Thursday, January 22, 2015

Monday Speedwork

So one of the more difficult things to do now that I am back on the training wagon is speedwork. It is one of the most important things as I look to shave the 3+ minutes off of my fall marathon time, but it is definitely one of the trickier things.

When I am struggling with motivation, it is even more difficult. Because running itself is tough. Trying to convince my legs to go HARD is even more difficult when I am lacking motivation. But most times I make it work. Monday was one of those times that I just made it happen.

Here is the workout I did on Monday:

1.25 miles - warm up
1 mile @ 7:13
400m recovery
800m 2x @ 7:02
400m recovery
1 mile @ 7:13
400m recovery
1.25 mile cool down

7 total miles at an average pace of 8:02. I figure that is a pretty fantastic run.

I have to be pleased with the fact that I managed to get my motivation up enough to accomplish this run. It was not an easy one for sure, but now, I have DONE IT.

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