Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Five XXVII

More Friday Five fun!
1. Like I said yesterday, I want May to be a Zero Month. I do not want to spend any extra money in the month of May. I mean, yes, 2 dinners out, and groceries. BUT THAT IS IT. No Oiselle. No socks. No running shoes. No race registrations. I really want to break the spend habit.

2. I am working on my race recap right now. Get ready because... it is going to be a long one I think.

3. Like I said, I am NOT racing the Flying Pig this year. I am not even running the Flying Pig this year. (you know, running versus racing) I will be racing one mile tonight as part of the Beer Series, but that is it. I have a goal to PR, and that should be not a problem at all, but no goals.

4. I am travelling to South Dakota next week. I will be there from Monday night and arriving back at home on late Thursday. I am looking forward to some time away to be "Emily" rather than wife. Mom. Whatever. But obviously SD is not the ideal location for such things. But it should be fun anyway.

5. I have been SO HUNGRY lately. I know that it is the running coming back down. Luckily it is back to training again next week. And I am going to really work hard and FOCUS on nutrition this cycle.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thinking out Loud

Sorry, no GCM recap yet, as I am trying to decide if I like the pictures or not. I don't want to post any official pictures that I have not purchased, so I am deciding on those. (Spoiler alert: you can see the pain face)

I have been off running this week for the most part. Today is the third straight day of no running, which is messing with my mind a little bit, but at the same time, I know it is a good thing. I know that I am going to mentally be much more prepared for the fall marathon training by taking a little break right now.

The Flying Pig is this weekend. I am not participating. AT ALL. This is the first time since I ran that as my first full marathon that I am not running any of the events. I am feeling sad about it, but I know that it is a good thing ultimately.

South Dakota next week. Woo hoo?

Going to make May a "Zero Month". More tomorrow.

I love this silly little girl. She is doing so great with potty training! *knock on wood*

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My morning (also known as "take a deep breath")

So this is not the post that I was originally planning on writing today, but because I walked into my office this morning, already feeling stressed, and knowing that Coach Jen said to take a few days off (read: I cannot go for a run to undo my stress), the plan got changed and now you get to read about my morning.

So I feel like I should start with some good news, which is really very good news, but it does not really sit well with me today...

Addie is about 98% potty trained. That last 2% is the fact that she is in a pull up over night. The majority of times she wakes up dry, but I am just waiting for that time when she has an accident, pees the bed, and I have to get up in the middle of the night and change sheets. Ugh. I probably better get over it. Anyway, so yes, that is obviously good news. We even got over the pooping in the potty fear that we seemed to have.

Basically, I went in to her daycare, her teacher said, I think she is ready, bring her in panties tomorrow, and I said, Ok.

She has had a few accidents, of course, but we have been taking her places (Toledo, her race, a 40 minute commute to and from Blue Ash twice per day), and things have been going pretty well. She has been announcing when she has to go (which has resulted in a few rest area stops on the way to Toledo) and we have been making it in time.

But that brings us to this morning. We have been trying to allow her to go in the potty when she needs to go, even though that inconveniences us sometimes. I know that is hard for J and it is definitely hard on me.

So this morning we are loaded up into the car as usual. Addie had her "snacks" and we were on our way to work at daycare. It was about 6:19 am and I like to be on the road by 6:20. It is about a 40 minute commute to her daycare/my office, so we will get over there about 7 am, allowing me to get her settled and be at my office by 7:15. We were driving, Addie is eating her picky bar (her fave breakfast snack) and all of a sudden she shouts "I NEED TO POOP!"

So we turn the car around and head back home because there is not really anywhere that we can stop nearby. I ask her several times while driving "Do you really need to poop?" and she always responded YES! So I took her home, and admittedly was already thrown. I was starting to stress about being late, and my timing being thrown off, etc etc. I got her home, out of the car, and into the bathroom and helped her onto the potty (we don't have a kid potty, just a little seat that goes on top of the regular one, so she needs a boost).

For 20 minutes we sat there with her making a "poop face". No poop. No pee. Nothing. I was SO FRUSTRATED. And then we hit the road, we were 20 minutes + behind where I normally am, and so traffic was much heavier. I pretty much was feeling stressed and overwhelmed. I mean, something to keep in mind here. I was not "late" I was just behind where I LIKE to be. So in reality, I was overreacting to NOTHING. Regardless, I felt tense. I had to go through a few mantra-grind in type things while I was driving, things like "I cannot control everything" and "Just because I am behind does not mean I am late".

But after all that...  Look at this pretty girl.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Race Recap: The Findley Davies Kids Marathon

So before I ran my race last Sunday, we had a trip to Toledo so Addie could run her first race.

The Findley Davies Kids Marathon as part of the Glass City Marathon was set to be run at noon on Saturday, April 23. I had signed Addie up ages ago, after she had expressed an interest in a race after receiving "pink running shoes" for Christmas (a pair of Saucony I had gotten inexpensively on zulily). It was $10 for the kids race, and I knew she would be excited about having a medal of her own. She likes to wear my medals around frequently until I sneak them away to hang them on the rack in the basement.

Rather than go into details on this, I think I am just going to post the pictures that J took from the race with a few comments.
Getting bibbed up.
Number 70 showing off.

 Waiting for the race to start.
 And we are off and running! 

 Momma trying to be encouraging but not pushy.
We did it! She now has her own medal!

A few notes on this...  The race for ages 2-3 is 400m. Honestly, that seemed a little far for her. We did it. We finished it, but I think it will be much better for her next year.

The kid swag is pretty fun, a tee shirt (obviously), medal, bib, and a teddy bear. Oh. And the shades she is wearing in the family picture have a little logo/branding on them, but she got those there too. They had your standard post race food and some chick-fil-a sandwiches after the race as well.

Addie seemed to have a good time, despite being afraid of the mascots (the Mercy Children's Hospital Hippo and the Owens Corning Pink Panther). I definitely think we will be back next year!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Training Recap: Week of April 11

Well, the Glass City Marathon has come and gone, expect a recap over the next few days, but for now, let's do our normal Monday stuff. We can recap my last week of training.
The past week was tough for me (as it is for nearly every runner ever). Taper is just HARD. So let's see how the week ended up.

Monday: 5 miles with strides. 5.52 total. CORE
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: 4 miles easy, + 0.50 mile walk CORE
Thursday: 5 miles with strides. 2 miles at tempo pace 5.58 total miles CORE
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 3 shakeout miles, 3x30s strides. 3.43 miles
Sunday: 1.4 mile warm up. 1 mile cool down. GLASS CITY HALF MARATHON and also CORE

34.61 total miles
1 race

Obviously, recap to come but *SPOILER ALERT* I nailed my A goal.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Five XXVI

AND... It is Friday!
So here we go!

1. My team is out of the office today. They are all down in Lexington at Keeneland (a horsetrack) watching some horse races, doing some gambling and some drinking. But since as usual, they selected the week right before my race, I will not be in attendance. I just need to focus on the race and all that now.

2. Tomorrow is Addie's first race. It is a little long for a 2 year old, but I officially do not care if we are the only ones still out on the track. It is a 400m race! But here is a "Flat Addie" for the race (I will probably do this again with a Flat Emily before we BOTH race).
3. Yes, my two year old now has Under Armour performance gear, but in my defense I was ordering a Project Rock shirt for my hubs, and wanted to reach that free shipping threshold. Addie loves that the shorts are pink. Of course.

4. I tried a new gel last week on my long run. Charlie and I swapped a salted gel for a different salted gel, so we could each try them. I liked it!
But I will have the old salted caramel standby (along with Maple Bacon) out on the GCM course with me.

5. AGAIN. MY TEAM IS OUT OF THE OFFICE TODAY. Which means I am taking the day for some major catch up. Study time. Writing. Etc.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Glass City Marathon - Goals and race plan

I talked to Coach Jen yesterday, so let's lay out a race plan. and chat about goals going into the race.

Jen gave my a very basic plan, and I plan to really stick to it, and hopefully have some huge gains as a result of this plan. So high level coach Jen's plan:

target: 1:38:16. (7:30 pace) Now, according to Jen, that is the slowest end of my target based on the race plan she put together for me. So let's look a little deeper at some of the details that came through in the google doc that she sent me about 20 minutes before we hopped on the phone.

The strategy for this race it to run even paces. When I ran my tune up 15K, my 5K splits were pretty much dead nuts on. 7:27 avg, 7:26, 7:27. I mostly ran that race by feel, and did not spend a whole lot of time looking at my watch. So overall, my goal is to replicate this race over the first 10 miles of the Glass City on Sunday morning. I need to consistently pump out 7:25-7:30 pace for 10 miles.

And then, I race.

So if I run consistent 7:30s, if I cannot kick it up at all in that last 5K, I finish in 1:38:16. HOWEVER, I nearly ran a 5K pr after an 11 mile run if you remember correctly. (Trust me, I remember, it was a good day!) So in some ways, that is my goal... Run a 5K PR at the tailend of a half marathon. Lofty, but possible?

So, now for the goal portion of this entry:

C Goal: Sub 1:40 (there have been way too many things in this training cycle to lead me to believe that I absolutely without a doubt can do that.
B Goal: 1:38:16 - straight up 7:30s
A Goal: 1:35:50 - 7:25s for 10 miles followed by a 21:40 5K (which would be a 5 s PR)

And yes, that A goal is a stretch. And I am highly likely to hopefully land somewhere between A & B, but I have to work for it, right?

How do you set race goals and plans?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The last long run

So I had the last long run before my goal spring race last Saturday. After all of the work stuff that I posted yesterday, I really just needed some time to myself. So although I had a few opportunities to go and meet up with some other folks, whether it was up in Mason at Buckeye, or downtown with a few of the other ladies... I just wanted to be alone.

I had 9 miles on the schedule with the last three at race pace. I headed over to the bike trail to do my run, because I knew that the surface and elevation changes on the bike trail were going to be most similar to the course in Toledo.

At 7:00, I left my house and headed over to the trail head in Newtown. I had picked up my park pass for 2016 the week before at Sharon Woods when I was there with the girls. I got one in 2015 as well, because I decided that I would hope to ensure that my car is there when I get back, and I wanted to make sure that I can get into and out of parks without getting stuck at a guard shack every time. I am hopeful that it is not just running, and that I can take Addie over there too.

When I got out of my car, after using the restroom, I headed out on the trail. My legs were definitely cold at first. The first mile was a good bit slower than I had hoped, mostly because my legs were cold.

The plan for this run was was to run the first 6 miles at kind of a conversational pace, and then run the last three at a few seconds slower than half marathon pace. That should have put me right around 7:30 pace. Here were my splits for this run.
As you can see, my HMP miles were definitely a little hot, but it was just how I felt like running. I am hopeful that this leads to a solid race day.

I have a call with coach Jen later this morning, so I should have a race plan then!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Thoughts on working

This entry is just going to be a word salad. No pictures, but I have a lot of thoughts that I need to get out of my head regarding some work things... Expect a few more of these on the topic of my job over the next few weeks because I think I have some stuff to figure out...

So I think I have mentioned several times over the last few weeks that I did not get the job, and I wanted to talk a little bit more about it, but I was not feeling ready.

Honestly, I am not sure that I will ever be ready to really talk about it, but I think that it will likely be good for me to write down how I am feeling about it even though it might come out a little bit jumbled here. I am hopeful that it well help me deal with the emotions that I have been feeling regarding this, and maybe allow me to deal with it a little bit better.

So a little bit over two weeks ago, my boss asked me to have lunch with him. Kind of knowing what was coming, I agreed. And by knowing what was coming, I mean, I knew he was going to want to talk about the interview. I had no idea what it meant as far as results. So the other guy that we work for as a team (don't ask, we have a weird reporting structure), took the rest of the team out for lunch. I told Rick I was in the mood for a burger, so we went over to Smashburger. It happened to be a pretty nice day, so after we ordered our food, we headed outside to enjoy.

The good thing about Rick is that he pulls no punches. As soon as we sat down, he said something along the lines of "I thought this lunch could serve a dual purpose... It can be to review the interview from earlier this week, and serve as your annual review" (our review period is in March so we can do raises/bonuses after we have final results from the prior year). And after I agreed, he went right in to telling me that I did not get the position (FYI - at this point, they have hired someone else, at that point, they were sending out her offer on that day).

Obviously, I am thankful for his candor. And my review pretty much went as expected. I mean, it went really really well. I knew that I pretty much nailed it last year. And that was what he said. I mean, obviously there are things to work on, but there always are, and none of what he said was a surprise to me. So anyway... let's move on from that, and let's focus on my feelings about the job.

I think I did a good job of keeping a smile on my face when I was talking at my review. Inside, I wanted to cry. Big time. I might have taken a bit of time to try and figure out if this was something that I wanted, but once I came to terms with that, I was all in. I worked my ass off over the last few years, that while training for races and being a brand new mom. I have put more into my work here than I ever did before, and that was while trying to do other things and compared to a very different life that I had in my public accounting days. I mean, running, marriage, a kiddo... that did not even cross my mind in previous jobs.

When Rick and I were done talking, he told me I could go home if I needed to because he assumed I was feeling more emotional than I was showing... He was right, of course, but I told him, "no, I am ok. I just need to power through." Which was partially true, the other part was that if I went home, I was going to have to pick up Addie. And while I love her, I was unlikely to get the good cry and thoughts that I might need if she was with me.

Now, 2.5 weeks later, I am kind of still processing it. Admittedly, I am angry as hell. I am really sad. I am feeling incredibly uncertain about my future where work is concerned. But at the same time, I am feeling a little bit of relief? I know that it might seem weird. But I am almost feeling in some ways like that is giving me permission to step back. I worked my ass off to get a promotion, and then I didn't. Does that mean I can sit back and accept my position as it is and relax a little?

I think the answer to that is YES, if I am ok with that. And that is where I am feeling the struggle. I do not know if I am ok with just moving on and not wanting to move up. And the biggest problem is, I am not sure if I am having issues with that because of a true desire to be promoted, or just the feeling of "should".

Do you deal with "shoulds" in your life and career? How do you handle it?

Monday, April 18, 2016

Training Update: Week of April 11

Well well well... I registered for this on New Year's Eve, but have been pretty much unofficially gearing toward it since Indy ended...

It's race week!
I plan to spend some time later this week looking at my plans for actual race execution, but for today, let's look back and see my training from last week. I was tapering, obviously, and it felt like a pretty big taper, which feels weird a little. Although I think that weirdness is mostly because I ran a cutback week right into taper, which is mostly why it feels so harsh.

So let's look at last week!

Monday: 6 miles + strides. 6.71 miles total. CORE.
Tuesday: 5 miles, 8:55 pace
Wednesday: Speedwork (3x1 mile. 2x800m). Strides. 7.19 total miles. CORE
Thursday: 40 minutes elliptical, strength, CORE.
Friday: 6.35 miles (needed to get back to my office) 9:00 pace
Saturday: 9 miles, 3 at race pace. CORE.
Sunday: OFF

34.25 total miles
Core 4x
Strength 1x
XT 1x

It was a great week, and I am very excited for the race this weekend!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Five XXIII

Finally Friday. I have had a stressful week for sure, so let's just dive in.
1. I kind of feel like people are walking on eggshells around me right now, which I guess is ok. The person who got the job that I applied for is starting one week from Monday, and therefore things are seeming a little bit strange at the moment. Honestly, I am fine with people walking on eggshells around me, because maybe they will leave me alone, you know?

2. Related to the above, I have been ignoring/avoiding people a lot lately. I have spent a lot of time with my headphones on, and just ignoring everyone. I have not really been in the mood for anyone and worrying about what anyone might think of how I am handling this (read: not well).

3. I am just over one week out from the spring goal race. I feel ready for that, even if I feel ready for zero other things in my life.

4. Addie had a pretty fun week at school. The chicks that they hatched are getting much bigger and she LOVES them. They are starting to loose a little bit of that baby bird fluff, and look more like chickens!

5. I have so much that I want to get done today, we will have to see if I manage to actually accomplish those things. Cross your fingers.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

A date night!

So last Tuesday night, J and I, along with some friends, had a date night. J and I actually get a fairly decent amount of date nights (to be honest, a little bit more often than I am comfortable with, mostly because I feel guilty asking my mother in law to watch the girl as often as we do, but ...)

Anyway, we decided to meet up at my personal favorite downtown restaurant. It is called Nada, and I would consider that to be "fancy Mexican". And I am just IN LOVE with this restaurant. I always just get chicken tacos that have a black bean puree, guacamole, cheese, and pico on them. They are on corn tortillas and are so delicious.

After our dinner, we walked down to US Bank Arena, and we were there for the Billy Joel concert.

This is the second time that J and I have seen Billy Joel (the first time indoors, our first Billy concert was at Wrigley) and once again, he was fantastic! I love seeing him.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Bird-filled LR

On Sunday, I decided it was a good day to run with friends. Meaning, I cleared everything through J and was able to go and meet a few birdies to have a long run (we ran around the lake at Sharon Woods), and then we went to grab brunch.

These are all ladies that I met briefly at other times, ran past them in the Heart Mini, etc, but meeting them in person had not yet happened. So when we started emailing to try and arrange a local meet up, Emily B taking the lead. She was the one who initially emailed us, and I am grateful to her for taking the lead.

So the plan was to meet at Sharon Woods at 10 am, go for a run, and then go for brunch at 11 am. All of these ladies had run their long runs yesterday, and so my plan was to run 5, then meet up with them, and run the last 5+ together. I parked at the Sleepy Bee in downtown Blue Ash, and after using the bathroom, headed out to go to Sharon Woods, running there.

After running into the clubhouse at the golf course, purchasing my park pass for the year, and using a real bathroom before going outside to meet up with the other ladies. When I came outside they all were climbing out of the car waving at me to get my attention.
We ran two laps around the lake, and then hiked up the hill back to the golf course before climbing into Rebekah's car to drive back to sleepy bee for brunch.

It was a lovely morning.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Parker's first birthday!

So on March 26, Parker, my nephew and godson, turned one. He is Rachel's pride and joy, and Addie really loves him as well.

When Rachel was pregnant, she decided that she LOVED monsters, whether it was going to be a little boy or a little girl, she wanted to use monsters as a theme. And she followed through on that, all the way through his first birthday. Now, in order to come up with a fun birthday theme, she went with Cookie Monster specifically as he is more readily available in "stuff".

So cookie monster it was! J, Addie and I traveled up to Toledo for the weekend, and we were able to be there for the birthday. J and I had a date night when we got there, which was pretty nice. So I am going to do this birthday recap MOSTLY with pictures and some captioning around them.
A screen shot of Parker's birthday invitation. I added little monsters on top of Rachel's phone number but it is so cute!

Parker's monster cakes (and cookies of course). Rachel had a friend who found these cakes online and made them. Can we say Pinterest win? So awesome. The blue one is the smash cake.

Parker enjoying his cake. Let's be clear. Teek also enjoyed this cake.
Addie enjoyed a slide of the other cake (it had a layer of cookie dough in the middle).

Addie and Parker playing with his new toys.

Addie and Parker playing with Ellie. My brother Matt's dog. Isn't she so adorable? I love her. And also these kiddos.

Happy Birthday Parker!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Training Update: Week of April 4

So I am down to less than two weeks remaining before the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon! I have had an occasionally shakey week or shakey run, but overall, I would say that I had a super solid training cycle this go 'round. I cannot wait to see how this all plays out on April 24 in my hometown. I am hoping for a really solid race that will propel me into summer training and the true goal race of 2016... But right now I cannot think about that. I need to focus on the race that is right in front of me.
So after another super solid week of training, although it was a cutback week, I am here to take a look at what I managed to do training wise last week.

Monday: 6 miles 8:22 pace CORE
Tuesday: 5.53 miles, 5 at 8:53 pace and 4x30s strides
Wednesday: 40 minutes elliptical. Strength. CORE.
Thursday: 6.67 miles (6 in 49:45 and strides) CORE
Friday: 5 easy miles, 9:09 pace, and CORE
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: 10 miles (5 with the Cincinnati area birdies!) and CORE

I have been working pretty hard on focusing and working to make sure that my easy days (Tuesday and Friday this week), are EASY.

Total miles for the week: 33.2 miles
1 day XT
1 day off

Are you getting closer to your goal race?

Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Five XXII

Ugh, I cannot believe I did not get a post up on the blog last week. I had been so good at at the VERY least, getting that post up on a weekly basis. Oh well. Can't be perfect every single week, right?
1. Baseball is back! It is the most wonderful time of the year! (at least I think so, I am sure the majority of people think that it is football or March Madness, but I am a tigers girl, through and through.

2. I tried this single serve drip coffee yesterday.
It came in one of my picky club boxes (I think at Christmas time?) and I busted it out for yesterday's first cup of coffee (of three). It was pretty damn good!

3. I started a bullet journal. I blame Anna Weber. She posted about it on facebook, and I am officially obsessed. I have visited their website, watched some youtube videos, and busted out a notebook that I had sitting around for a while.

4. I did not get that job. Just a quick little note on that right here. I am not really comfortable talking about it yet. I am upset. I admit it. And sometimes, I have cried about it in the car on the way home from work, and that really worries Addie. She does NOT like it when mommy cries.

5. I preordered the new star wars movie. We should get it this weekend. Sssh... Don't tell J.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Pics from my iPhone 1

I have seen this on a few other blogs, and while it will not be a weekly thing or anything like that, it might be fun to upload and talk about a bunch of pics that are on my iPhone! I think that is kind of a fun thing, so here we go.
 Story time (with cuddles included)
 The medal I am working toward in less than three weeks.
 I MUST HAVE THIS (Peach dodo - a gose from Rhinegeist)
 Roo's first medal that she is working toward.
 Brush your teeth - we tell her she needs to make the shiny like a Princess - whatever works, right?
 Opening day story time!
 They could be siblings. So flipping cute.
 Addie is checking out the duckling that they hatched at school - she is obsessed with it.
How I will be spending time tomorrow morning... Elton John ticket buying.