Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September Goals Review.

So, we have survived another month. So let's get through the month end review and see where we ended up on our month goals, shall we? I have not set monthly goals too frequently in 2014. A lot of this year was about survival of my job, survival of parenting a baby and now a toddler, and just getting by, but as the year has gone on, I somehow have become more secure. I have been able to get more done on a daily basis. I have slowly, slowly, slowly started to feel like a human again.

Thank goodness. Addie is one after all. I was afraid my human days might have been numbered upon becoming a mommy!

So, now that I am beginning to feel more like normal, I am feeling ok about attempting to set some goals each month. Granted, I did not accomplish everything that I wanted to in September, not even close, but I am glad to see things rolling out as though I am getting something done. So let's review September.

  1. Log 150 Miles - eh, close. I ran 141.84 miles in August
  2. Have 2 successful 20 mile runs - check! The second one was difficult, yes, but nailed our training paces!
  3. strength train 4 times (once per week) - Um...  3 times. Close enough?
  1. Finish the book I am reading. - Done. Finished up Run Less, Run Faster
  2. Write 10000 words - Yep! I actually wrote 12,006
  3. schedule a hair appointment - Done and got it chopped!
  1. go on a date. with or without Addie to a place we don't go frequently. - Yep! The three of us tried a new place - Anderson Pub & Grill just last week.
  2. Send the hubby a card, just because - bought the card. Haven't written anything in it yet. 50%?
  3. Plan a fall trip - MISERABLE fail on this one.
  1. Play at the park - Yep!
  2. Go for 4 walks - Sure did!
  3. learn to walk (addie) - Girl can walk, she just doesn't know it yet. She will take two and three steps at a time regularly though.
Interesting...  Not a great month, but certainly not a bad one. I am just trying to keep it up for the remainder of the year. I think I got this. 

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