Sunday, January 31, 2016

Random - taking care of myself

Sometimes I feel as though I just missed something... I don't know why that feeling can occasionally niggle in the back of my mind, but occasionally, I just think that things are passing by without me noticing, and then when I do, I feel like "huh... how did that happen?" and then I reach back and try to figure that part out. The part that tells me when it happened.

Sometimes I feel this with silly things, I am reading blogs and reading a more recent post, and realize I missed a pregnancy announcement or something. Yes, this is a simplistic example, but it kind of gives a better example of what I am trying to talk about.

And let me be clear, this is my real life, not just me reading blogs.

This morning I am feeling a little bit behind, which is not a great feeling. Running this weekend has not gone the way that I had hoped. I got 7 miles on the treadmill yesterday before Addison woke up. J works Saturdays at this time of year, so I brought her down into the basement with hopes of finishing the run while she watched something on netflix, but right now, she is way too into the treadmill. She likes to do her "exercises". And while that makes me happy, it does make it difficult to get my own run done.

So it is approx 6:30 on Sunday morning and I am up for my coffee and am likely going to go out for a run shortly. It is kind of unfortunate, as today would normally be my day off, but I want to get through the mileage at least that I had planned. In order to do that, I need to run 7. I do not really have a plan yet, I think I am just going to run and see how it goes. I may stop at 7, I may not... Playing it by ear, which I am generally not great at, but I need to allow myself some grace as my friend Jes says... Granted, she was talking about grace in other aspects of my life, but I think it is just as important in running.

I am definitely way too hard on myself in most cases, cases that deal with running and cases that deal with anything and everything else. I think that I need to work on allowing myself some space, some happiness, and really focus on trying to breathe all the time. I am not great about these things and I definitely need to be better about them. I have been good about "doing something for myself everyday" as I asked myself to during my goals post (yesterday: run 7 miles, drink a sour beer - love them, color some owls), but I am still much too hard on myself. Maybe if I remind myself daily of what I did myself the prior day - like I just did there - can really help me to realize that I am taking care of myself.

And so, it is time to really focus, and really give that grace that is needed, so thanks Jes for the reminder...

Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Five XIII

1. I have been spending a lot of time with Queen Elsa lately. But make sure that you call her "Princess Elsa" because that is what pleases her most.

2. But when she is not Princess Elsa, she enjoys making a lot of trouble. In case you were wondering, doing stuff like this will stall you from naptime, which is kind of goal number one these days. Stalling. And it works mostly because mom is trying so hard not to laugh that you can get a few extra minutes...
Please note the "Elsa braid"... She will sit still long enough to have her hair done if you make it "Frozen" related.

3. I am glad that the weather is slowly starting to get better, less cold, and less snowy. I need some running outdoors as the weather improves. While running in general is super helpful for my mental state, I DO enjoy running outside, so I would like to be able to do that...

4. I have created a list of things that I want to spend money on this year (I will share this later - next week sometime) and those are going to be the only things that I am going to purchase for myself. I am really trying to rein in my spending, and I think that having a list of "goal" items to purchase when I have enough saved might help me.

5. I am looking forward to writing a post next week sometime about how my annual goals are shaping up with one month in to the year. I am feeling pretty good and happy so far. Results to come, keep your eyes on that.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

A ladies night

On Tuesday night, I was able to take some time to go and have dinner with a friend. I very rarely take a night just for myself and do something with someone else outside of my family or other families... Usually if it is "Emily alone in the evening time" it is Dream Dinners, and therefore totally solo.

Tuesday night, I took Addie home to the house and then drove back to where my office is (well, generally) for a girls dinner/date night with a friend.

Here we are 6 years ago at a party/fancy dinner. Obviously, we still look the same.
Honestly, I would like to put on that dress and see what it looks like now. I am in way different shape these days...

It took us a while to come up with what we wanted for dinner, but I am super glad to have been able to spend additional time with a friend. It often feels as though I am not able to do this as often as I might like to. And I need to work on that because spending time with other women that I love and admire, like Shay, is incredibly helpful and beneficial. And I need more strong women in my life, who doesn't?

So thank you Shay, for a lovely evening, for inspiring me with your stories, goals, and vision. I love you and look forward to more!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Taking a stream of writing and coming up with actions

Sometimes I want to take the time to work through a few thoughts that I have been having in a slightly more organized fashion. I know that yesterday things maybe seemed a little bit disorganized, but I just needed to release my feelings, I think. So now to add a bit more organization to that post and try and see if I can come to some of that grace that I spoke of...

I am often feeling lost in my head. Lost in my thoughts. And occasionally, I lose an entire day and cannot site anything that I have accomplished in a day even though I have worked consistently for the entire day.

Obviously, this is not helping me to make progress or improve.

So ... I want to take a look at things that I am looking to accomplish before the close of the week in hoping that maybe I will be able to check a bunch of boxes to feel as though I have managed to get through a few things this week when I have been having some struggles feeling as though I have gotten anything accomplished.

So here is my list:
1. finalize December (work)
2. 40+ running miles
3. 3x core
4. take care of at least 5 audit requests (work)
5. only eat out (lunch) 1 time or less
6. review payroll (work)

If I am able to accomplish these things next week as I would like to, I am going to feel pretty pleased with myself. And hopefully, I can continue down the path of setting small goals and trying to check all of those boxes will help me to fall into a more positive way of thinking. Like I am actually getting things done, making a difference in my life and trying to make changes that will benefit me in the long run.

The only other BIG thing on my list is to get some therapy on my schedule. I have not gone in QUITE some time, and obviously with all of the things going on right now, I need someone to talk to more regularly. I have fallen off of the meditation train (whoops), and I need to work on getting back on. I just need to do ALL THE THING that are going to help me keep calm as we continue to go through a lot of changes at the office and as I encounter struggles at home.

And so...  Here we go!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A stream of consciousness

Sometimes I feel as though some writing stream of consciousness is possibly the best approach for me. Sometimes I feel like I need to let out all of the things that are running around in my mind and swimming around trying to make things either more simple or more complicated, depending on what day it is at any given moment.

Sometimes just letting the words flow from my fingertips into this laptop keyboard is all I can do. And yes, this entry is likely going to seem a little bit bouncy, a little bit all over the place, but not every bit of my life is lined up as I try to make my planner/spreadsheets/to do list out to be.


In fact, very little of my life is that organized. Most things are pretty hectic and that is why I have all of the lists and spreadsheets surrounding me to ensure that I at least stay on task the majority of the time. I am trying to stay on top of a million things at once between work, running, motherhood, home... All of it. I am working on coming up with a good system that will help me to stay on top of everything, because too often as I am rolling through my lists I realize things that are important and I have completely forgotten about them.

In reality, I am seeking grace to live my life happily and calmly. Too often recently, I am feeling "shot out of a cannon", and that is simply not a good way to feel all the time. There have been days when I have arrived at my office ready to punch someone or something, and darn it, I have needed to run just to be able to sit still at my desk. I can think of one Friday morning in particular where I met up with Charlie to get a run in right at 7:15 am - the run started with both of us being SUPER angry about things...

Perhaps I need to take a lesson from Princess Elsa.
And just "Let it Go..." (Did you see what I did there? It was a Frozen joke...)

Princess Elsa is around at my house all the time these days. Sometimes I have just had enough, but you cannot convince the girl to wear her Rapunzel dress... So if I am embracing that, I am going to have to embrace the mindset as well?

Monday, January 25, 2016

Training Recap: Week of January 18

Okay, I think that I can officially call this a week of training. I had a marathon pace tempo run, instead of just a run with some surges, and so for whatever reason, in my mind, that gets me to where I want to be. Ha! So to me, last week was the first week of OFFICIAL half training.
And I am feeling pretty good. This was the first OFFICIAL week of 5 days of running, which is what I have done sometimes in the past, and I am just feeling better about it going in to this training cycle than I have in cycles past where I wanted only 4 days. I am enjoying the higher volume and where my mental status has been lately, so I am diving into this and trying to get strong.

So let's take a look at how my week went.

Monday: 50 minutes elliptical, full body strength
Tuesday: 7 miles convo pace, 4x30s strides, 8:08 avg for 7.61 miles
Wednesday: 1 hour easy paced run, treadmill. 7.07 miles (8:29 pace) CORE
Thursday: 7 miles, middle 5 at marathon pace (treadmill - 7.7), 4x strides on indoor track, 7.8 total miles CORE
Friday: 6 miles, easy pace (8:49)
Saturday: 12 miles, progressive (2 on, 1 off) CORE
Sunday: OFF

40.48 total running miles.
4x core (including strength training).
1 day xt
1 day strength
1 day off

So, I suppose this is called I nailed it? At least, that is what I am going with for the moment. Let's keep it up and just keep going, right!?

Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Five XII

Welcome to Friday. I am so relieved to have survived another week. I was "technically" off on Monday, but I kept working anyway. I will take this day at some other time, some other place, in the future.

Regardless, every single time I make it all the way to Friday, I feel relieved.
1. Addison is still having struggles with the potty. I want to try and help her, but I am not sure what to do. We were SO CLOSE back in the late summer, and now, it is just... gone. We have made some major regressions, and I am not sure how to fix it. Anyone who has been through potty training toddlers have suggestions? I know you have to "wait till they are ready and all that" but in reality she WAS ready.

2. On Monday, as I said, I had to work. But I mostly worked from my couch. I watched a bunch of episodes of Parenthood on Netflix. It was actually kind of fantastic and head clearing in a super strange way.

3. It was a long week again this week - but it was 100 times better than last week because I actually was able to just DO MY WORK. And last week was not like that.

4. This is my first official week with five runs, although I had two prior weeks where I did 5 runs. But I am actually trying to follow my schedule this week and run the runs that I am supposed to do. Crosstrain and lift when I am supposed to. One week of nailed workouts can really help a girl's confidence, right?

5. I need something. I just have some needs that I need to figure out in order to more appropriately meet. I just have to figure out what it is that I need to do and how to proceed. I came up with all of these things this week. Tons of them... and then... I just can't. Yes, I am aware that this is vague. And that is on purpose.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Lifting & strong

This is the first week that I officially have 5 days of running on my schedule. Granted, I also have run 5 days the last two weeks, but at the same time, I need to be able to get through all of this. I need to be able to get stronger and run harder. That's my goal, and so I am going to make the sacrifices needed to be better.

So that is what I did on Monday. I spent time working hard to get stronger and be better. I spent nearly 2 hours at the gym. I went and did my full body lifting circuit (that I assume is designed for runners since it is from Coach Jen) and followed that up with 50 minutes of lifting. So let's take a look at the strength workout that I did.

Here is the strength workout that I did:
3x12 goblet squats with 25lbs
3x12 reverse bicep curls with 20 lbs
3x12 (per leg) Bulgarian split squats with 20 lbs
3x12 bicep curls with 20 lbs
3x12 tricep extensions at 42.5 lbs
3x12 close grip lat pulldowns at 55 lbs
3x12 TRX rows
3x12 shoulder shrugs with 20 lbs
3x12 power cleans with 20 lbs
3x12 plank extensions
3x12 side planks with press per side
3x12 glute bridges
3x30s plank on forearms.

It was a pretty solid workout, and yes, it is the same one I do every week, but I really like it. I definitely think that it will be the right thing to help me continue to get stronger, and obviously, that is what I am trying to do this year. Strength. In every single part of my life.

And I am making big strides toward the strength in other parts of my life. So I am going to keep it up.

Here we go!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

First new recipe of 2016!

As I mentioned in my 2016 goals post, I wanted to step up my cooking game with twelve new recipes this year. Now, right now, in January that does not seem like a lot, but I also know that J and I get caught up in the summer, we go out to eat too much, we don't meal plan enough, and then we end up making not enough good healthy foods. If 12 goes well this year, maybe I can change it up for 2017 and make 12 vegetarian meals or something? Or 12 healthy dinners. 12 new preparations of vegetables. I  have no idea. There are a lot of possibilities.

Anyway, last week I got around to the first new recipe of 2016. I made a few modifications to Cooking Lights One Pan Broccoli Mac and Cheese with Bacon. I actually saw this issue of the magazine in line at the grocery and bought it. This was the cover recipe. It sold me on the recipe and I bought it. HA!

Admittedly, mine was not as beautiful as the cover photo, but it tasted just as great!

Changes I made to the recipe:
1. Used unsweetened vanilla almond milk instead of 1% (it's what we buy/had)
2. Used cooked beef shoulder instead of bacon. We had leftovers.
3. Used "winter squash" instead of butternut. Granted, the winter squash likely had butternut squash in it, but it also had acorn and some others.
4. Used 12 oz of macaroni instead of 10. That was how big the box was. Also, it was the "smart taste" macaroni, which is the whole grain/high fiber one.
5. Used broccolini instead of broccoli. The bit milder broccoli had a better chance of being eaten by a 2 year old (it was not).

So here is the finished product:

It was a hit with J and I, and even Addie loved it. I brought the leftovers to work the next day and shared some, and it was well received.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My hilarious girl

Addison is just growing up too damn fast. I can hardly stand. I am not, in any way, feeling like I need or want another child, but it does make me sad to see her so grown up. But it makes me proud as well. She is turning into a good and beautiful little lady, that I love with everything in me. I would not have the life that I have without her, and for that, I am grateful.

I mean, don't get me wrong, we are having our struggles. Potty training. "Using her words" when she gets frustrated (she tends to cry or react liked a baby - biting mama when she is mad). And eating the dinner that mom and dad give her when she wants to exclusively eat yogurt.

Hiding in the bag of dress up clothes when it is time to clean up at daycare.
Camouflage at the library.
First Skyline... I think this makes her a Cincinnatian?
SUPER serious about our core work.
Art project at school.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Training Recap: Week of January 11

So even though I have selected by spring goal race, I am still building base at this point, so I am not quite ready to call this GCM training (next week, I think I can officially call it that). But none-the-less, it pretty much is GCM training.

So I am setting some big goals for the race, specifically, that were not outlined in my "goal" post of last week. I am trying to make the year more about overall achievements than race-specific times. But this post is about this race, and the goals that I am setting for this race.

So let's look at my week in training!

Monday: 5.55 miles indoors between treadmill and indoor track, CORE
Tuesday: 5.66 miles treadmill for 5 miles and 0.66 outside in the AWFUL SNOW
Wednesday: 5.6 miles, treadmill, CORE
Thursday: 50 minutes, elliptical, strength
Friday: 6 miles, easy pace, CORE
Saturday: 9 miles, treadmill before Addie woke up (and J worked)
Sunday: OFF

This is nearly 32 miles of running, plus another 4.5-ish on the elliptical (which counts toward Run the Year 2016). And some strength and core, which was a big goal for me for the year (unofficial) but all of these things will help me as a runner. And I am going to NAIL IT.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Five XI

Here we go. Another week of Friday Five!
1. I worked out with someone new this week, and we had a blast. He is just starting to get back into making that time to work out. I will admit, we had lunch together last week, and I called him out on it. I told him he was making excuses, and he agreed reluctantly. So I was able to convince him to meet me at the gym, and I am happy he did. Now, he lives in CT, so I can't help all the time, but when he is in town for work, you can bet I am going to have him meet me at the gym.

2. I finally saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens last Saturday! I had pretty much been wanting to see it, but with all of the sickness and things going on at my house with Addie getting sick then food poisoning for me, I have not really had a chance to do that yet. I loved it. :)

3. This is a cutback week in running for me. Considering I went over 40 miles last week running (plus another 4-ish from walking) this feels pretty weird. But I know it is all about making progress. And I know I need lighter weeks in order to continue to get stronger and faster.

4. I am having a girls night next Monday with some friends that I have not seen in WAY TOO LONG. I cannot wait!

5. I made extra effort this past week to bring "Runner Emily" into the office, as requested. I smiled more. Talked more (but tried to chill on the obscenities, since I curse like a pirate and we had all the execs in town). And tried to be open with everyone. I am considering it a successful week. :)

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Spending time with the treadmill

I hope you liked hearing a little bit about my confidence boosting tempo run from last week. This week, I am cutting back my mileage before the next three week build. Considering the amount of stress we are all under at the office, it has been difficult not to run all the miles, but at the same time, I have been too busy too run all the miles, you know?

I made a confession to a good friend/teammate yesterday. She lives on the other side of the country, but we have known each other for a few years now, and I felt like I needed to come clean about it. I am glad I did. If nothing else, it provides some additional support from another source, and when you are faced with any kind of hardship, you need the support wherever you can get it.

We got our first snow  this week. It snowed first on Sunday, then again on Tuesday. As a result, outdoor running as been limited. As I am increasing to 5 runs per week (from 4), I spent more time than I care to admit indoors on a treadmill. But with the snow and ice on the ground (and cars/drivers being IDIOTS in Cincinnati in the snow/rain/sun/dark/whatever) I decided not to risk the outdoor run. Ok, that is a lie. I attempted the outdoor run on Tuesday and turned around and came back approximately 0.25 miles into the run. I ended up running just over 0.50 miles outside, and then came back into the office, grabbed my keys and headed back out on the road to the gym.

The #runlovechallenge that Oiselle sponsored is going pretty well. I am teamed up with Kristen, whom I have never met, but I think that is part of the fun. Our goal is to run 150 miles apiece by the time February 14 rolls around (which would put us on the approximately 100 miles per month track). I am honestly hoping to have over 150 for January, but that will include XT miles. So 150 RUNNING miles by 2/14 is the goal. I should end up about halfway there by the end of this week (fingers crossed!)

I am trying to work core in at least three days per week these days. I have done two so far this week. Yesterday I found a core workout on instagram, so I screen shotted (?is that a word?) it so I could remember it for later without scrolling through my instagram.
I did this on the floor last night while being criticized for "working out too much" - I was like... I ran today, but I did zero strength training, so I think I can spend 10 minutes on core?

Anyway, hopefully it will warm up enough to melt the snow for some outdoor running next week. *fingers crossed* - there is only so much treadmill time I can take.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Reminders (a tempo story)

Sometimes you need to remind yourself you CAN do this. You are CAPABLE. You are AMAZING.

Last Thursday, I ran a tempo. It was a run that I had pretty much psyched myself out about. I don't really know why, because it was not at paces that I am not capable of. But I had run harder than planned the day before. I didn't think we would, because I was with Charlie and Greg, and from my understanding, Greg was just recovering from some lingering plantar fasciitis, so likely paces would be slower. But since I was wrong, I was a little bit tired going into that run.

So the scheduled run was as follows:
2 mile warm up
2 miles @ 7:45
2 miles @ 7:35
1 mile cool down

I obviously already told you what the results were of this run, but I wanted to spend some time going over it in a little bit more detail because I definitely want to remember this one. I had gotten down on myself and my abilities and speed. And so I felt like I was going to fail at this run. Obviously, I did not. I ran it faster than I could have hoped, and I generally just was running by feel. I had my watch on, but I really tried to only look at it when it beeped at the mile splits.

As I headed out, I was not sure if I was going to run 7, 8 somewhere in between there...  I have been wanting ALL THE MILES lately, so I wasn't sure how I was going to feel when I started running. My plan was to run the same 7 I  had run the day before, a 4 mile loop which took me back to my office, then another three, which I could easily turn to 4 if I wanted to. That was I was doing most of the climbing in my two mile warm up, and would just be left with rollers for the tempo portion.

I was thinking it was going to be pretty likely that my warm up miles were slower than an 8:30 pace. I was tired just THINKING about trying to knock out this run. Imagine my surprise when mile 1 ticked off at 8:00! Mile 2 was 8:04 (this had most of the climbing). On mile three, I was in the park, so I was aiming for that 7:45 pace, and thinking I might need to work for it a little, as it was going to mostly be on a trail (first mulch, then very small stone gravel). So... 7:25. Then I was back on the sidewalk for the last mile before I looped by the office. 7:22. I thought about catching my breath a little in the office, but changed my mind, knowing it might be tough to get going again. 7:18. As I ran by the lake, I thought, "hmm... this has kind of turned from a 4 mile tempo into a 4 mile cutback. I should just go with it," and pushed myself a little bit that last mile to continue to negative split it. 7:15. At this point, I knew I was going to be hurting a bit, so I ran just a 1 mile cooldown, but threw in 4x30s strides. My last mile was an 8, and I felt like I was DRAGGING!
Yeah... I nailed it. And I am putting this out there to remind myself, I CAN nail it. I can even do better!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2016 Goals for the Year

So, now that we are nearly through the month of January, it is probably time to share my goals for 2016. I honestly have had some trouble coming up with goals that are more focused. Meaning I am coming up with things like "figure out how to be happy." While this is a good/important goal, I don't think it is one of those ones that is really measurable. I would have no idea when I actually achieved the goal.

So after some struggles, I think I am finally where I want to be. I think I might have finally come up with a plan that will allow me to have some accomplishments this year that I can actually "check the box" on.

1. Run the year.
I signed up for the Run the Edge challenge this year to run 2016 miles. They do include walking and elliptical miles, so I have a shot. In addition, if nothing else, this will challenge me to run more miles in one year than I have ever before.

2. Travel to someplace new.
This is a rather non-specific goal on purpose. I have not figured out exactly what kind of vacations or racing that I am going to do this year, but I do know I want it to be something different.

3. Read 52 books
Averaging 1 per week. That way I can spend some more time doing things for ME. Plus, I really LIKE to read.

4. Write 200 blog posts. 
This allows me to take Saturday and Sunday off as I typically do, and have a little bit of wiggle room. Lord knows sometimes I drop the ball (like December).

5. Take Addison to Bronners
Bronner's is one of those places that is special to me and the women in my family, and I want to share that with her this year. I do not have any official plans for WHEN to take her yet, but I am thinking that a week in April might involve a trip to Toledo and a trip up there.

6. Work on the development of the team at work
This is one that needs a bit more definition around it, but I had a long talk (seriously, a half hour turned into two hours) with my bosses boss on Wednesday morning (or maybe Tuesday, I honestly cannot remember) and he talked about how everyone on the team really looks up to me, so I SHOULD make extra effort this year to try and help them out more. Take some time to talk to them and help them work through things, even though it means I will be missing out on some things that I probably need to be doing (just keep everyone in the loop on my status). Also he gave me permission to do some lunches to chat and work on plans with them. BOOM.

7. Do one thing for myself EVERY DAY
Whether it is running, coloring, reading, spending 10 minutes with the headspace app, I need something for myself EVERY SINGLE DAY. So far, I have managed to do that.

8. Cook 12 new recipes.
I enjoy cooking. Not as much as J does, but I do like it, and I do hope to learn some new things this year in the kitchen. It can be meals or desserts/baking. I just want to expand what I do and the things I can do for my family.

9. Show my coworkers and team more of "Runner Emily"
This also comes from the two hour conversation with my bosses boss. He mentioned that I get zoned out sometimes and there are only a few people, my friends, who I really relate to and am friendly to. He said that he suspects that "runner Emily" is the real me, and I should show MORE of it to people. I am not sure how to measure this one, but it is definitely a goal for the year, and I definitely want to spend more time with my coworkers and really enjoy myself with them, because whenever we do spend time with each other we have a lot of fun. I think the key to that is going to be planning things in advance rather than someone saying at 5, "let's go get a beer!" so I am going to push that.

10. Figure out certifications
This is one that is REALLY just for me. It is not about a career change, it is just about knowledge and growth for myself, as well as putting some heft besides things that I am asked to do all the time. I am either going to study for the NASM personal training exam OR RRCA running coach. I am not going to change careers. I just want to be able to have some information behind what I am doing, and be able to REALLY help people when they ask for it.

10 goals. And all 10 are going to make me a better person and a better mother. These things will make me stronger and happier.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Training Recap: Week of January 4

The first full week of 2016 has come and gone already, which is kind of hard to believe. It has been a pretty good week, a solid week of runs.

And now that we are into 2016, it is time to lay everything out here and declare myself for the year. I have registered for my goal spring race at this point. I don't have a super clear goal yet, time-wise, but I am starting to have a fuzzy one...
I am sure no one is surprised? Glass City Half Marathon.

So let's take a look at my week. I am getting up there already, and I have made a few choices in my training to try and help me get into a better place mentally and of course physically as well. So... here we go, the first full week of the year!

Monday: 7 miles + 4x30s strides. 7.56 miles, run with Charlie - CORE
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: scheduled: 6 miles, easy
                     actual: 4 miles fast, 3 mile cooldown (whoops)
Thursday: scheduled: 2 mile warm up, 2 @ 7:45, 2 @ 7:35, 1 mile cool down
                 actual: warm up and cool down as planned. 4 mile cutdown - 7:24, 7:22, 7:18, 7:15 and                                   4x30s strides - CORE
Friday: 50 minutes, walking - CORE & basic lifts (kb swings, trx rows, air squats)
Saturday: 6 mile recovery run
Sunday: 13 miles 4.27 miles (I do not want to discuss it)

So, I am starting to get up there in mileage, which was my own choice. I wanted an extra day of running, and I have spoken to Coach Jen about it, so she is on board. And I am READY to NAIL this.

How was your week?

Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Five X

Yahoo for the 10th (IN A ROW!) Friday Five post. I am pretty psyched to have gotten this post up for 10 straight weeks, even if I got nothing else out the door.

1. I am getting back into the swing of things post-holiday. Things at the office are busy, as usual, but I am feeling like I might be back and on top of things here. I know that things are going to be busy through June (at the earliest) but I am feeling ok going into all of it.

2. Running is going well. I am feeling good. Motivated. And I am ready to tackle any and all running goals that I am setting this year. I mean, I know that this motivation may not last all year, but I can hope, right?

3. Work is also going well. I am going into my "hectic time" with year end and everything else, but I am feeling calm. Prepared. Ready. I have done absolutely everything that I can do to be prepared for this time of year, so bring it on. (I have my fingers crossing that we are through this by April 1 instead of June 30 this year)

4. I am getting further and further along in my final 2016 goal setting. It has been quite complicated, but I am feeling pretty good going into the year and making sure that I am covering various aspects of my life.

5. Addison is so funny. I seriously cannot believe I am the mom to such a pretty and intelligent girl. She is a smart little thing. And in some ways it seems strange. For example, she likes Disney flicks (what two year old wouldn't?) But she likes to listen to the music from them as well. Take Lion King. If she is listening to the Circle of Life, she will call out "baby giraffe!" at the time that there would be a momma and baby giraffe coming to see Simba. Its flipping cute.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Working on ME

One of the goals that I have set for myself over the end of December was that I needed to spend more time with me, I needed to figure out what I am doing, what I want. I think that spending more time with me is going to be enlightening. I have been struggling for well over a year with a few issues, and I am determined to figure it out in 2016. Now, this is not my official "resolution" post (I am still trying to make some kind of pretty graphic to go along with my resolutions), but this is one of the biggest things that I want to accomplish. I find myself struggling with my mental game, I get dizzy spells, and I have even been to a neurologist and had an MRI at this point.

Hard to believe that some stress and anxiety in my head could cause neurological problems...

So as I have gone into the year, I have been really making an effort to find things that will help calm my mind, things that will help my focus, and things that will really help me to figure out what direction my life needs to take.

First up, as introduced to me by Leana (Wasatch Back and Oiselle teammate), the Headspace app.
I have only been doing this for 2 days now, and so I am not sure that I really have a good handle on it yet, but 2 days is the start. I am going to do the full ten day free streak, and then take it from there. If things get better, then I might continue to do it. I am looking for clarity, and hopefully this can help me find it.

The second thing that I am doing is "typical" of the times we are in. I have seen it everywhere, and it seems to be a super "trendy" thing.
Adult coloring books. I have three now. Addie got me owls and steampunk fashion for Christmas (and a big box of colored pencils) and I had a flowering mandala one that I got for myself at Bronners back in October. The coloring above is all I did in one night. It is pretty involved. BUT I LOVE IT!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Addison's Third Christmas

So let's take a look back on Christmas 2015... I was really looking forward to it, mostly because it was going to be the first one of Addison's where she actually knew what was going on...  She kept talking about "Ho ho," (santa) she learned all the words to Jingle Bells and most other songs somehow become Jingle Bells (for example, Baa Baa Black Sheep eventually ends with "Jingle all the way. Hey!"), she had her very own Elf (yes, we did the Elf on a Shelf thing)... Christmas was going to be a big deal to her, and I was excited.

Addie named her elf Chippey, much to the dismay of her father...  He wanted something a little more (or maybe less?) creative, and she was struggling to name him. But J showed her the Elf on the Shelf movie, and then she was all set. Chippey was his name!
That's Chippey... He got stuck in a Tervis. But that is nothing like when Elsa froze him. That made Addie cry.

We spent Christmas in Toledo at my mom's house. I am not sure how often we will be able to handle that, because it is definitely getting more difficult to haul gifts up to Toledo, because that is where Santa comes. I guess we will have to figure that out as time goes on... We will play it by ear. Who knows where we will end up a year from now, right?

So Santa came to Toledo.
That is the tree at my mom's with all of the presents underneath it. That is everything, for the whole family. Santa still brings presents to my mom's house for my siblings and me, just different than when we were children.

We dressed up in our Elf pajamas.
4 generations of Weiher women/elves.

Santa brought Addison Picasso tiles, which were a big hit!
Momma and Addie had an elf snuggle.
(and I look drunk)
And Gramma Rose got Addie some Princess dress. She is OBSESSED. Princess Elsa makes daily appearances.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2015 in Running

As I have mentioned a few times, I have about a zillion posts that I want to get written. At this point, some of them may be pointless (2015 recap? Holidays with a two year old? Addie being sick and me getting nothing done on a day off?) but I might write some of those posts anyway. After all, if I am going to be a better blogger this year (2016 goals?) I am going to need stuff to write about!

So I guess let's start with a running recap of 2015.

Glass City Half (PR)
Flying Pig Relay (leg 1)
Ragnar Wasatch Back with team #birdmachine
Chicago Marathon (DNF)
Indianapolis Monumental Marathon
Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day Race (PR)

By the numbers:
1474 total miles.
Highest month: September (177.52)
Lowest month: February (82.5)
3 pairs of shoes retired

PRs earned:
Half Marathon: 1:44:18
10K: 48:35

Obviously, the biggest running disappointment of the entire year is the Chicago Marathon. That DNF will haunt me forever. At least, it is highly likely. I was SO PHYSICALLY prepared for that race that I apparently forgot about my mental game. Or something. Yes, I got dizzy. Yes, I felt sick and awful, but how much of that was related to mental strength? Some of it for sure.

So, let's instead discuss the biggest triumph of the year. Indy. Now, that was not the time I was capable of, for sure. But when my ass locked up, it would have been easier for me to quit. And I seriously considered it. Big time. But instead, I picked myself up, kept running (or walking when needed) and finished the race. I am pleased with this mental hurdle that I overcame. I am SUPER proud of myself for this one, and I am feeling the momentum as I continue into 2016.

So let's go!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Training Recap: Week of December 21 and December 28

Whoops. I am going to have to do a training recap for two weeks due to the blog hiatus that I accidentally took (other than Friday Five) for two weeks. Oh well. New year, and I can be back at it, right?

Training over the holidays was not perfect, it was not everything that I wanted, mostly because things got shifted around a bit, and I missed a few miles here and there, but overall, I would say I nailed holiday running. Boom.

So let's look back at the last two weeks, shall we?

December 21: 50 minutes elliptical, strength
December 22: 7.53 miles. 7 @ convo pace with 4x30s strides
December 23: 7.55 miles. 5x45s surges in the middle and 4x30s strides
December 24: 6 miles, easy
December 25: OFF (should have run!)
December 26: 5 miles (was supposed to run 10, got busy)
December 27: SICK
December 28: SICK
December 29: 7.53 miles, 4x30s strides
December 30: 6 miles easy, but a little hotter than they were supposed to be... 8:30 pace.
December 31: 7.54 miles. 5x1:00 surges at 6:15 pace. 4x30s strides
January 1: OFF
January 2: 12.2 miles. 8:10 average. no watch. bike trail.
January 3: walk, 1 hour.

So there are pretty much 2 misses in these two weeks.

1. 5 miles instead of 10 on December 26. But missing that other 5 was worth it for what I did instead. So worth it.
2. No XT or strength the next week. But because J and I got food poisoning, it pretty much was not possible. It just was not going to happen. We didn't eat for about 48 hours.

Overall, not too bad for a holiday couple of weeks. I am back in the office today for the first time since December 23, and it is going to be a tough week I am sure, but I am ready. I am motivated. I have set big goals and big dreams  (more to come) so let's knock this shit out of the park. Here we go!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Friday Five IX

Without spending any time, let's dig right in!
1. Posting has certainly been less than consistent over this break. I didn't get anything written to go up during these two weeks, so basically, then there will be zero posts instead. That is pretty lame, but I guess it will have to do. I had plans for my posts (years in review, goals, etc), but I wrote zero.

2. The holidays were good to us. Hopefully a bit of a recap next week sometime. I really DO want to get on a more thorough posting schedule next year (GOALS!)

3. We are doing our final Christmas celebration in about an hour. When this post goes live, I will be scrambling eggs trying to prep for the brunch that we planned.

4. Yesterday was the day I had set myself up to register for the races I wanted to run in the first half of 2016. So my credit card took a bit of a hit. But let's be clear, it was a bit LESS of a hit because I registered yesterday! (Lots of prices went up at midnight!) Update on races and goals coming up (along with everything else!)

5. Addie is just as obsessed with Princesses as she had been, if not MORE so. It is getting a little out of hand, at least by my standards, but I assume it is pretty typical for her age (2), right?