Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Relaxed Saturday

Gosh darn it. I am upset that I have not had the time to get in here and post lately. Once again, work has completely taken over my life, I have not had much time to write, and my workouts have also been suffering.

I am determined to make the flip BACK to morning workouts next week. I have to. Getting a workout in keeps me feeling happy, so I think it is very important for me to be consistent.

Last night I was taking a shower and thinking. I might head over to a sporting goods store of some kind (I am hoping to find a "play it again sports" close to our house) and buying an EZ bar and maybe even a standard barbell with a few weights. I know what weights I might like to have, and I know which ones to get first as well, since I know that I would have to be purchasing these in shifts. I am not sure that I am going to do it at this point, but I am definitely starting to think about it. I mean, it obviously is going to be a big deal to spend a good chunk of change, but it will be worth it eventually, I think.

Today is Saturday, Addie is in bed, and J is in Florida for some work stuff (and also some fun stuff). We are planning on running some errands this morning for groceries and to target, because obviously target is necessary. I mean, that is a standard. Then we will come home, I will give Addie some lunch, and then off to naptime for her. When she is down for her nap, I am planning on squeezing in a quick 6-7 mile tempo, eating lunch, and hopefully getting my brown bananas baked into some bread (fingers crossed I find a good recipe!)

I think Target is basically going to involve summer clothes for Addie and I. The only clothes I have for summer are running things, and I am trying to step things up a bit. And obviously with her, she is growing like a little weed, like most going-on-2 year olds. So we should be having a pretty good day. Dinner is TBD today, since we were originally going to have a playdate that got cancelled, unfortunately. So we will see what we end up doing. I would like to try some new recipe or something since J is out of town!

Wish us luck!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Weekly Workouts: March 2

I am beat. Work is still insane, I feel like I have spent the last month and a half taking a daily beating from the auditors being in house. But I suppose that is all part of the fun (or something?) Every year, I think I become more and more grateful that in my public accounting days I made the decision to focus on tax rather than audit. This year is no exception, and it likely is FURTHERING that belief. It is just a lot of work. More than I care to spend time doing.

But it is part of my job to get us, as a company, over this hump, and so I will continue to press on, press forward, and make it happen.

But I have gotten through another week of workouts, another week where I felt like I was on the top of my game and really succeeding to get in the workouts that I wanted. I think taking the approach of moving the days around to try and fit in what I wanted has really helped me to step it up. I adjusted my runs to doing two during the week and two on the weekend (including my long run) and that has made the difference in allowing me more time to lift on a regular basis, which is all I really wanted. That is what is making me happy right now, so I need to fit it in.

Let's look at last weeks workouts (and skip the prior week), since that is long gone at this point.

Monday: strength, legs
Tuesday: Speedwork. Warm up 1 mile @ 7:15, 2x800m @ 7:03, 1 mile @ 7:15, cooldown. 6.5 total miles
Wednesday: off
Thursday: am - 5 miles easy, pm - upper body strength
Friday: lower body strength
Saturday: 5 miles, fartleks (5 mins on, 2 minutes off with wu and cd) 8:00 average pace
Sunday: 7 miles

Totals: 23.5 miles and 3 days strength training.

In reality, I would LIKE to get 4 days of strength training (so I can have two days of upper body) but that might have to wait until the race is over...  Another week closer to the race. Once it is over, then I can be all about NEW goals. BETTER goals. Things that will make me happy!