Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon: A History

So, today, I want to give you a little rundown on the Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon. It is obviously (since I keep talking about it!) my goal race for the Spring, and since it was also my first sub-2 hour half, it holds a special place in my heart!
The first Glass City Marathon was run in 1971 and  it started and finished at the University of Toledo (just like it does today!). Some well known Toledo runners, including Sy Mah, ran this first race. It was held on Father's Day for the first 10 years and remained at the University. In the third year of the race (1973) it was the 8th largest race in the United States, and the second largest of 30 midwest races.

In 1981, the race was changed to a fall date and was relocated to SideCut Metropark where it remained for 2 years. 1983 was the year the race moved downtown as was rebranded as the Pepsi Challenge Glass City Classic Marathon. Unfortunately that partnership did not last, and Pepsi did not renew their sponsorship. Unfortunately for Toledo and their marathon, the race was not run for several years.

In 1989, discussions began about reviving the race within a group of dedicated Toledo Roadrunners. Pam Graver took on the task of being the director of this race, and having the race start and finish in Downtown Toledo. In 1990, the first year of its revival, the race was dedicated to Sy Mah, who passed away in 1988. The race remained downtown through 2009.

It was during this period that I first learned of the race, from my best friends mom, who started running and has since taken a very active role in the Toledo Roadrunners. My friend and I would train with her, only we would rollerblade while she and her training partner ran. This was my own first personal experience with the marathon, and endurance running in general, and I find it funny to look back to see how far I have come in this respect.

In 2010, the race went back to it's roots and moved back to the start and finish at the University of Toledo where it is still held today. In 2012, Owens Corning came on as the sponsor of the half marathon, and Medical Mutual joined on as the title sponsor of the full marathon.

In 2012, I participated, and crossed the finish line with two of my cousins, and here we are.
Hopefully this has given you a little background on the race and how it has grown, not to mention my own love of it.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekly Workouts: Week of February 17

The week definitely did not turn out as strong as I had hoped. I was feeling rather down in the dumps on Friday, and chose not to go for a run, even though I probably could have. I am not sure what was going on that day, I just was feeling really drained and lost. That feeling has not entirely gone away now, Monday, but I am doing my best to fight it off!

But I am right around 8 weeks left until the Owens Corning Half Marathon, and I still am hoping that I am able to reach that time goal that I set for myself.

So here were my workouts (that were oh-so-terrible) last week.
Monday: off
Tuesday: Speedwork. Warm up, 6x 400m, cooldown. 6 miles
Wednesday: 5.33 miles OUTSIDE! Maintenance miles, 9:16 avg pace
Thursday: off
Friday: down in the dumps
Saturday: 7.07 miles. Run 6.76 in 60 minutes, cooldown walk.
Sunday Off

So basically, only three workouts, all running, and only 18.4 total miles. Yes I have had worse weeks, but this week it was not because I just got too busy - this time that is not the case! I just... felt lousy and lazy. I was completely unmotivated and feeling sad. At least I managed to get myself to the gym on Saturday. That is great since I have not done that in quite a while, right?

How were your workouts last week?

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Up Early on Sunday...

Sunday morning. It is 7:11 am as I am writing this, and I am up with Addie and the dogs. We have the gold medal hockey game on TV because I typically watch the news on NBC in the morning, but now it is not on because of this game, so I am just sticking with it. Addie apparently just decided that 5 am was a good time to wake up today. Oh well...  She is just hanging out next to me on the couch. We are letting J sleep in this morning since he had to get up and work yesterday. I hope he is still asleep up there and not playing on his phone or something. :)

House progress? We have not received an offer on our home yet, but we have high hopes after a very successful showing yesterday. I took Addie to the gym with me, as previously mentioned, while there were folks here to see our house. They had scheduled a time from 10-11 am. My agent said that they got here right away at 10 am based on a phone conversation that she had with the showing agent right before they came here. I got back from the gym and was pulling up to my house around 5 after 11 and had to keep driving because they were still here!

So they were at my house for MORE than the hour that they had scheduled. On one hand, I feel a little irritated/displaced because I really just wanted to go home and hang out for a little bit, but on the other hand, I had to be happy because that was a really good sign. I had some time to chat with our agent yesterday, so I have a pretty good feeling about this. J does not trust my good feeling, but I am really hoping that I am right on this one.

If I am right, then we need to figure out what our plan is. We have not made an offer on our top choice home yet, as we are waiting to have things locked in on our home. It just makes sense for us to wait since we would really love to use the equity from our home for the down payment for our new home. And after a few conversations with some people, J wants to keep looking in an area that we have not looked into a whole lot yet. I agree that we should look there, although I do really love the house that we have found so far! But the other area is much closer to where we are currently, so I am not going to complain if J wants to keep looking there.

Addie is 6.5 months old now. She has two teeth now. She is eating solids (and by solids, I mean cereal, fruit and vegetable pouches, and homemade fruit and veggie purees) on a regular basis and I have cut one pumping session from my work day. I am not really mentally ready to wean, but Addie is loving food, so I am guessing that she is getting ready for it, just as long as she keeps getting bedtime snuggles. But we did take a step yesterday that I was excited about!
First Cheerios! She really seemed to like them, even though Teek got at least half of them because Addie threw them on the ground. She did very well with pinching the little pieces and bringing them up to her mouth. She was rather confused on the first few, but overall, I was proud of her. I think we will have some more today! It is all about practice more than nutrition right now. Right, moms out there?

 Hope you all have a lovely Sunday!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Long Run... Finally

I finally managed to get my rear end to the gym on a Saturday morning. I brought Addie with me and she finally got to experience the kids klub (they spell it with a "k" at LA Fitness). J was not overly thrilled with me taking her there, he was worried about the germs from strange kids - that is the difference between that and her regular daycare, strange kids. But I felt like this is something that we need to experience.

I didn't want to push it today, so I just decided to run for an hour. I wanted to make the most of that hour though. So I did the following workout on the treadmill:
I was inspired after seeing a very similar workout (although much faster!) from NYC Running Mama. I walked for another 5 minutes after that, and would up at 7.07 miles in 65 minutes.

Addie did very well at the daycare, so I am happy. I am no longer afraid to take her there, and this should (and will) become our little Saturday routine. Maybe we will even do this in the evenings sometimes if I do not get a chance to go at lunch! We will see.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Although I missed my workout on Monday, I was DESPERATE to get one yesterday. I am really trying to get everything back on track with my training, so I wanted to do the speedwork workout that runcoach had loaded up for me on Monday. I had 400m repeats (I obviously changed to 0.25 miles for ease) on tap.
The workout prescribed 7:29 for my repeats, but because I was on the treadmill, 7:30 was the closest I could get. I figure that is pretty good. I may try them at the next faster treadmill speed next time, but we will see how it goes.

Have you done or are you doing speedwork this week?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

When Plans Change

Yesterday, I did not manage to get out and get my run in as I originally planned. That stinks. But I guess it turned out for the best! Jenny (J's mom) was watching Addie for us yesterday since her school was closed and we both had to work. With that perfect setup, I planned on leaving work after my final time pumping for the day and hit the gym for an hour. Unfortunately, I got done pumping and wound up called into something at work, which pretty much made for no time for the gym. I needed to get home and get food ready for us to eat for dinner, or I would have been talked into going out. I am trying to really keep things in line and NOT go out all the time because when we move we want to cut a BIG chunk of that out of our budget.

So I took one for the team and when home and got chicken in the oven for our planned meal (BBQ chicken & apple quesadillas!), I was proud of myself for sticking to our meal plan.

We created the plan on Sunday morning, before heading out to Whole Foods during the Open House Laurie was having. We sat at the Mason Jar Pub (does your Whole Foods have a bar in it? And not a juice bar, a REAL bar?) and chatted about houses and our plan and the things we want to do and get for our house. We enjoyed a beverage and casually watched whatever Olympic Events were on TV. While J had a second beer, I did the shopping. Because we had gone through and planned all of our meals for the week, it was quick, we only needed a few items, and I stuck to the plan!

Although now the plan is changing, despite all of my efforts for it to not change. Lol. I got a call around lunchtime with a request for a showing at 6 pm. 6-7pm on a Tuesday night = dinner time and getting close to bed time for Miss Addie, so out to dinner we go! Hopefully we can just shift things a little bit, and we don't need to change our plans too much the remainder of the week. I am always irritated when things change, but right now, we just need to go with it, because we don't have a choice. Things like this are always coming up at the last minute!

At least I still have a lovely little lady who loves hanging out with me.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekly Workouts: Week of February 10

I suppose I should recap my workouts even if they were not perfect. After all, I did work out 5 days last week, I did not run as many miles as I like to, but I did strength train (for once!) So here was my week of workouts in preparation for the Owens Corning Half Marathon!
Some workouts are better than no workouts, right?

Monday: 35 minute leg and core circuit
Tuesday: 30 minute Barre 3 DVD (LOVING THIS!)
Wednesday: 4.25 miles, speedwork
Thursday: 5 mile, sub MGP (8:53 avg)
Friday: 5.75 miles. Warm up, 40 minute tempo (@8:35), cookdown
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: OFF

So, I ran 15 miles and did two strength workouts. The running is obviously not where I need/want it to be, but getting some strength hammered out makes me feel a little bit better on the light running week. Hopefully now that I have childcare at the gym, I will be able to take little Miss A with me, and hammer through a long run. I have my fingers crossed for this Saturday for sure!

Honestly, the long run might have happened yesterday if I was not a zombie. Addie getting her teeth clearly has her in pain a little bit, and she has just been VERY awake in the middle of the night. It has been rough. I am BEAT, to be honest, so it just was not going to go well. I feel less discouraged NOT running than having a bad run (terrible, I know!) so skipping just was what happened.
Toes help when you are teething?

How were your workouts?

Sunday, February 16, 2014


I am facing yet another weekend with no long run, despite the best of intentions. I even added childcare to my gym membership so I could take Addie with me! However, this little booger has popped two teeth in a week and therefore we are not sleeping, hardly at all. 

My current state of zombie ness is not unlike my first few weeks as a mom where I had to wake her every two hours to nurse her. Now I think she's waking ME every two hours as payback? 

Suffice to say, I'm exhausted and we still need to keep recleaning our floors and leaving for a few hours per day to let others walk around our house and judge us (yep, I'm clearly in an awesome mood about this!) Yesterday we went back east to see the top contender of houses for us, but we aren't sure anymore. There is a small issue with the basement that makes it difficult for us to commit to spending our max. So we are slowly resigning ourselves to the fact that we have not found our dream home yet, and maybe that's ok since no one has (officially) decided that our house is their dream house yet either!

Apparently I actually got her down at exactly the right time for once. That never happens! Hooray for a little nap! 

Our plans for the day include grocery shopping while people are going through our house (Whole Foods!) and then hanging out and doing laundry. Laundry desperately needs to be done. It's hard with all this house stuff to do the chores you need to. Hopefully early in the week we know what's up with our house (it sounds like we might based on a conversation with Laurie yesterday). So keep your fingers crossed for us!

Friday, February 14, 2014

January Look Back

Look at me trying to blog two days in a row (fingers crossed that it works out for me!). I know that this week has been a long one and a rough one, but I am really hoping to come out on top. And with that, I am going to do a 2014 goals recap for Janauary, even though it is now mid-February. It will make me feel good knowing what I managed to get done last month since this month has kind of felt like a waste so far!
I cooked a new recipe (from a cookbook as planned!) I have both of Jessica Seinfeld's cookbooks, where you include pureed vegetables in the recipes. It is generally used for kids, but J and I bought them figuring we were not the greatest at vegetable eating. (Now they will come in handy in the future for Miss Addie!) So I made from her cookbook for a side dish for us her cauliflower gratin!
I ran 88.84 miles in Janaury, which is shy of my 100 miles/month goal, but it was the most miles I have logged in a month in some time, so I needed to be proud of myself for that. Logging miles has not been easy since Addie entered my world, and it has been even more difficult with work being hectic and all spare time on weekends being taken up by house hunting/cleaning. So things will pick up, I am sure of it.

We went on a babyless date! It took all the way to the end of January, but we got one in. J and I went to see The Book of Mormon at the theater downtown when it was here. Prior to the show we had a couple of beers and an appetizer at Rock Bottom. Then they ended up closing the bar because a pipe burst and started POURING water into the restaurant! We saw it on our way out, and that was amazing. I am SO GLAD that we didn't have any of that to deal with at our home.

I participated in TWO Blog campaigns in January. This is pretty exciting stuff. You may remember my post on Vega One and I also worked on a campaign with Diet-to-Go!

I read one book. It was the book that J gave me for Christmas, edited by Runner's World, called Going Long: Legends, Oddballs, Comebacks and Adventures. I love a good running book! He found this book on Amazon himself and decided that he thought I would like it. He won!

Overall, I would say January went pretty well, so I am hoping that it is a sign of things to come this year (hint: it is not, at least not for February!) How are your annual goals coming?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Long Time, No Blog

I want to apologize for some general lack of blogging. Things have been so hectic with year end at work as well as the house situation that I am pretty much just doing what I can to hang on! That is kind of how the last few days have been going for me. Heck, at this point, the last week!

Things in general have been moving along unbelievably quickly, allowing generally zero time for anything that can be considered extra curricular. And unfortunately, since it does not pay the bills (and is not the baby) the blog is extra curricular. But hopefully now that I am through another month end, I can be back to my more regular schedule.

My running/workouts has been just as sporadic as my blogging. I only got in two runs (for about 10 miles) this past week. It did include my first 5 miles for Mommy Run Fast's 5 by the 5th Challenge, which I am participating in this year. So I guess that is something.

I had grad plans of doing a January goal review and February preview, but now it is February 12 (let's see if I manage to get this posted today!) so that seems to be a little bit pointless. Regardless, everything has kind of been on hold because J and I have been spending every waking minute trying to make sure that our home is prepared at all times for someone to come in and see it (and hopefully make an offer on it!) Our entire lives since February rolled around has been focused on this one singular goal. It has cut into everything else.

Work has also been busy for me. Month end came up way too quickly, and now I am getting ready to roll into the annual financial statement audit time, which is just as hectic for me.

I am hoping to escape for 5 miles at lunch today. 5 miles is kind of my go-to easy run, and so I would love to be able to get out there and get it done just to feel better. The fact that I have missed a few long runs in a row because of house hunting is not going too well for me and my training for the Glass City Marathon Owens Corning Half Marathon.
There has definitely been a rough few weeks that I have gone through now, and I am sure there are a few more to come, but I know at this point I will finish the race. I am still trying hard to hammer through my planned speedwork, because I am still really hoping for that big PR! But who knows where I will end up.

At the advice of Karen, I think I am going to add childcare for $10/month to my gym membership. That is a month-to-month commitment, so when/if we move and I cancel my membership I am not stuck because of adding that. And for now, I can take her with me on Saturday mornings and hammer through a long run on the treadmill. So that is my tentative plan at this moment. I am going to call the gym either this afternoon or tomorrow and get it done.

Speaking of little Miss Addie, she turned 6 months old on Sunday!

How on earth did my little booger get so big?!?

Her first tooth popped through her gums in just the last week, which is definitely leaving me question how much longer I want to continue nursing. She can be quite forceful already, and this is only going to make it moreso!

How are the rest of  you doing?