Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Race - Tomorrow I will FLY

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, tomorrow is race day. I am not entirely sure how it will go at this point. I am kind of tired, a little bit sore, etc, but I am going to go out there and give it everything I have. I should definitely be better off than I was a year ago for several reasons.
1. My Fall marathon was back in September. Last year it was just 2.5 weeks prior.
2. I am just FASTER than I was a year ago.
3. I am forcing myself (ok, Coach's orders!) to run a 2 mile warm up before, so I am hopeful that will help my legs to be rolling right away.

I have been rolling out my hamstrings and IT bands with shocking (for me) consistency.
I have been up early in the morning, drinking coffee to make sure I can nail my runs.
And I think I am as ready to run fast (for me) as I can be. Jason is picking up my packet at the office today. (His company sponsors the race, so I register through them, therefore he has to pick up my packet.)


Monday, November 21, 2016

Training Update: Week of 11/14

And just like that, it is race week again.
Strange to be goal racing a 10K, but I am hoping that a great shorter distance race will leave me motivated to train super hard through a cold Ohio winter? Fingers crossed?

Ok, let's look at the last week of running.

Monday: 8 miles, 4x 30s strides for 8.53 total. Pure Barre. Core.
Tuesday: 6 miles easy, 8:53 pace with Karen. Pure Barre. Core.
Wednesday: 57:30 fartlek ladder. 7.43 total miles.
Thursday: 6 miles easy in Asheville, 9:00 pace.
Friday: Walking around Asheville for XT
Saturday: OFF (travel day)
Sunday: 9 miles. 7:55 avg. 3x1 miles (4, 6, and 8) with a 7:00 goal. Actuals were 7:05, 6:58, 7:09

So it was a good week. Less Pure barre than I like, but you will have that when vacationing. :) On to the race!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

A day off, handling stuff

I am posting this in the future...  Ok, really I am writing Thursday's post on Tuesday. Hopefully when this goes live, I am in Asheville, NC, on vacation. Gosh, I HOPE I am in NC, but as of Tuesday morning, J has not yet booked us a place to stay. He is planning this trip, so I am letting him handle it. :)

So instead, let's talk about something else, something that has already happened.

Monday, I took the day off work to just... be off work. I didn't have any real plans, nothing super specific to do, so I decided that I was going to do all of the things that I needed to do. So I started the day at the normal time, my alarm went off at 5:30 am.

I got dressed, got Addie dressed and we headed over to Blue Ash for our regular days work. I dropped Addie at school and then headed over to Panera to get to work. I started writing, hammered through a blog post or two (ok, just one, I think?) and just relaxed for a little while. I didn't have any commitments until 9 am. Granted, I could have gone for a run right away, but I decided to skip it. Not skip the run, but skip the run at that time.

At around quarter to 9, I left Panera and headed over to Addie's daycare. Today was the first "real" conference I have had with one of her teachers. I went to a conference when she was in the two year old room, but now she is truly in preschool and so I felt like a conference was probably a good plan. So I drove myself over to the school, entered my code to let myself into the building, and went to Addie's classroom. When she saw me she wanted to come charging over to me, but I held her back, told her to go sit on the "green carpet" with her classmates while I observed until it was time for my conference. I watched Addie and her friends review months of the year, days of the week, letters, numbers, the weather, etc. I think that is all stuff that they do daily.

Addie's teacher told me a lot of things that I already could have suspected. She struggles with her emotions. She is extremely empathetic of her classmates when they are sad, but when she is sad, watch out! I know that when she gets upset she mostly just cries rather than "using her words" which is something we have been working on for a long time. I guess we have to keep working on it. In addition, when she was quizzed on her letter recognition, she gets flustered quickly and then doesn't want to do it anymore. :( That makes me feel pretty sad, and I know it is something that J and I want to work on, as we know that she is very smart.

Following her conference, I immediately headed out for my run. I had to do 8 miles with strides. I only had just over an hour to do it because I had signed up for the 11 am Pure Barre class. I just ran right from the school, leaving my car in the parking lot. Because her school is in Blue Ash, I knew it would be pretty easy to plan a run around there because I have spent so much time running there, even though it is not typically from daycare.

I finished my run at 18 minutes before 11, giving me just enough time to drive over to Kenwood for my class. And the best part? I finished the PBStrong challenge.
20 classes in 31 days (there are still a few days left) along with 5 bonus points (mine were all earned via social media posts). Hooray!

After class, I headed to Trader Joe's to buy snacks for our vacation. I walked away with $100 worth of groceries (the majority of this was spent on our Thanksgiving turkey - oops - and beef jerky). But I know that I was going to have to buy the turkey eventually, and I am happy to have the jerky for the trip.

I also went to Mitchell's to get a haircut.
I told the woman who was cutting my hair "it is long enough to put in a ponytail, so I am putting it in a ponytail." So she took care of that problem for me! It definitely cannot go into a ponytail anymore. I love it, and am so happy to have it taken care of. I feel like sometimes hairdressers are not set on chopping all of your hair off, they are hesitant because what if you hate it? But not Tanya, she went for it. Thank goodness. I will definitely go to see her again.

I picked up Addie after that, and our evening was business as usual with dinner and a dance party.
We had a good day.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Workout that was HARD

Last Thursday... Ugh...  I had a super tough workout. Probably the toughest that I have done since running a marathon. I mean... Definitely the toughest that I have done since then and for some reason, maybe even harder?

So, the workout was scheduled to be the following:
1 mile warm up
5x 1 mile, paces and recoveries as follows:
7:20, 30s
7:10, 40s
6:55, 50s
6:45, 1:00
whatever I have left, 1:00
1 mile cool down.

So, because last Thursday was "Pure Barre for Runners", and I had PB at night instead of the afternoon, I was able to run during the day. It honestly was tough for me to mentally make myself do that workout outside. Doing it on the treadmill, while semi-mentally difficult, is easier because if I do not keep up with the pace, I fly off the end of the treadmill. But at the same time, forcing myself to get my legs rolling so fast that early in the morning (4:15 am-ish) is probably not the greatest plan.

So I decided to run at lunch. I decided to get myself set up at Summit Park, which used to be a small local airport. Now that it is the park, they have not pulled up the runway or anything, and out and back on the runway is 1 mile. So I figured it would guarantee flat surface, and also be a little more interesting than the track. 1 loop per mile is WAY better than 4.

It was tough. Everything about this workout was tough. I don't know why I was in so much of a strugglefest, but I was. Obviously these are not super easy paces, and that is super short rest, but ugh. I am more than capable of the workout.

Some things that I think might have affected the level of difficulty of this workout:
1. Up late watching election coverage
2. Up late watching WestWorld (side note: have you watched this show? If you are into Sci-Fi stuff AT ALL - WATCH IT)
3. Overall lack of sleep because I try and spend some time with J in the evening even when we get the Roo to bed and I am still getting my rear end up at 4:15.
4. Coach JG says I am still recovering and while some days feel awesome, some days will feel like crap because my body just isn't 100% yet.

I actually LAID DOWN in the middle of my 6:45 mile. I completed it, at that pace, but I actually laid down in the grass in the middle.

Hopefully this week's workouts go better.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Motivation when you aren't training

Sometimes expectations and motivations are working against each other. Like me... right now I am SUPER motivated to run Boston, however... well, base training is just not where my heart is right now. Balance is a tough thing to find when you have been training hard all year, but now is when the training is REALLY beginning.

Not to mention rolling into the holiday season.
Cold weather is coming here in Ohio.
You would much rather sit on the couch watching SouthPark, eating an iced sugar cookie, and drinking coffee (oh? Just me?) than go out for an easy run.
And everyone is still focused on the election results. Some are thrilled. Some are devastated, and some are neutral, but all are thinking/talking about it.

But, obviously, you have set yourself some BIG BIG goals (what? PR in Boston?) and so you need to be able to focus and get your work done.

So here are the things that I have been doing to try and keep myself motivated during this time when it has been extra trying.

1. Run in a new place. I am typically a road runner who runs loops and out/back courses in my own neighborhood with very little change. A few weeks ago, I headed over to the trails for the first time. I have driven past this little park ALL THE TIME and never went there. It looked like they had a more cross country style course, and I wanted to see it.
Once I got about a half mile away from the road, I found a single track trail with some rollers through the woods. It was beautiful back there. While the total trail was only around 1.5 miles, it was great, and I have been back a few times. My pace is not as quick, but it should not be!

2. Do something DIFFERENT other than run. Make your cross training interesting! Go to Barre class, spinning, just a long walk with your dogs, lift HEAVY, etc. As you know, I am partial to Pure Barre  (if you are in Cincinnati and want to try it, let me know!)

3. New gear. There is nothing like new stuff to motivate you to get out the door. I recently retired my shoes that I ran my BQ in, and while that was a little emotional, I am excited to wear my new "ninja shoes" - the all black and white Launch 3! And of course, as I shared on Instagram, my new jacket.
4. Or just take a break. If heavy training has not started yet and you really are not motivated to get out there and log big miles, maybe you just need a rest. Take a day or two (or even a week!) and re-evaluate.

Let me know how you get yourself motivated to get back on the running horse and keep training!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Training Update: Week of 11/7

A tough week of training last week! But another week closer to the next goal, and I am only about a week and a half out from the race!
So let's take a look at last week!

Monday: 7 miles, convo pace, 4x30s strides (7.51 miles). Pure Barre. Core.
Tuesday: 60 minute walk. Pure Barre. Core.
Wednesday: 6 miles easy. (9:01 pace) Pure Barre. Core.
Thursday: 7 miles w/5x1mile repeats starting at half marathon pace and cutting back to 5K pace. HARD AS HELL. Pure Barre with the O ladies. Core.
Friday: 6 miles easy. Pure Barre. Core.
Saturday: 10 miles with 5x1:00 surges.
Sunday: OFF

36.51 miles
5x Pure Barre
5x Core
1x XT

And another killer week. :)

Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday Five XXXVIII

Another Friday (when I am actually allowing myself the time to sit down and write), another Friday Five!
1. I know a lot of people have #allthefeels about things that happened this week. That is ok. Feel it all. I am too.

2. There was also an election at Addie's day care. They were deciding the real important issues. What was the best snack food fruit. Addie voted banana. #therealissues
3. We had a Pure Barre for Runner's event last night. It was a relatively small group, but I was so glad that we were able to have it. I hope the other girls that came enjoyed it as much as I did.

4. Next week J and I are going on a little mini vacation. I am so looking forward to it. I cannot wait to get a few days of extra sleep, more beer, more mountains (we are going to Asheville, NC). I need it. This is likely going to be the last vacation we take before we go to Boston next spring! EEK!

5. I am working right now sitting in the sun near a window at Panera Bread. Despite the chilly temperatures, I am sitting here in a tank because the sun is SO WARM. I will soak up as much of it as I can because winter is coming... Right?

Have a great weekend!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Training Update: Week of October 31

Another week down. This week was a down week!
I have started to tentatively set goals for this race, as it is only 3 weeks away-ish. I can go into that later, but for now, let's just look at this past week's training!

Monday: 5 miles, 4x30s strides. 5.5 miles total. Pure Barre. Core.
Tuesday: 50 minute walk. Pure Barre. Core.
Wednesday: 5 miles, 8:59 pace. Pure Barre. Core.
Thursday: 5 miles.  Pure Barre. Core.
Friday:  4 miles, 9:01 pace. Pure Barre. Core.
Saturday: 7 miles. 8:01 pace.
Sunday: OFF

26.5 total miles.
5x Pure Barre
5x Core
1x XT

Overall, a pretty good week!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

So it turns out that having a three year old on Halloween is MUCH more fun than having a two year old. Trick or treating was super fun!

I went as Snow White, so first, let's take a look at Snow White as a Halloween costume over time!
 Snow White at work, 2012.
 Snow White at our "little yellow house" as Addie calls it. 2013, Addie was nearly three months old!
 2016 (office bathroom).

And this year, as seen above, I wore Snow White to work, again,  but it was definitely a Princess Halloween! To be fair, we convinced Addie to be a princess, knowing that she loves princesses, and the fact that she told everyone she wanted to be a Lion, and by the time she made that decision, there were no lion costumes available in her size.

So Elsa it was.

How cute is that little Elsa? She is my most favorite Princess in the world. She had an absolute blast trick or treating, and we made it about 1 mile in our neighborhood. I told her as long as she wanted to keep trick or treating, she had to walk herself (and she did).

Hope your Halloween was as fun as ours!