opportunity to be a part of the Vega One #OneChange initiative.

Now that we are rolling through 2014 (how are we half way through January already? Seriously?), everyone is looking to make a change, and MANY of us are trying to be healthier. I know that I am working to try and clean up my eating, eat out less, and cook more. Well, with Vega One, I am going to be able to make #OneChange and do it with help!

Persona Picking: Which persona are you? 
  • Breakfast Skipper: You don’t have to sacrifice nutrition to fit it all in. You hit the ground running every morning, prepping and planning for your day on the way out the door. Wilting at your desk by 10 AM, you kick yourself for missing breakfast. As you reach for your third cup of coffee to get you through, you wonder who the heck has time for breakfast when you’re already skimping on sleep to fit it all in
Solution Idea: Make a Vega One Shake Recipe!
  • Serial Snacker: Yes, you can snack and feel good about giving in. Your stomach talks to you all day (it never shuts up!) Your bag or desk drawer is strategically stocked with a wide assortment of get-me-through-to-the-next-meal morsels. You struggle to turn down a slice of office birthday cake—hungry or not. And the 3 PM growlies can lead to pre-dinner nachos or amidnight snack over the kitchen sink.
Solution Idea: Grab a Vega One Bar.
  • Number Cruncher: All calories are not created equal—make them count, nutritionally!Less is more, right? So you keep score of everything you eat, as you eat it, on an app on your smartphone. Food and exercise are the columns on your weekly balance sheet, and you’re an expert strategist when calculating how to make up for every indulgence. 
Solution Idea: Make a Vega One Shake. Recipe! 
  • Weekend Splurger: Don’t skip the party—just party smarter. Your best healthy-eating intentions crumble without the structure of Monday to Friday. By Sunday night, you feel like you need a weekend to recover from your weekend. Between late nights, sleeping in, social outings with friends, and catching up after a busy week, it seems impossible to eat right. Monday is your day to reset the dial.
Solution Idea: Make a Vega One Shake. Recipe!

I am absolutely a Weekend Splurger.
This definitely goes back to the time when I was planning on competing! Through my coach, I was allowed to "earn" a cheat meal by being on point with my nutrition for 5 straight days. And so Monday through Friday I would NAIL it, and then Saturday night? J and I would go out, eat appetizers (plus our meals which were not healthy), drink a few beers, really live it up. Monday, you put your nose back to the grindstone!

That is definitely #OneChange that I would like to make. There is no reason why I cannot enjoy myself, but how about employing a little moderation, right? So why not help myself by following the advice given above! Make a Vega One shake!
I was sent several packets of the Vega One all-in-one nutritional shake in chocolate. As a general rule, I steer clear of chocolate powders (just don't like them as well as vanilla), but hey, I am ALWAYS willing to try it!  I mixed up the packed with 1.5 cups of unsweetened almond milk (that is what I always buy) and it was actually pretty delicious!

In one serving, you get 15 grams of plant (non-soy) protein, 6 grams of fiber, no added sugar, the same probiotics that you would get in a cup of yogurt, the same nutrients found in three servings of greens, 1.5 grams of omega-3s (the same as 2.5 servings of salmon) and the same amount of antioxidants as found in 2.7 cups of blueberries. Now I love blueberries, but that is a lot! I found all of that information here.

So check out Vega One and make #OneChange!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Monday - Speed Day.

Yesterday I was finally back on the speedwork train. I am pretty proud for forcing myself to get out of my comfort zone for the first time in a few weeks and RUN HARD rather than just logging miles like I had been.

Because I do not have access to a track during the day (I have one close by that I can use in the early morning or late evening, but you cannot use it during the school day) and I was running at lunch, I decided that the treadmill was my best bet for speed work. That way I would have all the numbers in front of my face, and I would be able to force myself to run at the speeds that Runcoach prescribed for me (I want to do this because I want to hit my goals!)

I cut the run a little short, simply by doing less of a warm up and cool down since I was trying to squeeze it in over lunch. I figured that was the easiest way to do it. So I headed to my house (which is closer than the gym) to get as much of a run (at least all of the speed pieces) done before heading back to work.

Here was my workout:
Warm up @ 6.3
1 mile @ 7.4
1:30 @ 6.0
800m @ 7.8
2:00 @ 6.0
800m @ 7.8
2:00 @ 6.0
1 mile @ 7.4
1:30 @ 6.0
Cooldown @ 6.3
Over all, I ran 5.25 miles in 45:28. I am definitely pleased with my overall mileage and pace. I was able to hit the targets that were prescribed. It was tough, but speedwork is supposed to be tough, right?

My threshold run this week is scheduled for Thursday, and I have some fartleks on the calendar for that. Stay tuned.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekly Workouts: Week of January 6

Another week has come and gone, this week a FULL week of January. It feels good and refreshing to be in the new year, so I am absolutely happy about that. I am hammering through the mileage that I have been prescribed by runcoach, and I am hoping that this will help me achieve my BIG GOALS for the Owens Corning Half Marathon in April!
So here are the workouts from last week:
Monday: 4.5 Miles on the treadmill, sore legs = easy pace. Tone It Up Legs and Booty Circuits
Tuesday: Strength - 7 Minute workout App, plus a full body circuit with Addie as my weight (cutest weight ever!)
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 4 miles, outside
Friday: 8.28 miles treadmill - long run
Saturday: 6.42 miles in one hour, treadmill
Sunday: technically rest, but lots of baby holding and foam rolling

Weekly Totals
2 strength workouts
1 day foam rolling
2 rest days (including foam day)
4 runs
23.2 total miles

Another good week. I am within the mileage range prescribed by runcoach, so I am pleased with that, even if the workouts are not exactly as prescribed. This week I am hoping to get my faster paced runs back on the schedule and do a tempo run and a speedwork session, as they have been lacking for a few weeks now. As we get closer to D-Day (April 27) I need to be better about doing the workouts prescribed if I want to meet my goals!

How were your workouts last week? Anything super?

Friday, January 10, 2014

A Work From Home Day

I am working from home today, which is always a nice thing when I can be here, shift things around as I need to, and Addie can be safe and sound at school. Obviously, as you could tell from yesterday's entry, I love Addie, but it is really difficult to get things done when she is here. So hopefully I can fold some laundry, do a little cleaning, write, work, etc. Being home should help me be able to get all of those things together. I at least have really high hopes for being able to get a few things done today. It will absolutely make me feel better.

Yesterday I managed to get outside and go for a run. It was about 33 degrees at lunchtime, so I got dressed in my warmish running clothes (tights, a turtleneck, hat, throwaway gloves) and headed out for a run. I made the decision to not worry about pace. I just wanted to run at whatever pace was feeling good at that time. So I hammered through a few miles (4, in fact) on my own. Splits ended up being really great. They went as follows:
Mile 1 - 8:40
Mile 2 - 8:35
Mile 3 - 8:34
Mile 4 - 8:27
So as you can see, that was a pretty good run, I am quite pleased with that. It is definitely the fastest outdoor run that I have had since Addie was born. I am super pleased with the average pace. And although it was not necessarily as long of a run as I wanted it to be, it was a solid one, so I am comfortable and happy.

I really needed that run yesterday. As you can see from the entry that I wrote yesterday, I just needed some opportunities to escape my office and try and relax a little bit.
And also, eat fingers. They are pretty delicious.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

5 Months, Overwhelmed, Accomplished.

Important things first, I would like to start this entry by saying that I am wearing my old, original sized work pants today, for the first time since before I got pregnant, and they fit! Yahoo! I am not quite there with my jeans yet, but I am THRILLED to be wearing some old clothes.

It was an unspoken goal to start dressing nicer this year for work, I made strides by getting stitch fix (<---affiliate link!) boxes, and have some new, nice, stylish work tops, but I had not yet fit back into my nice Ann Taylor pants. Then the new year started, I had my pants back hanging in my closet, and we had a major cold spell with salt all over the ground, so I decided jeans was the smart choice (I was right!) and my teeny "dress better" resolution got pushed back some more.

But on Tuesday we had some big news at work that involved the change of some senior leadership at our company, and it was suggested that we dress nicely for his visit. Just the push I needed! So I got dressed and my old pants FIT!

In addition, someone is 5 months old today! Seriously, 5 months, 22 weeks, where has my life gone? It is amazing to me. This girl has been one of the most amazing things that I have every been a part of for sure. But I guess that thought is completely normal when it comes to kids, right? Everyone feels like their baby is completely awesome? Well, mine really is awesome. :)

Things with her, home life, work, everything, just feels very hectic lately. I have been feeling fairly overwhelmed frequently and I have not quite figured out how to combat it. I managed to get out

 for a run at lunch today, and that definitely helped. I came back in cold but smiling, and let's be honest, I maybe have not been smiling so much recently due to this overwhelming stuff that has been looming over my head. Granted, as soon as people at work come and start talking to me about things that I need to remember to do, the stress hits me again.

Regardless, I am sure this is a year-end, post holiday bit of drama going on, which is fine and normal. So I just need to put my best foot forward, smile, and plug away until it gets done! I know that I will get through it, I always have - at least since year end has been something dramatic and busy for me, and prior to that, I always survived tax season, so I will get there. I just need to enjoy my time at home and my time with Addie when I am there, and hopefully that will help me focus when I am here.

How cute is little Miss A in her snowsuit? She's my little pink bear!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekly Workouts: Week of December 30

Well, we made it to Monday morning, which means it is time to recap my workouts of the week last week. I am officially pressing forward, training for my Owens Corning Half Marathon, part of the Glass City Marathon!
I felt much better last week than I did the week of Christmas, and therefore spent the week focusing on logging mileage rather than doing speedwork, etc. Not to mention the fact that we were kicking off the New Year and logging the first few miles of that! Starting a year nice and clean and fresh feels pretty awesome, so I am glad to have it.

So, here are the workouts I did for the week!
Monday: 6 miles, maintenance pace on the treadmill. 9:22 average. Walked 0.68 miles.
Tuesday: 5 miles, maintenance pace on the treadmill. 9:18 average at the gym.
Wednesday: rest/holiday
Thursday: 5.5 miles, home treadmill. 9:10 average pace
Friday: Strength training. 2 Tone it Up workouts from the "Love Your Body" Challenge
Saturday: 7 miles, gym treadmill, 9:18 average pace.
Sunday: rest

24.18 total miles (12.5 in 2014!) and 1 day of strength training with 2 rest days. Not the perfect week, but not too bad, and I am overall satisfied with that accomplishment.

I am semi-participating in the Tone it Up Love Your Body Challenge. I do have their nutrition plan, I am watching their show on Bravo (are you? do you like it so far?), and I have enjoyed any of their workouts that I have done. So I am checking in on twitter and fitting in the workouts on non run days and when I can! But I am definitely going to rock their 100 miles by VDay Challenge. I have that locked up.

How was your first (partial) week of 2014? Did you get in some workouts? Log some miles? Fill me in on your successes and struggles!

Friday, January 3, 2014

January Diet-to-Go Offers!

As a Diet-to-Go Brand Ambassador, I am occasionally given the opportunity to promote things that they have going on. In exchange for my promotion of these items I am being compensated, but all opinions are my own.
January is a HUGE month for Diet-to-Go and they are hosting a big giveaway to get you on your way to any healthy living goals that you may have for the New Year. Lots of people use the beginning of the new year as a way to try and get their exercise and healthy eating on track or try to lose weight to meet their weight goals, and Diet-to-Go is here to help! You can win up to one month of free meals from Diet to Go.
There will be 50 (!!!) winners, broken down as follows:
- 5 winners will receive one months worth of free meals.
- 20 winners will receive 1 weeks worth of free meals
- 25 winners will receive a $50 Diet-to-Go gift card

You can see this, along with some other specifics related to the the sweepstakes on the Diet to Go blog, here: 

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 - Goals

Well, welcome to the New Year. 2013 was a very hectic one, so now hopefully 2014 can be a little bit of my "new normal" and I can achieve a lot of good goals this year. I have spent some time working on them, knowing that I need to set goals in more aspects of my life than just running (although setting 10 running goals would be just like me). There is much more to me and my life right now than running, I have a career and a family that I need to spend time worrying about, so I need to set some goals around those two things as well.

So, here are my goals for 2014!
1. Take a trip This is already tentatively scheduled (just not booked yet) for mid-November. We are headed back to Vegas so I can race again. I skipped out this year and we went to Boston instead, but I am ready to be back and so is J.
2. Cook one new recipe per month I have TONS of cookbooks on my shelf in the kitchen. Seriously. TONS. And I almost never use them. So one of my goals is to cook one recipe from one of those cookbooks or from a magazine I receive. Skip the internet this time around.
3. Run 1200 miles This was one of my goals for 2013, and I came within 70 miles of it. That's pretty darn good considering giving birth and breaking my elbow. Walking miles count. This year I want to make sure to balance running with strength training, that is why I am not increasing the goal. Plus, not training for a marathon definitely will make a difference as well. I am not going to run 20 miles for fun!
4. PR the half marathon I have definitely already mentioned this one. Glass City Half, here I come!
5. Participate in 4 blog campaigns I am enjoying growing this little corner of the internet that I live in, and so I hope that through the Medical Mutual GCM, Fit Approach, Diet to Go, Oiselle, etc, I am able to participate in 4 campaigns that will bring me new readers and help solidify my spot in this awesome community.
6. Wean Addie This one does not necessarily have a specific timeline, but my goal was to get through 6 months. I am almost to 5 and am very proud of myself for getting here. She is eating some food now, but still loves the snuggles that come with nursing. But it is trying for mom for sure, so sometime this year, before summer, we will get that done.
7. Read 15 books This will be some personal reading and potentially some professional as well. I have not put a whole lot of thought into what specifically I am going to read, but 15 books is a very good number.
8. Run a trail race I have always wanted to do this. Last year a lot of my running group friends started doing some trail races on the side, so this year I want to join them. Although I could have done some of the shorter ones last year, distance wise, I was too nervous about tree roots etc and falling (Turns out, that doesn't matter, I fell in a road race!)
9. Date night (no baby) once per month I am not sure how this one is going to go yet. I guess, every other month might be more realistic. Regardless, this is me making an effort to continue to grow in my relationship with J. We are still a couple. We are not JUST parents now, and I need to remember that. This is definitely more for me than him, as he is always ok with taking a night without her. Me, I struggle with that for sure.

So, there you have it. This is what I hope to accomplish in 2014 and what I am striving for this year. What are your goals for the new year?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014